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Table of content
        Refurbish your Home,Can be done cost effectively
        Present & Dress Your House as Best You Can, Curb Appeal
        Convert 1 Big Room into 2 rooms
        Open up the Plan
        Use Agent Type Boards to Market Your Home
        Self Advertise (Internet)
        Multi-List Your Property
        Do Your Own ‘Open House’
        Source Buyers Through Facebook & Social Media
        Offer Finance Assistance
        Leaflet in your area
        Put Postcards up in Your Local Area
        Run Newspaper Adverts
        Offer Higher Fee/Incentived to an Agent
        Furnish it
        Offer Additional Incentives to the Buyer
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Introduction from Raoul Krimm, Managing Partner of

Thank you for downloading our Sell My House Guide
Report, hope you find it useful.

Buying or selling a home can be a daunting prospect.
It can be very tempting to just turn over the reins
and enlist the help of a real estate agent.

For those of us looking to sell our house fast, this
will, of course, cause significant problems. Creditors
may be chasing you for money, you may be due to relocate imminently,
you may have been left a property by a deceased relative – you may
even be living with the threat of repossession, and the list goes on and

The obvious choice is to put your property on the market, either with an
estate agent, or as a private sale. However, with some properties taking
up to 6 months or more to sell, you may not be able to wait that long for
funds to come through.

This guide outlines a few of the many alternative options available to you
when needing to sell your house fast and for the best price.
The advice is completely impartial; no individuals, products or companies
are named. Instead, it is simply packed with solid, sensible advice to
help you find the best solution to your property challenge.
Whilst we have given you loads of possible solutions that you can
implement,       has several   years
experience in the property industry and will work with you on an
individual basis to establish exactly what your circumstances are and
offer you a taylor made property fast sale solution.
Lastly should you have any feedback, positive criticism or questions,
please mail and we will do our best
to assist you.
Thanks again for taking the time to visit our website.                                     4
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                   Sell My House Guide

               17 Tips to Sell
    Your House Faster & at a Higher Price

1   Refurbish your Home, can be done cost

 Fresh Lick Of Paint, if can’t afford then wash walls with sugar soap
  (depending on condition)
 Paint Light Neutral Colors and use mirrors to make inside look bigger,
  lighter and more spacious.
 Clean or replace carpets, lighter color is best but caution going too
  light as they will dirty easily.
 Stats show that bathrooms and Kitchens sell a property, neutral
  colors, remove and replace old & moldy Silicone, thoroughly clean and
  be certain smells clean and fresh.
 Clean all windows inside and out, paint if a suitable window type and
  needed. Sash windows can be a nice feature if in a newly painted
 Wash Curtains.
 Add superficial features inside to make home look slightly lived in, it
  makes it easier for potential buyers to imagine living in the home,
  flowers, nice curtains, toilet rolls in holders, few nice white goods in
  Kitchen to make property look slightly lived in, even rent furniture to
  compliment the house (if it is unfurnished) like a nice 3 piece settee
  and small beds for the bedrooms to make rooms look bigger, set
  dining room table, be careful not to over furnish the property as this
  will make it look untidy and the rooms smaller – These small tips help,
  for more useful ideas go into a show home and get ideas on how they
  dress a property, colors, furniture, etc. You can buy partially-baked
  cookies, cake or bread and bake them slightly before and during the
  viewing to create a good ambiance. Add some back round music and
  even candles to make your home look out of the world. The type of
  back-round music should be jazz or classical                                     5
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2       Present & Dress Your House as Best You
        Can, Curb Appeal

     When a potential buyer arrives at the property it must look good and
      welcoming, they must be able to imagine themselves living there.
      Inspirational Factors – Friends to say wow, neighbors to like
     Paint front door.
     Paint exterior walls, if not in a too bad state, use sugar soap to wash
      down the walls, if Face brick high pressure clean.
     Put wrought iron railing or at least a nice neat fence to define the
      property and make it look good.
     Clean up foliage and shrub age or plant some nice flowers – Can use
      pebbles or woodchips to create a nice appeal and requires very little
      ongoing maintenance.
     Clean down side of property, if graveled make certain gravel is neat
      with no weeds growing through.

3      Convert 1 Big Room into 2 rooms

     This will be appealing for a buyer, to get an extra bedroom for the
      same price or slightly more than the property originally was priced.
     Think of exit and entry to each room as well as a window is needed
      for each room.
     Partition wall does not need to be too expensive but a reasonable
      quality to block noise is recommended.
     Will need another radiator.

4      Open up the Plan

     Move rooms if more beneficial, especially downstairs with Dinning
      room, living room and Kitchen, if property lends itself then open up
      these social arrears, open up all the way through sometimes including
      the living room and definitely a kitchen diner through to conservatory
      and garden, gives a more open, bigger, lighter and welcoming family
      feeling – Creates value
     Specific to properties that lend themselves to this - properties with a
      big downstairs and rooms which are next to one another/in a row.
     Do not remove any supporting walls as this could get very costly,
      partition/stud walling is fine.                                     6
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5      Use Agent Type Boards to Market
       Your Home
 In the old days the way to buy a property was through either driving
  past and seeing an Estate Agents Board or walking into an Estate Agents
 Nowadays with the internet it is very easy to self advertise your property
  if you wish not to involve an Estate Agent. This alone can save you
  thousands in commission.
 Have your own board made up using a rigid waterproof material (often
  Correx Material), use big bold writing on a bright background and list
  some of the benefits
 It is said that “For Sale” Boards account for more than 40% of house
 Regulation Estate Agents Board Size is 800mm x 600mm
 At time of writing this report (September 2010) a “For Sale” Board costs
  online round £30. + vat each to purchase.

6      Self Advertise (Internet)

 Listing your property online as a Private Sale is simple and can be done
  using websites that allow you to list your property privately, Websites
  like Zoopla, The Little House Company and loads more offer this type of
  service. Depending on the website often you will pay a small one off fee
  and your advert will be listed on loads of relevant property websites until

7      Multi-List Your Property
 You can list your property with more than 1 Estate Agent depending on
  your contract with the initial Estate Agent. Typically an Agent will try get
  a Sole Agency and in return you will get a reduced commission, this then
  entitles them to be the only Agents allowed to market the property for a
  set period of time.
 A Mutli-Listing enables you to list the property with several agents,
  usually they will then charge a slightly higher commission as you loose
  the sole agency incentive, this gives you greater visibility by more For
  Sale boards, higher retail shop front visibility, a bigger database of
  buyers names and more links to the property on the internet, this is                                     7
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  often recommended if you have been struggling to sell.
 A word of caution, do not advertise your property with more than 2 to 3
  Estate Agents, this can give buyers the impression that you are
  desperate and you risk getting lots of unrealistic offers from time

8      Do Your Own ‘Open House’

 Very popular in America, Privately outside of Estate Agents get several
  potential buyers to come view the property on a specific day, this
  enables you to create a competitive environment amongst buyers and
  set deadlines for offers, with a good turn out you might get multiple
  offers allowing you the choice of buyer that best suites your
 A word of caution, whilst Open House viewings do have lots benefits, You
  will need to be present throughout the day to accompany potential
  buyers, there is no way to know whether a visitor is a serious buyer, just
  curious or has more sinister motives.

        Source Buyers through Facebook
        & Social Media
 Facebook is a very useful resource in finding buyers and/or tenants for
  your property, If you have lots of friends on facebook, post on all of their
  walls that you are looking to sell/rent your house.
 Make contacts with the type of people that your property would appeal
  to, for instance if there is a good school in your area and they have a fan
  page or group on facebook, join and post on its wall letting people in
  that area know that you are looking to sell your property, often they will
  have friends or family that might be wanting to move to the area for
  their children to attend the school. This is just one example, you will find
  plenty more by just focusing on the exact market your house appeals to
  and then making contact and letting them know you are looking to sell.
 There are several other Social media sites like Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin
  or you could look at property portals like Property Tycoons Forum,
  Singing Pig, etc where property investors that are buying on a daily basis
  hang out, they will typically pay less than the asking price of the
  property so I would recommend this as a last resort once all other
  avenues have been exhausted, though there are further benefits on
  selling to an investor as they are aware that you need to sell quickly.
 Social media is also a free method of advertising. You have to love the
  technology :-)                                     8
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10        Offer Finance Assistance

 There are several incentives you can put in place to help sell your
  property, you could advertise the property at a slightly higher price and
  gift 5% towards the buyers deposit (some lenders will allow you to
  vendor gift 5% of the deposit)
 Could offer furniture or white goods if the property is valued slightly
  higher, this is appealing to a buyer as it would mean less money needed
  up front and they would pay the amount off at a lower interest over the
  term of the loan.
  There are several other more complicated creative finance methods
  available which we as a company can assist you with in getting your
  property sold by appealing to a much broader market, if you would like
  to discuss the different options available to you, contact us at

11        Leaflet in your area

 Many people in a particular area will have family or friends wanting to
  move to the same area, by dropping leaflets off through house
  letterboxes within the area and possibly immediate surrounding areas
  will increase the chances of a sale.
 List the type of property, number of rooms, benefits associated with your
  property, road it is on and your name and contact details. Keep it simple.
 Our network has lots of success with buying properties through leafleting
 You will need to understand leafleting is a numbers game, initially drop a
  few thousand leaflets and wait for a response, should you not get the
  desired result, wait 10 to 14 days and do another drop in the same area.
  Often people will need to see the leaflet or postcard more than once
  before it will generate their interest.
 Word of caution, if your property is sitting vacant do not advertise it on
  the leaflet, this could potentially attract squatters or criminals.                                   9
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12       Put Postcards up in Your Local

 Same principal as the leaflet, except the postcards are put up in local
  shop windows, post office windows and just about anywhere that will
  allow you to put a postcard up. We usually look for any retail store that
  has any other form of 3rd party advertising and politely ask them if we
  could put our postcard on display.
 Typically your local corner stores that know you will often allow you to
  display your postcard for free, others might charge you between .50
  pence and £1 per week.
 Apply same details, language and benefits as the leaflet without making
  it look too cluttered.
 You can buy plain lined postcards from most stores, including WH Smiths
  and hand write the cards to save money on buying printed cards.
 You will need to get out as many postcards as possible, depending on
  your area size and amount of retail stores, fish and chip shops, doctors
  surgeries, etc that will allow you to put your postcard on display. 1 to 5
  will not be sufficient.

  13       Run Newspaper Adverts

 Call your local paper and place a small box advert, typically you will pay
  by size including the amount of words used, as you will be limited by
  space try use as much info as possible similar to the postcards and
  leaflets in the space you are provided, be certain to list at least one or 2
 There is no need for a full page or even half page box advert, a small
  one will be fine.
 Whilst it does vary from area to area, often with newspapers you can
  negotiate a substantial discount on the standard retail-listing price (some
  cases 50% to 80% discount), negotiate and don’t just accept the first
  price quoted. You are looking to market your property as cheap as
 Be certain to check when the newspaper comes out that your advert is in
  it, that all the information you supplied is on it and there are no spelling
 The Newspaper, Postcard and leaflet strategy work very well in
  conjunction with one another and can still be done reasonably cheap by
  utilizing yourself or your family or neighbors children’s time to do most
  of the work involved.                                       10
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14      Offer Higher Fee/Incentive to an

 Agents often find themselves being negotiated down on price, it is also a
  fact that whilst a property sale might generate a commission anywhere
  from 1% to 3% the main portion of that money goes to the Agents
  Company and not the individual agent, therefore incentivizing the
  individual agent by offering a nice gift like a Thank You card and good
  bottle of Whiskey, Wine, Champagne, Belgian Chocolates, etc for selling
  the property quickly will go a long way.
 When listing the property you could choose not to negotiate on the
  commission quoted for a sale and possibly even offer a slightly higher
  commission in return for a fast sale.
 You could also offer a sliding scale fee based on a timeframe to
  incentivize a faster sale.
 As a company we constantly supply several chosen Estate Agents with
  business and do not negotiate on their commission neither, in return we
  expect the agents to work harder on getting our properties sold faster. If
  selling through an agent is an avenue you would like to pursue and
  would like some help, contact us and we will speak to one of our chosen
  Agents on your behalf. We do not charge a fee or make any commission
  out of this.

15      Furnish it

 Furnishing your home is one of the most important factors when selling a
  house and often can be done really cheap by just rearranging furniture,
  cleaning up and removing clutter. Below is some more info to help you
  achieve the best price and a quick sale.
 Interior designer Justine Knox has been known to ask some of her
  female clients who want to sell a property, the following question: “How
  often do you leave your house without putting on make-up or brushing
  your hair?” And the response in most cases is: “Never.” In spite of this,
  many sellers of all kinds of homes believe that it’s not necessary to
  prepare their property for viewings by potential buyers.
 Furnishing a property with modern, neutral colored good quality furniture
  can go a long way, obviously this can be very expensive to do however
  there are companies that will rent this type of furniture to you.
 They also have a vast range so you can pick the smaller sizes, which will
  make the rooms look bigger and more spacious.
 Here are a few small tips to consider:                                     11
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       Try seeing your property through the buyer's eyes!
       Minimize clutter or anything that may be seen negatively by
          potential buyers and then decorating & accessorizing the property
          for the right target market.
       Use all of the senses when preparing your property for viewers, as
          a minimum use a mild Haze or similar make mild air freshener,
          you could even go as far as to bake bread, cake or biscuits to
          really stimulate the senses.
       If painting you can create harmonious color schemes that make the
          most of your property, keep it light and neutral. For ideas Google
          search ‘harmonious color schemes’ or look at a few interior
          decorator magazines.
       Getting the lighting right in your property can create a wonderful
          environment that really wins the hearts of potential buyers –
          always make certain the rooms are well lit up and give a warm
          cozy atmosphere, even if you just use higher wattage light bulbs
          for the viewing period.
       There is a very useful guide I came across on the internet filled
          with loads of information on how to prepare your home to sell it
          fast and for more money: Home Selling Handbook

 16       Offer Additional Incentives to the

 There are several incentives that you could offer a buyer, it is better to
  base it on your specific target market and what is appealing to them, an
  example could be if your area and house is appealing to younger family’s
  then you could offer to leave your old flat screen television behind or
  offer to buy a new one.
 Or for starting out families you could offer to leave certain furnishing or
  white goods (if they are in a decent condition). You might have been
  considering getting rid of them anyway when you moved to your new
 It is also common for a seller to sell their house and give their spare car
  as an insentive, this is typically done with the more up market type
  properties though not unheard of with cheaper properties.
 Other items you might consider as an incentive:
        Laptop
        Sit down lawnmower (if property has a big garden)
        Computer
        Apple iPad
        Holiday (if you own timeshare)
        Apple iPod
        White Goods                                      12
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        Leaving furniture that is in a good condition but not a permanent
          fitting behind (if fixed it becomes part of the property & is
          included in the sale as a std), a Dishwasher or washing machine,
          feature hung up mirror, flat screen television, the list can go on
          and on if you choose to be a little creative.
 You will often find a potential buyer that likes the property will seem
  excited and will often compliment a feature of the property, like a bed
  and headboard, if this happens consider whether that feature is
  important to you, it might not look as good in your new property due to
  different design layout, might be downsizing to a smaller property and
  have no room anyway, etc you could then offer to include it in the sale
  as a gift at no extra cost. This is a nice incentive and can be very
  powerful in influencing a sale, especially with first time buyers or
  younger type families.

17      Auction

 Auctions are another method of selling a property that also have the
  benefit of knowing that once that hammer falls, the contract is legal and
  binding. The purchaser has to pay a ten percent deposit there and then,
  and come up with the balance within twenty-eight days.
 Before the property reaches the auction you will need to decide with
  your auctioneer what your reserve price is. This is the minimum price
  that you will accept once the bidding starts, and it's very important to
  set this at the right level, because once it is reached, there is no going
  back: the property will be sold.
 The auctioneer also has to decide what the guide price of the property
  should be. This isn't necessarily the same as the reserve price, and once
  again careful thought will have to go into the decision.
 Auction fee is typically 1.5% to 3% and is payable if you sell your house.
 Buyers at auction are usually professional house buyers looking for a
  bargain, though on occasion we have seen a bidding war between buyers
  and the property sold at a higher price.
 Most auction sales are below market value. With current market
  conditions (September 2010) many houses are selling at up to 40%
  below market value, fewer investors are looking to buy due to the credit
  crisis as many cannot secure lending or are waiting for the market to
  bottom out.
 There are several more pro’s and con’s I can mention about selling at
  auction, in my opinion it is a strategy best used once all other options
  have been exhausted.                                     13
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