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									                            Body & Soul
                              FITNESS STUDIO
                             23 S. College St., Macclenny, FL 32063
                    Owner-Instructors - Lisa Milton / Kristi Price / Dorinda Conner

                       MAY CLASS SCHEDULE
Day                   Time                   Class                            Instructor
Mondays              6:00 PM            Body Toning            Available only w/ Kristi PC or Cash
                     7:00 PM           Zumba/Hip Hop                              Kristi
Tuesdays             6:00 PM              Zumba                                   Lisa
                     7:00 PM              Zumba                                   Dee
Wednesdays           8:00 AM            Body Toning            Available only w/ Kristi PC or Cash
                     9:00 AM           Zumba/Hip Hop                           Kristi
                     6:00 PM              Zumba                                 Dee
Thursdays            6:00 PM              Zumba                                 Dee
                     7:00 PM              Zumba                                 Lisa
Fridays              6:00 PM           Zumba/Hip Hop               Dee/Kristi alternating weeks
                     7:00 PM              Zumba                                 Lisa
Saturdays           11:00 AM              Zumba                                 Dee
               Drop Ins: $5 per class               May is Mommy/Daughter month.
        5 Class punch card (Per Instructor):        Purchase one Unlimited Punch
Unlimited Class Card (Any Instructor, Zumba classes   Thursday, May 19th 2 HR.
 Body Toning punch card 5 Classes $25 expiration MASTER CLASS only $5!!! Punch

           For the month of May, bring a "first timer" with you and your name
                    goes in a drawing for 1 month of free classes!!!!
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 Note: We are in the process of making cosmetic changes, please bear with us while we
          Any comments, concerns or suggestions feel free to contact us!
 Lisa: (904) 338-1788           Kristi: (904) 859-6703        Dorinda: (904) 626-8256

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