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									    **WANTED              **
Tough, dependable men and

                                                              NorthEast Mobile Search And
                                     Clifton Park, NY 12065
                                     PO Box 1428
                                     PO Box 1428
                                     PO Box 1428
women who are willing, on short
notice, to slog through swamps,
                                                                                            NorthEast Mobile
tramp through timber, and tackle
the tangled brush in search of…                                                             Search And
LOST PEOPLE                                                                                 Rescue
 **** REWARD ****
Good companions, fresh air, vigor-
ous exercise, bad coffee and me-
diocre food, unforgettable experi-
 ences, and the knowledge that
            you have
 made the difference between …

    LIFE and DEATH.
       (518) 664-2909
      7 DAYS/WEEK
                                                                                            “We search so others may live”

       we are fully insured
                                                                                                   Call out
                                   NorthEast Mobile Search And Rescue
                                               Q   What exactly does NEMSAR do?
NEMSAR was founded in 1988 and incor-
porated in 1990 by a small group of indi-      A   NEMSAR mainly searches for people               SOUND INTERESTING?
viduals who had been involved with vari-           who are lost, For example, a hunter who       WANT MORE INFORMATION?
                   ous search and rescue           does not return at the scheduled time, an     If you would like to find out more about
                                                   elderly person who just "walks away", a       NEMSAR please give us a call.
                   operations as part of
                   their volunteer positions       lost child... NEMSAR always presumes
                   with local fire depart-         that the subject wants to be found. NEM-                Or check us out on line at
                   ments, snow mobile, or          SAR does not search for fugitives from             
                                                   justice or for anyone presumed dangerous.                       Or
                   ATV clubs and similar
                                                   NEMSAR also tries to educate people on        E-Mail us at:
  Our support /    organizations.                  how to avoid potentially dangerous wil-
  mobile           NEMSAR has since                derness adventures.                           If you would like to meet us, please come to
  communications   grown to a team of ap-                                                        one of our meetings.
  unit (SU-2)      proximately 20 active       Q   What other services does NEMSAR pro-
                   and supporting members,         vide to communities?                          WHERE:         City Of Mechanicville Garage
                                                                                                                1 Industrial Park Road
                   dedicated to search and                                                                      Mechanicville, New York
rescue under all types of conditions.          A   In Spring of 2008, we will began present-
                                                   ing the NASAR “Hug-A-Tree” program            WHEN:          First Wednesday of every month
Some team members are certified and                to educate children and their parents about                  7:00 p.m.
trained in Search Management Procedures,           wilderness safety. If you would like to
Crew Leadership, Emergency Medical                 sponsor a “Hug-A-Tree” event in your                 PLEASE JOIN US!
                                                   local area, call NEMSAR at (518) 376-
Treatment, Wilderness Navigation, Sur-
                                                   4591. We also will provide emergency                          OR
vival Techniques, Cave and High Angle              communications support for incidents and           Call us to speak to your
Rescue. Other specialized areas of Search          events.
and Rescue include Incident Command,                                                                   group or organization
FEMA and SEMO courses, Man Tracking,           Q   How do I contact NEMSAR?                                518-376-4591
and Map and Compass Skills. All active
members have completed the New York            A   Call (518)664-2909 Our emergency num-
State Department of Environmental Con-             ber is answered by Mechanicville Police
servation Wildlands Search course.                 Department and manned 24/7
                                                                                                 NorthEast Mobile Search And
The Team owns two tailored four-wheel          Q   Do I have to wait 24 hours before contact-
                                                   ing NEMSAR to initiate a search?              PO Box 1428        Phone:518-376-
drive ATV's and 2004 Yukon SUV tow                                                               Clifton Park, NY   Dispatch Call out:
vehicle to transport search and rescue per-    A   No, please call us ASAP. We or one of         12065              518-664-
sonnel and equipment., a converted RV              our associate teams will begin deployment              
setup as a communications/support unit             immediately.
with New York State topographical maps
and multiple radio frequency communica-

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