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					Press releases                                                           21st of March 2007

       The second “City Self Storage” is constructed in Warsaw.
On the 22nd of March 2007 the realization of City Self Storage at Toruńska street in
Warsaw will take place. It is the second design by Paweł W. Graliński and his company
Arch Magic Associated Architects Ltd for the Norwegian company Selvaag Polska.

Total surface of the object is 4,500 m2. The contract for general realization between Selvaag
Polska and Karmar company was signed on the 8th of March current year. It happened
exactly a year after opening of the first investment by Selvaag Polska company at Krakowska
street in Warsaw, which was also designed by the architect’s office of Paweł W. Graliński.

“City Self Storgae” – is a special form of storage of goods and property for companies and
private entities. The idea, being very popular in USA, Is fairly new in Europe. There has been
only one “City Self Storage” in Poland at Krakowska street in Warsaw, designed by Paweł
Graliński. As he himself says – the building at Krakowska street has set a new trend for
creation of city self storages in Selvaag concern. Until now, Selvaag has had city self
storages in Norway and Czech Republic. Usually it adopted for this purpose old, industrial
areas. Graliński has seen them all, he also visited England, where this branch is very strong.
He suggested Selvaag Polska a totally new type of the object as a city self storage and it
turned out to be a good idea. Both Warsaw localization, fairly untypical and new architectural
form, worked out well. Selvaag Polska decided that Arch Magic was to design the second
city self storage in Warsaw. The company has also been working on other projects by
Selvaag company.

Paweł W. Graliński Arch Magic Associated Achitects
The company Paweł W. Graliński Arch Magic is known in Poland among others for designing
of multiplexes for Cinema City network. On the 15th of March next object by the company was
opened in a recently opened Shopping Center Plaza in Rybnik. Cinema City in Rybnik is the
11th object of this type by Paweł W. Graliński and his co-workers. In the middle of March
Multikino network object was opened to the public in Włocławek; this project also was
designed by the architect’s office Arch Magic. It is the second Multikino object after the one
situated in shopping center Zielone Tarasy in Elbląg by Paweł W. Graliński.

Arch Magic realizes complex services in the scope of commercial architecture and residential
buildings. It performs complex investor supervision and investment and property
development consultancy. One of the last projects of the company is the awarded Cinema
City & IMAX® in Łódź. In the nearest future the opening of objects by Arch Magic is planned
in Sosnowiec, Lublin and in Gliwice.