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All in the Family


Being unplugged from the matrix is one of the best parts of camps like Golden Slipper. "We don't get WiFi service up here," O'[Neill] says. "We don't allow the kids to bring ceU phones, and we have a limited number of computers. I think that's part of the reason that kids make such great friends at camp. If there's no Facebook to update and no email to check, what are you going to do? Sit around a campfire and talk."Kids can have those campfire bonding moments with their parents ? and with their camp friends. "Because most of our kids are from the Philadelphia area, a lot them see each other after camp," O'Neill says. "Parents can foster those relationships by setting up play dates with those friends. I say 'play date,' but it's not for little kids. Teens can have sleepovers and meet at malls that are halfway between homes. They won't be in the outdoors, but it's still a great way to maintain those camp connections.""Summer is a great time to volunteer at JRA," [Amy Krulik] adds. "In July and August, we go to a Sunday-Monday schedule, where we pack on Sunday and deliver on Monday. It's very social. The doors are open to the warehouse, people are laid-back, and it's beautiful outside. Last year we had Rita's Water Ice and Philadelphia Water Ice at the warehouse. There are a ton of kids here. A lot of moms come with their kids on Mondays. Camps come. And lots of kids are doing their mitzvah projects. It's a great time to do that because you're not squishing it in with school. For people who don't come for the rest of the year, this is the time."

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