Branding Basics by chenmeixiu


									Marketing Communications Essentials:
          Building a Brand
            November 17, 2010


•   What creates a powerful brand?
•   Where do you begin?
•   The process
•   Break
•   Bringing your brand to life
•   Discussion

        Why are these brands powerful?

•   They differentiate
•   They have a story to tell
•   They drive the culture of the company
•   They drive product design and service
•   They were designed and are maintained with

            Because of all these things
            They have enduring value

                   Life is Cluttered

• Product: too many products and services overall

• Feature: too many features on each product

• Advertising: too many messages (3000 a day)

• Message: too many elements per message

• Media: too many competing channels

                                              Zag by Marty Neumeier

            How do you succeed?

• Follow a consistent process
  – To engage audiences
  – Connect
  – Tell your story

                      Key Steps
1. Define your targets.       5. Build your first test.
                              6. Measure.
2. Understand.
                              7. Refine and launch.
3. Write your Brand Story.
                              8. Keep learning.
4. Generate Ideas.

                  1. Audiences

• Who do you need to reach?

• Prioritize.

                   2. Understand.
• What you believe may not be what your target
                                 “Wow. Those
           “Great               match my dress
        construction,           and are HOT”.
        good price.”

                  2. Understand

• Gather information.
  • Ask company leadership
    about the origins of the
  • Talk to current customers
  • Listen to the sales staff
  • Conduct formal research

         3. Write your Brand Story

Promise. What do you offer and why should I care?

   Feel. What is the experience of your brand?

     Voice. Are you funny? Serious? Calm?

 Space. What media best support your promise?

       Zappos Promise

 You will have fun shopping and
we will exceed your expectations…

   Brand Promise

  “The People’s Car”

Simplicity and Freedom
                  4. Generate Ideas

• Bring different disciplines together,
  early and often
• Involve people of different ages
• Share learning and new

• Sort ideas based on some
   – Mission
   – Brand
   – Value Proposition

             5. Build Your First Test

• Create a “test” scenario you can run and
  – Marketing tools tracked to URLs and other activity
• Set measurement tools and goals
  –   Click-throughs
  –   Visits to website
  –   Attendance to a seminar
  –   Sales leads
  –   Opt in e-mail
  –   Traditional research measurements

                 6. Measure

• What worked?

             7. Refine and Launch

• Once you have tested a possible program,
  eliminate as necessary and refine
  – Messages
  – Tools
• Launch a full program with confidence
  – Be ready for more refinement

               8. Keep Learning

• The market changes
  – New competitors
  – New products
  – New media
• Be ready to adapt your
• Be ready to try new ideas
  and media

            Bring your Brand to Life

• Begin inside the company (internally)
  – Communicate the brand story to employees
      Use it in recruitment materials
      In evaluation and reward programs
      Support through intranet/newsletters, and other
       internal communication forums
      Give employees a place to interact with and share
       brand “moments” or thoughts

               Use every touch point

• Then bring your brand to the consumer
  –   Letterhead, business cards and business materials
  –   Signage
  –   ID badges
  –   Logos on vehicles/fleet
  –   Website
  –   Talking points for speeches
  –   Press release boiler plate

     Pick a few things and do them well.

• Where can you most efficiently reach your
• What can you do to stand out?
• Be memorable

         Measuring Means Money

Tracking the success of programs…gives you the
     right foundation for keeping and growing
                    your budget.


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