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									 Bulky and Vegetative Waste Disposal Rules and Regulations
Who can apply for a bulky waste permit:
      1) Any Township resident who holds primary residency in Bedminster.
      2) Any tenant of a rented property in Bedminster provided that the rented property is
          their primary residence.
      3) A Commercial property in Bedminster does not qualify for a Bulky Waste permit.
      4) Owners of residential property in Bedminster who do not primarily reside in
          Bedminster do not qualify for a Bulky Waste permit.

How to register:
       1.) Fill out the permit application form permit application forms are available at…
           Township Municipal Office – One Miller Lane, Bedminster
           Township Website - www.bedminster.us

            The Township Municipal Offices are located on Miller Lane off of Rt. 202,
            commonly known as Somerville Rd. Office hours are 8am to 4pm Monday through
            Friday. In order to allow time for applications to be processed, completed
            applications must be received by noon (12pm) one (1) day prior to the next available
            bulky waste day. Permits will not be available in time for the next bulky waste day
            for any applications received after this cut-off. Permit applications and payment can
            only be submitted to the Township Municipal Offices. No payment or documentation
            will be accepted at the gate or DPW Office. Upon submittal of the permit application
            form, proof of residency, and vehicle/trailer registration(s), the applicant will be
            issued a permit card for no more than two(2) vehicles and one (1) single axle, open
            trailer per household. Only these vehicle(s)/trailer will be admitted into the facility
            for Bulky Waste disposal. Copies of the vehicle and trailer registration(s) MUST be
            presented at the time of application. Permitted vehicles shall be limited to passenger
            vehicles, pickup trucks, and SUVs. Only open trailers with no more than one (1) axle
            will be accepted. No box, dump, or rack body type trucks or enclosed trailers will be

        2.) Acceptable Proof of Residency: a) Drivers License, b) Property Tax Bill, c) Voter
            Registration Card. Only those documents displaying the applicant’s name and
            physical street address will be considered. No P.O. Boxes accepted.

        3.) Permits: Only one (1) permit per household will be issued. The issued permit will
            allow the resident four (4) uses at the bulky waste facility for a period of one year
            from the date of issue. If the card holder needs additional uses, he or she may
            purchase up to two (2) additional uses. In any respect, the card holder will be
            limited to a maximum six (6) uses at the facility during a given year. The fees are as
                        Initial Permit:            $10.00 – per use, up to 4 uses permitted
                        Additional Permit:         $15.00 – per use (max. 2)

        4.) Applications By Mail:
            Applications can be submitted by mail with payment to:
                         Township of Bedminster
                         One Miller Lane
                         Bedminster, NJ 07921
                         Attn: Bulky Waste Permits

                 Permit applications submitted by mail MUST include the following:
                 1.) Completed Application Form
                 2.) Copy of applicant’s proof of residency (as described above)
                 3.) Copies of the applicant’s vehicle and/or trailer registration(s)
                 4.) Check or Money Order (Do not mail cash)

Facility Usage
        1.) The bulky waste facility will be open as follows
                1 st Thursday of the month – 8:00 am to 11:00 am
                4 th Saturday of the month – 7:00 am to 2:00 pm from March 1 st-October 31st.
                November – February the facility will NOT be open on Saturdays
                The Bulky Waste Facility will be closed on all holidays and on Easter

        2.) Resident must present permit card at the gate prior to entering the facility. Only
            registered users and identified additional users will be allowed to enter the facility.
            (The permit holder has the option to list one (1) additional user on his/her permit.
            This additional user MUST be identified on the permit application in the space
            provided, at the time of application.) Proper ID (driver’s license) may be requested
            for verification by a Township representative.
        3.) The residents permit card will be hole-punched one (1) time per visit.
        4.) A “visit” shall be considered one (1) vehicle load of bulky waste.
        5.) Disposal of solely vegetative waste (see “acceptable vegetative waste” below) will
            not be considered a visit, and the cardholders permit will not be hole-punched.
        6.) All vehicles are subject to inspection of contents by a Township representative (see
            “acceptable bulky and vegetative waste” below.)
        7.) The Township representative has the authority to stop any individual from entering
            the facility and disposing of any item at any time, at his or her discretion.
        8.) An individual can be denied access to the facility if:
                a. They do not hold a valid Bulky Waste Permit
                b. Their Bulky Waste permit is expired
                c. The allowed number of visits are exceeded
                d. The vehicle does not match the registered vehicle(s) on the user’s permit
                e. The users vehicle contains unacceptable bulky or vegetative waste
        9.) A Township representative will direct the resident to the appropriate disposal area
            upon admittance to the facility.

Acceptable Bulky Waste: Furniture, toys, etc; carpeting and padding; mattresses and bedding;
household appliances (doors must be removed from refrigerators and freezers); passenger vehicle
tires without rims; No truck or tractor tires; latex paints (must be dried in cans); construction
materials; fencing.

Acceptable Recyclables: Consumer electronics used motor oil, co-mingled plastic bottles (1&2),
glass bottles, steel, bimetal, and aluminum cans; newspapers, other paper/junk mail; and
corrugated cardboard.
**Note: Residents should continue to utilize bi-monthly curb-side recycling pickup as their
primary means of recycling for co-mingled plastic bottles (1&2), glass bottles, steel, bimetal, and
aluminum cans; newspapers, other paper/junk mail; and corrugated cardboard.

Unacceptable Bulky Waste: Hazardous materials (oil based paint, fluorescent tubes, gasoline,
kerosene, diesel fuel); pesticides; household garbage (food items); contractor, industrial, or
business materials; propane tanks; chemicals; auto products (antifreeze, transmission fluid, brake
fluid, car batteries, used oil filters); grass clippings; appliances with refrigerant (unless tagged by
authorized appliance technician).

Acceptable Vegetative Waste: Tree parts (no milled lumber) not to exceed 6 ft in length and 6 in.
in diameter. Leaves (bags to be removed at time of disposal)

Unacceptable Vegetative Waste: Grass clippings; stumps/roots; hay; firewood.
                             Bulky Waste FAQ:
Who can use the facility?
Anyone holding primary residency in Bedminster. This also includes tenants of rented
properties in Bedminster who rent that property as their primary residency.

Who cannot use the facility?
Generally anyone who does not hold primary residency in Bedminster. This includes
commercial property owners who do not live in Bedminster. Also, residential property
owners who do not hold that property as their primary residency.

How and when can I apply?
Residents may register at the Township Municipal Offices: One Miller Lane, Bedminster,
NJ 07921. Application hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.
Applications may also be submitted by mail. Application instructions and forms can be
printed from the Township website: www.bedminster.us. The application form, copies of
proof of residency, copies of vehicle/trailer registrations, and payment can be mailed to:

Township of Bedminster
One Miller Lane
Bedminster, NJ 07921
Attn: Bulky Waste Permits

When all necessary documents and payment have been received, your new permit
will be mailed to you.

How much does a permit cost?
The new fee for a Bulky Waste Permit will be $10 per visit with a maximum of four (4)
visits per 12-month registration cycle. Additional visits many be purchased at $15 per
visit with a maximum of two (2) additional visits per 12-month registration cycle. These
additional uses will also expire one year from the initial permit date of application.

What do I do when I come to the facility?
Vehicles will be stopped at the entrance gate to the disposal facility (on the left hand side
at the end of Miller Lane, just past the Public Works garage, and just before Miller Lane
Park.) Once stopped at the gate, present your permit card to the Township
representative. The Township representative will confirm that your card is valid and may
request to inspect the items you are bringing for disposal. Once complete, your permit
card will be hole-punched, and the Township representative will direct you to the proper
disposal area. We ask that users exit the facility immediately after off-loading their bulky
waste in order to keep the line moving as space is limited.

FAQ – (continued)
If I only have vegetative waste when I come to the facility will my card be
punched for that visit?
No. Users disposing of only vegetative waste will not have their permit punched.
However, the users permit still needs to be presented prior to entering the facility.

When is the Bulky Waste Facility open?
The facility will only be open on:
    1st Thursday of each month, from 8-11am
    4th Saturday from 7am-2pm from March 1st – October 31st
    November – February the facility will NOT be open on Saturdays

What happens if I loose my permit card?
In the event that a permit card is lost, you will be required to re-register. The new permit
you receive will only be valid for the number of visits that are remaining on the lost
permit. Once you are issued a new permit, your lost permit will no longer be valid, and
will not be accepted at the gate.

What if I need to borrow or rent a pickup truck to dispose of a large item?
As a courtesy, users may use a borrowed or rented vehicle in the event that they have a
large item to dispose of that will not fit in the vehicle listed on their permit. However,
special arrangements must be made prior the date that the borrowed or rented vehicle
will be used. These arrangements can be made by calling the Janine DeLeon at (908)
212-7000 ext. 405 between 8:00am and 4:00pm. You will be asked to provide the make,
model, color, and license plate number of the vehicle you wish to use.

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