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					Mapping Conservation
Projects: GIS & Google
A few online resources for collecting,
  presenting and visualizing spatial
         conservation data

        Aaron Worthley, Arrowwood Environmental
   Online mapping without money, servers or
    a web development staff…

   Crowd-sourcing for the cheapskate…

Note: Lots of paid services & consultants
 available- USE THEM IF YOU CAN
              The Backstory:
 2 Volunteer Conservation projects in
  Huntington, Vt
 Available resources:
    – ArcView
    – Personal web space from ISP
    – Very limited HTML knowledge
    – Time to figure things out…
– Huntington River Water
  Quality Monitoring
   Weekly e.coli sampling at
    numerous sites along length
    of river in Huntington &
   Lots of volunteers
   Lots of interest in timely
   Lots and Lots of data
    collected over 9 years
– Huntington Amphibian Crossing Project
   ID & mapping of amphibian (esp. Salamander)
    spring migration road crossing areas
   Find hot crossing spots- prioritize conservation
   Raise awareness
              A few assumptions:
 Projects require some website design/html
  coding (willingness to look at code & scripts)
 I typically start site layout in MS Word,
  save as HTML. (web designers are cringing)
 Edit in text editor or Kompozer
    – Free web authoring software

   Other WYSIWYG options, esp. if willing to
    spend a little money
            Huntington River
 Samples
  collected weekly
  at 13-25 sites by
 Analyzed by the
  DEC Larosa Lab
  in Waterbury
 Results returned
  via web form
        Needs & Challenges:
 Identify sample locations (consistent site,
  changing volunteer samplers)
 Disseminate results

                                 Limited Resources
                                 No Staff
                                 No Budget
                                 -Website (housed on
                                 personal web space)
                                 -Email listserv (UVM
The Static Map
 Download/print PDF or JPEG
 Built in ArcMap
 Covers Large Area- not
 specific to each site
 Rely on text descriptions
Goal: The Interactive Map

          Google Maps: My Maps

   Export points from ArcMap as
    kml- various tools available
    –   Arcmap toolbox- convert to KML
    –   SHP2KML
    –   ArcScript: export to KML
    –   ET Geowizard- export to KML
   Or Create your own points

                                         Brief tour of GM My Maps
             Google Maps
 Create Map
 Import KML
 Title & Save
 Get embed
       Embed map in web page
   Embed code in page & play around with
    layout settings

For me, some trial
and error.
Find right spot in
page code (text
editor or source
tab in Kompozer)
Open in browser to
test until it’s right
Goal: Publish/Distribute Results

   As simple as possible for lay-people
    – Listserv- many folks go no further
 Record of data for project partners-
  centralized clearinghouse for review &
 Provide spatial reference for weekly
      Google Docs Spreadsheet
   Copy and paste from DEC web output
    – Found easiest to go from Browser to Excel to
      Google Spreadsheet                 Requires about
                                            10 minutes per
                                            Make available
                                            via website
                                            (link or embed)
                                            Can lock out or
                                            specify editors
                                            Data intensive-
                                            lots of
                  How to graphically display results?

                 Plug & Play Maps
   Free Web Service
    by Chris Duncan, GIS Matters, Amherst MA.

   Google Maps API interface-
    – Interactively create thematic Google Map with
      your own data
    – Very cool & powerful tool
    – Excellent instructions & forums
   Plug & Play site includes comprehensive instructions and online map designer
     – Must register website with Google Maps- you will receive a Google Maps API
        keycode script to include on the page with the map
     – Use P&P Designer to set up map, create script & copy to webpage

   Data sources: spreadsheet, google doc spreadsheet, kml file,
    shapefile, web database.
   Source stored online- either on a website or published via google
                                                 Demo: points fr Spreadsheet, polys fr shapefile
                    Map of Results
   Copy and paste from main data
    spreadsheet to separate private
    spreadsheet document
   Simplified format:
    – Sites, Lat/Long
      Coords, Results
    – Manually update
      results weekly
      (could probably auto-query)

      Huntington Amphibian Crossings
                                 things get a bit more complicated…

 Salamanders and other
  amphibians migrate to
  breeding pools en-masse on
  first few rainy nights of
 Often cross roads, often are
  killed by traffic
 Help across roads &
  document hot spots for
  targeted conservation or
  awareness efforts
    – Road signs
    – Conservation initiatives
             Needs & Challenges:
 Identify crossing locations from various
  reporters (consistent naming convention)
 Disseminate results

 Limited Resources
 No Staff
 No Budget
 -Website (housed on
 Arrowwood web
                                                 The Static Map
                                                  Data collected by email &
                                                  Logged manually to Shapefile
                                                  & Excel- time consuming!!!
                                                  Analysis (point density)
                                                  Build map in ArcView
                                                  Downloadable/Printable PDF
                                                  or JPEG

Initially Shapefile & Excel- time consuming!!!
The Interactive Map

   Google Docs- Form & Spreadsheet
    – User enters sighting information
            – demo
   Auto Query to 2nd spreadsheet for map source
            – show
   Plug and Play Maps-                  I get an email when changes
    – Real time updates!                 are made. So far, easy to
    – No data entry!                     review periodically.
      A more advanced Plug and Play map
     Add tagset to script to reference locations
       – Customize script AFTER basic P&P Designer set-up
       – (spaces & line breaks below added for clarity…no spaces in actual scripts!)


&tagsets= Name.shp,Road
Segment,UniqueID                                  Pointer to road segment shapefile

&colorscaleitem1=sum Count
&colorscalelegtext1=more sightings&weightscaleitem1=sum Count
&weightscalelegtext1=fewer sightings&legtext1=Amphibian sightings- total per road segment

untington_L.shp&sym2=lines&weight2=3&legtext2=Town of Huntington'></script>
                                                Pointer to 2nd data source- town boundary shapefile
                    In the End:
   Interactive maps, available to anyone online
   Easy to update data sets
   Automatic data submission and map updates
   Pretty much Free! (Except time spent, not incidental)
   Many refinements possible
   And, of course, much more powerful options
    available for a cost.
   This is one approach, likely other options, tools
    & methods out there for the finding!
 (check out Gallery & “In the Wild” for examples…)
    ge=guide.cs&guide=21670&topic=21676 (Google My
    Maps Help)
 (ET Geowizard extension)