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									               Reflections on Waters - May 2009

                      Waters of Life Lutheran Church
                                 6221 Rice Lake Rd.
                                  Duluth, MN 55803
                        (218) 721-4476 / (218) 343-2413 (Pastor)

                        Sunday Morning Worship - 9:30 a.m.
                            Coffee Fellowship following

             Pastor’s Message - “Wide Open Social Spaces”
As I consider some of my most meaningful relationships, I recognize a common factor.
They all began with casual hang time, time that allowed us just to get acquainted.
There was no agenda. No planning. No teaching. Just being. And in that space I
recognized their innate value and discovered that even my friends who weren’t
Christians valued me.

We each need that space. That’s social space. But that social space is fading away.
Increasingly, privacy, safety, convenience and staying locked behind many layers of
security in the home have made us impenetrable to the outside world.

Without that social space we lose relationships which are safe enough for us to choose
to be completely real, to fully unpack our stories. Not out of obligation, but out of our
need and desire. Not because we were pressured but because we were invited.

Most of us are looking for social relationships. Not contrived familiarity. We simply
want to be given an opportunity to connect with new people so that relationships can
develop naturally. I get it. And the Spirit is moving over those waters. In the months
ahead we are going to explore ways to create a social space for each of us.

Blessings, Pastor Tim

                              Welcome New Members

Congratulations to the following who were received as new members of Waters of Life
in April:

Don & Jan Anderson                Jesse & Nicole Hagadorn Dan & Barb Schlichting
Erick & Missy Sundeen       Gina Slotness & Sydney Laurie King
Bob & Kathy Holmes                Theresa Severance & Julia

Congratulations:        Erick Sundeen and Missy Thro who were married at Waters of
                        on Saturday, April 25th.
Sympathy: Our sympathies are extended to the family and friends of Jim Saice,
whose funeral was held at Waters of Life on Saturday, April 18th.

                                   Education News

Sunday School        The last day of Sunday School was held on Sunday, April 26th.
                     Have a great and safe summer. A big thank you to all who helped
                     out this year. See you next fall.

Confirmation         Congratulations to the following students who will be confirmed on
                     Sunday, May 3rd. The congregation is invited to a reception in
                     their honor following the service.

             Claire Bowman              Sarah Curran                   Heather Halverson
             Tanner Johnson             Kelsey Lagergren        Ellie Peterson
             Christine Peterson    Rachel Scheer                Alicia Vedo

Special thank you: Jan Severance and Jacqui Whelan for sewing stoles for the
students. They will be given to the confirmands as a momento from the church.

                           Summer Camp Opportunities

The following are summer camps offered to youth of all ages. They are great
opportunities for spiritual growth and fun for your child. If interested, please contact
them directly for dates and registration information.

Voyageur Lutheran Ministries: Camp Hiawatha-Deer River/Camp Vermillion-Ely. All
age groups. or 218-666-5465.
Big Sandy Camp-McGregor: – or 218-426-3389. All age
groups. United Methodist Church Camp: 4-day (day-only camp) held at the Horace
Johnson Boy Scout Camp north of the Island Lake Inn, July 27th - 30th. Elementary-
age kids. Call Laura Stahl at 727-5021.

                           Notes from the Memorial Committee
At our April meeting we reviewed the process by which memorial and honorarium gifts
are processed. When you give a gift to Waters of Life, you will be offered the
opportunity to complete a one-page description or history of the gift. This description is
then placed in the Memorial Book. When the church office is completed and secure,
this book will be kept there where it can be viewed by the congregation as a public
record. Part of the record includes an area for a picture, which may be provided by the
donor or taken by our committee photographer, Dick DeBolt.

The committee has decided to begin a project called “Miracles of Waters of Life”. We
hope to collect personal “miracle” stories from congregation members of how God’s
hand was demonstrated in the development and building of Waters of Life and form
them into a book. If you have any memory of such stories, contact Jacqui Whelan or
Dan Lewis who have agreed to work on this project.
After consulting members of the congregation, a list of physical needs which could
serve as memorials or honoraria was created and discussed. The committee felt that
the top priority at the present time should go to securing padded chairs for the
sanctuary. The original goal for seating included 200 hard chairs for the fellowship hall
and 200 padded individual and interlocking chairs which could be moved if necessary
for the sanctuary. With our recent growth, it has become evident that the need for
chairs is great. We will be looking into the cost and source of these chairs and hope to
offer the congregation the opportunity to purchase a chair or chairs in honor or memory
of a loved one. Dick and Millie DeBolt have designated their original monetary gift
(formerly held by Family of God) toward these chairs in memory of Dick’s mother, Elaine
DeBolt Storm. Thank you, Dick and Millie!

We would also like to acknowledge the gift of beautiful candlesticks for the altar along
with a flame lighter. Sally and Garth Sundeen have given the candlesticks in memory of
Sally’s parents, Daniel and Jane Riesland, and the flame lighter in memory of Garth’s
dad, Ronald Sundeen. Thank you Sally and Garth for these special gifts.

We are thankful for every gift to Waters of Life, and for the gift of each of you. May God
bless you richly as you let your light shine in and around our faith community.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 14th - 7:00 pm at the church.

                               Church Planters News

The church “planters” held their first meeting on Tue., April 14th. Planting/needs and
areas to be completed were prioritized. The front of the church, welcome gardens and
foundation gardens will be planted first. Planting budget and supplies needed to
complete the projects was also discussed. The group will be sponsoring a “buy your
mother a flower” sale on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 10th . Proceeds will go towards
purchasing plants, flowers and shrubs. If you are interested in being a part of the
“planters” group, please watch for upcoming meetings or contact Marlene Rose at 721-

                             Ladies Scrapbooking Day
                       Saturday, May 2nd, 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
                               Waters of Life Church

All women of Waters of Life are invited to a day of fellowship and scrapbooking. Just
imagine, an ENTIRE day of (almost) uninterrupted time to work on your scrapbooks,
preserving your memories, or just getting those pictures organized. We will be working
on cards as well. If you are not able to join us for the whole day, but are “curious”, drop
by and see what we are all about. It will be a wonderful time of fun and fellowship.

  Cost: $12.00 - this includes dinner and prizes. Bring your own beverage and
          Send payment to: (Include: name, address, phone, and email).

                                   Send payment to:
                                     Marlene Rose
                            (Creative Memories Consultant)
                                  3990 Homecroft Ln.
                                   Duluth, MN 55803
                                  Evenings: 721-3338

Mother’s Day Sunday

Mother’s Day Brunch: The Men’s Bible Study group is hosting a Mother’s Day brunch
following the service on Sun., May 10th. Sign-up sheets for the brunch are available at
the church.

“Buy a Flower for your Mother” - Sale: The church “planters” will be sponsoring a
Mother’s Day flower sale to raise money to fund the garden projects. The congregation
is invited to purchase flowers to help fund this effort. There will be a list available of
plants/flowers/shrubs the group will be purchasing for planting.

                     Invitation to the Men of Waters of Life

The Men’s Brotherhood of Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Two Harbors would like to
invite the men of Waters of Life to join them at Bethlehem on Tuesday evening, May
19th at 6:00 PM for their Annual Fish Fry and program. The program for the evening
will feature Civil War re-enactor and Knife River resident Paul VonGoertz. Dressed in
full Union Army uniform he will explain the equipment he carries, describe the life of a
civil war soldier, and tell about the pivotal role the Minnesota Regiment played in the
Battle at Gettysburg. Dinner begins at 6 PM and all men are invited!
                             Women’s Group Meeting

The women of Waters of Life are invited to a meeting on Thurs., May 7th - 7:00 p.m. at
the church. It will be an open meeting to talk about upcoming summer events and to
discuss ways to serve our church family and the community. Please bring a snack to
share if you like. All are welcome.
                         Calling all Softball Enthusiasts

We are looking to form a Waters of Life softball team to compete in the YMCA summer
church softball league. There are a total of 10 games played throughout the summer
starting in June. The games are played during the week and are at UMD softball field.
This is a family league so everyone over the age of 10 is welcome to join. Experience is
not required. There will be a small fee which will be determined after we know how
many people we have signed-up. This is a great time and a wonderful way to meet
other people in our church as well as other churches around us. Please let me know by
May 3rd if you would be interested in joining our team. There will be a sign-up sheet at
church or you may contact me at the numbers below.
       Kelley Bayuk
       218-391-2483      or

      Waters of Life & Family of God – 2nd Annual Golf Fundraiser

Where:              Lester Park Golf Course
When:               Saturday, July 11th - Time TBA
Event:              4-person (men & women) 9-hole scramble
                       Waters of Life - May 2009

Team make-up: 2 people from WOL and 2 people from FOG. The winning team will
choose which church and project the proceeds will go to (proceeds can go to both).
Following golf, join us for the Pig Roast and Concert at WOL. Sign-up by June 30th.

For sign-up and questions please contact:

WOL:                                      FOG:
Ron Osborne 721-3953     Don Erickson 724-1591
Nikolas Bayuk 728-4059

                  Upcoming Events - Mark your Calendars!

Worship schedule changes to summer hours: 10: 30 a.m. – Sunday, June 7th.
2nd Annual Golf Tournament & Pig Roast
 with concert featuring Christina Deloach: Saturday, July 11th.
Church Dedication: Sunday, July 12th.

                           Member Information Forms
Reminder: Please take a few moments to complete your Member Information Forms
and turn them in to the church office. We have received about a 45% response to date.
If you need another form, they are available in the church office.

                                 Church Directory

Hard copies of the updated church directory will be available to members next week.
This is the first directory created from our church software program. Your input and
corrections are appreciated.

If you have information to share in the newsletter, please contact Mary Peterson at 721-
4164 or by the 25th of each month.
     Sunday                Monday        Tuesday    Wednesday          Thursday        Friday             Saturday

                                                                                  1                  2

                                                                                  Clean-n-Connect    Ladies
                                                                                    4:30 pm          Scrapbooking
                                                                                  Pot Luck follows    9:00 am– 9:00 pm

3                     4             5               6              7              8                  9

                                                    Men’s Bible
Worship – 9:30 am                                   Study -                       Clean-n-Connect
                                                    6:30 pm        Women’s            4:30 pm
                                    Peacemaking     Prayer Chain   Group
Confirmation                                                                      Pot Luck follows
                                    Bible Study –   Group -        Mtg. – 7:00
Reception follows
                                    Unit 6          6:30 pm
                                    6:30 pm

10                    11            12              13             14             15                 16

Worship – 9:30 am                                   Men’s Bible
                                                    Study -
Mother’s Day                        Peacemaking     6:30 pm                       Clean-n-Connect
  Brunch                            Bible Study –   Prayer Chain                     4:30 pm
                                    Units 7&8       Group -                       Pot Luck follows
Flower Sale follows
                                    6:30 pm         6:30 pm

17                    18            19              20             21             22                 23
                                                    Men’s Bible
Worship – 9:30                      Men’s Dinner-   Study -
                                    Bethlehem       6:30 pm
                                    Church          Prayer Chain                  Clean-n-Connect
                                    Two Harbors –   Group -                           4:30 pm
                                    6:00 pm         6:30 pm                       Pot Luck follows

24                    25            26              27             28             29                 30
                                                    Men’s Bible
Worship – 9:30                                      Study -
                      Memorial                      6:30 pm                       Clean-n-Connect
                      Day                           Prayer Chain                      4:30 pm
                                                    Group -                       Pot Luck follows
                                                    6:30 pm

Worship – 9:30

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