Issue Tracking.doc - Google Code by chenmeixiu



    -     MySQL synchronisation/merging
              o Solved by changing to MSSQL
    -     CMS compatible with MSSQL
              o Solved with SilverStripe and server upgrade
    -     Design implementation with SilverStripe
              o Solved by customizing a theme supplied by the CMS
    -     Beta testing when no communication from client
              o Distributed survey to everyday people to gage their view on the look and feel
    -     KML files working with the server
              o Solved by setting up a MIME type in IIS on the server
    -     No data retrieved from client
              o Inserted mock data to the database
    -     Dates not showing on GoogleMaps (for whales last sighted date)
              o Date field changed to varchar in the database
    -     Security on the website for logged in users and appropriate pages (for free)
              o Solved by implementing a self-signed SSL certificate
    -     Computer hosting VMware Server had motherboard failure
              o Sourced older and slower replacement computer to host VM Server
    -     Original computer (VMware host) parts returned from warranty
              o Upon replacement of parts, had to rebuild operating system

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