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									      Youth Development Commission

           Community Resource Fund



Youth Development Commission
1274 Library Street, Suite 201
Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: (313) 963-8916 Fax: (313) 963-8937
                    Youth Development Commission
                Community Resource Fund - Mini-Grant Program

The Youth Development Commission is committed to supporting programs that provide
positive youth development experiences for children and youth during non-school hours. The
Commission serves as an intermediary organization, working with youth service providers to
build capacity, create connections and provide resources that lead to the implementation of
quality youth programs.

The Youth Development Commission was launched in 1995 as the Youth Sports and
Recreation Commission, an initiative of the Skillman Foundation.

The report, Re-Creating Recreation, identified numerous concerns about the risk young
people face during non-school hours. The report highlights the fact that youth from ages 6-17
have as much as 40% of their time available for discretionary use. Having a limited number of
constructive alternatives with which to fill this time, many youth become involved in
unsupervised and unstructured activities.

The purpose of the Community Resource Fund- Mini Grant Program is to support small and
midsize organizations with budgets of 250K or less that provide programs, and activities that
promote positive youth development. Funds are intended to supplement the dwindling pool of
resources that serve children and youth and will be provided through mini-grants of up to
$3,000 to agencies in Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park. Funds may be requested for a
wide variety of positive youth development activities offered during out of school time. The
Commission seeks to fund high quality programs that implement “best practice”
standards, address critical needs of youth and demonstrate positive outcomes for
youth in our community.

                         APPLICATION DEADLINES

          1st Cycle Due Date - Friday, March 5, 2010 (notification late April)

           2nd Cycle Due Date - Friday, May 28, 2010 (notification late July)

                Applications must be received by 5:00 pm

Community Resource Fund (CRF)
Mini-Grant Application Instructions

Contact the Youth Development Commission at (313) 963-8916 if you have questions
about the application process.

  1. Eligibility to Apply
     Please carefully read the Eligibility Criteria to ensure that your organization is eligible to
     apply for CRF Mini-Grant funding. Organizations that have been awarded funding for
     the past two (2) consecutive years are NOT ELIBILE and must wait one (1) year before

  2. Deadlines
     Applications must be received by 5:00 pm on the following due dates:
            1st Cycle Due Date- Friday, March 5, 2010
            (Notification late April, Grant period: May 2010-May 2011)

            2nd Cycle Due Date- Friday, May 28, 2010
            (Notification late July, Grant period: Aug 2010-Aug 2011)
     Grants will not be awarded to programs that end prior to the start of the grant period for that
     cycle, nor to short-term programs (i.e. one week camps).

  3. Submission
     No facsimile or email applications will be accepted. U.S. postmark does not constitute receipt
     of your application by the Commission. Return completed application and documents to:

                     ATTN: CRF Mini-Grant Program
                     Youth Development Commission
                     1274 Library Street, Suite 201
                     Detroit, MI 48226

  4. Accuracy and Completeness
     Be sure to follow all instructions, respond to all items in the order listed, and include all
     requested documentation. Incomplete applications will hinder funding consideration.

  5. Authorized Signatures
     Two (2) original signatures are required to complete the application: Organization Director and
     Board President/Chairperson. The application must be signed by a representative authorized
     to make contractual commitments on behalf of the organization submitting the application.

  6. Number of Copies Required
     One (1) original complete application must be submitted.

  7. Format for Application Submission
     The application and one (1) copy should be submitted on 8 ½” by 11” white paper. The entire
     application including attachments should not exceed 30 pages. Applications must be typed.
     It is preferred that the text font size be no smaller than 12 points. Please bind proposal using a
     staple or paper clip.

  8. Final Notification of Awards
     The Youth Development Commission will notify all applicants in writing of the decision on their

                       Please do not include this page with your proposal.
Objectives of the Community Resource Fund Mini Grant Program
1. To conduct a mini-grant program that will provide grants up to $3,000 to small and medium sized
   organizations in Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park that offer youth development programs
   during non-school hours.
2. To fund activities and programs (sports, academic, recreation, employment, prevention, arts and
   cultural) that provide a constructive use of non-school hours and promote positive youth
3. To support the development of services in high need areas for un-served or under-served youth
   ages 6-17.
4. To build the capacity of youth service providers.

Grant Eligibility and Mini-Grant Program Requirements
•   Organizational budgets cannot exceed $250,000.

•   Organizations must be incorporated in Michigan as a public or private non-profit, educational,
    charitable, or other tax-exempt organization.

•   Organizations must demonstrate fiduciary ability to handle grant funds. Informal groups may
    apply for funds, but must have a relationship with a non-profit organization that will serve as

•   At least 25% of the total program cost must come from other funding sources and/or in-kind

•   All programs must be based in Detroit, Hamtramck or Highland Park and should target youth
    6-17 years of age.

•   Commission funds may not be used for the purpose of assisting a single individual or scholarship

•   Organizations must provide the Commission with program information as requested and allow the
    Commission access to program records, evaluation material and financial records relating to the
    program. Materials submitted to the Commission will not be photo copied or returned.

•   Agencies or organizations awarded funding must attend the Youth Development Commission’s
    Introduction to Youth Development training in the current calendar year that they are funded.

•   Agencies funded for two (2) consecutive years are NOT ELIGIBLE to re-apply for funding for
    one (1) year.

•   Funds may not be used to support non-secular activities or activities which require membership in
    any particular religious faith or orientation for participation.

•   Agencies funded under this Mini-Grant Program must sign an agreement to hold harmless and to
    indemnify the Youth Development Commission against any liability, which may be incurred under
    provision of this grant.

•   Funded agencies must add the Commission as an additional insured rider on their liability

•   Funded agencies must comply with all reporting and documentation requirements and are subject
    to program site visits.

     The number of CRF Mini-Grants awarded is based on availability of funds.

                                          Youth Development Commission
                   2010 Community Resource Fund Mini-Grant Application

I. Cover Page (must be typed or reproduced electronically) Organization Information
Name of Organization:

Street Address:

City:                                                                State:                   Zip:

Phone:                             Fax:                          Website:

Organization Director
Mr./Ms./Other                  Name:                                                      Title:

Phone (if different from above):                                        Email:

Program Contact
Mr./Ms./Other                  Name:                                                      Title:

Phone (if different from above):                                        Email:

What is the organization’s total budget?          $

Information About the Program You Wish to be Funded

Program Name:

Amount Requested:             $                       This program is: new                           existing

Total Number of Youth to be Served:                                   Ages of youth:

Geographic Location(s) Served:

          West Detroit                 East Detroit                   Northeast Detroit                 Northwest Detroit
          Southwest Detroit            Southeast Detroit              Hamtramck                         Highland Park

Program Start Date:                                            End Date:

Type of Program (check all areas that apply to the program to be funded):

          Education/Academic                     Sports/Recreation                        Drug/Alcohol Prevention
          Arts/Cultural                          Employment

Brief Summary of Program to be funded:

II.   Proposal Narrative
      A narrative response to questions A-G is required. Questions and responses should be
      typed and attached to the Cover Page. Please answer all of the questions listed below.
      When completing, label your response A-G and include the question (as a header) prior
      to answering.

      A. Organization description: Give a brief statement, describing the agency’s mission, history,
         founder(s), goals, and services provided.

      B. Provide a brief summary of the overall purpose of the program to be funded. List the goals of
         the program.

      C. Describe the population to be served by your program and the neighborhood or service area
         reached by your program. Explain the need for your particular program. Include statistical data
         and or research that demonstrate the need for your program services.

      D. List three (3) to five (5) specific objectives of the program to be funded (the objectives must
         be related to the program goals, meaningful and measurable) Example: To offer twenty (20)
         tutoring classes for fifty (50) children by December 15th.

      E. Describe the overall program plan. Provide a detailed narrative description of the services
         and activities to be conducted. Provide: An overall program timeline, 2) clearly identify the
         days and times for activities, 3) identify the primary staff to provide services and 4) identify the
         location(s) of activities. Provide any additional information that will fully explain the program
         and what will occur. Describe any special components or activities that set this program apart
         from others. Please indicate and describe any collaborations and or partnerships with other
         agencies or programs that help to support your program. Describe the “best practices” and or
         curriculums that are implemented in the program.

      F. Describe the evaluation plan and methods for the program to be funded. (Attach a sample
         copy of an evaluation tool). The evaluation plan should provide information that demonstrates
         program services are meaningful, effective and lead to positive outcomes for youth.

      G. Please describe how your program incorporates or promotes any of the following elements of
         Positive Youth Development:

                 1. Providing youth with safe and supportive environments
                 2. Fostering relationships between young people and caring adults
                 3. Providing youth with opportunities to pursue their interests and focus on their strengths
                 4. Supporting the development of youths’ knowledge and skills
                 5. Providing opportunities for youth to show they care about others and about society
                 6. Engaging youth as partners and leaders
                 7. Promoting healthy lifestyles and teaching positive social interaction

III. Program Budget
Please complete the Program Budget Sheet below. Also list Other Funding Sources and include a
Budget Narrative for the requested amount. The Budget Sheet and Budget Narrative must be
submitted with the application.

Program Budget Sheet
Provide a complete budget for the program to be funded. The amount requested from the Youth
Development Commission’s Mini-Grant Program cannot exceed $3,000. Include total cost of program,
in-kind donations, other funds and the amount requested.
          LINE ITEMS              REQUESTED          OTHER          IN-KIND         TOTAL
           (ITEMIZE)               AMOUNT           FUNDING        DONATIONS        COST











Please Note: Budgets that are not accurate may reduce an agency’s chances for funding
consideration. Total Requested Amount cannot exceed $3,000. Program budget must include a
minimum of 25% match in funding.

Other Funding Sources
CRF Mini Grants are not intended to sustain an entire program. Please identify the source and the
amount awarded or pending of other sources of support for this program.

          SOURCE                              AMOUNT                    AWARDED OR PENDING

Budget Narrative Sheet
Please attach a budget narrative explaining the requested amount line items of the program budget
above. The narrative should explain how you arrived at the total cost of each requested item. Use
formulas where applicable (i.e. 10 uniforms x $25.00 each = $250.00).

IV. Required Documents
Please include the following documents with your application. Place copies of attachments in the
following order:
                                     Current IRS form 990 or financial statement, (preferably audited).
Financial Statement                  If applicable, an official letter from your fiduciary agency.
                                     Roster of Board of Directors (or governing body) with their
Board of Directors                   professional affiliations, and a daytime telephone number
                                     of your chairperson.
                                     Resume(s) of key person(s) directly responsible for the
Resume(s)                            implementation of the program.

Proof of Insurance                     Copy of current Insurance Policy for program requesting funds

Proof of Non-Profit Status             Copy of 501(c) 3 certificate or Articles of Incorporation.   (Please
                                       do not send original)

Marketing Materials                    Brochure, annual report, or current newsletter.
                                       (Please include only one sample of marketing material)

Program Evaluation Plan                Include one sample copy of evaluation form/tool used to
                                       assess program.

V. Required Signatures
I have included all of the required information for this Mini-Grant Application to be considered for
funding. I understand that an incomplete application will reduce, and possibly eliminate my agency’s
chances for funding consideration.

Signatures __________________________________________________________
              Executive Director                                                    Date

              Board Chairperson/President                                           Date

Proposal Checklist:
              ___ Organization meets all Eligibility Criteria
              ___ Proposal typed and neatly presented
              ___All questions addressed
              ___All documents/attachments included (in both original & copy of grant application)
              ___Budget Sheet complete and accurate
              ___Budget Narrative included
              ___Appropriate original signatures present
              ___1 original and 1 copy submitted

Name of Person Completing Application:

Phone:                                               E-mail:


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