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									                  Suggested Summer Reading List

Author                    Title                                   Genre
Avi                       Never Mind! A Twin Novel                Humorous Fiction
Choldenko   Gennifer      Al Capone Does My Shirts                Humorous Fiction
Coifer      Eoin          Artemis Fowl series                     Fantasy
Funke       Cornelia      Inkheart, Inkspell, Inkdeath            Fantasy
Gaiman      Neil          The Graveyard Book                      Fantasy/Suspense
Gantos      Jack          A Hole in My Life                       Autobiography
                                                                                                                  MALDEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS
Hiassen     Carl          Hoot                                    Mystery                                        2011 SUMMER READING LIST
Henkes      Kevin         Olive's Ocean                           Realistic Fiction                                For Students Entering Grade 7
Horowitz    Anthony       Alex Rider series                       Suspense             June 2011
Lupica      Mike          Heat and other titles                   Nonfiction
MacHale     D.J.          Pendragon series                        Fantasy              Dear Parents/Guardians,
Mah         Adeline Yen   Chinese Cinderella                      Historical Fiction
                                                                                       The Malden Public Schools’ 2011 summer reading list is your ticket to
Myers       Walter Dean   The Greatest: Muhammad Ali              Nonfiction
                                                                                       adventurous travels through books. We hope you and your family will read
Myers       Walter Dean   Slam and other titles                   Sports Fiction       about other countries, cultures, and people all over the world.
Naylor      Phyllis R.    Alice series                            Realistic Fiction
Oppel       Kenneth       Silverwing and others in series         Fantasy              Students are required to read 3 books from the list or books of their own
Paolini     Christopher   Eragon and other titles                 Fantasy              choosing. Books can be read by students on their own or with a partner during the
Philbrick   Rodman        Last Book in the Universe               Fantasy              summer. Partners for reading out loud can be parents, guardians, brothers, sisters or
Pullman     Phillip       Golden Compass and other titles         Fantasy              other interested caregivers.
Shan        Darren        Cirque du Freak series                  Fantasy
                                                                                       Students must list the 3 books they have read on the Reading Log and complete
Sitomer     Alan          The Hoopster                            Sports
                                                                                       a Reading Response for any one book. Help your child complete the Reading
Trueman     Terry         Stuck in Neutral                        Suspense             Response by discussing books they have read or books that have been read to them.
Draanen     Wendelin      Flipped                                 Realistic Fiction
                          Click Here to Find Out How I Survived
                                                                                       We encourage you to visit the Malden Public Library regularly with your child. The
Vega        Denise        7th Grade                               Realistic Fiction    library has copies of the summer reading books, offers fun children’s activities for
                                                                                       free, and runs a Summer Reading Program that provides special incentives to
Walden      Mark          H.I.V.E. series                         Adventure
                                                                                       children who read two or more hours each week.
Wasserman   Robin         Chasing Yesterday series                Adventure
Newbery Award Winners
                                                                                       Extra forms will be available at the Malden Public Library and on the Malden
                                                                                       Public Schools’ website: Students must return
                                                                                       completed forms to their school in September.


                                                                                       Sid Smith
                                                                                       Superintendent of Schools
                        Summer Reading Log

Keep a list of the books you read by yourself or that someone reads         MALDEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS
to you during the summer vacation.
                                                                           2011 S U M M E R R E A D I N G L I S T
        Title                                            Author

1. ____________________________           _________________________                         For Students Entering Grade 7
2. ____________________________           _________________________

3. ____________________________           _________________________

4. ____________________________           _________________________

5. ____________________________           _________________________

6. ____________________________           _________________________

7. ____________________________           _________________________

8. ____________________________           _________________________

9. ____________________________           _________________________

10. ____________________________          _________________________

Student’s Name: (print) _______________________ Grade in August ____

Student’s Signature:_____________________________________________

Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature: ____________________________________

                 Bring your list to your new teacher in August.

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