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					                                    EMRC - RABOBANK PROJECT INCUBATOR AWARD
                                      AFRICA FINANCE & INVESTMENT FORUM 2008
                                        PARIS, FRANCE    7-9 DECEMBER 2008

                                EMRC – Rabobank Project Incubator
                                      Rules & Regulations
                                       Africa Finance & Investment Forum 2008
                                           7- 9 December 2008, Paris, France


To encourage innovation, entrepreneurship and agriculture development in rural Africa, EMRC and the
Rabobank Foundation have initiated the "EMRC – Rabobank Project Incubator Award" to be presented to the
project with the most effective economic and social impact on local communities.

Pierre Van Hedel, Managing Director of Rabobank Foundation, will chair the Award Committee and, with the
EMRC Managing Director, Idit Miller, will make the official announcement of the Award winner during the Gala
                                                                      th   th
Dinner of the next EMRC Africa Finance & Investment Forum in Paris (7 – 9 December 2008).

       The winner of the EMRC-Rabobank Project Incubator Award will receive a prize of US$10.000 and the
    possibility of having a solid financial partner for launching and expanding the project. EMRC will also promote
                                      the project through its website and publications.


     Project Profile / Selection Criteria:

•     Open exclusively to participants of the Africa Finance & Investment Forum 2008
•     At least one leading partner of the project must come from Africa (no gender or age requirements).
•     The contest is open to all the sectors of economic activity (ICT, health, agriculture…..)
•     The project needs to have a positive and a global impact on the local communities’ development (special
      focus on cooperative / member based organisations).
•     The project spokesperson must have good communication skills.


•     Candidates are invited to submit the application documents (application form, presentation), with their
                                                                                   th of
      complete contact details to: or fax: +32 2 626 15 16, by the 20         November 2008. After a
      process of pre-selection, the Project Incubator Committee will announce the names and projects of the
      candidates. This will be published in the Media (international Magazines and Newspapers) and the
      nominees will be personally informed by the end of November.
•     The pre-selected candidates will present their projects to an audience of potential partners and investors
      from Africa, Europe, USA, and beyond during the Africa Finance & Investment Forum.
•     During the Gala Evening the winner will receive an US$10.000 Award.

      EMRC-RABOBANK Project Incubator Committee

•     President:
      Pierre Van Hedel, Managing Director Rabobank Foundation, The Netherlands
•     Board:
      Idit Miller, Vice President & Managing Director EMRC International, Brussels
      Charles Thijs, General Director Cofip Enterprises, Brussels
      Ilan Bijaoui, Director International Innovation & Business Institute, Israel

        EMRC - Av. Louise 283 (b. 22) - 1050 Bruxelles - Belgique-   +(32.2) 626.15.15   +(32.2) 626.15.16
                                 EMRC - RABOBANK PROJECT INCUBATOR AWARD
                                   AFRICA FINANCE & INVESTMENT FORUM 2008
                                     PARIS, FRANCE    7-9 DECEMBER 2008


During the Agribusiness Forum 2008 (June ‘08 - Rome, FAO), EMRC initiated the “Project Incubator Award”, to
encourage African entrepreneurs to present viable and commercial projects. During the Gala Evening at the
presentation of the award, Mr Van Hedel announced that The Rabobank Foundation would finance a $10.000
prize for the next winner of the award and thus the EMRC-Rabobank Project Incubator Award was born.

In the first year of the award, three agro-industrial projects were presented: “Rwanda Coffee”; a project in
Zambia on crop protection and a third from Ghana on the production of palm oil. The 3 projects targeted the
improvement of production and trade. They also offered tangible benefits to the local population and investors.

First Project Incubator Award Winner:
Adries Mukashema & Michelle Shilling of CGIS, Rwanda

CGIS-NUR is a Training and Research centre of the National University of Rwanda. CGIS-NUR promotes
knowledge in the field of satellite data while being used as research centre for technologies and their
applications, mainly related to Geographical Information Systems. This is vital for improving the management of
Rwanda’s resources and contributes to local, regional, environmental and social development. The project
consists of developing and providing models of assistance in the traceability and the marketing of coffee, based
on the Geographical Information Systems. The project is a direct example of an initiative that is of social benefit
and that will contribute to economic growth.

                                        Pictures from Agribusiness Forum, June 2008 – FAO:
                              Michelle Shilling Project Presentation to an audience of around 250 delegates
                                  Adries Mukashema & Michelle Shilling receiving the Award during the
                              Agribusiness Forum Gala Dinner in the presence of Idit Miller, MD EMRC and
                                               Pierre Van Hedel, MD Rabobank Foundation



An international association established in 1992 in Brussels, Belgium, EMRC promotes private sector development
in Africa and encourages North-South economic relations through business events, economic missions and
business-development services. EMRC is composed of a network of entrepreneurs, financiers, consultants and
officials from some 100 countries worldwide.

     EMRC - Av. Louise 283 (b. 22) - 1050 Bruxelles - Belgique-   +(32.2) 626.15.15   +(32.2) 626.15.16
                                 EMRC - RABOBANK PROJECT INCUBATOR AWARD
                                   AFRICA FINANCE & INVESTMENT FORUM 2008
                                     PARIS, FRANCE    7-9 DECEMBER 2008


The Rabobank Foundation is committed to improving the lives of underprivileged and disadvantaged groups of
people in society by providing them with the opportunity to live full and independent lives. This commitment to
making a difference applies in equal measure to the activities that the Rabobank Foundation undertakes in the
Netherlands and in developing countries. The support provided by the Rabobank Foundation reflects
Rabobank’s unique history and roots and is consequently focus first and foremost on enabling the development
of small co-operatives located in rural regions. This support is provided through donations, loans, trade
financing and technical assistance. In line with Rabobank’s own co-operative background, the Rabobank
Foundation especially focuses on establishing and promoting co-operative savings and loan systems with small
farm holders and producers organisations.

                              EMRC – AFRICA FINANCE & INVESTMENT FORUM 2008
                              Financing Business Opportunities along the Value Chain
                                         7-9 December 2008, Paris, France

“Africa Finance & Investment Forum 2008”, will be held in Paris, to coincide with France’s Presidency of the
European Union, and will feature the best opportunities for financing and investing in projects (of various sizes)
within and towards the African continent. Among the expert speakers will be Jacques Attali, Economist and
Chair of President Sarkozy’s Economic Modernization Commission; Loïc Sadoulet, Professor of Economics,
Faculty Lead Africa Initiative at INSEAD Business School, John Mullins, Associate Professor of Management
Practice, Entrepreneurship and Marketing at London Business School.

The selected candidates of the EMRC-RABOBANK Project Incubator Award will present their projects on the
first day of the Forum (7 December) to around 250 professionals from Africa, USA, Europe, Middle East and
beyond. The winner will be officially announced on the night of the Gala Evening (Monday 8 December) in
presence of government representatives, ambassadors, the media and the business community. The winning
project owner will receive US$10.000 from Rabobank, by Pierre van Hedel, Managing Director Rabobank

We welcome you to join our Africa Finance & Investment Forum 2008 and to actively contribute to the full
integration of the African Continent in the world economy as a true key player, by introducing a project to the


•   EMRC International

    Inês Bastos – Project Manager
    E-mail: (candidates must send their applications by e-mail or fax)
    Tel:+32 2 626 1515 / 12 / 18
    Fax:+32 2 626 1516

    EMRC International
    283 Avenue Louise,
    B-1050 Brussels, Belgium

     EMRC - Av. Louise 283 (b. 22) - 1050 Bruxelles - Belgique-   +(32.2) 626.15.15   +(32.2) 626.15.16