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									Top Reasons Patients Opt for Plastic Surgery

  1) Traumatic accidents, such as car crashes or severe burns, often require cosmetic surgery
     so the patient can return to a semblance of their pre-accident appearance. While these
     types of traumatic events are often disruptive to both the victim and their family, thanks
     to the option of plastic surgery Los Angeles patients can regain normal-looking features,
     which is a great source of comfort during a stressful time. Often, reconstructive surgeries
     of this nature are covered by health insurance companies.
  2) In recent years it has been shown that plastic surgery can solve various health problems.
     For example, a deviated septum leads to breathing problems, and can sometimes even
     disrupt sleep patterns. This condition can be corrected with rhinoplasty. For migraine
     sufferers, Botox has shown promising results in preventing the painful episodes.
  3) Massive weight loss often leads to sagging skin, which can diminish the rewards of hard
     won weight loss. Surgeries that involve removing and tightening excess skin are common
     for people who have lost 100 lbs or more. In Los Angeles plastic surgery can also
     possible to diminish or completely remove stretch marks.
  4) Self-esteem is cited as the number one most common reason for cosmetic surgery. While
     it would be nice if looks were not given so much importance, the truth is that almost all
     cultures place a high value on appearance. Sure, personality and intelligence are part of
     the overall package, but if you have these two qualities, it can be disheartening to have a
     perceived physical flaw detracting from these other great traits.
  5) After the age of 40, many people turn to cosmetic surgery for a physical tune-up, so to
     speak. Tightening the skin on the face and neck, using fillers such as Botox to plump up
     wrinkles, or an eye lift to eliminate crow’s feet are common procedures for patients in
     their 40s or older who want to stall the appearance of aging.
  6) Getting back into pre-baby shape is becoming an increasing concern for many mothers.
     When visiting a plastic surgeon Los Angeles mothers are commonly requesting what
     they refer to as “mommy makeovers.” Ideally only mothers who don’t intend to have
     more children undergo this makeover. A mommy makeover involves a tummy tuck, and
     often liposuction, as well as a breast lift. And if the patient desires breast augmentation
     Los Angeles surgeons recommend undergoing the procedure at the same time.
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