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Dear Brian_


									Dear Brian,

It is with real pleasure ad deep respect that we have come to meet you today.
What you have been doing for the last 7 years, here in this well-known spot of London, is
something really amazing and deserves not just our attention but the attention of the whole
world, which too often seems to become more and more blind, deaf and dumb.

We are Italian citizens. Our country is also guilty for those atrocities you have been so
determined to report during all this time to both, the MPs who take the decision inside those
gates, and the people who walk over Parliament Square, maybe thinking that what you
have been showing is not concerning them at all.

But we are all guilty. As citizen of the countries that started these wars, we are all guilty.
Our hands are bloody red, even if we have not moved a single finger…
Infact we have not moved a single finger to stop the war.

Your story show how, if you just want, you can stand up against wrong doing and make
your voice heard. This is very eye-opening.
So while we are going to support you along this incredible campaign, we are going to be
telling your story to the people in Italy, with the aim to inspire them too.

Italy, the sunny country of good food, monuments, pizza and mandolin seems not to be a
happy country any longer...
The country, sadly made famous by Mafia movies, is actually run by an octopus that slowly,
step by step, has managed to get its tentacles up to the government.
People though are not fully aware of this because the octopus, first of all, put its long arms
around the Media. TV and newspapers are pretty much hiding the true or even lying all the
time to keep the people in a sort of sleeping state…

Only on the Internet the true story gets through, but unfortunately still a very small part of
the population is accessing it and using it regularly.
The majority is not aware of anything and keep sleeping. But we must admit that there is
also someone who, despite of being aware, chooses to sleep because it is easier.

Telling you a little more about us, besides being Italian, we are a group of people that
decided to get together to try to stay awake and aware.
We have found each other thanks to an Italian comedian – Beppe Grillo - who has been
speaking up for years, bringing to the people relevant facts that otherwise would have
passed untold and unnoticed.

Beppe Grillo 20 years ago, during one of his show, made jokes about the Prime Minister – at
the time Craxi - stealing money. Because this, Beppe Grillo was put on a black list and
banned from TV.
Later on Craxi was actually persecuted and was found guilty. To avoid charges he fled the
country and moved to Tunisia, where he later died.

Despite being banned from the screen, Beppe Grillo has not staid quiet at all though.
He carried on doing his job all over the country, in full-up theatres, in which he would
always be reporting what the media - controlled by the long arms of the octopus - wouldn’t
Beppe Grillo has been shouting to raise people awareness about things of strong social
concerns, mainly regarding our country but not just. Corruption, bad politics, financial
power, environment, wars and human rights are some of the main topics.
Now you may wonder how anyone could be able to make jokes about crimes and atrocities.
You may wonder where the fun in all this is.
Well… The fun is not actually in the facts their self but is in the absurdity that we all accept
those facts without knowing why, like in the “story of the 8 monkeys”…

About 3 years ago Beppe Grillo went a step forward and opened his own Blog - This has helped him to better spread the information he has and
resulted in more people realizing that what they were told was not the whole story. As
consequence, more people have started getting more involved in politics and understanding
it more giving then hard time to politicians that have been taking care of just their own

With time, spontaneously some of Beppe Grillo’s fans have decided to get together in
groups to talk about the issues he has been raising and to try to do something to spread
information more efficiently and help him in his campaign for justice and free media.
It’s very true… there cannot be real democracy with controlled media.

As for today there are probably about 70.000 people gathered in about 400 groups all
connected by the Internet. We are one of those groups known as Beppe Grillo Meetups.
As a little gift please accept some printouts of articles from Beppe Grillo’s blog.
You may not understand everything - as you won’t know the background behind some of
the stories - but hopefully you will still enjoy reading them.
Also, once you start readying, you may find out that Italy is not as good as you though it
was and then you may decide to move your tent to Rome…

Just to give you and example of what Beppe has done with the support of all his fans. Last
September he organized a V-Day – V stands for Vaffanculo the Italian for Fuck Off!
On that day we all managed to collect 350.000 signatures to support a law proposed by
Beppe to get rid of convicted politicians who were sitting at the Italian Parliament.
Italy is probably the only country in the world where among the MPs there are people (24 in
September) which should be in jail – for mafia, corruption, bribing, blackmailing, terrorism,
etc… Despite of this, they are comfortably sitting in our Parliament paid by honest Italian
people that are struggling on the day to day life.
Besides those 24 MPs already found guilty and charged there were other 70sh who were still
going through various trials.
This seems like a joke… but it’s all sadly true.

Recently Silvio Berlusconi, dear friend of George Bush, was elected Prime Minister. He owns
3 TV channels and 20sh newspapers and magazines. Since he got the mandate, he has kept
the whole parliament busy with making laws that would drop all the charges raised against
him, which are many of them.
As you can see things are not improving much… and because the Media is being controlled
by himself, people are not actually really aware of what is going on.
But we won’t surrender and we’ll keep on fighting.

Some of us have been living London for a few months, others for longer, and some for a few
years. We all have seen you many times, and we all have wondered who you were.
Now the time to meet you has come. We had never fully realizing before how important
your protest is for everyone.

So we are now here to thank you for what you are doing.
The time you have spent in this square to defend the victims of atrocities we are all guilty
for is also having a contagious positive effect on people like us who will be more inspired to
always keep fighting for justice.

Best wishes

Quelli di Londra
(Those from London)

The Story of the 8 Monkeys

(this is reportedly based on an actual experiment conducted in the UK):

Put eight monkeys in a room. In the middle of the room is a ladder, leading to a bunch of
bananas hanging from a hook on the ceiling.

Each time a monkey tries to climb the ladder, all the monkeys are sprayed with ice water,
which makes them miserable. Soon enough, whenever a monkey attempts to climb the
ladder, all of the other monkeys, not wanting to be sprayed, set upon him and beat him up.

Soon, none of the eight monkeys ever attempts to climb the ladder.

One of the original monkeys is then removed, and a new monkey is put in the room. Seeing
the bananas and the ladder, he wonders why none of the other monkeys are doing the
obvious. But undaunted, he immediately begins to climb the ladder.

All the other monkeys fall upon him and beat him silly. He has no idea why. However, he no
longer attempts to climb the ladder.

A second original monkey is removed and replaced. The newcomer again attempts to climb
the ladder, but all the other monkeys hammer the crap out of him.

This includes the previous new monkey, who, grateful that he’s not on the receiving end this
time, participates in the beating because all the other monkeys are doing it. However, he
has no idea why he’s attacking the new monkey.

One by one, all the original monkeys are replaced. Eight new monkeys are now in the room.
None of them have ever been sprayed by ice water.

None of them attempt to climb the ladder. All of them will enthusiastically beat up any new
monkey who tries, without having any idea why.

July 02, 2008

The Republic of pimps

Tomorrow the psycho-dwarf will be the guest of his employee Mentana in his Matrix
programme on his Canale 5 channel to say “calmly and serenely that the justice system is a
true emergency”. For him.
The country, calmly and serenely, will listen to him and then will tell him to F..K off.
The psycho-dwarf wants to abolish intercepts for most crimes. The ones in which politicians
and industrialists are involved.
Telephone Matrix,              06/57787833          and read out to Mentana one line from
those that follow about the situation in the Country of pimps accompanied by a “F..K off.”!

- More than 40% of the national wealth is illegal (report of the High Commission on
anti-corruption). F..K off.!
- Illegal labour market and undocumented work: 27% of the GDP (source: OECD) F..K off!
- Tax dodging: 200 billion euro (source: Secit and Revue de droit fiscal) F..K off!
- Big companies with turnover greater than 50 million euro that dodge taxes: 98.40%
(source: Tax Collection Agency) F..K off!
- Illegal exporting of capital 85-90 billion euro (source: Confcommercio, Eurispes, Procura
Nazionale Antimafia, the weekly magazine Economy ) F..K off!
- Consolidated wealth of the mafias: 1,000 billion euro (source: Confcommercio,
Economy, Procura Nazionale Antimafia) F..K off!
Mafia affiliates, excluding the white collar workers who make use of the recycled money:
1,800,000 people (source: DIA and report by the Antimafia Parliamentary Commission
2003) F..K off!
Percentage of extortions per region on the total, for Campania 14.9%, Sicily 12.9% and
Lombardy 10.4% (source: Ministry of the Interior) F..K off!
- In its latest report the Anti-Corruption Commission stated: we are worse now than at the
time of Tangentopoli, corruption is a burden in every sector and health is the land of
conquest. F..K off!

PS Thanks to La Casa della Legalità for the data.

June 28, 2008

Three years (and a few months) later

More than three years have passed since I began beating on the keyboard of a PC with my
fingertips. Since then I have written literally thousands of postings. I have received two
million comments. Published book loads of complaints. With you at my side, I have fought a
hundred battles: from the re-opening of the Pedavena brewery, through to the expulsion
of Antonio Fazio from the post of Governor of the Banca d’Italia (the Italian Reserve
Bank), and from the murder of Federico Aldrovandi through to getting some help for an
unemployed mother with a disabled daughter. I went to Brussels to lodge a complaint
about our Parliament that is filled with condemned criminals and about an unconstitutional
law that doesn’t allow us to choose our own candidates. In Strasburg I asked the European
Community to stop sending money to the various Mafia organisations. Together with a
bunch of truly marvellous people I organised two V-day events to demand a Parliament
without any condemned criminals and to demand freedom of information in a free State.
74,000 individuals from the Meetups in 364 towns are following the progress and developing
ideas for the blog on topics such as the justice system, the public administration system,
the environment and energy. I delivered 350,000 signatures to the Senate, for a popular
law aimed at evicting all convicted criminals from Parliament. I will be asking to present this
proposed law to a public sitting of the Senate. I am still busy gathering your signatures for a
referendum on freedom of information and the abolition of the Gasparri Law. I will be
submitting these signatures to the Court of Cassation in July. I launched the civic election
lists so that YOU could take back your towns from out of the hands of corrupt and
incompetent politicians. I attended the Telecom shareholders meeting in order to defend
those minority shareholders that have seen their investment capital decimated by the likes
of the Tronchettis and the Buoras of this world.
In return, politicians and the media alike have tried to destroy my public image. Fatso, fat
cat, lout, boor, populist, political cynic, but also fascist and extreme left-wing hanger-on.
My brother has catalogued at least five hundred different insults aimed at Beppe Grillo.
Anyone in a similar position to mine would be questioning whether or not to carry on
regardless. I am certainly not doing this for the money. I could earn at least ten times as
much by advertising processed cheese wedges. Nor is it for the happiness, or even for
the affection. Many of my old friends have stopped calling me and have stopped coming
round to visit. My family says that someday someone will make me pay for my actions, and
that I should spare more than just a passing thought for the wellbeing of my children.
Subpoenas have become a normal part of my life. These days my attorneys are usually
working on three court cases at any one time, as a result of all the charges laid against me.
At the end of the day, I am about to turn sixty. Hey guys! I know I look as if I have just
turned forty but, unfortunately, reality is what it is. I have worked in management since I

was twenty years old. I could cheerfully just sit back and enjoy whatever time is left to me.
Often I am tempted to do just that. But then I look at Ciro, who is only 7 years of age, and I
suddenly realise that I really have no choice. I cannot simply stand by with my hands
in my pockets and watch while my Country goes to the dogs. What would my children
think of their father one day when they grow up?

June 25, 2008

An interview with Jeremy Rifkin

The Blog interviewed Jeremy Rifkin, world-known author. Among its books: “The Hydrogen
The world as we know it is changing fast. Oil is almost up. Energy will have two
characteristics: renewable, like Sun and wind, and distributed. Each one of us will be able
to create its own energy and share it with other on the grid.

"So, now at the sunset [of the second industrial revolution] we have four major crisis that
are very, very critical. First, the price of energy is going up dramatically on world market as
we move toward peak oil production in the world. Food prices have doubled last year,
because so much of the food production relays on fossil fuels. As we reach peak oil
production, prices go up, inflation goes up, the global economy stalls, we have recession
and we have people who can’t afford to put food on the table. Peak oil is when half the
global oil production is used up. And when half the oil is used up and you are on the top of
that Bell curve, that is the end of the oil era. Because the prices are simply unaffordable for
the second half of the oil curve. So, when do we peak? The optimists, the International

Energy Agency and others, say: “Well maybe, we peak somewhere around 2025-2030-
2035. On the other hand, in the last half a dozen year, some of the greatest geologists in
the world, some of the world-class geologists, the best in the field, had been using more
sophisticated computer models and looking at the oil and gas reserve figures, their models
now suggests that we will peak with oil production somewhere between 2010 and 2020.
One of the world’s great energy experts said that we already peaked in 2005. Now, the
North Sea peaked three years ago, Mexico, the fourth wide resource producer peaks in
2010, Russia probably peaks around 2010.
Now, in my book, The Hydrogen Economy, I spent a lot of time on this question of peak
oil. I don’t know who is right: the optimists or the pessimists. But it doesn’t make any
difference. That’s a very small window.
The second crisis related to the sunset of energy regime is increasing political instability in
the oil producing countries. We need to understand that one out of three civil wars in world
today, one third, is occurring in the oil producing countries. So, if we peak these countries
as our hotspot today, image what is going to be like in 2009-2010-2011 and 2012 etc.
Everybody wants the oil. The oil is getting more expensive. There is a drying in supply and
we are going to see more military and political conflicts in the oil producing countries.
And finally, there is the question of climate change. If we simply take the European
Union’s targets for Co2 reduction, an the EU is the most aggressive in the World, even if we
go with the EU targets, and China, India and other countries don’t want to do that, we can
go up 6° Celsius in this century and – this is quote from the scientists – “and the end of
civilization as we know it”. Let me say that what we need now is an economic plan that may
be ambitious enough, and maybe powerful enough, to address the enormity of peak oil and
climate change.
And so, let me say that the great economic revolutions in history occur when humans
change the way they organize the energy of the Earth – number one – and then – number
two – when we change the way we communicate with each other to organize these new
energy revolutions.
In the early twentieth century the telegraph and telephone communication revolutions
converged with oil and the internal combustion engine to give us the second industrial
Right now we are at the sunset of that second industrial revolution. So the question is,
how do we open the door to the third industrial revolution. We can now communicate peer
to peer, one to one, one to many, many to one, many to many. I am communicating with
you now over the Internet. So this distributed communication revolution – that is the key
word: distributed – this flat distributed open source communication revolution is just now
beginning to converge with a new distributed energy revolution. And the coming together
distributed communication and organized distributed energy, that is going to give us the
third industrial revolution.
Distributed energies are found in the backyard. They are all over Italy, all over the world:

the Sun shines everywhere on the Planet, the wind blow across the Earth, in we like on a
coast we have ocean tides and waves, underneath the ground we have thermal heat. We
have small hydro, with water. So, these are distributed energies, they are literally found
everywhere, so the European Union is committed to pillar one of the four pillar of the third
industrial revolution, which is distributed renewable energy.
Number one: we are going to renewable energies, they are distributed. The European Union
has made that commitment: 20% renewables.
Number two: we are going to buildings as positive power plants. Millions of buildings that
collect their energy. And the first building as power plant is already up. They already exist.
Then, pillar three: how do we store this renewable energy. Because the Sun is not always
shining, even in the beautiful Italy, the wind is not always blowing, and you can have water
tables down because of drought for hydroelectricity. So pillar three is: we are going to
introduce storage technology and the main storage is going to be hydrogen. Hydrogen
stores renewable energy the way digital stores media.
Then pillar four: this is the last pillar. This is where that distributed communication
revolution, that I mentioned earlier, connects with distributed renewable energy to create
a third industrial revolution. We take the same technology that we use for the Internet. It is
identical. And the take the power grid of Italy and the EU and the World and we turn it into
an inter-grid that acts just like the inter-net. So that, when you and I and millions of others
produce our own energy, just like we produce our own information out of our computers, we
store our energy in hydrogen just like we store our media with digital, and then with a
smart power grid manager we share the surplus across Italy and Europe on an InterGrid
that acts like the Internet. That is the third industrial revolution.
Let me say I work with the many of the leading power utilities companies in the world. I
advise and consult. Let me give you a business perspective, not an ideological perspective. I
don’t think nuclear power is going to be very significant in the future. I think it is essentially
a dead-end and it would be a very poor course of action for any government. Let me give
you the reasons. We don’t have Co2, with nuclear power. So, shouldn’t it be part of the
solution for climate change? Alright? Now, let us look at the numbers. There are 439
nuclear power plants in the world today, it is all there is. They make up 5% of the energy
that we create. That is all. These nuclear power plants are very old. They are grand-
fathering out. They are going to be de-commissioned. Has anyone in Italy, or in the world,
really believed that we are even going to replace the exiting 439 power plants in the next
twenty years? But even if we did that, it gets back to that 5% of the energy. It will have no
impact on climate change. It is very well considered that if we want to impact climate
change, nuclear would have to take up 20% of the energy. Just like renewables. But, in
order for nuclear power to be responsible of 20% of the energy, we have to put under
construction three nuclear power plants every thirty days for the next sixty year. Did you
hear that? That is two thousand power plants. Three news one every thirty days for the next
sixty years. We don’t know how to get rid of nuclear waste. We are sixty years into nuclear

power. The industry told us sixty years ago: “build the power plants, then give us enough
time, we will figure out a way to dispose nuclear waste”. Sixty years later, this industry is
saying: “trust us again, we can do it”. But the still don’t know how to get rid of the
nuclear waste.
The International Atomic Energy Commission says we face potential uranium deficit,
between 2025 and 2035, just for the existing 439 power plants that make up only 5% of
the energy. We could take the uranium we have and recycle it to plutonium. But then we
will have the threat of nuclear terrorism. Do we really want plutonium all over the world in
an age of potential terrorist attacks? I think that is insane.
Then, finally, this is what all the people that watch this should discuss with their neighbours.
We don’t have that water. This is something that utilities companies know, but the public
doesn’t know. Take France. France is the quintessential nuclear power company. Over 70%
of their electricity comes from nuclear power plants. Here is what the public does not know.
40% of all the water consumed in France last year went to cooling the nuclear reactors, for
their nuclear industry. 40% of all the water in France. You recall thee years ago, when
all the elderly people died in France during the summer because of the air conditioning –
they didn’t have it? What you don’t know is there was not enough water to cool the nuclear
reactors. So that nuclear reactors had to move down the amount of electricity they where
putting out. So where is Italy or any other country going to find the water? If France doesn’t
even have it. So, what we need to do is to democratize energy.
The third industrial revolution, this distributed revolution is power to the people. And for
generation that grew up on the Internet this is the conclusion and completion of that
revolution. Just like we can now rely on things like this Internet: we are now sitting and
talking on the Internet at each other and you can have hundreds of thousand of people on
the Internet and it is all free and you don’t have to rely on some centralized television
network and it is all open source and you are sharing it. Is it correct? Why can’t we do that
with energy?
Italy is the Saudi Arabia of renewable energy. There is some much distributed renewable
energy in your country, it frustrates me when I come to your country and I see that is not
moving like Spain is moving, for example. Spain is moving aggressively into renewable
energy. All across the regions. For example. You have Sun. You have so much Sun from
Rome to Bari. You have Sun. You are a peninsula, you have wind coming in all the time. You
have the ocean waves surrounding you on all sides. You have rich geothermal deposits in
Tuscany. You have forestry waste up in Bolzano and Northern Italy. You have snow for
hydro from the Alps. You just are overflowing with renewable energy possibilities. You are
not using them. I don’t understand why.
I guess the bottom line is, what I would say to the Italian government is: what is your game
plan? If your only game plan is to stay on the old energies, then Italy will not be
competitive and will not get the economic multiplier effect of moving into the door to a new
economic revolution and will fall further and further behind other countries as we proceed

into the twenty-first century. But if Italy decides that it is important to move into the
sunrise energies and industries of the third industrial revolution, the opportunities are
enormous for Italy. And enormous for the citizens of Italy.
I have been keeping in touch with what you have been doing with this website in the
Internet now for a number of years, and I wish we had some voices like him [Beppe Grillo]
in other countries.
That allows some many people to become engaged and it is instructive of the way we need
to go. "

June 17, 2008

Political Press Release number fourteen: referendum

Topo Gigio Veltroni, the weakest leader of the opposition in living memory, has finally
reacted. The psycho-dwarf has brought in the iron curtain between the politicians and the
justice system and information. It cuts the country in two. On this side: the unpunished
ones of politics. On that side: the citizens. Topo Gigio then declared: “It would be a mistake
to let us be squashed into positions on the round-about” but also: “I don’t think that there is
a positive climate” and even still: “Too many blows, like that, the dialogue goes up in the
How many blows against the Constitution and against the laws do we need before the
Veltrusconi mess-up goes up in the air? It’s Topo Gigio who tells us. In fact, let him say
nothing more, let him save us from his third-world adjectives, from his berlusconist
adjectives and let him resign. In the United States, after the impressive series of defeats
that he has suffered, Ueltròn would be a doorman at the cinema in Hollywood.
The psycho-dwarf has declared war against the country. Not because he is wicked, but
out of necessity. Prison is not a pleasure to anyone. This is why he wants to send the
journalists and the magistrates there in his place. The draft law on wiretaps definitively

buries the (little) bit of free information existing in Italy. We won’t be able to know
anything. Nothing. Unipol, Abu Omar, Santa Rita, the Telecom espionage centre, Saccà,
Parmalat. Trials will become State secrets. The psycho-dwarf uses prison to stop the
publication of what is public information. Not just of wiretaps, that in fact will be eliminated.
In fact, all the court documents of the preliminary investigations “even though there is no
longer any secret” will not be allowed to be published and not even “partially or in summary
form”. No wiretapping for penalties below 10 years in prison. No publication of public court
documents. This is the security of the new government. Having the military on the streets is
an insult to the police forces. The aim is not to defend the citizens but to create a
precedent. The military will then be able to be used for the nuclear power stations, the
incinerators, the new American bases, the TAV in Val de Susa, the Bridge over the Straits,
for the abolition of the Parmalat class action. To protect the politicians as in the best South
American traditions.
The law on wiretaps is the tombstone on democracy. I’m not standing for it. A law,
created for outlaws, that should be correctly named, the Silvio Berlusconi law.
The next V-Day will be devoted to this law. V3-day will be about Justice. I will launch a
referendum for the abolition of the Berlusconi law. Anyone who is up for it, associations,
movements, groupings, politicians, all welcome. The time has come for us to stand up
and be counted. Time has run out. V-day, V-day, V-day.

June 10, 2008

The surface of things

The surface of things. News invades us. Every day, it gets us dirty. It is only superficial.
The names of the saints borrowed from the calendar. Saint Raphael, Saint Rita. To steal
money from Lombardy. Lungs removed, heart operated for tumours that weren’t there.
They’ve done better than Dario Argento and Stephen King. A scene worthy of Dr Mengels.
But it’s just superficial. The magistracy gagged, the conclusion of Licio Gelli’s Piano di
Rinascita Nazionale {Plan of National Renaissance}. The prohibition of intercepts by the
magistracy in the name of Anna Falchi’s privacy and of the interests of the whole political
class, with the only exception of the Kryptonite Di Pietro. All the delinquents out to save a
single one. Morpheus Napolitano gives his blessing to the wide ranging understanding to
put a gag on Justice. A President that provides guarantees to the parties, not to the citizens.
But he too, like Alfano, Violante and Mancino is only superficial. The flow of European funds.
Billions of euro coming from the taxes of the Italians, destined, with a signature, without
controls, by trained functionaries in Brussels to Campania, Calabria, Sicily. To organised
crime and to corrupt public administrations. Financed by transfers from accounts

Rome/Brussels/South of Italy. The start of the exchange vote. Luigi De Magistris, who
investigates, is first divested of power and then reinstated, but without any more
investigations, with the total silence of the media. It’s always just superficial.
Under the surface, there’s the Italian. Who tries to get by. Who doesn’t read, doesn’t stay
informed, and is, to say it with a great word, ignorant. Under the surface there’s always a
Venetian, a Sicilian, a person from the Valle d’Aosta, not an Italian citizen. Solidarity stops
at the door of the Region, of the town, of the condominium. Beneath the failure of Italy,
its economic failure, but above all moral and ethical, there’s the Italian. Once upon a
time, it was only the average Italian, now there’s also the averagely tall, or the averagely
short, the averagely Left or the averagely Right.
Every day, there are new symptoms, new delinquents, new shameful laws. Are you tired of
running after them?
Stop, look in the mirror and declare yourselves guilty.

June 08, 2008

The plague is all around us

Naples is only the tip of the iceberg. Italy is a peninsula that is crisscrossed by mountains
of refuse, embellished with plains full of toxic waste, broached by rivers of hazardous liquids
and surrounded by a sea of shit.
Naples is reflected everywhere. Unauthorised landfill sites, unbearable stenches,
putrefying sores left out in the open, and poisons dumped in the farmers’ fields have all
become a feature of the Italian landscape. It’s enough to take a bike ride out into the
country in order to discover these new treasures. All you need is a camera and a protective
mask that is able to keep out the pestilent smells. We can all become rubbish hunters.
Naples is not alone. Naples is anywhere where there is a corrupt local council. A party that
uses the “exchange” vote in order to swell the ranks of employees in the refuse collection
companies. Wherever there is a company that pays criminals to dump refuse in the fields,
combined with fertile ground. Naples is reflected wherever the residents turn a blind eye
because of fear, indifference or absence of State control. Wherever there is some or other
mayor, councillor or parliamentarian who gets himself elected thanks to the payment of
refuse collection bribes, or close links with the environmental mafia.
Refuse is the symbol of the second Republic. It is the parties’ most lucrative business
venture. The black hole of State concessions and the municipal services organisations,
which are quoted on the Stock Exchange and are filled to the brim with public officials. The

parties are a like a veritable octopus. They have devoured the entire Italian industrial
system. All that remains are the incinerators and the waste disposal business.
Naples is reflected in Castellamonte, in the green hills of the Canavese area, where certain
mayors and managers and employees of the refuse removal and waste disposal company
ASA have landed up under investigation or under house arrest. The Prosecution has accused
them of having dumped the rubbish on farm fields and ploughed it into the ground, or
having stored it in unauthorised landfill sites. Naples is reflected in Piemonte where, even
before the findings of the inquiry was made public: “The mayors have taken sides with the
people under investigation” and “The workers support top management”.
Naples is reflected in Lombardy, in the Gorla Maggiore and Olgiate landfill sites. In the
Rubbish Connection inquiry. Instead of being processed, the rubbish from the South was
being laundered by mixing it in with industrial waste, after which it was being reflected in
the documentation as being non-hazardous waste and sent off to Grottaglie, in the Province
of Taranto.
Naples is reflected in the five hundred thousand cubic metres of rubbish lying in an
unauthorised landfill site in Puglia, which has polluted the Cervaro River.
Naples is reflected in the degradation of the “Parco dell’Etna” national park where the
unauthorised dumping sites enjoy greater protection than does the nature itself, resulting in
a frightening example of degradation.
Just a few words are all that would be necessary in order to change everything:
“Differentiated waste collection” and “Rubbish is a resource”. The plague is all around us.
Naples may well represent your area, your councillor, your mayor or your party. An
epidemic transmitted by indifference.

June 04, 2008

Political Press Release number thirteen

The elections have left a sense of emptiness. Representation emptiness. Participation
emptiness. Voting was simply a cross. A ritualized gesture. The parties were one and the
other one, the psycho dwarf and Topo Gigio. PDL and PD-without-L. The same logic of
power. The same fear of losing power. The same programme. The same candidates,
interchangeable, Ichino, Calearo, Carra, Ciarrapico. In the past, the Italians have
chosen. For the Republic and for the Monarchy. For the social-communist front or for the
Christian Democrats. They decided their future. Italians voted for divorce, for abortion, “no”
to nuclear. For the abolition of public financing of the parties. For a new electoral law. In the
past, they were voters, general public, campaign groups. Today they are nothing any
more. They are aware that they have no reference points. No institution is a voice for the
citizens. The fear of change makes everyone a relative, an accomplice, from Morpheus
down. The parties are undressing democracy, one leaf at a time, like an artichoke. A feather
at a time like a chicken. The citizen feels just a slight pain. Democracy becomes
dictatorship, but no one knows. The Constitution is an unbearable weight for the parties.
They organise wide-ranging understandings to change it. A mess up blessed by the Head of

State. The magistracy is almost impotent. The law on intercepts will give them the final
blow. The Police, as admitted by their leader, is living a perpetual amnesty. The delinquents
are arrested and a minute later they are out, thanks to the “ad personam” laws of the
psycho dwarf. Italy has gone bankrupt to save just one person. It would have been better
to give him life-long impunity, a blank cheque, a one-way air ticket for Hammamet. Politics
is dead. The citizens have understood, they are mourning inwardly. Emptiness. In response
to the word “future” there’s an emptiness of words. Incinerators, nuclear power stations,
militarization of the country. The education system is producing the best donkeys in Europe.
The political system has liberated those with previous convictions in Parliament. Tiredness.
Italy is tired. It has no exit routes. The system is blocked. Bokassa Bassolino and Tar
Head are the same thing. They love each other without hiding it any longer. The Spartacus
witnesses, the Rubbishtown trial, are killed like cherries. One attracts the other. There are
no bodyguards for them. And if they are not there, there’s always a reason. Honest citizens
are clandestines. They are the majority, but with hope removed, perplexed, incredulous.
Waiting for a signal. Tiny cracks in the walls. This political system will finish, or the
country will finish. Italians know this. Perhaps the parties don’t know it yet.

June 01, 2008

Extraterritorial cluster bombs

                              Click on the image: cluster bombs

In Dublin, 111 countries ratified an agreement to ban cluster bombs. Italy was one of
them. The treaty is due to be signed in December in Oslo. Cluster bombs are not designed
to kill. Their purpose is to mutilate. They are either dispersed over an area following an
explosion, or they are more gently delivered to earth by means of a small parachute. They
are often brightly coloured, perhaps canary yellow, and are made in beautiful shapes, such
as a toy or a tin can. Such items are irresistible to children. The USA, Israel, Russia, China,
India and Pakistan have refused to sign the treaty. The United States and Russia are both
manufacturers and distributors. First they create and destroy and then, eventually, they
rebuild and start selling prosthetic limbs. A business built on childhood amputations.
Italy, together with the other signatories, will no longer be allowed to manufacture cluster
bombs and will have to destroy all such weapons in its possession within eight years. Italy
has also committed itself to helping to clear areas that are littered with these cluster bombs.
The American bases in Italy, our country and their home soil, have cluster bombs at their
disposal. Extraterritorial bombs. Following the Dublin meeting, our Government should
be required to demand that the United States rehabilitate its military bases in Italy. To ratify
the moratorium and then allow our Country to be used like an aircraft carrier from which
bombers take off, loaded with little explosive gifts for children would be tantamount to

taking we Italians for a ride. Let’s rehabilitate the bases.

The American population will certainly not be very impressed with Bush’s decision. Let them
stand up and be counted. Let them ask their presidential candidates, namely Obama,
Clinton and McCain to eliminate cluster bombs from the American arsenal should they be

May 28, 2008

Incinerators and those who are beaten

The rubbish trains go north. Like migrating birds in spring. Towards the welcoming
Germany that separates our rubbish and transforms it into secondary raw materials and
in organic compost for industry. The trains of differentiated rubbish then come south again.
Towards the Italy that is ridiculous and slovenly. Put in the stocks in the whole of Europe by
incapable and corrupt parties.
We pay Germany for the rubbish twice, once on the way there and once on the way back.
To get rid of it as rubbish and to buy it as secondary raw materials. The spokesperson for
the Saxony Ministry of the Environment said: “The refuse has not been burned in the
incinerators, the organic refuse has been separated from the solid refuse, that will become
secondary raw materials, a minor part has been treated in a mechanical-biological plant and
it will be sold to industry.”
Italy is a great client of its own rubbish and the third importer of secondary raw materials
from Germany with two million tons a year. We are importing plastics, metal, paper from
the Germans. Our plastic, our metal, our paper. The Germans are doing the work that the
Italians don’t know how to do. To separate out the different types of rubbish is too complex
a job for the Italian genius. But, above all it gives a low income. The incinerators however,
are oil wells for those that make and manage them.
If nothing is created from diamonds, from manure up spring the public companies for
managing refuse. And the call of rubbish is stronger than them. The refuse emergency is a
business. Find out who gains and you will have found the solution to the problem. For
example, but just as an example, who is the main shareholder of Impregilo? Who does the
Chiaiano rubbish dump belong to?

May 26, 2008

Political press release number twelve

  Delirium. A bridge across the Straits of Messina. Delirium. Nuclear power stations.
 Delirium. The Army in Campania. Delirium. Some new incinerators. Delirium. Criminals in
Parliament. Delirium. 95% of crimes going unpunished thanks to the made to measure
   laws. Delirium. Tar-Head as Prime Minister, thanks to Craxi’s television broadcasting
    concessions. Delirium. The bullshit electoral law. Delirium. Unconstitutional political
    elections. Delirium. Public opinion ignored with the scrapping of the referendum
  regarding the electoral law, public funding and the NO to nuclear power. Delirium. Italy
  without any freedom of information, somewhere between Botswana and Iraq. Delirium.
  Campania, Calabria and Sicily in the hands of the mafia groups. Delirium. Arson attacks
 against the Rom camps. Delirium. Bassolino and Iervolino fail to resign. Delirium. Topo
   Gigio fails to fire them. Delirium. The decision handed down by the European Court of
 Justice condemning the Gasparri Law is ignored. Delirium. Rete 4 is costing us 350,000
Euro in fines every day, ever since the first of January 2006. Delirium. Lovers, secretaries,
trusted lawyers, spokesmen and hangers-on become senators and deputies. Delirium. The
only thing missing is Caligula’s horse. Delirium. Expansion of the American military bases
in Italy. Delirium. Andreotti, statute-barred for collusion with the mafia becomes senator for
    life. Delirium. Millions of Euro of European Community funds magically disappear in
    Campania. Delirium. A moratorium on the influx from Rumania is applied almost
throughout the whole of Europe with effect from the first of January 2007, but not in Italy.
 Delirium. 22,000 Italian companies operating in Rumania thanks to European Community
 funding (our taxes) while there is unemployment in Italy. Delirium. The price of petrol is
rising, utility bills and fuel costs are going up but ENEL and ENI are making more profit.

     Delirium. Geronzi, often-investigated, becomes the boss-man of Mediobanca. Delirium.
     Scaroni, sentenced criminal, now the boss-man at ENI. Delirium. Six million temporary
workers. Delirium. The lowest rate of development and the highest Government costs in the
whole of Europe. Delirium. 350,000 signatures calling for Clean Government are dumped in
the cellar at the Senate. Delirium. 1,636 billion Euro of public debt and 70 billion in interest
 payments every year, equivalent to three annual budgets. Delirium. Emma Marcegaglia,
 suddenly an expert in nuclear power, and Rubbia in Spain. Delirium. The country has
entered into a new state: Delirium. “A altered state of mental confusion, involving twitching
        and hallucinations, caused by acute feverish activity and mental illness” (“Nuovo
Italy has had a fever for far too long, now comes the Delirium. Delirium means going off
 the rails. We have derailed. The ship’s cook is now piloting the ship while the captain lies
 under the covers, fast asleep. In a democracy, the captain represents the public’s wishes.
       The strawberries need to be picked. I repeat: The strawberries need to be picked.

May 17, 2008

Closed-door democracy

                                      Click on the picture

We live in a totally different world. Our employees are busy isolating themselves from
the rest of the Country. Their alibi is governability. There can never have be too much
governability for their liking. It has become like a drug. Maximum governability equates to
minimum democracy. Control of the media equates to regime.

They are busy stripping democracy like one strips an artichoke of its leaves. One leaf at a
time. They have already eliminated direct election. They have eliminated any differences
between the various parties’ election programmes: the only remaining difference between
the PD and the PDL is the letter “L”. They have eliminated the smaller parties. They have
eliminated the opposition. Now they are about to eliminate Parliament.
Fini, the newly elected President of the Chamber, called Kriptonite Di Pietro to order when
he brought up the matter of Tar Head’s criminal record and his conflict of interests.
“Honourable Di Pietro, you are well aware that it is natural for there to be interruptions, but
this also depends on what is being said”. An item missing from the bundle.
Topo Gigio and Tar Head sniffed each other. They decided that they actually liked each
other. They got married. The marriage was consummated yesterday on a sofa inside a
political complex, far away from the prying eyes of the rest of the Country. Far from the
eyes of all those Italians that voted for the Democratic Party in the hope that they would
constitute an effective opposition in Parliament rather than be buddy-buddy.
The decisions regarding our future are being made behind closed doors. There will no longer
be any discussions held in Parliament. Parliament will only be expected to ratify the wishes
of two people sitting drinking tea in some or other lounge. The deputies and senators will
not present any opposition whatsoever. They have been elected by the party
secretaries after all, not by the citizens. They are nothing more than well-paid employees
dependent on their masters.
What is going on is the creation of closed-door democracy. The latest political creation of
the italic genius. Emergencies by which the Country will be governed. The squatters, the
refuse, security. First they create these emergencies and then they use them in order to
justify their own existence. But they are the real emergency. A democratic emergency. The
citizen must never find out, the Parliament must never speak out and the television and
the newspapers must never inform. We can expect certain serious decisions to be taken
for the good of the Country, always and only for the good of the Country. They are busy
preparing the ground.

May 15, 2008

Political press release number eleven

The inaugural Veltrusconi government has been installed. This has doubled the number of
ministers. Each minister now “also” has a shadow lackey. Topo Gigio spoke like Cicchitto.
Tar Head offered him the new millennium P2 membership card with built-in ATM card.
Kryptonite Di Pietro was imitating Giacomo Matteotti. The Democratic Party members did
not applaud him. They were too busy wearing out their hands in support of the
psychodwarf. They are the opposition after all, but they are “also” the government. A
government in opposition. Together we can do anything. Forleo could have herself
placed under investigation and then transferred away from Milan. Travaglio could institute
proceedings against himself and then get himself thrown out by RAI. Anno Zero could be
shut down. Finocchiaro could continue to defend Schifani. It can be done. The separation
of responsibilities between public ministries and judges. The judges’ legal dependence
on the Government. It can all be done. Changing the Constitution. Gagging the media.
Paying out billions of Euro in fines for Rete 4. Prohibiting the publication of the content of
telephone taps. It can all be done. Finally it can all be done. The gathering of signatures
calling for three referendums for free information in a free State continues unabated. The
signatures will be delivered to the Court of Cassation during the month of July. Within the

next few weeks, Beppe Grillo will be calling for the cancellation of the annual RAI
licence fees on a national basis. Beppe Grillo will soon be launching a campaign for
bloggers to spread the news. All of us are journalists. The truth is a right and spreading
the truth is a social duty. On the Internet, we are all upstanding bearers of the truth. They
will never give up, but neither will we.

May 09, 2008

The Tin-Cap

A member of the Local Police Force sent me a letter. He works as a “Tin Cap” in Milan. If
the controller is starving, then the controlled party is able to buy him off. His boss is in a
position to de-motivate him. Carmine makes two good points:
"Social standing does not pay the bills"
"It is a very simple matter to resign, and then to go and work for the same private
individual whom he was investigating previously".
"Please excuse me but I cannot take it any longer and I feel that I must say something.
I am a member of the Local Police Force (Traffic Warden) in Milan and I am on duty 365
days a year, working a variety of shifts that range over the full 24-hour period. I am a
person that is normally happy with his lot in life. I don’t live in unashamed luxury, anything
but…., and I thought that I was fairly well-off all told, until I happened to glance through the
2005 income tax data divulged online before it was withdrawn.
It is said that public servants don’t do very much, however, they also earn little or nothing,
something that no one ever mentions. In fact, notwithstanding all the qualifications I have,
namely, public safety officer, public official, investigative police officer, etc., I now find out
that, excluding overtime payments, I am at the bottom of the earnings list as regards
taxable earnings and compared to all those people around me. If the Country continues to
starve its workers, slaves, call them what you will, financial police officers,
can it expect these essential activities to run smoothly?
As regards the investigations carried out by the Financial Police, it is shameful that a certain
percentage of all revenues accruing from the battle against tax evasion are paid out to the
administrative personnel of the various ministries, while nothing is paid to the Financial
Police, which is the true executive arm of the process. Working as investigator, face to face
out in the field, is an arduous task and, given the current level of unacceptable practices,
the people feel increasingly entitled to attack those in uniform and the public institutions.
How can we honestly expect any member of the Financial Police, who investigates cases
running into millions of Euro, to live on starvation wages and still continue to carry out

his/her task diligently? It is far easier to simply resign and go and work for the very same
private individual whom he was investigating previously.
”Social standing” does not pay the bills. It would be better not to have any fancy
qualifications but to earn a salary that is commensurate with the cost of living. I came
across jewellers who declare lower earnings than mine, while other anonymous people,
people with no qualifications whatsoever, declaring much higher earnings than me.
The politicians complain about the high cost of the Public Service, however it is evident that
they are subsidising the senior employees within the Public Service, those that have never
been anywhere near the rock face, those who have never been there nor will they ever go
there, those who know nothing about the daily grind nor about the endless bureaucracy
involved in certain mechanisms. Money is being thrown away on managers and outside
consultants, friends of friends that are far removed from the real problems within the
institutions. In my opinion, all of this is being done very scientifically in order to ensure that
there are no operational and legislative instruments, nor any resources (money) left over
for the troops. In this way, the latter group, the “foot soldiers”, will become de-legitimised
and de-motivated, distracted by their financial concerns, namely the bills, the
mortgage,...etc. Forget about “On your feet Italy”!!!
I would be quite happy to pay 70% Income Tax if I was in a position to declare the same
level of earnings as Berlusconi, Montezemolo & Co.
Regards." Carmine

Ps. I am hereby publishing the updated list of convicted criminals in Parliament 2008, with
the associated crimes. Circulate the banner by means of your own blogs. Read the list
from time to time so as not to forget.

Clean Parliament 2008

   The signatures collected on 8 September are lying somewhere in the Senate of the
 Republic. The presentation of the popular law was set for February. Then the government
fell. Once both chambers have been made up and the new government has been installed I
will make a request to be able to show Parliament the proposals in the name of 350,000
 citizens: no convict in Parliament, a maximum of two terms of office, the restoration of
direct preferences. I’m under no illusion about the response of the 70 (SEVENTY) who have
 previous convictions at first or second level or waiting a verdict. I’m not even holding out
hope on the crowd of those who have been elected many times, the most brilliant of whom
are the diamond couple Fassino-Serafini, husband and wife who have 11 terms of office
between them. And to finish off, I’m not expecting that lovers, brothers, sisters, offspring,
   office workers of the party imposed by Veltroni, Berlusconi, Casini and Bossi want to
 restore the direct preferences. If the laws for a clean Parliament were to be approved,
nearly all the parliamentarians would have to pack their bags and recreate themselves a life
             at their own expense and say “good-bye” to public contributions.

 Since 8 September, anyway, something has happened. The number of 24 convicts has
gone down. An improvement of 29%. A fact that is not to be ignored. But still to be worked
on. The drop is just due to the disappearance of certain parties. Just think, for example, to
the missing but important contribution of De Michelis’s socialist party. The record still stays
  with the PDL with 11 convicts an unbeatable 65%. When these caricatures of parties

  disappear there will no longer be convicts. They are anyway business committees by the
light of day with a person to refer to (called a leader) who decides who to employee, who to
     protect with parliamentary immunity, who to pay and who to buy. It’s the evolution of
 politics subtracted form popular sovereignty and covered by the media. The politics of the
                                          fish market.

 Superciuk Bondi and Veltroni declared in the election campaign that they would not have
put forward convicts as candidates. The former then added that that didn’t count for political
  convictions. The latter then put up as a candidate Enzo Carra definitively convicted and
sentenced to one year 4 months for having made false declarations to the public prosecutor.
 Today, I am publishing the up to date list of the convicts in the 2008 Parliament with their
     offences. Pass around the banner on your blogs. Every so often, read them so that you
                                          don’t forget.

If a parliamentarian is accused of some crime, it is in his interest not to be found guilty.
It is perfectly human. That is precisely the reason for the introduction of the shameful laws
that no one is ashamed of any longer. Laws that have also landed up benefiting all of the
extra-parliamentary delinquents as well. A case of all or none. The statute of limitations is
administered in the name of the sovereign criminal population. The reduction of the
deadlines for statute barring is one of the preferred remedies for avoiding incarceration. The
average period of time required for a court case to be concluded in Italy has now reached
ten years and, with a good attorney like Previti on your side, a court case can go on for
much longer. How many crimes go unpunished as a result of the statute of limitations? Who
says 20%? Who says 50%? Who says 70%? You are all been too conservative! 95% of all
crimes are statute barred, meaning that the offender will never be sentenced. He may
well be guilty, but the legal system has run out of time. Court cases are delayed due to a
lack of staff, due to the three-tier judicial system, due to the dossiers from the eighteen
hundreds lying abandoned in the corridors, left to the rats instead of the computers, and
due to the lack of finds. Statute barring makes these delays even shorter than the
miniskirts. They have now gotten briefer than a tanga. Statute barring has become a right
that is not denied to anyone, least of all people like Andreotti and Tar Head. It has become
a decoration, much like the title of Commendatore or Cavaliere. Cavalier statute-barred
by the Shameful Law. Now doesn’t that sound good? Bruno Tinti, Assistant Prosecutor with
the Turin Public Prosecutors Office, writes in his book entitled Toghe Rotte (Broken Togas)
that: “…it must be said that all contraventions relating to accident prevention,
environmental, ecological and pollution matters, as well as all crimes involving
corruption, financial fraud, tax fraud and others relating to abuse within the family and
family welfare violations, all crimes involving false testimony, all crimes involving fraud,

even those against the State or Public Bodies or the European Union, all these crimes, as
well as many others that I have not even mentioned, will never be punished. No court
cases relating to these crimes will ever be effectively concluded. No one who has gotten
involved in one of these crimes will ever go to jail”.

Statute barring is like the wind
that absolves all the delinquents
the worst of these being in Parliament …

April 28, 2008

Political Press Release number 10

Right and Left do not exist. What exists is a business group. Italy is its business. Our
taxes are its revenue. The media are its voice. Good and bad journalists do not exist. What
exists is regime information. It’s only an issue of nuances between l'Unità and il Giornale,
between Tg1 and Tg5. Journalists don’t exist. What exist are people who have the courage
to display the truth and they become heroes, stars, citizens with bodyguards. People who
write, speak and communicate exist. They are called men and women. What exists is the
natural order of those who know how to read, to write, to speak and who use these abilities
to describe the world. No one is a journalist. We are all journalists. On the internet we

are all journalists. The newspapers and the TV are the past. V2 day has demonstrated that
information is on the Internet. The film clips of the cities that participated in V2 day are
on the Internet. Hundreds of witness statements of V2 day in Piazza San Carlo are on the
Internet. The number of signatures collected in total for the three referenda is about
1,500,000. It has never happened in the history of the Republic in such a short time. For
each referendum, 500,000 signatures are needed. For the whole month of May, the
collection of signatures will continue with the signing tables. We need as big a number as
possible to have a safety margin. In July 2008, Beppe Grillo will deliver the signatures to
the Court of Cassation. Information in Italy can no longer be reformed. It has gone into
metastasis in the Board of Directors of the banks and the industrial firms, in the press
offices of the parties and the gentile salons. New information on the Internet needs
creating. On 25 April the partisans of information came out into the streets. On 25 April
even Asphalt Head came out with Ciarrapico. Guess who are the ones preferred by Topo
Gigio, of the PD doc (whose origin is controlled) and their newspapers. We are all Don
Peppone and we are all Don Camillo. You can’t rewrite history, but you can create the
future, invent it. The truth is our future. Let’s keep the flame alight.

The truth virus

There were 120,000 of us yesterday in Turin. Anyone who was there, and anyone that
has access to the Internet knows all about this. All of the most important television
broadcasters of the world were also there, from the BBC to Al Jazeera. They will be telling
the world about what is happening in Italy. They will describe the fascism of our
information system.
At least two million people took part in the V2 Day event. The queues at the tables were
twice as long as the ones on the eighth of September. The initial count has revealed that
450,000 signatures were collected on the day. This has never happened before in the
history of the Republic. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has ever before managed to gather a
similar number of authenticated signatures in a single day. Don’t bother to look for any
news reports in the newspapers or on the television, go straight onto the Internet.
There is no such thing as a good journalist or a bad journalist. What does exist is either the
regime’s information or the truth.
You are all journalists. You are all Beppe Grillo. Post the photographs and video clips taken
on this beautiful 25th April on the Internet, on your blogs and on Youtube.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You were fantastic.
They may never give up, but neither will we.
For a totally new Renaissance.

Here is part of the speech I gave yesterday in San Carlo Square in Turin.

"Today is the 25th April 2008. Liberation Day. Our fathers and grandfathers did not manage
to finish the task. Through no fault of their own. If we had as much heart and as much
courage as they had, things would not ended up this way. The partisans liberated Italy from
the scourge of Nazism and fascism, only to find themselves overtaken by the American
occupation. Italy is not really part of Nato, it is Nato that is actually part of Italy. There are
ninety nuclear warheads sitting at Aviano and at Ghedi Torre. Following the collapse of
the Berlin Wall, in the rest of Europe the number of nuclear warheads was reduced, they
removed them and destroyed them. In Italy, however, the number of warheads has risen.
We would most certainly be a prime target in the event of a nuclear war. Article 11 of the
Constitution states that: “Italy rejects war as a means to deny liberty to other peoples or
as a means to resolve international disputes”. If this is so, then what the hell are we doing
with 113 United States logistics bases on our national territory? A total of 113, between
arms depots, naval bases, telecommunications bases, Air Force bases, Logistics units for the
firing of nuclear missiles, submarine bases, missile bases, firing ranges and tactical aircraft
bases. Only two Italian regions have not yet been occupied: the Aosta Valley and the
Abruzzo Region, and this only because the American soldiers did not understand the
language. We are living in a Country with limited sovereignty. However, no one is aware of

On the eighth of September, one and a half million people requested, or indeed demanded
that this cesspool that is our Parliament be cleared of all the convicted criminals.
Parliament has carried on as if politics was a service rather than a profession. That is
supposed to be a limit set of two legislatures. I recently went to the Senate in a rickshaw to
personally hand over 350,000 signatures into the hands of Franco Marini. Perhaps they
have landed up in the cellar, or perhaps they were thrown into the differentiated refuse
bins. No response has been forthcoming from the Corridors of Power. Fassino and his wife,
Mrs. Serafini have been elected for a fifth and sixth term. They must surely be the most
Parliamentary couple in the entire world. They will probably celebrate their diamond-
wedding anniversary in Parliament. By the end of their respective political careers, they will
have cost us a cool 12 million Euro. Mieli, Vespa, Scalari and Panebianco write about
modernisation and about the simplification of the political framework. What the F… are they
talking about. The number of convicted criminals, statute-barred offenders and people
under investigation or awaiting trial, that are sitting in Parliament, has risen to 70. Tar-Head
has 45 of them in his party, while Topo Gigio has another 13. You most certainly didn’t vote
for them. You could not possibly have. You were uninformed. You would not even allow
these people to manage an apartment building. You simply made a cross, like a bunch of
sheep. Without being able to choose a candidate. We are no longer living in a democracy.

These elections were unconstitutional. Morpheus Napolitano should FIRST have called for a
referendum on the new electoral law, as requested by the citizens, and THEN proceeded to
dissolve the Houses. The State President is answerable to the Italian public, not to the
political parties. He was obviously afraid of Bossi’s tin rifles and the psychodwarf’s gazebos.
The number of sentenced criminals has come down from 24 to 16. Twelve of these are in
the rehashed Popolo della libertà party, the first Italian salvage party. The number of
condemned criminals in Parliament has only decreased because a number of parties have
disappeared. No Parties, no criminals. The overall number of first and second-degree
sentenced criminals has increased however. They put them in Parliament so as to prevent
them from having to go to jail, thanks to their parliamentary immunity, just like the love of
Azzurra Caltagirone’s life, Cuffaro, who was sentenced to 5 years for aggravated aiding and
abetting of a number of Mafia members. One afternoon would not be enough to even read
out the seventy names and their associated crimes. I will limit myself to mentioning only
the not so clever ones that managed to allow themselves to be sentenced. However, first I
must make special mention of our next Minister of Internal Affairs, namely Roberto Maroni,
who was sentenced to serve 4 months and 20 days for offering resistance to a public
official. Maroni was sentenced for having attempted to bite a police officer on the ankle. He
will most certainly be our first ever Minister of Internal Affairs with a muzzle.

He who is uninformed is unable to make a choice. He lives in the shadows, in obscurity. On
the eighth of September, the very same media that totally ignored the V Day event, was
suddenly first in line when it came to attacking it. The powers that be had realised that the
initiative was slipping out of their hands. An informed citizen cannot be controlled by the
powers that be. And the powers that be only survive thanks to their control over the
media. The banks, Confindustria, Mediaset and the Parties make use of the television and
the newspapers in order to spread their propaganda, and they appoint newspaper editors as
if they were part of the Public Relations Department. Without the television studios, the
politicians would be relegated back to the dark abyss from whence they originally emerged.
If the ailing media is the virus, then the informed citizen is the cure. The Internet is part of
that cure. Freedom of information is also part of that cure. There are some 500 squares in
Italy where signatures are currently being gathered, in more than four hundred towns
around the Country, from Aosta through to Palermo, as well as in forty cities abroad,
amongst which New York, Amsterdam and London are linked on line. We need to collect
signatures for three referendums for freedom of information in a free State. On the 25th
April we managed to free ourselves from the scourge of Nazism and fascism. 63 years later,
we are finally in a position to free ourselves from fascist information, as well as from its
bosses and its servants. It is far more difficult now than what it was then. It is no longer
simply a case of rifle against rifle or hand grenade against tank. The battle now, is between
the numbed consciences and the freedom of thought, between those who no longer want to
fly and those that are not prepared to give up the freedom of the sky.

The first referendum: The abolition of the Order of Journalists created by Mussolini in
1925 in order to enable him to control the press. Information must be free. The Order of
Journalists restricts the freedom of information. Anyone should be free to write whatever
they wish, without any restrictions other than those imposed by the law. Access to the
journalist’s profession must be free of all bureaucratic and corporate restrictions.
Luigi Einaudi: “Mandatory registration is immoral because it tends to restrict that which
should not be restricted, namely, freedom of expression and thought. Acceptance of the
principle of mandatory registration would be tantamount to resuscitating the worst of
the institutions of the castes and the closed corporations, which are subject to the
whims of the tyrants and rival hostility of the youth, the rebels and the non-conformists.”
Mario Berlinguer, Enrico’s father: “I am not in favour of requiring any educational
qualification in order for a person to become a professional journalist, because I believe this
to be and absurd form of discrimination, class discrimination, which is contrary to the
freedom of the press and the freedom to express one’s own opinions."

The second referendum: The abolition of the one billion Euro per year of public funding
for the press. Ferrara, Polito, Feltri and Padellaro would not exist were it not for your tax
Euros. They don’t sell any newspapers: they simply print them. The more they print, the
greater the subsidies. We are busy decimating the Amazon Forest in order to print
newspapers that remain unsold. We have certain journalists amongst us that take their
orders from the political Parties, who don’t have much regard for the truth or, for that
matter, for the reader. Since the end of the Second World War, the number of copies of the
daily newspapers in Italy has remained stable, notwithstanding the fact that there are ten
million more Italians. Our taxes even go towards funding Il Corriere della Sera and Il
Sole 24 ore, which are quoted on the Stock Exchange. These are the so-called champions
of liberalism that daily undermine others on behalf of the Caste.

The third referendum: The European Court of Justice condemned the Italian Regime
because of its allocation of television broadcast frequencies. The witch’s brew known as
the Gasparri Law is totally contrary to the European regulations. Following the decision
handed down by the State Council and the Constitutional Court, Europe ordered Italy to re-
assign Rete 4’s public broadcasting television frequencies to Europa 7. If this European
decision is not implemented, we will be forced to pay out 300.000 euro per day with
effect from the first of January 2006. By the end of 2008, this would amount to 330 million
Euro. This is more than the bridging loan granted to Alitalia. Mr. Fede is costing us 300.000
Euro per day in taxes. The last Cabinet, including Prodi, D’Alema and Rutelli, should have
implemented the European directives. They applied ALL of the directives, with the sole
exception of the one concerning Rete 4. Ms. Bonino, the Mother Theresa of Confindustria,
has stated that this measure is not urgent. Who is paying? Her? Not urgent for whom? For
the interests of disinformation? For Tar-Head?

The concessions for radio and television broadcasting frequencies belong to us, to the State.
Three out of every four have been allocated to just a single, privately owned organisation.
That is why Europe is condemning us. Where is the so-called free market? The psychdwarf
has become wealthy thanks to the advertising revenues to which he has exclusive access
thanks to the state concessions.
Never before have we seen any country where an individual that controls half of the media
is allowed to stand for election as Prime Minister. In the United States, any Obama who
owns CNN, ABC and FOX would not be able to stand for election. Such a situation would
not even be allowed to exist. In any normal democracy, such a situation would be totally
inconceivable. Nor would there be any newspaper editors or television directors shouting it
from the rooftops. Well-paid slaves.
RAI cannot be permitted to have a Board of Directors or a corps of journalists that are
appointed by the Parties. RAI must answer to the citizens and it must be as independent
as the BBC is in England. Only one channel, without advertising revenues and a licence fee.
Otherwise, let the parties themselves pay for their own RAI propaganda. The same
politicians that first occupied the organisation, and then infested it by their presence. We
can no longer bear the vacuum they have created, nor their incompetence. The
shareholders radio and television frequencies must be allocated to a variety of parties. No
private citizen should be allowed to own a majority of the national channels, not even with a
majority of one.

The control of information is the new fascism. This is a Country that gives nothing of
its own accord. Nothing regarding the death of Borsellino, regarding Italicus, regarding
Ustica, regarding Piazza Fontana, regarding the Bologna station, regarding the bombs in
Brescia, or regarding Aldo Moro. It knows nothing as regards the real economic situation,
nor as regards the public debt of 1630 billion Euro that is dragging us down to the level
of Argentina. A Country that is blind when it comes to the causes of the massacres in the
workplace, temporary employment, the cementation, the incinerators, and a South that has
been delivered into the hands of the mafia organisations.
Today, on this stage, there will be real information. Real people that will be talking about a
reality that has been hidden by the media. There are events going on in two squares in
Turin, namely Piazza Castello and Piazza San Carlo. Both will be using their amplifiers to call
for liberation: one in the past and one in the future. I feel almost as if I am living in one of
Giovannino Guareschi’s tales, except that I no longer know whether I am Peppone or Don

Free information in a free State. Go for it!
Beppe Grillo

April 23, 2008

Political Press Release number 9

In a few days, a single person will have control of 6 national TV channels. The seventh
will be in franchising as it is now. The Voice of the People (called Asphalt Head) will be the
future President of the Council. For the citizen it will change nothing. Information was of the
regime before and it will be afterwards as well. But it’ll be in a homogeneous way, without
posing embarrassing problems of subtle imperceptible comparison between the servant doc
Fede and the servant dop Riotta. A single voice a multitude of ears. A guitar of Apicella at
Porto Rotondo and a hundred servile journalists. A moon at Marechiaro and the statue of the
Madonna in Milan. Montaneli and Biagi under a tombstone. The Italian is like a budgerigar
in a cage. He’s frightened of liberty. He’s used to not knowing the truth about Borsellino’s
death. About Italicus and about Piazza Fontana. About the G8 in Genoa and about
incinerators. He wants to believe with all his might that the pluri-president of the Council
Andreotti was absolved and not “prescritto” for mafia dealing. The TV Italian imagines a new
Parliament made up of good people. Not of convicts and people on remand. Those who
control information win. Those who suffer it, loose. A virtual world becomes reality,
delinquents become senators and deputies. It’s all true, it’s all false. The one who shouts
the loudest gets the cow. On 25 April we are liberated from nazi-fascism. 63 years later

we can liberate ourselves from the fascism of information. It’s more difficult than it was
then. It’s no longer rifle against rifle, hand grenade against armoured tank. The battle is
between consciences that have gone to sleep and the freedom of thought, between
those who no longer want to fly and those who cannot renounce the sky. On 25 April we
can change the country. We have the duty to do it for our children and for our conscience.
The liberty of information cannot offer discounts. Three referenda for freedom of
information in a free state: abolition of Mussolini’s Order of Journalists, elimination of a
billion euro a year public financing of publishing, abolition of the Gasparri law and the
duopoly Parties-Mediaset (shortly to be Mediaset-Mediaset). In 400 Italian cities
signatures will be collected. In tens of foreign cities there will be information about the
control of the media in Italy. Music, bicycles, festivals and signs of peace. A new
Renaissance. After so much shit, for Italy it is a duty. On 25 April, Beppe Grillo will be in
Turin for a non-stop in Piazza San Carlo. From 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm. So many free voices
will fill Turin with words of hope. Coraggio! PS In Genoa on 25 April, from 9:00 am till
11:00 pm in Piazza della Vittoria, V2 DAY will go on normally. The morning will be
devoted to "Fronte del Porto" with speeches by workers and the projection of the
documentary film: "De Ma". In the afternoon and evening apart from a live broadcast from
Turin, there will be different speeches including: Marco Preve journalist with la Repubblica,
Marco Menduni and Bruno Lugaro, journalists with Il Secolo XIX, Asia Ostertag a justice

April 17, 2008

Political Press Release number 8

The party does not exits. Here are the figures. Lower House: Italians with the right to vote:
47,126,326. Valid votes: 36,452,305. Abstentions and blank and invalid voting papers: 10,674,021, that’s

22.6%. Senate: Italians with the right to vote: 43,133,946. Valid votes: 32,771,227. Abstentions and blank
and invalid voting papers: 10,362,719, that’s   24%. The most important drop with respect to the 2006 elections,
(with   2,109,734 fewer) was for the Senate. Almost 1 in 4 Italians refused the unconstitutional elections. The
third Italian party. The 1990s saw the end of ideologies. Today we are witnessing the   end of the parties.
One at a time they are leaving us. They are falling like the leaves of the   plane tree in Autumn. Slowly, but
steadily. Communist party, socialist party, (fused) Radical party, Christian Democrats, Greens, (fused) National

Alliance. There are only a few who are left. The PD-folk are   camouflaged, for each election they change
identity so as not to get shot down by the voters. They are meat and fish, rice and cheese, a soup of beans and

turtle. A mixed stew.   A Walterloo. The other parties don’t exist. They are nominal votes. A name for everyone
and all the votes for one. There are   Azzurro Caltagirone and Asphalt Head. Boss(ol)i and the kryptonite Di
Pietro. They are “ad personam” parties. The future we can expect is   Highlander. There’ll only be one left. And
perhaps not one. It’s enough to wait on the bank of the river. The blog’s civic lists are growing. Town councillors for

now in   Treviso and Rome. Sonia Alfano regional councillor in Sicily. Results obtained without publicity,
without public money, without TV, without newspapers. But with honesty, with the door to door. With the Internet.

407 cities have already signed up to the referenda for freedom of information in a free State. V2 Day. V2
Day. 25 April.

April 10, 2008

The least worst

The least worst is the son of the worst. It is his creature. Without the worst the least
worst could not exist. The worst is the reference point for the Italian. It’s useful for
orientation. The Italian always tries to do better than the worst. The least worst is a leap
in quality. The Italian chooses the least worst dentist, he reads the least worst newspaper,
listens to the least worst TV programme, works for the least worst company, votes for the
least worst party, gets his operation in the least worst hospital, eats in the least worst
restaurant, drives on the least worst road, breathes the least worst air, lives in the least
worst apartment, uses the least worst notary, gets to be buried by the least worst funeral
directors in the least worst tomb.
The worst is the best alibi of the least worst. Rather than the worst, the least worst is
always better. Anyone can do better than Alitalia, than Asphalt Head, than Telecom Italia,
than the RAI. Without the worst, who would have voted for D’Alema, traveled with Air One,
listened to Rete 4 or made telephone calls with Wind? However… there’s a but, why do you
have to choose between the worst and the least worst? Why this blackmail? I don’t
want a least worst life. I demand a normal life, in fact I want it to be beautiful, optimum,
excellent. Perhaps I won’t succeed, but I must try, I’m obliged to try.
The least worst has brought us the Great Pardon, the mess up, convicts in Parliament,
incinerators, the Campania-Chernobyl, Mastella as Minister of Justice, a public debt of 1630
billion euro, the lowest economic growth in Europe, the precarious work, gagged
information, an unconstitutional election law, Forleo and De Magistris treated like
criminals. All the sons of the least worst. The worst and the least worst are like Siamese
twins. Inseparable from birth. If one dies, the other follows straight away.
The best voter of the psycho-dwarf was the left of D’AlemaViolanteFassinoLaTorre and of
Topo Gigio who, new leader, publicly invites him to define together the new election law
excluding the Government allies. The best voter of the DS-dioxin-now-PD is Asphalt Head.
Without him, how could they justify their existence? For 15 years the worst has been their
battle horse, 15 years of Italy continually sinking, of decisions against the worst never
taken. But what could we have expected differently? Worst or the least worst it’s always

Political Press Release number seven

Without freedom of information there’s no democracy. If information becomes the
tool of private interests and of the parties, there’s no democracy. If Asphalt Head has three
national TV channels and 40 newspapers and magazines, there’s no democracy. If the
parties have control of the RAI there’s no democracy. The non vote is a vote. The non
vote is the vote of informed citizens. If election referenda are cancelled by Calderoli or
postponed by Napolitano, there’s no democracy. If 350,000 signatures for three popular
laws are festering in a cellar in the Senate, there’s no democracy. If we can’t vote for a
candidate, there’s no democracy. If Cuffaro, Crisafulli, Carra, Dell’Utri, and Cesa are
already elected to Parliament, there’s no democracy. If after the rigged elections there are
100 people who have been convicted at the first level, the second level or definitively or
on remand, representing us, there’s no democracy. If the newspapers receive a billion euro
a year in public financing, there’s no democracy. If Rete 4 doesn’t move to satellite after the
verdict of the European Court of Justice, there’s no democracy. If Ms Bonino has no
urgency to apply the European verdict on Rete 4 and she declares this with no shame,
there’s no democracy. If Bossi can threaten the State with rifles, there’s no democracy. If
the parties take the mafia votes, there’s no democracy. If Bassolino is President of the
Campania Region, there’s no democracy. Without the freedom of information, it’s not
possible to choose. Citizens have the right to be informed. Without this right there’s no
democracy. Citizens have the right to be represented by gentlemen. Without this right

there’s no democracy. On 10 April, Beppe Grillo will be in Pescara to support the civic
list for the local elections. Beppe Grillo is not supporting any national list for the national
elections. The Rome Tribunal has prohibited the use of the name and the image of Beppe
Grillo for the lists “Grilli parlanti” and “No Euro – Lista del Grillo”. The TV channels and the
newspapers cannot promote these lists. The TV presenters cannot promote these lists.
Beppe Grillo invites you to read the verdict of the Tribunal. Support the civic lists in your
cities and the regional list of Sonia Alfano in Sicily. The renewal of the Country starts with
the towns and the Regions. The renewal starts with the young people. Freedom starts with
the freedom of information. V2 Day - 25 April

March 31, 2008

Political Press Release number six

Messina, Caltanisetta, Catania, Palermo. Squares full in a sunny weekend. 10,000
people in Palermo. Young Sicilians with clean faces. The regime information blacked out my
presence. The regime information ignored the list of Sonia Alfano, a candidate for the
regional elections. The Sicilians have cancelled out Gianfranco Fini, the psycho-dwarf’s
carer. Only 300 turned up to see a political corpse. Vote for Sonia Alfano, she’s not
Crisafulli nor is she Cuffaro. She’s not Topo Gigio nor Asphalt Head. The Messina Town
Hall is under the authority of a commissioner. The Palermo Town Hall is closed for the
elections. Our employees are all at the Mondello beach. Beppe Grillo will be present to
support the civic lists for the towns. April 1st at Ischia. April 5th at Vicenza. April 6th at
Treviso. April 10th at Pescara. The national elections are unconstitutional. Places in the
Lower and Upper Houses have already been allocated by the Party Secretaries. The useful
not vote is the only useful one. Veltrusconi does not want Antonio Di Pietro as the Minister
of Justice. Veltrusconi does not want the freedom of information. Veltrusconi wants
convicts in Parliament. Veltrusconi doesn’t want mess ups, but “agreements on reform”.
Civic lists with the name of Beppe Grillo are illegitimate. Beppe Grillo will be in tribunal to

ask for the urgent withdrawal of: NO EURO – LISTA DEL GRILLO. The hearing is on April
4th at 11:30 am at the Rome Tribunal. Treviso-Roma-Vicenza-Pozzuoli-Pescara-Fiumicino-
Massa-Pisa-Viterbo-Nettuno-Tivoli-Villafranca di Verona-Ischia-Bitonto-Formia-Campi
Bisenzio-Cepagatti are the civic lists that draw inspiration from the blog. Spread the word.
Print out the flyers. Use megaphones. April 25th is getting nearer. V2 Day is getting
nearer. True information is getting nearer. Three referenda are getting nearer. No to
Mussolini’s Order of Journalists. No to financing of a billion euro a year to publishing. No to
the Gasparri law and to the parties-Mediaset duopoly. 200 tables in 200 cities are already
ready. Millions of forms for the referendum are being distributed. Ask for the forms. Open
up new signing points.The bubble is deflating. I repeat: The bubble is deflating.

False statistics. True unemployment.

Italy has salaries among the lowest in Europe (except for some countries in Eastern
Europe). Who knows what this depends on? Perhaps on the law of supply and demand? And
when there’s not much work, in fact, the salaries go down. And so Italy of the (almost) full
employment and the starvation wages, how can they be explained? The rate of
unemployment was 6.1% in 2007, true or false? It depends… Statistically it’s true, in
practice it’s false.

Politicians and information have to defend law number 30. The Maroni law. The law of the
former Minister of Labour who only protects the Malpensa workers in his election feudal
territory of Varese. The others are made precarious. The Varesotto Maroni is the alpine
version of the Ceppalonic Mastella. It’s enough to look around you to see that there’s no
work. To know that the number of precarious workers is going up. To understand that
there’s not enough money to get to the end of the month. The 6.1% unemployment is false.
Professor Gallegati explains this in his letter. But you already knew this.

Download the book "Schiavi Moderni". 470,000 downloads up till now.

”In "Schiavi Moderni" the connection between flexibility and employment has been shown to
be false. What should make politicians and economists reflect is that history shows that

when a good is scarce its price goes up. Why are Italian salaries among the worst in Europe
if unemployment is so low? The Italian salaries are not low because of the tax authorities,
but because of work that’s not there.
Mondragone of ISFOL, explains this:
”In a dual labour market (15% of precarious workers), the presence of atypical badly paid
workers contributes to the calming action of the tensions in the labour market, by supplying
an army of internal reserves, in fact there’s a system of contractual submission of 15% of
the workers who otherwise would have held out for demands (fist of all in terms of salaries)
that instead in recent years have been extremely modest and broadly lower than those of
European countries.” Anything but favouring the insertion of young people into the labour
Statisticulation (statistical manipulation aimed at presenting falsity as truth), is a neologism
first used fifty years ago by Darrell Huff in “How to lie with statistics”. It’s a book full of
examples of how to “scientifically” trick people: graphs of dubious validity, publishing half
sets of figures, spoiled samples, unreliable results etc. Not knowing how to read statistics is
a matter of ignorance but to alter the meaning to present false interpretations (and that is
what is being done by politicians and the great noise of the aligned media) from which are
derived decisions of economic policy that have an impact on our lives and the lives of our
children, is irresponsible. And what’s more, we no longer want to be treated like idiots.
According to ISTAT, the unemployment rate in Italy was at 6.1% have gone down from
6.8% in 2006. A drop, as the researchers point out. But in reality it is closely connected to
the increase in inactivity. Last year in fact, the number of persons looking for a job went
down by 10 per cent in relation to the previous year (-167 thousand), particularly in the
South, where the number of women without work has gone up continuously since 2004, and
in 2007 reached 4.5 million. Perhaps it’s worth reminding readers that the rate of
unemployment is measured by the relationship between the number looking for work and
the number of active workers. Because it’s a division, it’s enough for the numerator to go
down to make the unemployment rate go down; that’s exactly what happened in Italy in
2004. An argument brought in to support the effectiveness of the law number 30 (the
Maroni law) is that since it was brought in, the rate of unemployment has gone down. With
us, the quota of people who are not looking for work has gone up by much more in recent
years than in the rest of Europe. According to the OECD, the relationship of those who are
not looking for work and those in the work force has gone from 2% in 2001 to more than
6% in 2007, while in other European countries there has been the opposite of this tendency.
It’s not surprising that there’s been an explosion in the number of those who are no longer
looking, especially young people and women living in the South who find work on the black
Another problem that is ignored by politicians and by the mass media, is that in the first
quarter of 2007, the number of unemployed in Italy was about 1,600,000: for ISFOL
900,000 of these are precarious workers, that is more than half of the unemployed in Italy

are precarious workers. When a precarious worker is unemployed, no one pays their
contributions for that “starvation” pension that they’ll get in a few years (at least one million
precarious workers in the last 10 years have worked with contributions that will give a
pension that is below the minimum). The net annual income of a “permanent” worker is on
average 15 thousand € and that of a precarious worker 10 thousand €. Or you can say:
12% of the employed is atypical (but among young people the percentage goes up to 40%)
and this number is going to go up as each year the relationship between “new” precarious
workers and those precarious workers who get stable work (that is they get permanent
jobs) is in a ratio of 2 to 1. The issue of precarious workers is destined to explode. Where
are the political proposals? That is apart from abolishing article 18. Warm greetings but a bit
discouraged.” Mauro Gallegati

March 28, 2008

Free Tibet

                                       Source: Asianews

What if the United States had invaded Mexico. What if France had occupied Algeria. Or what
if Australia had declared war on Papua New Guinea. What if Japan had annexed Manchuria.
What if Italy were to go back to Libya with gunboats. What if all of this happened in the
year in which the Olympic Games were due to be held in the United States, in France, in
Australia, in Japan or in Italy. Would the Olympic Games still have gone ahead in these

Countries? On what grounds? In the name of the WTO? Globalisation? Consumerism?
The Italian government dropped its trousers to half-mast like D’Alema’s (no one really
expected them to do otherwise).

                                        Source: Asianews

Humanity owes an enormous debt to Tibet, to its culture and to its inhabitants. Tibet has
been left alone for almost sixty years, and this in the interests of realpolitik. It is easy to see
why this has happened. If you are big, you are able to go ahead and invade, destroy and
exterminate. If, instead, you are small and you have petroleum, then it’s deemed to be your
own business. A case in point - Chechnya. Another case in point - Iraq.

Today this blog is launching a petition to the Secretary General of the United Nations for a
free Tibet.
Send the following message:
"Free Tibet. Stop to the China Olympic Games"
to the General Secretary of the United Nations and help to spread the message.
The samsara wheel will reward you.

March 27, 2008

Political Press Release number five

Enough of Politics over Justice. Enough with “prescrizione”. Enough of Fassino’s wife in
Parliament for the fifth term of office. Enough of Fassino, director, “not born under a
cabbage”, still in Parliament. Enough of the mafia candidates. Enough of the “Village
People” in the Lower House. Enough of the living dead in the Senate. Enough of Ikarus –
Asphalt Head and the Alitalia pest. Enough of the extra virgin Formigoni and his
“communicated and liberated” at Lombardy Health. Enough of Carra, Dell’Utri, Cuffaro as
candidates. Enough of the Light Blue Caltagirone and the interests of his father-in-law.
Enough of Geronzi in the bank and not in the tribunal. Enough of Forleo being on trial.
Enough of D’Alema who refuses trials. Enough of De Magistris being under
investigation. Enough of the ceppalonic Mastella and his end of term handshake of 300,000
euro. Enough of the 13 billion euro TAV in Val di Susa and local railways in collapse. Enough
of Bassolino and the radioactive buffalo mozzarella. Enough of the tall stories of the
magician Otelma Bondi. Enough of the indulgent smiles of Politics maintained by the State.
Enough of the shit of Fede and of Riotta that is oozing out of the TV. Enough of the verbal
abortions of Ferrara maintained by the State. Enough of the control of information by

mediasetpartiesconfindustria. Enough of increases in the price of petrol to motorists and the
profits of ENI’s major shareholders. Enough of Telecom Italia shares plummeting and
Tronchetti on a boat with Afef. Enough of Malpensa the hub in Bossi and Maroni’s Varese
desert financed with our taxes. Enough of poison on payment in the city with Moratti’s
Ecopass. Enough of the building constructors’ EXPO 2015. Enough of incinerators and
tumours in accordance with the law. Enough of false national lists at the elections bearing
my name. Enough of Tremonti who explains to us how HE has brought down the economy.
Enough of Castelli who explains to us how HE has reduced Justice.
ENOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!!!!! Enough of holding your breath. Enough of living in
apnea. Enough of whispers of delusion. Enough of puffs of anger. Enough of words not
spoken. Enough of the profession of politics. Enough of the politics of the crafty ones and
the society of stupid people. Enough of the recession. Enough of the uncertainty of the
penalty. Enough of delinquents without frontiers in Italy. Enough of the United States
military bases in Italy. Enough of Italy as a logistics platform. Enough of the speculation of
the Town Councils on building permits. Enough of politicians on TV with nothing to say.
Enough of the information servants licking their arses, and never asking a question.
Enough of this media clowning around. Enough of De Bortoli, with Floris, with Vespa, with
Mieli, with Giordano, with Belpietro with all their ninety degree colleagues. Enough. On 25
April we will shout out: “Enough!” Freedom of information in a free State.

March 26, 2008

Address by Hu Jintao, President of China

 Address by Hu Jintao, President of China to Mr. Richard Gere, Mr. Beppe Grillo, Ms. Nancy
                                      Pelosi and others.

”It is important that opinion leader, like you, know the real truth about Tibet.
The ancient city of Lhasa is covered in gala decorations with red flags flying in the Potala
Square and the Yarlung Zangbo River gurgling delightfully. We members of the
delegation from the Central Government, together with cadres and people of all ethnic
groups in Tibet, are holding this grand celebration to mark the 57th anniversary of the
peaceful liberation of Tibet with joy and elation.
Fifty seven years ago, the CPC Central Committee and Comrade Mao Zedong, having
correctly assessed the situation, made a far-sighted, resolute and significant policy decision
to liberate Tibet peacefully. The Central People's Government and the former local
government of Tibet signed the Agreement on Measures for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet.
The peaceful liberation of Tibet was a major event in modern Chinese history and an epoch-
making turning point in the course of development in Tibet. It symbolized that Tibet once

and for all cast off the yoke of imperialist aggression and that the great unity of the
Chinese nation and its great reunification cause have entered a new period of development.
It ushered in a new era in which Tibet would turn from darkness to light, from
backwardness to progress, from poverty to affluence and from seclusion to openness.
Over the past 57 years, Tibet has achieved a leap forward in the historical development of
social systems and embarked on a socialist road. With the abolition of feudal serfdom,
under which the Tibetan people had long been suppressed and exploited, millions of
erstwhile serfs who did not even have the minimum of human rights have now stood up and
become masters of their own fate. Today people of all ethnic groups are fully enjoying
political, economic, cultural and other rights and having complete control of their destiny.
Over the past 57 years, Tibet has made substantial headway in its economic development,
and the living standards of its people have improved markedly. Through democratic reform,
socialist transformation and reform and opening-up, the social productive forces of Tibet
have been emancipated and developed in an unprecedented manner. Over the past 57
years, the socialist spiritual civilization in Tibet has been steadily enhanced and society
has moved forward in an all-round way. Educational, scientific and technological, cultural,
public health and other social undertakings have been developing vigorously. People of all
ethnic groups in Tibet have generally had enhanced political awareness, higher ethical
standards and scientific and educational levels. The fine traditional culture in Tibet has not
only been protected, inherited and carried forward, but also substantiated to reflect
people's new lives and meet the new requirements of social development.
Over the past 57 years, solidarityamong all ethnic groups in Tibet has been constantly
strengthened and social stability there has been maintained on the whole. People's freedom
of religious belief has been fully respected and protected. People of all ethnic groups
have worked in unity and succeeded in foiling the separatist and disruptive activities of the
Dalai clique and anti-China forces in the world time and again, and thus safeguarded
stability in Tibet and national unity and state security.
The course of 57 years of storms and vicissitudes has brought to light a great truth: It is
only under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, only in the embrace of the
big family of the motherland and only by firmly taking the socialist road with Chinese
characteristics that Tibet can enjoy today's prosperity and progress and an even better
tomorrow. This is the most important conclusion that we have drawn from the 57 years of
Tibet 's development and also the fundamental principle that must be followed in building
and developing Tibet in the days to come.
Tibet is a beautiful and richly endowed region of our great motherland. The industrious and
talented people of all ethnic groups in Tibet have, in a long historical development, made
outstanding contributions to the creation of a glorious culture of the Chinese nation and
creation of a unified multi-ethnic country. In the last half a century in particular, the Tibetan
people have written brilliant chapters in the development and progress of Tibet and added
new glory to the big family of our socialist motherland.

I am proud to invite you to the Beijing Olympic Games. It will be a great opportunity to
see the progress and the development of China. 胡锦涛 Hu Jintao

March 24, 2008

Robert Kennedy and GDP

Forty years ago, Robert Kennedy, gave a speech about the real wealth of Nations and GDP.
Three months later he was assassinated.

What is the GDP, the Gross Domestic Product? A measure of the growth of society? The
transformation into money, an abstract concept, of our health, of our time, of the
environment? No one has ever calculated the COST of the GDP. The damage of empty
sheds, of useless merchandise, of lorries that run around empty like maddened insects, of
the destruction of the planet. No one has ever estimated the value of wasted time in
queuing, the wasted years working to produce useless objects. Of the years thrown away to
buy useless objects created by advertising. The time, The Earth, the life, the family (the
only important ones) are concepts that are too simple for the GDP. A monster that
devours the world. It eats it and accumulates it. It digests it and transforms it into
nothing. The equation GDP=wealth is an enchantment. The useless products do not become
useful because someone buys them.

”only when the last river dries up
when the last tree is torn down
when the last animal is killed
only then will you understand that money cannot be eaten.”
Creek Prophecy

Speech by Robert Kennedy, 18 March 1968, University of Kansas.
”We will never find a purpose for our nation nor for our personal satisfaction in the mere
search for economic well-being, in endlessly amassing terrestrial goods.
We cannot measure the national spirit on the basis of the Dow-Jones, nor can we
measure the achievements of our country on the basis of the gross domestic product (GDP)
Our gross national product counts air pollution and cigarette advertising, and ambulances to
clear our highways of carnage.
It counts special locks for our doors and the jails for those who break them. It counts

napalm and the cost of a nuclear warhead, and armored cars for police who fight riots in our
streets. It counts Whitman's rifle and Speck's knife, and the television programs which
glorify violence in order to sell toys to our children.
Yet the gross national product does not allow for the health of our children, the quality of
their education, or the joy of their play. It does not include the beauty of our poetry or
the strength of our marriages; the intelligence of our public debate or the integrity of
our public officials.
It measures neither our wit nor our courage; neither our wisdom nor our learning; neither
our compassion nor our devotion to our country; it measures everything, in short, except
that which makes life worthwhile. And it tells us everything about America except why we
are proud that we are Americans.
It measures everything, in short, except that which makes life worthwhile. And it
tells us everything about America except why we are proud that we are Americans.”

The useful non-vote

From the Garzanti Dictionary:
Voto [vó-to]:
1. an expression of desire, when electing someone or needing to make a collective decision.
Utile [ù-ti-le]:
1. that is useful, able to satisfy a need
2. that offers some advantage, some profit; an effective aid.
The kind of election scheduled for 13 April is not at all contemplated in the dictionary
since we will not actually be electing anyone, but simply making a cross on party logo. Even
the possibility of making a collective decision has also been excluded from the political
elections. In fact, this is not a referendum, nor is it a public law proposal.
In order to update the usage of the term “vote”, we must therefore introduce a totally
new meaning:
1. a ritual event whereby citizens ratify the choices made previously by the political parties.
Now let’s move on to the term “useful”. Here the situation is decidedly better.
The adjective “utile” (useful), together with the new meaning of the word “voto” (vote), is
perfect: “voto utile” (Useful vote).
A useful vote may “be useful, may satisfy a need”. This is easy to prove. Remove all the
guilty parties from the court cases, rehabilitate all those with criminal records, sort out all of
the wives, arouse all the mistresses and find suitable placements for the children of….. A
useful vote “offers some advantage, some profit and is an effective aid”. The guaranteed
financial returns include 25,000 Euro per month, a full pension after only two and a

half years, a blue "company" vehicle and, only for the sinners, cocaine and whores and Air
Force Helicopters.
The campaign to get your vote knows no bounds. Morpheus Napolitano reminded us of
this fact during one of his few moments of lucidity from far-away Chile. He defended the
political parties, calling it the expression of democracy, and then proceeded to launch an
attack against what he called simple populism. Then he went back to sleep.
As usual, the psychodwarf and Topo Gigio are always first in line in claiming their right to
the useful vote. If you vote for them, your vote is useful, otherwise not. Without your
vote, Tar-head would no longer have Rete 4, his criminal buddies or his conflict of
interests. The Mayor of Rome would be obliged to move to Rwanda or to Madagascar, to
write books and to save endangered populations. Do it for their sake. Do it for your own
sake. Tell them to fuck-off on 13 April by exercising your right to a “useful non-vote”
(abstention) in the political elections.
[nón] [vó-to] [ù-ti-le]:
1. reclamation of the State by the citizens
2. de-legitimisation of the parasitic behaviour of the political parties.
V-day 25 April. Freedom of information in a free State.

March 06, 2008

Political Press Release number four

Differences between the PD and the PDL do not exist. The national elections on 13 and 14
April do not exist. It is only painting a scene. Papier maché of posters and TV studios of
servants. They are lost votes. Not to vote in the national elections is the answer to this
regime. It’s the only democratic weapon left. Sonia Alfano is a candidate for our lists in the
regional elections in Sicily. She has received numerous threatening letters. No solidarity
from the parties. Excellent signs. It means she is an honest person. On !5 March Beppe
Grillo is in Rome to support Serenetta Monti, a candidate for Mayor of Rome in the civic
lists. The spread of knowledge is fundamental. The organisation of people in campaign
groups and in civic lists is democracy. Knowledge, organisation, local civic lists. It’s the
Internet epidemic: Sicily, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Treviso, Rome, Vicenza, Pozzuoli, Pescara,
Fiumicino, Massa, Pisa, Viterbo. The regime’s password: counter-information., TAV, military
bases, incinerators, debts, deaths at work. Power alone does not exist. It is created by us.
The future exists. Our offspring exist. Our commitment MUST exist. Out with the scoundrels
and the court jesters from the public arena. Everybody out. Civil commitment, civil
denunciation, support to honest people. Who lies, out. The “prescritti” out. Convicted felons
out. The incapable out. Shout it out when they talk in the streets: OUT! Go with them to
their campaign bus and their Blue Car. Honest Italians take back the country. Civil
commitment, denunciation, information. Your life is now. It is just one life. Forward with

optimism towards the catastrophe (their catastrophe).

Channel Zero

I’m publishing a letter I’ve received from Giulietto Chiesa.
“Dear Beppe,
I believe that this is a starting point, that it is true, does not coincide with your ideas but then are
definitely not contrasting them. And I think it is a tool to bring them about.
You don’t have to agree. I ask you to do as you did for the 11 September affair, by publishing
my letter. It was a great help.
I ask you to repeat it, also in the name of all those who signed this appeal and the numerous
others, who cannot sign for various professional reasons, but who have privately told me of their
agreement. Some are already working actively with me.
I am, we are, your allies in the battle for democratic and honest information. We are thinking of
doing it like this.
Warm greetings

Appeal for freedom of information

Dear friends,   companions in an Italy that does not give up. The disaster of the situation and of the
political class and a real and outright democratic emergency obliges us to break with indecision
and timidity, divisions and recrimination.
First of all, we have to defend ourselves and we can counter attack.
To do that we have to have tools of mass communication that produce democratic information
and that engage with a battle for the defence of democracy and of the Common Good.
We believe that millions of people in Italy are waiting for this proposal and that they are ready to
support it.
But to do so it is necessary to have a substantial financial commitment. There are no parties,
Trades Unions, willing to finance it. If there were, they would want to control it. That would not
be useful to the aim. Thus we have to do it on our own account. Each one of us, of you, become a
publisher and a protagonist.
It is among you citizens, that we have to collect the amount needed to launch this experiment.
It’s big, massive, but we have to do it with small change. A David against a Goliath. But we
don’t have to have tens of billions of euro to have decent and free information. In fact, the
billions of euro are the very thing that gag it and prevent it.
We think that we can do it even with a modest sum to start off with. To do it we need an
essential organising structure. Even this has its cost. To start off this collection machinery we
need to know in advance how many there are of us, how many individuals and groups are
For now, we are not asking for money.
We are asking, all those who are willing to give at least 100 euro, to tell us of their willingness,
via a simple email, together with essential details: first name, second name, email, place of
residence and possibly telephone number.
The data collected will be kept confidential. Information published during the three months
needed for this “commitment campaign” will be just totals, by geographic area, every week.
At the end of three months if we have the necessary conditions for starting off, we will start to
collect the money. And we will use these months to define all the necessary administrative, legal
and organizational aspects.
The relevant site for the “commitment campaign” is that will give the
essential information. But we will involve a series of “friendly” websites, blogs, radio
broadcasters and communication media who want to support us and spread the message of this
The steps

We are defining a centre of journalism that will work full time, made up of properly employed
people with a contract for the whole duration of the initial project: 18 months.
The team will have a director, appointed by the collective and by a wide-ranging group of
supporters, with a corresponding high level of professionalism. And it’ll be someone who
doesn’t have other constraints, just a person who follows the codes of their profession and those
laid out in a simple statement of intent including these points:
1) Defence of the Constitution and the democratic rule of law
2) No to every war.
3) Defence of the social and civil rights of citizens.
4) Defence of the environment and of the territory.
5) Defence of the secular State
We define, after wide consultation, a committee of guarantors, “super partes,” chosen from
democratic people who have the trust of the people based on their qualities in terms of
professionalism, culture, scientific, and social action. Their task will be to verify that the ideals
are respected. With this in mind we ask you right now to put forward the name of a person, who
you believe could ensure the application of the principles given above.
The independence of the operators will be totally guaranteed. Each phase of construction of the
project will be made public in the total respect of transparency, using verification tools directed
by those who finance it. First of all, using the Internet, but also with a network of committees
and big meeting throughout the territory. The first ones to sign
(The list is open to others, whose names will be made known shortly)” Leggi tutti i post della
"Casta dei giornali" V2-day, 25 aprile, per un'informazione libera: 1. Inserisci le tue foto su con il tag V2-day 2. Inserisci tuoi video su con il tag V2-day
3. Sostieni il V2 day

70 billion euro in interest

70 billion euro in interest. You have been paying this together with all Italians. And the
coming year it’ll be more. At night, before you close your eyes to go to sleep, think of the
interest payments on YOUR public debt. Put aside ten euro in the glass on your bedside
Before investing in social structures and security structures, the State last year had to pay
70 billion euro. The State is us. The interest payments were paid by us through our taxes.
For every euro given to the taxman, a part has been used for the interest. It’s as though,
you with your salary had to pay a loan shark before the mortgage on the house, the
children’s day care, the shopping and the utility bills for gas and electricity. The difference
between the State and the loan shark is that the State got you into debt without asking
your permission. The loan shark at least lent you the money. If however you buy a bit of
the public debt through the issuing of State bonds you could even get even. The taxes paid
for the interest on the public debt will be transformed into interest from State bonds.
The debt has reached 1,629.7 billion euro (in September 2005 it was 11,542.4 billion
euro). Each year it increases thanks to the new interest to be paid and to the deficit in the
accounts (the difference between money coming in to the State and money going out). It’s
a maddened train that has to be stopped by reducing the costs of the State. Cut
bureaucracy, Provinces, group together villages, investments without funds and without
future like the TAV in Val di Susa (15 billion euro) or the Messina Bridge (4/5 billion euro),
useless public bodies, etc. etc.
The governments must not be able to create holes in the balance of the accounts, the
outgoings must be equal to (or less than) the income. If they are bigger, let the President of
the Council pay the difference.
The young generations are the victims of the public debt. Less money for research, for
the school, for innovation means less opportunity for work. It is the society of the “big
babies”, that has come after the society of the “big eaters”.
To tranquilize the Italians, the public debt is compared to the GDP. Today the debt/GDP
ratio is 105. If the GDP, that is the Italian Gross Domestic Product increases in a year, the
catastrophe gets further away. But the GDP is slowing down, coming to a stop, and in 2008
could get less. And for the debt/GDP ratio we are next to the bottom in Europe out of
27 countries, followed only by Hungary.
Public spending is the main resource of Italian politics: they even spend the money they
don’t have for lobbyists, votes and clients. They are getting us into debt, and above all our

The media war

The media war has been going on for years now. Subservient information against free
information. Press and television against the Internet. The psychodwarf’s bullshit is at the
top of the Net hit parade. Topo Gigio’s hogwash is less widespread, because it is somewhat
embarrassing to repeat them. On YouTube it is possible to see Italy’s loudmouths, and it is
great to pull the piss out of them. Relax. They are making as if nothing is happening,
they put forward people like Vespa. The Network is the world’s evil: paedophilia, body organ
trafficking, fraud, and anti-politics. A place that scares the hell out of Tar-head and the
post-communists. Fully one-third of Italy currently has no access to ADSL. Without the Net,
the economy cannot grow. Were Net access to increase, these overworked politicians would
be finished.
On the Porta a Porta programme dedicated to the Perugia criminal case, psychologist and
renowned sex therapist Dr. Graziottin stated that: "The Internet is the antechamber of
prostitution amongst the youth". Vespa smiled condescendingly.
Bruno Vespa is a threat to the country, to free information and to the economy. Let’s De-
Vespise Rai, starting with this particular insect.
Stop purchasing any products advertised on Porta a Porta.
I am now publishing an open letter to Bruno Vespa that was sent to me. Circulate it.

”Dear Dr. Vespa,
Internet reaches more than one billion subscribers worldwide, and around 24 million
people in Italy specifically. Each day there are 120,000 new blogs, for a total of more than
100 million blogs worldwide. In 2007 alone, 44 million people participated actively in the
greatest ever social, cultural and democratic phenomenon in recent history.
In many authoritarian countries, the bloggers defend freedom of expression and democracy
and fight against repression and, to date, going to prison for their beliefs. In democratic
countries the bloggers expand the free exchange of ideas, community communications and,
finally, participation in the life of society.
EU Commissioner Viviane Reding has repeatedly pointed out that 50% of any growth in
the European GDP is linked to the development of information and communication
technology (ICT), with the Internet being its spinal cord. The lack of access to broadband
services is perhaps the most significant indicator of how far we are lagging behind in the
important TLC sector.
According to the most recent data released by the European TLC operators’ organisation
ECTA, the Italian scenario regarding broadband access is as follows:
1. Broad band distribution: Italy (16.5) is falling further behind the EU average (19.8),
and is falling increasingly further behind other comparable countries, such as France, UK
and Germany. We are obviously way behind the Nordic countries. Of the main 15 European
countries, we are even lagging behind Ireland, and closely followed by Portugal. In essence,
the distribution of broadband in Italy is less than in other countries with similar industrial
and social homogeneity.
2. Growth of broadband services between September 2006 and September 2007: The rate
of growth in Italy was only 3%, very low indeed when compared to other comparable
countries, where the established rate of growth has been between 5% and 10%.
…the gap between us and the rest of Europe is continuing to grow.
Proper communications via mass media means and ICT technologies could contribute
significantly toward attracting people to telecommunications, the Internet and computer
technology in general, with positive spin-offs for the entire system. We wish to point out
that in today’s age the Internet constitutes the main system for communicating worldwide,
together with fixed and mobile telephony, with the Internet being far more functional than
the latter. Just like the telephone networks, the Internet is used for legal as well as illegal
purposes. This difference is that Internet communications and operations are, in most
cases, open to the public, thus making any everyday, deviant, illegal and even criminal
operations clearly visible, which unfortunately means that, precisely because they are so
clearly visible online, they are often thought to be specific only to the Internet.
Nobody, however, and quite rightly so, has ever thought of generally criminalizing the
telephone networks, even though the criminal and illegal utilisation of the fixed and

mobile telephony networks is a well known, ancient, widespread and serious phenomenon,
as proved by the telephone taps divulged from time to time.” Signed, inter alia, by: Luca De
Biase, Juan Carlos De Martin, Michele Ficara, Alfonso Fuggetta, Enrico Gasperini, Enrico
Grazzini, Marco Montemagno, Layla Pavone.

March 01, 2008

Illegal political elections

The upcoming political elections are unconstitutional and their outcome will be null
and void. I am absolutely flabbergasted that the State President did not FIRST insist on the
referendum being held, as requested by the citizens, and THEN call for elections.
Was the psychodwarf perhaps threatening to march on Rome if the Houses were not
dissolved? Were the members of the Lega Nord grabbing for their rifles? Napolitano could
have sent in the army and got it over with. We are paying him to make decisions, not to
build a statue to Pincio.
The Constitution is very simple and well written. It is open to discussion but not to
interpretation. The first article states that: "Sovereignty belongs to the population ".
Deputies and senators are instead elected by the party secretaries. Almost 80% of
Parliament is decided by only two people, namely Topo Gigio and the psychodwarf. It is
their Parliament, a veltrusconian Parliament rather than an Italian one. Do you actually
realise what a monumental joke these elections are? What is taking place is a great market
for electoral lists. A market in which there is a bit of everything. Dancing girls and whores,
convicted criminals and statute–barred individuals. Every day there is a new candidate from
uncivil society. With the backing of some temporary worker or an escapee from the
workplace slaughters. And this even after Law 30 was not changed, after the pardons freely
absolved and sent out those guilty for the white deaths. The same parties, the same
leathery faces. Italy has become just like Byzantium prior to its fall. Everyone interprets,
everyone covering his/her own arse. Everyone is right, everyone else is wrong... When next
you meet a politician, read the Constitution out loud and demand that he/she respects it. An
unconstitutional Parliament has no legitimacy. Its members should go and play swingball at
Arcore or at the Rome Film Festival.

Here is a report on the Regional Administrative Court (TAR) application submitted by
three attorneys who are against the electoral law.

"Elections to be held on 13/14 April: application to Tar. The electoral law is unconstitutional
and violates the European Human Rights Convention.

Today, three citizen voters, namely attorneys Aldo Bozzi of the Milan Court, Giuseppe
Bozzi of the Rome Court and Giuseppe Porqueddu of the Brescia Court have proposed
submitting an application to the Tar in Lazio, contesting the validity of the Presidential
Decrees calling for meetings to elect members of the House of Delegates and the Senate,
specifically the section which implements the provisions of the Calderoli law, which are in
striking contrast with the basic rights of citizens and the constitutional prerogatives of the
State President.
Following on from the findings of the Constitutional Court in its sentence No. 15 of 2008
(approval of the electoral referendum), the applicants are asking that the TAR raise the
matter of the constitutionality of the Calderoli Law, with specific reference to three critical
issues, namely:
1) The closed lists, which deprive the voter of the right to select persons to represent them
in Parliament
2) The allocation of majority status, which is not subject to achieving any sort of minimum
3) The indication of the Candidate for Premier on the ballot paper
The voters’ inability to choose between the candidates changes the entire nature of
Parliament because it turns all the elected people into party representatives or
representatives of the chief politicians that picked them, rather than public representatives,
thereby suppressing the constitutional principle of representivity and the independence of
Parliamentarians, who should be free to carry out their duties without being subject to any
mandate. Furthermore, the law also violates the European Human Rights Convention (article
3 of Protocol I).
The allocation of majority status, free of any obligation to achieve any sort of minimum
threshold, profoundly alters the composition of the representation. Both of these systems,
namely, the majority status system and the closed list system, were used in the past by the
Fascists, by means of the Acerbo law of 1924 and the subsequent Law of 1928, in order to
prevent the electorate from exercising free choice and to embarrass Parliament.
Indicating the coalition Chief as the Candidate for Premier on the ballot paper prejudices
one of the State President’s functions granted to him by the constitution itself, namely that
of appointing the Prime Minister ".

February 29, 2008

Cut and sew

A technique used by TV journalists is “Cut and sew”. Your words are used against you. The
technique is useful for making you say the opposite of what you think or to make you seem
to be mad. The guest to be knocked out is interviewed before the broadcast, never live.
Those who are watching at home know nothing about the cuts. They hear just the snippets
chosen by the presenter. Everything you don’t know is true!

Dear Beppe,
Mario Tozzi invited me to take part in “Terzo Pianeta”, his programme about rubbish that
was broadcast on 16 February. The chunk into which I was inserted, was recorded on Friday
15 in the rubbish tip of Serre. I was talking with Paolo Degli Espinosa, a supporter of
Brescia’s incinerator. I knew that I would not be treated on an equal footing and I suspected
that some of my statements would be cut, but I thought that it was still worth the effort to
make it possible to hear a voice that is not in the same chorus as Tozzi. Actually Degli
Espinosa had a lot more space, in an interview on his own at the beginning, and then in the
debate with me. But that was not a negative thing, because he was able to say more a lot
more things without foundation that are easily shown to be false in a few words. What I
didn’t expect is however, the amount of cutting made to my contribution. I had calculated
that there would be a few snips, but hardly anything remained. I’m listing the things that
got cut out.
1. Incinerators are an economic disaster. Without CIP6 they wouldn’t get by. After that was
removed from the new incinerators, the tender competition to complete the Acerra one was
deserted, and Prodi brought it back in with a special decree for the three new plant planned
in Campania.
Incineration is a choice as an alternative to differentiated collection. If the quantities of
refuse delivered to an incinerator were to go down and the burning process were not to
operate at full capacity the economic shortfall would grow.
Every half word the politicians say that we have to stay in Europe. And yet incineration is
the opposite of the measures indicated by Europe on the treatment of refuse, which are in
order of precedence: differentiated collection and recycling, recovery of energy without
combustion (anaerobic digestion of the organic part), the recovery of energy with
combustion. He made me repeat this sequence twice. So that he could cut it out better?
4 For the undifferentiated residue I described the Mechanical-Biological Treatment and its
advantages in relation to incineration in terms of investment costs, recovery of material,

economic gain, impact on the environment and on health, final disposal of the inert minimal
5 In response to the (pseudo) argument that emissions from traffic are greater than those
from incinerators I pointed out the absurdity of his logic. You can’t compare apples with
turkeys. Emissions from incinerators should be compared to emissions from other systems
for treating refuse; with those from our stock of buildings, from houses that are constructed
better; and compare emissions of car traffic with emissions of other transport systems.
7. The part in which I said that the nano particles can cause cancers, was cut.
When Tozzi made out that incineration gets rid of refuse I reminded him of the Lavoiser law.
Even this citation was cut.
I think it is useful to make known this vision of “behind the scenes”, that in the last analysis
is a sign of cultural and political weakness. If you have to take refuge in these methods to
convince the public of the benefits of a despicable choice in terms of the economy and
ecology, that is represented by incineration, even in spite of the current frenzied media
campaign, they have not succeeded. In fact, as far as I can see, they have contributed to
increase the number of those who are right to fear it and therefore reject it.”

February 27, 2008

Political Press Release number three

The civic lists are being formed. The first ones are in Pescara, Rome and Vicenza for local
elections. And in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Sicily for regional elections. Foreign banks are
selling our State bonds. Our exports are decreasing. The public debt is going up, 1626
billion euro. State costs are increasing. Electoral promises are fewer taxes and more work.
We’ll have more taxes and less work. The country is a resource for the politicians and for
their mass bureaucracy. A lifelong income with the taxes of the citizens. They are devouring
Italy. It’s not true that the political class is all the same. But the few gentlemen that are
part of it make it legitimate. It’s not possible to vote for the less worst. We mustn’t lose
hope for a better one. Whoever votes for the less worst makes the worst legitimate. The
elections are anticonstitutional. We cannot choose the candidate. And no newspaper is
talking about it. No TV is shouting it out. I repeat: We cannot choose the candidate. Two
people are choosing the names of 80% of the deputies and senators. They are writing
the Lower and Upper Houses. They are called Veltrusconi. They are the same person, the
same party, the same programme, the same ministers. Beppe Grillo was in Naples on 23
February for Rubbish Day. Press conference with 120 journalists. Many international
newspapers. 30,000 people in Piazza Dante. Anyone wanting to know what was said by

cancer experts, environmental and energy experts will have to learn English or German.
Read Die Zeit or The Herald Tribune. Il Corriere and la Repubblica dedicated a tiny patch of
the dimensions of a postage stamp. Italian information is under control. It is wartime
propaganda against the Italian people. Everything you don’t know is true. Don’t read the
newspapers. Don’t watch the TV. Think with your own head. Lift up your head.
For a new Renaissance. V-Day 25 April.

February 24, 2008

Sorry, Naples

Yesterday evening in Naples, I said sorry to all the people of Campania.

”Sorry! I’m here to say sorry to you on behalf of all the Italians.
In 1861 you were annexed by the people of Piedmont with a war of occupation. Naples
was one of the capitals of Europe. With Victor Emmanuel II, it became the capital of
emigration. The Savoys carried away the cash box of the Kingdom and sent you General
Cialdini. Tens of thousands of people of Campania were massacred. Before being subjects of
the people from Piedmont, they were subjects of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The next
morning they were brigands. The technique is always the same: first they throw mud at
you, then they kill you or beat you up. Naples is the world capital of rubbish. Dirty.
Disgusting. It’s in Newsweek, Time, Le Monde. You are benefactors. You dispose of toxic

waste from the whole world, and above all from the companies of Northern Italy. To
poison Campania costs less than getting rid of toxic slurry. Who gains? The Gross Domestic
After being unified with Italy you are no longer a people. You are lazzaroni, people of the
Camorra, scum, louts. You who had Cuma and Capua thousands of years ago. Greek
civilization, Etruscan, Roman. Today you are prisoners in your own home. You don’t even
know who you are. I beg your pardon for the Camorra, for Bassolino, for Veltroni, for
Berlusconi, for Ms Iervolino, for Cirino Pomicino. I beg your pardon for Mussolini, for
fascism, for the two world wars, for the race laws, for the ships full of emigrants. Pardon
for having reduced one of the most beautiful cities in the world to an advertising spot on
Tenímmoce accussí: ánema e core...nun ce lassammo cchiù, manco pe' n'ora...stu desiderio
'e te mme fa paura...

On the other side of the Adriatic a tiny State has just become independent. It is Kosovo. It
has 2 million inhabitants. There are 6 million of you in Campania and who knows how many
millions around the world. You have a history that goes back thousands of years. The Italian
State has reduced you to a dung heap. Become Kosovans. Have a referendum to become
independent. I will support your campaign. Propose a plebiscite for the return of the
Bourbons. You couldn’t be governed worse than this. They have even taken away your
right to speak. The language of Naples has been recognised by UNESCO but not by the
schools of Italy. Nobody eats buffalo mozzarella any more. They are afraid it is
radioactive. Your agriculture is on its knees. You have to export tomatoes in secret. You
have to mark tins of tomato paste : “made in China” so that you can put them on the
contraband market in Europe. The Governor of Venice has started an advertising campaign
in Germany. To explain to all Germans that the region of Venice is different from
Campania. Caorle is better than Ischia and than Capri. Civilisation stops at the Piave: once
it murmured, now it vomits the mayor Gentilini.
Campania is a political laboratory. What happens here happens in the whole of Italy. The
distance between the citizens and the institutions is no longer there. They have brought in
the knowing truncheon. The one that thinks about it and then strikes the women and the
old people with their hands up in Pianura and in Savignano Irpino. The almost-knowing
truncheon of the G8 in Genoa, of the Val di Susa, has evolved with you, it has found mature
representation, more democratic.
Tenímmoce accussí: ánema e core...nun ce lassammo cchiù, manco pe' n'ora...stu desiderio
'e te mme fa paura…

Sorry. I want to ask for your pardon for the Acerra incinerator. For Impregilo. For our
politicians chosen by the national parties. For Veronesi who’s at the top of Veltroni’s list in
Lombardy and is three years older than De Mita. For Prodi who wants to make you a gift of

three new incinerators. In Lombardy there are tens of incinerators, the roads are clean, but
there’s a frightening occurrence of cancers. I beg your pardon for the illnesses due to
radioactive waste buried in your lands without authority without any authority lifting a finger
over 20 years. I beg your pardon for the dioxin and the nano particles from incineration
that you breathe in together with the cancer. How many authorities have you paid with your
taxes? Magistrates, Health Units, public administrators, Regions, Provinces, Towns,
Mountain Communities, Police, Carabinieri, Forest Guards, Fire Officers, Town Police, Urban
Cleansing, deputies, senators. All our employees. How many thousands of people have
been given salaries to save you from this disaster? Why if there is Justice to avoid this
Chernobyl of rubbish? What’s the use? Why are they there?
The world is looking at Naples. You are at a point of no return. Naples is at year zero. Like
Berlin in 1945 after the bombing. It is a unique moment in history for starting again. For a
Campana Renaissance. Take your past back into your hands, your language and the life
of your children. Your territory. If you want you can change things. Nothing is impossible for
those who are born here. What is decided in Rome is not important. You are important. The
Italy of Beppe Grillo says “sorry” to you. The other Italy judges you and beats you up.
History has gone by here and will come back soon. However, give it a hand.
For a New Renaissance.
Tenímmoce accussí: ánema e core...nun ce lassammo cchiù, manco pe' n'ora...stu desiderio
'e te mme fa paura..."

February 18, 2008

Everything you don’t know is true

Everything you don’t know is true. You need a leap, a flash, to see the light, to know
the truth. Our mind is enclosed in narrow boundaries. The press and the TV are the
guardians. Our honesty stops us from understanding. An honest person believes that even
the others are behaving in the same way. More or less. There are things that you refuse to
think. The reaction to the truth is shock. The typical thing to say in that circumstance is “it’s
not possible”. The truth is not knowable with the five senses. It has to be searched for in a
transcendental way. You have to surprise it, imagine it, create it with thought. Whatever
the result it will be more real than the pre-packaged reality in which we believe we are

There are grillo-zen techniques to arrive at illumination:
1 Turn upside down the information to get the opposite (example: incinerators do not have
effects on health = incinerators cause tumours)
2 Put yourself in the shoes of the professional liars starting with the simplest cases to get to
the more complex ones (example: listen 100 times to the speech by Mastella in Parliament
in defence of his wife Sandra under house arrest). NB: The technique carries its risks:
starting straight off with the psycho-dwarf could be fatal.

3 Without laughing, read aloud an electoral programme chosen at random in front of a
mirror in candle light (example: the contract with the Italians or the 208 points of the Olive.
4 Always expect the worst. Whoever is thinking of the worst does not fear surprises. They
can live peacefully. What else could happen to them? (example: the State will go bankrupt.
The State bonds will be frozen. Italy will leave the Euro and our capital will crumble to
5 Ask friends to make us immobile in front of the TV with eyes kept open with tweezers as
in the film: “Clockwork Orange” (example: select information programmes with Ferrara,
Riotta, Fede, Feltri, Mazza, Vespa, Mentana)
6 Read your pay slip and compare it with what you had a few years ago. Repeat the
operation with the receipt for your shopping. It helps to listen to Tremonti, Brunetta and
Visco in the background.
Practice these techniques and make them known without abusing them.
V2 Day. 25 April 2008. Freedom of information in a free State.

February 16, 2008

German brothers, declare war on us!

                                      Otto von Bismarck

My appeal to the German people published in the weekly Die Zeit.
”Italy is launching an appeal to our German brothers. Declare war on us. We will
surrender willingly. You won’t even have to fire one rifle shot. We will throw violets and
mimosa to your Franz and Gunther as they march through. You are our final hope.
Meanwhile, while you reflect and prepare your armoured tanks, we would like you to take
care of our public employees. Every day we are sending you by train our rubbish from
Campania. Our politicians are toxic waste, we just need to add a few extra wagons, shut
tight, so that they too, arrive at Berlin or Cologne. Please take them too. When they arrive,
thermo-valorise them straight away. They are more contagious than Ebola or the West Nile
virus. We will pay you well. I give you my word that you will not get in exchange, bonds
from Parmalat, the greatest collapse in history, or from Cirio and not even shares of
Alitalia, that is losing a million Euro a day. I can even reassure you about the State bonds:
they won’t be part of the payment. Italy has the biggest public debt in Europe, about

1,626 billion euro. If they had to reimburse all the different types of Treasury Bonds, the
Italian State would declare itself bankrupt and the people would be shooting in the streets.
I would like to suggest to you a few names for the sealed wagons. You know many of them,
they are even famous abroad, like Berlusconi who offended one of your representatives in
the European Community labeling him a kapò. A man who has created himself with a tiny
bit of help from friends. In Italy, friendship is sacred and if the friends are called Bettino
Craxi, who died as a fugitive from justice in Tunisia, or Marcello Dell’Utri, convicted for tax
fraud and false invoicing and the creator of Forza Italia, or Licio Gelli, convicted for having
infiltrated his organisation, the P2, in all sectors of the Italian State, you can close an eye.
Friends are never betrayed, above all if they exchange the favours. Craxi, for example,
made an ad hoc decree that allowed him to have 3 national TV channels with which he could
do political propaganda for his party and Gelli signed him up in his organisation of
delinquents. Berlusconi also owns Mondadori, the most important Italian publishing group.
He was judged thanks to the corruption of the judges by his trusted lawyer, Cesare Previti,
who then ended up in prison. If Merkel were to own 3 TV channels and 40 of the daily and
weekly publications, she would not need to do the Grosse Koalition. She would have 80%
of the vote at the elections. Why don’t you suggest it to her?
With us, the conflict of interests is a funny story that the Centre Left has been telling us for
years. Its leaders in reality, pass their time talking about banks and insurance on the
telephone, someone goes sailing, someone goes to Arcore to reassure Berlusconi. They are
called Violante, Fassino, D’Alema. The latter two are being investigated by the Milan
prosecutors. The judge is called Clementina Forleo. Her parents died in a strange accident
after they were threatened and she has been made out to be mad by the media, put on trial
and transferred. I would also like you to take Veltroni, the new one that is left over, a
politician that got his training in the 1970s and he has been given a new coat of paint with
the new colours of the Democratic Party (PD). A new brand that is a substitute for the
Democrats of the Left (DS) that had replaced the name Democratic Party of the Left (PDS)
that came after the Italian Communist Party (PCI). Our politicians are chameleons. They
change name and colour but they stay always the same. They hope that the voters will
forget that Italian politics has been the worst in Europe in the last 20 years.
I wouldn’t want you to forget Mastella who lives in Ceppaloni. A gentleman who has
amused the world. He believed he was the Minister of Justice, but he had a token role.
They made him a minister with a giant lollipop and a precise mission: to do the Great
Pardon. The first action of the Prodi government was to liberate 24,000 prisoners and the
not-put-in-prison hundreds of public officials connected to the parties. Mastella spent so
much of his time being photographed in prison with the inmates that they adopted him. He
had to resign because his wife ended up under house arrest for abuse of power as a public
official, together with an imprecise number of leaders from his family-led party. Dini, a
former President of the Council, is extra-toxic waste. He is 77 years old and his internal
organs, in particular, his brain, are decomposed. His beautiful wife has been convicted for

bankruptcy and sentenced to 2 years and a few months. In Italy, that’s a merit point and
he is rightly proud.
I’m asking you to do a raid in Parliament to fill the wagons. You will find 24 who have
been convicted and have had their final appeals, for crimes that go from association in
armed gangs, to fraud, to giving false witness, to mafia association. Added to these
magnificent 24 there are those who have been convicted and have as yet had no appeal or
just one appeal, in all about a hundred ruffians. With us “Prescritto” means that the
conviction arrived too late to end up in prison. The world champion for this crime is the 90
year old Giulio Andreotti, to be accompanied to the wagon in a wheelchair. He has been
convicted for being close to the mafia, but out of time. This is why he was promoted to
being a life senator. Perhaps you came to hear that the Governor of Sicily was found
guilty in January, for having acted in favour of certain mafia people, and he got a sentence
of 5 years, as well as the prohibition on holding public office. He ate a plate of pasties to
celebrate. (He thought he would get a lot longer) and then he was forced to resign. But he
won’t serve a day in prison even if he gets confirmation of the conviction at the final appeal
(with us there are 3 levels of conviction). Two years are done away with for every citizen
and three are a pretty little gift from the Great Pardon law from the eloquent Mastella (he’s
got a waist measurement of 200 centimetres, he eats like a warthog). To make up for
that, Cuffaro will go into Parliament, appointed by his party. In fact, our electoral law,
imposed with a sleight of hand by Berlusconi before giving up the position of President of
the Council in 2006, sets out that deputies and senators are appointed by the party
secretaries and not elected by the Italians. In Parliament, there are many wives, lovers,
clerks, lackeys, yes-men, convicts, mafia people, and camorra people. The citizen can just
make a mark on a symbol.
Many say that we will end up like Argentina. In reality we have already done so. But we are
ashamed to say so openly. There are almost 6 million precarious workers in Italy who
work one month on and one month off. The luckiest earn 800 euro a month. They are young
men and women who will never have a pension. Every year the number increases. Italian
industry is Fiat and little else. The big groups are State concessionaires, motorways,
telecommunications, energy: they are monopolies. Foreign investments in Italy have
collapsed. Spain has overtaken us. In European classifications we are always next to the
last or last. Each time we are competing with Greece. Italy has the highest number of
frauds in relation to the European Community. European funds, about 9 billion a year,
finish up almost all in 3 Italian regions: Campania, Calabria and Sicilia, where the Camorra,
Ndrangheta and Mafia are in command. A black hole of mixing between politics and
organised crime. I could go on for hours, but I don’t have the courage or the space. Let the
train start off as soon as possible and invade us. The Italians are on your side. “Cry for
me, Deutschland”. Beppe Grillo

February 15, 2008

Political Press Release number two

Political Press Release number two

On 25 April in Piazza Castello in Turin, there will be V2 day. In all the squares of Italy
there will be a collection of signatures for three referenda for the freedom of
information in a free State. It is not possible to bring forward V2 day. In the election
period, the squares are made available to the parties. Beppe Grillo has asked about the
availability of certain squares before 13 April and has received a refusal. Change must come
from below, from the citizens who are informed. A national civic list now with this
electoral law is suicide. For 13 April, civic lists will be present in many cities. I will be
present in the cities during the election campaign. For the local elections of 2009 there
will be hundreds of civic lists. The mass disinformation media are at work to hide the
problems of the country. The parties occupy the news. With few exceptions, the journalists
are servants of the parties. Print out and give out “La Settimana” for all those who cannot
get connected to the Internet. On your blogs, write about the daily falsities of the regime
and unmask them. No to convicted criminals in the electoral lists. No to those who have
been convicted and to those who are still convicted at the first appeal, in the electoral lists.
Those who are elected/appointed and are waiting for a decision on their ongoing trial get
parliamentary immunity and avoid prison. No to parliamentary immunity. There are no
citizens who are more equal than others. The blog will publish the names of the
“prescritti”, of those who are convicts even after two appeals, and those who are convicts
after one or no appeals whose names are in the electoral lists. The date of 13 April is a date
like the others. Whoever wins loses anyway. Be informed and inform others. V-day 25 April.

February 12, 2008

The eternal present

Letters like this are arriving at the blog every day. They leave an emptiness inside me. I
feel robbed of a future together with the one who writes. No one is talking about the future
any more, of tomorrow. We are living in an eternal present. And we believe that this is
life, without the possibility of change. Chin up! Let’s change this country.!
”Yesterday was a splendid sunny Sunday, one of those days that makes you want to go
out, to see everything in that magnificent light.
But (we know) not everything can go as you imagine it. So you see that your wife is
strange, you see her thoughtful, and with shining eyes. You go up to her nervously and
timorously and ask what has happened. At this point serenity collapses. You start to tell
yourself that you can’t go on like this, that it’s not right that even on Sundays she has to go
to work and on Monday to clean the shops for a few Euros. She never has the time to
switch off. I never take her out. I never give her a surprise. With that miserable pay
packet we can’t get by any more.
She’s right. It’s unpalatable, tough, mortifying. At 36 years I’m a failure. I don’t get as
much as 1500 Euro. With a mortgage of 700 Euro a month, utility bills, the car, taxes and
school dinners (yes I have two splendid children), payments on the car, petrol,
condominium expenses and so on. We don’t even manage to do regular shopping.
So, “angry” I take the two children and go out with them. I take them to the park and then
to the fun fair. I let them enjoy themselves like I haven’t done for ages. On the way back I
looked at them in the mirror of the car. I heard them chattering and laughing, and I started
to cry. Yes at 36 years old, I cried like a child. Then at a certain moment the youngest
one, saw that I was crying and said: “What’s up dad?” I replied: “Nothing. I’m happy
because I see you happy.” I’m a liar. I should have replied that I was sad because I had
spent the last 16 Euro on the fun fair, that I was sorry because Father Christmas couldn’t
stretch to a playstation, that I didn’t know how to pay two utility bills, that the fridge is
empty, that mum is right, I never give her a surprise.
Dear Beppe, I’m letting off steam and you will have received thousands of similar letters,
but today I decided to write to you because while I was in front of the press, I
remembered that about 10 years ago I had a tiny accident. A spring from a trolley for the
containers suddenly came away and flew across my forehead. They gave me one stitch, and
a few months later a cheque for 250 thousand lire arrived. The idea flashed across my

mind to put my hand underneath, in the press and that way I could pay off the utility bills
that are outstanding. But I was afraid.” Alessio

February 10, 2008

Political Press Release number one

Democracy can only start from the bottom. The new Renaissance will originate in the
towns. The Civic lists must get organised for the local elections on 13 April 2008. The
blog will give support to civic lists. Beppe Grillo will be present in the cities that present a
civic list. The national elections in April are against the Constitution. The citizens cannot
choose their own representative. State concessionaires must not be doing politics.
Referendums cannot be cancelled. Referendums cannot be postponed. The result of the
forthcoming election is null. Information is in the hands of the economic groups and the
parties. It’s State Rubbish. Beppe Grillo will participate in Rubbish Day in Naples on 23
February together with experts and doctors to relaunch the separate collection of refuse and
for the health of the citizens. The news has gone astray. Beppe Grillo will make a deposition
of three proposals for referendum with the Court of Cassation in February. Abolition of
the Association of Journalists. Abolition of public financing of the press. Abolition of the
Unified Text on the radio-TV system that makes news a prostitute to the interests of the
parties and Mediaset. On 25 April, there will be voting on the referendums in all locations
in Italy. The proposals for popular laws for a Clean Parliament that have been placed
before the Senate, have been ignored by our employees. Convicted Felons out. Two terms
of office. Direct voting for the candidates. 350,000 Italians signed. Signatures confirmed by

public officials and by the towns where they reside. Never before in Italy in a single day. A
work that took months by thousands of people. The parties have occupied democracy.
Parliamentarians are not elected, but appointed. To be appointed, they just have to
pay. A million Euro a deputy. Three million Euro a senator. The conflict of interests is a
conflict with the country.
For a new Renaissance. V-Day 25 April.

February 07, 2008

The Cancer Forecast

Incinerators are popping up in Italian regions like amanita phalloides. They can be seen
from a long way away. Design objects. They even organise school trips. They are the
poisonous mushrooms of the parties. You don’t have to pick them to die. It’s enough just to
breathe them. They are recommended on TV on programmes led by vile presenters.
The incinerator party is across the board. But Casini’s party wants to place four in his
Sicilian feudal area, and it goes even beyond his territory, he wants to get all the Sicilians
nearer to the other world.
The separation and collection of refuse makes incinerators useless. The elimination of
superfluous packaging leads them to zero.

The map of incinerators super-imposed on the reduction in life expectancy due to
anthropogenic PM 2.5 in Italy is illuminating. The more there are incinerators, the more
there are tumours for everyone.
The map makes it possible to do “Cancer forecasting”. In the Po Valley, it’s widespread
like the fog.

In Calabria and in the East of Sicily there’s an intense diffusion but cumuliform. However,
it’s limited, matched by a reduction in PM 2,5 in the West of Sicily.

Pleasant health in the Eastern Alps and in the Valle d’Aosta. In the latter region there’s
the forecast of a serious worsening due to the arrival of a brand new incinerator.

The distribution of tumours in the whole of the country tends to be stratified and to be
spread out with a certain continuity. The forecast of widespread deaths in the medium term
is more or less certain.
An electoral tornado could blow away the causes of the low life expectancy if they
manage to get an interest among the political groupings that are the most exposed in

relation to incinerators. Details to follow.
List of incinerators: APAT, refuse report 2006
Map of the reduction in life expectancy: IIASA

February 06, 2008

The electoral law is unconstitutional

The spectacle of a President of the Republic who looks on, in silence, while the President of
the Court of Accounts, Tullio Lazzaro, declares that corruption in Italy is increasing in
assigning contracts, in the health system, and in procurement is a desolation. Napolitano
says not one word. He does not feel it is necessary to go on TV when faced with the
statement: “The protracted inaction for years has caused incalculable damage.”
The Institutions have become the Notaries of Destruction. They take note, they make
records, they provide evidence. The State is falling into an abyss, but with the full

awareness of the Great Bureaucrats. The citizens, like the stars, stay and watch.
I have reread the Costitution, its 139 articles, its thirty or so pages.
Article 1 specifies:
- The sovereignty belongs to the people
Article 48 has two points:
- Voting is personal, equal, free, and secret
- The right to vote may not be limited
The “piggish” electoral law imposed by the Centre Right in 2006 cancelled a referendum
and eliminated direct preferences. An unconstitutional law.
We can’t have elections with this law. The result would be illegitimate. It impedes the direct
choice of candidate. It limits the right to vote. Having cancelled the referendum any ounce
of sovereignty of the people has been removed.
In the Constitution there are “Constitutional Guarantees”.
Article 134 says
- The constitutional court decides: - disputes concerning the constitutionality of laws and
acts with the force of law adopted by state or regions
I have decided to put forward a formal written petition to the Constitutional Court for it
to declare the “piggish” electoral law to be unconstitutional and cancel it.
In fact, Article 136 specifies:
- When the court declares a law or an act with the force of law unconstitutional, the norm
ceases to have effect from the day following the publication of the decision.
The Court has two months to decide before the elections. If it declares the law to be
unconstitutional it will be still possible to vote with the preceding law or move the voting
until after the referendum, that is set for May and straight away annulled with a move by
professional cheats.
This self-referencing political class has cancelled two referendums on electoral law. It
makes desk-top decisions about who has to represent us in Parliament. Is this
constitutional? And if it is, then what is unconstitutional? Stay tuned!

February 05, 2008

Italia-Kenya Twinning

The blog has used Skype to interview combonian missionary Renato Kizito Sesana
about the situation in Kenya. Italy and Kenya have a lot in common: denunciation of
electoral fraud, widespread corruption, contestation about military bases of the United
States, manipulation of reality, politicians who seem to be on opposing sides who go out to
dinner together in Nairobi’s best restaurants. Citizens used as political tools. In Italy we are
still waiting for the epilogue.
I’m proposing a twinning between States and an exchange of leaders. Berlusconi and
Veltroni to them. Kibaki and Raila Odinga to us.

”The current situation in Kenya arose from the elections of 27 December that were bitterly
fought over. They have seen the official victory (by a few thousand votes) of Kibaki who was
the president before that.
Straight away violent reactions broke out, from the opposition, accusing the government of
electoral fraud and refusing to recognise Kibaki as President. What now seems very clear is
that the violence that broke out after the announcement of Kibaki’s victory was carefully
prepared in advance in different parts of Kenya. During all the pre-electoral phase, there
was a strange campaign by which the opposition said “it’s our turn”, implying that there had
been two Kikuyu presidents, and a Kalenjin president and that therefore it was the turn of
Kenya’s third largest tribe in terms of numbers. This had already given a strong tribal
labeling to the campaign. In the last few weeks this was aggravated by the fact that the
opposition had started to say “if we don’t win it’ll mean that there has been fraud”.

Corruption in Kenya, that was really serious at the time of the previous president, Daniel
Arap Moi, has been reduced but it is anyway at a very serous level and people are
extremely tired of this. They can’t cope with it any longer. The government then has
probably given themselves a blow to their own feet because they have moved Kenya’s
commercial interests from Europe, the United States and England towards Japan and the
East in general. While the leader of the opposition, Raila Odinga who is almost famous for
being a man of the left, in reality has made promises to the Americans and to the West to
come closer together again. Kibaki had refused an American military base on Kenya’s soil.
Without a doubt there have been interferences and support at a world level on the elections
in Kenya.
I think that the tribal issue is only a mask for other issues. It is a tool that the politicians
have manipulated and made worse first of all to get votes and then to provoke violence.
Politicians of different parties and belonging to different people of Kenya meet up, talk.
People of the upper middle classes meet up, talk, go to dinner together in Nairobi’s great
restaurants, and there are lots of them and they are in the biggest rich neighbourhoods of
Nairobi. There has been no rivalry. There has been no problem. It has been the poor to
break out in violence against each other under the pretext of ethnic rivalry. I believe that
first of all, to find a solution to this problem, time is needed because the two sides straight
away started off with such different positions and so rigidly diverse that it is impossible for
them to change in a short time. We need to give them time to change their positions whilst
saving face.
I believe Kofi Annan’s position is wise. He has come and is not imposing time limits. What is
important is that the violence stops and the reaction to the violence. If the leaders really
wanted it, if Kibaki and Raila Odinga wanted to stop their followers I am convinced that they
could do so within a matter of very few hours. It would be enough to give a firm and precise
condemnation of the violence and that hasn’t yet happened. Then they can negotiate and
talk as they like. But the fear is that there is the temptation to use the violence. From the
government side to use the repression of the police. From the opposition’s side to use the
violence of the unemployed, the drifters, the young who are let loose, paid against the tribe
of the President and kidding themselves that this brings advantages to their political
position. " Renato Kizito Sesana, combonian priest


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