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					THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 2004                                                          T H E D A I LY E A S T E R N N EW S                                                                                   PAGE 9A

  NATIONAL                                                                                                           CIRCLE UP


   NEW YORK — Vice President
Dick Cheney unleashed a stinging
                                                                                                                                                                                J OSH R EELEY /THE DAILY EASTERN NEWS
attack on Sen. John Kerry Wednesday
night, ridiculing him as a politician        Students take advantage of the warm weather Wednesday afternoon in Ruth Hoberman’s English literature class on the South Quad.
who has made a career out of chang-
ing his mind. “More wrong, more
weak and more wobbly than any
other national figure,” agreed Sen.          “Four more years,” they shouted —       KERRY TARGETS SEVEN                        PROTESTS TARGET BUSH     FLORIDA ORDERS
Zell Miller, a Democratic keynoter at     echoing the chants that floated up         STATES WITH INITIAL                        POLICIES ON LABOR, AIDS; HALF-MILLION TO LEAVE
the Republican National Convention.       from the convention floor several          ADVERTISING BLITZ                          ARRESTS TOP 1,700        AS HURRICANE CLOSES IN
   “As a war protester, Kerry blamed      miles away as delegates acclaimed the         NEW YORK — John Kerry will                 NEW YORK — Republican                      MIAMI — Nearly a half-million
our military,” said the Georgia senator   Bush-Cheney ticket for another term.       begin his post-Labor Day advertising       National Convention protesters             people were ordered to evacuate as
in a fiery speech that drew repeated         The speeches by Cheney and Miller       blitz in seven states from New             waved symbolic pink slips along a          Hurricane Frances swirled toward
ovations from the GOP delegates in        were the main events of the evening,       Hampshire to New Mexico, his politi-       three-mile “unemployment line,”            Florida on Wednesday just weeks after
the hall. “As a senator, he voted to      but the convention seemed to move          cal Ground Zero for a $50 million          labor unions demanded better treat-        Charley’s devastating visit, threatening
weaken our military.”                     20 years back in time at one point as      campaign scheduled to expand into          ment of workers and a group of             to deliver the most powerful one-two
   The vice president hailed President    delegates took in a tribute to the late    another 13 states by Nov. 2.               AIDS activists infiltrated Madison         punch to hit a state in at least a century.
Bush as a “superb commander in            Ronald Reagan. They cheered at                In a rare advanced buy, the             Square Garden on Wednesday, as                Those planning to ride out the storm
chief” who has helped restore the         video clips of the late president at his   Democratic campaign began reserving        arrest totals soared beyond 1,700 for      snapped up canned food, water and
economy since the attacks of Sept. 11,    most forceful, then again when they        air time Wednesday night in Ohio,          the past week.                             generators, while military helicopters
2001 and will lead the nation to victo-   saw former President George H.W.           Florida, Iowa, New Mexico,                    The arrests, including several on       and planes were flown out of the area
ry in the war on terror. Bush “does not   Bush eulogizing him in June.               Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and            Wednesday, far surpass those made          and Cape Canaveral’s Kennedy Space
deal in empty threats and halfway         Madison Square Garden bloomed              Wisconsin, according to Democratic         in much more violent circumstances         Center said it would close on Thursday.
measures,” Cheney said in a prime-        with thousands of blue placards that       officials familiar with the buy. Ads       at Chicago’s 1968 Democratic con-             The National Hurricane Center
time speech at the convention podi-       read “Win One for The Gipper.”             begin airing Friday in Ohio, then next     vention. Two well-known figures            issued a hurricane watch for about 280
um delivered to a nationwide televi-         Cheney performed the traditional        week in the other six states.              from that era alleged that police are      miles of Florida’s Atlantic coast —
sion audience.                            vice president’s role in his turn at the      The campaign also was buying air        using more subtle tactics to stifle dis-   from Florida City near the state’s
   Kerry spokesman Joe Lockhart           podium, praising the man at the top        time through Nov. 2 in Minnesota,          sent.                                      southern tip to Flagler Beach about 20
instantly accused Republicans of          of the ticket while denigrating the        Missouri,         Nevada,       Oregon,       “Chicago Seven” veteran Tom             miles north of Daytona Beach. A hur-
“slash-and-burn politics” and said it     leader of the political opposition.        Washington, Maine, Michigan,               Hayden spoke with activist lawyer          ricane watch means those areas could
won’t work. “Dick Cheney and Zell         “Time and again he has made the            Arizona, Louisiana, Colorado,              Leonard Weinglass on Wednesday             start feeling hurricane conditions with-
Miller looked like angry and grumpy       wrong call on national security,” the      Arkansas and North Carolina and            outside a West Side holding facility       in 36 hours.
old men,” he said.                        vice president said of Kerry.              West Virginia. They won’t see ads until    for suspects awaiting the trip to cen-        Forecasters said the still-strengthen-
   Republicans launched their double-        “On Iraq, Sen. Kerry has disagreed      later this fall.                           tral booking — many of them yet to         ing Category 4 storm could hit on
barreled attack on Bush’s Democratic      with many of his fellow Democrats,”           The $50 million is more than half of    be processed from Tuesday evening,         Labor Day weekend as early as Friday
opponent as the president cam-            Cheney said in a delivery as understat-    the about $90 million that Kerry has at    when more than 1,000 people were           night, less than three weeks after
paigned his way into the convention       ed as Miller’s was not. “But Sen.          his disposal between now and Nov. 2.       arrested.                                  Charley raked Florida’s western coast
city, collecting the endorsement of the   Kerry’s liveliest disagreement is with     On top of the massive downpayment,            “I’m here to congratulate and           with 145 mph wind, causing billions of
union representing New York’s 8,600       himself. His back and forth reflects a     officials said the campaign has budget-    applaud the demonstrators and ask          dollars in damage and killing 27 people.
firefighters, some of whom risked         habit of indecision, and sends a mes-      ed an undisclosed amount of money to       those who are the purveyors of fear to        “I can’t emphasize enough how pow-
their lives on Sept. 11, 2001. His eyes   sage of confusion.”                        pour into key states later in the fall.    apologize,” said Hayden, whose             erful this is. If there’s something out
misted as he stood among them and            “Flip-flop, flip-flop,” motioned the       Ads will air on local network affili-   arrest in 1968 became a cause cele-        there that’s going to weaken it, we
held a black fire helmet labeled          delegates as they voiced their disdain     ates, cable TV and broadcast outlets       bre. In all, 589 people were arrested      haven’t seen it,” hurricane center direc-
“Commander in Chief.”                     for Bush’s rival.                          targeting minorities.                      during the rioting in Chicago.             tor Max Mayfield said.

                                                                      NON SEQUITUR BY WILEY MILLER
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                Ashley starts his first class by hav-
             ing students list two issues and what
             their stance on those issues is. This
             year, unlike previous years, he got a
             lot more “pro-Bush” and “pro-
             Democrat” responses instead of the
             typical abortion or education-fund-
             ing issues.
                Assistant history professor Debra
             Reid, who teaches a U.S.
             Constitution class, has also noticed
             changes. Since the 2000 election, she
                                                                       BOONDOCKS BY AARON MCGRUDER
             has seen a steady increase in student
             interest, she said.
                “Every single year since then there
             has been a major international or
             domestic issue,” Reid said. “This year
             is one more major thing. Relevancy is
             so important.

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