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Don Chase in the Morning for May 11 - WKML


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									Don Chase in the Morning for May 11, 2011

Here is your weather forecast for May 11 & 12:
Today: Mostly cloudy & 78
Tonight: Partly cloudy & 60
Thursday: Partly sunny & 78

Congrats to those in the WKML Family celebrating birthdays:

Jason Larrimore
Alexis Lassiter

Ashley & Allison Anderson
Pat Barefoot
Maranda Best
Justin Bordeaux
Nancy Bostick
Don Boykin
Dylan Bryan
Tammy Buckley
Norma Bullard
Lisa Bunce
Rev. Stanley Carter
Cynthia Caswell
Dorothy Cona
Amanda Connoly
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Anthony Curiale
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Randi Eason
Nancy Fields
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Christy Gibson
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Casey Jones
June Judd
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Christina Pittman
Margaret Sealey
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Harry Smith
Brenda Starner
Delores Stewsart
Morgan Strohacker
Jordan Tackett
Brooke West
Greg White
Jamie White

Congratulations to Alexis Lassiter on winning “Chick-fil-A” for a day.” A breakfast
biscuit, a chicken sandwich combo meal for lunch and a spicy chicken sandwich for
dinner. E-mail your birthdays and anniversaries to country@wkml.com. Don’t
forget the name of the person celebrating the birthday and their daytime telephone
number. THANXXX! Don.

Bryan, Luke --- If you think country stars require expensive boats, motorcycles and
video equipment to stay entertained, then you don't know Luke Bryan. In a new
YouTube video, he and the band reveal that all they need is a few sheets of
cardboard and a steep hill for some heavy-duty grass sledding! Of course, when
they get bored with that, they crawl into trash barrels to roll down.
--- Luke Bryan will deliver the video for "Country Girl, Shake It for Me" soon, but
don't let your imagination get the best of you. He says the clip isn't as sexy as it
could have been. Even so, his wife gave it a thumb's up.
Dunn, Ronnie --- As he promised, Ronnie Dunn is well on his way to delivering a
music video for every song on his upcoming self-titled solo album. In the past
week, he has released videos for "Love Owes Me One" and "I Can'tHelp Myself."
The video for his single "Bleed Red" came out the end of April. Ronnie hired a
guerrilla video team to help him produce the pieces for a fraction of the price that
music videos typically cost.

Paisley, Brad --- Brad Paisley is making the TV rounds to promote his upcoming
album, This is Country Music, which is due out on May 23rd.
May 24th -- Good Morning America (ABC)
The Late Show with David Letterman (CBS)
Hannity (Fox News)
May 25th -- The View (ABC)

Perry, The Band --- The Band Perry were on hand in their hometown of Greeneville,
Tennessee to help those who were hit hard by tornadoes in that area. Kimberly
Perry says, "Nothing is more important to us than family, community and service to
others... We have been anxious to visit our neighbors and help as much as we can.
We hope that we helped to raise awareness of the needs in the area."

Shelton, Blake --- The video for Blake Shelton's "Honey Bee" had its world premiere
yesterday on NBC.com. That's not surprising, considering that NBC is the home for
the hit musical competition The Voice, on which Blake is a vocal coach.

Sugarland --- Sugarland and Little Big Town will join forces to raise money for
tornado relief in Alabama. Their performance is being kept secret for now, but we
know that past unions have produced covers of Mumford and Sons "Sigh No More,"
Madonna's "Like a Prayer" and much-nominated version of Dream Academy's "Life
in a Northern Town."

Thompson Square --- Shawna Thompson of Thompson Square is auctioning off the
dress she wore in the video for their number-one hit, "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or
Not" to benefit the Box family of Deer Park, Alabama, who were killed by the recent
tornadoes in Alabama. Shawna says, "Our hearts go out to all of those that lost so
much. Deer Park is so close to my home and my family...So many in Alabama lost
so much and we just want them to know we are praying for them. This is a small
way for us to try and show our support." The dress is up on the block on eBay until
May 19th.

Twain, Shania --- “Why Not? with Shania Twain,” the singer’s new reality show on
OWN, debuted to strong ratings on Sunday, to over 839,000 total viewers. “Why
Not?” is the network’s highest-rated debut since OWN premiered last January.
Urban, Keith --- The large Keith Urban hand sculpture that was removed from
outside an Eau Claire, Wisconsin beauty salon two weeks ago has been located. A
Milwaukee man has returned the piece after taking it from the sidewalk, where he
thought it had been discarded. The man refused a reward that the owner of Urban
Style offered. Keith also offered free show tickets for the sculpture's safe return.
--- Success is about to smell sweeter for Keith Urban, who's said to be creating his
own fragrance. Women's Wear Daily reports that Keith's scent for men will launch
in June -- right around the time his Get Closer World Tour kicks off in the U.S.

Golfers at the Wedgwood Country Club in Washington Township, New Jersey, have
to deal with a water hazard with an unusual challenge -- ferocious swans! A pair of
swans are residents on the 13th hole and they are absolutely fearless when it
comes to protecting their young. The swans can be seen chasing golfers down the
fairway on a daily basis!

A lucky Florida man who won a $3 million payout in November has now collected a
$10 million prize. Lottery officials said Jody Massengale, of Panama City Beach,
purchased a Billion Dollar Blockbuster scratch-off game ticket and redeemed it last
week for the $10 million prize, which he took in the form of a lump sum payment
worth about $6.5 million before taxes.

It’s time now for Officer Don’s Police Blotter, a service of Holmes Security Systems.
U.L. Listed, locally owned with a local monitoring station. That means faster
response time for you. And, isn’t that what you’re looking for in a security
company? Call 483-6922 or online at Holmes. That’s H-O-L-M-E-S Electric

From Ford Heights, Illinois, comes the story of Dewayne Simmons who thought he
had come up with the perfect "chick magnet." A four-foot alligator which he kept in
a tank in his house and fed live mice. He thought women who came over to his
place would be impressed. By all reports, they weren't. Neither were the cops, who
charged him with
possession of a dangerous animal. The critter has been given a new home where
the only females he'll have to impress will be of the gator variety.

Shenango Township, Pennsylvania, police say a three-year-old boy armed with a
blowtorch went on a trail of destruction that caused thousands of dollars in
damage. The little boy set fires in his family's garage and on a neighbour's porch. A
passer-by reported seeing the boy walking down the road, carrying the handheld
blowtorch and wearing only a T-shirt.

It's possible to take store loyalty a little too far, as a Florida man found out when he
was arrested for buying a pack of cigarettes -- at a shop he'd robbed less than 24
hours earlier. Brandon Tyler Walker initially got away with 500 bucks and an
armload of smokes, but he returned to the scene of the crime to feed his nicotine
habit one more time. The clerk recognized Walker, who was wearing a mask during
the robbery, but pulled it down to speak to employees. Using a photo lineup that
included Walker's photo, the clerk identified him as the perp "without hesitation."

A Connecticut man was arrested over the weekend for dialing emergency services
three times -- to try to get firefighters to buy him beer. Raymond Roberge wasn't
asking for free brewskis -- he handed one responding officer a 20-dollar bill, and
invited him to come in and crack open a cold one himself. He was still busted,
however, after it was determined he was responsible for 70 false alarms since the
beginning of the year.

A New Hampshire man is in police custody after fingering himself in a year-old
assault case -- literally. Miguel Ramirez severed his own finger when attacking a
man with a machete last year, and left the digit behind as evidence. Last week,
cops were called to the scene of a crime in which Ramirez was being chased by his
original victim -- who'd come up with a machete of his own. Both Ramirez and the
second machete man are awaiting arraignment in a New Hampshire jail.

An Iowa woman really wanted to be on time for her shoplifting trial, so she made
sure to warn a Council Bluffs policeman to hurry up -- when arresting her in
another shoplifting case. The woman was nabbed slipping makeup items into her
purse, and got snippy, telling a cop to write her a ticket because she had a very
important appointment. Asked what that date was, she admitted it was a court
appearance. She was handcuffed and booked -- presumably causing disorder in the

A 22-year-old woman was arrested Friday after she removed her clothes and
danced in full view of people paying respects to their deceased loved ones at a
Mesa, Arizona, cemetery. Police said Kara Mitchell was seen removing her top and
dancing Friday morning at the Mesa Cemetery. She removed her pants after a few
minutes and continued to dance. Mitchell eventually put her clothes back on and
walked into the administrative office where she started talking to herself. Police
arrived to find her sitting in a cemetery golf cart.
Welcome to today’s Don Chase Secret 2 Success, a service of Bible Alive Ministries.
Dr. Ralph Richardson, teacher.
Our motto is “Expect Great Things To Happen.”
God gave you and I a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have either one of used one
second to say "thank you?"
Our motto is “Expect Great Things To Happen.”
That’s your Don Chase Secret 2 Success, a service of Bible Alive Ministries. Dr.
Ralph Richardson, teacher.


Major league baseball scores from yesterday:
Washington 7, at Atlanta 6
Baltimore 7, Seattle 6
NY Yankees 3, Kansas City 1
LA Dodgers 10, at Pittsburgh 3
Toronto 7, Boston 6
Florida 2, Philadelphia 1
Texas 7, Oakland 2
St. Louis 6, at Chicago Cubs 4
Cincinnati 7, at Houston 3
Milwaukee 8, San Diego 6
Detroit 10, at Minnesota 2
Cleveland 5, Tampa Bay 4
NY Mets 4, at Colorado 3
LA Angels 6, Chicago White Sox 2
San Francisco 1, Arizona 0

Today/tonight & starting pitchers:
San Diego at Milwaukee 1:10 PM Stauffer vs Wolf
Detroit at Minnesota 1:10 PM Coke vs Baker
Oakland at Texas 2:05 PM Gonzalez vs Harrison
Cincinnati at Houston 2:05 PM Volquez vs Rodriguez
NY Mets at Colorado 3:10 PM Niese vs Jimenez
Seattle at Baltimore 7:05 PM Hernandez vs Tillman
Tampa Bay at Cleveland 7:05 PM Price vs Carrasco
Kansas City at NY Yankees 7:05 PM Mazzaro vs Burnett
LA Dodgers at Pittsburgh 7:05 PM Kuroda vs Maholm
Boston at Toronto 7:07 PM Lackey vs Litsch
Washington at Atlanta 7:10 PM Lannan vs Hanson
Philadelphia at Florida 7:10 PM Lee vs Nolasco
St. Louis at Chicago Cubs 8:00 PM Westbrook vs Garza
Chicago White Sox at LA Angels 10:05 PM Peavy vs Chatwood
Arizona at San Francisco 10:15 PM Galarraga vs Sanchez

Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick were fined $25,000 apiece and put on probation
Tuesday by NASCAR for their actions on pit road at Darlington Raceway. The
probation for all NASCAR-sanctioned events runs through June 15, a span that
includes four Sprint Cup Series championship races and the non-points $1 million
All-Star event. It also includes Friday night's Truck Series race at Dover - an event
Harvick only entered after his confrontation with Busch.

Charlotte Motor Speedway's new high def video board made its debut yesterday.
It’s 200 feet wide & 80 feet tall. “This giant Panasonic HDTV will be a game
changer for our fans on race day,” said Marcus Smith, president and general
manager of Charlotte Motor Speedway. “It will give them a whole new way to
experience a NASCAR event at Charlotte Motor Speedway.” The project took up to
57 workers a day, working more than 11,000 man hours, more than four months to
construct. The 332-and-a-half-ton structure is the largest HDTV in the world. The
158 panels that make up the face of the television’s screen will be illuminated by
nine million LED lamps.

Sunday, it's racing from the Monster Mile of Dover, Delaware w ith the FedEx 400
benefiting Autism Speaks. WKML airtime is 12noon.

Lakers center Andrew Bynum has been suspended for the first five games of next
season for his flagrant foul on Dallas guard J.J. Barea in Los Angeles' final playoff
game. The NBA announced the suspension Tuesday, two days after Bynum was
ejected for the foul in the two-time defending champions' 36-point loss to the
Mavericks in Game 4. The NBA also fined Bynum $25,000 for ripping off his jersey
while heading to the locker room. Bynum hit Barea with an elbow while the Dallas
guard drove to the basket in the fourth quarter. Barea wasn't seriously hurt, but
stayed on the court for an extended time. Bynum expressed remorse for his
actions Tuesday, saying his actions were terrible and unacceptable.

DANCING WITH THE STARS: Romeo was sent home on last night's Dancing With
the Stars...
-In leaving, Romeo said he hopes he's inspired kids, hugged the judges, and told
partner Chelsie Hightower that they can still dance together.
-The show opened with an encore of Kirstie Alley's tango.
-Adele performed of her hit single "Rolling in the Deep."
-DWTS-alum Michael Bolton did a duet of his new song, "I'm Not Ready," with
Australian singer Delta Goodrem. She also did "A Natural Woman."

THE VOICE: Each coach chose two singers for head-to-head battles on last night's
episode of The Voice...
-Christina Aguilera picked Idol-alum Frenchie to go against Tarralyn with Beyonce's
"Single Ladies." Frenchie won.
-Blake Shelton pited country singer Patrick against devout-Mormon Tyler with
"Burning Love." Patrick won.
-Adam Levine had Tim go against Casey with Stevie Nicks' "Leather and Lace."
Casey won.
-Cee-Lo Green choose Vicci and Niki to sing Pink's "Perfect." Vicci won.

THE BIGGEST LOSER: On last night's Biggest Loser...
-The trainers put the losers through health exams, including a spin-test, a health-
quiz, and time on the Biggest Loser Xbox 360 game. Olivia won $10,000.
-The challenge involved using sandbags to climb steps. Austin edged out Olivia to
win a one-pound advantage at the weigh-in.
-At the weigh-in, Jay had the lead, with a nine-pound loss. Austin was in last, with
a one-pound loss.
-At eliminations, Austin was voted off.

American Idol: The final 4 compete tonight. They are Lauren Alaina, James Durbin,
Scotty McCreery and Haley Reinhart.

ARNOLD: Schwarzenegger Speaks Post-Split
He said he'd be back -- and he wasn't kidding. Just a day after former California
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife of 25 years, Maria Shriver,
announced their split, the Governator showed up last night at an event in Los
Angeles celebrating Israel's independence. Although Arnold dodged reporters
following his speech, he did thank family and friends for their outpouring of support
during his speech. Meanwhile reports have surfaced that suggest that the split was
caused by multiple allegations of Arnold's infidelities and his raging ego.

William and Kate have finally headed off on their "top secret" honeymoon. The
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge reportedly arrived in the Seychelles [pr: say-
SHELLS], off the coast of Africa, yesterday morning, 10 days after their wedding. A
royal insider tells Britain's Mirror, "They slipped out of the country very quietly,
they didn't want a fuss." They royals are expected to stay in the republic for 10
Duchess Sarah Ferguson tells Oprah that not being invited to the royal wedding was
"difficult" for her and made her feel "totally worthless." She says, "I wanted to be
there with my girls and to be getting them dressed and to go as a family. And also
it was so hard because the last bride up that aisle was me." Instead, Fergie, who is
divorced from Prince William's uncle, Prince Andrew, says she "chose to go and be
in Thailand in a place called Camelia and...the jungle embraced me."

Johnny Depp has enlisted the help of some rock heavyweights to reignite his
musical career. The actor has hit the studio with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler
and says, "The idea of writing songs with him is a dream come true." Johnny's also
working with his onetime Pirates of the Caribbean co -star Keith Richards. Depp
began a music career before turning to acting.

TMZ says Lindsay Lohan could end up serving only 14 days of her 120-day
sentence for probation violation. And she wouldn't even go to jail -- she'd spend the
two weeks under house arrest. Linds is expected to plead no contest to
misdemeanor theft today.

Billionaire Warren Buffet will make a cameo on the season finale of The Office. He'll
play a potential replacement for Steve Carell's character Michael Scott. Ray
Romano, James Spader, Ricky Gervais, Will Arnett and Jim Carrey will also appear
on the May 19th episode.

Happy birthday to Martha Quinn. One of the original MTV V-Js; along with Mark
Goodman, Alan Hunter, J.J. Jackson and Nina Blackwood; she helped launch the
cable channel on August 1st, 1981 and stayed until 1991. She turns 52 today.

On TV:
Daytime Lineup:
Live with Regis & Kelly (Syn) Patricia Heaton.
The View (ABC) Susan Lucci and Mary Hart.
The Oprah Winfrey Show (Syn) Sarah Ferguson.
Dr. Phil (Syn) Forgiving the unforgivable.
The Martha Stewart Show (Syn) Travel Week: Singapore.
The Tyra Show (Syn) Help, my teen is beating me!
The Ellen DeGeneres Show (Syn) Taylor Swift, Jon Hamm and NeNe Leakes.
Rachael Ray Show (Syn) Mario Batali, Sara Moulton and Guy Fieri.
The Doctors (Syn) 50 questions from 50 cities.
The Dr. Oz Show (Syn) Dr. Oz’s secret weapons to fight cellulite.
The Wendy Williams Show (Syn) Andy Samberg and Elgin Charles.
The Talk (CBS) Alex Trebek.
The Gayle King Show (OWN) Barbara Corcoran.

Primetime Lineup:
The Middle (ABC)
Better With You (ABC) Season finale.
Modern Family (ABC)
Cougar Town (ABC)
Happy Endings (ABC)
Survivor: Redemption Island (CBS)
Criminal Minds (CBS)
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior (CBS)
American Idol (Fox)
Breaking In (Fox)
Minute to Win It (NBC)
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC)
Piers Morgan Tonight (CNN)

Late Night Lineup:
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC) Dick Van Dyke, Khloe Kardashian, Lamar
Odom and Steve Earle.
Late Show with David Letterman (CBS) Keith Olbermann, Chaz Bono and singer-
songwriter Ray LaMontagne.
Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS) Tim Meadows and singer/guitarist Colin
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC) Keith Richards and Paul Bettany.
Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC) Charles Bradley, Spencer Susser and Grouplove.
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (COM) Albert Brooks.
Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC) Chris O’Donnell, Ginnifer Goodwin and country band Zac
Brown Band.
The Colbert Report (COM) Eric Greitens – author of “The Heart and the Fist.”
Conan (TBS) John Hamm, Miranda Kerr and Ke$ha.
Lopez Tonight (TBS) Nick Cannon, Bruno Tonioli, and Musiq Soulchild.
Tavis Smiley (PBS) Dionne Warwick and Malcolm McDowell.
Chelsea Lately (E!) Tyrese Gibson, Josh Wolf, Brad Wollack and Heather McDonald.

Newt Gingrich is running for president. The former House speaker disclosed his bid
on Twitter and Facebook on Monday and urged followers to tune into Fox News
IMMIGRATION REFORM: Obama Pushes for Overhaul
President Obama spoke in El Paso, Texas yesterday, within sight of Mexico, to
declare that the border is more secure than ever and push for a proposal that will
clear a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants that want to stay in the
U.S. Obama also stuck back at conservative critics who claim the U.S. border is
plagued by illegal entries and crimes. Said Obama, "They wanted more agents at
the border. Well, we now have more boots on the ground on the Southwest border
than at any time in our history." He added that Republicans also seem to want
more. "Maybe they'll need a moat. Maybe they want alligators in the moat." But he
pointed out that not all conservatives are against his proposed border policies,
noting that FOX kingpin Rupert Murdoch agrees with him on the issue.

OSAMA BIN LADEN: Sons Say Killing Violated International Law
Not everyone is happy about the killing of Osama bin Laden. The Al Qaeda leader's
adult sons are accusing President Obama and the United States of violating their
basic legal principles by killing their unarmed father, shooting his family members
and dumping his body in the ocean. In a statement given to The New York Times
yesterday, the family asked why Bin Laden "was not arrested and tried in a court of
law so that the truth is revealed to the people of the world."


Where The Billionaires Live
Forbes has recently released an updated list of the world’s billionaires, and a review
shows that while some states, such as California and New York, are rather obvious,
others might be a surprise. The United States is also home to five of the world’s top
10 cities with the most billionaires. The top 9 states with the most billionaires:
1. California: Nearly 90 billionaires, including Steve Jobs of Apple, Facebook’s Mark
Zuckerburg, and filmmakers like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.
2. New York: With nearly 70 billionaires claiming residence in the state of New
York, many of the big corporations run their offices out of New York City, including
Michael Bloomberg, Leonard Lauder of Esteé Lauder, fashion mogul Ralph Lauren,
David Rockefeller and Donald Trump.
3. Texas: Texas is home to over 40 billionaires, many of whom made their fortunes
from the oil and gas industry. Alice Walton of Walmart, Michael Dell of Dell
computers and Paul Mitchell, co-founder John Paul DeJoria, also reside in Texas.
4. Florida: Nearly 30 billionaires reside in Florida, including media mogul Ted
Turner, Charlotte Colket Weber, heiress of the Campbell Soup empire, and Subway
founder Fred DeLuca.
5. Illinois: Illinois is home to 20 billionaires. Chicago tied Sao Paulo for the 10th
spot on the top 10 billionaire cities of the world. Many of Illinois’ billionaires are
members of the Pritzker family, heirs to the Hyatt Hotel chain, though Chicago is
also home to Oprah Winfrey, Ty Warner of Beanie Babies fame, and William
6. Connecticut: Connecticut is home to 11 billionaires, primarily investors who
reside in Greenwich.
7. (Tie) Michigan: Michigan has 10 resident billionaires, including Henry Ford’s
grandson, William Ford Sr., and several heirs to the Stryker Corporation’s fortune, a
company which earned its billions in the field of medical devices.
7. (Tie) Wisconsin: Wisconsin ties Michigan with 10 resident billionaires, four of
which are heirs of the S.C. Johnson family. Wisconsin is also home to John Menard,
founder of home improvement retail chain Menard’s.
9. Nevada: Nevada is home to eight billionaires, most of whom made their billions
through hotels and casinos, including Steve Wynn, Sheldon Adelson and Phillip
Ruffin. Nevada is also home to Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta who made their fortunes
through their family’s casino and the purchase of the Ultimate Fighting
Championship in 2001.

Airline Ratings
Comfort issues and excessive fees are sore points for air travelers. They are among
the major reasons travel by air is down, according to a new survey by Consumer
Reports. Eight of the 10 major airlines that Consumer Reports readers rated
received low scores for seat comfort. Several carriers also got low marks for other
quality-of-flight measures including cabin-crew service, cleanliness, and in-flight
entertainment. Some carriers did rise above the rest. Southwest Airlines and
JetBlue topped list with relatively high scores for overall satisfaction. Southwest
was the only airline to receive top marks for check-in ease and the cabin-crew
service. Passengers also gave Southwest high grades for cabin cleanliness and
baggage handling. Other findings:
-JetBlue was the only airline to outscore Southwest for seating comfort, possibly
because it gives passengers more room than they’re accustomed with bigger seats.
JetBlue was also the lone carrier to earn top scores for in-flight entertainment; its
seatback TV screens offer passengers 36 channels.
-The bottom-ranked US Airways occupies the same lousy spot as it did in 2007,
when Consumer Reports last assessed airlines. In addition to its low overall score,
survey respondents gave it the worst marks of any airline for cabin-crew service.
-40% of respondents who said they’re flying less these days gave increased fees as
the major reason – far more than those who blamed flight delays, poor service, or
any other annoyance.
-93% of the Southwest passengers surveyed had avoided all of the fees asked
about. Far fewer travelers were as lucky with their experiences at Continental
Airlines (57%), JetBlue Airways (56%), Delta Airlines (56%), American Airlines
(55%), United Airlines (48%), US Airways (46%), Alaska Airlines (44%), Frontier
Airlines (43%), and AirTran Airways (33%).
Annoying Office Behavior
It pays to sweat the small stuff. In a recent Accountemps survey, 41% of chief
financial officers interviewed said lacking attention to detail and presenting sloppy
work are the coworker behaviors that annoy them most. Gossiping or engaging in
office politics also are pet peeves, cited by 23% of respondents. CFOs were asked,
“Which one of the following coworker behaviors annoys you the most ?” Their
-Lacking attention to detail, sloppy work 41%
-Gossiping or engaging in office politics 23%
-Missing deadlines 18%
-Being perpetually late 12%
-Presenting other’s ideas as one’s own 5%
-Don’t know/no answer 1%

Best Diets
Jenny Craig is the top diet, according to new ratings released by Consumer Reports
Health. Slim Fast 3-2-1 and Weight Watchers came in second and third. The ratings
are based on the overall effect on weight loss, adherence, and how well they
followed the 2010 U.S. dietary guidelines for Americans. Jenny Craig combines
weekly counseling sessions with a portion-controlled regimen of pre-made foods
and homemade side dishes. A study cited in the report found that 92% of people on
the Jenny Craig program stuck with it for two years, and they weighed about 8%
less after two years on the program. People lost weight on all of the diets that were
evaluated. “None of these diets are bad for you,” CS said.

Autism Risk Linked To Month Child Conceived
A new study links the month a child is conceived and the risk of autism.
Researchers from the University of California, Davis analyzed data from 6.6 million
children who were born in California between January 1990 and December 2002.
They followed up until the children were 6 years old and found that children
conceived in December, January, February and March – in the winter – were at a
higher risk than children conceived in other months for autism. Children conceived
in December were at an 8% higher risk, while those conceived in March were at a
16% higher risk than those conceived in July. The researchers said the finding
suggests environmental factors such as exposure to seasonal viruses like influenza
might play a role in the higher risk of autism among children conceived during

16 Things To Do Before You Die (source: MSN Money)
Must-do No. 1: Inventory physical items.
Go through your home and make a list of all items worth $100 or more. Examples
include the home itself, television sets, jewelry, collectibles, vehicles, guns,
computers/laptops, lawn mower, power tools and so on.

Must-do No. 2: Inventory non-physical items.
Add up your non-physical assets. These include things you own on paper or other
entitlements, including brokerage accounts, 401k plans, IRA assets, bank accounts,
life-insurance policies and all other insurance policies such as long-term care,
homeowners, auto, disability, health and so on.

Must-do No. 3: Make a list of credit cards and debts.
Make a list of open credit cards and other debts. This should include auto loans,
existing mortgages, home equity lines of credit, open credit cards with and without
balances and any other debts. A good practice is to get a free credit report once a
year and make sure you close out any credit cards that are no longer in use.

Must-do No. 4: List organizations you belong to and charities you support.
If you belong to organizations such as AARP, The American Legion, veterans'
associations, AAA auto club, college alumni groups, etc., you should make a list of
these. Include any other charitable organizations that you proudly support or make
donations to. In some cases, several of these organizations have accidental death
life-insurance benefits (at no cost) on their members and your beneficiaries may be
eligible. It's also a good idea to let your beneficiaries know what charitable
organizations are close to your heart.

Must-do No. 5: Send a copy of your lists of assets to your estate administrator.
When your lists are completed, you should date and sign them and make at least
three copies of each. The original should be given to your estate administrator
(we'll talk about him or her later), the second copy should be given to your spouse
or another loved one and placed in a safe deposit box and the last copy you should
keep for yourself in a safe place.

Must-do No. 6: Review IRA, 401k and other retirement accounts.
Accounts and policies where you list beneficiary designations pass via "contract" to
that person or entity listed at your death. It doesn't matter how you list these
accounts/policies in your will or trust, because the beneficiary listing will take
precedence. Contact the customer-service team or plan administrator for a current
listing of your beneficiary selection for each account. Review each of these accounts
to make sure the beneficiaries are listed correctly.

Must-do No. 7: Update life insurance and annuities.
Life insurance and annuities will pass by contract as well, so it's important to
contact all life-insurance companies where you maintain policies to ensure that your
beneficiaries are listed correctly.

Must-do No. 8: Assign transfer-on-death designations.
Many accounts, such as bank savings, CD accounts and individual brokerage
accounts are unnecessarily probated every day. Probate is a costly and avoidable
court process where assets are distributed per court instruction. Many of the
accounts listed above can be set up with a transfer-on-death feature to avoid the
probate process. Contact your custodian or bank to set this up on your accounts.

Must-do No. 9: Select a responsible estate administrator.
Your estate administrator will be responsible for following the rules of your will in
the event of your death. It is important that you select an individual who is
responsible and in a good mental state to make decisions. Don't immediately
assume that your spouse is the best choice. Think about all qualified individuals and
how emotions related to your death will affect this person's decision-making ability.

Must-do No. 10: Create a will.
Everyone over the age of 18 should have a will. It is the rule book for distribution of
your assets and it could prevent havoc among your heirs. Wills are fairly
inexpensive documents to draft. Most attorneys can help you with this for less than
$1,000. If that's too rich for your blood, there are several good will-making
software packages available online for home computer use. Just make sure that you
always sign and date your will, have two witnesses sign it and obtain a notarization
on the final draft.

Must-do No. 11: Review and update your documents.
You should review your will for updates at least once every two years and after any
major life-changing events (marriage, divorce, birth of child and so on). Life is
constantly changing and your inventory list is likely to change from year to year

Must-do No. 12: Send copies of your will to your estate administrator.
Once your will is finalized, signed, witnessed and notarized, you'll want to make
sure that your estate administrator gets a copy. You should also keep a copy in a
safe-deposit box and in a safe place at home.

Must-do No. 13: Visit a financial planner or estate attorney.
While you may think that you've covered all avenues, it's always a good idea to
have a full investment and insurance plan done at least once every five years. If
you're not looking to spend the money for professional help, there are several good
books out there on getting your financial plan and estate in check. As you get older,
life throws new curveballs at you, such as considerations for long-term care
insurance and protecting your estate from a large tax bill or lengthy court
processes. Tips like having an emergency medical contact card in your purse or
wallet are little things that many people never think of.

Must-do No. 14: Initiate important estate-plan documents.
Procrastination is the biggest enemy of estate planning. While none of us likes to
think about dying, the fact of the matter is that improper or no planning can lead to
family disputes, assets going into the wrong hands, long court litigations and huge
amounts of dollars in federal tax. At minimum, you should create a will, power of
attorney, health care surrogate, trusts, living will and assign guardianship for your
kids and pets. Also make sure that all the concerned individuals have copies of
these documents.

Must-do No. 15: Simplify your life.
If you've changed jobs over the years, it's likely you have several 401k-type
retirement plans still open with past employers or maybe even several different IRA
accounts. While this normally won't create a big problem while you're alive (except
lots of additional paperwork and account management), you may want to consider
consolidating these accounts into one individual IRA account to take advantage of
better investment choices, lower costs, a larger selection of investments, more
control and less paperwork/easier management when assets are consolidated.

Must-do No. 16: Take advantage of college funding accounts.
The 529 plan is a unique tax-advantaged investment account for college savings. In
addition, most universities do not consider 529 plans in the financial aid/scholarship
calculation if a grandparent is listed as the custodian. The really nice feature is that
growth and withdrawals from the account (if used for "qualified" education
expenses) are tax-free.
Now you have the ammunition to get a pretty good jump-start on reviewing your
overall financial and estate picture; the rest is up to you. While you're sitting
around the house watching your favorite sports team or television show, pull out a
tablet or laptop and start making your lists. You'll be surprised how much "stuff"
you've accumulated over the years. You'll also find that your inventory and debts
lists will come in handy for other things such as homeowners insurance and getting
a firm grip on your expenses.

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