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                           INFORMATION MANAGEMENT
This publication describes some sources of information available at the St Mary’s Road Library in
Ealing, which may be useful to Information Management students. Please remember, that you
may also refer to other guides such as those for sources on Business and Management or
Information Systems.

PRINTED BOOKS AND E-BOOKS                             Inf. storage and retrieval system     025.04
                                                      Library acquisitions                   025.2
Information Management cover many subject             Bibliographic analysis and control      025.3
areas, so relevant material may be scattered          Subject analysis and control            025.4
at various shelf-numbers throughout the               Library services                        025.5
Library, but most of the printed books relevant       Publishing                             070.5
to Information Management students are                Social research methods              301.072
located on B4 floor and shelved in section            Statistics                              519.5
020 - 025 and on B2 floor shelved at 658.             Management                               658
Use the TVU Library online catalogue                  E-Commerce                         658.04678 to find specific titles,   Company organisation                    658.1
authors or materials on a particular topic. You       Human resources                        658.3
can enter any kind of search term - just like         Knowledge management                658.4038
Google. Your search will find materials in all        Project management                   658.404
available formats, including books, e-books,
print journals and DVDs.                              PRINTED JOURNALS AND E-JOURNALS
To find out whether we have a particular title
as an e-book, check the catalogue by                  Journals are an excellent source of up-to-
searching for the author, title or subject and        date information, ideas, research, trends and
limit the results by format ‘Multimedia, E-           case studies. TVU subscribes to a number of
resources, Software’                                  these for computing and information systems.
To see a complete list of e-book titles               Printed journals are shelved alphabetically by
currently available at TVU go to the Library          title, before the related book stock, on each
Homepage at and click        floor of the Library. You can trace them by
on ‘E-books’                                          checking      our      online    catalogue  at
                                             Each entry will
Useful shelf numbers:                                 show for which years we hold a particular
                                                      title, and on which floor it is shelved.
Systems                                003            Our ‘A-Z of TVU’s E-journals’ gives access
Data processing                        004            to full text articles from a much wider range
Programming                    005.1– 005.6           of journals (many of which we do not hold in
Web site design                     005.72            printed form). To check whether a journal
Artificial intelligence              006.3            title is available electronically, go to the
Bibliographies                         016            Library Homepage at
Library and Information Sciences       020            click on ‘E-journals’ then on ‘A-Z of TVU’s
                                                      E-journals’ to enter the journal title you’d
                                                      like to access.
The Library currently subscribes to the              Whitaker’s directory of publishers (QRB2
following useful titles:                             070.5025 WHI)
N.B. Titles in bold are also available
electronically.                                      ELECTRONIC DATABASES

African journal of library archives and              Electronic databases may provide full text
    information science                              journal articles, or abstracting & indexing
African research and documentation                   services. Indexes list references to the
CILIP library & information gazette                  articles contained in journals or newspapers.
College and research libraries                       Abstracts provide summaries of the content
Current awareness abstracts                          of those articles, and full text databases
E.Learning age                                       provide a link to the full-text of the article.
International information and library                Many of these subscription services are now
review                                               available via the internet, both from within &
International journal of inf. management             outside of TVU.
Journal of documentation                             Go to the Library Homepage, at:-
Journal of information science             , then click on ‘E-
Journal of management information                    Resources’. ‘Databases A-Z’ provides a full
systems                                              list of the electronic services you can use
Libri - international library review                 free of charge. Alternatively, from this
Managing information                                 address, click on ‘Subject e-Resources’ and
MIS quarterly                                        ‘H.E. Resources’. Choose ‘Information
New review of academic librarianship                 Management’ & ‘Databases’ from the drop-
                                                     down menus provided to see a selection of
QUICK REFERENCE                                      those services most relevant to your subject
                                                     area. Some of these are listed below:
There are Quick Reference (QR) sections
(including      bibliographies,      dictionaries,   ABI/Inform
directories, encyclopaedias, etc.) on each floor     Available via Proquest. Full text articles from
of the Library, relating to the subjects shelved     over 500 journals, plus abstracts from 1000
on that floor. The B4 and B2 QR sections             journals. It is mainly a management and
include general reference materials in addition      business database that also includes
to those relevant to information management.         material related to library and information
Some useful examples are listed below:               management, computing and publishing. It
                                                     is also a good source of press information,
ASLIB Directory of Information Sources in            enabling you to search many newspapers
the UK (QRB2 026.0002541 ASL)                        and periodicals simultaneously.

British National Bibliography (QRB2                  ASLIB Index to Theses
015.41/BRI)                                          Web version of the index published by
                                                     ASLIB. Covers theses accepted for higher
Dictionary of Library and Information                degrees by the Universities of Great Britain
Management (QRB4 020.3 STE)                          and Ireland. Includes abstracts.

CILIP Yearbook (QRB4 020.62241 CIL)                  Computer Database
                                                     Access to over 482,400 full text articles,
Guide to Official Statistics (QRB2 314.1 GUI)        covering products, people, locations and
                                                     organizations in the field of computing.
Libraries and Information Services (QRB2
027.002541 LIB)

                                                                                   IS36 (SMR), 08/10
CSA (Cambridge Scientific Abstracts)             Information Research Watch
Comprises: BHINet (British Humanities            International
Index), DAAI (Design and Applied Arts Index)     Reports new, ongoing and completed
and LISAnet (Library and Information Science     research in information and library science
Abstracts).                                      and related fields from around the world.
                                                 CILIP members have full access to the
Current Awareness Abstracts                      IRWI database containing in excess of
Available via Emerald. Published by Aslib. It    8,500 records from more than 70 countries
gives you immediate access to unique, easy-      stretching back over 25 years. There are
to-read structured abstracts of the essential    reports    on    projects   ranging    from
library and information management articles      postgraduate     theses/dissertations   and
from the core 400 publications worldwide.        university research, to large-scale national
Users can search or browse an archive of         and international projects supported by
30,000 abstracts back to 1988                    major funding bodies.
Also available in hard copy at SMR Library       CILIP members only.
                                                 Information Science & Technology
Dawsonera                                        Abstracts (ISTA)
E-books in all subjects                          Available via Ebscohost. ISTA is a leading
                                                 database in the areas of information
Dialog DataStar                                  science. Provides abstracts for books,
Provides access to three important               journals, conference proceedings, reports
bibliographic databases for education:           and patents dealing with the science,
Australian Education Index (AEI), the British    management and technology of information.
Education Index (BEI) and ERIC.                  Coverage dates back to the mid 1960s.
                                                 ISTA is also available in hard copy at SMR
EBSCOhost                                        Library (1999-2004)
Provides access to a wide range of full text
articles from a wide range of academic &         ISI Web of Knowledge
business journals                                ISI Web of Knowledge is the powerful Web-
                                                 based platform that integrates Web of
Emerald                                          Science with additional sources of Thomson
Covers a wide range of subject areas             Scientific content. It includes Science
including: Accounting and Finance, Library and   Citation Index (1981- ), Social Science
Information Studies, Marketing, Management,      Citation Index (1981- ) and Arts &
Full text access since 1994, with abstracts      Humanities Citation Index (1981- ).
dating back to 1989.
                                                 LISANet - Library and Information Science
ERIC - Educational Resources Information         Abstracts
Center                                           Provides abstracts for over 550 journals from
Digital library sponsored by the Institute of    68 countries, with over 190,000 records
Education Sciences of the US Department of       dating back over 30 years. It also covers
Education. Over 650 journals are indexed.        Current Research in Library and Information
Accessible via Dialog DataStar.                  Science (1981- ).
                                                 LISA is also available in hard copy and is kept
IBSS (International Bibliography of the          on B4.
Social Sciences)
Bibliographic information and abstracts          LISTA – Library, Information Science &
database for wide range of materials covering    Technology Abstracts
the core social science areas of economics,      A bibliographic database providing coverage
politics, sociology and anthropology.            on subjects such as classification, online
                                                                               IS36 (SMR), 08/10
information retrieval, cataloguing, information     Pancras, London, NW1 2DB, tel. 020 7412
management. LISTA indexes more than 600             7676.
periodicals plus books, proceedings and
research reports. Coverage dates back to the        USEFUL WEB SITES
                                                    There are a vast number of Web sites
MyiLibrary                                          relevant to Information Management. The
E-books in all subjects                             following list provides the web addresses of
                                                    some key organisations.
Proquest Library Science
Offers complete information on hundreds of          ASLIB - The Association for Information
topics researched in the field of library and       Management
information science. It compliments Library
and Information Science Database (LISA)
giving full-text access to some of the core         BAILER - British Association for
titles.                                             Information & Library Education and
CILIP members only.                                 Research
Science Direct
Access to over 700 full text titles, comprising     BCS - British Computer Society
the full text of all journal titles for which TVU
has a print subscription.
                                                    The British Library
Electronic version        of   Dewey    Decimal
Classification.                                     CERLIM - Centre for Research in Library
                                                    and Information Management
BL Electronic Table of Contents database.
Details of approximately 20,000 current             CILIP - Chartered Institute of Library and
journals and 16,000 conference proceedings          Information Professionals
published per year. This database covers  
every imaginable subject in science,
technology, medicine, finance, engineering,         IFLA - International Federation of Library
business, law and the humanities. The               Associations and Institutions
database covers the years from 1993 to date
and is updated daily.
                                                    Intute - Best Web resources for education
Please note: Abstracts, indexes and databases       and research
often refer you to materials not held in the
Please ask at the Enquiry Desk for details of       LISU (Library & Information Statistics Unit)
how to obtain items from other libraries. 
The British Library Librarianship and
Information Sciences Service covers all             MLA - Museums, Libraries and Archives
aspects of local, national and international        Council
librarianship, and is an invaluable reference
centre for students of librarianship and
professionals in the field. This service is based   SCONUL - Society of College, National and
at the Humanities Reading Room, British             University Libraries.
Library, St Pancras, 96 Euston Road, St   
                                                                                  IS36 (SMR), 08/10

For further advice or assistance contact your
Subject Librarian:

Edyta Krol
Subject Librarian for Information Management
tel: 020 8231 2787


Library Enquiry Desk      020 8231 2248
Renewals:                 020 8231 2703

                                                IS36 (SMR), 08/10

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