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MCN launches Multi Channel Mobile Search Services with Tele2 in Sweden


ICP mobile search is part of the business, content providers use the network search engine. There are two main ways to achieve, is to use a WAP access search WAP / WEB, one is a direct search WEB 3G content, more developed at this stage although the WAP network, but the search engine is not much, but function is generally inadequate.

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									    MCN launches Multi Channel Mobile Search
          Services with Tele2 in Sweden
February 12th, 2008

White label federated mobile search company MCN (Mobile Content Networks) has
signed a deal with Tele2 in Sweden.

What is the deal?

Basically, MCN will provide mobile search services for Tele2’s new mobile portal. This
will not just be for music services but for 8 different categories including Ringtones,
Music, Images, Games, Video, Local, Wiki and Web information search. From the press
release“Tele2’s selection of marks our sixth deployment in
Scandinavia and our largest multi-channel deployment to date in Europe,” said MCN
CEO Marc Bookman.

“This is another example of how MCN can go from concept to “Live” services in a few
short weeks in any country and across multiple high value content and information
channels with multiple content providers. Not only do we continue to demonstrate the
unique value that our pioneering Federated Search Management platform offers to
mobile operators in highly competitive markets, we also are bringing clear benefits to
the content providers who are participating in the services.”

“With MCN we were able to connect in a matter of days with minimal cost and effort,”
said Thomas Persson, Managing Director for InProdicon, an independent provider of
digital content for mobile. “Thanks to the efficiency and high performance of the MCN platform, our outlook for these new service opportunities with Tele2 in
Sweden and other markets is very positive.”

“These new vertical search services are what mobile users need to access mobile
content and information more easily,” said Per Einar Dybvik, CTO of Aspiro, a mobile
entertainment market leader in Northern Europe. “MCN’s Federated Search solution
gives us improved flexibility, better results, and a sustainable, effective platform for
delivering our content together with Tele2 and to their subscribers.”What we think?I did
want to shout Yahoo! But being in mobile search the term might not be appreciated! No
really, I wasn’t but I am really really warming on MCN.


The company is very focused and understands simplicity.
Slowly but surely, the company is making grounds in mobile search via verticals and the
platform is flexible and simple to integrate.I made a prediction that Yahoo! would buy
MCN last year. I was wrong and Yahoo! is turning a new direction probably with
Microsoft. So, I think that a white label mobile search company should consider buying
MCN. Focusing on spiders and crawling is not ripe in mobile and the market is not
ready. Federated is king at the moment. On top of that MCN is now based in Asia the
hottest market in the world for mobile search.

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