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					             Lexington Catholic High School
                     Hall of Fame

 Congratulations to the following 2005 Hall of Fame Inductees:
                                      Matt Deboor ‘51
                                      Steve Keller ‘67
                                     Karl H. Stoerzer ‘71
                                     Yvonne Wilson ‘92

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony couldn’t have been held on a better night! There was a
great football atmosphere, with good weather, the 15-year football reunion/celebration, and a
top-notch game versus St. X. There was a standing room only crowd at halftime when the Hall
of Fame induction ceremony occurred and Channel 36 televised the game/event. Prior to the
game, a reception was held in honor of our newest Hall of Fame members. Yearbooks were
looked (and laughed) over, good food was eaten, and a cake cutting topped off the reception.
The highlight of the reception was the Hall of Fame inductees’ comments and reflections on their
times at LCHS. President David Hardin welcomed the guests and our Alumni Council members,
who each introduced the Hall of Fame inductee that they were escorting for the evening. The
council members and their respective inductees were as follows: Kathleen Quigley ’81 with Matt
DeBoor, Sandy Devers ’68 with Steve Keller, Tom O’Brien ’71 with Karl H. Stoerzer and Todd
Myers ’93 with Yvonne Wilson. Matt DeBoor summed it up best when he said that he was
honored to be one of the athletes that were a precursor to the current athletic powerhouse that
is recognized today as Lexington Catholic. After the reception, our Hall of Fame inductees, their
families and guests walked over to Joseph K. Ford stadium and sat in reserved seating to enjoy
the game. At halftime, they were standing at centerfield as President David Hardin and Director
of Alumni, Pam Schneider, presented them with Hall of Fame plaques as they were introduced to
the crowd. We were honored to have these distinguished athletes return home to receive their
acclamations! Their 2005 Round Table Athletics Hall of Fame banner will hang in the Alumni
Gym along with the other inductees, and at the present time, they are the only banners allowed
to hang in either gymnasium.
                                                      Director of Alumni, Pam Schneider welcomes the
        Hall of Fame Inductee, Steve Keller
                                                       guests and introduces President David Hardin.

President Hardin welcomes and addresses the crowd,
                                                         Kathleen Quigley introduces Matt DeBoor
  offering congratulations to the newest inductees.

       Hall of Fame Inductee, Matt DeBoor                  Sandy Devers introduces Steve Keller
 Tom O'Brien introduces Karl Stoerzer            Hall of Fame Inductee, Karl Stoerzer

Todd Myers introduces Yvonne Wilson             Hall of Fame Inductee, Yvonne Wilson

                                            Yvonne Wilson and her mom, Rita, look over the
Hall of Fame Inductees pose for a picture
                                                      program for the evening
                                              Steve Keller and his wife caught in a "Kodak
     Karl Stoerzer and Pam Schneider

                                              2005 Hall of Fame inductees are introduced at
Pam Schneider and David Hardin award each
                                             halftime of the Gridiron Classic and receive their
   inductee with their plaque at halftime.
                                                         commemorative plaques.

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