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              16108 Chatfield Ave                           Cell   216-299-3091
              Cleveland OH 44111                  

Acting Experience (representative)
       Demon Baby                            Alan                    convergence-continuum           2007
       Sunday in the Park with George        Franz/Dennis            Lakeland Theatre                2006
       A Man of No Importance                Sully O’Hara            Beck Center                     2006
       Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Xmas Binge   Ensemble                Cleveland Public Theatre        2005
       Tony & Tina’s Wedding                 Understudy/Swing        Playhouse Square                2001-02
       Full Moon                             Horace                  Dobama Theatre                  2001
       She Loves Me                          The Waiter              Lakeland Theatre                2001
       The Dying Gaul                        Robert                  Beck Center - Studio            2001
       The Dining Room                       3rd Actor               Clague Playhouse                2001
       Greater Tuna                          Thurston, et al         Huntington Playhouse            2000
       A Funny Thing Happened on the Way…    Marcus Lycus            Huntington Playhouse            2000
       You Can’t Take it With You            Ed                      Beck Center – Mainstage         2000
       Picasso at the Lapin Agile            Schmendiman             Beck Center - Studio            1999
       Floyd Collins                         Reporter                Beck Center - Studio            1999
       Moon Over Buffalo                     Howard                  Beck Center - Mainstage         1999
       Born Yesterday                        Paul                    Beck Center – Mainstage         1997
       Noises Off                            Frederick/Philip        Beck Center - Mainstage         1997
       Inspecting Carol                      Kevin                   Beck Center - Studio            1996
       Noises Off                            Frederick/Philip        Berea Summer Theatre            1996
       A Funny Thing Happened on the Way…    Protean                 Beck Center - Mainstage         1995
       Sweeney Todd                          Ensemble                Weathervane Playhouse           1995
       Annie                                 Rooster                 Weathervane Playhouse           1994
       Grand Hotel                           Ensemble                Berea Summer Theatre            1994

Directing Experience (representative)
       Ruthless (in concert)                        Director         AIDS Benefit                    2007
       Pump Boys and Dinettes (in concert)          Director         AIDS benefit                    2006
       Nunsense 2: The Second Coming (in concert)   Director         AIDS benefit                    2005
       The Gin Game                                 Asst. Director   BigArts/Sanibel, FL             2005
       Fully Committed                              Director         Beck Center – Studio            2004
       Nunsense A-men (in concert)                  Director         AIDS benefit                    2004
       Little Shop of Horrors                       Director         Huntington Playhouse            2004
       Forever Plaid (in concert)                   Director         AIDS benefit                    2003
       Talking Heads                                Asst. Director   Beck Center – Studio            2003
       From Here: a Century of Stories from Ohio    Director         Wallpaper Project               2003
       How to Succeed in Business…                  Co-director      Cassidy Theatre                 2002
       The Lisbon Traviata                          Director         Beck Center - Studio            1998

Stage Managing Experience (representative)
       Two Rooms                             Stage Manager           Cleveland Public Theatre        2008
       Gin Game                              Stage/tour manager      Raue Center – Crystal Lake IL   2007
       The Price                             Stage Manager           Ensemble Theatre                2007
       Mrs. Warren’s Profession              Stage Manager           Beck Center – Studio            2006
       Masterpieces of Russian Drama         Stage Manager           Cleveland Museum/Art            2006
       To Know Him                           Stage Manager           JCC Halle Theatre               2005
       Gin Game                              Stage Manager           BigArts – Sanibel, FL           2005
       About Time                            Stage Manager           Ensemble Theatre                2004
       Three Tall Women                      Stage Manager           Ensemble Theatre                2003
       Late Night Catechism                  Asst. Stage Mgr.        Hanna Productions               2003
       Talking Heads                         Stage Manager           Beck Center – Studio            2003
       Tony & Tina’s Wedding                 Asst. Stage Mgr.        Hey City Productions            2001-02
       Master Class                          Stage Manager           Beck Center – Mainstage         2001
       Kiss of the Spider Woman              Stage Manager           Beck Center – Mainstage         1998
       The Art of Success                    Stage Manager           Dobama Theatre                  1997

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