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Investors who have subscribed to the Wellington Letter or have purchased Advisory
                     and/or Portfolio Management Services
                                                                                                      Source             100% Direct Mail

                    Updated & Cleaned!                                                                Avg. unit of Sale $650

                                                                                                      Special Rates
            46,676 Subscribers, Expires & Buyers                    $195/M
                                                                                                      Lead Gen           +$50/M

The Dohmen Capital Research Investor Masterfile reaches highly                                        Non-Financial      $125/M
sophisticated investors who have either subscribed to the Wellington Letter                           Offers
or have purchased and used advisory services offered by Dohmen Capital
Research.                                                                                             Fundraisers        $75/M

Dohmen Capital Research was founded in 1977 by Bert Dohmen as an
economic and investment research firm. Over the past two decades, the                                 Address Type       $5/M
firm’s services have achieved the highest acclaim. They are the most highly                           Gender             $7/M
                                                                                                      State/SCF/Zip      $7/M
respected and sought-after advisory services for investors world-wide.
                                                                                                      Email              $65 Flat
Current offerings from Dohmen Capital Research include: The Wellington                                Fulfillment
Letter - an investment and economic newsletter targeted toward the serious
investor and business executive; Smart Trader - an investment advisory                                A signed List Rental Agreement is
                                                                                                      required for all test orders. Sample
service that catches sharp, short-term moves in the markets with stocks,                              mailing piece is required for List Owner
short sales and options; Fearless Fund & Index Trader - a service                                     approval. All rentals are for a one-time
specifically for traders who are actively trading ETF’s and the tradable                              usage only. Mail date changes are
mutual funds; and Private Portfolios - a revolutionary subscription advisory                          subject to approval by the List Owner.
and asset allocation program that provides everything an investor needs to                            All orders are billed on gross quantity.
greatly improve long-term investment performance, using the power of                                  No deductions are allowed.
mutual funds.
                                                                                                      All rentals are for a one-time usage
Newsletter subscribers and service buyers spend anywhere from $350 to                                 only. Cancellations after processing will
                                                                                                      incur a $50/F fee, $10/M running
$2,500 or more per year. Buyers are upper income professionals with a HHI                             charges and applicable shipping costs.
of $150K+. They are experienced investors and market timers who
continuously seek up-to-date information on stocks, mutual funds, and                                 Re-uses must be cleared by the List
precious metals.                                                                                      Owner prior to mailing.

                                                                                                      Order Minimum      5,000
The Dohmen Capital Research Investor Masterfile targets high-income,
experienced investors who have proven their ability to spend money on                                 Rev. 04.30.10
quality financial information. They are receptive to a wide variety of                                Names through November 2009
executive, upscale consumer, and investment offers.


All Financial/Investment Offers, Upscale Consumer Offers, Executive Self
Improvement Offers, Books, Magazine Subscriptions, Newsletters,
Financial Seminars, Credit Card Offers, Health & Fitness Offers, Computer
Software & Hardware Offers, Small Office/Home Office Offers, and More!

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