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                                     September 10, 2007

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The Mission of the North Carolina Wildlife Federation (NCWF) is to be the
leading advocate for all North Carolina wildlife and its habitat. To help carry out
this mission, NCWF has a new and effective means for its members to engage in
efforts of wildlife and habitat conservation and enjoyment – a chapter network.
Chapters create a network of like-minded groups, seeking balanced,
commonsense solutions to environmental problems.

NCWF Chapters are community- based organizations established to form a
cohesive statewide core of influential wildlife and outdoor leaders and activists
who will work together for wildlife and habitat.

Experience has demonstrated that the prestige of a local organization is
enhanced by affiliation with a larger statewide conservation organization such as
the Federation. Having the support of local wildlife chapters throughout NC
likewise increases NCWF’s impact; thereby, a win-win relationship that benefits
wildlife and wild places!

An NCWF wildlife chapter will achieve true grassroots involvement by providing
extensions of NCWF in communities around the state. A wildlife chapter supports
the mission and goals, projects, and funding efforts of NCWF. All members of the
Chapter are members of NCWF.

The Essential Elements of NCWF Chapters are:

   1. Enable NCWF members to meet and share common interests as they
      educate and advocate for wildlife and habitat
   2. Advocate for wise management, conservation and restoration of natural
   3. Provide educational programs and activities that are science-based
   4. Empower NCWF members and citizens with the knowledge and means to
      be effective environmental advocates
   5. Maintain active communications and outreach to all NCWF members and
      to the broader community in furtherance of NCWF goals

NCWF is a grassroots action oriented organization; chapters are a primary
vehicle for NCWF members to make a difference for natural resource
management, protection and enjoyment. Collectively, these efforts will benefit
many generations to come!

This New Chapter is All About You!
(Article from NCWF Executive Director Winter 2006 Journal)
I‟ve been around long enough to know that there are precious few things in this world that are truly new. In
fact, whenever I see a product on the grocery store shelves that is marked with that big, bright, colorful
word—”New!”—then I‟m pretty sure what‟s new is that it‟s the same old thing in a smaller box at the same
price. Who do these people think they‟re fooling?

That‟s why I‟m particularly excited about something the North Carolina Wildlife Federation has to offer
that is truly new. New and different and designed to make a real impact on the wildlife and natural
resources of this state. It‟s the commencement of our drive to establish statewide NCWF Chapters from the
mountains to the sea. These Chapters are designed to empower local wildlife enthusiasts—anglers,
backpackers, birders, hunters, photographers, hikers—to have a direct and effective impact on the
conservation of wildlife in their community, and on the state as a whole.

Recently, we formed our first Chapter. Based in southeast Mecklenburg County, Habitat and Wildlife
Keepers, or HAWK, is a grassroots group of NCWF members who want to do more for wildlife than sit on
the sidelines. More than 80 people showed up for the inaugural meeting! “Partnering as an NCWF chapter
gives us more opportunities to work on creating habitat sites, protecting lands, and influencing how natural
resources will be managed right here in our own backyard,” says founder Carol Buie-Jackson.
And it‟s likely to be a lot of fun, too.

Fun, and work. But working for wildlife is what our new Chapter program is all about. NCWF Chapters
aren‟t social gatherings. We want to help North Carolina citizens work efficiently and effectively for the
wildlife resources and the natural areas they are most concerned about. To make sure Chapters are working
for wildlife, NCWF will ask that Chapters prioritize top conservation issues and projects, adopt by-laws
and a constitution, participate in community natural resource conservation projects, and engage in outreach
and education efforts.

What will the North Carolina Wildlife Federation do? We have all the tools you need to organize and kick
off an official NCWF Chapter. We have staff available to meet with your Chapter leaders for training in
effective advocacy and fundraising that supports specific conservation goals. We have a statewide network
of other wildlife enthusiasts who are ready and willing to meet with you and help you jump-start a
community-based conservation group that can direct its own future —and connect to an organization that
will use statewide and national resources to ensure its success.
We can help you:
      Gain access to legislators ready to hear why you work for wildlife
      Develop a nesting box program or adopt an island
      Promote environmental education activities in school
      Jump-start a community fishing, hunting, or clean-up event
      Plan a celebration of International Migratory Bird Day
      Plug into a statewide network of volunteers monitoring owls, frogs, birds, reptiles, and more
What do you think? NCWF is looking for people across the state who want to do more than grouse about
the loss of wildlife habitat and the decline in access to North Carolina‟s wonderful wild places. We‟re
looking for groups of two or three or 20 people who want to build a better place for wildlife by building a
local wildlife organization that can go from its first meeting to the fast track by utilizing the stature of two
of the most recognizable names in wildlife work: the North Carolina Wildlife Federation, and our partner
the National Wildlife Federation.

This is my personal invitation to you, to make the North Carolina Wildlife Federation be all about you—
your concerns, your conservation priorities, the projects you want to see. If you are interested in forming or
participating in an NCWF grassroots chapter for local conservation projects, educational seminars, wildlife
field trips, and to teach and practice environmental habitat stewardship, please contact Tim Gestwicki,
Deputy Director, Conservation Programs, at tim@ncwf.org or (704) 332-5696.
                North Carolina Wildlife Federation

  The mission of the North Carolina Wildlife Federation is to be the
    leading advocate for all North Carolina wildlife and its habitat.

Recognizing that wildlife includes all species of wild flora and fauna, the
         goals of the North Carolina Wildlife Federation are:

             To advocate the conservation and enhancement of all
                         wildlife and its habitat.

              To advocate ethical and biologically sound hunting,
                   fishing, and other outdoor activities.

          To advocate education, for children and adults, that increases
          public awareness of wildlife, its dependence on habitat, and
                  the importance of both to human existence.

         In affiliation with our member organizations, to communicate,
      cooperate, and partner with the North Carolina General Assembly,
          state resource agencies, corporations, and other interested
          groups to advance the well being of wildlife and its habitat.

         In affiliation with the National Wildlife Federation, to support
            national and international issues of mutual interest.


Characteristics of a successful and sustainable wildlife chapter include but are not
limited to:

      Has continuity of leadership
      Utilizes a nomination process
      Has regular scheduled elections
      Has engaged committees (chairs and members for: communication, newsletter,
       fundraising, conservation programs, etc.)
      Has volunteer position descriptions
      Has opportunities for interested leaders to become involved
      Prepares annual goals and performance objectives
      Prepares schedule of activities at least 6 months in advance
      Evaluates accomplishments and objectives regularly
      Has broad participation of members, not just a few
      Effectively communicates with members and community at large
      Has effective newsletter and other communication vehicles
      Conducts effective meetings and decision making
      Meetings have good balance of content (social, business & resource)
      Has effective membership recruitment program
      Effectively welcomes and assimilates new members
      Provides accurate and timely information to NCWF on members recruited
      Conducts education programs for the public and for its members
      Is involved in local and state resource issues
      Has activities that benefit the resource (conserve, protect and restore)
      Provides interesting outings for broad scope of (ages, interests, skills)
      Conducts successful fundraising efforts
      Supports NCWF and where applicable NWF
      Is willing to implement the policies of NCWF
      Acts as local extension of NCWF
      Supports NCWF and its activities and is fully engaged with and maintains
       communication with NCWF
      Helps form and mentor other wildlife chapters

While not exhaustive, this list provides a good framework for maintaining a successful
and effective NCWF wildlife chapter. NCWF Chapter Services will assist a Chapter with
any of these items to ensure success.


A Chapter shall adhere to the following responsibilities on an annual basis.

   Recruit members. * NOTE: All members of a Chapter must be NCWF members in
    good standing
   Hold at least six open membership meetings (monthly is recommended)
   Conduct at least four meetings of the Board of Directors with a quorum in
   Produce at least six newsletters
   Participate in natural resource conservation community projects, programs or
   Plan and hold at least one shared fundraising efforts to support NCWF (and
    Chapter) wildlife projects
   Completed officer report form sent to Chapter Services
   Completed annual financial statement each Fiscal Year (January – December)
    provided to NCWF Chapter Services


NCWF seeks to provide resources and services to Chapters including the

 Assistance with chapter formation
 Work with Chapters to develop and conduct programs and to raise and allocate
funds in order to best achieve NCWF mission and goals
 Fundraising training and development of leadership
 Membership recruitment, renewal and record keeping services, including
assignment of members residing in the Chapter's territory
 Education support in the form of resource materials and program development
 Advocacy support in the form of resources materials
 Publications that establish a common Federation identity and distribute information
of interest to members and the public
 Technical assistance on issues and programs that support Chapter efforts
 Timely communications regarding current Federation issues, programs and policies


Chapter Formation Checklist
  A group of interested NCWF members (6-8 minimum) work with NCWF District
  Director and assisting staff to organize a series of formation meetings. The
  organizing committee will have 3-4 months to complete the formation requirements
  and submit their application to the Federation. If formation requirements are
  satisfied, NCWF will issue a one-year provisional charter.

  Formation requirements include:

      Determine name of Chapter
      Propose of Chapter territory and provide zipcodes to NCWF Chapter Services
      Prioritize top conservation projects and issues
      Adopt Chapter By-Laws
      Produce an initial newsletter
        Prepare fundraising strategy

      Schedule conservation programs for the initial 6 months
      Plan field trips for Chapter-hikes, outings, etc. for initial 6 months
      Recruit 30 Chapter members
      Schedule dates and location for future Chapter meetings for initial 6 months
      Appoint Chapter Officers (Acting) and form nominating committee
      Conduct an election to establish leadership of the new Chapter
      Celebrate the founding of the Chapter with a formal charter signing by the
         leadership and founding attendees

                          The Road to Chapter Formation

1) Assemble team of founding members

2) Hold1st meetings of founding members:
    Draft vision statement
    Review NCWF chapter basic requirements
    Assemble contact list of founding members and partners
    Draft mission statement or review NCWF mission statement

3) Meeting 2-3 of founding members:
    Draft bylaws using the NCWF Chapter bylaws template
    Name chapter
    Design logo
    Set up website and/or voicemail site
    Designate demographic territory of chapter by zipcodes
    Assemble contact list for invitations to general membership meeting
    Identify roles and designate “acting” officers and chairs
    Discuss and outline service projects
    Discuss and outline fundraising projects
    Find reliable meeting place
    Set up budget, using “seed money” or other contributions

4) Meeting 3-4 of founding members:
    Finalize date, time, place for general membership invitational meeting
    Final vote on chapter name
    Final vote on logo design
    Finalize bylaws
    Identify single point of contact for the general public
    Obtain EIN # from IRS and provide to NCWF Chapter Services
    Plan and design notification means for general membership and publicinvitational
    Apply for chapter designation

5) Prepare materials and advertise general membership invitational meeting
    Put public notices in local publications, etc
    Print invitational letter for all persons on contact list, stuff envelopes and mail out
    Provide signage for local businesses in territory

6) Meeting 4-5 of founding members
   Finalize agenda for initial launch meeting
   Plan 1st newsletter and handouts etc. for the meeting

7) Hold 1st general membership invitational meeting
    Identify officer and board member positions
    Identify committees and chairs
    Nominate candidates for permanent officer and board member positions
    Distribute NCWF membership applications

8) Hold 1st chapter meeting
   Hold Formal election of officers and board members
   Review budget
  Review and vote on fundraising projects
  Review and vote on conservation projects
  Identify speakers, etc. for upcoming chapter meetings
  Identify weekend and other activities to sponsor
  Prepare meeting schedule for the year


Federation project efforts concentrate within 4 key areas: Land Stewardship, Wildlife
Conservation, Water Resources, and Resource-based Recreation. Having a broad-
based approach for conserving “all NC wildlife and its habitat” offers chapters a
plentitude of opportunities for involvement. There will be conservation issues and
projects on a local, statewide and national scope for which chapters may involve
themselves. NCWF will present new opportunities to chapters regularly. Below is a list
of recommended conservation and natural resource activities for Chapters to consider.
While not exhaustive, it is a starting point for chapters to begin defining their respective

      Promote or conduct environmental education activities in or with schools in the
       community or sponsor other environmental education projects for the community

      Develop a nesting box program

      Take an active role in supporting a major NCWF campaign such as Gamelands,
       Clean Water Act, or the Wildlife Action Plan

      Think locally. Lead or participate in a local conservation campaign such as
       acquisition of a nature preserve, local buffer zones, zoning board issues to
       include wildlife management, etc.

      Sponsor a natural history and/or conservation bookshelf in your public library or
       school libraries

      Assist or sponsor the attendance of a delegate or delegates to NCWF
       conferences or workshops

      Participate in National Wildlife Week activities

      Sponsor Clean Cast Youth Fishing Events

      Sponsor Hunter Safety Education

      Sponsor a National Hunting & Fishing Day

      Sponsor International Migratory Bird Day

      Host a Habitat Steward Training seminar series

      Stream, Lake or river cleanup or improvement

      Participate in a Habitat enhancement project for wildlife (Schoolyard Habitats,
       Backyard Habitats, Wildlife And Industry Together (WAIT), Fellowship Actions
       Improving The Habitat (FAITH), Adopt-An-Island (Island Habitat Program)

      Participate in an Earth Day Event

      Participate in a citizen wildlife monotiring project e.g. Frogwatch

*For more information on any of these ideas please contact the North Carolina Wildlife
Federation Chapter Services

Appendix A
Chapter Sample By Laws


ARTICLE I Objectives of _______________ Chapter of the North Carolina Wildlife
Federation (NCWF):

Section 1: The Chapter is established as a non-profit entity for the purposes of
environmental education, appreciation of wildlife and natural history, and conservation
of wildlife habitat and natural resources.(sample)

Section 2: Mission Statement- “The Mission of ________________ is to protect and
enhance the natural resources and wildlife habitats of ______________-- area for all to
enjoy.” (sample)

ARTICLE II Membership:

Section 1: Any member of the Chapter shall be a member in good standing of NCWF.

Section 2: Any NCWF member in good standing located in the chapter territory is
eligible for any and all chapter activities.

Section 3: Separate Chapter dues or fees are prohibited. Newsletters shall be made
available to all members. Members of the Chapter shall enjoy all the rights and
privileges of membership in the Chapter.

Section 4: Members in good standing only will be permitted to vote in elections and on
issues requiring a vote of the general membership.

ARTICLE III Officers and Board of Directors:

Section 1: Officers of _____________ shall include a President, a Vice-President, a
Secretary, and a Treasurer.
Section 2: Officers shall be elected for two-year terms. In the event that an Officer
terminates his/her term of service, the Board of Directors shall appoint an interim
replacement to complete the term.

Section 3: Two, at large, Board of Directors shall be elected by the general
membership and will serve for staggered two-year terms. Board of Directors at large are
expected to regularly attend meetings of the Board of Directors, provide input on behalf
of the membership, and vote on issues requiring a vote of the Board of Directors.

Section 4: The President shall preside at all meetings of the Chapter and the Board of
Directors and shall enforce the provisions of the Charter, Articles and By-Laws of the
Chapter. The President shall decide all questions of order, act as judge in elections,
and declare results. The President shall also appoint such special committees as may
be needed. The President shall act as or appoint another member to act as the official
Chapter Representative when entreating with any or all other NC Wildlife Federation
chapters or other organizations. Finally, the President shall conduct all other business
or duties of the office as prescribed by the laws of the State of North Carolina, the Board
of Directors, and the By-Laws of the Chapter.

Section 5: The Vice President shall assist the President in performance of his or her
duties when he or she so designates. In the absence of the President, the Vice
President shall preside.

Section 6: The Secretary shall keep accurate records of the proceedings of the
Chapter and the Board of Directors, conduct general correspondence of the Chapter,
and perform such other duties as the Board of Directors or the By-Laws may prescribe.
In the event that the Secretary cannot attend a meeting of the Chapter or Board of
Directors, the President shall appoint an interim Secretary to record the minutes for that

Section 7: The Treasurer shall receive and be custodian of all monies of the Chapter,
keep a precise record of all receipts and disbursements, deposit funds of the Chapter in
such depository as the Board of Directors may designate, pay all bills of the Chapter as
directed by the Board of Directors, make reports at all regular meetings of the Chapter,
and perform such other duties as the Board of Directors or the By-Laws may prescribe.

Section 8: The Board of Directors shall consist of the Officers and Directors at Large.
Each Board of Director member shall have one vote on motions presented to the Board
of Directors. In case of a tie vote, the President shall have the deciding vote. No proxy
vote shall be permitted or counted. The Board of Directors shall have general
supervision over all affairs of the Chapter, authority to temporarily fill vacancies of
officers, prescribe rules and regulations as needed, and conduct the day-to-day
business of the Chapter.

Section 9: An Executive Committee comprised of the Officers may be provided to
assume such responsibilities and perform such duties as the Board of Directors may

Section 10: Removal of Board of Directors – A Board of Director may be removed with
or without cause by a 2/3 majority vote of peer Directors.

ARTICLE IV Standing Committees
Section 1: The President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall appoint
Chairmen of the Standing Committees, who, in turn, may select their own committee
members with recommendations and suggestions from the Board of Directors.

Section 2: The Chairpersons of standing committees shall select their own committee
members with advice, as needed, from the Board of Directors. Chairpersons shall
serve until they wish to be replaced or are replaced by determination of the Board of
Directors. Committees may have as many members as required to adequately perform
their functions. Chairpersons shall determine the number and makeup of committee
members needed. All Standing Committee Chairpersons are expected to attend regular
and special meetings of the Board of Directors.

Section 3: The Membership Committee shall seek new Chapter members who are
interested in supporting its objectives; maintain the membership roster; notify members
of regular and special meetings; coordinate with other committee chairpersons to assist
with membership recruitment; provide a report at regular membership meetings on

membership status; arrange for hospitality at regular Chapter meetings; and perform
such other duties as the Board of Directors and By-Laws may prescribe.

Section 4: The Conservation Committee shall identify potential conservation projects
for the Chapter to execute or assist. The committee shall be responsible for identifying,
planning, developing a budget, procuring equipment and supplies, recruiting volunteers,
and completing approved Chapter projects.

Section 5: The Program and Education Committee shall seek to present at Chapter
meetings appropriate and interesting speakers and materials to further its objectives of
public environmental and conservation education. The Program and Education
Committee shall also provide and disseminate information related to the objectives of
the Chapter. The Committee shall coordinate with the Communications Committee in
the development and dissemination of educational information to Chapter members and
the general public.

Section 6: The Field Trip (or Outings) Committee shall develop and carry out
educational field trips to be made available to Chapter members. Field trips should be
related to issues of Chapter interest, wildlife, conservation, and environmental subjects.
The Committee shall coordinate with the Communications Committee for dissemination
of information on planned field trips.

Section 7: The Fund Raising Committee shall solicit donations and conduct fund
raising projects to support the operating expenses, conservation projects, and training
projects of the Chapter. The Committee shall also plan and conduct at least one shared
fund raising event with NCWF during the year. The Fund Raising Committee shall
provide the Treasurer with a complete report of all fund raising activities. Monies
received shall be promptly transmitted to the Treasurer for deposit in the Chapter’s

Section 8: The Communications Committee shall be responsible for assisting in the
development of educational literature, media releases, newspaper and magazine
articles, newsletters, website information, Chapter documents and forms, displays for
public events, presentations, membership and public mailings, and other
communications as needed. The Communications Committee shall coordinate closely
with all other standing and temporary committees, the Board of Directors, and any
Chapter member as needed. The Committee shall seek advice and approval from the
Board of Directors on specific communications issues as required.

Section 9: The Newsletter & Media Committee shall produce at least six newsletters
per year to report on activities of the Chapter, items of educational interest, important
Board of Director decisions, requests for assistance by standing and temporary
committees, future plans and a calendar of events, and other matters of interest and
import. The Committee shall coordinate with the Communications Committee as
needed. Newsletters shall be provided to the members in a timely manner. Media
releases and articles shall be developed and placed in cooperation with the
Communications Committee.

Section 10: Temporary committees may be appointed by the President to develop and
carry out special projects and tasks.

ARTICLE V Elections
Section 1: A Nominating Committee consisting of the Chapter Officers shall submit a
slate of nominees for positions to be filled of Officers and Directors at Large whose
terms are expiring at the _____ general membership meeting. Nominations from the
floor will be accepted at the _____ meeting. All nominations shall be made available to
members at least 30 days prior to election. The elections shall take place at the _____
general membership meeting. Election is determined by a simple majority of the votes
cast. The Nominations Chair shall preside over the elections and announce the results
at the ______ meeting.

Section 2: When there is only one nominee for a position, election by ballot will be
dispensed with and the nominee shall be declared the winner.

Section 3: Newly elected Officers and Directors at Large shall assume their positions
at the close of the _______ meeting.

Section 4: Elected positions shall be for a term of two years. Positions shall be
staggered for annual elections. Even year elections will include: President, Secretary
and one of the at-large Board of Directors. Odd year elections will include: Vice
President, Treasurer and the other at-large Board of Director.

Section 5: No person shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms in the
same office.

Section 1: The regular monthly membership meetings shall be held on the _____
______ (second Tuesday for example) from _____ (month) to ______(month). The
President may, for good and sufficient reason, change the date of a regular meeting if
adequate notice is provided to the members.

Section 2: A regular date and time shall be provided for meetings of the Board of
Directors. The President may, for good reason, change the date and time of Board of
Director meetings so long as the Board of Directors members are notified in a timely

Section 3: Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be held at the call of the
President or upon written request to the Secretary by at least four Board of Directors,
including two officers. A reasonable effort must be made to notify Board of Directors
members at least two days prior of the special meeting date.

Section 1: Members present at a duly notified meeting shall constitute a quorum for a
meeting of the membership, provided there are at least two members of the Board of
Directors present.

Section 2: Four members of the Board of Directors including at least two officers shall
constitute a quorum at Board of Director meetings.
ARTICLE VIII Diversity Statement

Section 1: The Chapter shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex,
age, national origin or physical or mental disability and shall be in compliance with all
applicable State and Federal laws dealing with clients of the agency, employees of the
agency and members of the governing board.

ARTICLE IX Litigation

Section 1: The Chapter may and will not engage in any litigious activities without the full
consent of NCWF Board of Directors.

ARTICLE X Fiscal Year

Section 1. The fiscal year of the Chapter shall be January 1 through December 31

ARTICLE XI “Roberts Rules of Order, Revised”
Section 1: “Roberts Rules of Order, Revised” shall be Parliamentary procedure for all
Chapter meetings.

ARTICLE XI Amendments
Section 1: Amendments to the By-Laws may be recommended by the Board of
Directors or the Executive Committee.

Section 2: The By-Laws may be amended at any regular Chapter meeting by a
majority vote of those present. Notice of the proposed amendment must be provided at
the previous Chapter meeting and in the Newsletter prior to the meeting at which the
vote is to take place.

ARTICLE XII Dissolution of the Chapter
Section 1: Upon dissolution of the Chapter, all assets and records will revert to the
North Carolina Wildlife Federation, Inc. (presently exempt from Federal tax under the
provisions of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code) for the disposal
in the best interest of the Chapter’s former members or of the Federation, as described
by the Governing Board.

Appendix B
                                    North Carolina Wildlife Federation Chapter Services
                                                                   2155 McClintock Rd.
                                                                    Charlotte, NC 28205


We the undersigned, officers of the __________________________ Chapter of North
Carolina Wildlife Federation, hereby certify that on ___________ (date) the Board of

Directors of this Chapter ratified the standard Chapter Bylaws as approved by the North
Carolina Wildlife Federation.

President: _________________________________________________________

Vice President: _____________________________________________________

Secretary: _________________________________________________________

Treasurer: _________________________________________________________

Mail this original record of adoption to the North Carolina Wildlife Federation Chapter
Services. It is recommended that the Chapter keep a copy of this document with a copy
of the chapter bylaws in the official chapter records.

Appendix C
                  Agreement between NCWF Chapter and NCWF
                     regarding the use of lapsed member lists.

                                   To begin March 20, 2008

Working together, NCWF and chapter leaders have designed a program that will provide the
NCWF „family‟ a new fundraising mechanism and a new tool to grow grassroots membership
and leadership. It works like this:

A Chapter and NCWF will split 50-50, the membership dues that that Chapter generates from
recruiting new members to NCWF, and, from renewing lapsed members that live in a Chapter‟s

To facilitate this ongoing effort, the Chapter will be provided lists of lapsed members in their
territory. This dues-sharing arrangement presents some membership list management
challenges. Therefore, NCWF asks the Chapter to agree in writing to be bound by the following
rules and guidelines. These are intended to provide clearly defined do‟s and don‟ts for list use
and to ensure a smooth fundraising and membership building relationship.


      The Chapter agrees to present a plan to NCWF for using lapsed member lists.

      The Chapter plan must be approved by NCWF‟s Development Department.

      The Chapter plan must include a time frame within which the list will be used. Drives or
       campaigns will be encouraged and are recommended by NCWF.

      Any telephone or mail outreach campaign to the list must be coordinated with NCWF‟s
       Development Department in order to avoid duplicate mailings/contacts by the NCWF and
       the Chapter.

      NCWF owns the list as these lists represent proprietary information. The Chapter agrees
       that the list cannot be sold, traded, bartered, or given to any entity for any purpose.

      The Chapter must include in their plan a description of how the list will be safeguarded.

      The Chapter cannot use the lapsed member lists for any mailing or fundraising effort of
       any kind except membership renewal /recruitment.

      It is up to the Chapter to satisfy the coding and documentation requirements listed in this
       document. NCWF data entry needs to be as complete and accurate as possible.

      Upon request, and as part of the Chapter‟s approved plan, NCWF will supply the Chapter
       with NCWF membership brochures and postage paid business reply envelopes.

This dues-sharing arrangement presents some administrative challenges as well. Therefore, the
Chapter is asked to follow certain guidelines to ensure accurate and timely dues split payments.


       Because of the high cost of recruiting and renewing members, NCWF does not share
        dues with the Chapter if NCWF recruits or renews a member in Chapter territory (zip
        codes assigned to the Chapter).

       Each new or renewed lapsed NCWF membership must be accompanied by a separate
        application form. Please do not send several checks with just a covering letter and no
        applications. Of course several applications with matching payments can be mailed to
        NCWF in the same envelope.

       If possible, please be sure to include the member‟s email information.

       Each application form must include the complete Chapter name and Chapter code. The
        code is unique to each Chapter and is assigned by NCWF when the Chapter is issued its

       To make the task of coding membership forms or brochures easier, you may want to get a
        rubber stamp made which includes your chapter name and chapter code.

       Where to send New and Renewed Lapsed membership forms and payments:

       North Carolina Wildlife Federation 2155 McClintock Rd Charlotte, NC 28205

       NCWF will send the Chapter a dues split payment check and accounting four times per
        year. Accounting will be from January 1 to March 31, April 1 to June 30, July 1 to
        September 30, and October 1 to December 31.

       NCWF will send the checks to the Chapter‟s mailing address as it appears on the Chapter
        Officer‟s Report Form.

       Please provide NCWF‟s Development Office with “Pay to the order of” information.

The overall purpose of these requirements and guidelines is to ensure that this NCWF - Chapter
fundraising and membership program becomes a win-win for all parties involved. If you have
any questions, please contact NCWF at (919) 833-1923.

_______________________________               _______________________              ___________
Chapter Executive                             Title                                Date

_______________________________                                                    ___________
Executive Director, NCWF                                                           Date

         Appendix D

         Please return this as soon as possible so your Chapter leaders can be included in
         the North Carolina Wildlife Federation Chapter Leader database in order to receive
         timely information. Fill in information for all positions completely including, when
         available, email (High Priority for timely communications). Return to: NC Wildlife
         Federation, Chapter Services, 2155 McClintock Rd., Charlotte, NC 28205, Phone:
         (704) 332-5696, Fax: (704) 332-2240

         Chapter Name ______________________________________________________
         Date Submitted __________
         Chapter Mailing Address ______________________________________________
         City __________________________________ State ________ ZIP ____________
         Chapter Office Phone (____) _____-___________
         Chapter Office FAX (____) _____-_________
         Chapter Web Site Address _____________________________________________
         Chapter Contact Person _______________________________________________
         Monthly Meeting Date ________________Annual Meeting Date________________
         Dates Officers Hold Office ____/____/____ to ____/____/____
         Form Submitted By _____________________

Name: Mr. / Ms.                                                                           Work Phone:
Street Address:                                                                           Home Phone:
City, State, ZIP:                                                                         Email:
Name: Mr. / Ms.                                                                           Work Phone:
Street Address:                                                                           Home Phone:
City, State, ZIP:                                                                         Email:
Name: Mr. / Ms.                                                                           Work Phone:
Street Address:                                                                           Home Phone:
City, State, ZIP:                                                                         Email:
Name: Mr. / Ms.                                                                           Work Phone:
Street Address:                                                                           Home Phone:
City, State, ZIP:                                                                         Email:
Name: Mr. / Ms.                                                                           Work Phone:
Street Address:                                                                           Home Phone:
City, State, ZIP:                                                                         Email:
Name: Mr. / Ms.                                                                           Work Phone:
Street Address:                                                                           Home Phone:
City, State, ZIP:                                                                         Email:
Name: Mr. / Ms.                                                                           Work Phone:
Street Address:                                                                           Home Phone:
City, State, ZIP:                                                                         Email:
Name: Mr. / Ms.                                                                           Work Phone:
Street Address:                                                                           Home Phone:
City, State, ZIP:                                                                         Email:
EDUCATION CHAIR                                                                           Work Phone:
Name: Mr. / Ms.                                                                           Home Phone:
Street Address:                                                                           Email:
City, State, ZIP:
Name: Mr. / Ms.                                                                           Work Phone:
Street Address:                                                                           Home Phone:
City, State, ZIP:                                                                         Email:
Name: Mr. / Ms.                                                                           Work Phone:
Street Address:                                                                           Home Phone:
City, State, ZIP:                                                                         Email:
Name: Mr. / Ms.                                                                           Work Phone:
Street Address:                                                                           Home Phone:
City, State, ZIP:                                                                         Email:

**Also, please list any additional Board Members and/or Committee Chairs below if needed.

CHAIR                                                                                     Work Phone:
Name: Mr. / Ms.                                                                           Home Phone:
Street Address:                                                                           Email:
City, State, ZIP:

CHAIR                                                                                     Work Phone:
Name: Mr. / Ms.                                                                           Home Phone:
Street Address:                                                                           Email:
City, State, ZIP:

Appendix E


North Carolina Wildlife Federation Chapter Services
2155 McClintock Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28205

To Whom It May Concern:

Please add the ______________________________ Chapter to the list of
chapters to be approved and chartered at the next meeting of the North Carolina
Wildlife Federation Board of Directors (or Executive Committee).

The attached documents attest to the readiness and eligibility of this chapter for

   1.   A list of chapter officers directors and standing committee chairs
   2.   A completed chapter formation requirements list
   3.   A signed record of adoption of NCWF chapter bylaws.
   4.   A complete set of chapter bylaws, as adopted
   5.   A signed Group Tax Exemption certification (pending)
   6.   Minutes of the first public meeting
   7.   A copy of the application for Employer Identification Number


Chapter President (or Chapter Organizer)


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