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					                                        Wish List for
                                    Vacation Bible School
                      We're gearing up for another fantastic week of Vacation
                      Bible School this year, and we need your help getting
                      prepared! Below is a list of some of the materials we need
to put together the curriculum for this year's theme, and any help we could get
would be fantastic.

In keeping with this year's theme, we're trying to be as environmentally neutral as
possible, which means buying as little as possible. Any of these items you can
start collecting (i.e. toilet paper rolls, cereal boxes, etc.) would be a HUGE help.
There will be a box in the fellowship hall to collect these each week, so start
looking for these items now, and keep 'em coming!

General Art Supplies
Tape, school glue, paint (safe for clothes), brushes, crayons, markers, scissors,
construction paper in a variety of colors, clear tape, string, beads, chenille stems
(pipe cleaners?), roll of paper, poster boards (one per each pair of kids), a drop
cloth for under the painting chaos! old paint shirts for the kiddos!

More specific items
We'll definitely need help with: cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, netting (like from
around a bunch of tomatoes), old magazines (appropriate for kids) including
National Geographic, recipe cards, liquid detergent (like a bottle), lemon juice (a

Envelopes, seed packets (need both small and large, at least 20 packets), brown
chenille stems, clean/light colored socks (does not need to be a pair!), yarn,
googley eyes, an old softball, yellow sticky notes, old wall paper scraps, dry beans
(variety pack), old board games (ones that already have missing pieces and are no
longer used), plastic food containers, and if possible funny detective costumes
(need some eye glasses and hats), magnifying glasses, a stepstool (or sturdy
chair), hand tools (pliers, hammer, wire clippers, safety glasses, baling wire,
projector or overhead with transparencies, used doors (as many as 3 to 5),
concrete blocks (as many as 20-30), cardboard boxes of all sizes (but the bigger
the better).

Any colorful fabrics (especially in earth tones, green/brown etc.), large piece of
pegboard mixed bird seed, baskets (all sizes) brown paper grocery bags, buttons,
cotton balls, flat bed sheets, food coloring, glass bottles with tall necks, hula hoop,
ice cream pails, maps of all kinds, plastic wrap, rhythm instruments, scrapbook,
small notebooks, strong rope, yogurt container with lids.

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