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									Vo l u m e 4   •   Number 36                           A C o m m u n i t y N e w s p a p e r F o r T h e W ay W e L i v e                             January 2010

                                    Climategate—                                                      R
                                                                                                                arely has a political    or more recently—Climate
                                                                                                                movement with so         Change.
                                                                                                                much power collapsed
                                    Melting the Chains
                                                                                                                                         No stone has been left
                                                                                                      so fast, certainly not since the   unturned in Global Warming
                                                                                                      fall of the Berlin Wall.           zealotry and its drive to

                                    of Tyranny                                                        Beginning in 1990, Global
                                                                                                      Warming has been the battle
                                                                                                                                         transform human civilization.
                                                                                                                                         It seemed the juggernaut could
                                                                                                      cry behind schemes for             not be stopped. Proponents
                                    By Tom DeWeese
                                                                                                      global control of industry,        have controlled every branch
                                                                                                      energy use, water use, private     of government, from federal
Animals that                                                                                          property and community             to local. They have created
Make You Smile                                                                                        development. It has been the
                                                                                                      excuse for economy-killing
                                                                                                                                         international policy, from the
                                                                                                                                         1992 Global Climate Treaty,
or Say “Wow”                                                                                          legislation like Cap and Trade     to the 1997 Kyoto Protocol,
                                                                                                      (that will extract $865 billion    to the 15 annual meetings of
By Randy Alcorn                                                                                       from an already overtaxed          the Climate Conference of
                                                                                                      people who use energy), and        the Parties (COP) with nearly

W       hen revealing his
        greatness to Job, God
shows pride in his creative
                                                                                                      global-to-local polices like
                                                                                                      Sustainable Development
                                                                                                                                         200 national delegations in
                                                                                                                                         attendance, and much more.
                                                                                                      (that robs local communities       And of course, their fellow
works, and mentions many                                                                              of freedom to decide their         travelers in the media have
animals—including the                                                                                 own future development). As        deftly excluded any reports
lion, eagle, and ox. He takes                                                                         a result, the world economy is     that may expose the Global
special delight in horses,                                                                            being transformed into a new       Warming “consensus.”
saying, “Do you give the                                                                              Dark Ages of superstition and      “Indisputable.” said Al Gore,
horse his strength or clothe                                                                          thought-control—all in the
his neck with a flowing                                                                                name of Global Warming—                           continued on pg. 2

                                                                    Happy New Year!!
mane? Do you make him leap
like a locust, striking terror
with his proud snorting?”
(Job 39:19–20) He also
refers to one of his stranger
creations, the ostrich: “The
wings of the ostrich flap            Everyday People Who make A Difference
joyfully…” (Job 39:13)
Here are photos of some of          By Mayor Jim Kight               house. They                                       talking about     same time every week,
                                                                     are doing a                                       your garbage      rain or shine. They play an
the more bizarre looking
animals God has made. Some
make me smile, revealing            I  f you are out early in the
                                       morning and getting ready
                                    to go to work, you can see
                                                                     cleanup job
                                                                     that we don’t
                                                                     want to do but
                                                                                                                       They show
                                                                                                                       up at the
                                                                                                                                         instrumental role in keeping
                                                                                                                                         our neighborhoods free of
                                                                                                                                         trash, and their companies are
God’s sense of humor and
                                    these men as they start their    we find very                                                         deeply committed to recycling
                                    day at work going about the      necessary in                                                        the materials we no longer use.
Some just
                                    city in their big green and      order to keep                                                       They take our garbage and
make me
                                     white trucks. However, if       our cities and                                                      turn it into a revenue stream.
                                     you are still in bed you can    communities                                                         Initially this is done by billing
my head
                                     probably hear them when         clean and tidy.                                                     us for the collection service,
wonder                              they stop in front of your       Of course I am                                                                     continued on pg. 8
at His
                 Angora Rabbit
And yes, I do credit God
                                    Mike Is Worried                                                 state to ply his trade as a legal
                                                                                                    contractor. His wife, Cheryl,
                                                                                                                                         He has a
as the Creator of these                                                                             works only part-time as office        reputation
                                    By Mark Ellis                    about Measures 66 and 67, the
                                                                                                    assistant for a home heating         among his
animals. After reading
                                                                     new taxes Oregon is attempting
dozens of books on the                                                                              company, so they pay for the         customers
subject, I’m convinced that
natural selection happens
                                    M      ike is not a corporation. to levy on corporations and
                                           He’s a sole proprietor
                                    who earns his living as a
                                                                     high income earners in the
                                                                     middle of the worse economic
                                                                                                    family’s high-deductible health
                                                                                                    insurance out of their own
                                                                                                                                         as a
on a small scale, varying                                                                           pockets. He doesn’t mind that        honest, and
                                    licensed contractor specializing downturn since the Great       his taxes are needed to pay for      skilled tradesman. She works
features of otherwise similar
                                    in carpentry—frame to finish.     Depression.
animals, but this is small                                                                          schools, roads, police and fire       while their two children are
                                    He and his wife won’t make       Mike pays his state and        departments, and a safety net        in school. Her income goes
scale microevolution, and
                                    $250.00 dollars this year—or     federal taxes faithfully. He   for society’s most vulnerable.       preponderantly to the various
this process is incapable of
                                    even $125,000—not even           carries the license, bond, and
                                                                                                    Mike and Cheryl are native
                                    close. But Mike is worried       insurances required by the                                                         continued on pg. 9

                                                 The Health                                            Is the Constitution
                                         Benefits of Popcorn                                            Just a Grand
                                              A Tasty Snack That’s                                     Suggestion?
                                            Actually Good for You
White Faced Saki Monkey

               continued on pg. 8                                   page 17                            page 5
The Northwest Connection                                                                                                                                              January 2010


                                   The Northwest Connection
Climategate                        The attacks became official         chaos and repression. Anyone        their investigative research        Change effort cannot be
continued from pg. 1               threats when, in October, 2006,    caught questioning the doctrine     shows any warming actually          denied. The Unit’s director is
                                   two U.S. Senators, Olympia         or power of the church was          stopped in 1999. And, in fact,      Professor Phillip Jones, who
as he won the Nobel Prize and      Snowe (R-Maine) and Jay            labeled a heretic and found         they say the brief warming          is in charge of two key sets
the Oscar for his efforts to       Rockefeller (D-WV) sent a          his or her way to the rack or       period we experienced in the        of data used by the IPCC to
spread the gospel. “Go Green,”     letter to ExxonMobil Chairman      into the middle of a fire while      past decade was completely          draw up its reports. The CRU
said nearly every corporation      Rex Tillerson. The letter          tied to a stake. The church, of     natural, caused in part by          has direct links to the Hadley
and school classroom. Barack       derided Exxon for helping to       course, was practicing its own      storms on the sun, not CO2          Centre, part of Great Britain’s
Obama says firmly, “The             fund global warming “deniers,”     brand of “globally-acceptable       emissions from SUVs. The            Met Office, which selects most
science is settled.”               (a term the global warming         truth.”                             sun storms have ended, say          of the IPCC’s key scientific
To enforce their agenda of top     proponents use frequently to       Still, the scientists came out      scientists, and now a cooling       contributors ( the scientists
down control over the world        try and draw a parallel with       against the global warming          period has begun.                   and their reports chosen for
economy based on Climate           those who deny the Holocaust).     hysteria in ever- increasing        However, in spite of the            the final IPCC documents that
Change, the one factor they        Said the letter, “we are           numbers. Harvard scholar and        growing evidence showing that       affect climate change treaties
had to oversee with an iron        convinced that                                                                              the earth is   and policy).
hand was the science and how       ExxonMobil’s                                                                                not heating    Professor Jones’ global
it was reported. They were well    longstanding                                                                                up, CO2        temperature record is the most
aware that any crack in public     support of a                                                                                is not a       important of the four sets of
confidence of that science          small cadre                                                                                 pollutant,     temperature data on which the
could mark their doom.             of global                                                                                   and man        IPCC and governments rely.
The cracks began to show just      climate change                                                                              has not        The predictions in the CRU
over two years ago as Senator      skeptics, and                                                                               destroyed      reports have steadily predicted
James Inhofe took over             those skeptics’                                                                             the earth,     that the world will warm to
chairmanship of the Senate         access to and                                                                               the drive      catastrophic levels unless
Environment Committee. As          influence on                                                                                 to enforce     trillions of dollars are spent to
he held hearings on the issue      government                                                                                  draconian      avert it.
of Climate Change, for the first    policymakers,                                                                               legislation    Professor Jones is also a key
time those scientists whose        have made it                                                                                has moved      part of the closely knit group of
research didn’t agree with         increasingly difficult for the      climate scientist Willie Soon       forward like an unstoppable         American and British scientists
official global reports were        United States to demonstrate       put it best saying “It’s the Sun,   express train. Cap and              responsible for promoting the
heard. It caused a sensation.      the moral clarity it needs         stupid.”                            Trade passed the House of           picture of world temperatures
Suddenly, the claims of            across all facets of diplomacy.”                                       Representatives last fall and
                                                                      Dr. Mark Campbell, professor                                            conveyed in Michael Mann’s
consensus rang hollow. There       The letter went on to say,         of chemistry at the U.S. Naval      stands ready for approval any       “hockey stick” graph which
was disagreement. There was        “ExxonMobil and its partners       Academy in Annapolis recently       time in the Senate. The “Warm       ten years ago turned climate
debate. Truth began to leak        in denial have manufactured        wrote, “The sky is not burning,     Mongers” have a gala event          science upside down by
through the cracks.                controversy, sown doubt,           and to claim that it is amounts     planned in Copenhagen where         showing that, after 1,000 years
Over the following year the        and impeded progress with          to journalistic malpractice.”       they intend to use climate          of decline, global temperatures
debate intensified. Those           strategies all-too reminiscent                                         change as an excuse to enforce      have recently shot up to their
                                                                      Said U.S. Government
skeptical of the official findings   of those used by the tobacco                                           global government. Local            highest level in recorded
                                                                      atmospheric scientist Stanley
of the UN’s Inter-governmental     industry for so many years.”                                           communities are enforcing           history. It was that graph that
                                                                      B. Goldenberg, “It is a blatant
Panel on Climate Change            The reference to the tobacco                                           legislation under Sustainable       started the stampede toward
                                                                      lie put forth in the media that
(IPCC) questioned the methods      industry was a not-so-veiled                                           Development to control water        global warming hysteria.
                                                                      makes it seem there is only a
in which the conclusions           threat that Exxon could face                                           use, land use, community
                                                                      fringe of scientists who don’t                                          So the correspondence to and
were made that man was             the crush of government                                                development, even population
                                                                      buy into anthropogenic global                                           from Professor Jones and his
causing global warming and         regulation that could destroy                                          control—again, all under the
                                                                      warming.”                                                               CRU is a window into the real
that temperatures were rising      their ability to sell their                                            excuse of climate change;
                                                                      In the past year, more than                                             thinking of the Climate Change
at an alarming rate. The           product. But the intimidation                                          as the “go green” mantra
                                                                      700 scientists from around the                                          community. That’s why the
skeptical scientists asked for     didn’t stop there. The letter                                          grows ever more shrill in
                                                                      world have expressed their                                              revelations from those e-mails
documentation to show how          continued, “We recommend                                               the complying media and in
                                                                      doubts. That’s 12 times the                                             have caused such a firestorm
the conclusions were made.         that ExxonMobil publicly                                               corporate advertising.
                                                                      number of UN IPCC global                                                in the scientific and political
They were not answered.            acknowledge both the reality                                           Unstoppable? Well, not so
                                                                      warming alarmists.                                                      community.
Meanwhile, the Global              of climate change and the                                              fast. Something interesting
                                   role of humans in causing          Top that with the fact that                                             Just a few of the exposed
Warming proponents ramped                                                                                 has happened to bring a real
                                   or exacerbating it. Second,        more than 34,000 American                                               e-mails reveal efforts to hide
up their attacks against anyone                                                                           downer to the Climate Change
                                   ExxonMobil should repudiate        scientists have signed a petition                                       the fact that research was not
who dared question their                                                                                  party. It seems an adventurous
                                   its climate change denial          saying there is no convincing                                           supporting the global warming
statements. Skeptics were                                                                                 hacker found his way into
                                   campaign...” The only thing        scientific evidence that human                                           claims. Kevin Trenberth, of
labeled as heretics who dared                                                                             some very private e-mails—ten
                                   the Senators left out were the     release of carbon dioxide,                                              the U.S. National Center for
defy the “globally-acceptable                                                                             years worth of documents and
                                   words, “Science be damned.”        methane, or other greenhouse                                            Atmospheric Research wrote
truth” of the high priests                                                                                correspondence—and suddenly
                                                                      gases is causing disruption of                                          to Professor Jones, “We
of global warming. Some            The last time human kind was                                           things have changed.
                                                                      the Earth’s climate.                                                    can’t account for the lack of
proponents actually called for     strapped into such a mental                                            The e-mails were in the files        warming at the moment, and
“Nuremberg-style trials” of        straight jacket was during the     To generally summarize the          of the Climate Research Unit        it is a travesty that we can’t.”
the skeptics, accusing them of     Inquisition of the Dark Ages.      findings of those scientists who     (CRU) at the University of
endangering the entire planet      The period was an era of           refuse to just go along with        East Anglia in England. And
simply for asking questions.       ignorance, superstition, social    the Climate Change party line,      their importance to the Climate                  continued on pg. 23
January 2010                                                                                                                                           The Northwest Connection

                                       The Northwest Connection
 Northwest Connection
   107 East Historic Columbia
        River Highway
     Troutdale, OR 97060
                                                                                                                   A man’s country is not a certain area of land, of
    phone: 503–328–8416
        fax: 503–912–1003
  Jolinn@nw–Connection.com                                                                                         mountains, rivers, and woods, but it is a principle
                                                                      from the Publisher
   Our mission at The                                          JoLinn Kampstra                                     and patriotism is loyalty to that principle.
   Northwest Connection is
   to provide an educational,
                                                                                                                   —George William Curtis
   well-balanced informative
   community newspaper. Our
   goal is to stimulate the local
   economy by promoting area
   businesses and to encourage
   citizen involvement, which,
   in turn, will build stronger
                                                                                        P UBLIC F ORUM
       JoLinn Kampstra
           Publisher/Editor         False Claims ‘Stimulate’ Investigation                                                                 to give pay raises to staff.
                                                                                                                                           Two hundred jobs supposedly
        Helen Maguire                                                                                                                      created by a taxiway
                                                                       accuracy of this number, and       Cascade Policy Institute’s       construction project for the
                Copy Editor
                                                                       for good reason.                   investigation showed that        Coos County Airport District
            Tina Husak                                                 Faulty reporting appears           Recovery.gov reported            was really only 20 jobs.
           Gary Randall                                                to be pervasive in the data        Oregon to have nine phantom
                                                                                                                                           Further review of reported
         Graphic Designers                                             used to make the claim. Jim        congressional districts. These
                                                                                                                                           jobs created or saved likely
                                                                       Scarantino, of NewMexico.          Oregon phantom districts
                                                                                                                                           will have similar results.
       Contributing Writers                                            Watchdog.org, first broke the       created or saved 15 jobs, at a
                                                                                                                                           There is no benefit in having
                Randy Alcorn                                           story that the transparency        cost to taxpayers of almost $5
                                                                                                                                           transparency when the data
                                                                       site for the stimulus package      million.
                 K.R. Bents         By Jacob Szeto                                                                                         isn’t worth the paper it is
               Steve Buckstein      Cascade Policy Institute           (Recovery.gov) was reporting       A quick look at reported jobs    reported on.
                                                                       congressional districts that did   created in Oregon by the         Jacob Szeto is Investigative

               Tom De Weese
                                         he White House recently       not exist in his home state.       $787 billion stimulus package    Reporter at Cascade Policy
          Karla Kay Edwards              claimed that about            These phantom congressional        turned up more inaccuracies.     Institute, a non-partisan,
          Pastor Bill Ehmann        640,000 jobs have been saved       districts were prominently         $397,761 spent to save 205       nonprofit public policy research
                 Mark Ellis         or created as a result of the      displayed in the state summary     jobs at the Mid-Willamette       organization based in Portland,
                                    $787 billion stimulus package.                                                                         Oregon. ■
               JoLinn Kampstra                                         of districts that had saved or     Valley Community Action
               Mayor Jim Kight      Many have questioned the           created the most jobs.             Agency was actually spent
         Victoria Larson, N.D.
                Frank Maguire
                 Paula Olson        Paying a “Climate Debt”?                                                                            change has other perks as
                                                                                                                                        well. Supporting doomsday
                Lynne T. Page
               Jordan S. Rubin      Plans for Global Wealth Redistribution                                                              scenarios could end up being
                                                                                                                                        quite lucrative for developing
                Frank Salvato                                                                                                           nations since, according to
                                                                       contribute to a climate change to developing countries. This     Sen. Kerry’s bill, the American
                 Jacob Szeto
                                                                       fund amounting to $100 billion would amount to $140 billion      taxpayer would “provide
        Rita Stratton, L.C.S.W.
                                                                       a year by 2020. Apparently       a year just from the United     predictable, stable, and
               Connie Warnock                                          based on dubious assumptions States.                             sufficient financing to support
                 Todd Wynn                                             of higher global temperatures    For some, it seems that “saving global climate change goals.” ■
                                                                       by 2100, politicians on the      the planet” from climate
 Cover Mast Photo Credit                                               federal level are aiming to
               Dennis Noreen                                           hand over a significant sum
                                    By Todd Wynn,                      of money from hard-working
   The Northwest                    Cascade Policy Institute           Americans to developing
   Connection Enterprizes,                                             countries.
   Inc. is a monthly published
   community newspaper.             T     his month, Senator John
                                          Kerry introduced the
                                    International Climate Change
                                                                       Many climate change alarmists
                                                                       and developing countries alike
   We welcome letters to the                                           have stated that the United
   editor and public opinion        Investment Act of 2009, which
                                                                       States and other developed
   articles. All submissions        is intended to “fund efforts to
                                                                       countries are the primary
   must be typed and signed         reduce deforestation,
                                                                            cause of global warming
   with full name, address and      deploy clean
                                                                             because of our release of
   phone number. Articles will      energy
                                                                              greenhouse gases over
   be published on a space          technologies,
                                                                              the past century. Many
   available basis. We do not       and increase
                                                                                more are advocating a
   necessarily endorse any          adaptation
                                                                                policy of paying back
   advertiser, public opinions      capacity in
                                                                                our “ climate debt” to
   and or columnists.               developing
                                                                                developing countries
                                                                                and have advocated
                                    In addition,
                                                                                for global wealth
                                    Secretary of
                                                                                redistribution, such as
                                    State Hillary
                                                                                “rich” nations handing
                                    Rodham Clinton announced
                                                                       over 1% of their annual GDP
                                    that the United States would
The Northwest Connection                                                                                                                                             January 2010


                                                         Public Forum
Counties Should Rezone Rural Land                                                                         tax revenues and provide
                                                                                                          much-needed economic
                                                                                                                                             land throughout the state. Also,
                                                                                                                                             under current regulations, if a
                                                                                                          benefits for counties, without      parcel consists of merely 51%
                                  return on a per-acre basis.        restrictions.                        any adverse impacts on farm        of soil in those classes, then
                                  Much acreage within the 9          Most recently, the state             and forest operations.             the entire parcel is considered
                                  million acres zoned “forest” is    legislature drafted and enacted                                         farmland. An 80-acre parcel
                                  also nonproductive or low-                                              But counties still will have to
                                                                     Measure 49, which was                comply with land use laws and      could consist of only 41
                                  productive. Worse yet, over        referred to and passed by                                               acres of so-called farmable
                                  the years, the state legislature                                        LCDC Goals and rules, which
                                                                     Oregon voters. Unfortunately,        will be barriers to change. This   land. What can be done with
                                  and LCDC forced counties           Measure 49 took away much of                                            the other non-farmable 39
                                  to impose more and more                                                 is where additional work needs
                                                                     the relief Measure 37 provided       to be done to allow counties       acres? This regulation should
                                  restrictions on dwellings, land
By Karla Kay Edwards                                                 for landowners.                      to secure significant benefits       be revised to allow more
                                  divisions and other uses.                                                                                  uses on the 39 acres that are
                                                                     This 36-year history of over-        from the process. Some Goals

O     regon’s land use
      regulatory system
was established under
                                  Since the passage of Senate
                                  Bill 100, three initiative
                                  measures (in 1976, 1978
                                                                     regulation, unsuccessful reform
                                                                     efforts and measures being
                                                                     passed and then challenged,
                                                                                                          and rules need to be revised to
                                                                                                          allow more flexibility.
                                                                                                                                             unproductive, such as allowing
                                                                                                                                             a home for a family member
                                                                                                                                             or to sell the home on its own
                                  and 1982) were launched to                                              One area that needs to be
Senate Bill 100 in 1973,                                             overturned or decimated has                                             parcel.
                                  overturn the statewide land use                                         addressed is criteria for
and the land use Goals of                                            frustrated landowners. It is                                            House Bill 2229 includes
                                  planning system, but all failed.                                        designating agricultural land.
the Land Conservation and                                            very difficult to bring about                                            some overarching principles
                                  Efforts to secure reforms in the                                        Currently, lands that have a
Development Commission                                               broad, sweeping changes to                                              that provide justification for
                                                                                                          soil classification of I-IV in
(LCDC) were adopted in 1975. legislature did provide some            land use laws in the current                                            modifying state policies,
                                  modest changes, but the overall                                         western Oregon and I-VI in
Under the land use system,                                           political climate.                                                      including sustaining “a
                                                                                                          eastern Oregon (as defined by
LCDC forced counties to zone rural zoning system is still in         But now there may be an                                                 prosperous economy” and
                                  place.                                                                  the USDA Natural Resources
over 96% of all rural land in                                        opportunity to make some                                                equitably allocating “the
                                                                                                          Conservation Service) are to be
the state into highly restrictive Then, in 2000, a new approach      changes on a county-by-county                                           benefits and burdens of land
                                                                                                          designated “agricultural land.”
“farm” and “forest” zones,        was used. Measure 7 was            basis. In the 2009 session,                                             use planning.”
without regard to farm and        placed on the ballot amending                                           This should be revised for the
                                                                     Oregon legislators passed            following reasons. Much of         Despite the barriers to securing
forest productivity, economics the constitution to require just      House Bill 2229, which allows        this land has little or no value   rural land use reforms under
or the property rights of the     compensation for landowners        (but does not require) counties      for agriculture. There are many    House Bill 2229, landowners
landowners. Basically, it was     who lost property value due to     to reassess their very restrictive   factors other than soil quality    should actively urge county
zoning to provide open space. downzoning of their property           rural land zoning and bring          that should be considered in       commissioners and planning
This zoning is still in place.    after they acquired it. This       some flexibility to land uses,        designating agricultural land,     commissions to take advantage
For example, about 16 million measure passed but was ruled           primarily by allowing more                                              of the process. Counties that
                                  unconstitutional by the Oregon                                          such as water for irrigation,
acres are zoned into highly                                          land divisions and rural                                                choose reform can reveal the
                                  Supreme Court for technical                                             weather and infrastructure.
restrictive “Exclusive Farm                                          dwellings.                                                              extent of rural land miszoning
                                  reasons. So, in 2004 Measure                                            There is much variation in
Use” zones; but less than 5                                          This would increase property                                            and reduce barriers to sensible
                                  37, a statutory approach,                                               agricultural capability of rural
million acres are farmable,                                                                                                                  land use. ■
and only 2.8 million acres are was introduced and passed.
producing agricultural crops.     It, too, required all levels of
The remaining 11 to 13 million government to compensate
acres are generally unsuitable    landowners for lost property
for farming and useful only       value due to zoning restrictions
for grazing at best. Grazing      imposed after they acquired
generally provides a very low their property or to waive the
                                                                        Oregon government’s budgets are out of control. At every level, spending is growing too
                                                                        fast, debt is too high and elected leaders are locking taxpayers into unavoidable future
                                                                        spending increases that are unsustainable without massive tax increases.

                                                                        Does it have to be this way? Please join AFP for our 2010 Fiscal Responsibility Conference,
                                                                        sponsored by AFP Clackamas County and the Clackamas County Republican Party. At
                                                                        this event, we will learn the history of government growth in Oregon, explore what
                                                                        influences are brought to bear on government that causes elected officials to say “yes”
                                                                        to virtually every spending idea that comes along, and have a frank discussion of the
                                                                        solutions available and how you can make them a reality.

                                                                        Guest speakers include AFP State Director Jeff Kropf, local businessman Terry Emmert
                                                                        of Emmert International, Cascade Policy Institute’s Steve Buckstein and State Rep. Matt
                                                                        Wingard among others. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss the future of
                                                                        Oregon government with the experts, elected officials and among themselves.

                                                                             DATE: Saturday, January 9, 2010
                                                                             TIME: Registration opens at 9:00am, Conference begins 10:00, closes 3:00pm
                                                                             PLACE: Monarch Hotel, 12566 SE 93rd, CLACKAMAS
                                                                                    (conveniently located off I-205)
                                                                             COST: $20 per person (includes lunch)
                                                                             Questions? Please call 503-654-2440 to RSVP

                                                                        2010 is shaping up as a watershed year for the limited government
                                                                         movement. Don’t miss this chance to be part of the solution.

                                                                        Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is a nationwide organization of citizen leaders committed
                                                                        to advancing every individual’s right to economic freedom and opportunity. AFP believes
                                                                        reducing the size and scope of government is the best safeguard to ensuring individual
                                                                        productivity and prosperity for all Americans. AFP educates and engages citizens in
                                                                        support of restraining state and federal government growth, and returning government to
                                                                        its constitutional limits. For more information, visit www.americansforprosperity.org

                                                                      Americans For Prosperity—Oregon | PO Box 130 | Sublimity, OR 97385 | 541.729.6229
January 2010                                                                                                                                      The Northwest Connection

                                                         Public Forum
                                                                                                   Freedom the President of the
                                                                                                   United States is ill-prepared
Is the Constitution Just a Grand Suggestion?                                                       to safeguard them and to
                                                                                                   advance the freedoms and
                                                                                                                                       of citizenship. They took for
                                                                                                                                       granted that We the People
                                                                                                   liberties mandated therein to       would safeguard The Charters
                                impression that the               In an age when there exists a                                        of Freedom as our own; as
                                Constitution was the basis        substantial number of federally future generations. In fact, for     a covenant, a contract with
                                on which our system of            elected officials who believe     a sitting President to employ
                                                                                                   Mr. Page’s nonchalant attitude      government; as a compact that
                                government was founded;           the United States should                                             created American government.
                                on which our legal system         take its seat as an equal in a   toward Article II, Section 1,
                                                                                                   would be a violation of the         Anyone familiar with the
                                was based. I was under the        one-world, globalist order, it                                       philosophies that moved the
                                impression that Article II,       becomes critical that the person Presidential Oath to uphold the     Framers and Founders to create
                                Section 1, was to be taken        elected to serve as President    US Constitution.
                                                                                                                                       the charters would understand
By Frank Salvato                seriously.                        of the United States have an     Those who would usurp the           why they deliberated so
                                Article II, Section 1, reads:     unwavering dedication to our     genius of our Founders and          carefully in crafting the
L    istening to the John &
     Cisco morning radio
program here on Chicago’s
                                “No Person except a natural
                                born Citizen, or a Citizen
                                                                  nation’s sovereignty.
                                                                  When one takes into account
                                                                                                   Framers by diminishing the
                                                                                                   importance of natural born
                                                                                                   citizenship as a requirement for
                                                                                                                                       documents. Any true student
                                                                                                                                       of American history would
                                of the United States, at the      many of the extreme laws                                             instantly understand they
WIND AM 560 this morning,                                                                          President do so at the expense
                                time of the Adoption of this      governing free speech,                                               horror of Mr. Page’s flippant
I was suddenly stopped dead                                                                        of generational safeguards.
                                                                  property rights, taxation                                            statement.
in my tracks. One of the hosts, Constitution, shall be eligible                                    Those who engage in this
                                to the Office of President;        and personal and religious                                           So, two questions beg to be
John Howell, asked Chicago                                                                         national apostasy should be
                                                                  freedom that exist throughout                                        asked of Mr. Page. When, for
Tribune editorialists                                                                              thoroughly scrutinized for any
                                                                  the world it becomes clear                                           you, Mr. Page, did the US
Clarence Page about                                                                                ulterior motive.
                                                                  that to bow to the will of the                                       Constitution become simply a
a contentious issue;                                                                               If we were to all employ Mr.
                                                                  world community, to trade                                            grand suggestion? And when
whether candidates for                                                                             Page’s cavalier attitude toward
                                                                  our sovereignty for universal                                        did you fall under the illusion
the office of President                                                                             our Constitution—specifically,
                                                                  national equality, serves to                                         that you were more intelligent
of the United States                                                                               Article II, Section 1—what
                                                                  diminish the freedom and                                             and studied about American
of America should                                                                                  would stop foreign powers
                                                                  liberty mandated by The                                              political philosophy than
have to present proof
                                                                  Charters of Freedom; liberties from engaging in the American         Benjamin Franklin, George
of citizenship before
                                                                  and freedoms paid for with the electoral process? What would         Washington, John Adams,
being allowed to
                                                                  blood and treasure of patriots. stop foreign powers—or               Thomas Jefferson, John Jay,
vie for the office.                                                                                 nefarious powers—from
Mr. Page’s answer                                                 Foreign Intervention                                                 James Madison, and Alexander
                                neither shall any Person be       To believe that organizations    slating a candidate that would      Hamilton?
was not only a slight to the                                                                       put the well-being and interests
Constitution; it placed him     eligible to that Office who        like al Qaeda, ideologues like                                       Honestly, no wonder the
                                shall not have attained to the    Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud          of a foreign ideology or foreign
firmly in the camp of the                                                                           nation ahead of the well-being      Tribune Company can’t sell a
constitutionally illiterate.    Age of thirty five Years, and      Ahmadinejad or nation                                                newspaper! ■
                                been fourteen Years a Resident states like Russia or China         of the United States and her
When asked if vetting                                                                              citizens?                           Frank Salvato is the Executive
                                within the United States.”        wouldn’t embrace the chance
candidates for national office,                                                                                                         Director and Director of
                                This certainly doesn’t sound      to—through the legitimate        The Framers and Founders
specifically the presidency,                                                                                                            Terrorism Research for
                                like a suggestion to me. In fact, means of our electoral           of our nation envisioned            BasicsProject.org a non-
wasn’t something that all
                                in legal vernacular—and we        process—install an operative in a citizenry that would be            profit, non-partisan, 501(c)(3)
Americans could agree upon,
                                are hearing quite a bit about     the Oval Office is to be naïve. protective of the blessings           research and education
Mr. Page replied:
                                how important legal terms         Each of these entities devote                                        initiative.
“You can never please some                                        resources to affect the demise
                                and legal wording are in the
people, as you can see. I know                                    of the United States of America
                                debate over healthcare—the
Liberals who believe John
                                word “shall” is an “obligatory” including military, economic
McCain should be challenged
                                word, a word of “mandate.” It and ideological (read:
because he wasn’t born in the
                                is certainly not a “suggestive” propaganda) resources.
US, because he was born in the
                                word that law abiding citizens Failing to vet those who do
Panama Canal Zone and…
                                can choose to ignore because, not possess natural-born
ah…they will point to different
                                well, it’s just part of a         appreciation for our uniquely
constitutional loopholes…
                                “specious debate.”                American philosophy is to
ah…that they say would
                                There are some very real          invite an ideological siege
disqualify him. I remember
George Romney, Mitt’s           reasons why the Framers of the upon our nation and to
                                US Constitution included this     compromise the ability to
Dad…ah…went through the
same thing…ah…back in the       prerequisite, this qualification bequeath Americanism to
                                for office, when outlining the     future generations.
60s. As far as I’m concerned,
why can’t Madeleine Albright requirements of candidacy for Safeguarding of the
be a good president even        the office of President of the     Charters of Freedom
though she wasn’t born a        United States. Citing an earlier Chief among every American
citizen? Or the governor of     article on the matter, Why the    President’s duties is to
Michigan right now? This is     POTUS Needs to Be a Natural safeguard the Charters of
the kind of thing…folks are     Born Citizen:                     Freedom. The Oath of Office
kind of groping for any reason Allegiance                         of the President of the United
to disqualify a president or    It is important that anyone       States reads:
presidential candidate that     aspiring to the office of          “I do solemnly swear (or
they don’t like and…ah…I        President of the United           affirm) that I will faithfully
just find it to be a specious    States—the Commander-in-          execute the Office of President
debate…I think we’ve got        Chief and the Chief Executive of the United States, and will
more important issues to worry of all Executive Branch offices to the best of my Ability,
about…maybe that’s just me      and departments—have a            preserve, protect and defend
(laughter).”                    steadfast allegiance to The       the Constitution of the United
Pardon me for not laughing,     Charters of Freedom and the       States.”
Mr. Page. I didn’t know that    country, without reserving        Some add, “So help me God”
the US Constitution—or the      any allegiance to any foreign     to punctuate their commitment.
mandates held within—was        power, entity or potentate.
                                                                  Without a solid, unwavering
a joke. I was under the         Sovereignty                       adherence to The Charters of

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  endorse any columnist or published public opinions. All are encouraged to respond and submissions will be published on space available basis.
The Northwest Connection                                                                                                                                          January 2010


                                                          Public Forum
Something Rotten in Denmark?                                                                            head of the Oregon Climate
                                                                                                        Service at Oregon State
                                                                                                                                          In other words, Kulongoski
                                                                                                                                          and other Democrats wanted
                                                                                                        University (OSU). Taylor has      to stealthily censor Taylor.
By Frank Maguire                  asked his friend with whom he       revelations regarding the         published over two-hundred        Their tactic, writes Horner,
                                  shared a barn, “How are things      “regulate-in-the-name-            research papers and two books:    proceeded with typical Global

M      y title pertains to the
       officious claque of
Greener Global Warmonger
                                  wise wise?”
                                  Christopher Horner, NewYork
                                  Times “bestselling author” of
                                                                      of-climate-change effort
                                                                      of Oregon Governor Ted
                                                                                                        The Climate of Oregon; and
                                                                                                        The Oregon Weather Book.
                                                                                                                                          Warmongering deceit. “As a
                                                                                                                                          direct response to science not
                                                                                                                                          cooperating with politics, and
                                                                                                        What happened to scientist
regiments that are presently      Red Hot Lies doesn’t miss a         Most states have a designated     Taylor? His analysis of           being bound by their inability
sardined into Copenhagen,         jot or a tittle in his revelation   state climatologist. Some         anthropocentric global            to simply bestow the title of
scatting and gassing, heatedly,   of what scientists of the caliber   state climatologist positions     warming incurred the              state climatologist (that being
and opining with the energy of    of Dr. Frederick Seitz—just         are “statutorily created.”        displeasure of the Global         up to the state university and
obsessive enthusiasts as to the   one of thousands of refuters        The accepted document that        Warmongers and their political    NCDC—National Climatic
date of the imminent coming       of the anthropocentric global       establishes the position of       ally Governor Ted Kulongoski.     Data Center), the politicians’
of the eschaton. The Big          warming Goremania—called a          state climatologist reads         Horner explains that              solution was to create a new
Meltdown!                         “Major Deception.”                  “The National Climatic Data       “Kulongoski remarkably stated     climate center tasked with
My title could also have          Seitz, who served as president      Center… officially recognizes      that he wanted Taylor removed     the same functions as the
read “Something Rotten in         of both the National Academy        the (state) Climate Office as      from his position because of      statutorily created post that
Oregon?” How complicit            of Science and the American         the State Climate Office for       his views.”                       Taylor occupied.”
has Oregon been in pushing        Physical Society, wrote in          the (State name) with (name       Sadly, only one small-town        Oregon is not, if this is any
the anthropocentric global        the Wall Street Journal, “In        of climatologist) as State        newspaper in Oregon, the          consolation to Oregonians,
warming myth and in               my more than 60 years as            Climatologist.” The named         Albany Democrat Herald, had       the only state practicing such
hushing the scientists who        a member of the American            individual “having been           the courage to publish the true   political duplicity. Neighboring
can’t be heard over the           Scientific community...I             certified by the American          story behind the story.           Washington has indulged in the
primal screaming of the“let’s     have never witnessed a more         Association of State                                                same shameful subterfuge—as
                                                                      Climatologists as an ARSCO,       Horner puts it thusly, “As one
make their free speech            disturbing corruption of the                                                                            have many other states.
                                                                      an official status as the AASC     paper kindly editorialized
very expensive” Global            peer-review process than the                                                                            You can read the whole
                                                                      Recognized State Climate          after the muck became hip
Warmongers.                       events that led to this IPCC                                                                            story in Red Hot Lies: How
                                                                      Office is hereby granted.”         deep, ‘The governor and other
My piece will be short. If        (Intergovernmental Panel on                                           Democrats wanted to sideline      Global Warming Alarmists
you want a comprehensive          Climate Change) report.” This       The appointed state               Taylor for not wholeheartedly     use Threats, Frauds, and
understanding of what is really   report is the rigged catechism      climatologists are “typically     going along with the prevailing   Deception to Keep You
going on “science”-wise and       of the Global Warmongers.           university professors serving     theory of man-made global         Misinformed, by Christopher
politics-wise, I recommend        So, how about Oregon’s              the function of providing data    warming, but evidently they       E. Horner, Regnery Publishing,
a book that gives you reality.    complicity in the corruption?       to the public.” In Oregon, that   didn’t want to be seen doing      Inc., obtainable at www.
What citizens need to ask is,     I’ll start with Chris Horner’s      scientist was George Taylor,      so.’”                             regnery.com. ■
to quote the wise old owl who

Taking the Wider View on Tax Increases                                                              either to lose their jobs or not
                                                                                                    to find jobs in the future. I
                                                                                                                                          The board members listened
                                                                                                                                          politely to both arguments
                                                                                                    also explained how businesses         before dismissing us so they
                                  support and who might oppose        government grants; and the
                                                                                                    really don’t pay taxes.               could deliberate in private.
                                  the new taxes proposed in           people for whom they advocate
                                                                                                    Businesses pass the tax burden        The next day I learned that the
                                  Measures 66 and 67.                 are often dependent on
                                                                                                    on, usually to customers and          board had decided to oppose
                                  When asked to make the              government programs, some of
                                                                                                    employees.                            the new taxes.
                                  “No new taxes” case to              which might be threatened if
                                                                      the new taxes are defeated.   Before I spoke, a representative      It’s nice to know that even
                                  the board of directors of a
                                                                                                    of a state public employees           those who represent the
                                  Portland-based non-profit that       Given only five minutes to
                                                                                                    union made the “Yes on new            beneficiaries of government
                                  provides services to disabled       make my case, I explained
                                                                                                    taxes” case. She emphasized           programs are able to take the
                                  Oregonians, I was skeptical         how these new taxes won’t
By Steve Buckstein, Founder                                                                         which services to the disabled        wider view and oppose taxes
Cascade Policy Institute          that anything I could say           just fall on the rich and on
                                                                                                    might be cut if the taxes are not     that will end up hurting most
                                  would cause them to oppose          businesses, but they likely
                                                                                                    approved.                             Oregonians. ■

B    eware the common             the measures. After all, they       will cause 70,000 Oregonians
     wisdom about who might       are funded in large part by
January 2010                                                                                                                                              The Northwest Connection

                                                      Special Feature

White Horse Rapids                                                  miles to Trout Creek Rapids.
                                                                    Those rapids were nothing
                                                                                                         James and I camped that time
                                                                                                         that Ed insisted we all swim
                                                                                                                                              of the biggest red-sides I’d
                                                                                                                                              ever caught. Each was about
                                                                    when you and I rode through          out and                                                  20” long. I
By KR Bents                       really-big owner/bartender,       them, but to Rob and me they         try to float                                              hollered and
                                  that you wanted to hook up

                                                                    were significant: our boat            though that                                              hollered at
     n December of 2003, I        with the “fisherman’s train.”      was half the size of any you’d       “chute,”                                                 Rob to get up
     sent to my son Rob a copy For a buck you could buy a           consider using now. And then         the                                                      and to enjoy
     of The Sky Fisherman,        round-trip ticket. The train      it started snowing. It was April     challenge                                                the amazing
a novel written by Portland       stopped across The Deschutes      23, the day before “opening          of which                                                 fishing. He
author, Craig                                                                          day” of trout     he was so                                                just couldn’t.
Lesly. I sent                                                                          season.           proud.                                                   So I caught
the book to him                                                                                                                                                   10 more for
for a number of                                                                        Rob suffered      We had
                                                                                       first. We were     no tent. We had some clear           him, too. And those 20 giant
reasons, the first                                                                                                                             rainbow trout quite literally
is that it’s a “fun                                                                    ill-clothed.      visquene (sic) plastic. I
                                                                                       And we started    stretched a length of that over a    filled our cooler, filled it such
read.” I sent this                                                                                                                            that heads and tails were
letter with the                                                                        shipping          rope tied to two large pieces of
                                                                                       water. By the     sage. I weighted it down with        protruding from either end.
book, telling my                                                                                                                              Fortunately, it was cold, having
son, that Lesley’s                                                                     time we got       rocks on both sides. It was open
                                                                                       near White        at the ends. Rob was huddled in      snowed, and they didn’t spoil.
“province” is
The Indian                                                                             Horse Rapids,     some sort of wad, watching me,       I fried a couple that night,
Peoples of                                                                             our map was       sort of. I built a roaring fire. I    and we had a grand meal. The
Oregon and                                                                             sodden, and       put Rob next to it. In time, he      next day the train came. We
Washington.                                                                            Rob was           thawed. He then surreptitiously      loaded what was left of our
“You can look                                                                          shivering         dug out a bottle of Old              gear into the boxcar and were
him up on the                                                                          uncontrollably.   Yellowstone he’d secreted into       transported back to Maupin.
internet and find                                                                       We had            his possibles bag and quaffed        When we arrived, I made
his other novels. They are all                                      planned to eat fish, so I pulled      it. Alone. I had been unrolling      straight for the market to buy
                                  from Chauncey’s. They had
good. And, secondly, mostly                                         to the Indian side of the river,     sleeping bags, making a good         ice. I left the cooler with Rob
                                  a passenger car available for
they deal with father-son                                           and rigged my pole. With             camp, given what we had,             on the sidewalk. Open. And we
                                  fishermen. They would put
relationships.”                                                     night crawlers. Rob sat in the       and he, being miserable, had         drew a crowd. The trout were
                                  your gear in one empty boxcar,
                                                                    boat. I walked up the bank and       literally inhaled the snake oil.     huge, and people wanted to
Thirdly, when I was in my late ask where you wanted to go           quickly, and I mean within           When I was done with my              know where we caught them.
teens, before I was married,      and when you wanted to be
                                                                    ten minutes, caught 5 or 6 big       housekeeping, I looked to him,       We told them. They hardly, if at
I read somewhere, in some         picked up, put you into the
                                                                    trout. I was headed back to the      and he was gone. In fact, his        all, believed what we had done.
outdoor magazine, about a man solitary passenger car at the end raft when I heard: “Starting             eyes had disappeared, and it         No one, at that time, messed
who had gone where no others of the train, and off you’d go.        the season a little early, aren’t    scared me aplenty. He was            with White Horse Rapids.
had, down The Deschutes, and We geared up for weeks. We             you, son?” I looked up and           then dead weight. I had to
in a hard boat (a drift boat),                                                                                                                “I tell you this story, Son, so
                                  packed up all the stuff we        saw a huge Indian with a huge        muscle him into our wee plastic
no less. His name was Oscar                                                                                                                   that you will have a better
                                  thought we’d require, and on      star on his chest and a huge         lean-to, and somehow I got him
Lange. Turns out he owned                                                                                                                     “feel” for Craig Lesley’s novel.
                                  the appointed day we headed       black shepherd by his side.” I       ensconced in his goose-down
Oscar’s Sporting Goods in                                                                                                                     It is about Oscar Lange, Craig’s
                                  off to Maupin.                    told him our tale of                                      sleeping
Madras. And he was Craig                                                                                                                      uncle; it is about White Horse
                                  We told the brakeman we           woe, making like                                          bag. Thank      Rapids. Names are changed,
Lesley’s uncle. Although I did wanted to go to Warm Springs I needed, fast, to                                                goodness we
not, obviously, know that then. and that we planned to float                                                                                   but with this “reader’s guide”
                                                                    catch something for                                       had “down”      you will be able to make some
I wrote to Oscar. I may have      down to somewhere below           a hot meal for my                                         bags, thanks    sense of the people and places.
been a senior in HS. It may       White Horse Rapids. That was suffering fiend, and                                            to his Dad,     I have since talked with Lesley
have been a year or two later— Friday night. We told him we         he told me to get                                         and dry         about all of this. He teaches at
I can’t remember. Anyway,         wanted to be picked up late       to the other side of                                      ones, too.      Portland State now. He is a nice
I told him I wanted to “run”      Sunday afternoon, whenever        the river and not to                                      At length, I    man and easily approached.
The Deschutes. He responded       the train going through the area return. I did.                                             retired, too.
by sending me, pencilled with                                                                                                                 This is all entirely true, Rob.
                                  around that time came by. It is A half mile later we were in           The next a.m. I was up early.
a dull pencil and on a brown                                                                                                                  Ask Rob Davidson some day.
                                  called The Oregon Trunk Line. the pull of White Horse. I               I walked to a boulder not 40’
paper bag, an abbreviated map So off we went. And the entire misread the map, and as we                                                       He will remember. Mostly.
                                                                                                         in front of our lean-to and
of the outcroppings just before train stopped somewhere                                                                                       Love,
                                                                    turned that corner you will          caught, yes, with worms, ten
White Horse Rapids. I was                                                                                                                     Dad
                                  downstream from Warm              remember, the one where I
thrilled that he responded, and I Springs, just to let the two of   walked up the hill with your
was resolute about making the us, and our gear, off. In the         video camera, I realized my
adventure happen.                 middle of the night. I seem to    error. I pulled for shore, just
So my friend Rob Davidson         remember that we left Maupin in time, and crashed into the
and I went to The Wigwam,         around midnight. And we’d         basalt rip-rap on the bank. We
then about the only army-         been in Chauncey’s for some       hit a sharp piece of it, and it
surplus, so-called sporting       time before.                      tore into the raft like a razor,
goods, store around, and          And when daylight arrived we ripping a 15” slice in the bow.
we bought a 4-man rubber          blew up the raft, with a wee,     We started to sink. I grabbed
duckie, a cheap-o rubber raft.    green, hand-held pump, got it     Rob and pulled him onto the
No serious rubber rafts were      as “tight” as we could, loaded    bank. Somehow, I snagged the
available in those days, and,     all our gear into the gun cover, rapidly-deflating raft, too, and
besides, we had no geetus,        tied it down, sort of, piled it   got the wreckage to the bank,
anyway. We also bought a          into the back of the tiny vessel, as well. Over time we climbed
cannon-cover, a heavy canvas      and shoved off. Remember,         the bank and started walking
“deal,” used by the military      we had what now would be          down the railroad tracks. Rob
to cover a big gun on a ship.     regarded as “toy” oars, and we was still soaking wet and near
Note: the raft came with 4’,      had but two.                      hypothermia. We left the raft
thin-gauge, aluminum oars, just                                     and bundled all our gear into
                                  It was a sunny morning. We
2 of ‘em.                                                           the canvas cannon cover and
                                  floated well past where you
In those days, you could go       and I (OK, it was I) ripped the pulled that, somehow, down a
to Maupin to what was called      bottom of Gentry’s boat on        shiny rail on half the railroad
“Chauncey’s”, a bar in what is that trip with Ed and James.         track. We got down to that area
now The Maupin Hotel, and         No problems. We floated more just below White Horse, not
you could tell Chauncey, the                                        far from where you and Ed and
The Northwest Connection                                                                                                                                            January 2010


                                                       Special Feature
How the Public Increasingly                                                                           taxes on the $4500
                                                                                                      they “gave” you. The

Sees Obama-nomics                                                                                     car dealers made an
                                                                                                      extra $3000 or more
                                                                                                      on every car they
Cyber Comment                     But wait; it gets even better:     You got a discount of: $4500 sold along with the
                                  you also got ripped off by the        ---------                     kickbacks from the
How the car buyer got taken to dealer.                               Net so far +$1000                manufacturers and the
the cleaners:                     For example, every dealer in                                        loan companies. The
                                                                     But you have to pay: $1350 in manufacturers got to
If you traded in a clunker        LA was selling the Ford Focus
                                                                     taxes on the $4500               dump lots of cars they
worth $3500, you get $4500        with all the goodies, including

                                                                                                                                                                           original artwork: Thom Maguire
off for an apparent “savings”     A/C, auto transmission, power         --------                      could not give away
of $1000.                         windows, etc for $12,500 the       Net so far: -$350                the month before.
                                  month before the “cash for         And you paid: $3000 more         And the poor “caught
However, you have to pay
                                  clunkers” program started.         than the car was selling for     off guard” consumer
taxes on the $4500 come April
                                  When “cash for clunkers”           the month before                 got saddled with even
15th (something that no auto
                                                                                                      more debt that they
dealer will tell you). If you are came along, they stopped              ----------                                             “So, we’ll put money in the economy by
                                  discounting them and instead                                        cannot afford.
in the 30% tax bracket, you                                          Net -$3350                                                taking money out of the economy then
will pay $1350 on that $4500. sold them at the list price of                                          Obama and his            putting it back in the economy and taxing
                                                                                                                               it as it passes through…yeah, that should
                                  $15,500. So, you paid $3000       We could also add in the          band of merry men
So, rather than save $1000,                                                                                                    work.”
you actually pay an extra $350    more than you would have the additional taxes (sales tax, state convinced Joe
                                  month before.. (Honda, Toyota, tax, etc.) on the extra $3000        consumer that he was getting          over what most of us now pay
to the feds. In addition, you
                                  and Kia played the same list      that you paid for the car, along $4500 in “free” money from             for health insurance and the
traded in a car that was most
                                                                    with the 5 years of interest on   the “government” when in fact, best medical care in the world.
likely paid for. Now you have price game that Ford and
4 or 5 years of payments on a     Chevy did).                       the car loan, but let’s just stop Joe was giving away his $3500 Think that scheme might be
                                                                    here.                             car and paying an additional          designed by the same people
car that you did not need, that    So let’s do the final tally here:                                   $3350 for the privilege.              who came up with Cash for
was costing you less to run                                         So who actually made out on
                                                                                                                                            Clunkers? ■
than the payments that you will You traded in a car worth:          the deal? The feds collected      Just wait until we get health
now be making.                     $3500                            taxes on the car along with       care with no additional costs

Everyday People…
continued from pg. 1
                                   amount of garbage blowing
                                   around the City of Troutdale        Q     Tom, give a little
                                                                             background as a
                                                                                                          the truck where I don’t always
                                                                                                          see or hear them.
                                                                                                                                             house, or looking into parked
                                                                                                                                             cars, we call the police and

                                   by using bungee cords that          garbage hauler in Troutdale.              What is one of the          let them know. This program
but more importantly they          have been attached to the           Also, I would be interested in                                        was started in Oregon five
                                                                                                                 funniest sights you see?
are recycling and using the        lids securing to the container      what is your hobby.                                                   years ago and has now gone
garbage to generate electricity so garbage doesn’t blow out
through a variety different        during our high winds. In           A    Well, I not only haul the
                                                                            garbage from Troutdale
                                                                                                          A     People running down the
                                                                                                                sidewalk in their bath
                                                                                                          robes early in the morning
                                                                                                                                             nationwide and has been very
                                                                                                                                             successful. So we aren’t just
technologies.                      Yamhill and Gilliam counties,                                                                             collecting your garbage we are
                                                                       but Troutdale happens to be        trying to catch my attention
Waste Management has been          they are constructing efficient      my home as well. I am married                                         looking out for our customers
                                                                                                          because they forget to leave
on the cutting edge of garbage energy plants that will generate        with one daughter and enjoy                                           as well. ■
                                                                                                          their containers out for pickup.
collection using roller carts that electricity. They are piping the    living in our great little city.
are mechanically dumped into methane gas from the landfill
the truck without the operator     to generators that will provide
                                                                       My family has called Troutdale
                                                                       home for the past eleven years.
                                                                                                          Q      Waste Management
                                                                                                                 has a neighborhood
                                                                                                          safety program most people
                                                                                                                                               We want to thank the
having to lift the garbage can     electricity to the surrounding      After I got out of the US Navy                                          dedicated employees of
and dump it into the bed of the communities. Currently, they                                              don’t know about. Share              Waste Management and
                                                                       where I served for five years,
truck. They have also come         are collecting enough recycled                                         that with us.                        the other garbage haulers
                                                                       I chose to go into this line
up with a way to minimize the paper products to save up
                                   to 41 million trees from our
                                                                       of work. As for my hobby I
                                                                       belong to a dart league and        A     Our company was the first
                                                                                                                in the nation to establish
                                                                                                          Waste/Watch. We go through
                                                                                                                                               in the other communities
                                                                                                                                               who provide a valuable
                                                                                                                                               service to each of us. It is
                                                                       enjoy playing darts as a means
                                   Additionally, Waste                 of relaxation.                     training to be the eyes and          my hope that next time you
                                                                                                          ears of the community while          see your garbage hauler
                                   Management provides an                    What attracted you to
                                   alternative to collection in case                                      most people are sleeping or          you will let him know how
                                                                             this kind of work?
                                   there is a rare nasty snow or                                          just getting ready to go to          much you appreciate what
                                   an ice storm and they can’t
                                   send out their big garbage
                                                                       A     I wanted to keep our city
                                                                             clean and help out in
                                                                       the community. The job I do
                                                                                                          work. If there is a downed
                                                                                                          power line, we notify the
                                                                                                                                               he does for you and for all
                                                                                                                                               of us in keeping our great
                                   trucks for normal pickup. This                                         utility company. When we see         little city beautiful.
                                                                       certainly fits that profile.         someone prowling around a
                                   is the time to get together
                                   with your neighbor who has
                                   that four-wheel drive pickup        Q     What is your work
                                                                             schedule and how
                                                                       many houses do you service
                                   and can deliver your trash to
                                   the transfer station located        throughout your workday?
                                                                                                                 Call 503-328-8416
                                   off Marine Drive. You are
                                   required to provide proof of
                                   your Troutdale residency and
                                                                       A     I start at 5:45 a.m. and
                                                                             work till 4-4:30pm four
                                                                       days a week from Monday                  For Advertising Rates!
                                   bring your standard weekly          through Thursday. I service
                                   amount of garbage to 869 NW         from 600 to 700 houses each
                                   Eastwind Drive located across       and every day.
                                   from the Troutdale Airport.
                                   Tom Richard is a driver for
                                   Waste Management and
                                                                       Q     What is one of your
                                                                             biggest challenges as
                                                                       you go about your work day?
                                                                                                          Animals that Make You Smile…
                                                                                                          continued from pg. 1

                                   provides garbage collection
                                   for the residents of Troutdale.
                                   He has worked for Waste
                                                                       A    I worry about the children
                                                                            playing around and
                                                                       near the truck as I go about
                                                                                                          producing whole new types of
                                                                                                          animals. As we read in Genesis
                                                                                                          1–2, God is the creator of
                                                                                                                                             the world God’s invisible
                                                                                                                                             qualities—his eternal power
                                                                                                                                             and divine nature—have been
                                   Management for nine and half        collecting and emptying            animals and kinds of animals.      clearly seen, being understood
                                   years and likes what he does.       the trash. Kids on bikes and       And He has created them            from what has been made, so
                                   The following interview took        skateboards are my biggest         for his glory, and also to tell    that men are without excuse.”
                                   place at the transfer station in    concern because they are so        us something about himself.        (Romans 1:20). ■
                                   Troutdale.                          fast and get around the back of    “For since the creation of
January 2010                                                                                                                                             The Northwest Connection

                                                              Local News
Busting Excuses About New Year’s Health Resolutions                                                                                         “Even small changes can
                                                                                                                                            make a difference. Try one

M      any of us create then      gym membership.                    pets and family to unwind.          Sleep deprivation can also be      new behavior every day, such
       reject plans to make                                                                              a cause of depression. Experts     as eating a piece of fruit for
                                  Fact: Just 30 minutes of           Excuse: I’m smoking light
healthy changes for the new                                                                              recommend at least seven           a snack, or walking for ten
                                  walking a day, three times a       cigarettes and will gradually
year. Multnomah County                                                                                   hours of sleep to stay healthy.    minutes. Before long, you have
                                  week, is safe, simple and a        cut back until I quit.
Health Department busts                                                                                                                     created a healthy habit.” ■
                                  great start to fitness. You can     Fact: Light cigarettes have         Excuse: Cutting out bad fats
excuses and offers some tips      break up the 30 minutes into                                           and fried foods is too hard.
                                                                     high amounts of chemicals, tar
that can help put things in       three ten-minute walks with        and nicotine, do not decrease       Fact: By just reducing the
perspective.                      the same benefit, or put on         the health risks of smoking,        amount of saturated fats and
Excuse: Five servings of fruits   some music and dance.              and do not reduce the urge          trans fat in your diet, you can
and vegetables daily is too       Excuse: I know reducing stress     to smoke. People have most          improve your health. So, if
much food.                        is important, but I don’t have     success by quitting completely,     french fries are your favorite
Fact: A serving size is           a lot of time for relaxation or    while getting support from a        thing, enjoy them, but in
probably less than most people    meditation.                        tobacco quit line, and using        moderation.
think: a half-cup of cooked       Fact: Stopping to take             nicotine replacement patches        Excuse: I don’t have time
vegetables, one cup of raw        just a few deep breaths is         or gum.                             to spend on recreation or
leafy vegetables and one small    a simple way to relax in a         Excuse: I do just fine on five        socializing.
fruit equals 3 servings—Eat       stressful situation. Take a hot    hours of sleep.                     Fact: A positive mental
just these servings and you’re    bath or engage in activities       Fact: Lack of sleep can             outlook and meaningful
more than half-way there.         like reading, knitting,                                                                                      Lillian Shirley, director of
                                                                     contribute to long-term             relationships with family and         Multnomah County Health
Excuse: I can’t possibly          woodworking, doing crafts or       health problems, obesity, and       friends can help you live well        Department
exercise every day or afford a    just hang out on the couch with    diseases such as diabetes.          and stay healthy.

New Pet Peace of Mind Hospice Program Keeps                                                           “Mt. Hood Hospice recognizes
                                                                                                      the special importance of the
Patients and Pets Together During Hospice Care                                                        bond between humans and
                                                                                                      their animal companions,”

M      t. Hood Hospice
       has announced a
new program, Pet Peace
                                  Pet Peace of Mind allows
                                  patients to complete their
                                                                     veterinary appointments, and
                                                                     financial assistance with pet
                                                                     food, grooming and routine
                                                                                                      says Executive Director Lee
                                                                                                      Ann Church. “Helping to care
                                                                                                      for a beloved pet can bring
                                  end of life journey without
of Mind, which recognizes         worrying about their pet’s         veterinary care for small        tremendous comfort to a
and actively supports the         needs. The initiative provides     animals.                         hospice patient. If we can help
unique bond between hospice       volunteer pet care services for    Offering Pet Peace of Mind       maintain or improve a patient’s
patients and their pets. The      patients who need assistance       places Mt. Hood Hospice in a     quality of life, then we’ve met
program launches January          caring for their pets while        select group of other nonprofit our goal.”
1, 2010 and aligns with Mt.       on hospice. Services include       hospice providers that have      For more information about
Hood Hospice’s mission to         in-home pet care such as           joined a national network of     Mt. Hood Hospice and Pet
provide the highest quality       dog-walking, litter box            hospice providers committed      Peace of Mind or to make a
care possible for families        maintenance, cage cleaning,        to ensuring this vital yet often donation, visit our website at
in Clackamas and East             transportation to and from         overlooked patient need is met. www.mthoodhospice.org. ■
Multnomah counties.

                                permit/inspection regulations        from the corporation was
Mike is Worried…
continued from pg. 1            for his industry, but couldn’t       able to start replenishing his      Wy’East Double Gold
                                suppress a gallows smile             family’s meager savings and
taxes and insurances they
pay so they can have Mike’s
earnings free and clear to live
                                when he learned that many in
                                his county’s building permits
                                                                     paying down the credit cards
                                                                     he’d begun to use for everyday
                                                                                                         I  n November, at the 31st
                                                                                                            annual Tri-Cities Northwest
                                                                                                         Wine and Food Festival in
                                                                                                                                            wineries to large producers,
                                                                                                                                            and representing over 600
                                                                                                                                            wines, competed at the
                                department were being laid off       expenses like groceries and
on, and plan for the future.                                                                             Kennewick, Washington,             Festival.
                                for lack of construction activity.   repairs to his work truck.
Mike has lowered his prices                                                                              Wy’East Vineyards took top         Wy’East Vineyards’ varietals
                                The year 2002—in the shadow          Then, in August and                 honors once again when their
to remain competitive in these of 9/11—was the last year he                                                                                 have also won recent acclaim
                                                                     September, a welcome flurry of       Blue Chip Pinot Noir was
tough times, but can’t bid                                                                                                                  as “Critics Top Wine Pick” by
                                can remember it being bad, but       residential work: two additions,    awarded Best of Variety, giving
low enough to compete with                                                                                                                  Portland Monthly magazine
                                that was nothing compared to         some room remodels, and             them double gold medals, and
immigrant laborers who work                                                                                                                 and “Pacific Northwest’s
                                now. After the “meltdown” of         some dry rot repair. In almost      their Pinot Gris won platinum!
under the table, who regard                                                                                                                 Top 100 Wines” by Seattle
                                fall 2008 his phone just stopped     every case, as evidenced by the     More than 90 wineries, running
$40 a day as a great wage,                                                                                                                  Metropolitan Magazine. ■
                                ringing. He sent out flyers           comfortably upscale homes he        the gamut from small boutique
and who send the lion’s share   and made phone calls, but the        worked on, Mike knew that the
of the money they earn out of   response was politely nil. A         people who were hiring him
the country. All while taking   couple of jobs he had lined up       were the very people targeted
advantage of the entitlement    for spring of 2009 fell through.     by the new taxes.                   language on the ballots was        in the minority.
programs Mike’s leaders have People were understandably                                                  made purposely obtuse in the       Then again, Mike and Cheryl
                                                                     When he and his wife count
granted to the undocumented     holding on to their money.                                               hopes of clouding the picture.     won’t be paying as much as
                                                                     their blessings, they always
with the taxes he has paid.     Mike was grateful when one of                                            They, and just about everybody     in past years. In fact, if things
                                                                     include the people who provide
While he works, climbing        those customers let him keep                                             they know—not counting the         keep on the way they’re going
                                                                     the work to make their standard
ladders, setting timbers, and   the token down payment they’d                                            public sector employees—will       they may join a silent majority,
                                                                     of living possible. They
installing trim moldings with   made.                                                                    vote against Measures 66 and       the ranks of a vast underclass
                                                                     consider her fuel company’s
his nail gun, Mike reflects on                                                                            67. But there is a sense that      which pays no taxes at all.
                                In May things picked up. A           loyal customers, the owners of
acquaintances who happen to                                                                              they may be outnumbered
                                local corporation which has a        the tanning salon chain, and the                                                             Now,
be public employees. They                                                                                now. That they, the ones who
                                chain of tanning salons got his      residents of Upscale Acres to                                                                multiply
seem to be doing OK—the                                                                                  sustain a vibrant work ethic in
                                name through a referral, and         be earthly angels.                                                                           Mike, and
ones who still have their                                                                                the private sector, who don’t
                                asked for a bid to transform         They are thankful that the                                                                   you’ll see
jobs—but after reading the                                                                               think in terms of government
                                some unused space at their           new corporate and high earner                                                                why
paper he wonders how their                                                                               help beyond a societal
                                locations into more tanning          taxes will at least be put to a                                                              we all
retirement benefits will ever be booths. After sharpening his                                             infrastructure, and who only
                                                                     vote. They accept as part of                                                                 should be
paid in this shrinking economy. pencil, he was awarded the                                               want the freedom to pursue life,
                                                                     life in the 21st century that the                                                            worried. ■
He supports robust municipal                                                                             liberty and happiness, are now     Mark Ellis
                                contract, and with the checks
 The Northwest Connection                                                                                                                                             January 2010


                                                                 Local News
 Reynolds Stadium Project Moves Forward                                                                   be used by multiple athletic       partners.

                                                                                                          events. There are companies               I understand that there
                                                                                                          that specialize in doing just             is someone already in
 By Mayor Jim Kight                  winter sports. Since there is       that has created a real sense of
                                     very little drainage on the field                                     that.                              the wings that is willing to
                                                                         pride and admiration in that

“       ast Thursday evening,        it is not unusual to have several   community.                       I would like to see artificial      build this project. What can
                                                                                                          turf because of the durability of you tell us about that?
        (December 10, 2009)          inches of standing water on the            I know that you came

  the Reynolds School Board          playing field. The current field                                       the product. The new materials           You are right. The Oregon
                                                                                from a small town. Tell
  unanimously approved our           lies three inches atop cement-                                       will take use and abuse that             Army National Guard is
                                                                         us about your experience
  proposal to move forward with like clay.                                                                natural turf never could begin     willing to build the project at
  a cost-free feasibility study for The following is an interview                                         to accommodate. Next, we           no charge to the district. They
  the stadium project at Reynolds with John Olsen the Athletics
  High School”, said John Olsen Director for Reynolds High
                                                                         A     You’re right, I came
                                                                               from the little town of
                                                                         Philomath. This would be
                                                                                                          need lighting that will direct
                                                                                                          right onto the field without
                                                                                                                                             have already met with our
                                                                                                                                             principal, Jeff Gilbert on site
  Assistant Principal Athletic       School.                                                              disturbing nearby residents,       and made a commitment to
                                                                              considered a one horse      which can be accomplished
  Director.                                                                                                                                  begin construction. This is a
                                                                              town by anyone’s estimate through new computer-
  With this                                                                                                                                  phenomenal offer on their part
                                                                              with a population of 3,800 designed technology. We will
  approval, one of                                                                                                                           and we hope to partner with
                                                                              people. But the center of   need locker rooms for the
  the first hurdles                                                                                                                           them to bring this project to
                                                                              the community was the       visiting team and the home
  in designing and                                                                                                                           fruition.
                                                                              local high school and       town team that will provide
  constructing a
  new stadium
  for Reynolds
                                                                              the stadium for all the
                                                                              sporting events. The local
                                                                                                          storage and shower facilities.
                                                                                                          The most important piece
                                                                                                                                                Q   It sounds like the only
                                                                                                                                                    thing left is coming up
                                                                                                                                             with a design and securing
                                                                                                          would be the covered elevated
  High School                                                                                                                                the building materials. Other
                                                                                                          bleachers and seating for up
  was overcome.                                                                                                                              than with the school board
                                                                                                          to 3,000 spectators. The field
  The board                                                                                                                                  where do you see support
                                                                                                          would be designed for multiple
  embraced the                                                                                                                               throughout the community?
                                                                                                          uses so that the grounds
  idea of creating                                                                                                                                 That is one of the steps
                                           John Olsen Assistant                                           would be home to any outdoor
  a new sports                                                                                                                                     we will be taking, but
                                    Principal Athletic Director                                           athletic event.
  stadium for one                                                                                                                            initially all the pieces seem
  of the largest
  high schools in the state of      Q       John it is hard
                                            to conceive                                                      Q   In the best case
                                                                                                                 scenario, when do you
                                                                                                          think this project would be
                                                                                                                                             to be coming together. The
                                                                                                                                             principal and staff understand
  Oregon. Originally, when           that the largest high                                                                                   the value of having this project
  the school was built and           school in the state doesn’t                                          completed?
                                                                         community decided it was their                                      come together. Parents of the
  designed, the plans called for
  the construction of an athletic
  events stadium. It was to be
                                     have a stadium for athletic
                                     events for home games, track
                                     meets, or community events.
                                                                         priority to provide a stadium
                                                                         for the kids and they went all      A  From the beginning to
                                                                                                                the end, we are looking
                                                                                                                                             students and particularly those
                                                                                                                                             parents who had a stadium at
                                                                                                          at a minimum of three years, if their high school understand
                                                                         out to make sure we had the
  constructed within three years Is this typical of other high           best facilities that they could  we have plans in place by this the importance school spirit
  of completion of the high          schools?                            afford. On Friday nights,        spring. This will be dependent and morale it provides to
  school. No one would have                                                                               on the funding that is available students. The community
  conceived at that time that
  thirty years later there still
                                    A       Absolutely not! Almost
                                            every high school event
                                     we are called to play at has a
                                                                         nearly the whole town turned
                                                                         out for the football games and for this type of project and
                                                                         other community events. I        the support we receive from
                                                                                                                                             events that will be held at the
                                                                                                                                             site will prove invaluable in
  would be no athletic facility      stadium on their home court.        can’t even imagine what would parents and the community at          the future and will create a real
  to the south of the school         Right in our own backdoor           have happened to that town if    large as well as the business      focal point for the city. ■
  buildings. In 2009 the school      David Douglas High School           we hadn’t had that stadium.
  is still using the Mt. Hood        just did a major remodel on         It has created memories for
  Community College facilities       an existing stadium. They           me that will last the rest of      There is no argument that this project
  for their home games. In some funded new lights, new turf              my lifetime. We have the
  cases where they have to use                                                                              will be valuable to our students and a
                                     field, visitor grandstands, new      opportunity to do that for the
  the field behind the high school concession facilities, new                                                great benefit to the community at large.
                                                                         kids in our communities who
  they have to start playing                                             attend Reynolds High School.       If you would like to get involved in
                                     track and new restrooms. They
  nineteen minutes before school did this with funds that they                                              helping make this stadium get built in
  is dismissed, otherwise they
  are playing in the dark. There
                                     had set aside over the years
                                     to make these improvements.
                                                                         Q      What would you like to
                                                                                see created at Reynolds
                                                                         High School?
                                                                                                            our city please contact John Olsen at the
                                                                                                            High School. He can use your help. John
  are no lights on the current
                                     Tualatin High School partnered            First, we need to come       can be reached at (503) 667-3186.
  field making it difficult or         with their city in order to
  impossible to hold outdoor                                                  up with a design that can        —Mayor Jim Kight
                                     create a first class stadium

 Troutdale Soldier Marc Bland Finally                                                                        affected my speech and I am
                                                                                                             very tired most of the time.
                                                                                                                                                Senator Smith and Governor
                                                                                                                                                Kulongoski last year for help.
 Receives VA Benefits
                                                                                                             Q     Do you have any family       We thought we were making
                                                                                                                   locally?                     progress, and had received
 By Mayor Jim Kight
                                    Q  Marc share some
                                       of your military
                                                                         pressure compressors and
                                                                         refrigeration. I was in Desert
                                                                                                             A    I have four children and
                                                                                                                  my parents Tom and
                                                                                                                                                notice that I had finally
                                                                                                                                                received my health benefits

 O     ne of the more satisfying background.
       things you can do as
 a mayor is to help others.         A  I served
                                       aboard the
                                                                         Storm during 1990–91.

                                                                                        Q      What has
                                                                                                             Kathy live in Oregon. I also
                                                                                                             have a sister Heather. My
                                                                                                                                                only to find out that my health
                                                                                                                                                benefits had been denied once
                                                                                                                                                again. The denial was based on
                                                                                                             father is a Navy veteran and I
 Sometimes this materializes     USS Nimitz                                              since you left                                         their assumption that I didn’t
                                                                                                             was born at Camp Lejeune in
 in helping your downtown        CVN68. This                                             the US Navy?                                           have enough time in service.
                                                                                                             North Carolina so our family

 merchants or a neighborhood     is a nuclear                                                  I have        has a history of serving our       This of course wasn’t true
 solve a problem that has been   powered air-craft                                             worked        country in the military.           and I had the documentation
 lingering for a long time.      carrier. My work                                                                                               to prove it. I had active duty
                                                                                         at several                Give us a little
 On November 16th of this year consisted of                                              jobs including                                         service from December 1990 to
                                                                                                                   background on your
 I received a correspondence     working in the                                          working at                                             April 1993. On November 16th
                                                                                                             struggle to earn your well
 from a young man who had        bottom of the                                           Lowe’s but                                             of this year I contacted my
                                                                                                             deserved benefits from the
 served in the military and who ship as a fireman                                         this last year I                                       mayor’s office in Troutdale.
 had been denied health benefits for a year and                                           suffered a stroke
 from the VA. What follows is
 a brief interview with Marc
                                 a half. As a
                                 fireman I worked
                                                                                         and it has been
                                                                                         a very difficult
                                                                                                             A    I tried on my own to
                                                                                                                  enroll in the VA without
                                                                                                             success. Eventually, I turned to
 Bland a Troutdale resident.     on diesel engines, high, low            year all around. The stroke has                                                    continued on pg. 14
January 2010                                                                                                                                  The Northwest Connection

                            Places to Go & People to See
     Ski With A Ranger
     at Timberline
     Beginning January 2nd, 2010
      WHAT                       learn about winter ecology,
      Take a guided ski or       Timberline History, the
      snowboarding tour of       Mount Hood area and more!
      Timberline with a US
      Forest Service Ranger.     WHERE
      Explore the Mountain and   Meet outside the Wy’East
                                 Day Lodge Ticket Windows
                                   at 11:00 am
                                   Free to intermediate level
                                   skiers and riders

                                                                Stories in the stones on Mount Talbert
                                                                11am–1pm Saturday, Jan. 23
                                                                Join Metro naturalist Dan Daly   Butte and Mount Talbert in our to adult. Trails are rough and
                                                                and explore the rugged beauty    region in its wake. Participants steep in places. Cost is $5 for
                                                                of this unique lava dome as      gain a basic understanding       adults; under 18 free. Advance
                                                                you wander through a white       of geology in the                                registration
                                                                oak woodland in winter. Mount    region from the                                  required; call
                                                                Talbert is part of a series of   stories unlocked in                              503-797-1650
                                                                cinder cones and small shield    the stones and land                              option 2. ■
                                                                volcanoes that began bubbling    formations along the
                                                                up almost 3 million years ago,   way. Appropriate
                                                                leaving Mount Tabor, Rocky       for ages 10 years

                                                                      Americans for Prosperity-Oregon is a statewide organization committed to
                                                                      educating citizens about economic policy and then training, motivating and
                                                                      mobilizing them to work for limited government and economic and personal
                                                                      freedom at the federal, state and local level.

                                                                      Please join us!
                                                                      for the next Clackamas County Chapter meeting,
                                                                      Dave Hunicut, legal counsel for Oregonians in Action will be our guest speaker
                                                                      6:30pm–8:30pm, January 8, 2010, Public Safety Training Center,
                                                                      12700 SE 82nd Ave, Clackamas, OR 97015
The Northwest Connection                                                                                     January 2010


                           Places to Go & People to See
                                                        SNOWSHOE WALK
                                                       Glade Trail Guided
                                                       Beginning January 8th, 2010
                                                       WHAT                             Barlow Road, and More!
                                                       Snowshoe the old route of        WHERE
                                                       the Ski-way Tram on the          Meet outside the Mount
                                                       Glade Trail in Government        Hood Cultural Center
                                                       Camp. Trip is approximately      and Museum 88900 E.
                                                       3.5 miles round trip and         Government Camp Loop,
                                                       travels though a pristine        Government Camp, OR,
                                                       forested setting and             97028
                                                       eventually the tree line.
                                                       Topics discussed include
                                                                                        Friday & Sunday at 10:00am
                                                       Government Camp History,
                                                       winter ecology, geology,
                                                       Mount Hood History, the

                                                       Trillium Lake Guided
                                                       Beginning January 8th, 2010
                                                       WHAT: Join a U.S.                WHERE
                                                       Forest Service Ranger for        Meet at Trillium Lake
                                                       a guided snowshoe walk           Sno-Park, 2.5 miles East
                                                       to Trillium Lake. Trip is        of Timberline Road off of
                                                       approximately 3 miles and        Highway 26
                                                       offers wonderful views of        WHEN
                                                       Mount Hood. Topics include       Friday & Sunday at 1:00
                                                       winter ecology, local history,   p.m.
                                                       geology, Mount Hood
                                                       History, Barlow Road, and

                                      The Northwest Connection                          is now on the web.
                                      VISIT US AT
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                 Places to Go & People to See
                                                                       Come Start Some
   The Northwest Connection                                            New Friendships
   reaches your community…
                                                              S   ingles age 50 and up
                                                                  are invited to the Prime
                                                                                             For more details and

                                 photo credit: Dallas Husak
                                                              Timers Dining Club’s           information on other Jan.
                                                              meeting on Wednesday,          2010 activities, check
   Call For Our Special Rates!                                January 6th, at Heidi’s        our Website at: www.
   503-328-8416                                               Restaurant, located at 1230    PrimeTimersDiningClub.
                                                              N.E. Cleveland, Gresham        com ■
                                                              Be there at 6pm for social
                                                              time, followed by ordering
                                                              from a special Dinner
                                                              Menu at 6:30pm.
                                                              Dinner is Dutch treat.
                                                              If you have any
                                                              questions, call
                                                              Pat at 503-936-
                                                              5861, or e-mail at
The Northwest Connection                                                                                                            January 2010


                                                             Local News
Metro Names New Zoo Director
T    he Oregon Zoo’s
     governing agency, Metro,
has announced that Kimberly
                                 “When involved in global
                                 preservation efforts, the first
                                 thing the local community
                                                                   whooping cranes.
                                                                   Smith has a solid track
                                                                                                  “Smith is absolutely a perfect
                                                                                                  fit,” Jordan said. “We’re
                                                                                                  thrilled that she will continue
                                                                   record in overseeing and
A. Smith will serve as the       leaders will ask is ‘What         implementing strategic         the important conservation
zoo’s new director. She begins   are you doing at home?’”          and master plans. She is       work we’ve become known
her duties on March 1. Smith     Smith said. “If the answer is     also adept at successfully     for, while overseeing capital
has 25 years of comprehensive    little or nothing, you lose all   completing large and complex   construction projects that will
zoo experience, most             credibility—                                                                       make our
recently serving as the vice     you have to                                                                        great zoo
president of animal care at      walk your talk                                                                     even better.”
the prestigious Brookfield        by taking care                                                                     A proven
Zoo in Chicago. She will lead    of endangered                                                                      leader
Oregon’s No. 1 paid tourist      or threatened                                                                      within the
attraction as it undertakes      species in                                                                         Association
$125 million worth of bond-      your own back                                                                      of Zoos and
related improvements over the    yard.”                                                                             Aquariums,
next 10 to 15 years.             Smith has built                                                                    Smith has
“As the oldest zoo west of       her exceptional                                                                    chaired
the Mississippi, the Oregon      reputation                                                                         and vice
Zoo is truly the crown jewel     in the zoo                                                                         chaired many
of our community,” said          community                                                                          conservation-
Michael Jordan, Metro’s          because of her                                                                     related
chief operating officer. “We      collaborative                                                                      committees.
are very pleased to have         approach to                                                                        She currently
recruited such an outstanding    conservation. Her highest         capital construction projects, serves on the prestigious
zoo director. She is a proven    profile efforts came when          including the design and       Wildlife Conservation and
community leader, manager,       she was curator of birds at       construction of the $27        Management Committee
conservationist and educator     the Milwaukee Zoo. She            million Great Bear Wilderness and the Ethics Board.
—and is well positioned to       worked closely with U.S.          and a $4 million dolphinarium Also noteworthy are her
lead us into a new era of        Fish and Wildlife Service,        renovation at Brookfield. She conservation partnerships
excellence.”                     along with state and local        also designed and managed      with state and federal wildlife
Smith has a strong               wildlife officials, on several     the $1.3 million expansion of officials on numerous native-
conservation ethic,              local conservation initiatives    Brookfield’s outdoor elephant species recovery efforts. ■
believing that local wildlife    including: successfully           habitat.
conservation programs should     releasing trumpeter swans
come first, serving as a solid    to the wild, as well as
foundation before taking on      participating in recovery
international efforts.           efforts for piping plovers and

 Troutdale Soldier Marc Bland Finally Receives VA Benefits
 continued from pg. 10

 Q      What happened next?      my Desert Storm hat filled

  A          Almost              out the form and they took
             immediately         my picture and I walked out
 I started receiving calls       with the enrollment card in
 from Elanna Schlichting,        my hand. I want to express
 from Congressman Earl           my gratitude to all those
 Blumenauer’s office. She         individuals who played a part
 started working with Wendy      in my receiving my medical
 Sanchez, CareOregon             benefits. I had almost given
 Inc. There was a blitz          up.
 of correspondence and           We all want the men and
 phone calls going back          women who served in the
 and forth. They both            military and who gave of
 worked tenaciously and          themselves to serve their
 diligently with the VA and      country to receive the
 provided them with all of       rightfully provided medical
 the documentation that they     benefits offered to them by a
 requested.                      grateful nation.

 Q      What results did they
        come up with?
                                  Wendy Sanchez wrote in an
                                 email to me “It’s no wonder

 A     Three days before         we see so many homeless
       Christmas I received      Vet’s down and out on the
 a great Christmas present.      streets today. If they have to
 The VA had accepted the         fight like this for any Veteran
 information and will be         benefits, it’s probably easier
 providing my health benefits     to give up”.
 and without any co-pay.         We are glad Marc Bland
 I couldn’t be happier. I        didn’t give up. May God
 went to the VA Hospital         bless him in the New Year.
 immediately and walked into     We are happy to be of
 the enrollment office. I wore    service, Marc. ■
January 2010                                                                                                                                      The Northwest Connection

                                                               Local News
Cuts to Sports Came Three Years Early at Corbett                                                      the event which created a
                                                                                                      panicked auction team, but        • Over 50% of the student
                                                                                                      Corbett stepped up and 160
T    he current forecast for
     all local and state wide
sports programs looks grim
                                   The Boosters/CYS
                                   Get Creative
                                                                     Bring It Back To The Gym!
                                                                     Fourth Annual Evening
                                                                                                      people purchased tickets before
                                                                                                      the event. Fast forward to
                                                                                                                                          body grades 7–12
                                                                                                                                          participate in at least one
                                                                                                                                          sport. Large percentage of
                                   Membership the first year was      With Red & Black Auction         2010, the auction team started
for the coming year. Corbett       30 people now it is 82 and        Dinner Will Top Off Another                                          multi sport athletes.
has weathered the storm long                                                                          the planning in October and
                                   building. The Boosters/CYS        Successful Fundraising           is now a much larger team         • We have added additional
before other schools in the        have established creative ways    Year For Corbett Athletics                                           JV teams to accommodate
area. June 2006—all sports                                                                            of parents from the whole
                                   to fund raise approximately       With Alumni Brad Caldwell        school community. Grade             increased participation.
funding for Middle School and      $250,000 for athletics and        Heading Up The Fun.                                                  Everyone plays!!
Junior Varsity were totally cut                                                                       school moms would probably
                                   student activities in the past    - Saturday, March 13th           not be found working side by
from the operating budget. July    three years. They have in the     Pre-Function At The Sprindale                                      • Outreach to alumni
2006 a small group of parents,                                                                        side with high school parents       through events such
                                   last two years implemented        Pub and Red & Black Auction      but our team has one as the
teachers and the school            recruitment of non-traditional    Dinner Doors Open At 5:30                                            as Retro Cheer and
administrators organized to                                                                           Auction Co-Chair, Kristie           homecoming
                                   grade school members and          pm at the Corbett High School    Stafford!. Last year on a
creatively save the programs.      grade school volunteers. The      Gym—Advanced Tickets             donation gathering trip to        • Outreach to youth sports
The CARDS–Corbett Boosters         Boosters/CYS have fine tuned       $35 www.corbettboosters.org      Hood River one parent remove        through partnership with
were formed and the following      the processes to generate funds   for auction list review soon!    four booster seats from the car     CYS. All HS sports now
year combined efforts with         but have also developed ways      If you would like to donate      to make room for donations.         have camps for CYS
CYS—Corbett Youth Sports.          to help generate renewed          an item, service or funds to     The high school parent said         athletes.
The Gresham Outlook,               interest for alumni and the       help support this event please   jokingly “what’s that!” It is
Wednesday, October 4th 2006.       community. The following          contact Kristie Stafford at                                        • Fundraising. We have
                                                                                                      very unique to have grade
“Corbett parents try to save       outlines a few tips that          info@corbettboosters.org                                             raised approximately
                                                                                                      school moms with their oldest
junior varsity sports ”            could be helpful to other         The first year the planning                                           $250,000 for athletics and
                                                                                                      in kindergarten helping with
 —David Ball                       communities as we all face        started a month and a half                                           student activities in the
                                                                                                      such a traditional high school
                                   deeper budget cuts.               before the event and had only                                        last 3 years.
                                                                     60 tickets sold a week before                                      • Annual auction has
                                                                                                                                          become a community
                                                                                                                                          event as well as a great
   TIP ONE: Recruitment            big game or the lack of it and    Corbett Hall of Fame,            TIP THREE: Raise the                fundraiser.
   starts in kindergarten for      the fact that the school song     Inductions at the Date           FUN for everyone!
   parents and athletes!           had not been sung in a very       with Red & Black Auction                                           • Approximately 75 Booster
                                                                                                      Let The Teams & Players             members. Families in
                                   long time. The question was       March 13th
   Improve What is Already                                                                            Help Support With Their             K-12 and alumni are all
                                   asked “did the kids even know    The induction requirements
   at Your School–                                                                                    Knowledge and Grit                  involved.
                                   the song that had been around    were developed by senior
   Concessions That Rock                                                                              The athletes themselves
                                   since before 1934? ” The         Heather Anderson as a senior                                        • Facility upgrades,
   Booster/CYS volunteers          answer...”Bring It On“ Corbett                                     raise funds Almost all              Renovated baseball
                                                                    project with the help from
   took an old weight room         style!                                                             Corbett varsity sports              facility.
                                                                    alumni and varsity coach Roy
   and turned it into the                                                                             athletes have or will be
   CARDS ROCK CAFE                 Annual Retro Cheer January Altman in 2005. This year               running camps for grade
                                                                                                                                        • Working with Jeff Lucas
                                   28th Vs Riverdale—no             there is a full induction line                                        Foundation in support of
   decorated it with historic                                                                         school kids this year.
                                   cartwheels required!             up of the following teams,                                            new football stadium
   sports uniforms from the                                                                           Wrestling Camp of Champs
                                                                    players and coach from
   past, topped off with bar       The first year the invitation                                       starts in March – check the       • Booster clubs from other
                                                                    Corbett Sport Greats. The                                             school are contacting
   stools and tables like a old    went out 18 alumni                                                 school site for dates. The
                                                                    announcement will be made at                                          us looking for ways to
   fashioned malt shop. The        cheerleaders full of pep from                                      varsity players build interest
                                                                    the Retro Cheer January 28th                                          improve there programs
   concessions on average          the 1950s to the 1980s brought                                     and excitement for their
                                                                    and Inductions will take place
   pulls in between $300 and       it back with spirit and fun at a                                   sport and have fun with the       • Recognized as a key
   $1,000 per night                big game                                                           Junior and Lil’ Cards. The          supporter of school
   The Barista team leaders        in gym.                                                            funds go directly towards           activities by the
   Angle Williams, Carla           Some                                                               each team. Last year a              administration and the
   Jones and Nancy Miller          of the                                                             group of varsity baseball           board.
   turned a group of parents       alumni                                                             team members split eight
                                                                                                                                        • Sponsored Grade School
   into fine espresso artists.      had not                                                            cords of wood just at one           yearbook.
   They named the stand            been                                                               house after the wind storms.
   SCHOOL GROUNDS                  back to a                                                                          The Softball      • Working with the
                                   game in                                                                            Team also           Community to help
   Espresso To Go. They even
                                   twenty                                                                             served up           support with the
   have $30.00 coffee cards
                                   years. The group has                                                               a spaghetti         promotional efforts of the
   that some families burn                                                                                                                Corbett Fourth of July
   through in one night. The       continued to grow at                                                               dinner for the
                                                                                                                                          Fun Festival. Supporting
   old refurbished espresso        each event. They also                                                              community
                                                                                                                                          roll of the upcoming All
   machine they started with       always have the loudest                                                            before the
                                                                                                                                          School Reunion in 2011
   has been upgraded to a new      float in the Corbett                                                                CHAMPS              to help celebrate an all
   turbo espresso machine          Fun Festival Parade                                                                Donkey              school reunion on the 3rd
   along with commercial           on the July 4th. The                                                               Basketball          of July 2011.
   blenders for smoothies that     Retro Cheerleaders                                                                 and will also
   please the crowds.              are so much fun that                                                               be hosting        For further information
                                   they were an auction                                                               first annual       contact, Eric Stevens,
   TIP TWO: Build an                                                at the Red & Black Auction
                                   item last year and are going                                       game this July 3rd.               Booster President,
   espresso stand that rivals                                       Dinner March 13th
                                   to be bid on again at the Red                                                                        eric@corbettboosters.
   the national chains in taste!   & Black Auction Dinner for       Varsity Trading Cards Sports      TIP FOUR: Let the athletes
                                                                                                                                        org 503- 695-5575 or
                                   the successful dinner In the     trading cards of all varsity      enjoy the success of helping
   FUN-Raising                                                                                                                          Kristie Stafford, Corbett
                                   ENDZONE.                         players. Set up just like the     the effort
   It all started with a                                                                                                                Youth Sports Vice President
                                                                    real deal with younger kids                                         & Booster Membership/
   conversation about the
                                                                    collecting them and then                                            Sponsorship Co-Chair of
   current state of noise at a
                                                                    running to get autographs                                           2010 Red & Black Auction
                                                                    from coaches or players.                                            503-695-5305.
The Northwest Connection                                                                                                                                            January 2010


                                                               Local News
Scams Arrive as Winter Olympics Approach                                                                   such as Western Union or
                                                                                                           MoneyGram. Money sent
                                                                                                                                             and ask if, after signing
                                                                                                                                             the contract, you can pay
Avoid Traps When Looking for a Vancouver-Whistler Rental                                                   via wire transfer service         upon your arrival to the
                                                                                                           is extremely difficult to          property. Owners renting

T     he 2010 Olympics are
      approaching, but the
scams have already arrived.
                                    home. When the victims asked
                                    if they could check out the
                                    property first, the landlords
                                                                       BBB advises
                                                                       renters to watch
                                                                       for the following
                                                                                                                            retrieve; and
                                                                                                                            once the
                                                                                                                                             their home, condominium or
                                                                                                                                             apartment for the games are
                                                                                                                                             required to have a business
With Vancouver just a road          claimed that they were out         red flags:                                            have picked      license through the City of
trip away some locals will          of the country and could not       • The deal sounds                                     it up, there    Vancouver, request a copy (a
make the trek to the games.         show the house. Often the real       too good to be                                      is little       license is not required to rent
Better Business Bureau warns        homeowners have their house          true. Scammers                                     recourse—if      a single room).
perspective vacationers to          up for sale – not rent - and had     will often list a                                  any—for        • If you are looking for
lookout for scams when              pictures posted online that the      rental for a very                                  getting your     accommodations during the
searching for Vancouver-            scammers steal for their bogus       low price to lure                                  money back.      2010 Games, the Olympics
Whistler area rentals.              listings.                            in victims. Find                                   • The            has an official Web site,
Phony ads for British               In one example, according to         out how comparable listings       landlord requires a               www.2010destinationplan
Columbia rental properties          a Royal Canadian Mounted             are priced; and if the rental     substantial deposit before        ner.com, providing a list of
are popping up on Craigslist        Police report, a U.S. group          comes in suspiciously low,        handing over the keys or          hotels, bed and breakfasts,
and other online classifieds,        attempted to rent a property         walk away.                        even showing the home.            private home rentals and
aimed at stealing money from        from a landlord in Whistler,       • The landlord is located           Don’t pay any money               rooms on cruise ships. Check
unsuspecting renters.               who requested a $2,000 deposit       elsewhere and prefers to          before inspecting inside          Canadian tourism businesses
                                    by wire transfer to secure the       communicate via e-mail.           the property. If you cannot       out at www.bbb.org. Make
Victims typically fall for rental
                                    residence through the 2010           Scammers are known to say         travel early to examine the       sure they are properly
scams after responding to an
                                    Games. There was an issue            they have just been relocated     property: ask for a contract      licensed. Travel agencies
online classified for a rental
                                    with the info rmation provided       out of the country for a job or   with all the terms, details and   should be licensed with
property. Victims say they
                                    by the landlord to the renters       missionary work.                  conditions; make sure the         Consumer Protection BC and
were told by the supposed
                                    and Western Union halted the                                           rental is furnished; request      Property Management firms
landlord that they needed to                                           • The landlord asks the renter
                                    transaction before it could be                                         proof that the property           with the Real Estate Council
wire a large deposit in order to                                         to wire money through
                                    completed.                                                             belongs to the individual;        of British Columbia. ■
receive the keys to the rental                                           wire transfer services,
January 2010                                                                                                                                              The Northwest Connection

                                                          Family Health
Can You Give More Than You Think You Can?                                                                                                  your kids. A friend and her
                                                                                                                                           three children make a point of
                                                                                                                                           smiling at people. They noticed
                                have probably heard about               financial strains in the current  are not able to leave their       just how few people smile as
                                the concept of giving up your           economy, the gift of time can    residences often, usually the     they walk through the mall,
                                morning latte for a week or             make the world of difference     elderly. The volunteers who       or down the street, or even
                                a month and putting those               to someone. There is an elderly make deliveries may be the         going in and out of school or
                                funds toward                                           woman on our      only outside contact that the     the gym. So they put on their
                                a charity. The                                         block whose       shut-in person has all week or smiling faces and try to make
                                price of small                                         husband died a    all month. It goes to show that eye contact with passers-by to
                                luxuries like                                          few years ago.    a smile and a few hours of your brighten their days. It is hard
                                cappuccinos or                                         Last year, we     time can change someone’s         not to smile back at someone
By Paula Olson                  movie rentals                                          dropped by to     life, whether it is a service     smiling at you as he or she
                                can add up over                                        deliver some      to a neighbor or a formal         walks by. And it doesn’t cost a
L    ocal radio stations,
     newspapers, and
television stations have all
                                a year, thereby
                                leaving you
                                                                                       men. She told
                                                                                                         And speaking of smiles, here
                                                                                                                                           cent or even a minute!
                                                                                                                                           How can you give more in
                                with more to                                           us she was        is something you can do with      2010? ■
promoted charitable events for
                                save and thus                                          waiting for her
people in need over the last
                                more to give.                                          son to visit in a
few months. You may have felt
                                And as parents, let us not              few days so she could get
overwhelmed with requests
for donations during the
                                forget the accumulation of              her Christmas decorations up               Healthy Holiday Treats
                                toys that our children possess.         from the basement. That was
holiday season. Or you may
                                When a new one comes in,                the perfect opportunity for us
have been struck with guilt
                                donate an old one. For several          to lend a hand. My son and I
every time you walked past the
                                years we have taken our                 took about fifteen minutes and         Quick Sprouted Apple Crisp
bell-ringing Salvation Army
                                pictures with Santa at the start        brought out her boxes; then
workers at their posts, because
                                of the season and received              she showed us some of the           INGREDIENTS:
you know there are many
                                a brand new plush toy as an             special ornaments she has. My       4 medium baking apples
people to help but simply
                                early bird gift. It is time we          son was enchanted, especially       1 oz. purified water
not enough funds to reach
                                talk with our son about next            when he was invited to help         2/3 cup Ezekiel 4:9
everyone. I was feeling this                                                                                   sprouted cereal
                                year donating those brand               her put them on her tree.
way myself when I considered                                                                                1 Tbsp. butter
                                new, unused stuffed animals             I recently read an article about
just how much more I do have                                                                                2 Tbsp. honey, separated
                                to children who have none and           some volunteers for Meals
to give.
                                would truly appreciate it.              on Wheels. It is a program
Monetary gifts to charity are                                                                               DIRECTIONS:
                                If you have had to tighten              through which volunteers
easier than you think. You                                                                                   Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Peel, core and chop the
                                your budget already due to              deliver meals to people who
                                                                                                               apples. Place apples in medium-sized pot with water and
                                                                                                               butter. Cover and cook on medium heat for 15 minutes

The Health Benefits of Popcorn, A Tasty
                                                                                                               until apples can be mashed with a fork to the consistency
                                                                                                               of apple sauce. Stir in 1 Tbsp. of honey. Pour mixture into a
                                                                                                               medium-sized baking dish. Pour cereal evenly over apple
Snack That’s Actually Good for You                                                                             mixture and press down with a fork. Drizzle with remaining
                                                                                                               1 Tbsp. of honey. Bake for 15 minutes. Remove from heat,
                                                                                                               let cool and serve. Yield: 4 servings
By Kristie Leong                   and chocolate their beneficial        control since popcorn without
                                   properties. Not only do they         butter is low in calories.                                                         by Jordan Rubin

M      ost people don’t think
       of popcorn as being
a healthy treat. A new study
                                   scavenge free radicals and
                                   protect against cell damage,
                                   they’re being investigated for
                                                                        To Get the Health
                                                                        Benefits of Popcorn—Prepare
                                                                        It Right
                                                                                                              Sweet Potato Pie
suggests otherwise.                their anti-cancer properties
                                                                        Even though the health benefits         INGREDIENTS:
Some people balk at the idea       and heart protective properties.
                                                                        of popcorn are impressive             4 cups mashed sweet
of popcorn being a healthy         In fact, the researchers found
                                                                        when compared to other                   potatoes (4 medium)
snack. After all, movie theater    that the polyphenol content of
                                                                        snacks, the way its prepared          1 tsp. vanilla
popcorn has the reputation         good, old-fashioned popcorn
                                                                        makes all the difference. If          2 well-beaten eggs
of being a                                           rivals that of
                                                                        popped in oil and doused in           1⁄2 stick melted butter
real artery                                          many fruits
                                                                        butter, its high fat content          1⁄2 cup Rapadura (a
clogger.                                             and vegetables.                                             sweetener found in
                                                                        will override many of its
While this                                           Another            good aspects. The best way to            natural health food
may be true,                                         health benefit      prepare it is to air pop it and go       stores)
popcorn                                              of popcorn?                                              1⁄4 cup honey
                                                                        very light on the butter. Avoid
                                                     It’s a whole                                             1 tsp. coconut oil to
prepared                                                                using margarines containing
                                                     grain in the                                                grease pan
without                                                                 trans fats on popcorn since
a pool of                                            same league        trans fats are even worse
butter and a heavy layer of salt   as oatmeal, barley, brown rice,      from a health standpoint than         DIRECTIONS:
may not be so unhealthy after      and millet—grains that are           the saturated fat found in             Boil potatoes with skins
all.                               known for their health benefits.      butter. Resist the temptation          on for 25-30 minutes, or until tender. Remove from pot, let
                                   All of these grains retain the                                              cool and peel. Mix all ingredients with a fork, and pour into
The Health Benefits                                                      to shake on too much salt.
                                   bran and germ of the plant                                                  greased 9x13 baking dish. Yield: 8 servings
of Popcorn:                                                             Most Americans get too much
A Surprising Study                 which is the source of most of       sodium and popcorn doesn’t            TOPPING INGREDIENTS:
                                   the vitamins and minerals - in       need it to be tasty. A better way
A new study carried out at                                                                                    1 cup chopped pecans
                                   contrast to refined grains where      to flavor popcorn to preserve          1⁄2 cup spelt or kamut flour
the University of Scranton
                                   these vitamin-rich components        its health benefits is to sprinkle     1⁄2 cup Rapadura (a sweetener found in natural health food
showed that popcorn has
                                   have been stripped away. Three       on a little garlic, salt-free chili     stores)
some surprising health
                                   cups of popcorn is equivalent        powder, or low-fat parmesan           1⁄4 cup honey
benefits. Popcorn is high in
                                   to a single serving of a whole       cheese sprinkles.                     3⁄4 stick butter, melted
antioxidants, most notably,
                                   grain food. Popcorn is also
polyphenols—a group of                                                  The Bottom Line?
                                   a good source of fiber which                                                DIRECTIONS:
natural plant chemicals that                                            The health benefits of popcorn
                                   helps to increase satiety and                                               Combine ingredients and sprinkle over potato mixture. Bake
have a variety of health                                                will shine through when this
                                   give a sense of fullness and                                                30 minutes at 350 degrees.
benefits. Polyphenols are the                                            tasty, whole grain snack is
                                   satisfaction that lasts for hours.
same group of compounds that                                            prepared properly. Enjoy this                                                        by Nicki Rubin
                                   This can be helpful for weight
give red wine, tea, olive oil,                                          tasty, “good for you” treat! ■
The Northwest Connection                                                                                                                                             January 2010


                                                       Family Health
Starve a Fever                                                      hydrotherapy. (They still are.)
                                                                    Fasting, however, is not the
                                                                    favorite American pastime.
                                  month another 118,000 were        Castor oil packs take time,
                                  sent. They carried the flu         which some Americans claim
                                  virus of 1918 to Europe. War      they don’t have. Hydrotherapy
                                  conditions are never conducive    treatments require effort, but
                                  to health; the rates of illness   some persons tend to want the
                                  ran high. The flu of 1918 hit      “magic pill.” Yes, there pills
                                  hard and fast. Interestingly,     that help—and homeopathics,
                                  it is reported that those most    liquids, and other measures.
                                  affected were between the ages
                                                                    Fasting doesn’t mean starving;
                                  of 18 and 45.
By Victoria Larson, N.D.                                            fruit and vegetable juices
                                  Noah Webster wrote, in            are recommended. A dose of

D     on’t you always just        1799, A Brief History of          activated charcoal is a good
      forget whether it’s “starve Epidemic and Pestilential         idea. If you feel too poorly         is a terrific detoxifier. I never     hot bath, but this time soak a
a fever, feed a cold” or the      Diseases. He noted that most      to fast, just take clear soups.      ask a patient to take castor oil    thin towel in ice water. Dry
other way around? The famous epidemics happened after               Keep single serving doses of         by mouth, especially when           off briskly, avoiding drafts.
pandemic flu of 1918 was also periods of severe cold or moist        immune building soups in             this topical treatment works so     Wring out the icy towel as dry
known as the Spanish Flu and weather. Mysteriously, many            your freezer. Be prepared, not       well.                               as possible. Apply to trunk
it truly was a pandemic. We’re epidemics occurred during            wondering what to do next. If        Hydrotherapy treatments take        area and immediately cover
not out of the woods yet so I     years of earthquakes, volcanic    you feel well enough to eat,         time but cost nothing. Great        with a thick, warm, dry towel.
thought I’d give you a little     eruptions, and comet sightings.   choose light meals: oatmeal          to do on kids. Babies respond       Use a hot water bottle and
history before we talk about      It is alleged that there were     without milk; fresh fruit; and       extremely well. If they are         wool blankets as needed and
some treatments.                  44 epidemics of influenza in       lightly steamed vegetables.          congested, just put them in a       sleep. You’ll feel better in the
                                  America and Europe from                                                hot bath. Have a bowl of ice        morning.
The first case of this flu was                                        Castor oil packs are
                                  1174AD to 1647. These                                                  water and some thin cotton          You regular readers know
reported on March 11, 1918                                          inexpensive, but try to
                                  allegations are not verifiable.                                         socks waiting. Take baby out        my rule. If you are not
at Fort Riley in Kansas,                                            not purchase the stuff that
a 26,000 man military             Not all who contracted the        looks like motor oil at the          of the bath and briskly towel       considerably improved within
installation. It was a time       flu got extremely sick. Fifty      pharmacies. Get higher               dry. Put a drop of essential oil    three days, see your doctor.
of war, of disruption, and        million people died worldwide;    quality castor oil from your         on the bottom of baby’s feet,       May you get through the flu
stress worldwide. By noon         600,000 were Americans.           Naturopathic Physician. Again,       wring out the icy socks, and        season without even getting
on that day 100 cases had         Naturopathic doctors in           be prepared! Soak a cloth in         put the baby into a blanket         ill, if not, may you recover
reported fever, sore throat,      America did well in treating      the castor oil, heat it gently,      sleeper and to bed. The             quickly. If you do get sick,
and headache—500 in the first their flu patients. Their loss          apply to the liver area (under       darlings will sleep remarkably      come see me so we can work
week.                             was less than 1%. The NDs of      the right breast) and leave on       well and be decongested by          on your immune system to
                                  the time encouraged simple        for at least an hour. Use a hot      morning. Works for you too,         prevent your getting sick at
These were our “doughboys”
                                  remedies that were readily        water bottle to keep the area        though with modifications.           all. Better to look forward to
and they were sent to Europe
                                  available and inexpensive.        warm. Keep your castor oil           It’s hard to find footed blanket     the springtime and health and
to fight against Germany.
                                  The successful, tried and true    pack in a plastic bag in the         sleepers for adults!                wellness as it is the way things
The first round of troops was
                                  treatments for flu have been       refrigerator for reuse. It will      Alternately, adults can do a        are supposed to be! ■
84,000 and within another
                                  fasting, castor oil packs and     turn brownish over time as this      similar hydrotherapy. Take a

The Best Medicine.                                                  losing her. And so, I talked it
                                                                    all over with my veterinarian.
                                                                                                         ready to let her back in before
                                                                                                         she gets chilled. She loves her
                                                                                                                                             she is outside exploring the
                                                                                                                                             yard, when at night, she curls
One Small Furry Miracle, Blaze                                      Blaze lay calmly on the              “treats” (pill meatballs), and      in a ball always with her head
                                                                    exam table, wagging her tail,        has a great appetite.               resting up a bit, well—my
                                                                    and looking adoringly up at          Every night she makes the           heart catches in my throat.
                                 time. The physical signs were
                                 fainting spells, and stomach       me. I had chosen to do the           rounds and cleans the faces of      Yes, miraculously, I picked the
                                 breathing.                         complete cardiac workup, cost        her daughters. Grandchildren        right dog to go the distance
                                                                    or no, because of the spirit so      are left to their mothers, but I    with—not that I had a choice,
                                 I quickly became adept at
                                                                    evident in this little dog. The      have noticed of late that she       for my own heart is intertwined
                                 reviving her. Losing this dog
                                                                    cardiologist had worked with         gives her best friend Chloe (ten    with the heart of one dearly
                                 was inconceivable to me. She
                                                                    my veterinarian to come up           years old) a goodnight lick.        loved small dog - who has
                                 was my special love. It had
                                                                    with a regimen of medicines          She loves her nighttime biscuit,    always been the best medicine.
                                 been Blaze who was my first
                                                                    that sometimes spawned               and though it takes her awhile      The photo with this column is
                                 big show dog, and it had been
                                                                    amazing results.                     to chew it all up, she eats every   of Blaze and one of her great
                                 Blaze who walked perfectly
By Connie Warnock                                                   My vet looked at me with             last crumb.                         granddaughters. From my
                                 down the aisle with rings tied
                                 to a bow around her neck in        beautifully serious eyes and         Her birthday was in August—         family to you and yours,

I  n September of 2008, I
   lost my fourteen year old
Shih Tzu, Kissy. In December
                                 my daughter’s wedding. She
                                 is in the wedding photos. Her
                                                                    said, “I think you’ve chosen
                                                                    the right dog to go the distance
                                                                                                         number thirteen. When I see
                                                                                                         her cleaning faces, and when
                                                                                                                                             a blessed and joyous New
                                                                                                                                             Year! ■
                                 great-granddaughters were          with, and I think it’s possible
2008, I lost fourteen year old                                      we can buy her some quality
Jelli. It doesn’t matter how     due to be born December 18th
                                 2008. I could not imaging          time.” That was enough for
many dogs I have, or at what                                             me.
age they cross the
                                                                         There is tweaking of
rainbow bridge, it
                                                                         dosages once in a while,
is still devastating.
                                                                         and her heart still sounds
In between,
                                                                         like an out-of-balance
around the end of
                                                                         washing machine, but
October 2008, my
                                                                         Blaze still rules the kitchen
beloved Blaze was
                                                                         and my heart. She loves
diagnosed with
                                                                         her baths, and all the kisses
an enlarged heart,
                                                                         she gets. She loves being
two bad valves,
                                                                         important (if she only
and basically,
                                                                         knew!). And even on the
heart failure.
                                                                         frostiest of mornings, out
Blaze was twelve
                                                                         she goes, with me at the
years young at the
January 2010                                                                                                                                     The Northwest Connection

                                                          Family Health
Sticking to Your Recovery Plan                                                                     nutrition. Likewise, smokers
                                                                                                   will say that giving up nicotine
                                                                                                                                      cares to Him for “my yoke is
                                                                                                                                      easy and my burden is light.”
                                                                                                   is much easier than giving
Through the Holidays and Beyond
                                                                                                                                      If you are in recovery, and
                                                                                                   up the emotional dependency        want to remain in recovery
                                                                                                   they associate with relaxing or    through the holidays, it is
                                 drugs, alcohol, food, unhealthy certain chemicals that support relaxing situations brought on        important that you do not
                                 relationships, and sex. A more intense feelings of pleasure.      by smoking.                        put yourself in a situation
                                 medical type of definition        Thus fantasizing about sex       What causes someone to             whereby you may be tempted
                                 would be that the brain has      can create these pleasure        become addicted? We often          to relapse. Do not go to parties
                                 become neurochemically           chemicals. Gamblers talk         hear some people report            where you know that alcohol
                                 dependent on substances          about an adrenaline rush they    that they have an “addictive       will be served. This would be
                                 ingested into the body.          experience when they take        personality.” From a               no different than choosing to
                                 Research indicates that the      risks with money. Relationship psychological perspective,           go into a bar when you are
                                 brain will actually “crave” this addicts talk about experiencing people who are prone to             trying to stay in recovery.
                                 particular substance. Over a     a “rush” when they are in        addictions are lonely people.      If your issue is emotional
By Rita Stratton, LCSW,
                                                                  relationships that they describe They are starving for love and     over-eating, do not go to a
Northwest Counseling Services period of time, the brain will
                                 develop a “tolerance” to this    as adrenaline pumping even       attention. Perhaps they came       get-together when you have
                                                                  though they may intellectually from a family where they were        not eaten in a long while. This
P    eople who are in recovery substance, which means that
     from some type of
addictive behavior often find
                                 one would have to use more
                                 to continue to experience a
                                                                  know that this relationship is
                                                                  bad for them.
                                                                                                   victims of physical, emotional
                                                                                                   or sexual abuse. Perhaps their
                                                                                                                                      would potentially set you up to
                                 pleasurable response.            In addition to a chemical        parents modeled addiction          Ultimately, the best way to
holidays to be some of the
                                                                  dependency, people also          to some substance. So what         not be tempted is to stay away
more difficult times to stay in   Purely neurochemical
                                                                  develop an emotional             these people learn is to “self-    from places and situations
recovery. There are holiday      addiction is caused by certain
                                                                  dependency. This accounts        medicate” with some type of        where the possibility of
parties where substances are     chemicals such as alcohol,
                                                                  for why so many people           substance.                         relapse will be high. It is most
served that may cause one        heroin, cocaine or nicotine.
to relapse. This article will    Some researchers believe         struggle with weight issues.     Self-medication is modeled         important to remember that
identify ways to prevent         that certain behaviors can       It is much easier to diet and    when someone is happy, sad,        whatever it is that causes you
relapse.                         cause a neurochemical            lose the weight but keeping      disappointed, angry or any         to stumble God has a way out
                                 response and can thus cause      it off is another issue. That    other feeling. Instead of being    for you. Whatever it is, give it
But first, we will define
                                                                  is because there is no more      taught to “let go and let God”     to God. He has the power to
addiction. Addiction is the term someone to become addicted
                                 to gambling, pornography,        powerful mood alterer than       they are taught to worship the     help you overcome whatever
used to define a dependence
                                 unhealthy relationships, and     food. Food is associated with    god of alcohol, drugs, food,       your addiction may be. God
on some type of substance.
                                 food. Sexual thoughts create     relaxation and comfort, not just material possessions. Jesus        bless you and your family
These substances can be
                                                                                                   said that we are to give our       during this new year! ■

Are You a Sitting Duck?                                              healthy diet and don’t overeat.
                                                                     You should also safely lose                    COLORING CONTEST
                                                                     any excess weight—at the rate
                                   chronic liver issues is likely to of about one-to-two pounds
                                   increase.                         per week—and increase your                            Winner will receive a
                                   One of the primary ways of        physical activity. Maintaining                        $5.00 gift certificate
                                   paving the way to an unhealthy healthy triglyceride and blood
                                   liver is consuming excessive      sugar levels is smart, too.                             to Dairy Queen!
                                   calories—just like the ducks      Treating your liver right is
                                   and geese being groomed for       important because it does
                                                                                                                 Mail entry to the Northwest Connection.
                                   foie gras. Here’s why: when       so much. For instance, it
                                   the liver doesn’t process and     manufactures blood-clotting
By Jordan S. Rubin                 break down fats as it should,     factors and synthesizes
                                   then too much fat accumulates proteins, including one

M       aybe you’ve heard of       around it.                        called albumin, which helps
        foie gras. It’s French for Those who may be more at          maintain blood volume. It also
“fat liver”—a food made from risk for developing extra heft          metabolizes fats, including
the liver of a duck or goose       in their livers include those     fatty acids and cholesterol.
specially fattened by force-       who are overweight, those         Additionally, the liver
feeding. The making of foie        with unbalanced blood sugar       metabolizes and stores
gras is highly controversial,      and triglyceride levels, as       carbohydrates, which are used
but did you know that humans well as those who undergo               for the glucose that red blood
could also be sitting ducks        rapid weight loss or who are      cells and the brain use. It also
due to their fat livers? It’s a    malnourished. Some people,        aids in the intestinal absorption
growing trend and the focus of however, can develop a fatty          of vitamins A, D, E and K.
several studies.                   liver without any of these        As if that weren’t enough, the
It may not sound all that          situations, so everyone                      liver also eliminates
threatening—a fat liver—but        should be                                          harmful
it can and does cause more         aware.                                                biochemical
problems than most people          A fatty                                                 bodily
realize. Being overweight is       liver may                                                 products
a major risk factor for fatty      cause no                                                    and
liver, so if you’re carrying       damage                                                      helps to
around excess pounds, then         at all                                                     detoxify
you may want to consider just or it may                                                     the body.     Name and address to mail
how much that extra weight is lead to                       liver                          Since          gift certificate to:
affecting your liver health.       inflammation,                                           proper liver
The truth is that non-alcoholic- which can cause liver damage.                        function is         Name
related liver unhealth is a        This may, in turn, lead to tissue so foundational for health,
                                   scarring and/or hardening of      maybe that’s why fatty liver is      Address
global problem and, like the
growing obesity trend, is          the liver (cirrhosis) and can     currently the focus of intense
reaching epidemic proportions      ultimately lead to liver failure. research. After all, who wants
worldwide. In fact, the number One of the ways to support            to be a sitting duck? ■              St, Zip
of people at risk for developing   your liver’s health is to eat a
The Northwest Connection                                                                                                                                              January 2010


                                          Faith Encouragements
Remember                            opportunity, or news that we
                                    have a terminal illness has a
                                    huge effect on how we think
                                                                        Genesis records the story of
                                                                        how Creator God worked
                                                                        through Joseph to save not
                                                                                                          know as Communion or the
                                                                                                          Lord’s Supper. The Passover
                                                                                                          Celebration that had been
                                                                                                                                           process of remembering helps
                                                                                                                                           us to be more proactive and
                                                                                                                                           productive. Remembering the
                                    about the future.                   only the Egyptian population      observed for centuries was       consequences of a mistake
                                    Each of us needs to consider        from starvation but also the      being fulfilled in Jesus, “the    might help us to not repeat
                                    a question: “How much of the        nation Israel. However, several   Lamb of God that takes           that error. And remembering
                                    past will we remember and           hundred years later, a new                                                 something beneficial
                                    what difference will it make        leader in Egypt “who did                                                   encourages us to try to
                                    in our future life choices?” Do
                                    we benefit from history, or is
                                                                        not remember Joseph” had
                                                                        an entirely different attitude
                                                                                                            “  I believe the process of            repeat that exercise for
                                                                                                                                                   another success.
                                                                                                            remembering helps us to
                                    it the human tendency to be         toward the Israelites.                                                     Perhaps one of the
                                    so focused on the future that       Multiple times, the Bible
                                                                                                            be more proactive and                  greatest statements
                                    we fail to appreciate the things    emphasizes the need to              productive. Remembering about remembering was
By Pastor Bill Ehmann,
Wood Village Baptist Church         that we should remember? And        “remember the Lord.” Over           the consequences of a                  the request of a dying
                                    in remembering, do we recall        and over again, the people did                                             thief on the cross next
                                                                                                            mistake might help us to
                                    the things that are helpful or      not remember Him as they                                                   to Jesus. Aware that he
        ith a new year ahead,
        it is easy to think         just the negative experiences       followed desires that violated      not repeat that error.         ”       deserved nothing, the
about the future, make              that cause us to feel hurt and      His holiness. The local culture                                            thief believed that Jesus
plans for it and anticipate         angry?                              took precedence over the                                                   is the Christ and asked
                                                                        historical directives that came   away the sin of the world,”      Jesus to remember him in His
accomplishments. Businesses         A larger challenge than
                                                                        from God.                         so there would be no reason      kingdom. And Jesus promised
will evaluate the past and          remembering last year is to
                                                                                                          to commemorate that event        that He would. He makes the
make adjustments in hopes of        consider the need to remember       Even the people who
                                                                                                          again. Knowing that we need a same promise to us today if we
doing better this year than last.   past generations and to             entered the Promised Land
                                                                                                          visual reminder to help us stay will remember Him for Who
Families will make vacation         hang onto the principles and        under Joshua’s leadership
                                                                                                          focused on Jesus, He gave us     He is and believe in Him.
plans, high school seniors will     examples of our ancestors.          were followed by the next
                                                                                                          the bread to remind us that our
anticipate graduation, and city     Some cultures do this better        generation who did not                                             Maybe a wholesome
                                                                                                          sin was placed on His body and
planners will schedule major        than others. The independent        remember, or at least did not                                      determination for the new
                                                                                                          the cup to remind us that His
events.                             spirit of Americans makes           follow, the example established                                    year would be to remember
                                                                                                          blood paid the penalty price for
The past year or years have         it easy for us to do our own        by their elders. They pursued                                      one or several lessons of the
                                                                                                          our sin. As we remember Him,
included routine experiences,       thing, plan our future, and         the culture of the heathen and                                     past year or years—perhaps
                                                                                                          we are more inclined to honor
as well as unique challenges        give little thought to the past.    eventually lost the blessing of                                    all the way back to grandma’s
                                                                                                          Him and follow His directives.
and opportunities. The birth of     But that is typical not only of     freedom in their land.                                             generation—and make this
                                    Americans. When you read                                              Nowadays, it appears that        principle or directive a part of
a child, death of a loved one, a                                        When Jesus was within
                                    through the Old Testament                                             people are more inclined to      our list of ambitions for 2010.
special gift or achievement—                                            hours of completing His
                                    stories in the Bible, the pattern                                     be reactive than proactive,      I am thinking about “New Year
something that occurs only                                              assignment—death, burial
                                    is similar, and this took place                                       which might result in more       Remembering” instead of New
once—has impacted our life in                                           and resurrection to pay for
                                    in a culture that was all about                                       publicity, but often not more    Year Resolutions. ■
a way that nothing else does.                                           our sin—He established a
                                    connecting the generations!                                           productivity. I believe the      pastor@woodvillagebaptist.org
Marriage, an employment                                                 memory celebration that we

Attend East Hill’s Healing Classes                                      will build a healthier life.”     “After the holidays it seems we      they want,” Rodriguez said.
                                                                        Every Sunday at 6pm, the          become acutely aware of some         “Of course, the more they
WHEN YOU CAN                                                            “Grace Track” is open to          of our least favorite behaviors,     come, the better healing
Gresham church welcomes people to attend                                people seeking to learning        because family members bring         experience they’ll have. But
                                                                        more about themselves and         it out of us,” Rodriguez said.       there’s no expectation of
restoration classes at their convenience                                                                  “Together we’ll grow to a            attendance. You get out of it
                                                                        the grace God gives them.
                                                                                                          place where we can be free of        what you put into it.”
F    or decades, the healing        individuals.                        The class “Healing the Father
                                                                        Wound,” based on Rodriguez’s      unhealthy attachments.”              Cost is free to attend, but
     discipleship program at        “All human beings are broken,
Gresham’s East Hill Church                                              book of the same name, will       In the past, attendees               participants are encouraged to
                                    or at least have things in life
(539 N. Main Ave.) has                                                  run Jan. 3 to June 6.             could only join a class at           purchase workbook materials
                                    or relationships they want
welcomed people seeking                                                 “It’s difficult for some of        its beginning, and certain           for the classes. Workbook
                                    to changes,” said Kathy
to recover from addictions,                                             us to embrace God as our          classes carried prerequisites.       costs vary by class segment,
                                    Rodriguez, Psy.D, pastor
painful relationships and other                                         father because of the damage      In an effort to allow more           but attendees may purchase
                                    and director of East Hill’s
past hurts.                                                             inflicted by our earthly dads,”    people greater access to             photocopied materials each
                                    Restoration Ministries. “These
                                                                        Rodriguez said. “In ‘Healing      the widely recommended               session for $1. For more
Through its wide array of           classes help individuals
                                                                        the Father Wound,’ we’ll          healing programs, East Hill          information, call 503-
highly recommended classes,         transform their lives with new
                                                                        discover how to move forward      has changed the participation        661.4444 ext. 364 or e-mail
thousands of people have been       understanding and insights;
                                                                        from those hurts and restore      expectations.                        carlf@easthill.org. ■
able to emerge from a broken        it’s integrated spiritual and
past as more whole, healed          psychological self-help that        our image of God.”                “People can come whenever

                                             Kathy Rodriguez, Psy.D, a professional counselor, psychologist and associate pastor at
                                             East Hill Foursquare Church in Gresham, Oregon overseeing Healing Discipleship and
                                             Restoration Ministries, specializes in treating the emotional wounds individuals carry from
                                             their past. Her book, Surviving the Secret: Healing the Hurts of Sexual Abuse, helps women
                                             heal from the effects of childhood sexual abuse. Kathy has focused her professional life on
                                             helping individuals reach emotional and spiritual maturity.
                                             WHO: East Hill Church (Healing Discipleship Ministries) and Kathy Rodriguez, Psy.D.
                                             WHAT: Drop in when you would like to East Hill’s highly recommended, often
                                                     referred restoration classes. Cost is free to attend; just pay for materials
                                                     (buy books or pay $1 per session).
                                             WHERE: East Hill Church, 539 N. Main Ave. in downtown Gresham.
                                             WHY: We want it to be easier for people to attend these life-changing classes.
                                             WHEN: Grace-themed classes are every Sunday at 6pm.
                                                     New class “Healing the Father Wound” runs Jan. 3–June 6.
                                                     Healing relationship-themed classes are every Thursday at 7pm.
                                                     New class “Untangling Codependency” runs Jan. 7–June 10.
                                             HOW: Register by calling 503-661-4444 or visiting
                                                     www.easthill.org” www.easthill.org.
January 2010                                                                                                                                          The Northwest Connection

                                                           Faith Encouragements
      Columbia Life Center
         27938 SE Stark St.
                                    Does God Have Emotions?                                                                            A passage about God’s
                                                                                                                                       goodness and compassion
                                                                                                                                       contains a remarkable
       Troutdale, OR 97060                                           passages show that God            Since God made us in his        statement: “In all their distress
          503-665-7500                                                                                 image, we should assume our
        Pastor: Jerry Stitzel
                                                                     experiences a broad range of                                      He too was distressed” (Isaiah
           Sunday 10am                                               emotions. God commands us         emotions are reflective of his,  63:9). A form of the same
 LIFE Foundations Worship Service                                    not to “grieve” the Holy Spirit even though ours are subject to word is used to describe God’s
   11:15am LIFE Connection                                           (Ephesians 4:30). God is said     sin while his are not. Consider people’s distress as to depict
           Groups                                                    to be “angry” (Deuteronomy        a small sampling of verses      God’s own. Yes, our distress
  5pm LIFE Devotional Group
                                                                     1:37), “moved by pity” (Judges illustrating God’s emotions:       can involve feelings which
  7pm Family Praise & Prayer                                         2:18, ESV), “pleased” (1 Kings Now leave me alone so that my God doesn’t feel, such as
  Gathering and Youth Group                                          3:10), and “to rejoice over       anger may burn against them     helplessness and uncertainty.
        www.clct.net                                                 you with singing” (Zephaniah and that I may destroy them.         But clearly God intends us to
                                    By Randy Alcorn
        Good Shepherd                                                3:17). Genesis 6:6 says, “So      (Exodus 32:10)                  see a similarity between our
                                                                     the LORD was sorry he had
                                    S                                                                  As a father has compassion on emotional distress and his.
       Community Church                  ome time ago theologians
       28986 SE Haley Road                                           ever made them and put them       his children, so the LORD has The fact that the second
                                         formulated the doctrine
        Boring, OR 97009                                             on the earth. It broke his heart” compassion on those who fear member of the triune God
                                    of God’s impassibility. They
          503-663-5050                                               (NLT).                            him. (Psalm 103:13)             suffered unimaginable torture
         Pastor: Stu Weber
                                    argued that God was “without
          3 Identical Services      passions.” Their motive was      Some explain these verses as      “In a surge of anger I hid my   on the cross should explode
      Saturday 5:30pm               to distinguish God from the      ascribing human emotions to       face from you for a moment,     any notion that God lacks
    Sunday 9am, 10:30am             mood swings and more erratic God so that we can relate to          but with everlasting kindness   feelings. In the suffering of
   www.goodshepherdcc.org           and unstable aspects of human    him better. But surely God        I will have compassion on       Jesus, God himself suffered.
                                    emotions. Unfortunately, many    wants us to relate to him as      you,” says the LORD your        No one who grasps this
         Greater Gresham
          Baptist Church            Christians came to believe that he really is, and passages that    Redeemer. (Isaiah 54:8)         truth can say, “God doesn’t
                                    God doesn’t have emotions.       don’t describe him as he is                                       understand my suffering.”
       3848 NE Division
                                                                     would mislead us. God wants       As a bridegroom rejoices over
     Gresham, OR 97030              It’s critical that we know the                                                                     Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote in
                                                                     us to understand that he can      his bride, so will your God
        503-667-1515                heart of God. He genuinely                                                                         a Nazi prison camp, “Only the
                                                                     genuinely grieve, his heart       rejoice over you. (Isaiah 62:5)
      Pastor: Keith Evans
                                    loves and cares about us. If we                                                                    suffering God can help.”
        Saturday 6pm,                                                full of pain. Surely he didn’t    Nor does God limit his
                                    believe he has no emotions,                                                                        (You can read more from the
    Sunday 9am & 10:30am                                             choose these powerful words       compassion to his children. He
    www.greatergresham.org          then we will never feel his love                                                                   chapter “Evil and Suffering as
                                                                     so we would respond, “Of          says, “I wail over Moab, for
                                    for us, nor will we experience                                                                     Seen in Scripture’s Redemptive
                                                                     course, God didn’t really feel    all Moab I cry out” (Jeremiah
        Iglesia Vida Nueva          deep love for him.                                                                                 Story,” in my new book If God
     3848 NE Division Street                                         moved—he has no emotions.” 48:31).                                Is Good.) ■
                                    An abundance of biblical
       Gresham, OR 97030
    Pastor: Johnny Sangoquiza

                                    Charles Spurgeon on Security
     Sunday school. 12:15pm
                                                                                                                                          engaged to present you, the
        Worship: 1:30pm.
                                                                                                                                          weakest of the family, with
      Morning Star Church                                                                                                                 all the chosen race, before
               3333 NE 8th          Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.               him where he is.                  the throne of God; and in
      (Corner of 8th & Kane Rd.)    1 Thessalonians 5:24                                                Believer, let us often reflect     such a sweet contemplation
        Gresham, OR 97030                                                                               with joy on the doctrine of the   you will drink the juice of

          503-669-1525            eaven is a place where              way; that those who have
 Sunday Worship 9:15am Family
                                                                                                        perseverance of the saints, and   the spiced wine of the Lord’s
Worship 11:00am Adult Bible Study we shall never sin; where           committed their souls to the      honour the faithfulness of our    pomegranate, and taste the
    11am Family Worship     we shall cease our constant               keeping of Christ shall find       God by a holy confidence in        dainty fruits of Paradise. You
                            watch against an indefatigable            him a faithful and immutable      him.                              will have an antepast of the
        Mountainview        enemy, because there will be              preserver.
      Christian Church                                                                                  May our God bring home to         enjoyments which ravish the
                            no tempter to ensnare our feet.           Sustained by such a doctrine      you a sense of your safety in     souls of the perfect saints
   1890 NE Cleveland Ave.
        PO Box 1740         There, the wicked cease from              we can enjoy security even        Christ Jesus! May he assure       above, if you can believe with
     Gresham, OR 97030      troubling, and the weary are at           on earth; not that high and       you that your name is graven      unstaggering faith that “faithful
        503-492-1200        rest. Heaven is the “undefiled             glorious security which renders on his hand; and whisper in         is he that calleth you, who also
      Weekend Worship:      inheritance;” it is the land of           us free from every slip, but that your ear the promise, “Fear       will do it.” ■
        Saturday 7pm
     Sunday 9:00 & 11am     perfect holiness, and therefore           holy security which arises from not, I am with thee.” Look
       www.mvcvlive.org     of complete security.                     the sure promise of Jesus that    upon him, the great Surety of
                            But do not the saints even                none who believe in him shall the covenant, as faithful and
   Troutdale Community                                                ever perish, but shall be with
                            on earth sometimes taste the                                                true, and, therefore, bound and
       921 Buxton Ave.
     Troutdale, OR 97060    joys of blissful security? The
        503-666-5617        doctrine of God’s word is,
   Pastor: Dr. Tom Pousche  that all who are in union with
    Sunday 10am Worship     the Lamb are safe; that all the
Youth Group Thursday 6:21pm righteous shall hold on their
Wood Village Baptist Church
      23601 West Arata
      Wood Village, OR
     Pastor: Bill Ehmann
       Sunday Service:
       9:30am & 11am
Youth Ministries, Awana Club,
  Growth Groups for adults

   “…praying at the same
   time for us as well, that
   God will open up to us a
   door for the word, so that
   we may speak forth the
   mystery of Christ…that I
   may make it clear in the
   way I ought to speak.”
   —Col. 4:3, 4
The Northwest Connection                                                                                                             January 2010

                                           Business Briefs

New Year Means New Opportunities
for Roth IRA Conversion
Submitted By                   a tax-deferred basis, which       IRA because tax free sounds      converting their IRAs due to
Lynne Page, AAMS®              means your money can grow         better than tax deferred—and,    either their tax filing status or
Financial Advisor              faster than it would if it were   all things being equal, tax      their income. Under previous
                               placed in an investment on        free would indeed be better.     rules, you could convert your

I  f you already have a Roth
   IRA, you’re aware of its
biggest benefit: your earnings
                               which you paid taxes every
                               year. On the other hand, Roth
                                                                 However, it’s not quite that
                                                                 simple. If you convert your
                                                                                                  traditional IRA to a Roth IRA
                                                                                                  only if you were married and
                               IRA contributions are never       traditional IRA to a Roth IRA,   filed a joint return or were a
grow tax free, provided you    tax-deductible, but your          you’ll have to pay taxes on      single filer, and your modified
meet certain conditions. If    earnings grow tax free, as long   those traditional IRA earnings   adjusted gross income (MAGI)
you don’t have a Roth IRA,     as you’ve held your account at    and contributions that had       was $100,000 or less. But
you may want to consider       least five years and you don’t     previously gone untaxed. If      starting in 2010, you can
one—and it may be easier for   start taking withdrawals until    you do convert, you’ll be        convert funds to a Roth IRA
you to do just that in 2010.   you’re at least age 591⁄2.        better off if you use money      even if your MAGI is over
Before we get to the reasons   Furthermore, unlike a             held outside your IRA to pay     $100,000. You will also be able
why 2010 may be your year to traditional IRA, a Roth IRA         the taxes. If you simply take    to convert to a Roth if you are
open or convert to a Roth IRA, does not require you to start     money from your IRA, you’ll      married and file separate tax
let’s look at some differences taking distributions when you     obviously lower the value        returns.
between Roth and traditional   reach 701⁄2. Consequently,        of your IRA—and, if you’re       And that’s not the only piece
IRAs. If you own a traditional you’ll have more flexibility       under 591⁄2, you may have to     of good news regarding
IRA, your contributions may    and freedom when it comes to      pay an additional 10% penalty    your conversion ability.
be tax-deductible, depending   making withdrawals.               on the amount you withdraw to    As mentioned above, you
on your income level. But                                        pay the taxes.                   will have to pay taxes when
                               If you have a traditional IRA,
whether you can make                                             In the past, many investors      you convert to a Roth IRA.
                               you might be thinking it’s a
deductible contributions or                                      have been prohibited from        However, if you convert in
                               good idea to convert to a Roth
not, your earnings grow on                                                                        2010, you can choose to report
                                                                                                  the taxable income from the
                                                                                                  conversion over a two-year
                                                                                                  period, in 2011 and 2012.
                                                                                                  You may find that spreading
                                                                                                  the taxes over two years can
                                                                                                  make the conversion more
                                                                                                  In any case, consult with your
                                                                                                  tax advisor before converting
                                                                                                  from a traditional IRA to a
                                                                                                  Roth. If done correctly, such
                                                                                                  a conversion can potentially
                                                                                                  make a big difference in your
                                                                                                  ultimate retirement lifestyle. ■
January 2010                                                                                                                                            The Northwest Connection

                             Places to Go & People to See
Climategate                        “This is not a smoking gun, it’s   lecture on Global Warming he       have been put in place under       It is astonishing that the mighty
continued from pg. 2               a mushroom cloud.”                 was to give at the Copenhagen      the fear mongering of carbon       force of Climate Change has
                                   As I have been reporting           gathering. The news media,         emissions and global warming.      fallen so hard—so fast. But
Professor Jones wrote that he                                         which has been the best friend     The facts now reveal that all of   it is a gift we must not waste.
                                   for more than fifteen years,
had used a “trick” to “hide the                                       of the scam and the worst          this was a lie. That makes laws    Now is the time for all lovers
                                   Global Warming and Climate
decline” in a chart detailing                                         enemy of free and independent      created in its name illegitimate   of freedom to rise up, throw
                                   Change have never been about
recent global temperatures.                                           news, now shows signs of           and therefore void. Vote out       the scoundrels out, throw off
                                   protecting the environment. It
The correspondence clearly         is the excuse used to subvert      scuttling their former partners    any city council members of        our “climate chains of tyranny”
shows a pattern of intimidation free markets, industry, private       in crime as they seek to rat       county commissioners who           and take back our American
to editors of scientific journals property ownership, local            them out in sensational stories    refuse to do it.                   freedoms. ■
if they did not toe the line and development and our standard         about the developing scandal.
keep out dissenting “skeptic”      of living into a nightmare         For the average American,
findings. In a particularly         of control and regulation. It      now is the time to take action
damning e-mail exchange            has been a scheme from the         against these scoundrels who
from 2003, Michael Mann was beginning to impose global                                                               Tom DeWeese is the President
                                                                      sought to enslave you. The
alarmed when his “Hockey                                                                                             of the American Policy Center
                                   government.                        leaders who most deserve your
Stick” graph was discredited                                          wrath at the polls are Barbara                and the Editor of The DeWeese
                                   In the name of environmental
by research from another                                              Boxer and Henry Waxman,                      Report which is available online
                                   protection and a legitimate
scientist. In the cited e-mail                                        who are determined to pass
                                   concern over the survival                                                     at http://www.americanpolicy.org.
exchange, Mann and Jones                                              Cap and Trade, no matter what.
                                   of the planet, Americans
discuss a scheme for getting                                          In fact, Boxer’s reaction to
                                   and others around the world
rid of Hans Von Storch, the                                           Climategate is not to express
                                   have voluntarily surrendered
editor of the journal Climate                                         outrage that Warm Mongers
                                   their freedoms because they
Research for publishing                                               were using her to enforce their
                                   were told it was necessary to
the contrary research of                                              scheme to rob taxpayers out of
                                   survive. They would never

distinguished fellow scientists.                                      trillions of dollars for bogus
                                   have given up those freedoms
Some of the e-mails appear         simply to promote an ideology      climate change regulations.
to confirm concerns that            like Marxism. Global Warming       Of course not. Boxer wants
Jones, Mann and others have        was invented to cover the real     to hold hearings to look into
destroyed data that could          intent.                            the “illegal actions” that were
expose their fraudulent                                                                                                      Handyman Services
                                                                      taken in obtaining the e-mails!
                                   Now, the truth has been
research methods. One e-mail                                          She shouted with grand
                                   exposed in gory detail, like
shows Jones suggesting to                                             indignity: “That is a crime!”        Experienced Handyman.
                                   a horrible crash with entrails
Mann that he delete certain                                           And of course there are Harry        Remodeling/Repairs. 10%
                                   spilled across the road way.
e-mails that apparently
                                   People are shocked and             Reid and Nancy Pelosi who            off new customers. CCB
dealt with the IPCC Fourth                                            are determined to help them
Assessment Report, released
                                   angry as the magnitude of the                                           73443. Member ORA.
                                   betrayal comes into focus.         do it. Their continued pursuit
in 2007. He also suggests that                                        of “Climate Change” rules            Call 503-659-6135.
                                   Recent polls now show 59%
one of their colleagues delete                                        and regulations will show
                                   of the American people say
related materials. Jones refused                                      beyond doubt that their true
                                   they fully believe scientists
to comply with a Freedom of                                           agenda has nothing to do with
                                   “falsified research data to
Information request by saying                                         helping the environment—but
                                   support their own beliefs about                                                         Housecleaning Services
in an e-mail, “I think I’ll delete                                    everything to do with granting
                                   global warming.”
the file rather than send (it) to                                      government more and more
anyone,” and “We also have         The perpetrators like Phillip
                                   Jones and Michael Mann and
                                                                      power to enforce their will.                                    Great Housecleaning or
a data protection act, which I
will hide behind.”                 others are trying to downplay      Don’t leave out Barack                                          Caregiver. CNA. Discount to
                                   the disastrous revelations         Obama, who told the                                             Seniors. 20 years Experience.
Those raw documents show                                              September economic summit
                                   of the e-mails, saying they                                                                        Excellent References. Good
a pattern of deception,                                               in Pittsburg, “Rising sea levels
                                   were stolen. That fact does
intimidation and fraud. In the
                                   not change their content.          threaten every coastline. More                                  Christian Ethics.
words of respected scientist                                          powerful storms and floods
and skeptic Fred Singer, “The
                                   The White House says the                                                                           Call 503-668-0703.
                                   revelations make no difference.    threaten every continent.
Climategate disclosures…,                                             More frequent droughts and
                                   Obama intends to move
consisting of some thousands                                          crop failures breed hunger
                                   forward with Climate Change
of e-mails between a small                                            and conflict already thrives.
group of British and U.S.
                                   legislation anyway. They                                                                    Business for Sale
                                   continue to keep up the party      On shrinking islands, families
climate scientists, demonstrate                                       are already being forced to
                                   line that “everyone agrees”
that global warming is man-                                           flee their homes as climate                      Dream Dinners Franchise
                                   that Global Warming is a real
made after all—created by                                             refugees… the time we have                      East County, Portland
                                   threat, caused by humans.
this small group of zealous                                           to reverse this tide is running
scientists. They have used         These, of course, are efforts
                                                                      out.” Every word of this fear
flawed data, phony statistics,      to maintain a unified front to
                                   save what once appeared to
                                                                      mongering is a lie and Barack        Gresham Area from Clackamas County Line to 205
and various tricks. They have                                         Obama remains fully prepared
covered up any contrary            be inevitable. But the lawsuits                                         to the Columbia river There is only one other meal
                                                                      to enforce global policy in its
evidence and refused to open       for more information have                                               assembly on the east side of town located in the
                                                                      name that will destroy your
their work to the scrutiny         already started against agencies                                        Sunnyside area which is profitable with revenues
                                                                      freedom and way of life.
of independent scholars. By        like NASA, where researcher
                                                                      Finally, now is the time to          slowly rising even in this economy. Families are
keeping out intruders, by          Christopher Horner believes he
                                   will find more evidence similar     demand that state and local          not eating out as much and are looking for healthy
reviewing their own papers,
by capturing scientific journals to the Jones scandal. The
                                                                      government officials roll back        alternatives but still want easy and fast preparation
                                   scandal will grow, revealing       the policies of Sustainable          and cooking time. Customers have found that
and intimidating editors, they
                                   to the world the greatest          Development and run the
have tried to suppress any                                                                                 making Dream Dinners to supplement their home
                                   deception in the history of        international organizations
dissent.”                                                                                                  meals actually saves them money, and it is fun.
                                   governance.                        like ICLEI out of town.
In the short time since the                                           Controls on water, air, local        $35,000 plus grand opening fee. Call Deborah
disclosure of the documents,       The Copenhagen Conference
                                   is already in disarray, as some
                                                                      development, curtailment             at 503-341-4663.
the sky has fallen in on the                                          of industry, regulations on
once seemingly invincible          of the head rats prepare to
                                                                      what property owners can do
Climate Change juggernaut,         abandon ship. Most notably,
                                                                      with their own land, taxes on
prompting climatologist Dr.        Al Gore almost immediately
                                                                      energy use, and much more
Patrick Michaels to exclaim,       announced plans to cancel a

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