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Libya Work Visa - DOC by kda16807


Libya Work Visa document sample

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									                                                  EMBASSY OF BRAZIL
                                                        Consular Section
                                            Harcourt Centre, Charlotte Way, Dublin 2
                                             Tel. (01) 475 6000 Fax (01) 475 1341
                                          E-mail: web:



    Foreign nationals travelling to Brazil as ministers or members of a religious order require this visa.
   Passports must be valid for at least six months from the date of intended arrival in Brazil, and have
    enough blank pages for visas and entrance stamps.
   On a reciprocity basis, first entry into Brazil must be no later than 90 days after the visa has been
    issued for passport holders of the following countries: Angola, Bahrain, Cambodia, Cape Verde,
    China, Cuba, Equatorial Guinea, Honduras, Korea, Gabon, Ghana, Greece, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan,
    Kuwait, Laos, Libya, Myanmar, Nigeria, Oman, Paraguay, Pakistan, Philippines, Portugal,
    Switzerland Taiwan, Thailand, and Tunisia.
   Registration with the DPMAF (Brazilian Immigration Authorities – Federal Police) must be made
    within 30 days of arrival in Brazil. For this purpose, make sure you take the second copy of your
    application form which will be returned to you duly stamped by this Consular Section.
    When necessary, a visa extension may be obtained from the Federal Police in Brazil if requested at
     least 30 days prior to the expiration of the authorized stay (special requirements may apply).
    Applicants must have lived in the Republic of Ireland for at least one year prior to the visa


From the Religious Institution

   Authenticated photocopy of the Articles of Incorporation of the religious institution in Brazil (Ata de
   Notarised proof that the head of the religious order in Brazil has legal authority to act on behalf of the
    order (Comprovante de poderes de representação legal de seu dirigente).
   Notarised declaration of commitment, from the order in Brazil, assuming full financial responsibility
    for the applicant and dependants, including responsibility for the applicant’s departure from the
    country (Compromisso da entidade no Brasil de manutenção e saída do território nacional do
    religioso chamado).
   Notarised letter from the religious order of the applicant in the Republic of Ireland, indicating
    eligibility of the applicant, and stating length of stay, place and type of activities to be carried out by
    the applicant.
From the applicant
   Fill in electronically the application form at, print out, sign it and
    submit your request with the following documentation:
   Valid passport for at least six months (the Consular Section of the Embassy reserves the right
    not to endorse soiled, damaged or defaced passports).
   One recent passport-sized (3x4 cm) photograph.
   Police Certificate of Character, issued within the last 3 months, certifying absence of criminal record.
    This document may be requested at any Garda Station in the Republic of Ireland.
   Curriculum Vitae.
   Marriage or birth certificate (long form) of any dependant or any document which proves
   Dependants under 18 years of age must have the original birth certificate, and a notarized letter of
    consent, signed by both parents.
   Declaration of ordainment (or a document to that effect) and/or academic records which prove
    religious education or status. Lay missionaries must apply for a voluntary work visa.
   Signed declaration from the applicant stating that he/she will only perform activities in native Indian
    Territory if authorized by the Brazilian National Indian Foundation (FUNAI).
   Certificate of vaccination, if necessary (see information on vaccinations).
   Proof of payment of consular fees (original lodgment receipt duly stamped by the bank).

PLEASE NOTE that the requirements listed above should not, in any way, be considered all-inclusive.
The Consular Section of the Brazilian Embassy in Dublin reserves the right to request additional
information and/or documentation where it is deemed necessary.

Consular fees and processing time

   All consular fees must be lodged into the Embassy of Brazil’s account no. 30095047, sort code 90-00-
    17, Bank of Ireland, prior to applying for the service. Please note that electronic transfers are not
    accepted and this Consular Section does not handle any payment.
   The consular fee for a missionary work visa is €70.00.
   For citizens from U.S.A. an additional processing fee of €150.00 is applicable, based on
   For citizens from United Arab Emirates, an additional processing fee of €55.00 is applicable,
    based on reciprocity.
   For citizens from United Kingdom, an additional processing fee of €155.00 is applicable, based
    on reciprocity. Only for visas valid for more than 180 days.
   National from certain countries require consultation with the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations,
    prior to the issue of their visas. In these cases an extra, non-refundable consultation fee of €30.00 (per
    person) will apply, and the processing time is a minimum of 15 working days.
   When visas are applied for by mail, through travel agencies, delivery services, or third parties, there is
    an additional handling fee of €20.00.
   When applying by mail, an adequately sized, self-addressed prepaid registered envelope must be
    enclosed. The Embassy cannot accept responsibility for loss, damage or delay of documents in any
    kind of mail. Please allow an additional 2-4 days for the visa processing time if applying by mail.
   The visa application process takes a minimum of five working days.

Other relevant information
   In times of heavy workload waiting times will increase. Therefore, do not leave your application to the
    last minute and do not commit yourself to travel plans until you know when your visa will be issued.
   Please note that this Consular Section does not provide express or emergency visa services.
   General conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
   Opening hours to the public: Monday –Friday, 10:00am-1:00pm.

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