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									                                         Allen Bramhall
                                            P. O. Box 587
                                         Bedford, MA 01730
                                           (339) 223-7456

      Technical Writing Certificate, Middlesex Community College, Bedford, MA
      M.A., Art: Learning and Practice, Lesley University, Cambridge, MA
      B.A., Art, Lesley University, Cambridge, MA (3.89 grade point average)
      A.A. Writing, Franconia College, Franconia, NH

      Massachusetts Preliminary License, Grades 8-12
      Massachusetts Tests for Educational Licensure, Literacy and Communication Skills
      Massachusetts Tests for Educational Licensure, English

Teaching Experience
Art Instructor, Bethany Hill Adult Daycare, Framingham, MA, 9/03-12/06
       Designed, marketed, implemented, and taught innovative course in expressionistic painting
       for adult daycare. Course developed as research project, offered to the daycare at cost of
       materials. Aimed at developing cognitive connections in clients. Classes consisted of 20+
       students, many suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Teacher/Tutor, Voyager Homeschool Cooperative, Inc., Acton, MA, 9/02-5/05
       Prepared and mentored creative writing workshop for classes of 5-10 young adults. Taught
       poetry, art, and collage to children aged 2-10. Tutored high school age students in English,
       literature, and history.

Quality Control Operator, Google, Lexington, MA, 6/ 07-current
       Perform quality assurance on pre-copyright era book scans for online book project. Check
       scanned page images for readability. Audit scanner operator output for accuracy and
       technique, enter results in Excel. Emphasis on efficiency and quality.

Managing Editor, Potes & Poets Press, Bedford, M A, 9/00-5/05
       Evaluated, selected, edited, proofread, and typeset manuscripts for respected non-profit
       small press. Wrote marketing material and handled all correspondence with authors,
       typesetters, universities, distributors, and customers. Published 30 books in five years, with
       sales to numerous universities.

Writer/Consultant, Silenus Wines, Inc., Waltham, M A, 2/77-11/98
       Taught wine tastings, advised and informed customers, penned store's popular newsletter,

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       created wine descriptions, and developed and wrote educational handouts. Wrote internal
       communications and customer outreach.

Summary of Program Work
      Basic Drawing (Farquarson), DeCordova Museum School, Fall ‘05
       A self-reflective immersion into formal drawing. Working realistically required that I
       proceed contrary to my natural mode: with patience and planning. Struggling in this
       approach brought forth useful conflicts and reconsiderations.
      Theory and Practice of Creative Imagination (McNiff), Lesley University, Fall ‘05
       An intensive exploration of creative imagination through presentations, workshop work,
       and readings as well as classroom and online discussion.
      Basic Watercolor (Glick), DeCordova Museum School, Spring ‘06
       Immersion into formal techniques and a study of the value of difficulty. Working in an
       uncomfortable mode allowed me to look at my creative process in a new light.

A Personal Journey with Carl Jung
       Introductory study of Jung's life and work. Extensive reading of Jung’s writings as well as
       of critical and biographical studies. Jung's work initiated for me a study of how art,
       dreams, and myths intertwine, as well as a reevaluation of art's value as a learning tool.

Artistic Gravity of Myths
       An investigation into myths, dreams, and art from a Jungian perspective. I particularly
       focused on how these modalities share motivation and methodology. These modalities can
       be used as vital tools in functional learning.

Patience and Understanding
       A consideration of artistic process and necessity by way of conversations with and
       reflections on several works of art. By conversing with the work, a sense of the work’s own
       life, divorced from the artist, emerges. Working thus proved a powerful way of knowing.

The Process of Art
       An investigation of the use of active imagination, especially when difficulty and conflict

Academic Projects
      Sketch Process, drawings and paper
       An intense drawing initiative, exploring limits by producing as much work as I could.
       Committing to drawing as a functioning means of expression (rather than saying that I
       could not draw) allowed me to admit possibilities. In the paper, I criticized not just the
       completed work but the method by which it was created, accepting the nodes of difficulty as
       points of self-discovery.
      Paintings and Conversations, book of paintings and conversations
       I created thirty paintings and bound them in book form. I enacted a dialogue with each

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       painting and placed it on the page facing the painting. This gave me unique entrance to my
       process and to the works themselves.
      Conversations and Reactions, show and catalogue
       Part of my thesis/project. I created a showing of more than sixty of my paintings. I wrote a
       piece for each painting displayed, either a conversation with the work or some other means
       of reaction. The show space became an installation, allowing the viewer an intimacy with
       the work and its development.

      Personal Myth in Art: The Philosophy in the Story
       A study of how personal myth integrates with the creative process and the learning
       experience. I focused on the evocative effect of trees on my imagination. The entire
       thesis/project included a showing of my visual work, and an in-depth catalogue for that

Other Projects
      Allen Bramhall’s Writing Portfolio
       A collection of some of my academic and technical writing.
      Antic View (
       Ongoing critical dialogue with poet Jeff Harrison on philosophy and practice of poetry and
       writing, begun 7/05. A consideration of the writing process and personal practice, and an
       examination of collaboration.
      Tributary (
       Personal blog of rumination and criticism, begun 4/04. Intended as quick notes of interest,
       opinion, and humor.
      Monster
       Ongoing poetic collaboration with poet Jeff Harrison, begun in 2004. A tour-de-force of
       entwined narratives, played upon a seemingly endless poetic landscape.
      Further collaborative work
       Writing projects with such writers as Anny Ballardini, John M. Bennett, Bob Brueckl, Tim
       Peterson, Eileen Tabios
      One Man Art Show, Pond Circle Gallery, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
       Retrospective of my visual work. Thirty page catalogue provided overview in which process
       and motivation were considered in unique ways.
      Poetry Readings
       Wordsworth Reading Series (with Henry Gould)
       Demolicious Reading Series (with Alan Davies)
      Allen Bramhall Archival Papers
       Collected at The Avant Collection of the Ohio State University Archives,

Print Magazines
      This 3, 1972
      Red Hat (broadside), Oasia, 2000

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       Otoliths 2, 2006

Online Publications
       The East Village:
       Faux/e Press (e-book):
       Alterran Poetry Assemblage:
       Muse Appreciation Guild:
       Otoliths:
       Listenlight:
       Poet’s Corner:
       Big Bridge:
       Hamilton Stone Review
       Critiphoria (with Tim Peterson):
       Eoagh:
       Galatea Resurrects (reviews):

       Simple Theory, Potes and Poets Press, 2002
       Days Poem (volumes 1 &2), Meritage Press 2007
       Walden Book, Greying Ghost, 2008


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