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									                                                                                                                  GILWOOD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH
                                                                                                               2993 Odell School Road, Concord, NC 28027
                                                                                                                        Fourth Sunday of Advent
                                                                                                                           December 19th 2010
GILWOOD GIFT LIST FOR CCM CHALLENGE: The Witness/Mission Committee has                          Welcome to Gilwood Presbyterian Church. We are glad you are worshiping with
issued a challenge to our "gifted" members! For every gift you receive this Christmas season,   us and we invite you to join. You can learn about joining by checking “Wish to Join” on
we ask that you give one food item to CCM. We have provided a handy gift list for this          the attendance pad, speaking with Rev. Buckner, or calling the church office at 704-
purpose (in narthex & commons area)- just make a mark every time you get a gift and total       782-0134.
them up, then bring your food items for the cart by January 2. You can make it a family
project or do it as an individual, and do a weekly total if you like.                           The Worship Committee humbly asks the congregation that during prayer and
SUPER CHALLENGE: make a mark for every gift you GIVE as well! Together we can give a            scripture reading, no one enters or exit the Sanctuary. In an emergency, exiting during
HUGE gift to CCM and those they help.                                                           this time is permissible. Also, please remember there is no food or drink allowed in the
                                                                                                sanctuary. Thank you.
The Gilwood Presbyterian Women are sponsoring a diaper and PediaSure drive for
Caleb James. There is a greater need right now for PediaSure than anything.                     Ushers for December: Jim & Bobbie Dellinger, Ross Berry, John Walters;
He is using PediaSure or Walmart’s Parent’s Choice brand, any flavor. There will be a           alternates: Chuck Bridgers, Chuck Thomas
container in the Commons area for these items. If you have any questions, please see            Lay Reader December: Alex Morrison
Beth Wilburn or Pam Hayes. We really appreciate your support!                                   Nursery workers today: Todd&Pam Hayes
                                                                                                December 12th: Richy & Melissa Keasler
Sunday School Nursery: Bring your precious little ones to Sunday School at 9:50                 Acolyte today: Allison McGee
every Sunday morning! Bring them to the sanctuary for Bible story then their teacher            Acolyte December 12th: Claudia Riddle
will take them to the nursery. We have 2 volunteers in the nursery every Sunday: Patsy
Lawing and Kim McGee.                                                                           Remember the following in prayer: Jeanne Allen, Jeff Atwell, Taylor Blackwell,
                                                                                                Ann Cauble, J.R. Christy, Rachel Christie, Ronnie Crowe, Dana Cress and family, Corey
Caleb James Love Offering: At its stated Session meeting on February 28, 2010, the              Crowe, Mary Eva Davis, Ruby Dellinger, Eddie Hunt, Lou Ann Irvin, Caleb James,
Session approved a love offering to be taken for the Caleb James family. Contributions by       Johnny Johnson, Jacobsen family, Carol Ann Gibson and her mother Mary Smith,
check should be make payable to Gilwood Presbyterian Church with the notation “Caleb            Angel Holder, Louise Morrison, Josephine Mowrer, Billie Murphy, Agnes Overcash,
James Love Offering”.
                                                                                                Charlie Overcash, Nancy Overcash, Don Pence, Candace Pierce, Bob Query, Paul
                                                                                                Shawley, Ann Ware, Thekla Wiley.
These Days devotionals are available in the Commons Area. A donation of $1.00 or
more to help cover cost would be appreciated. Thanks from the Gilwood Presbyterian
                                                                                                Your Gilwood Care Committee cares for you! If you have a need, please let the
                                                                                                Care Committee know; MaeNell Gilleland (Chair) and Sam, Wally Smith, Sam and
                                                                                                Diane Carriker, Alex and Susan Morrison, and Kathy Irvin.
The Congregational Care Committee asks the congregation to support our card
ministry. Cards are in the Commons Area. Stop by and sign them before you leave
                                                                                                Gilwood has a new exterior lock system. If you currently have a key for the exterior
                                                                                                doors you will need to trade this in for a fob. See Bob or Barry.

                                                                                                Please Add to your Gilwood Directory: Add the following information in your
                                                                                                Church Directory of our new Gilwood members: Tom & Connie Richardson: Home #: 704-
                                                                                                793-4245. Tom’s Cell is 1574-520-9181 and Connie’s is: 1574-520-9151. Connie’s email is:
                                                                                       Tom’s email is:
   December Birthdays: 1 Judy Perkins, 2 Jeff Hay, 3 Daniel Linn, Taylor Overcash, T.J. Lister,
   Claudia Riddle, 5 Blake Gaffney, Ella Love, 6 Elizabeth Smith, Rick Mcguirt, Steven Becker,     Tuesday                             No Preschool
   9 Eddie Hunt, 10 Louise Morrison, 12 Melanie Overcash, 13 Zach Berry, 14 Hovie Dulan, 16Leigh      21st
   Linn, 19 Foy Bridgers, 23 Dean Bush, 26 Frank Chester, 29 Ben Mcguirt, 30 Pam Hayes

   December Anniversaries: 8 Tim & Donna Furr, 14 Frankie & Opal Allison, 20 Tom & Connie
                                                                                                   Wednesday                           No Preschool
   Richardson, 23 Linda Fulkerson, 24 Billy & Rebecca James, 26 Paul & Beth, Shawley, 29 Barry&      22nd
   Jill Coble.
                                                                                                   Thursday                            No Preschool
                                           REPORTS                                                    23rd

   Attendance Sunday, December 12th:      Sunday school 78, Worship service 147                     Friday                             No Preschool
   Last year:                             Sunday school 65, Worship service 139                       24th            7:30 p.          Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, Communion
   Receiving Treasurer’s Report:
   Offering for December 12th : $2,951.34                                                          Saturday                            Christmas Day
   Offering Through December 12th : $ 173,059.51                                                       25th
   Caleb James Love Offering Total: $ 6280.00
   Christmas Joy Offering: 568.02                                                                  Sunday               9:50 a.        Sunday School
                                                                                                      26th             11:00 a.        First Sunday after Christmas service
                                                                                                                        5:00 p.        Choir Rehearsal

   A Donation was made to the permanent scholarship fund                                                                     INFORMATION AND COMING EVENTS
   in honor of Louise Morrison by Ted, Sheila, T. J. Scottie and Emily Lister
                                                                                                      Upcoming Christmas Activities of Gilwood:

                                                                                                                Lessons and Carols December 19th 11:00 am and Pres. Women’s Bake Sale
                                                                                                                 this Sunday morning.
                                     CALENDAR OF EVENTS                                                         This evening: Carol Sing at 7:00 pm
                                                                                                                On the December 24th at 7:30 pm, is the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
Sunday             9:50 a.           Sunday School                                                               which will include communion. The community is welcome.
   19th           11:00 a.           Advent Worship Service, Lessons and Carols , Bake Sale
                    5:00 p.          Choir Rehearsal                                                  Congregational Meeting has been called for Sunday, January 9, 2011, for the
                    7:00 p.          Christmas Carol Sing                                             following stated purposes: (1) to receive as information from the Personnel and
                                                                                                      Finance Committee the budget for 2011 as approved by the Session on December 13,
                                                                                                      2010, and (2) to approve a change in the terms of call for Reverend Alan Buckner.
Monday                               No preschool
  20th                                                                                                The Odell Lions Club is taking orders for Boston Butts. They will be cooked on Dec
                                                                                                      23. Price is $5 per cooked pound. See Steve Emerson by December 19.

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