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									                       Top Ten World Travel Destinations

Top ten world travel destinations lists are fairly easy to find online. There could
be lots of them on internet too. Top ten world travel destinations can be for
families, for adventure, for business, for vacations and many more. This is the
time to list the ultimate top ten lists. These are the top ten places where you can
live cheap, travel easily, and move along whenever the mood strikes you.

      Baja, Mexico
      Eastern Turkey
      Argentina
      Sumatra, Indonesia
      Grenada, Spain
      Laos
      Bohol, Philippines
      Southern France
      Atlantic Coast of Morocco
      U.S Pacific Northwest

Here I've included regions, cities, and even countries that are the best places in the
world. That's because some places offer more than others and some places are just
too fantastic to miss in your vagabond travels. That's basically because while most
places offer more than others and a few spots are just likewise fantastic to miss in
your vagabond travels.
Some of these travel destinations are filled with so many waterfalls, islands,
historic buildings, and gorgeous beaches that it stands out. Most of these places
also offer wide variety of activities like surfing, kite boarding, hiking, scuba
diving, walks and many more things. These places area are beautiful and are also
cheap to travel. For example, Eastern Turkey offers you a look at historical ruins,
Islamic culture, and all for a very moderate price, Bohol in the Philippines is just
one of 7000+ islands, but it is filled with so many chocolate hills, the waterfalls,
historic buildings and adventurous things to do.

Enjoy these destinations and let me know if you need me to add more things here.


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