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					                                                                                             August 2010
Excessive Council Referendum Proposal – Play Your Part in the Consultation

The Government is presently consulting on a proposal to
require all councils in England (including towns and parishes)
to secure approval of any “excessive” council tax increases
through a local referendum to be held in May.

Full details of the consultation can be found at The
closing date for replies is 10th September. It is important that as many members as possible are able to
respond to the consultation and in about two weeks‟ time SLCC will be circulating some key points which
members may care to use in their individual responses.

For the moment there are two ways members can assist the Society in preparing its detailed response on
behalf of our profession. Firstly, could members please email External Affairs Officer, Sam Shippen
(, as soon as possible with any preliminary views you may have on the proposal so
these can be taken into account in forming the Society‟s response. Secondly, Branch development
Officer, Richard Walden is preparing statistics to support our arguments and to put parish precepts and
referendum costs into perspective. In this connection could any members whose councils have had a
parish poll in the past 5 years kindly email Richard on the following

   1.   Name of parish
   2.   Population
   3.   Cost of poll
   4.   Poll cost, as an equivalent Band D
   5.   The above cost as a percentage of the total band D

This is potentially one of the most significant issues to impact upon our sector for many years
– please ensure you make your voice heard and respond as soon as possible to the above
requests. The consultation presents an excellent opportunity for the Society to demonstrate to
the new Government its capacity to respond constructively on behalf of our profession.

I hope you like this latest edition which is packed with useful information provided by Society Officers for
which I am most grateful.
It would, however, be great to include more comments and views from individual members in future
editions. Is there something you want to get off your chest? Here is your opportunity.
I can be contacted by email
Richard Walden
Branch Development Officer
Members Survey
Every two years the Society conducts a survey of its members seeking
their views on its services and future direction. As Chief Executive, Nick
Randle explains, “the member survey is an important piece of
communication between the Society and its members upon which we
will base our plans for the future, so we would urge you please to set
aside a few minutes of your time to complete it. Please make sure that
your voice is heard.”

This time the survey is available in a simple electronic form. All you need
to do is to click on the following link and complete the survey:

Practitioners’ Guide – Variation for Welsh Councils
Several colleagues serving Welsh councils have asked about the variances to the Practitioners Guide on
Governance and Accountability. These have now been published and are available on the SLCC website

New guidance on apportioning costs between more than one parish council
Following a request from the NEC resulting from a branch motion, Rod Latham, our National Financial
Adviser, has drafted a consultation paper on apportioning costs where clerks and other officers provide
services for more than one council. The paper is being sent to Branches and a sample of individual
clerks, but comments are welcome from all interested parties. The paper is available on the Society's
website,, in the members‟ area, on the Society Matters page. Responses to Rod at are requested by the end of August so that final guidance can be issued in
the Autumn.

Fit for a Queen

Two cabinet members of the NEC represented the Society
at a Buckingham Palace Garden party last month.

Looking a picture are Rodabe Rudin (Sussex) on the
left and Katherine Owen (Gwynedd) on the right.
Publishing of Expenditure over £500                                   Council Tax Freeze 2011/12
Following concerns raised by the Kent branch,              Although the new government have announced a
External Affairs Officer, Sam Shippen, has been in         freeze on Council Tax there is currently no
touch with the Department for Communities and              legislation in place to enforce this in respect of
Local Government who have confirmed that “while            local council precepts although there will
the detail of this issue is still being discussed, the     undoubtedly be public expectation to keep any
principles   and    approach      to   delivering  the     increases to a minimum. We have contacted the
Government's ambition on transparency applies to           Local Government Association in respect of this
the whole public sector in England only, although the      issue as it is understood that some colleagues
Devolved Administrations are able to also join in if       have been advised otherwise by their principal
they wish.”                                                authority.

Sam was already aware that the format of publication       In fact where there is a strong community wish to
of data is expected to be open and free for re-use by      save some of the services currently delivered by
all, so not published in pdf format. She expects           principal authorities that will inevitably be cut,
details of the requirements to be published in             local councils could actually pick up the financing
September for consultation with a final draft in           and/or delivery of some of these services. This is
November for implementation in January 2011.               a potential opportunity for our sector with the
Sam has requested that she be kept informed of             right PR to react to the wishes of our local
developments and will advise SLCC members when             communities     having    consulted    with   them
further information is available.                          regarding the cost implications.

                                                           External   Affairs   Officer,   Sam     Shippen
                                                           ( is very interested to hear of
                                                           any examples from colleagues.

Local Government Pensions
The Kent Branch has also raised the question of local council employees‟ pensions, particularly the statutory
restriction on councils contributing anything other than the (very expensive) local government pension
Although public sector pension costs are in the media spotlight, no announcements have been made by
government yet. The SLCC will be monitoring any developments in this area and will report in future branch

Advice Point
You may have noticed a new section on the front of the SLCC website, called „Advice Point‟.
The Advice Point is a guide of where to find recently added advice within the SLCC Advice
Centre, on (You must be logged in to view the Advice Centre).

                     We are currently updating our membership material for 2011 and would love to hear
                     from any Clerks, especially new Clerks to provide quotes on why you love the Society,
                     whether it‟s the website, courses, the Clerk magazine or even if it‟s just the
                     networking, we would love to hear from you. We would also appreciate a photo of
                     yourself to accompany the quote. Please send all quotes to Ian on
The Local Council Clerk’s Guide, 3rd edition,
Members Price £11.95, Non-members Price £14.95

This book covers all aspects of a clerk‟s appointment and duties, from the
constitutional role of local councils, through the terms of appointment of clerks, to
their day-to-day responsibilities.

Practical advice and guidance is given on such matters as preparing for meetings,
supervision of staff, finances and most importantly, relationships with councillors.
Terms and conditions of employment, qualifications and training are covered, and
there is a section on the legal status of local councils.

For more information and to order please go to the bookshop on
Don’t forget to log-in to receive your members preferential price.

Working With Your Council
                                    Working with Your Council is the essential course to support and train all
                                    new Clerks, together with those of us who have been in the role for a
                                    while but need updating on certain areas. This user friendly tool kit
                                    supports Clerks in their Council role, helping them perform duties more
                                    effectively and efficiently.

                                    Working with Your Council allows Clerks to balance their studies around
                                    work and home commitments, through a variety of ways, E-learning, 2
                                    day workshop or home study portfolio. The course consists of six core
                                    knowledge topics-Roles and Responsibilities, Law, Procedures, Finance,
                                    Planning and Community Action. All Clerks are supported with a personal
                                    mentor, Regional Training Manager and a national tutored email group.

                                    There is a charge for the course, but it will be an investment for your
                                    Council to have a fully trained Clerk and access to a quick reference
                                    guide. As the course has been so successful, we have decided to put
                                    together a bulk purchase scheme to allow Councils to come together for
                                    both finance and study support. If you were to invest in more than 10
                                    units, we can reduce this cost to only £50 each (plus postage and
                                    packaging), whilst stocks last! Your Council might even qualify for a
                                    bursary, please see the SLCC website ( for full details.

                                    You will still receive the same amount of support and timelines for
                                    studying, at a fraction of the original price!

                                     Please apply online ( or directly to the SLCC main
36th National Conference – Speaker Profile
Getting your Voice Heard in Parliament (Friday 15 th October)

Daniel Wood & Naomi Kent
Daniel and Naomi work for Parliamentary Outreach, a service from the Houses of Parliament which raises
awareness about the work and processes of Parliament. The aim is to make Parliament more accessible,
make it more straightforward to find out what's happening there, and work with groups to ensure that
it's easier for people to get involved in issues of relevance to them. They do this by uncovering
communities and networks who want to know about Parliament, building relationships and partnerships
with organisations and individuals, and delivering training sessions about Parliament.

Visit the SLCC website, for the National Conference booking form.

Up-Coming CPD Courses and Conferences

              Yorkshire Regional Conference              7th September     Harrogate

CPD Course    Cemetery Management          10/ALL02      8th September     Durham

CPD Course    Working With Your Council    10/WWYC10 8th September         Shropshire

CPD Course    Health & Safety              10/SS04       9th September     Nottinghamshire

CPD Course    Allotments                   10/ALL03      13th September    Surrey

CPD Course    Cemetery Management          10/GM06       15th September    Oxfordshire

CPD Course    Playground Safety            10/PS02       16th September    Berkshire

CPD Course    Local Councils as Trustees   10/TW02       20th September    Nottingham

              East of England Regional Conference 21st September           Norwich

CPD Course    Cemetery Management          10/GM07       22nd September    Plymouth

CPD Course    Playground Safety            10/PS02       23rd September    Lincolnshire

CPD Course    Common Land                  10/FAE03      27th September    Swindon

CPD Course    Project Management           10/PM01       29th September    Gloucester

CPD Course    Working With Your Council    10/WWYC11 30th September        Oxfordshire

CPD Course    Working With Your Council    10/WWYC03 5th October           Nottingham

CPD Course    Working With Your Council    10/WWYC02 6th October           Buckinghamshire

              36th National Conference                   15th/17th October Durham

      Please visit for the complete list of CPD courses and conferences.
 …from the ADVICE DESK
The SLCC eforum frequently contains requests for model
documents/draft policies etc. Please remember that the Society
website contains a wealth of advice notes and draft documents on
most subjects your council is ever likely to need. Log-in to the
members area and look in the Advice Centre section in the left
hand column of the home page.

Q. I have been summoned for jury service. The question is over           Q. Am I obliged to provide a copy
payment of salary during my absence. My contract of employment           of a tape recording of a special
says NJC terms apply unless varied by the contract. There is no          council meeting to comply with
specific mention of jury service in the contract, therefore I am         Freedom of Information, I would be
wondering whether there is any mention as to payment of salary in        willing to provide a transcript of
the NJC terms whilst the employee is on jury service? If Council         same.
has an option and chooses not to pay, then this will have a knock
on effect on superannuation contributions as well. Also the              A. Under FOI you are required to
allowance towards loss of earnings that can be claimed from the          provide all notes, tapes, any
court is only a fraction of earnings, so I would be out of pocket.       evidence you have from a meeting.
Please advise.                                                           However, I would suggest that your
                                                                         Council adopts a policy to erase it
A. The relevant paragraph from The National Joint Council for Local      after 3 months. If you haven't got it
Government Services - National Agreement on Pay and Conditions           you can't be obliged to provide it.
of Service 1997, updated 2005 know as The Green Book states;
Part II, para 7.5
"Public duties - Paid leave of absence will be granted for employees     Q. 1. If a member is nominated,
undertaking jury service or serving on public bodies or undertaking      can    that   member     vote   for
public duties. Where an allowance is claimable for loss of earnings      themselves?
the employee should claim and pay the allowance to the employing         2. If both nominees score the
authority."                                                              same vote, including the Chair's
So the Clerk will receive the same salary as she would have done         vote, can the Chair then have an
had she been at work for the duration of jury service but the            additional      casting       vote?
council will receive a funding contribution from the State for part of   3. Would you agree that the
that salary for the period of time that jury service lasts (usually 2    outgoing Chair commences the
weeks).                                                                  meeting in the chair, accept
There is additional guidance on Jury Service on the                      apologies,   does    the  outgoing website.                                               address and then step down?
                                                                         4. Is the Chair able to nominate,
                                                                         but ideally the nominations come
Q. Does the Council have to have an interim/additional (mini) audit      from the floor?
if they have a precept over £200k? Ours is £230k this year.
                                                                         A. 1. Yes, 2. Yes, 3. Yes, the past
A. You are subject to an intermediate audit when your expenditure        Chair steps down as soon as the
exceeds £200k no matter what the reason which quite often include        new Chair has been elected and the
one off grants and loans. If you are below £200k you could also be       new Chair chairs the remainder of
selected for an intermediate audit (5% annual sample picked by           the meeting. 4. Nominations should
EA's as required by the Audit Commission) which would                    not come from the Chair.
necessitate providing much the same additional information.
The accounting changes occur in the third consecutive year of
£200k and continue for a minimum of three years even if you drop
below £200k in year 4.
Q. My Council has not joined the Local Government Pension Scheme,            Q. My Council owns and runs
however, they have agreed to pay me a Gratuity on retirement. An             the Town Hall for community
amount has been included in the 2010/2011 revenue budget which               groups        to        use.
has been calculated according to the agreed formula and this has             The council is warded, with
been back dated to when I started with the council. Subsequent               the Town Hall being in one
amounts will be put into the revenue budget on an annual basis until         ward and a second building -
such time as I retire.                                                       community owned and run by
                                                                             a board of trustees in the
I have discussed this matter with the local Branch Manager of the            second.
Council‟s bank. I raised with him the possibility of an ISA being
opened which would have to be in my name but this would have to              The    Council    has   always
be agreed with the Council. If this was permissible I would want to          considered requests for funds
arrange to draw up an agreement that I would not be a able to draw           to help with maintenance of
any funds from it until such time as I retired. The reason I suggest         this second building when it
this course of action is obviously any other account arrangement             considers all applications for
would have very little accrued interest in the current financial             'precept grants'. The award
climate. However, I appreciate that such an arrangement may not be           made to this second building
permissible under current legislation.                                       varies    according   to   the
                                                                             amount required and also the
A. It wouldn't be good practice to invest the council's money in any         level   of    other   requests
other than its own name, whatever safeguards were to be put in               received.
place. The council should be able to get at least as good terms for
investments as an individual, not least because it isn't subject to tax.     The trustees have written to
If it wants to build up a reserve, as you indicate, to pay a gratuity,       the council suggesting that
then it can set up an earmarked reserve in its accounts which will           they should be considered a
receive annual credits, but which can also receive interest, either on       special case. As the Council
a notional basis or an actual, if the reserve balance is invested            does not own their building,
separately. (See CLG guidance on investments App 8 of the                    has no say in its running and
Practitioners’ Guide on where and how LA's can invest). The notional         has no representation on the
option assumes that the money in the reserve is invested as part of          board of trustees, my feeling
the council's normal cash management arrangements and so a                   is that they can only be
calculation can be made of what the reserve itself has earned.               awarded money under s137 -
In practical terms it would just be an additional annual contribution        and as such should continue
from the revenue account. Whatever approach is taken make sure               to be considered alongside all
that it is fully reported on and minuted so that there is a clear audit      other grant applicants, not
trail.                                                                       least because they have been
You should also be aware that the payment of gratuities is at the            very successful at attracting
discretion of the council, which it exercises at the time that it makes      outside grant funding in the
the payment. The building up of a fund to make the payment from is           past.
a prudent thing to do, but of itself does not commit the council to          Am I right about s137?
make the payment. That aspect needs to be covered in the relevant
contractual arrangements with its employees.                                 A. No, councils have lots of
                                                                             powers to fund community
                                                                             buildings so you can't use
                                                                             section 137. The most obvious
                                                                             are sections 133, 144(1)(b),
                                                                             145(1)(a) and (b) of the 1972
Q. Could you let me know if it‟s ok for someone to be a parish               Act, or section 19(3) of the
councillor on more than one parish council and if there is a limit to        1976 Act.     Eligible councils
the number of different councils you can join as a councillor?               can, of course, use the well-
                                                                             being power in s 2 of the 2000
A. Yes, it is OK for someone to be a member of more than one parish          Act.
or town council, provided they meet the qualification requirements.
There is no limit to the number of councils one may serve, though in
practice a limit is imposed due to the requirement to be an elector of
the parish, or resident within 3 miles of it, or have a principal place of
work with the parish.
Q. When a member of the public wishes to inspect the accounts does this have to take place at a venue
with copying services so he can get copies? He says it does, first I have heard of it and I am slightly
alarmed as this limits where the inspection can take place (local co-op is where I do my copying).

A. The inspection does not HAVE to take place at a venue with a photocopier. However, the person
inspecting is entitled to make copies so you need to consider how this may be achieved. You probably
don't want the public taking your receipts and invoices away to photocopy as you might never see them

For the accounts themselves the best option is to have some copies ready to provide upon request, but it
isn't practical to copy all books and bills on the off chance someone may want a copy. You might
consider a local library or principal council office as a venue, or contact a local school to see if they can
help, or even a nearby larger council that has its own office.

                     Shropshire                                              Lincolnshire
The Shropshire Branch is organising some training        The Branch Meeting held in the Allen Barker Sport
events for its members.                                  Complex in Coningsby on the 19th July 2010 was
The first event will take place in October 2010 and      attended by 20 members of the Society.          The
will be based on the parish council as an employer,      invited guest to this Meeting was Richard Enderby,
and another event is planned for January 2011            recently retired Chief Executive of the Lincolnshire
when the theme will be communication and FOI.            Branch of the NALC. Here in Lincolnshire we have
The training is being organised by Bridgnorth            always had a good relationship with the local NALC
Locum Town Clerk, Anne Wilson, Shrewsbury Town           which at times appears to some Clerks that there is
Clerk, Helen Ball and Much Wenlock Town Clerk            no need to join the SLCC. Richard again reiterated
Sharon Clayton. The three clerks recently met for a      that he and his colleagues are always pleased to
working lunch and discussed what training needs          give guidance to Clerk but if the issue becomes too
they thought would be beneficial to clerks in            fraught they Clerk is always best served by the
Shropshire.                                              SLCC. He also stated that to contact and seek
                                                         advice before any issue gets too fraught would
Branch members are also looking forward to a             always be the best policy. The Meeting then went
Christmas lunch at the Mytton Mermaid in Atcham,         on to run a question and answer session with
Shrewsbury, which will also be attended by               Richard where a number of small queries were
President Elect, Bruce Poole.                            solved. Before he left at 12.30 the meeting present
                                                         Richard with a small retirement gift as a thank you
                                                         for the many hours and the help he had given to all
                                                         over the past 10 years. Richard confirmed that
                                                         although he has retired he is still working at
Richard Walden, Branch Development Officer was
                                                         present three days a week which hopefully should
the guest speaker at the branch meeting held on
                                                         reduce to one a week in the autumn.
24th June at the superb offices of Shenley Brook
                                                         After the usual networking buffet lunch Mary
End Parish Council. He covered current issues
                                                         Silverton went on to report on the recent NEC
affecting the clerk‟s profession and advised the
                                                         reports and the Meeting agreed to nominate a new
branch on the establishment of a sub branch
                                                         reserve NEC member as required by the Society. A
covering the Milton Keynes unitary area and how
                                                         report was received about the Regional Conference,
this will be integrated within the normal branch
                                                         attended by some Members, which was interesting
activities. (see special report below) Helen Hupton,
                                                         and informative but it was a pity there were not
Town Clerk of West Bletchley, was appointed
                                                         more present.
Publicity Officer with particular responsibility for
                                                         The Branch now looks forward to the September
distributing the branch newsletter.
                                                         Meeting when President John Whitney will be
  Milton Keynes sub-branch                                          Isle of Wight
 The inaugural meeting of the         I was privileged to be invited by Wootton Bridge Parish Council to
Milton Keynes Sub Branch was          attend a short reception to bid a fond farewell to their Clerk, Lynda
held on 21st July 2010. The sub       Smith.
branch was agreed following           I was allowed to “say a few words” after the Chairman, and the
consideration by the NEC and          following is a transcript of what was said:
with       the      consent      of   I have known Lynda for over 10 years now, and during that time she
Buckinghamshire Branch,          of   and I have become what I would like to call great colleagues and
which we all remain members           friends. When I first started as Gurnard Clerk in September 2000 I
and which still receives the          rapidly realised I needed some training. I completed the course that
capitation. The idea behind the       preceded the current “Working With Your Council” that was called
sub      branch      came     from    “Working For Your Council”, and Lynda took on the role of my mentor
recognition of the differing          for the course. Needless to say this was an interesting experience,
needs of the Clerks in Milton         which didn‟t really finish with the completion of the course! The
Keynes, dealing with a unitary        mentoring role slowly translated to a great working colleague and
authority and with a large            friendship relationship, and I was really pleased that help and advice
number       of    entirely  urban    has flowed both ways since. We have always had such a laugh – we
parishes, compared with those         have roared with laughter over the phone as we related situations and
of the Clerks in the rest of the      seeking advice from each other – she has certainly helped me put
County.                               some quite tricky situations into proper context. She has this look
Members at the meeting took           come on her face sometimes which I can only describe as a “look of
time to look at the standard          incredulity” when she is listening to something that she considers quite
branch        constitution     and    outrageous – wonderfully transparent Lynda! She has also been a
consider how it could be              “bully” to me, in the nicest possible sense of the word, trying to advise
adapted to suit a sub branch. It      me on how I approach working for my council – advice I have really
was agreed that a Chair and           valued if not always responded to as she would have liked. We even
Secretary were needed and that        talked about working together – that would have been an interesting
a support officer for the unitary     partnership, but it was obviously not to be. Lynda always managed to
area was a good idea which            “look outside the box” in this Clerk‟s role – she is passionate about
would not conflict with the main      training in the sector, and has often taken the lead on many projects
branch        as     there     was    both locally and nationally, which have include the Parish Task Group,
subsequently         no     County    the County Training Partnership, becoming a training provider and
Support Officer in place. The         trying to move the Quality initiative to Beyond Quality. I know that a
timing of sub branch meetings         great concern of hers when deciding to step down this year was
would be adapted to ensure that       maintaining the continuity of the role at Wootton Bridge PC once she
they fell between main Branch         had retired, which is typically caring of her. I know she will rest easy
meetings enabling the minutes,        with things being in Val Cooper‟s hands now and I take enormous
and any items raised, to be           pleasure from having to be able assist with mentoring for Val – it is like
included in the agenda for the        a payback for all the help and encouragement Lynda has been to me
Buckinghamshire branch.               over the years. I shall miss her as a colleague hugely - however I shall
Linda     Carter    of    Woughton    also make a point of making a nuisance of myself when doing my
Community Council was elected         rounds in Gurnard, and demanding coffee when she is at the chalet on
as    Chair,     Jane Moore      of   the Luck. Rusty Adams
Stantonbury Parish Council was
elected as Secretary and Bill
Dawson of Campbell Park Parish
Council was elected as Support
Officer.      The meeting was
advised that one Milton Keynes
Clerk had already joined SLCC
as a direct result of the sub
branch being agreed.
The next meeting will be held
on Tuesday 5th October 2010 at
10.00am Stantonbury Parish
Council Offices.
                     Clwyd                                                         Essex
The quarterly meeting of the branch was held on        Living in Essex, the County town of which is
29th June at the Town Hall, Mold when 21               approximately 30 minutes train journey from what will
members attended. The Chairman welcomed two            be the hub of the Olympics in 2010, the Essex Branch
new members to the branch and indicated that           thought it would be good to take a look at what was
two others were leaving and then proceeded to          going on.
give an update on the latest NEC meeting.              Arrangements were made to take part in an official
                                                       walking tour which leaves Bromley By Bow tube station
There was a discussion on further information          every day at 11.00 am. The tour guide provided details
received from the External Auditor circulated at       regarding the total revamping of this area of London
the meeting in relation to dealing with the Annual     and along the walk the renovation of the waterway and
Return, following changes in the Accounts and          industrial buildings was clear to see.
Audit Regulations, with the guidance being             Walking the footpath towards Stratford the large
subject to Wales Audit Office (WAO) approval.          80,000 seated stadium could be seen in the distance.
Those present referred to the change part way          Because the Olympic Park is a working area we were
through the process, the lack of WAO advice and        not allowed on the site but could see the work in
to the fact a number of Clerks had already             progress from the footpath and vantage point looking
completed sections of the Return.                      over the area. It was encouraging to be informed that
                                                       the project was ahead of schedule and with regard to
Tina Earley (Abergele TC) gave a report on her         the main stadium the seats were being installed at the
attendance at the CALC/OVW/SLCC networking             present time.      We were informed that once the
event with particular reference to training for both   Olympics were over, part of the main stadium,
Councillors and Clerks and the new employment          containing 60,000 seats would be removed and the
handbook to be issued by the Society. It was           remaining stadium would be used for athletics.
agred that there should be a discussion on the         The other facilities in this location were the velodrome,
handbook and organising a branch training day at       aquatic centre, basketball stadium, hockey centre,
the next meeting when Ruth Tucker, the Wales           handball arena, International Broadcast Centre which
Regional Advisor would be present.              Fred   will host 20,000 of the world‟s media in state-of-the-art
Boneham (Mold TC) as host Council, gave a              facilities and the Olympic Village which will provide
presentation on a local initiative relating to a       accommodation for athletes and officials. During the
spring clean weekend. He referred to the funding       tour we were informed that all energy-saving devices
received for equipment, the numbers and                were being installed and at least 50% of the materials
bodies/individuals involved over a four day period     were transported to the site via rail and water. We
in April and the importance of a mascot to             were also informed that the accommodation blocks
encourage publicity and to get children involved.      would be converted to 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom
It was part of the Cittaslow UK involving spring       apartments after the games. From the information we
cleans across eight towns in total.                    gleaned it would appear that use of the whole site after
                                                       the games has been thought through.
There were as usual items from members and             At Stratford Station there will also be the largest
these included part time employement issues            shopping centre in Europe and this is due to open in
following      Society     guidance,    Honorary       2011.
Freemen/Freewomen, Councillor/Clerk working            This was an interesting visit and of course was followed
relationships, draft Charter progress and Council      by a networking lunch which was enjoyed by all.
Chairman.                                              Again the branch is grateful to its social secretary,
                                                       Barbara      Larken     for    making    the    necessary
It was agreed that the two remaining meetings          arrangements. It has been suggested that the next
for the year be held in Rhyl at 2.30 pm on Friday      Essex Branch outing should be to the City of London
17th September and in Rhos, Wrexham at 7.00            Cemetery!!
pm on Wednesday 8th December.
              Derbyshire and Leicestershire                     Cangen Gorllewin Cymru/West
The Derbys and Leics branches are holding a joint clerks‟       Wales
training day at the superbly appointed recreation pavilion at
Castle Donnington Parish Council. The theme of the event is     Dates for the Diary
generally based upon employment issues and guest speaker        Saturday 11th September 11am, St
will be National HR Advisor, Bethan Osborne. The day will       Peters Civic Hall, Carmarthen
include a buffet lunch and is open to all clerks in the 2       Presentation by Jim Griffiths on the
counties, whether or not they are members of the Society.       "Clerk's Competency Framework"
Members from neighbouring counties are also very welcome.       Saturday 22nd January 2011, 11am St
To book a place please contact the Leicestershire Branch        Peters Civic Hall, Carmarthen
Secretary, Fiona Palmer, on Fiona will        Visit from the National President Mr
also be happy to provide further details.                       Bruce Poole

Several members and their partners recently visited the Palace of Westminster and enjoyed a guided
tour of the buildings and afterwards had a Q and A with one of the local MPs in Portcullis House. Some
stayed on to see The Speaker‟s Procession and then went to the Public Gallery of the House of Lords.
This is a highly recommended visit for any Branch and can be arranged through your local MP.
The June Branch Meeting was held the day before the Emergency Budget and accountant Mark Mulberry,
who carries out internal audits in the county as well as being accountant to the local CALC, gave a
presentation. Mark dared to make a number of predictions about the budget, most of which were true!
He also reviewed the current financial situation for the sector.

           Surrey branch members enjoy their visit to the Houses of Parliament
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