WHO IS MOHAMMED by chenmeixiu



Mohammed was not a true prophet. And I say that because, you see, the true prophet must receive a direct
call from God, especially if he will be the founder of a religion. Mohammed is the founder of Islam. Moses
received a direct call from God. Mohammed didn't receive a direct call from God. The story is very
interesting. He was in the cave of Hira, outside of Mecca, and there, a spirit appeared to Mohammed.
And then, the spirit squeezed Mohammed very tightly, that he thought that he was going to die. And the
spirit said to Mohammed, "Read." Mohammed was illiterate, he could not read. And he said, "I cannot
read." Then the spirit squeezed him more tightly that he thought he was going to die. And the spirit said to
him, "Read!" "I cannot read," Mohammed answered. Then the spirit squeezed him more tightly. He was
afraid that he was going to die. And he said, "Read!" He said, "What shall I read?" The words should be
recited because he could not read. How could you command someone who doesn't know how to read, read?
You say to him, "Recite!" And then he said, "What shall I read?" And he said, "Read, in the name of thy
Lord, who created man from the clot," etc, etc. So the Quran is not the invention of Mohammed. The Quran
was given to him by that spirit who appeared to him at the cave of Hira. The Muslims say, that the spirit
was Gabriel the angel. They say the angel Gabriel is the spirit who appeared to Mohammed at the cave of
Hira , and he squeezed him tightly.
But listen, when you go the Bible, Gabriel appeared to many people. Gabriel appeared to Daniel, and
Daniel was scared. And he said, "Do not be afraid, Daniel." Then he appeared Zecharia, the father of
John the Baptist. And he was afraid, and Gabriel said, "Do not be afraid, do not be afraid." Then he
appeared to Mary. And Mary was troubled, and Gabriel said, "Do not be afraid." But that spirit who
met Mohammed and squeezed him, left him very troubled. He was scared to death. And when he went back
to his wife Khadigah, he said, "I am scared, I am scared! I am trembling?" She said, "What?" He said, "I
don't know, I don't know. I am afraid that I am possessed." Then she took him to a bishop in Mecca, by the
name of Waraka Bin Nawfal, who was her cousin, and she told him about what happened. And this
Waraka, the bishop of the Amunit cult in Mecca said to her, "Oh, be quiet. Be quiet. Mohammed will be
the prophet of the Arabs."
So the one who declared Mohammed a prophet was the bishop of Mecca. And that is the historical fact. So
the Quran is not the invention of Mohammed. It was dictated to him by that spirit. And I want to tell you
something, it's not a miracle, because any book would not be a miracle. Any book, you know, Homer wrote
the Iliad, and Odyssey, it's not a miracle. Shakespeare wrote many books, it's not a miracle. Plato wrote
many books, not a miracle. The books cannot be a miracle because if I cannot understand the language, I
cannot confirm if it's a miracle or not. The miracle is to raise somebody, to heal somebody, to give the sight
to somebody, these are miracles! But to tell me that a book is a miracle, I don't buy that!
Exodus: 3:2-6
Sirat Ibn Hisham
Daniel 8:15-19
Luke 1:13
Luke 1:26-31
The Bible: Exodus: 3:2-6
2 And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he
looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed.
3 And Moses said, I will now turn aside, and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt.
4 And when the LORD saw that he turned aside to see, God called unto him out of the midst of the bush,
and said, Moses, Moses. And he said, Here am I.
5 And he said, Draw not nigh hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest
is holy ground.
6 Moreover he said, I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of
Jacob. And Moses hid his face; for he was afraid to look upon God.

The Bible: Daniel 8:15-19
15 And it came to pass, when I, even I Daniel, had seen the vision, and sought for the meaning, then,
behold, there stood before me as the appearance of a man.
16 And I heard a man's voice between the banks of Ulai, which called, and said, Gabriel, make this man to
understand the vision.
17 So he came near where I stood: and when he came, I was afraid, and fell upon my face: but he said unto
me, Understand, O son of man: for at the time of the end shall be the vision.
18 Now as he was speaking with me, I was in a deep sleep on my face toward the ground: but he touched
me, and set me upright.
19 And he said, Behold, I will make thee know what shall be in the last end of the indignation: for at the
time appointed the end shall be.

The Bible: Luke 1:11-13
11 Then an angel of the Lord appeared to him, standing at the right side of the altar of incense.
12 When Zechariah saw him, he was startled and was gripped with fear.
13 But the angel said to him: "Do not be afraid, Zechariah; your prayer has been heard. Your wife Elizabeth
will bear you a son, and you are to give him the name John.

The Bible: Luke 1: 26-31
26 In the sixth month, God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth, a town in Galilee,
27 to a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David. The virgin's name was
28 The angel went to her and said, "Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you."
29 Mary was greatly troubled at his words and wondered what kind of greeting this might be.
30 But the angel said to her, "Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God.
31 You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus.
Well, there is a man who wrote the biography of Mohammed. His name is Ebn Hisham. He is well known by the name
of Abed EL Malak Bin Hisham. And he wrote the biography of Mohammed. And in his biography he mentions that
when Mohammed was at the cave of Hira, outside of Mecca, he was alone, when a spirit came and squeezed him, and
told him, "Read." He went to this wife scared. And he continued to be in doubt of what happened to him. And one day,
his wife Khadijah said to him, "Mohammed, let us put that on a test. When the spirit comes to you, tell me, and we will
test if that spirit is really Gabriel the angel, or a bad spirit." He said OK. One day, he was sitting with her, and he said,
"Khadijah, the spirit came!" She said, "Come, and sit on my right side." So, he sat on her right side. She said,
"Mohammed, do you see the spirit?" He said, "Yes." She said, "Then sit on my left side." So, he switched and he sat on
her left side. "Do you see the spirit?"Khadijah asked. "Yes," Mohammed answered. "Then sit on my lap." He sits on
her lap. "Do you still see the spirit?" "Yes," Mohammed answered. Then she uncovered herself to show some of her
feminine parts of body. And then she said, "Do you see the spirit?" He said, "No." She said, "That spirit is good
because he doesn't want to see my feminine part. You are the prophet of God." And by that he came to be convinced
that that spirit who was talking to him was the angel Gabriel, and a good spirit, because when he saw his wife almost
naked, he didn't stay to see. And for me, this is a very strange way to test a spirit.
Mohammed like Moses? Well, you know, the Muslim clerics say that the prophecy in the book of Deuteronomy
Chapter 18, and I should go to the book of Deuteronomy here. They say that this prophecy is concerning Mohammed.
And I would like to go to the book of Deuteronomy Chapter 18, and I think that it will show exactly the difference
between Moses and Mohommed. In the book of Deuteronomy Chapter 18, beginning with verse 15: "The Lord, your
God, will raise up for you a Prophet, like me," Moses is saying, "like me, from your midst, from your brethren; him you
shall hear."
Well, is Mohammed like Moses? Moses was educated with all the wisdom of Egypt. Mohammed was illiterate. Moses,
when he was a child, was about to be killed by Pharaoh, according to the command he gave to throw the infants in the
River Nile. Mohammed was not exposed to such a thing. Moses was a miracle worker. Mohammed never performed
one miracle. Moses lived a very pure life. Mohammed didn't live a pure life. And we continue to see, Moses appeared
with the Lord Jesus Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration. Mohammed died, and that was the end of his life. How
could we say that Mohammed is like Moses, a prophet like Moses? Again, the verse saying, "The Lord God will raise
up for you a prophet like me," Moses speaking, "from your midst," that is from the Jewish people. Mohammed was
Arab, not Jewish. And then he said, "from your brethren," from his own brethren. You see, when God commands
Jewish people, He said, "you take a king from your brethren," that means that king should not be a foreigner.
Mohammed was a foreigner. He was not Jewish, he was not from the people of Israel. How could you compare
Mohammed with Moses? And then again, him you shall hear. When Mohammed died, he died on the lap of Aysha, as I
mentioned, but Moses when he died, God attended his funeral. The Michael angel, the angel Michael attended his
funeral. But Mohammed died on the lap of his wife, and that was the end of him.
So the one who is really a prophet like Moses is the Lord Jesus Christ. Moses was to be killed when he was an infant.
Jesus was to be killed by Herod when he was an infant. Moses is miracle worker. Jesus is a miracle worker. Moses was
educated with all the wisdom of the Egypt. In Jesus, all the fullness of wisdom incarnated. Jesus is a prophet like
Moses, and He is from the Israelis, from among you. He is from their brethren. He is from the tribe of Judah, according
to Mary. So, the prophet like Moses is Jesus. And when Jesus talked to the Israelis, He said, "Moses wrote about me."
He didn't say, "Moses wrote about Mohammed." He said, "Moses wrote about me." And when Peter spoke, after the
day of Pentecost, he said to the Israelis that this prophecy of the Deuteronomy 18:15 was fulfilled in the Jesus Christ.
To say that Mohammed is a prophet like Moses is out of order. That's it.
      Well, when the people of Arabia were confronted by Mohammed and this new religion, Islam, they asked
      him to do a miracle, so they could believe in him. And in the Koran, again and again it says, "I cannot
      perform any miracle." So if anyone would say that Mohammed performed any miracle, this is against the
      Koran. It is very clear in the Koran, that Mohammed said again and again, "I am but a messenger of God. I
      do no miracle." That is one thing.And then again, of course, when you come to Moses, when he met the
      Lord, he said to Him, "I will go to the Jews, to the Israelis, and I will tell them that I met God. They say He
      didn't appear to you. What shall I say?" He said, "Well, I'll give you three miracles, that you may
      authenticate your prophethood with." But Mohammed had not one miracle to authenticate his prophethood.

Well, you know, there is a man by the name Ibn Tamima. He was one of the very well known Imam, many, many years
ago. And he wrote a very large book. And in his book he said, that Mohammed is a prophet like Moses. The Holy Spirit
is a prophecy about Mohammed. He said more than that. In Psalm 84, there is a verse that is saying that people will go
in the valley of weeping, and they make it as a source of comfort. You know, in Arabic, the valley of weeping means
Bouka. And he said Bouka is Mecca. And the Mecca, this is a prophecy about Islam, about Mohammed. He came to
Mecca, and he fulfilled that prophecy.
In one of my books I said, "Come on here, this is no prophecy at all, because the Bible, the psalmist was speaking about
people who will pass through the valley of sorrow, of suffering, and through the comfort and the joy of the Lord, will
change the weeping and the suffering into joy and peace. And now you go, you come and tell me that this is a prophecy
about Mohammed? What is that all about?
Now we come to the comforter of the Holy Spirit. What did Jesus say about that? He said that this comforter is the
Spirit. Was Mohammed a spirit? Is one questions. A spirit? "I will send you the spirit of truth." But Mohammed was
human, he was not spirit. He was a human being, with a body. Number two, the paraclitus, in the Greek word means
'comforter'. It doesn't mean Mohammed or Ahmed. Nothing like that! Then again, Jesus said to the disciples, "I am
going to send to you the comforter, not after many days." Mohammed came after 600 years. How could he be the
comforter? Again, He said, "When this comforter will come, he will glorify me." Mohammed didn't glorify Jesus
Christ. In fact, he degraded Jesus Christ. And he said, and this is in the Arabic word, In English it is, "The similitude of
Jesus is like Adam. He created him from the dust, and He said to him, "Be," and he was." He degraded Jesus Christ, the
eternal Son of God.
So, to say that the comforter, the Holy Spirit, who came to magnify, and to glorify Jesus Christ is Mohammed. And
then Jesus said about the Holy Spirit, "He will remind you of all what I have said to you." Listen, without the Holy
Spirit? How could the gospel will be written? Who could memorize the whole sermon on the Mount? But the Holy
Spirit brought all the sermon of the Mount to the mind of Matthew, and he wrote it word by word. You see, and he
reminded the disciples of all the sayings of Jesus Christ, of all the miracles of Jesus Christ. And they wrote it word by
word. Why? Because there was the element of the Holy Spirit. Did Mohammed do that? Mohammed didn't do that.
Mohammed distorted the Bible. He distorted the Bible all together. So Mohammed is not the Holy Spirit, and to say
that he is the Holy Spirit, well, it is just to say something not in the Bible.
Why do the, Muslim clerics want to refer to the Bible to find something about Mohammed there, while they are saying
that the Bible was corrupted? If the Bible was corrupted, why are you searching for a verse here, and a verse there,
referring to Mohammed? They say the "Bible is corrupted! Leave it alone!" But with their saying that the Bible was
fabricated, was corrupted, they are really dying to find a verse here, or a verse there to speak about Mohammed.You
know, you go to Isaiah Chapter 42, when he speaks about the servant of the Lord, and they said that the servant of the
Lord is Mohammed. Come on here, what are you talking about? Matthew said that this same prophecy was fulfilled to
the letter, in Jesus Christ. How can you come and say this verse is concerning Mohammed?
So we just forget about that illusion, that the comforter was Mohammed. Mohammed was not the Holy Spirit!

      How did he die? Well, of course, he fought through many battles. And in one of the battles, he lost his front
      teeth. And then, one day, he was invited by a woman, who wanted to poison him. And she asked what part
      of the part of the body of the lamb he likes better? And then they told the other shoulder. She put a lot of
      ...to poison him. And he asked, what part of the body of the lamb he likes better. Then he told the other
      soldiers. He put a lot of poison in that. He has another person with him, and the other person ate from that
      lamb, and he died instantly. Mohammed ate a little piece and stopped. And then they discovered that it was
      poisoned, but the poison started to work in the body of Mohammed until he died. And he died on the lap of
      his wife Aysha. She was the youngest one. He married her when she was six years old, and he was 53. And
      he had intercourse with her when she was 9, and he was 56. And she was the most beloved, because she
     was the most beautiful of his wives, the youngest, of course. And when he died, he died on her room,
     because he has rooms for every wife. Every one of his wives has a special room. In some of the books they
     say nine wives. In some of the books they say 14 wives. And in some of the books they say 21 wives. But
     anyhow, he has all these number of wives. And when he died, he died with Aysha because she was the
     most beloved. And he died on her lap. And when he died, she told everybody, "Mohammed is dead." But
     he died by the effect of this poison.

  Question: Dr. Labib, before the birth of Christ, there were a great number of prophecies concerning
               Him. And someone's question is, is there are prophecies concerning Mohammed in the Bible?
To be honest, there are no prophecies concerning Mohammed in the Bible. Nevertheless, the Muslim clerics say that
the prophecy in Deuteronomy Chapter 18 concerning Christ, which Moses has uttered, about the coming prophet, they
say that this prophet like Moses is Mohammed. And they say that the Holy Spirit, if you change the name in Greek, it
might be translated into 'praise' which is derived from the word 'Mohammed' or 'Ahmed' or 'Hamad' or something like
Then, of course, they are applying Isaiah Chapter 42, about the servant who's chosen by Yehova, as Mohammed. But
all these prophecies, totally talks about something else. The prophecy in Deuteronomy Chapter 18 speaks about more a
prophet like Moses. Mohammed was not a prophet like Moses. First of all, Moses was a miracle worker. Mohammed is
not a miracle worker. Moses was full of wisdom. He was trained in the most sophisticated university of Egypt.
Mohammed was illiterate. Moses led his people from bondage into freedom. What did Mohammed do? When you
come to the Holy Spirit, it is a spirit, it is not human, so it cannot be applied to Mohammed. And when you come to the
servant in Isaiah Chapter 42, chosen by God, Jesus Christ, according to the gospel of Matthew. So all the prophecies
applied by the clerics in Islam, that they say that it indicates the coming of Mohammed, are not at all about
Mohammed. And absolutely, emphatically, there are no prophecies concerning Mohammed in the Bible.

       Question: Can you explain what is the difference between Mohammed's life and Christ's life?
     Oh well, the difference between Mohammed's life and Christ's life is a vast difference. First of all,
     Mohammed lived a sinful life. Christ lived a sinless life. And there is a big difference. And when I say that
     I have to refer to the Quran. When we go to the Quran, in surat al Inshirah, I say it in Arabic as it is, it is
     surat 94; and in that surat, Allah in the Quran is speaking to Mohammed. And what did he say? He said to
     him, "Have we not opened your breast for you, Mohammed?" And that they have the big story about the
     opening of the breast, you know. And that story is very interesting. I have to tell it to you to see it. They say
     that when Mohammed was 60 years old, he was shepherding the sheep in the desert, with one of his
     relatives, another boy. And then, two men with white apparel came, and made Mohammed to sleep on the
     sand. They opened his heart, his breast, got out his heart, cleansed it in a basin, and after that they put it
     back. They took something out of the heart of Mohammed and then they put it back.
     I always say that this is an indication that every human being is born with sin. Or else, why was it necessary
     for two men to come and open Mohammed's breast, and get his heart, and cleanse it, if it is already clean?
     It is an indication that he inherited sin, and he needed to be cleaned of that sin.
     But anyhow, in surat Al Inshirah , we continue here, he said, "Have we not opened your breast for you,"
     and I explained that, about this operation that happened to Mohammed, "and removed from you your
     burden." This translation is a deception. Remove from your inequity, to see which weight down your back.
     So sin was so heavy on the back on Mohammed that it weighed down. And Allah in the Quran is saying,
     "and remove from you your inequity, which weight down your back." So, Mohammed was a sinner by
     birth. Then he was a sinner by practice, and then we come to another surat here, suratAl Fateh, surah 48,
     and we read in that surat these very important words, "Verily, we have given you," that's verse number one,
     and two, "Verily, we have given you, oh, Mohammed, a manifest victory that Allah may forgive you of
     your sins of the past, and future, and complete his favor on you, and guide you on the straight path." Well,
     if you read this verse without bias, you'll see that Mohammed was sinful, he needed forgiveness; not only
     forgiveness of his past sins, but forgiveness for sins he will commit. And then again, he was not yet in the
     straight path, and Allah is saying then, "and to guide you on the straight path." If he was already there, he
     doesn't need any guidance, he is already there. So Mohammed lived a sinful life. Christ lived a sinless life.
     He said to those who challenges you, "Who of you convicts me of sin?" Nobody. He lived here, three years
     and His ministry, He was in touch with sinners, with women. No finger was raised or point anything in His
     life. When he met women, He changed women. When He met men, He changed men. He was never defiled
      by the sin around Him. He was sinless. He was sinless from His birth, He was sinless in His nature, He was
      sinless because He was born of a virgin. And the reason why He was born by a virgin, that He might not
      inherit our sinful nature.
      I remember one tine, I was on TV, and the lady called, it was a call TV, and the caller said, "Doctor, why
      do you say that Christ would not be tempted with sin? He was human, and He could fantasize about sexual
      things as any other person." And I said, "Lady, let me tell you something, Christ was not able to fantasize
      any sexual things or any evil thoughts because he did not inherit sin. He was born of a virgin. He was
      different from us. We fantasize because we have corrupted nature. He cannot because He had totally pure
      nature." And even in the Quran, when the angel Gabriel came to Mary he said, "that Allah might give you a
      pure child," that means pure from His birth. So Mohammed lived a sinful life. Christ lived a sinless life.

  Question: Dr. Labib, how did Christ and Mohammed deal with demons?
You know, this is a very good question because when you go to the Quran, you'll find out that Mohammed was under
the sway of Satan, more that one time. And I will read you from surat Al Inaam, and surat Al Inaam that is surah 6, and
we read there the words of the Quran, and I'd like to read it from there. "And when you, Mohammed, see those who
engage in a false conversation about our verses," that means about the Quran verses, "by mocking at them, stay away
from them, until they turn to another topic. And if Satancauses you to forget, then after the remembrance sit not you in
the company of those people who are the wrong doers." Then we can conclude that Satan was able to cause
Mohammed to forget the verses of the Quran. This is serious because if Satan could have power over Mohammed's
mind to cause him to forget the Quran, I would say that this is really serious.
Then again, we read in another surat, and that is surat Al Aaraf surat 7, verse 200. And in that surat, surat 7, verse 200,
"and if an evil whisper comes to you from Satan, then seek refuge with Allah. Verily, he is all hearer, all knower."
Well, now, Satan was able to cause Mohammed to forget. Now, Satan is whispering in the mind of Mohammed. Is that
our imagination? No, this is what the Quran says. The Quran s what this is the Arabic verse, "And if an evil whisper
comes to you from Satan, then seek refuge with Allah." That means that Mohammed once was under the sway of Satan.
Clear in the Quran.
If you go to the biography of Mohammed you will find that there was a time when a Jewish man bewitched
Mohammed, that he came to the position that he forgot all that he :used to do. He would do the thing, and then he
would say, "Did I do it? Did I not do it?" And in the biography it says that he continued in that position, in that
situation until Allah gave him two more surat recorded at the end of the Quran, and then he was cured. So Mohammed
was under the influence of Satan.
As for Christ, he cast out demons. There is no doubt about that. He did not only cast out demons, but He gave power to
his apostles to cast out demons. He was not only powerful to command demons to come out of any possessed man, but
He gave power to His disciples, to His apostles to do the same. And if you go to the book of Mark, Chapter 5, you'll see
the story of the man with a legion. And when Jesus encountered that man, here we read, in Mark 5:2, "And when he
was come out of the ship, immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit," And that man was
in a desperate situation. Listen to what we read here, "Who had the dwelling among the tombs; and no one could bind
him, not even with chains; Because he had often been bound with shackles and chains, and the chains had been pulled
apart by him, and the shackles broken in pieces; neither could any one tame him." (Mark 5:3-4) This is a situation now,
and he met Christ. And then what happened after that? "When he saw Jesus from afar, he ran and worshipped him."
(Mark 5:6) Satan knew who is Jesus Christ. He knew He is the Son of God, he cannot encounter Him. And when the
devils in that man saw Jesus from afar, he came and worshipped him. "And cried out with a loud voice, and said, What
have I to do with you, Jesus, Son of the most high God? I implore you, by God, that you do not torment us." (Mark 5:7)
Jesus had the power to torment the devils. Jesus never came under the authority of the devil. Never, ever.
And then what happened there? "For he said to him, Come out of the man, unclean spirit. Then he asked him, What is
your name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion; for we are many." (Mark 5:8-9) The word 'legion' is a
military word. It is a compound of soldiers of six thousands. Could you believe a man had a legion in his body? And
then, what did Jesus do to that man? "Also he begged him earnestly that he would not send them out of the country.
Now a large herd of swine was feeding there, near the mountain. And all the devils begged him, saying, Send us into
the swine that we may enter into them. And at once Jesus gave them permission. And the unclean spirits went out, and
entered into the swine; there were about two thousands; and the herd ran violently down the steep into the sea, and
drowned in the sea." (Mark 5:10-13) Why did Jesus permitted the demons to go to the swine? To prove to the people
that this man is clean from his demons. And then pigs were forbidden for meat for the Jewish people, so it was
forbidden to raise pigs. So when Jesus permitted devils to go to the swine, it was a perfect word. He proved that He
cleaned that man, freed that man from the power of Satan, and He himself proved that He doesn't approve of any
unclean thing in the place. "And then when they came to that man", the Bible continues to say, "then they came to Jesus
and saw the one who had been demon possessed and had the Legion, sitting clothed and in his right mind." (Mark 5:16)
The difference is great. Mohammed was under the sway of Satan, but Jesus has the command, the power to cast out

  Question: Dr. Labib, how did Mohammed comply with the law of the Allah, compared with Christ
               complying with the law of God?
Well, let us begin with Christ. Totally, Christ obeyed the law, the Mosaic law to the letter. You read the New
Testament and you'll see that Jesus Christ obeyed the law of Moses to the letter; He never erred in that area. But when
we come to Mohammed, it's interesting, when do we say in surat Al Nissa, that is surat number 4 in the Quran, in verse
3, we read these words, "Marry women of your choice. Marry women of your choice two, or three, or four. But if you
feel that you shall not be able to deal justly, then only one. Or the slaves that your right hand on this that is nearer to
prevent you from doing injustice." Well, now according to the Quran, Allah commanded the Moslems, that any
Moslem has the right to marry two, or three, or four, beside the slaves they take from war. You see, now, if this is the
law of Allah, who has to obey first? I would say Mohammed. But Mohammed did not obey that because he married
more than four. In fact he married nine, and in some biographies he married 14, and in some other biographies he
married 21. Whatever the case, if it's nine, 14, or 21, he did not comply with the law of Allah. Why? Is he above the
law, or is God working double standard, one for Mohammed, and one for the other Muslims? And beside that, when we
go to surat Al Ahzab, we read, and this is surat number 33, we read more than that, Mohammed is given a privilege,
"Oh, Mohammed, oh, prophet Mohammed, verily," that's Allah talking, "we have made lawful to you," I am quoting
now from surat Al Ahzab, 33 verse 50, "Oh, prophet Mohammed, verily we have made lawful to you your wife to
whom you have paid their Mahr, Mahr means the deposit before marriage, the bridal money, the Mahr in Arabic means
the bridal money. And then he said, "and those slaves," Allah gave Mohammed the privilege of marrying all these
women besides all the slaves, you know, whom your right hand possesses. When he went and fought, he came back
with very beautiful young women, and they were added to the Harem, to the women in his house with no count. No
count about that. We don't know how many Harem, how many concubines. But Allah is saying to Mohammed, "All
right, go ahead, you have your wives, and you have your concubines." And then he said to him here, "whom Allah has
given you. And the daughters," Allah made lawful to Mohammed to marry, "the daughters of your Am (which means
uncle), and the daughter of his aunts," the sister of his mother, "and the daughters of your aunts and uncles who
migrated with you." And here is a very interesting thing. Listen carefully. "And a believing woman, a Moslem woman
if she offers herself to the prophet Mohammed, and the prophet wishes to marry her, a privilege for you only." Could
you believe it? Allah will dealing with double standard. When for the average of Moslems marry two, three, or four,
and if you are afraid that you will not do justice to them, marry one. But to Mohammed he says, "Go ahead. All your
wives are lawful. And then you can go and marry the daughters of your aunts and uncles, and a Moslem woman, if she
offers herself to you, and you wish to marry her. Go ahead! There is no limit, Mohammed, for you." How come? How
come? Is it right to marry only two, three, or four, or to marry without set limits?
If the Moslems will follow the example of Mohammed, they could go to marry plenty of women without feeling guilty
by all means. Mohammed did not obey the law of Allah in the Quran concerning marriage. He did not. He put himself
above the law of Allah, and contradicts the Quran. If the Quran is saying two, three, or four, here the Quran is saying
marry, you married all these women, they are lawful, and if a woman comes to you and offers herself to you, you have
to marry her, and this is a privilege for you. Double standard in the Quran.

  Question: Dr. Labib, would you discuss the miracles of Mohammed and the miracles that Christ
Well, according to the Quran Mohammed did not perform any miracles. You know, you go to the Quran, in surat Al
Ankabout, that is surat number 29, and read verse 50. What do we read there? "And they say, why are not signs,
miracles, send down to him, to Mohammed, from his lord?" Says, "Oh, Mohammed, the signs are only with Allah, and
I am only a plain warner." So in very plain words, Mohammed said, "I am not a miracle worker." But miracles is to
authenticate the prophethood of any true prophet. You remember, when Jehovah, God, met Moses at the burning bush,
and they had their discussion. And then Moses said to Jehovah, to God, "If I go to the people of Israel, they will not
believe me. How can I prove that I have met you?" And He gave him three miracles to perform. He says, "These
miracles will prove that you are my prophet, you are my chosen man." Jesus Christ when He came He said, "If you do
not believe me believe in the miracles I am doing." With Mohammed, he said, "I can't do any miracles. Miracles are
only with God. I am only a plain warner." So we cannot say that Mohammed is the messenger of God, who came to
begin, or establish a new religion. A prophet with no miracles is not prophet at all. Of course, when the clerics, the
Moslem clerics encountered that fact, they said, "Wait a minute, Mohammed had the greatest miracles." What is it?
What is it? It is the Quran! You mean to tell me that the Quran is the greatest miracles of Mohammed? Well, the
miracle should be understood by any nationality, by anybody. To raise a dead man, this is a miracle considered in
Europe, Australia, America, Africa, anywhere. It doesn't need any intelligent man to say this is a miracle to raise a dead
man. But to give a man who doesn't know Arabic the Quran, and say, "This is a miracle," and he would say, "Are you
kidding me? What miracle? I don't understand this language. I don't understand Arabic. How could I say that this is a
miracle?" Oh, because this book is fabulous, the language is so great! But I don't understand the language! I cannot
confirm, say that this is a miracle for me. It might be a miracle for you, but not for me.
So Mohammed did not make any miracles. But concerning Jesus Christ, the whole New Testament is full of miracles.
He cleansed the lepers, raised the dead, healed the sick, cast out demons, story, after story, after story. He stood in front
of the tomb of Lazarus four days. The man stinks! When He said, "Take off the stone," Martha, the sister of Lazarus
came to Jesus and said, "Master, he stinks. It has been four days. We cannot stand!" And He said, "Take off the stone."
And it was one sentence, "Lazarus, come forward." And the dead man who stinks came alive! That is our Jesus! That is
Jesus Christ!
Mohammed never cast a devil, but as we have said before, he was under the sway of Satan. He never did a miracle. The
Quran is not a miracle, and not only because it is not understood by everyone, but because it is full of errors. When you
come to the Quran and you read in surat Al Gathia, "Do they not considered the Earth, how it was flattened out?"
Flattend? The Earth is not flat, it is a circle. And you go to the book of Isaiah 40:20 and you read, "who sits on the
circle of the Earth." Isaiah, who came 700 years before Christ, indicates clearly that planet Earth is a circle.
Mohammed, who came 600 after Christ, said that the planet Earth is flat. And you go to the first sourat given to
Mohammed. What was the first sourat given to Mohammed? "Read in the name of thy Lord who created men from the
clot." What is clot? It is frozen blood. Man was not created from frozen blood. Man was created from the dust. And
when you go to science, medicine, there is no time in the woman's womb that the fetus is a frozen blood. No time. So
the Quran is full of scientific errors, grammatical errors, and I cannot elaborate in that because it would take time; it
would take a long, long time. But Jesus is a miracle worker, and I would say again, and again, if the prophet is really a
prophet, he should perform miracles because miracles authenticate the prophethood of the true prophet. Since
Mohammed didn't do any miracles, he is no prophet. Period.

  Question: Dr. Labib, what was the new revelation, or truth, that Mohammed provided?
Well, I tell you that I read the whole Quran, the 114 surat. The surat is a chapter, so you say the 114 chapters of the
Quran. The Quran is smaller than the New Testament, with all its surat. And I did not find anything new in the Quran.
They say Mohammed declared monotheism. Well, monotheism was well known hundreds of years before Mohammed,
even in the book of Deuteronomy. "Hear, all Israel, the Lord our God. The Lord is one." So monotheism is not any new
invention. And of course, when Mohammed came, he came with new revelation. And he came with polygamy instead
of monogamy. Instead of having one wife for one man at one time, it said to take two, three, or four. And of course, any
Muslim can take four, and divorce them and take another four, and divorce them. It's four at one time. So in his
lifetime, a Muslim can marry say, maybe 50, 13, 14, 15, as long as he was able to marry and divorce. This is new
revelation if you want to call it that way.
Then the other revelation, if you want to call it revelation, is to use force to convince people to be converted in your
own religion. You know, the Jewish people fought many battles, but not one battle to convert people to Judaism. Not
one battle! There were battles because they wanted the land, and it was commanded by God, and because it was of the
wickedness of the people, the inhabitants of the land. But they did not fight to convert people to Judaism. But Islam,
whenever Islam went, Muslims fought to force people to accept Islam. And I have read the verse from the Quran, "fight
those Jews and Christian, the people of the scripture. They have to be converted to Islam or pay taxes. If you want to
call these new revelations, then yes, new revelations. Fighting, forcing people to be Muslims; go marry two, three, or
four. Any new revelations? I don't see. No.

  Question: Is Islam a heavenly religion?
Well, we have to think about religions as a thing that nobody can dismiss. The pagans have their own gods, the
Jews believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and Christians, of course, believe in the same God. The
story is that when God wanted to reveal himself to men, he chose Abraham. And through Abraham he had
Isaac; through Isaac he had Jacob; through Jacob he sent the people of Israel to Egypt. He brought them back
by Moses, and Judaism started at that time. God gave the Jewish people His law, revealed Himself to them, and
His revelation was magnificent, because He appeared to them in a pillar of fire at night, a pillar of cloud in the
morning, and from there Judaism began. In that religion He gave them the offerings, He gave them the prophets
and prophetesses, and it was a preparation for the final religion that will come, which is Christianity. Because
Christianity is based on Judaism. All the offerings in the Old Testament refer to Jesus Christ, the only offerings,
the Lamb of God. He was the burned offering, He was the sin offering, He was the peace offering. He completed
in Himself and in His death on the cross, all the offerings of the Old Testament. Prophets came, and they gave
details about Jesus Christ, His blessed birth, His virgin birth, His crucifixion, His burial, His resurrection, His
ascension. Then religion was completed. Judaism is the foundation, Christianity is the building upon this
Now when we come to Islam, why for? For what reason? How could Islam say that it is a divine religion? There
was no former preparation for Islam. God did not reveal any prophecies in the whole Bible concerning
Mohammed or concerning Islam. And why Islam at all? If the building is complete, we have the foundation is
Judaism, we have the building in Christianity, Jesus was the final revelation of God to mankind. And we read
here, in the book of Hebrews, and I want to read it from here, in the book of Hebrews chapter 1, the words here
are very clear about Jesus Christ as the final revelation of God to mankind. "God who at various times and in
various ways spoke in time past to the father by the prophets. Had in these last days spoken to us by his Son." So
if God had spoken to us by His Son, why would He send a servant after that? Islam is not a divine religion. No
foundation for it, no prophecies about it, it is not a divine religion.

        Question: Dr. Labib, is Allah of the Muslims the God of Christians?
      I would say that it can't be that way. There is only one true God, who revealed Himself in the Bible,
      through His prophets. And if we compare between the God of the Christians, and Allah of the
      Muslims and of the Quran, we will see a lot of differences. There is a difference in the attributes of
      Allah, and the Attributes of God of the Christians. There is a difference in the commandment of
      Allah of the Muslims and the commandments of the God of the Christians. There is a difference in
      the plan of salvation prepared by the God of the Christians, and the plan of salvation in Islam. And I
      might say here that the word 'salvation' was never ever mentioned in the whole Quran. Then lastly I
      would say that the god head in Islam is different than the god head in Christianity.

  Question: Q54 Host: How did you come to the conclusion that Allah is different from God of the
               Christians in regards to the commandments?
Dr. Labib: Well, you see, there is a difference between Allah of Islam and God of Christianity concerning the
commandments of Allah and of God. In the Bible, when you go to the book of Matthew to the sermon on the Mount,
Jesus was talking to the people, to his disciples, and this is what He said, and I want you to listen carefully. You see, he
said here in the book of [Matthew, chapter 5], "Furthermore, it has been said, whoever divorces his wife, let him give
her a certificate of divorce. But I say to you that whoever divorces his wife for any reason except sexual immorality,
causes her to commit adultery. And whoever marries a woman who is divorced, commits adultery." Listen, here we
have the whole story. The Bible is very clear, whoever marries a woman who is divorced commits adultery. Of course,
He is speaking about the woman who was divorced for adultery. He said, "If a woman was divorced because she
committed adultery, it's a sin to marry her."
But in the case of Mohammed, let us come to Mohammed in the Koran, and in surat Alahzab, and the story is very
interesting. He has a slave by the name Zeid Ebin Haricha. This slave was converted to Islam. Mohammed, to reward
him, he took him by hand, he went to the marketplace, and he declared to all the officials of Mecca, "This is Zeid, my
adoptive son. He is my heir." Well, this is great. Then he went to one of his relatives, I mean prophet Mohammed; her
name was Zeinab Bint Gahsh, Zeinab the daughter of Gahsh. And he said to her, "Zeinab, I want you to marry Zeid."
Zeinab was from a high rank, and she said, "Prophet Mohammed, how could it be? I am from a high rank. Zeid is a
slave. Yes, you gave him freedom. Yes, he became a Muslim, but well, he was a slave. I am from a high rank." Well,
Mohammad came by a revelation which is written in the Koran, and that revelation says, "There is no way for any
Muslim, whoever he is, a man or a woman, if Allah and his apostle Mohammed will make a decision that he would
have any option, but to obey this decision." Well, what was the decision? That Zeinab must marry Zeid. Zeinab
submitted; she married Zeid. Time went by. Now Mohammed used to go and visit the home of his adoptive son. And
one day upon his visit, Zeinab was in her nightgown. He saw her. He lusted after her. He left home saying to himself,
"Oh, praise God who changes heart." Well, when her husband came, she said to him, "You know, the prophet saw me,
admired me, and I guess that you have to divorce me." And the marriage of Zeinab and Zeid was the most miserable
marriage even though it was the decision of Allah and his prophet Mohammed, but it was the most miserable marriage.
And to make the long story short, Zeid went to Mohammed. Mohammed said to him, "Don't divorce your wife." Then a
revelation came from Allah to Mohammed, and the revelation said, "When Zeid will divorce Zeinab, I have given
Zeinab to you, Mohammed, to marry her." What? In the sermon of the mount, whoever marries a woman who was
divorced commits adultery. Would God contradict himself? No way! The whole thing of the revelation that came to
Mohammed was not from Allah, I mean not from the true God, because the true God will never ever contradict himself.
If He says that it is forbidden to marry a woman who was divorced, Mohammed or any other person could not marry
that person. But Mohammed, to satisfy his desire, and because Zeinab was so beautiful, they divorced her, Mohammed
married her, and she used to boast to the other wives of Mohammed saying, "Every one of you have been given to
Mohammed to marry by her father. But I have been given to Mohammed by Allah!" What a thing. There is a big
difference between the holiness of God, the God of the Christians, and the permissiveness of the Allah of Islam.

  Question: Q55 Host: How is Allah of Islam different from God of the Christians in the plan of salvation?
Dr. Labib: When you go to the book of [1Peter], you notice that the plan of salvation was established before the
foundation of the earth. And this is very interesting, because God was not taken by surprise when Adam sinned. He
knew that He would create Adam. He knew that Adam would sin, and before the foundation of the earth He planned a
way of salvation. And that way of salvation was through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. And as Peter said in [1 Peter
1:18], "the precious blood of a lamb without blemish." You know, this is what happened exactly. The plan of God was
to save man through the blood of Jesus Christ. What did Mohammed say? He denied totally and completely the
crucifixion of Christ. And in surat AN-NISA, that is surah 4, verse 157, it is said, "they did not crucify him, nor kill
him." Black and white! How could it be? The plan of God is to save mankind through the dead blood of Jesus Christ.
And now, after 600 years, someone will come and tell us, "No, no, no. He was not crucified. He was not killed." If he
was not crucified, if he was not killed, then the four gospels are null and void. The story of Christianity is all together
false, and that cannot be accepted. The plan of salvation is through the blood of Jesus Christ.
Another thing that Mohammed ignored is that everybody who is born on the planet earth is dead spiritually. You know,
in the book of [John], Jesus said that the hour has come and now is, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of
man, and they will be alive." And then, in [Ephesians], "you were dead in trespasses and sin." Now, the question is that,
if I am dead, how could I save myself? The dead man cannot do any good work. Mohammed said that good deeds
annul bad deeds in the Koran. How could any dead man do a good deed? If I am dead, the only thing expected of me is
stench. You see, people will smell the stench coming from me. If I am dead, I am dead. And if Mohammed had known
that fact, that every human being is born dead, there is no way to say that salvation is through good deeds, because dead
people cannot do good deeds at all. The only way for the salvation of the dead man is to get life. And who grants us
life, but Jesus Christ? He is the life, and we read in [1 John chapter 5], and in many parts of the New Testament, that
life is in Jesus Christ. And once we have Jesus Christ in our heart, eternal life will be imparted to us; we are not dead
anymore. And then we can do good deeds. But before that good deeds cannot be done because dead people cannot do
good deeds. The plan of salvation according to the God of Christianity is totally different from any plan in the Koran.
The plan in the Koran has no hope for the Muslims, and this is why the Koran says to the Muslims that every Muslim
will enter hell. Why? Because there is no way! The only way to be saved from the wrath of God, from hell, is through
the death of Jesus Christ. The wages of sin is death. The wage of sin is not fasting, is not pilgrimage to Mecca or
Jerusalem; it is not giving to the poor, it is not any of these things. The wages of sin is death. And Jesus Christ died on
the cross to pay that penalty for our sins. And because He is our creator, then His value is more than His creation. He
can redeem all mankind. This is why the plan of salvation in the Bible is different than the plan of salvation in the
Koran. And I would say again, there is a difference between Allah of the Muslims, and God of the Christians
concerning their plan of salvation.
Surat AN-NISA - 4 (WOMEN)
YUSUFALI: That they said (in boast), "We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah";- but they
killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts,
with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not:-
PICKTHAL: And because of their saying: We slew the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, Allah's messenger - they slew him
not nor crucified him, but it appeared so unto them; and lo! those who disagree concerning it are in doubt thereof; they
have no knowledge thereof save pursuit of a conjecture; they slew him not for certain.
SHAKIR: And their saying: Surely we have killed the Messiah, Isa son of Marium, the messenger of Allah; and they
did not kill him nor did they crucify him, but it appeared to them so (like Isa) and most surely those who differ therein
are only in a doubt about it; they have no knowledge respecting it, but only follow a conjecture, and they killed him not
for sure.

        Question: Q56 Host: Would you tell us about the difference between Allah of the Muslims and God of
                     the Christians in their godhead?
      Dr. Labib: First of all I have to say that we cannot know God by our own intellectual powers. In fact when
      mankind tried to imagine God with their mind, according to [Romans chapter 1], we see that they created
      deities for themselves. And what kind of deities? They worshipped the sun, they worshipped the cow, the
      frog, the fly. The human mind was totally blinded by Satan. And because of that, mankind created different
      deities that are not at all the true God. Now, to know the true God, God must reveal himself to us. How did
      He reveal himself to us? He revealed himself to us through the Bible. And I want to say here in very clear
      and plain words, if you don't know the Bible, the inspiration of the Bible, the truthfulness of the Bible, you
      are in trouble my dear friends. Because the Bible is the only book, and I repeat, it is the only book that will
      tell you about the true God. The only book! You have to go and get yourself a Bible, and read it for
      yourself, and try to discover God, the true God on the pages of the Bible.
      Now, what kind of a God do we have? Allah in Islam is an absolute oneness. But God in Christianity is a
      triune God. Which one is a true God? Well, for God to be self-sufficient, He must be a triune God. Why do
      I say that? Because in order for God to practice His attributes, He must be a triune God. He is a loving God,
      a talking God, he is a healing God. Then to practice these attributes He must be a triune God, because
      before eternity, before time, whom did God love if He was the absolute one? To whom did He talk if He
      was an absolute one? Whom did He love, if He was an absolute one? Well, He must be, to be self-
      sufficient, He must be a triune God. Again, to redeem mankind, he must be a triune God. And we being
      from the book of [Genesis], "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." And the word 'God'
      in [Genesis 1:1] is Elohim, and it is a plural name that signifies plurality in oneness. And when we read the
      first chapter in Genesis, we see, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, and the spirit of
      God," so we have Eloheim, the designer of the creation, we have the spirit of God, and then we read, and
      God said, "Let it be light, and it was light." Who was it who said, "Let it be light?" When we come to the
      book of [John chapter 1], "in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was
      God, everything was made by him." So the one who said, "Let it be light," was Jesus Christ the word of
      God. So we have Elohim in His full deity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We have the Holy Spirit by
      himself. We have the Son of God, the Creator, who said, "Let it be light, and it was light." And then, when
      we come to the very same chapter, we read the words, "let us make man in our own image." Let us? Who
      said that? In singular we read, "And God said". And then in plural, "Let us..." Oneness in plurality. There is
      no question. If the Bible says that we have to accept it. Why do I say that? Because God is a mystery. He is
      a mystery in His existence. He is a mystery in His knowledge. He is a mystery in His love. He is a mystery
      in His wisdom. We cannot comprehend God in our mind, He is not small enough to contain Him in our
      mind, but He is big enough to demand our worship. And this is in the first chapter in the book of Genesis.
      And when we come to the [chapter 3 of the book of Genesis], after man failed into sin, God said, "Behold,
      the man became as one of us." God in singular? One of us in plural. It is oneness in plurality, plurality in
      oneness. Very clear. Is it beyond our understanding? Yes, and who can comprehend God? Who are we to
      comprehend the Creator of heaven and earth? But He revealed Himself to us, in that way that we can see
      the plurality and the oneness in one God, that means that God the Father, and God the Son, and God the
      Holy Spirit are coequal and coexistent. This we have to understand. For God to be self-sufficient, He must
      be a triune God. For God to redeem mankind, He must be a triune God. And you can imagine the whole
      scene there. In eternity past, before the creation of man, the triune God has a council. And we read in the
      Bible that God counseled and counseling needs more than one person. And what was the counselor? That
      counsel came to discuss the fall of man. God the Son said, "I am going to redeem man. I created him, I will
      redeem him." Listen, when Jesus died on the cross of Calvary, He was the creator of all man, He was the
      law-giver, who said that the wages of sin is death; He was the judge, and He was the redeemer. And it's
      amazing, because He was the redeemer by His own choice. And there is no greater love!
      We read about a woman who volunteered to give her kidney to somebody, and we say, "Oh, amazing. That
      woman was great!" Why? Because she gave one of her kidneys to someone who needed a kidney. If
      someone gives a part of his liver we write a big article. This man, or that man gave a part of his liver to
      someone, and we praise those people for their sacrifice. God did not give a kidney, or a part of the liver.
      God the Son said, "I am going to die for the man I created, to show him my love; to show him the love of
      the triune God." And this is why we read, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten
      Son." So God loved, that He gave. And God the Son gave Himself, and then God the Holy Spirit
      transmitted this love to our heart, to accept, receive, and enjoy. For God to be a triune God is the most
      important belief. And we are not ashamed. Some times, the Muslims would say, "Look, you are pagans."
      We are not pagans! No, we are not! We are people who believe in a triune God, and that triune God is self-
      sufficient; that triune God had a plan to save mankind, and because of that plan, when we come to the book
      of [Matthew chapter 28], we read that the commission of Jesus Christ to His apostles, "Go and make
      disciples. Baptize them in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." Conclusion: Jesus
      confessed the triune God. Baptized them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
      Now, let us come to the Koran. When we come to the Koran, we will notice something very, very
      interesting. Allah of the Koran swears by his creatures. It's a known fact that the lesser will swear by the
      greater, and not vise versa. Now in the Koran Allah swore. Swore by whom? He swore by the moon, he
      swore by the son, he swore by Mecca, he swore by the Koran, he swore by the fig tree, he swore by the
      olive tree. What does that mean? Well, I said one time to a Muslim friend, "Listen, suppose there is a court
      case, and I am a witness. And the judge will say to me, "Stand here, and swear to tell the truth, nothing but
      the truth." I said, "Your honor, all right, I swear by the fig tree, by the olive tree, by the son, and the moon,
      to tell the truth." What would the judge say? "Are you crazy? What are the fig tree, olive tree, son and
      moon? You swear by God!" But in the Koran we read again, and again, and again, that Allah swore by
      Mecca, swore by the angel, swore by the Koran, swore by the fig tree, and the Muslim would not think that
      this makes god lesser than his creation. But in the Bible, we have a triune God who swore by Himself,
      because no one is greater than Him. And when we go again into the Quran, we'll see that Mohammed
      associated with, got himself with god in such a way that would make you amazed. And like the story of
      Zeinab and Zeid, the Quran says that when Allah and his messenger Mohammed made a decision, the
      Muslim has no choice but to submit to this decision. Who gave Mohammed the right to make decisions
      with God? How could he put himself in the very same range of God himself? There is no one who can
      counsel God but God! And this is why we read about the Lord Jesus Christ, that unto us a son is given, and
      one of His names is Counselor, because you see, He is equal to God, so He can counsel with the Father. But
      for Mohammed to counsel with Allah, I think this is too much. We have to think twice before we come to a
      conclusion. I would say again and again, that through the whole Bible we see a triune God. From the book
      of Genesis, through the book of Revelation we see a triune God. In the [first chapter of the book of
      Revelations], we have the greeting of the triune God to the seven churches, greeting from God the Father,
      greeting from the Holy Spirit. [The seven spirits that apply to the Holy Spirit in His first attribute, are
      mentioned in the book of [Isaiah chapter 11]. And Jesus Christ who loved us and washed us from our sins
      in His own blood. We have the Father, we have the Holy Spirit, and we have the Son.
      When Paul came to the conclusion of his second epistle to the Corinthians, he said, "Now, the grace of
      Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit." Well, we didn't invent the belief
      in a triune God, the whole Bible is that way. The whole Bible says that there is a triune God, even when the
      angel Gabriel came to announce the birth of Jesus Christ, he said to Mary, "Mary, you have found favor
      with God." And when she said, "How will I be pregnant? I am not married," he said, "The Holy Spirit will
      come." Then he said, "The one who will be born of you, will be called 'the Son of God." You see, the story
      is clear, here is God, who gave favor with Mary; here is the Holy Spirit who will come upon Mary; here is
      the Son coming, born of virgin Mary, He will be called the 'Son of God'. We have the Father, the Son, and
      the Holy Spirit.
      And we continue. I think that if we looked through the whole Bible I could take more than an hour or two,
      to get all the verses together, from the Old Testament, and the New Testament. In the Old Testament, in
      [chapter 30 of the book of Proverbs], Agor is asking this question, "Who ascended to heaven and
      descended? What is his name, and what is his son's name?" You know, this is in the Old Testament, and
      this is very plain, that there is a Father, and there is a Son. So we are not people who are pagans. We do
      follow the authenticity of the Bible. We follow the inspired word of God, and because of that, we believe in
      a triune God. We are not ashamed of that. We declare it in black and white. The Father is called the God in
      the Bible. The Son is called God in the Bible. The Holy Spirit is called God in the Bible. They are co-
      existent, and co-equal from eternity, and that is very plain in the Bible.

 Question: Q23. Host: What is the Jihad war, and does it still apply today in Islam? (2:10)
Dr. Labib: You have it, they call it "the Holy Jihad'. What does Holy Jihad mean? The Holy Jihad is to fight the Jews
and the Christians, to conquer them, and to make Islam the only religion of the land. And in the Koran, there is a very
clear verse, "Fight until Islam will be the dominating religion, not only in Saudi Arabia, or Libya, or Tunisia, but in all
region, they are dreaming about an Islamic empire that will cover the whole earth. And that is according to the Koran.
So when they speak about peace in the Koran, there is no talk about peace. There is no talk about peace. In fact, they
say, "Go fight, go fight, go fight, and especially Jews and Christians."And in one of my books I said, "But why not
Buddhists?" Buddhism is a well known religion, and it has millions of adherents, why don't you fight them? At least
they don't believe in a god. You see, he didn't care, because Buddhism was not there. It was in India, far from him, so
he didn't care. But he cared for the religions around Arabia. And when he went to Egypt, he forced millions of Coptic
Christians in Egypt to be Muslims. He conquered Iran, Persia, and he made the Persians Muslims. And he conquered
Syria, and he made it an Islamic country. And so on and so forth. It's all by sword, it's all by force. They can't deny that.
They cannot deny that.

  Question: Could you also talk about the fighting and killing in Islam?
The fighting and killing in Islam. Well, let me tell you something. It is very interesting, really interesting that in the US
we have a different kind of Islam. Muslim clerics in the US want to present to us a kind Islam, Islam of brotherly love,
Islam of friendship. Is that the Islam in the Quran? It is not! The Quran is very explicit to tell the Muslims, "Go fight
and kill." And if we see a young man, 20 years, or 18 years in Palestine, and putting a bomb around themselves, and
making a suicidal bomb, and kill himself and kill some Israelis, it is not an invention of the Hamas, or the Hezboulah,
or anybody. It is the Quran. The Quran says, "Go fight, fight, fight." So if we want to see fighting, and the killing, in
the Quran, let us read the words of the Quran. And I will begin with the words in surat Al Anfal, that is surat 8, and
verse 65, "Oh, prophet Mohammed." Listen, Allah is talking to Mohammed because this is what the Muslims believe.
"Oh, prophet Mohammed. Urge the Muslims to fight." What? "Oh, prophet Mohammed. Urge the Muslims to fight?"
When Jesus spoke to His disciples, He said, "Love your enemy. Pray for those who persecute you." But here, "Oh,
prophet Mohammed. Urge the Muslims to fight," fighting is by inciting Muslims to fight. And then, we go to another
surat, and that is in the Quran, in surat (Al Bakara, that is surat number 2, verse 216, "Jihad (this is fighting, holy
fighting in Allah's name) is ordained for you, Muslims." Now, if someone will come and say that those who are
fighting, Jews and Christians are fighting then because they are fanatics, they do not know Islam. No! When I went on
the national TV, years ago, and I said in very plain words, "If you are a faithful Muslim, you are obliged to fight Jews
and Christians, because Jihad, the holy fighting in Allah's name is ordained for you, " you dislike it, and it may be that
you dislike a thing which it is good, and that you like a thing which is bad for you. But fighting is ordained for
Then we go to another verse, in the very same surat, in verse 244, "And the fight in the way of Allah (that is in surat
number 2, verse 244), and know that Allah is all hearer, or knowing." Fight in the name of Allah? Well, in one of my
books I said that, if God is almighty then he should fight for himself. In fact, one time I talked to a Muslim cleric in
Egypt, and he said to me, "If I had the power, I would make all Egypt Muslim." I said, "But what mean?" He said, "By
force, by sword. Fight in the name of Allah." And I looked at him and I said, "Listen, your god is so weak!" "What?"
"Listen, let us use our brains for one second, if you will. Who will fight for whom? The weak will fight for the strong,
or the strong will fight for the weak?" He said, "Of course that the strong will fight for the weak." I said, "Then, if God
is almighty, He doesn't need you to fight for him. Leave him to fight for himself. He can do it! But to fight for him, this
is an indication that god is weak. Forgive me, but this is my understanding." But this is what the Quran is saying.
Then we continue, and we will see, in surat(Al Taouba), that is surat number 9, and verse 29, you see, Allah is telling
the Muslims to fight the Jews and the Christians in particular. Sometimes when I read the Quran I think, why didn't he
insight the Muslims to fight against Bhuddists, Hindus? Why Jews and Christians? Whose wars? Well, we read in
surat(Al Anfal), that is surat number 8, verse 63, no, I think I misplaced that. I'll go back to that surat (Al Taouba), surat
number 29, verse 29, "fight against those who believe not in Allah; nor in the last day, nor forbid that which have been
forbidden by Allah and his messenger Mohammed; and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth, Islam, among
the people of the scripture." Who are the people of the scriptures? Jews and Christians. "you fight them until they pay
the Gizia, the poll tax, the elevated tax, with willing submission and feel themselves subdued." This is very clear
command for Muslims to go and fight Jews and Christians until they defeat them. And if the Christian and the Jew
want to keep his religion, he should pay taxes to the Islamic government with his feeling of inferiority. I am a Christian
but I am inferior. You, the Muslim, are superior. I am inferior. And you are protecting me, so I pay a poll tax, here is
my tax. You buy your religion with taxes?
Well, I commented on that verse in one of my books, and I said, "You can exchange Islam with taxes." It is very plain.
Pay taxes, keep your Jewish religion or Christian religion. You can exchange Islam with taxes, money with Islam. And
this is here, kill, kill, kill. See, and in many other verses, the Quran is saying what is the punishment of those who are
against Allah and his messenger, Mohammed: to be crucified, to cut their hands and their legs, or to be cast away from
the society. What kind of religion is that? Killing, killing, killing. Killing is not an invention of fanatics. Killing is in
the Quran, and I want to let, to get anybody who is really honest to himself, and tell him, "Tell me, don't talk about
friendship." It is very interesting to notice one thing, that in one of the verses of the Quran it says, "Muslims, do not
befriend Jews or Christians." Period. But it came of the invasion of Iraq, of Kuwait. The Muslims forgot all about that.
And they came to the Christian country, to the US, and said, "Please, help us." But the Quran said don't befriend them,
don't ask for their protection, don't go to them for help! How come that you are coming now to the US and England,
and France, "Help us!" Because when it comes to politics, the Quran is forgotten, especially in the high places. And I
want any Muslim to think about it seriously. This is not an attack on Islam, this is to open the minds and the eyes of the
people to think. And I want people to think. God gave us brains to use it. And if I am not going to use my brain, I will
give an account. If this is light I'd say it is light. If this is darkness, I'd say it is darkness. But to say that darkness is light
and light is darkness, gray places, it is not that way. There is killing in the Quran, there is torture in the Quran; there is
much pain for the people living under the Islamic society if they are Jews or Christians. They are! They are always
looked at as second-class citizens. And they don't have the right to stand up and raise their head. They are inferior, and
we are the superior, and that is it. I don't think that anybody who reads the Quran could deny what I have said. I
mentioned the verse, verse after verse, after verse. But let me tell you, I didn't mention all the verse. There are a lot of
verses that tell, that is telling the Muslim, "Go, torture, kill, go, fight, kill."

        Question: Q24 Host: What if a person changes his mind and leaves the religion of Islam? What would
                  happen to him according to the Koran? (1:41)

      Dr. Labib: This man or woman would be called 'apostate'. And if a man or a woman apostates from Islam,
      he or she will be given a chance to deny their conversion, say to Christianity. If they deny, that's OK,
      finished, case closed. If they insist to embrace Christianity, they will be executed, because they would not
      accept that a Muslim will be converted to Christianity. And that explains, you see, if you go to Saudi
      Arabia, and anyone, any Muslim in Saudi Arabia who would be converted to Christianity, he will be
      beheaded. There is no mercy, he will be beheaded. And that is under our eyes, here, in the 21st century, you
      know. It is the same in any Islamic country. You cannot be converted to Christianity, if you are a Muslim,
      unless you are ready to risk your life, and to be executed.

  Question: Dr. Labib, I am really curious, with all these information, why are so many people embracing
Dr. Labib: Well, 'so many people' is somehow an exaggeration. Say 'many people' but not 'very many people'. Because
of so many reasons. In Islamic countries people are forced to embraced Islam because of poverty. If you don't embrace
Islam you may not find a job; you may not find an apartment, and you'll be in financial trouble. And because of that so
many people embrace Islam out of need, or out of poverty, out of prosecution. In the US I think they present a political
Islam. This is what I want to say, the Islam presented especially to the African Americans is an Islam of brotherhood.
You know, the white man prosecuted you, he was racist, he didn't deal with you right because of the color of your skin.
But we will deal with you fairly. You will be a brother for us. In a way it will satisfy the ego of the African Americans.
Well, I want to tell you something. After they become Muslims they leave Islam. And that is also a fact. In the
Washington Post it was a very interesting story of a woman and her husband. The husband became a Muslim, and then
he convinced his wife to become a Muslim. And he took her to the mosque, and they started to listen to the studies of
the Quran. And she became veiled, she put a veil. And life went on. And one day it was a party for the Muslim family.
And the woman went to her husband at the party, and of course, as usual, man will sit in a room, women will sit in
another room. But one of the women, or two should serve the food to the men. And that wife, who was a black African
American woman, she was assigned to take the food to the men. And when she went there, she numbered the men. And
she came back to the ladies' room, and she realized that the number of women is more than the number of men. So she
said to one of the ladies, "Listen, is this not a family party?" "Yes." "So every man should have his wife." "Yes." "But I
realized our number here is more than the number of the men. It's something wrong." And she said, "Between me and
you, let me tell you. The Quran permits the men to marry more than one woman. But of course, because we live in the
US we cannot do that. It's against the law. But some Muslims do marry more than one woman in spite of the law." She
said, "I see. Maybe my husband is married to another woman." After the party, she said to her husband, "Come. Are
you married to another woman? Tell me the truth." He said, "Honestly? Yes." "How come?" "Well, in Islam we can
marry up to four. I married only one beside you." "But you didn't tell me." "Forget it. You are a Muslim and I am a
Muslim. Accept the fact." But the woman was furious. And she went home, took off her veil, and she demanded a
divorce. And she wrote her story in a full page in the Washington Post. And she said in that page, "I dismissed the
Islam once and for all. And then, when I took my veil and looked at myself in the mirror, I came to realize one thing.
This veil means I am not existing, and that was terrible. I became to feel myself again." Yes, they embrace it, but
sometimes they leave Islam. And here, if a Muslim will embrace Islam and leave Islam, he is not under the threat of
death. They cannot, Muslims, they cannot kill apostates in the US. They can kill them elsewhere, in the Muslim
countries, but not here. So this is one thing, because of poverty, and because of circumstances like that.
But again, there is another reason why many Americans embrace Islam. And that is the ignorance of the truth of
Christianity. So many Christians do not know the meaning, or they cannot understand who is the Triune God, Father,
Son, and Holy Spirit. And many times, the Muslims will go and say, "You see, you are people who are believing in
three -gods, and this is polytheism. And we want you to understand that this is not a true god." And because they don't
understand the Triune God, and the meaning of the Triune God, and they are confused with that, it is easy for them to
believe in the oneness of god in Islam. But I remember one time, and it happened while I was in Egypt. I took a taxi
cab, and usually I used to sit beside the driver when I was in Cairo. And it was my custom to take my Bible with me, in
my visitations, so the Bible in Arabic here, the Holy Bible. You can read it in Arabic or English, it is the same. So the
driver looked, and saw the Bible, Holy Bible, so he assumed I am a Christian. So he looked at me and he said, "Sir, are
you a Christian?" I said, "Yes." He said, "I have a question for you." I said, "All right." He said, "You know, Christians
are very intelligent people. Many of them are doctors, many are lawyers, many are engineers, many journalist, many
accountants. Intelligent people, no doubt. But at the same time they are stupid." I said, "How come they are intelligent
and stupid?" He said, "Because they say Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one. How could it be? Father is one, son is
one, Holy Spirit is one. There are three. How could they be one?" Don't forget that we are in Egypt, and he can open
the door of the cab and throw me away if I just say anything out of order, so I have to be very careful. So I prayed and I
said, "Lord, give an answer to this man." And I said, "I tell you, I am going to answer your question with few questions.
Would you mind?" He said, "Of course!" "Would you tell me, please, before God created angels and man, with whom
was He talking?" He said, "What? With whom was He talking?" "Yes, because God is a talking God, isn't He? He gave
us the ability to talk because He can talk." I said, "In the Quran God talked to Moses. It is a very plain verse." He said,
"Yes." I said, "With whom was He talking before he created angels and men? With whom was He talking?" He said, "I
don't know." I said, "Well, again, God is love. He loves those people in the Quran, He loves those people who give to
the poor, He loves those people who fight for His cause. He loves, then He is loved. He has this emotion of love. Do
you agree?" He said, "Yes." I said, "Before He created the angels and the man, whom did He love? Or wasn't he unable
to love. If He was unable to love and He became able to love, then He is not perfect in himself, perfected by His
creation. This is a heresy, this is not right." He said, "You are right." I said, "Then, whom did He love?" He said, "Sir, I
don't know." I said, "He is a seeing God. What did He see? And He is a hearing God. Whom did He hear?" And he
looked at me and said, "What do you mean by that?" I said, "Well, answer my question. God is not in need of His
creation to practice His attributes. And He is a talking God, He is a loving God, He is a hearing God, He is a seeing
God. Whom did He talk to, whom did He love, whom did He see, whom did He hear?" He said, "I don't know." I said,
"But you see, if you believe in a Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, then they can communicate, they can talk,
they can love, they can see, they can hear, they can practice all their attributes. This is it. And this is the mystery of
God." And the man looked at me and he said, "Sir, shall I tell you the truth?" I said, "Yes." He said, "There are deep
things in religion and we, stupid people, should not come to conclusion unless we understand it." I said, "You are
right!" And that was it.
But so many Christians do not understand the issue of God, the Triune God. And because of that, when the Muslims
challenge them with the oneness of God, they say, "We are the only religion, monotheistic religion," and because of
their ignorance, they embrace Islam. You see, things like that make Christians embrace Islam.
Another thing, that is ignorance of the reality of the Islam. I remember a few years ago, a white woman, a Caucasian
woman, American, came to my house, and she came with her veil, not entirely, but in part, and said bragging, "I am a
Muslim, and I am married to a Muslim from Saudi Arabia. And I think that Islam is a fantastic religion." I said, "Is it?"
She said, "Yes. My husband explained Islam to me. I am totally convinced." I said, "Do you know that the Quran
permits your husband to banish you in bed, and to beat you if you rebel against him?" She said, "No, no, no! Nothing
like that! What are you talking about? There is nothing like that!" I said, "If I give you the verse of the Quran, and let
you read it, what would you say?" She said, "Show me!" So I get the verse from the Quran, and if you fear rebellion
from your wives, banish them in bed; talk to them or preach to the, and beat them! And she read it. And I said, "... and
beat them, beat them." She said, "I never saw, nobody told me about this verse in the Quran. Husband is allowed to beat
his wife?" "Yes." "With no sense of guilt? Why?" Because the Quran says that if you fear rebellion from your wife,
don't have sex with her, and beat her. But you come to Christianity, to the New Testament, "men love your wives as
Christ loved the church, and gave himself for her." Look at the difference! Love as Christ loved the church. A
sacrificial love, not beat, not banish them in sex. What are you talking about? She said, "Well, I tell you frankly I never
read this verse in the Quran, but from now on I am going to make another research."
Of course, because of this kind of ignorance, so many Americans, because of a distorted, Islamic and understanding
presented to them, they embrace Islam. If anyone will come to the Bible and know that Noah and his wife, their three
sons, went to the ark and were rescued from the flood. And they come to the Quran, and they read in the Quran that
Noah's wife perished and one of his sons drowned in the flood. What would this man say? Which one is right, the
Quran or the Bible? It makes a big difference. So when Islam is presented to the, it is the Islam that the Muslim clerics
want to present. The woman will not inherit, but heir of the man. The testimony of a woman is not accepted in the court
of the law. Two women, equivalent to one man. And you go on, and on, and on, to see things like that. Man has the
privilege of marrying two, three, or four. The woman doesn't have that privilege. If a Muslim woman wants to marry a
Christian man, she will be executed. But if a Muslim man wants to marry a Christian woman, he can marry her. Double
standard. And it is in the Quran. Do the Americans understand the Islam that way? Of course that they don't. And to
understand Islam, they have to read the Quran. And to understand the Quran it is very difficult, even in the Arabic
language. It is difficult. And because of that, because of the ignorance, because of Islam, because of the ignorance of
real Christianity, because of poverty, these three reasons encourage Americans to become Muslims. And I think when
they understand Islam in its real meaning, they will never ever embrace Islam.
Who will embrace a religion of a prophet who married a girl while she is 6 years old, Aysha. If we want to say
something and say it thoroughly, we call it a child abuse. 53 years old man, marrying a 6 years old girl. And he had
intercourse with her when she was 9, and he was 56! Half a century difference in age between the little girl and the
prophet Mohammed. And you want to believe that this is a prophet coming from God? How come it would be that
way? And that prophet, when he came saying, "I met Gabriel." Gabriel? Who is Gabriel? The angel Gabriel. What did
he say to you? Mohammed was afraid when he met the spirit at the cave of Hira. He was scared.
When you come to the New Testament, every time, and I repeat, every time Gabriel met somebody, the first sentence
he said to him was, "Do not be afraid." He met Daniel, Daniel was afraid, and he said, "Don't be afraid." He met
Zachariah, the father of John the Baptist, he said to him, "Don't be afraid." He met Mary, he said, "Don't be afraid." He
met Mohammed and he left him scared. Did he meet Gabriel? Did he change his style? Why didn't he say to him,
"Mohammed, don't be afraid. I am Gabriel?" But he didn't! He didn't! He left him trembling, afraid. And who else
could testify with Mohammed that he had seen Gabriel? One man to testify for himself. His testimony accounts for
nothing. Something should authenticate the prophet to be a prophet. And because of that, Americans don't understand
all these facts; and because of that they embrace the Islam. And Islam, without the blood, is a religion without
forgiveness, because there is not forgiveness of sins without the blood. No remission of sin without a sacrifice. And
God, for the whole history, made it very clear. When Adam sinned, and Eve sinned, what did God do? He slaughtered
two lambs, and made clothes for Adam and Eve. And I think that Adam looked, and Eve looked, and they said, "These
innocent animals died for me! That blood was shed for me!" And they took that story with the promise of the coming
one who will crush the head of Satan, and they taught their children. Listen, the only way to come near to God is by a
bloody sacrifice, which is the time of the coming redeemer.
Abel believed his father. Cain rejected his father, and invented salvation by works. God rejected the offering of Cain,
and accepted the offering of faith of Abel, the offering of the blood, who is the symbol of the shed blood of Jesus Christ
who is to come.
If we look through the whole story like that, I think that we see that Christianity is unique in its God, in its Bible, in its
prophets, in its standards, in its eternity, in its whole establishment. And I would urge everybody to receive the Lord
Jesus Christ, who came in due time, died on the cross to save you if you receive Him. May you open your hearts to
Him and say, "Yes! This is the most logical thing. I cannot save myself. I found a Savior. I found Jesus Christ. I believe
in Him. I receive Him!" May God bless you!

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