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									                  ECHO VISION, INC.
                  Medical Diagnostic Center
                  Cardiac & Vascular Diagnostic Specialists

EVI               Pediatric & Adult

       To Whom it may concern,

       It is my pleasure to highly recommend        Mr. Stone. We have always looked forward        to working with Mr.
       Stone as our sales rep for meeting our particular equipment needs in the health care industry. Mr. Stone
       painstakingly invests time and energy sincerely learning his customer's business, their needs, addressing
       their concerns and assuring that their needs are met. Mr. Stone has always gone out of his way, going to
       great lengths to work with the customer and develop the best solution for their particular need and
       situation. Mr. Stone continuously looks for ways the customer would benefit from using the products
       and services of the company he is representing. Mr. Stone quite simply is a tremendous advocate
       between the company he represents and the customer, building customer loyalty and confidence with
       the company and their products and services.

       As a customer   service business, we fully understand      the importance    of developing   and keeping "good
       customer relations and building loyalty." Mr. Stone also understands this relationship. One of the main
       reasons we had stayed loyal to our vendor, is Mr. Stone's focus and attentiveness to our needs and
       knowing how to best provide solutions through the company he represented.

       Please feel free to contact me at any time should you have any further       questions or concerns we may be
       able to address.

       Peter S. Schork
       Echo Vision, Inc.

       "Our Vision For Your Patient's Health"

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