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									Office of Technology                        Tutorial                    Virtual Office Overview

Virtual Office Web Services Overview

The “Virtual Office” is a web service offered by the Pawtucket School Department for all
employees. It is a one stop shop for anytime, anywhere access to the district’s network
resources. Through Virtual Office, you will find everything conveniently combined in a single
dashboard view with linked access to every resource you could possibly need. Files, printers,
directory, bookmarks, e-mail, applications and more are all available with one click from the
main page. In addition, different window panes contain the latest team-related content with
messages, news and updates.

COLLABORATION: Virtual Teams is Web-based
portal technology that allows workers from any
location to create teams, organize projects and
share information through enhanced collaboration
and real-time interaction. With Virtual Teams, you
can conduct meetings on the fly, connect with key
team members at any time, and keep working
without having to be at a specific location. Users
who join a Virtual Team, can access shared
documents, discussion threads, bookmarks, and a team calendar.

The Virtual Teams component of Virtual Office provides a collaborative workspace where team
members can chat, carry on discussions, share files and track relevant calendar items and
activities. Team owners can manage membership and portal resources as well as expose or limit
Office of Technology                        Tutorial                    Virtual Office Overview

content for public access. Team members can request system generated email or alerts upon
team content changes such as new postings or document updates.
 Virtual Team components include:

       Shared folders — Provides common file and directory access to any member of the
       Internet chat — Internet chat or instant messaging allows users to engage in real-time,
        online dialog using a secure, responsive and intuitive interface
       Team calendar — Gives team members the ability to track team events and activities
       Team discussions — Allows team members to participate in online threaded messaging
        by posting queries and comments and monitoring message board discussions
       Team favorites — A collection of addresses and resource locations pertinent to the
        team objective
       Team public Web page — Creates a system generated Web page that provides a select
        view of team documents and information to be made available to individuals outside
        the team

FILES: NetStorage provides simple browser-based access
to your file storage on your school’s network and gives
you access to files in your home directory. You have
secure file access from any Internet location with
nothing to download or install on the user workstation.
You can also access file properties and have the option
of restoring recent versions or managing rights to files
and folders. NetStorage lets you securely copy, move,
rename, delete, read and write files between any
Internet-enabled machine and a NetWare server. In addition, NetStorage lets you access
archived copies of files.

PRINTERS (Planned 04-05): iPrint adds printing to the
virtual office environment. iPrint lets users access
printers from a variety of remote locations using existing
Internet connections. Whether you're travel between
multiple schools, working from home, or while away,
iPrint ensures that you can print documents quickly,
easily and reliably. Using a Web browser, you can view
the Web page that graphically displays the available
printers on an area map of the building or campus.

APPLICATIONS (Planned 04-05): Novell Virtual Office can also be linked to a ZENWorks server
which enables directory management of workstation
resources. Links from a team’s Virtual Office interface
can deliver desktop applications, provide access to
terminal servers and connect to any type of Web
application. In effect, Virtual Office provides
application management access for applications of all
types. Software can be distributed and installed
automatically for team members giving them direct and
exclusive access to applications that may be team or
project specific.
Office of Technology                          Tutorial                   Virtual Office Overview

DIRECTORY: eGuide is a Web-based interface that allows
you to search for names, addresses and contact
information. To search eGuide, select one of three search
filters, enter the text for which you want to search, and
click Search. Three search filters (in the form of drop-
down lists) are available including Category, Attribute
and Search Constraint. You can select what attribute
(such as Last Name or Department) and search constraints
(such as Starts With, Contains, Equals, etc.) for quick and easy location of contact information.

EMAIL: Accessing email from anywhere using a Web
browser is also part of Novell's virtual office solution.
Virtual Office provides a gateway into your GroupWise
Account making it possible to send and receive mail as
well as manage mailboxes from a browser and your
Virtual Office.

BOOKMARKS: Ever had to reinstall your browser software
and end up losing all of those Web page bookmarks that
you so meticulously gathered over time? Well, with
Virtual Office, you can store your personal bookmarks or
bookmarks that are pertinent to the team in a place
where they are always accessible. Just click on the “View and Manage my Bookmarks” option
and add, delete or edit bookmarks in your URL list. Bookmarks are available from any Web
location and viewable by other team members if desired.

PUBLIC WEB PAGES: No longer does it
require an HTML editor and knowledge
of FTP to create your own Web page!
Virtual office provides one button
creation of personal Web pages that
display information, bookmarks, and
files for other users. You can post
documents that might be useful to
other users, share your bookmarks, and
even include graphics, images, links
and calendar events. Creation of the
Web page is simple and allows you to
display or hide any of the options
available through a configuration

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