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The Wright Brothers
           Wilbur Wright was born
            in 1867, and Orville
            Wright was born in 1871.
            They were born in
            Dayton, Ohio.
           At that time the new
            bicycle was invented.
            When Wilbur was 22, and
            Orville was 18, they
            opened a bicycle shop.
 While working in the
  bicycle shop Wilbur was
  reading the newspaper. He
  saw that Otto Lilienthal
  had died. Otto was a
  person who studied human
  flight. That was when
  Wilbur got the idea to
  follow Otto’s ideas.
 The brothers made
  their first glider as a
  controlled kite and a
  pilot flown glider. The
  pilot lay face down.
  He controlled an
  elevator by his hands.
  His feet controlled the
Kitty Hawk
      To test the glider the
       brothers went to Kitty
       Hawk, North Carolina
       because there is a lot
       of wind and there is
       sand for soft landings.
       They first flew it like a
       kite. Then Wilbur was
       the pilot and flew it.
 After going back to
  Dayton, Ohio the
  brothers decided to
  make a bigger and
  better plane. By 1902
  it was done and it was
  also the biggest glider
  ever built. This time
  the pilot’s hips
  controlled the wings.
The Flyer
      The brothers made a glider
       that they called the flyer.
       The flyer had an engine so
       it could go forward. The
       brothers made 2 propellers
       for their flyer. The pilot
       was Wilbur. He won the
       brothers’ coin toss. The
       flights didn’t work out
       very well.
 The brothers tried
  again and got it right.
  Wilbur was up in the
  air for a minute.
Flyer 2
     The brothers made
      another plane named
      flyer 2. Wilbur broke
      the record of 5 min. to
      39 min. in the air.
      Then the brothers
      again made another
      plane. This time it had
      seats and levers for
               Splitting Apart
 The brothers split
  apart. Orville went to
  show the U.S. army
  and Wilbur went to
Showing The World
          The French loved the
           flying. Wilbur made the
           headlines of the French
           and German newspaper
           while Orville also did. But
           while Orville was flying
           with a passenger a
           propeller got caught on a
           wire. He cut the engine
           and took a nose dive.
           Orville got injured and the
           passenger was killed.
              Selling The Plane
 After Orville got hurt,
  Wilbur came quickly onto
  the scene. When Orville
  was back in shape, he flew
  again. This time the army
  said, “We will pay you
  $25,000, and, if you can
  reach up to 40mph, we will
  give you $5,000 extra.”
  Orville did it. His average
  speed was 42 mph.
Wilbur Dies
       After selling the plane, the
        brothers make a company
        called “The Wright
        Company.” Suddenly,
        Wilbur went down with
        typhoid fever. He died on
        May 30, 1912. The funeral
        was huge! Even President
        William Howard Taft was
        there! He hailed Wilbur as
        the “father of new science.”
                    Orville Dies
 After a while, Orville
  became rich and moved
  into a mansion. Orville
  had a heart attack on Oct.
  10, 1947. After being in
  the hospital for a while,
  Orville came home. Then
  on Jan. 27, 1948 he had a
  2nd heart attack and died 3
  days later in the hospital.
  He was 77 years old.
The Wright Brothers Remembered

                Even though the
                 Wright Brothers are
                 gone, their ideas,
                 thoughts, and history
                 are still with us.

                 THANK YOU
                 Wilbur and Orville

       About: The Wright Brothers
       Made by: Jonathon Murphy
            Made: Dec. 7, 2009
Resources: The Wright Brothers By: George
Thanks To: Mrs. Sperle and my classmates
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