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W De Want the Se eploy Virtua ecret to Inc al Offices creased Pr


                                                                                                      Ryan Bald
                                                                                                    Customer Ad

              Want the Se           creased Pr
                         ecret to Inc                              oyee Produ
                                              rofitability and Emplo          uctivity?
              eploy Virtua Offices by Utilizing Your Com
             De          al                    g                   Existing Te
                                                           mpany’s E         echnology

 Ryan Baldwin, Customer Adv
 R                         vocate of        employees, als known as
                                            e               so                                     xcellent wirele
                                                                                      cities have ex               ess
   CK Telephone Explains How This
              e,                            t
                                            telecommuters work at hom offices
                                                            s,            me          broadband co overage so ind  dividuals
 Simple Concept is Changing the Way
 S                          t               e
                                            either in a part or full-time c
                                                            t              capacity                 to             t
                                                                                      can connect t the Internet anytime,
 Organizations Conduct Busin for
 O                          ness            a              te              t
                                            and collaborat for the most part          anywhere.
             th Better
              he                            e
                                            electronically with other em mployees.                 ds
                                                                                           In regard to the
                                            V              s               of
                                            Virtual offices are a matter o degree     telecommuni  ications component, the
EN               A
  NID, OK — April 15, 2011       1—         since even in conventional o
                                            s              c               offices    recent advan                 oIP
                                                                                                  ncements in Vo are
 ncreased profit
In              tability and em mployee     many business relationships are
                                            m              s              s                        e
                                                                                      sweeping the globe becaus it se
 roductivity is what we all str for
pr              w                rive       maintained acr
                                            m                             ed
                                                            ross distribute                        ple
                                                                                      enables peop to speak through the
 s              ners            y
as business own on a daily basis.           environments. For instance
                                            e                             e,          Internet. Unnlike regular ph hone
Si              s
  imply put, this is what keeps us          customers and suppliers are located
                                            c              d                                       P               ns
                                                                                      service, VoIP conversation are
 oing, because if we stop ther is a
go                               re         a               es,           ct
                                            at different site and projec co-          transformed into digital information
 ood           ur
go chance ou company we will     e          workers are of located in different
                                            w              ften           n                         r             d
                                                                                      and sent over a broadband data
no be around to omorrow. The are ere        divisions. In both traditiona and
                                            d              b               al                                      oIP
                                                                                      network. For example, Vo calls
many ways orga
m                anizations atteempt to     virtual office's the organizat
                                            v              s               tion       connect to a server where v   voice
 chieve these ob
ac               bjectives. However;        m
                                            mission remain the same, b some
                                                            ns            but                       is            nto
                                                                                      information i truncated in packets
 here           p
th is one in particular that’    ’s         business proce
                                            b                             e
                                                           edures change in the                    oss
                                                                                      and sent acro the Interne   et
 aining tremend
ga              dous popularit   ty         latter to accom
                                            l             mmodate collab  aboration                               ce
                                                                                      bypassing the long distanc carrier
 mong senior management te
am             m                eams of     a
                                            at a distance.                                         This
                                                                                      altogether. T essentially means
 mall           zed
sm to mid siz companies across   s                                                    that VoIP cal llers do not usse
th country. Es  ssentially, it is the       W
                                            What technol              d
                                                         logy is needed to set        traditional ph              d
                                                                                                   hone lines and can avoid
 eployment of virtual offices through
de              v                           u            o
                                            up a virtual office?                      expensive lon ng-distance ch harges,
 he            o
th utilization of a company’s    s                                                    dramatically impacting a c  company’s
 xisting technol
ex               logy. That’s ri ight!                     o
                                                 In order to conduct busiiness in     bottom line.
You can actuall tap into a cu    urrent     t               ll           o
                                            this fashion, al that needs to be done
an fixed asset to expand you    ur          is the integrati of phone, c
                                            i              ion           computer,              he
                                                                                      What are th benefits?
 usiness, impro the bottom line,
bu             ove             m            e             x.
                                            email, and fax Again, this is current
ha more prod   ductive and hap   ppier      technology tha is already be
                                            t              at            eing                     re
                                                                                           There ar a number of f
 mployees, and achieve a wo
em             d                ork/life    utilized in-hou
                                            u                            r
                                                           use. The other items                   y             t
                                                                                      extraordinary benefits that businesses
 alance. This simple concept is
ba             s                 t          that a company may need to deploy
                                            t               y           o                         y
                                                                                      can obtain by giving the owwner, the
 apidly changin the way
ra             ng                           to truly allow owners and em
                                            t                            mployees                 t
                                                                                      management team, and oth  her
 rganizations co
or               onduct business for        t
                                            to occasionally work offsite is a
                                                           y            e                         he
                                                                                      employees th ability to wwork
th better.                                  V
                                            Virtual Private Network (VP and
                                                           e             PN)                      or
                                                                                      virtually. Fo example, dis spersed
                                            Voice over Int              ol
                                                           ternet Protoco (VoIP).                 are
                                                                                      sales teams a not so disconnected
What is a virtu office?
W             ual                           T
                                            The VPN enab employee to
                                                           bles         es                        hey
                                                                                      anymore. Th can tap int theto
                                            connect to a ne              ely
                                                            etwork remote so                                    e
                                                                                      network and communicate via email
     Basically, a virtual office fulfills   t              ss
                                            they can acces files on the LAN,          or by using a remote IP phhone from
all of the roles of the tradition
                 o              nal,        while operatin in a secure
                                            w             ng                                       .            on
                                                                                      any location. A salesperso can
ce               ce
 entralized offic although th   he          environment. Furthermore, most
                                            e                                                      ugh
                                                                                      connect throu the VPN f    from their
hotel room and they’ve instantly         its mission. What a better place to do    Together theyhired their first
become their own virtual office. In      that than in the comforts of a home       employee, and began aggressively
addition, servicing customers means      office. Plus, the virtual office allows   pursuing telephone system and
being available 24 hours a day, 7        business owners in the retiring baby      cabling opportunities in and around
days a week. VoIP gives customer         boomer generation a way to stay           the Enid, Oklahoma area as a team.
service representatives the advantage    connected to their companies,             In March 2005, Close and Kain
of answering calls at the office or at   continue to offer consultative advice     created CK Telephone & Data
home. This is critical because the       and their years of experience and         Services in order to better serve their
world has become a significantly         knowledge, while not being tied           clients and broaden their service
smaller place. A customer with a big     down to an 8 hour day.                    base, which today includes the most
order in Korea will not find an                                                    prestigious organizations in the Enid
answering machine as a sufficient        What’s the first step to get started?     area, including Advance Foods,
means of service. They want to                                                     Continental Resources, Bass Integris
speak to someone in real-time.                 By tapping into existing            Hospital, Atwoods, Paul
Finally, with VoIP, employees have       technology and adding a few minor         Transportation, and seven-location
one phone number with one                features, organizations of all sizes      Central National Bank.
extension and it doesn’t matter where    can take advantage of increased                CK Telephone & Data (CKT)
they are geographically. More            profitability and employee                specializes in designing telephony
importantly, the person on the other     productivity that comes along with        and telephony recording solutions to
end has no idea of one’s location as     virtual offices. This concept has         North American industries. CKT
long as they are receiving the           created a win-win-win for owners,         supplies phone systems, intelligent
services they desire. Combining          employees, and customers.                 voice mail, voice recording software,
these technologies gives businesses      Individuals now have the ability to       AT&T telephone services, and IP
the flexibility to provide an even       conduct business where and when           telephony to maximize efficiency
higher level of customer service – all   they want, while meeting the              and provide solid cost savings for our
while reducing costs. As a result,       demands of customers and at the           clients. CKT clients are financial
consulting company, Gartner Group,       same time increasing their quality of     institutions, manufacturing,
estimates that employees who work        life. The first step towards              transportation, call centers, auto
offsite are as much as 40% more          implementing a successful virtual         dealerships, hospitals, telephone
efficient than their colleagues in the   office is to select a                     answering services, and the security
office.                                  telecommunications provider that          industry. CKT is privately held with
                                         understands your business needs.          offices in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and
What’s in it for the owner?              After that you can relax knowing          Enid. For more information, please
                                         you’ve just done a simple act that        visit
     Business owners can personally      will positively impact your bottom             The philosophy at CKT has
reap the benefits for themselves as      line.                                     always been to provide high quality,
well. For instance, owners of small to                                             leading-edge products at a
mid-sized companies have the unique      ABOUT CK TELEPHONE                        competitive price, and support those
option to work from home too by                                                    products with superior customer
utilizing their existing technology.          CK Telephone & Data traces its       service, integrity, and
This enables them to avoid               roots back 14 years where co-             professionalism. That philosophy
distractions to spend quality time       founders JE Close and Donald “Bud”        continues today through dedication, a
working on their business and not in     Kain became heavily involved in the       commitment to excellence, a team
it. These valuable individuals are       telephony industry. Kain started Ktel     approach, and a can-do positive
charged with guiding their               Communications in 1993 and joined         attitude..
company’s strategic direction,           with Close and his Close
enhancing the vision, and ensuring       Communications Service in 2003.

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