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                                                                              Success Story

              Philz Coffee – A virtual place to connect
              Philz coffee was founded in 2003 by a man named Phil
              Jaber. The coffee company has developed a devoted
              following, and for a good reason: all the blends available
              at Philz are the result of 25 years of coffee alchemy and
              invention. In seven years, the business has grown to 100
              employees in seven locations throughout the bay area.
              Philz Coffee President Jacob Jaber started the Philz
              Yammer network so employees would have a
              convenient way to connect online.

                                “Yammer has been a great tool for us
                                because our employees are better
                                                                                     Organization   Philz Coffee
                                connected. It’s like a virtual office space          Industry       Retail
                                where all of our employees come to meet.”            Employees      100
                                                                                     Founded        2003
              - Jacob Jaber, President, Philz Coffee                                 	

              The Philz Coffee management began using Yammer for internal communication, and
              quickly realized how useful the tool could be if spread across the entire company. The
              management created a Yammer Community – a network separate from the management
              network – and promptly invited all Philz employees. The company now utilizes Yammer in
              two valuable ways: for internal business communication on the management network, and
              as a virtual office where Philz employees can connect to one another on the Community
              network. The Philz Yammer Community has bolstered the company’s teamwork-oriented
              culture, and has connected employees that would have otherwise never met.

              Results and Benefits
                     Fast and convenient internal communication: The Philz management team can share
                      knowledge and messages instantly.
                     Employees from separate Philz stores are connected: Philz employees feel connected
                      to the greater Philz workforce, rather than just their store.
                     Bolstering the culture of teamwork: Yammer has reinforced the Philz culture of
                      teamwork as employees can answer questions from others and can rally around the
                      strongest ideas.

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