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									                 ANDY Status
Commissioning with colliding beams (p+p at s=500 GeV)

                                         L.C.Bland, for AnDY
                                         22 February 2011
                                         Time Meeting, BNL
            HCal Events

                   • Cosmic ray trigger is essentially
                    From last week…trigger, except that
                       the same as jet
                       the threshold on the summed
                    • Select from jet-trigger events for
                       calorimeter response is set at 5
                      HCal “high-tower” to be centered
                       pC (20 counts)
                      in module
                   • This is a trigger that will work
                    • Display for each detector of each
                       without beam. We have other
                      module the ADC count as color
                       cosmic-ray triggers that will work
                      scale (black=greatest count
                       with beam, when commissioned,
                      yellow=lowest count)
                       for continuous monitoring.
                    • Events look “jetty”, as expected
                   • The tracks test noise, patterns,

6/27/2011                                            2
                 ECal Gain Matching
                                   • Use neutral-pion reconstruction
                                     for online gain matching.
                                   • Determine software gain factors
                                     from p0 reconstruction, to get
                                     mass peaks near physical mass
                                     for all detectors.
                                   • Measure gain curves for each
                                     PMT, using LED and varying
                                     applied voltage.
                                   • Combine software gain factors
                                     and gain curves to predict new
                                   • So far, one iteration has been

    column
6/27/2011     1: closest to beam                                      3
                     Issues and Plans
            for next access possibility and beyond
• Resolve a few remaining single-channel issues
• Reduce HCal gain – limited scheduled access time last Wednesday did not
  allow completion of HCal gain reduction.

We are in “production” with a jet trigger >100M jet
                events recorded.
Last three stores had smooth IP2 bump removals
In coming week…
• Increase DAQ rate (multiple tokens)
• Complete ECal gain matching
• ECal trigger development
   6/27/2011                                                          4

6/27/2011            5
            Schematic of detector for Run-11
                               Equipment in place:
                               • HCal is two existing 9x12 modules from
                                 E864 (NIM406,227)
                               • ECal are two small lead-glass modules from
                                 BigCal at JLab
                               • BBC (from PHOBOS) and ZDC
                               • Preshower is newly constructed scintillator
                               • Establish impact of 3IR operation on
                                 PHENIX/STAR luminosity
                               • Calibrate HCal
                                    • relative gain via cosmic-ray m
                                    • absolute energy scale via r,L,KS…
                               • Measure hadronic backgrounds to
                                 benchmark simulations
                               • Measure jet analyzing power (Lint~10 / pb,
6/27/2011                                                               6
                   IP2 in January, 2011
                          Run-11 Staging of ANDY
               Left/right symmetric HCal                      Trigger/DAQ electronics

Left/right symmetric
         ECal                                                        Blue-facing BBC

 Left/right symmetric

                                                   Beryllium vacuum pipe

  6/27/2011                                                                      7
   See<date> for pictures of progress

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