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									                       Class: CIS 287 Systems Analysis & Design

The class focuses on the systems development life cycle starting with the initial
feasibility study and working through the requirements analysis phase, systems design,
implementation, and ending with the systems’ termination or replacement. Areas covered
include functional and technical requirements analysis, cost/benefits, project
management, logical design, alternatives analysis, design techniques, tools,
documentation, and systems implementation activities.

Instructor: Mr. Peter Groen, B.A., M.P.A.
Home Phone: 304-728-4714 (evenings)

Text Book: Systems Analysis & Design, 5th Ed., Kendall & Kendall

General Guidelines:
   - We will cover at least one chapter each class.
   - Read the chapter and be prepared to discuss it.
   - Attendance in all classes is expected.
   - Class lecture and discussion will supplement the reading material.
   - Tests will be based on the material in the book.
   - There will be a short test approximately every 6-7 chapters.
   - If you miss the test, please contact me by email for a makeup.
   - There will be a 5-10 page typed paper due 2 weeks before the end of the semester
      documenting your analysis of requirements for a new information system. Format
      for the paper will be provided. Make sure you run spell/grammar check on it.
   - See College handbook for all other standard guidelines and policies.

   - Class Attendance & Participation 30%
   - (3) Class Tests 30%
   - Project Paper 30%
   - Final Exam 10%

90-100 = A
80-89 = B
70-79 = C
60-69 = D
Below 60 = F

Course Requirements

1. Class Attendance: Class attendance is mandatory. Part of your grade will be
determined by attendance and participation. It will be difficult for you to pass the class if
you do not attend regularly. You need to try and notify me in advance by email when the
absence is anticipated, and as soon as possible after an unanticipated absence.

2. Class Participation: I encourage you to use the World Wide Web and the library for
researching System Analysis & Design and current breakthroughs occurring in that field.
Feel free to raise issues and be prepared to discuss your ideas in class. You should not
expect to play a passive role in this class.

 3. Projects and assignments: One 5-10 page paper will be assigned that will be due
before the end of the semester. Details on format, content, etc. will be given on the first
day. We will cover at least one new chapter each class so plan on reading two chapters a
week. I shall discuss them on the day they are assigned. For the papers if you have
trouble with your writing you are encouraged to use the resources of the Shepherd
College Writing Center (; 876-5293).

4. Exams: There will be three short tests during the semester, approximately one every
six classes/chapters. There will also be a final exam at the scheduled time and day.

Interesting References/Web Sites

*** The web site with detailed supplementary information
and sample test questions, case studies, etc. that go along with the text book and this
course. - Chief Information Officer (CIO) Magazine, “The Leading Resource
for Information Executives” - ComputerWorld Magazine - eWeek Magazine - Association for Computing Machinery - Government Computer News

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