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					                             APES Summer Reading list

Choose one of the following books to read, and complete the assignment below.

   1. The Burning Season – Andrew Revkin
   2. A Sand County – Aldo Leopold
   3. Desert Solitaire – Edward Abbey
   4. Walden Pond – Henry David Thoreau
   5. The song of the Dodo – David Quammen
   6. Of Wolves and Men – Barry Lopez
   7. Deep Ecology – Artie Kness
   8. Tracing the Vanishing Frogs: An Ecological Mystery – Kathryn Phillips
   9. The Naturalist – E. O. Wilson
   10. Cadillac Desert – Mark Reisner
   11. Wolves of Isle Royale – Rolf Peterson
   12. Night of the Grizzlies – Jack Olsen
   13. Into the Wild – Jon Krakauer
   14. Encounters with the Archdruid – John McPhee
   15. The control of Nature – John McPhee
   16. The heat is on – Ross Gelbspan
   17. Our Stolen Future – Theo Colburn
   18. Riddle of the Ice – Myron Arms
   19. Witness the Nature – Linda Lear
   20. Living Downstream – Susan Steingraber
   21. The Orchid Thief – Susan Orlean
   22. The Monkey Wrench Gang – Edward Abbey
   23. Ishmael – Daniel Quinn
   24. The Earth in Balance – Al Gore
   25. A Walk in the Woods – Bill Bryson
   26. Ocean Warrior – Paul Watson
   27. Desert Year – Joseph Krutch
   28. Wolves of Denali – Adolph Marie
   29. Never Cry Wolf – Farley Mowat
   30. And the Rivers Turn to Blood – Rodney Barker
   31. Confessions of an Eco Warrior – Dave Foreman
   32. Looking for Longleaf: the fall and rise of an American forest – Lawrence Earley

   1. Write a detailed summary of the book (1 page typed is a good minimum guide).
   2. What was the message of the book? How did the author weave that message
      through-out the book?
   3. Relate an incident from the book which made an impact on you.
   4. List FOUR environmental ideas presented in the book. Choose ONE which you
      would like to study in more detail, and explain why you made this choice.
   5. How do you think this book will relate to AP environmental science? How long
      did it take you read it?