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					Fiction            Nonfiction     Poetry Fiction            Nonfiction     Poetry
Sci Fi Ghost Stories Screen Sci Fi Ghost Stories Screen
Writing           Memoir            Manga Writing          Memoir            Manga
                              Cartoons Graphic Novels                  Cartoons
Graphic Novels
                                                       THURBER HOUSE
Fantasy             Humor
     oung Writers’ Studio offers
                                 Mystery Fantasy              Humor       Mystery
 9th-12th graders a chance to Poetry Fiction
Sci Fi Ghost Stories to learn
 with professional writers
                                  work             YOUNG WRITERS’ STUDIO
                                  Screen Sci Fi Ghost Stories Screen
 new techniques, explore different
 work and Novels
 genres, receive feedback on their
Graphichave fun in a supportive
                                    Manga Writing
                                                    Isn’t It Time You Joined?
                              Cartoons Graphic Novels
                                                           Memoir            Manga
 environment with teens who love to
Fantasythe past five years, 150
 write. Over        Humor        Mystery Fantasy              Humor       Mystery
 high school
Fiction students from throughout
 central Ohio have attended YWS to
                                  Poetry Fiction            Nonfiction     Poetry
 improve Ghost Stories
Sci Fi their creative writing skills.
                                  Screen Sci Fi Ghost Stories Screen
                   Studio is all
 Young Writers’Memoir about
Writing young people to tap into    Manga Writing          Memoir             Manga
 their creativity and take Cartoons Graphic Novels
Graphic Novels their writing                                           Cartoons
 to the next level. Humor
Fantasy                                   www.thurberhouse.org
                                 Mystery Fantasy              Humor       Mystery
     Dates Nonfiction
Fiction for Winter/Spring 2011: All Fiction held on Wednesdays
                                  Poetry classes are Nonfiction            Poetry
Sci Fi Ghost Stories Screen Sci Fi April 13 Stories MayScreen
       January 19         February 2   March 2        Ghost                  11
Writing           Memoir 16
                          February Manga Writing AprilMemoir
                                       March 16             27         May 25 Manga
Graphic Novels                Cartoons Graphic Novels
                                       March 30
  All sessions Humor
Fantasy are from 6:30 – 8:30 pm at Thurber House, 77 JeffersonHumor the restored
                                 Mystery Fantasy               Avenue,    Mystery
 home of author, humorist, and New Yorker cartoonist James Thurber. Each session is $15 and can
 be paid at the door, or register online for all ten sessions for $150. A limited number of scholarships
 are available. For more information call Pat Shannon at 614-464-1032 ext.13 or visit
 www.thurberhouse.org. Space is limited and is first-come, first served.

Don’t get it right, just get it written.          Special Thanks to Our Generous Sponsors:
                    - James Thurber
You’ll never reach your dream of being
a writer if you don’t write. Once you get it
down on paper, bring it to YWS and listen to
friendly feedback from folks who want you to
improve your story or poem. Sharing what
you’ve written can be frightening but you
can overcome that fear by writing often and
listening to constructive criticism and praise.

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