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									       House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                      Liam Byrne MP

Hodge Hill
Funding Book

                                      House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                     Liam Byrne MP

                                                                    Page Number

GOVERNMENT FUNDING                                                              5

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI):                                          6

Department of Health (DoH):                                                      7

Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS):                                 10

Home Office (HO):                                                               12

Department for Education and Skills                                             15

Department of Transport                                                         17

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM):                                     20

FutureBuilders                                                                  23

Department for Work and Pensions                                                24

The National Lottery                                                            25

Sports England                                                                  26

Heritage Lottery Fund:                                                          28

Awards for All:                                                                 29

Big Lottery Fund                                                                30

Community Fund                                                                  31

Reaching Communities Fund                                                       33

Other Government Resource Briefs                                                34
  Regional Development Agencies                                                 34
  Business Links                                                                34
  Companies House                                                               34
  Community Interest Companies                                                  34
  Charity Commission                                                            35
  Adventure Capital                                                             35

                                      House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                     Liam Byrne MP

NON-GOVERNMENT FUNDING                                                         36

B&Q Better Neighbour Grant Scheme & Over 60s Discount Card                      37

The Hanson Environment Fund                                                     39

Centro/West Midlands Travel Ring and Ride                                       41

Aston Reinvestment Trust                                                        49

Birmingham Charities & Voluntary Groups                                         51

Social Enterprise Coalition                                                     52

Mutuo                                                                           53

Community Action Network                                                        53

The School for Social Entrepreneurs                                             54

UnLtd                                                                           54

Triodos Bank                                                                    55

Co-operative & Community Finance                                                55

Big Lottery Fund – Reaching Communities Fund (England)                          56

Regional Social Enterprise Organisations                                        56
  Social Enterprises in the East Midlands                                       56
  Social Enterprise London                                                      57
  Social Enterprise South East Partnership                                      57
  RISE                                                                          58

                                 House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                Liam Byrne MP

To make this booklet easier to use, this page has sub-headings to easily
navigate to those schemes that may be of particular interest to different

Young People

Positive Activities for Young People                               8
Children‟s Fund                                                    9
Local Network Fund for Children and Young People                   14
Arts Council England                                               24
Youth Services                                                     41


Warm Front                                                         39
Centro West Midlands Travel                                        36

Road Safety and Transport

Bus Service Operators Grant                                        15
Road Safety Challenge Fund                                         17
Centro West Midlands Travel                                        36


Connected Fund                                                     10
Purposeful Activities Fund                                         12
Community Champions Fund                                           13
Single Community Programme                                         20
Awards funding from the National Lottery                           26
B&Q Better Neighbourhood Scheme                                    32


Living Spaces                                                      18
Groundwork                                                         19
B&Q Better Neighbourhood Scheme                                    32
The Hanson Environment Fund                                        34


Opportunities for Volunteering                                     6


Advantage West Midlands                                            5
ART – Finance for Enterprise                                       44

            House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                           Liam Byrne MP

Section 1

Government Funding

                                 House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                      Liam Byrne MP

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI):
      Advantage West Midlands:

       3 Priestley Wharf, Holt Street, Aston Science Park, Birmingham, B7 4BN

       Phone: 0121 380 3500

       Web site: http://www.advantagewm.co.uk

       Investing around £300million each year into activities that will help transform
       the West Midlands‟ economy focussing on:

       Business – improving the collective performance of traditional industries and
       diversifying our business base;

       Skills - leading the work of the West Midlands Regional Skills Partnership to
       set skills policy and priorities;

       Infrastructure - working to improve our transport, communication and land and
       property infrastructure;

       Communities - helping all of them, whether urban or rural, enjoy a better
       quality of life; and providing a powerful voice for the region by promoting the
       West Midlands nationally and internationally.

       Case Studies:

       In Bordesley an £18m super-college, in partnership with South Birmingham
       College, Birmingham and Solihull Learning and Skills Council and
       Government Office opened in autumn 2004. Approximately 2,500 students a
       year will be trained to become bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, plasterers,
       roofs and other skilled workers.

       £3.5m project in partnership with Birmingham City Council and GOWM to
       transform a derelict petrol station into a community facility. Work started in
       January 2005 on the project which will be built by Thomas Vale Construction.
       When the scheme is complete, it will run training and education courses,
       provide health and social services advice, a crèche, space for musical
       performances and recreation and a cyber café.

                             House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                Liam Byrne MP

Department of Health (DoH):

  Opportunities for Volunteering: (OFV)

  Sharon Fontaine, Voluntary and Community Sector Partnership Team,
  Department of Health, Area 5C03, Quarry House, Quarry Hill, Leeds, LS2

  Phone: 0113 25 45 122


  Web site: http://www.volunteering.org.uk

  A Department of Health scheme which distributes approximately £6.9
  million per year to 300 local health and social care projects in England.
  OFV aims to enable local voluntary sector health and social care
  organisations in England to involve volunteers in their work. Volunteering
  England (VE) is one of 16 national charities that distributes OFV grants on
  behalf of the Department of Health. In total VE distributes approximately
  £1.75 million a year, of which £580,000 is in grants to new projects.

  Grants of £500 - £1,500 will be available to individual people or informal
  groups of people (e.g.: a group of work colleagues) to organize a project or
  activity in their area which will make a difference to their community.

  Grants of £1,000 - £4,000 will be available to formal groups and societies
  (e.g.: parent's groups) and not-for-profit organizations (e.g.: registered
  charities; schools) to support individual people to organize their own
  project or activity.

  Grants of up to £6,000 are available to consortia of groups or
  organizations that want to work in partnership with each other to support
  individual people to organize their own project or activity.

  Examples of types of projects funded:

                            House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                             Liam Byrne MP

   a Parent and Teacher Association to involve other parents and pupils
    in the creation of a wildlife garden
   a community based health care organisation to support local people to
    set up their own self-help group
   a local history group to run a community based history project
   a residents association or concern group to campaign for
    improvements to local facilities
   a youth group to run an intergeneration project
   a community/volunteer development agency to support local people to
    set up and run their own initiative e.g.: a mothers and toddlers group
   a group of work colleagues to set up a football club at a local
    community centre
   an individual to involve neighbours and colleagues in setting up a
    neighbourhood visiting or shopping scheme for older residents

All activities funded by a 2005 small grant must aim to involve new people
in the planning and delivery of the activity.

If you would like a copy of the application form, please call 020 7520 8991
(Monday to Friday, 10.00 – 12.30).

House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                               Liam Byrne MP

                              House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                Liam Byrne MP

Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS):

  Positive Activities for Young People (PAYP):

  Connexions Team, Government Office for the West Midlands, 5 St
  Philip‟s Place, Colmore Row, Birmingham, B3 2PW

  Phone: 0121 352 5441

  Internet: www.go-wm.gov.uk

  e-mail: connexions.team@gowm.gsi.gov.uk

  A nationwide scheme that aims to divert and develop those young people
  most at risk of social exclusion or committing crime by involving them in
  voluntary sporting and cultural activities during school holidays and out-of-
  school hours.

  The aim of the programme is to reduce youth offending and encourage
  and support young people to return to education or training. The
  emphasis is very much on providing quality developmental sports, arts and
  creative activities that are not only appealing but are focused on each
  young person's individual needs, equipping them with new skills, improving
  their self-esteem and breaking down ethnic and cultural barriers. Key
  worker support – provided through the Connexions Service - will help
  those most at risk.

                               House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                  Liam Byrne MP

Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS):

  Children’s Fund:

  Sure Start and Children‟s Fund Team, Government Office for the West
  Midlands, 5 St Philip‟s Place, Colmore Row, Birmingham, B3 2PW

  Phone: 0121 352 5050

  Internet: www.go-wm.gov.uk

  e-mail: surestart&childrensfund@gowm.gsi.gov.uk

  The Children‟s Fund focuses on developing services to ensure that those
  children and young people most at risk of social exclusion are identified
  early and given the necessary support to overcome disadvantage and
  achieve their potential. It offers them a range of positive activities designed
  to help them overcome any difficulties they may face later in life.

  The Local Network Fund gives small community groups direct access to
  Government money. This will help all Children and Young people to beat
  the effects of child poverty. Grants range from £250 to £7,000.

                              House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                  Liam Byrne MP

Home Office (HO):
  Connected Fund:

  Carole Ennifer, Gun Crime Team, Home Office, 5th Floor, 50 Queen
  Anne‟s Gate, London, SW1H 9AT

  Phone: 0207 273 3967

  e-mail: connected@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk

  Web site: http://www.crimereduction.co.uk/funding

  The Home Office Connected Fund is designed to support small, locally
  managed community groups and organisations tackling gun crime and gun
  culture in their local areas, particularly in those areas most affected by gun
  crime. This can be through kick-starting new initiatives or boosting ongoing
  projects, or through help with capacity building. The maximum grant for
  this is £5,000.

  Aims of the Connected Fund

     To support small community groups tackling gun crime and gun culture
      in their local areas
     To kick-start new initiatives and boost on-going projects in those areas
      most affected by gun crime
     To help with capacity building for community based grassroots

  Our Funding Criteria

  Your project must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Work with young people involved in, or at risk of becoming involved in
  gun crime and gangs

                            House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                               Liam Byrne MP

2. Support victims of gun crime and their families (e.g. providing advice
and support for witnesses)

3. Invest in and support the involvement of local people in decision-making
processes that impact on law enforcement agencies in tackling gun crime
and improving trust in the community. Particularly prioritising young people
(16-25) and under-represented groups. The fund will prioritise projects in
high gun crime areas such as London, Birmingham, Manchester,
Nottingham, Leeds, Liverpool and Bristol.

                                 House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                     Liam Byrne MP

Purposeful Activities Fund:

Immigration and Nationality Directorate, c/o Michael Bell Associates, 11-12
Copper Row, Tower Bridge Piazza, London, SE1 2LH.

e-mail: jenny@mba4consultancy.co.uk

The Purposeful Activities Fund supports projects that enable asylum seekers
to interact with, and make a positive contribution to, the communities in which
they reside. Priority is given to applications that build basic skills which will be
useful to asylum seekers in the longer term, whether they stay in the UK or
return to their country of origin.

   Priority will be given to applications that demonstrate a capacity for:

      promoting and supporting volunteering by asylum seekers in
       constructive activity;

      forming links with the host community;

      developing skills in asylum seekers that will be useful to them whether
       they remain in the United Kingdom or return to their country of origin.

Applications will have a greater chance of success if they can show how their
planned programme of activities will address one or more of the priorities
identified above and provide good value for money for the benefits anticipated
and the number of asylum seekers involved.

Applicants should contact the above address for further information.

                              House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                  Liam Byrne MP

Department for Education and Skills

  Community Champions Fund (DFES)

  Carol Williams, Government office for the West Midlands, 5 St Philip‟s
  Place, Colmore Row, Birmingham, B3 2PW

  Phone: 0121 352 5281

  e-mail: carol.williams@go-regions.gsi.gov.uk

  Web-site: www.dfes.gov.uk/communitychampions

  The Community Champions Fund supports the work of local people who
  encourage others to get involved in renewing their neighbourhoods. The
  maximum grant for this is £2,000.

  The Community Champions Fund has two main objectives:

  1. To increase the skills levels of individuals to enable them to act as
  inspirational figures, community entrepreneurs, community mentors,
  community leaders or community an amateurs; and

  2. To improve the involvement of communities in regeneration and
  learning activity by supporting key individuals who can drive forward
  community projects and pass on their expertise to others in their
  community and to other communities.

  Case Studies:

  Talkin' Drum received Community Champions funding to make a basic set
  of steel drums and hold drum workshops in schools and in the community.
  Talkin Drum' entertained guests at the West Midlands Regional
  Community Champions Awards ceremony in July 2004.

  Community Champions funding enabled a group of disabled people from
  Harborne in Birmingham to produce a 20 minute film on Disability Etiquette
  to help raise awareness in local communities about issues affecting
  disabled people

                           House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                            Liam Byrne MP

Local Network Fund for Children and Young People:

Jay Campbell, Children, Young People and Families Directorate, GD
Caxton House, 6-12 Tothill Street, London, SW1H 9HA

Phone: 0207 273 1123

e-mail: jay.campbell@dfes.gsi.gov.uk

Web site: www.go-wm.gov.uk

The Local Network Fund for Children and Young People is a DfES
programme which supports small voluntary and community groups to
improve outcomes and opportunities for vulnerable children and young
people aged 0-19.

The fund provides support and funding to enable community groups to
develop and provide services and activities for children and young people
in their areas.

Advice and support on project development, establishing and running
community groups and developing safeguarding procedures is available,
along with grants between £250 and £7000.

Local community groups who want to apply for a Local Network Fund
grant can contact the National Call Centre on 0845 113 0161 for an
application pack.

                              House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                               Liam Byrne MP

Department of Transport (DfT):

Bus Service Operators Grant:

Department for Transport, Bus Service Operators Grant Section, Zone 3/13,
Great Minster House, 76 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DR

Tel: 0207 944 5980

E-mail: darwin.gunewardena@dft.gsi.gov.uk

Web site: http://www.dft.gov.uk

Paid to operators of local bus services and community transport. It currently
reimburses around 80% of the fuel duty incurred by bus operators. The
2005/06 budget for this scheme is £380 million.

Those who are eligible for this grant are those whose services are used
wholly by one of the following:

   a) persons who have attained the age of 60 years;

   b) disabled persons*;

   c) persons in receipt of income support under section 124 of the Social
   Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992;

   d) persons in receipt of jobseeker's allowance under the Jobseekers Act

   e) persons suffering a degree of social exclusion by virtue of
   unemployment, poverty or other economic factors, homelessness,
   geographical remoteness, ill health, or religious or cultural mores;

   f) persons who believe that it would be unsafe for them to use any public
   passenger transport services; or

   g) carers or persons under 16 years of age accompanying any of the

                         House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                         Liam Byrne MP

*For this purpose, a person is disabled if he or she has a physical or
mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect
on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.

                              House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                               Liam Byrne MP

The Road Safety Grant Challenge Fund:

John Doyle, Department for Transport, Zone 2/13, Great Minster House,

Phone: 0207 944 2026

e-mail John.Doyle@dft.gsi.gov.uk

Web site: http://www.dft.gov.uk

Assists with the costs of projects promoting road safety proposed by
organisations other than local authorities. The 2005/06 budget for this
scheme is £260k.

The targets are to reduce deaths and serious injuries overall by 40% and
by 50% for children; to reduce slight injuries by 10%; and also to tackle the
significantly higher incidence in disadvantaged communities. Applications
for grants will therefore need to promote casualty reduction and reflect the
priorities of the Road Safety Strategy.

These include:

Novice driver safety;

Child safety, especially that of child pedestrians;

Drivers‟ attitude to speed;

Improving safety of vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists,
motorcyclists & horse riders);

Fleet driver safety;

Driver Impairment; and

Tackling the higher incidence of injuries among disadvantaged

                              House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                               Liam Byrne MP

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM):

Three main programmes are funded by the ODPM which are available to local
spending bodies and locally managed organisations. They are:

Living Spaces:

General Enquiries: Living Spaces, PO Box 2014, Reading, RG4 7XU.

Phone: 0845 600 3190


Web site: http://www.living-spaces.org.uk

This is a £30million programme where grants of up to £100,000 are available
to local community groups to improve local environments. Living Spaces is
helping people improve open spaces in their neighbourhood and creating
valuable places for the whole community to enjoy.

A lot of people have good ideas but need a little help to nurture their plans
and let them take root. Living Spaces is providing that help. A network of
trained Living Spaces Enablers is on hand across the country assessing
applications and helping turn ideas into reality.

                               House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                  Liam Byrne MP


Groundwork West Midlands, 6 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham, B2 5ST

Phone: 0121 200 1314

e-mail: info@groundwork.org.uk

Web site: http://www.groundwork.org.uk

A £41.5million programme running until 2008 which contributes towards the
running costs and some project activity of individual Ground work Trusts. Its
aim is to bring about environmental regeneration in deprived urban areas by
getting residents, businesses and other local organisations involved in
practical projects that improve local environments.

Groundwork recognises that people, places and prosperity are inextricably
linked and so aims to design projects that bring benefits for all three at once.
We believe this integrated approach is vital if we are to bring about
sustainable development - 'meeting the needs of the present without
compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs'.

Case Study:

The Alban Way is a 6.5 mile cycle route in Hertfordshire which has been
extensively improved by a partnership of Groundwork, local authorities and
the private sector. Work has included construction of a new bridge, installation
of signs to attract more cyclists onto the route and the creation of a 'Friends
of' group to organise cycling events and activities, and to help monitor
maintenance of the route.

                               House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                  Liam Byrne MP

Single Community Programme:

Mark Tovey, 77 Paradise Circus, Queensway, Birmingham, B1 2DT

Phone: 0121 352 5299

e-mail: mark.tovey@gowm.gsi.gov.uk

Web site: http://www.neighbourhood.gov.uk

A three year programme, with funding of £37million in 2005/06, and similar
amounts in the subsequent two years. The programme is made up of mainly
small grants payable to local voluntary organisations for cleaning graffiti and
other similar tasks.

The Single Community Programme has four objectives:
   1. To maintain Community Empowerment Networks so that they engage
      fully in the Local Strategic Partnership.

   2. To support community learning through small grants and the
      development of learning strategies.

   3. To support the development of active and resourceful communities by
      providing small grants.

   4. To support community involvement in neighbourhood-level
      partnerships so that residents can play a central role in driving
      neighbourhood renewal.

The Single Community Programme is the combination of the Neighbourhood
Renewal Community Chest, the Community empowerment Fund and the
Community Learning Chests.

                               House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                 Liam Byrne MP


FutureBuilders England is the government backed £125 million investment
fund to help the voluntary and community sector deliver better public services.
The Fund provides a combination of grants and loans for organisations that
deliver public services and earn revenue by forming contracts with public
sector agencies. It has a three year contract with the Home Office to run the
fund (expires end of 2006).

From May 2006, they are changing their application process to one which
runs on a continuous basis.

They provide access to funding. Conditions around future income streams
(set % from contracts) to avoid grant dependency.

Deal with health and social care – 29 of the 102 organisations they have
invested in are health and social care organisations (roughly eight are health
and the rest social). They provide funding to Sefton Carers, who‟s provision
of short-term respite has been a model for the White Paper.

An example of health organisation they have funded is the Total Healthcare
Practice, based in Edmonton, North London, who they have given £90,000
loan and grant to.

                            House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                            Liam Byrne MP

Department for Work and Pensions

  The Pension Service Partnership Fund

  The The Pension Service Partnership Fund, operated by the Department
  for Work and Pensions (DWP), is currently funding two projects for older
  people in Birmingham. Community Advice, Support and Advocacy Centre
  (CASA) and Black Country Housing and Community Services Group Ltd.
  have both been awarded two years funding for projects to promote the
  take-up of benefits and complementary services by older people in

  The Fund has also awarded funding to another 12 organisations in the
  West Midlands including two in Coventry, one in Oldbury and one in

                             House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                               Liam Byrne MP

The National Lottery

     Arts Council England:

     82 Granville Street, Birmingham, B1 2LH

     Phone: 0845 300 6200; Textphone: 0121 643 2815

     Web site: www.artscouncil.org.uk

     Arts Council England Grants for the arts are aimed at arts
     organisations, touring arts groups or non-art organisations wanting to
     bring the arts into their work. Grants can be used to support projects
     that involve high quality arts activity for people to enjoy. They can
     support new ideas and excellence in arts development, and support
     projects that increase opportunities for cultural diversity in the arts.

     Grants range from £5,000 - £200,000 and are available for capital
     items, training, research, commissions, residencies, arts activities,
     projects, events, marketing, education, audience development and
     improving long term stability.

                         House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                             Liam Byrne MP

Sports England:

Asad Khan, 5th Floor, No3 Broadway, Five Ways, Birmingham,
B15 1BQ

Phone: 08458 508 508

e-mail: asad.khan@sportengland.org

Web site: www.sportengland.org

The new Community Investment fund distributes awards to projects
that support our core objectives of start, stay and succeed in sport and
physical activity in the region. Applicants can seek funding for sports
projects that are either capital or revenue, or a combination of the two.

The region has a total budget of £7million to distribute between April
2004 and March 2009. Our Regional Sport Board will make decisions
on awards set out against the criteria outlined in our Regional Plan for

Case Study:
In Ledbury, West Midlands, a focal point was needed for outdoor sport in the
local community. The rugby club pitches needed upgrading and additional
facilities provided to allow local clubs and groups to use the site and get

Sport England invested over £300,000 of Lottery money towards developing
Ledbury Rugby Club‟s existing facilities. Lottery money provided a multi
purpose clubhouse extension, community changing facilities, car parking,
drainage and improvements to playing fields and floodlighting.

The new and expanded facilities at Ledbury Rugby Club were opened in
November 1999. This excellent facility has led to the formation of four new
clubs   covering     netball,     athletics,     cricket     and      rugby.

Ledbury Rugby Club now provides a superb multi-sport environment giving
opportunities to the community and young people to benefit from coaching
and         organised       competitions      at       the         clubs.

What were the results?

                          House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                               Liam Byrne MP

   Use of the clubhouse has increased by 40% to over 21,000 a year helping
    Sport England towards its targets of increasing participation by 1% a year
    up to 2020
   The number of under 18 coaching hours has increased by 92% to 23
    hours a week
   Adult coaching hours have boomed from 8 to 16 hours a week
   An additional 13,000 people use the club for social and business use
   A sports development manager now works 18 hours a week at the club
   The indoor activity hall is used for yoga, martial arts, kickboxing, land
    training for the swimming club and live Jazz

                              House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                 Liam Byrne MP

Heritage Lottery Fund:

      Bank House, 8 Cherry Street, Birmingham, B2 5AL

      Phone: 0121 616 6870

      e-mail: westmidlands@hlf.org.uk

      Web site: www.hlf.org.uk

      The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) enables all of us to celebrate, look
      after and learn more about our diverse heritage.

      From our great museums and historic buildings to local parks or
      recording and celebrating traditions and customs, HLF grants open up
      our nation‟s heritage for everyone to enjoy.

      Small grants available from £5,000 - £50, 000.
      Large grants more than £50,000.

      Case Study:

      The Wyre Forest Adventure project will involve the restoration of the
      ancient Wyre forest landscape; restoration of associated ancient
      woodland habitats; interpretation of the Wyre landscape and raising
      environmental awareness of its assets as an exemplar of broader
      environmental values/need and identification of training need to sustain
      traditional skills and practices and their future application; enhancing
      the value of Wyre in people's daily lives achieved in part by engaging
      local communities and visitors in decisions about its future value to and
      use by society. The project was granted funding of £50,000 by the
      Heritage Fund.

                               House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                  Liam Byrne MP

Awards for All:

      8th Floor, Edmund House, 12-22 Newhall Street, Birmingham, B3 3NL

      Phone: 0121 200 3511

      e-mail: west.midlands@awardsforall.org.uk

      Web site: www.awardsforall.org.uk

      Small grants for arts, heritage, community, sports, education, health
      and environment projects. Awards for All aims to fund community
      projects which extend access and participation, increase skill and
      creativity, and improve the quality of life. Small grants from £500 -

      Case Study:

      Arty Party 2000 was set up to raise awareness of the lives, feelings
      and capabilities of people with a disability and to provide participatory
      arts activities for them. This group, at present made up primarily of
      people with learning disabilities, was successful in obtaining an Awards
      for All Lottery grant. The grant has paid for artists to lead the weekly
      activities, and support workers and transport, which are an essential
      part of living for people with disabilities, to enable them to participate.

                              House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                Liam Byrne MP

Big Lottery Fund

      8th Floor, Edmund House, 12-22 Newhall Street, Birmingham, B3 3NL

      Phone: 0121 200 3500

      e-mail: enquiries.wm@biglotteryfund.org.uk

      Web site: www.biglotteryfund.org.uk

      The creation of the Big Lottery Fund provides us with the opportunity to
      bring together the funding programmes of the Community Fund and the
      New Opportunities Fund. In addition the Big Lottery Fund will have the
      ability to fund large-scale regeneration projects of the type previously
      funded by the Millennium Commission.

      The Big Lottery Fund's programmes will provide funding for a wide
      range of organisations including voluntary and community
      organisations, local authorities, health bodies, schools and other
      education bodies, and private

      The Open programmes will provide funding for voluntary and
      community organisations and will be similar to programmes run by the
      Community Fund. The aims and outcomes of the programmes are
      likely to be broad and organisations will normally develop their own
      ideas for funding and apply for a grant by submitting an application
      form. The Government has stated that these programmes will not be
      subject to any higher control than the Community Fund is currently.

      The Big Lottery Fund will give out more than £2.3 billion between 2006
      and 2009. Sixty to seventy per cent of Big Lottery money will go to
      voluntary and community organisations.

                              House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                 Liam Byrne MP

Community Fund

     1 Plough Place, London, EC4A 1DE

     Phone: 020 7211 1800

     e-mail: enquiries@biglotteryfund.org.uk

     Web site: www.community-fund.org.uk

     Community Fund gives Lottery money to charities and voluntary and
     community groups. We give grants mainly to help meet the needs of
     those at greatest disadvantage in society and also to improve the
     quality of life in the community. So far we have given £2.4 billion to
     54,000 charities and community groups.

     Your organisation does not have to be a registered charity to apply for
     grant, but it must be set up for charitable, benevolent or philanthropic

     You must apply to the country or England region where most of the
     people who benefit from your project live. For England-wide and UK-
     wide projects and for those covering more than one country of the UK
     or more than three England regions you should apply to our Strategic
     grants office.

     We run a number of different grants programmes to suit different
     organisations and projects.

     Grants for large projects is for groups whose total project costs more
     than £60,000 (or more than £30,000 if it involves property).

     Grants for medium-sized projects is for groups whose total project
     (not just in one year) costs less than £60,000, or the total cost of any
     building construction or refurbishment work is less than £30,000
     excluding VAT.

                       House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                         Liam Byrne MP

Our Strategic grants programme is for UK-wide or England-wide
projects, or for those covering more than one country of the UK or
three or more England regions. Grants are made under our Large or
Medium grants programmes. There is no limit to the size of grant you
can apply for.

We run an International grants programme for UK-based
organisations running development projects abroad.

Our Research grants programme is for voluntary organisations who
want to get involved in social and medical research.

The Awards for All programme gives small grants to small groups.

                             House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                             Liam Byrne MP

Reaching Communities Fund

     8th Floor, Edmund House, 12-22 Newhall Street, Birmingham, B3 3NL

     Phone: 0121 200 3500

     e-mail: enquiries.wm@biglotteryfund.org.uk

     Web site: www.biglotteryfund.org.uk

     Reaching Communities is a demand led, lightly prescribed programme
     which aims to improve the quality of life of local communities in
     England. Reaching Communities will bring a number of improvements
     to Lottery funding for the voluntary and community (VCS), the main
     beneficiary of this programme.

     The Reaching Communities;

           Can make grants up to £500,000 nearly twice the size of the
            maximum under the old Community Fund VCS programme.
           Can fund projects for up to five years, two years more than the
            previous VCS programme. This means that applicants are better
            able to plan, manage and deliver their projects.
           Will have a budget in year one of £100 million.

                                House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                  Liam Byrne MP

Other Government Resource Briefs

Regional Development Agencies

Nine Regional Development Agencies covering the same area as local
government offices.

Social Enterprise is obviously just part of what they do, but they actively
support it.

Deals with health and social care. East Midlands Community Dental
Association is the first dental social enterprise providing services to an area
which lack NHS dentists. The East Midlands Development Agency and
central government are supporting it.

Business Links

Offer “Practical advice for business” – advice and funding National site. On-
line resources / publications for settling up businesses. Local site for regions.

One which is www.blwy.co.uk Business Link West Yorkshire offers a
specialist programme called West Yorkshire Ventures www.wyventures.co.uk
for high growth businesses who will expect to turn over £1 million by year 3.
One their case studies is “Midwives on line.”

Companies House

Resources for setting up a company – forms etc. Also access to register of

Community Interest Companies

Useful background on new types of company set ups for community benefits.
Fits social enterprise model.

                                House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                   Liam Byrne MP

Charity Commission

Lots of free publications to order or download – useful for accounting,
governance even if not setting up a charity.

Adventure Capital

Funding combination of three governments – DTI, ODPM and HO plus RDAs.
Mentoring, business advice and support play an equal part with funding in
investments. They exist to offer loans, funding and some gift capital to fill the
gap between traditional grant aid and commercial loans (such as those from
Banks or other lenders). They seek to encourage organisations to use
different types of finance, and to begin to move away from relying on grant
support in the long term.

            House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                           Liam Byrne MP

Section 2

Non-Government Funding

                               House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                 Liam Byrne MP

B&Q Better Neighbour Grant Scheme & Over 60s Discount Card

      B&Q Superstore, 1 Station Road, Stechford, Birmingham, B33 9AX

      Phone: 0121 789 7227

      Web site: www.diy.com

     Every B&Q store is striving to be a „better neighbour‟ by forming
      partnerships within its local community.

      Through the Better Neighbour Grant Scheme, schools, community
      groups and charitable organisations can apply to their local B&Q store
      for funding to support a local community project.

      The B&Q Better Neighbour Grants are available to help get a
      community project up and running. The scheme provides £50 to £500
      (at retail cost) of B&Q materials, for example, pond liners, plants, peat-
      free compost for projects such as a pond/wildlife garden or paints
      labelled low or minimal VOC for redecoration projects.

      Stores can also use the Better Neighbour Grant Scheme as part of
      their relationship with their recognised local community partners.

      It is important that the project is sustainable. For example, the
      materials and final result should have long-lasting benefit to the
      community. Better Neighbour Grants do not cover maintenance, so the
      project should be designed for easy care.

     B&Q have also recently launched a national trial of their Over 60s
      Discount Card. The card entitles over 60s to a 10percent discount in
      all B&Q stores every Wednesday. The trial will run for 5 months
      initially. Discounts have been available to people over 60 in B&Q
      Supercentres for several years, but this trial broadens the offer to
      incorporate all stores throughout the UK.

                                   House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                    Liam Byrne MP

How to apply for a Better Neighbour Grant

           Step 1
           To apply for a grant, applicants will need to contact the environmental
           champion, diversity champion or store manager at their local B&Q
           store, to discuss project details.

           Step 2
           A letter, on headed paper, from the organisation is required. This
           should include details of the organisation and project, materials
           required, duration of the project and any involvement from the
           organisation and its aims and benefits. Photographs or plans of the
           project are optional.

           Step 3
           The application will be reviewed.

                                House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                 Liam Byrne MP

The Hanson Environment Fund

      Hanson Environment Fund, Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (RSWT),
      The Kiln, Waterside, Mather Road, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24

      Phone: 0870 036 1000

      e-mail: grants@rswt.org

      Web site: www.hansonenvfund.org

      Hanson set up its Environment Fund in 1997, using landfill tax credits
      accumulated by the company, to support environmental and
      community initiatives from not-for-profit organisations. The Hanson
      Environment Fund has distributed more than £15 million in the last
      eight years, to support more than 800 projects across the UK.

      The fund offers two levels of support:

     Community Grants Scheme: Grants between £250 and £5,000
      available for community amenities, and wildlife and habitat

     Main Grants Scheme: Grants between £5,001 and £25,000 for the
      creation and improvement of parks and public amenities and the
      creation, restoration and management of areas specifically designed to
      safeguard and/or enhance biodiversity.

      Case Study:

      Brumcan Ltd, Waste Action – Birmingham, West Midlands.

      Birmingham is a large multi-cultural city containing 404,000 households
      with a population of one million. It contains a variety of neighbourhoods
      and communities spanning a range of ACORN neighbourhood profiles,
      with different socio-economic mixes, demographics, attitudes and
      cultures. Brumcan Ltd has used a £33,534 grant from the fund to
      encourage and promote waste minimisation, re-use and recycling

                          House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                             Liam Byrne MP

amongst    three   very    different   neighbourhoods   of   Birmingham.

The award, supported and made possible by a contribution from
Birmingham City Council, enabled the production of three
neighbourhood waste plans. These were presented in the form of 'user
friendly' tool-kits, which demonstrate local solutions to the unique and
specific problems of waste, experienced by each of the
neighbourhoods concerned.

The kits were developed through a high level of community
involvement, workshops, community events and focus group
comparisons about 'attitudes to waste'.

Ideas and information are shared through Brumcan's Waste Action
web-page and two project seminars, where residents and community
groups concerned from all three neighbourhoods will get together to
share good practice, compare indicators and discuss their plans.

                              House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                 Liam Byrne MP

Centro/West Midlands Travel Ring and Ride

      Centro, 16 Summer Lane, Birmingham, B19 3SD

      Phone: 0121 200 2787

      e-mail: www.centro.org.uk

      What is Ring and Ride?

      For many people in the community with limited mobility, getting around
      independently is a big problem. This prevents them from living their
      lives how they want to, by restricting choice and opportunity.

      In response to this, Ring and Ride provides a door to door bus service,
      which is aimed at meeting individual travel needs.

      Being available 365 days a year, from 08:00am to 11:00pm means that
      people have a greater choice of when they can travel.

      Can I use the       Ring and Ride?

      To qualify to use Ring and Ride you must:

     Have a mobility problem which makes it difficult or impossible for you to
      use conventional public transport.

     Be a resident of one of the seven West Midlands Urban Boroughs
      which are: Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull,

     You can be any age.

     You must complete a form declaring that you have a mobility problem.

     The Charity may ask you to produce a Doctor‟s Note if there is doubt
      about qualification to use the service.

                         House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                           Liam Byrne MP

How to register

If you want to register to use Ring and Ride then you or somebody on
your behalf should contact the office for the area in which you live.

The telephone number is:

Birmingham East/ Solihull - which includes: Alum Rock, Bordesley
Green, Castle, Bromwich, Dorridge, Knowle, Shard End, Small Heath,
Yardley                                                      etc.
Telephone: 0121 784 6644

Free Travel Over 60’s

If you are aged 60 and over and live in the West Midlands County,
you are entitled to free travel.

This means you can use one of the best public transport networks
in the country for free.

So, whether you're travelling to the shops, visiting friends and family or
enjoying a day out at one of the many attractions in the West Midlands,
your travel pass will help you make the most of your leisure time or

The application form can be downloaded from www.centro.org.uk and
handed in to any main post office in the West Midlands region. You can
also apply at your local neighbourhood office.

                               House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                 Liam Byrne MP

West Midlands Planning Aid Service (WMPAS)

319 The Custard Factory
Gibb Street
B9 4AA

0121 693 5568

Planning Aid is the provision of free, independent and professional advice and
support on town planning matters to disadvantaged community groups and
individuals who cannot afford a planning consultant.

WMPAS relies on referrals from sources of advice such as MPs. If you are
looking for help with planning matters, please contact Liam and he will contact
WMPAS on your behalf.

                                    House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                       Liam Byrne MP

Warm Front – a Guide

The Warm Front scheme provides grants to help keep you warm and make your home
more energy efficient.

Who is eligible for a grant?

1. Householders aged 60 or over and in receipt of one or more of the following benefits:

    Income Support
    Council Tax Benefit
    Housing Benefit
    Job Seekers Allowance (Income-based)
    Pension Credit


2. Householders who (a) have a child under 16, or (b) are pregnant and have been
given maternity certificate MAT B1 in relation to the pregnancy concerned, and are also
in receipt of one or more of the following benefits:

    Income Support
    Council Tax Benefit
    Housing Benefit
    Job Seekers Allowance (Income-based)
    Pension Credit


3. Householders in receipt of one or more of the following benefits:

   Working Tax Credit with income less than £15,050 + Disability Element
   Disability Living Allowance (has to be householder or spouse)
   Child Tax Credit with income less than £15,050
   Housing Benefit + Disability Element (has to be householder or spouse)
   Attendance Allowance
   Council Tax + Disability Allowance (has to be householder or spouse)
   War Disablement Pension (Constant Attendance Allowance or Mobility
   Industrial Industries Disablement Benefit (+Constant Attendance Allowance)
   Income Support + Disability Element (has to be householder or spouse)

                                   House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                     Liam Byrne MP

Grant Provision

The Warm Front grant is up to a maximum of £2,700, except where oil central heating is
being installed or repaired where a maximum of £4,000 will apply.

If you or your property has previously received any measures under Warm Front,
the value of the grant available to you under the new Warm Front scheme will be
the balance of £2,700 or £4,000, if oil central heating is involved, less the value of
all works previously completed under Warm Front.


       To be defined as a householder you must own or privately rent your home. If
renting, your landlord‟s permission for alterations to be made must be granted first.
       The term householder includes your spouse or partner if they co-habit your home
       Partner means the spouse or person with whom you live, as husband or wife or
civil partner.

                           BY CALLING

     0800 316 6014

                                House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                  Liam Byrne MP

Youth Services


Birmingham City Football Club

Birmingham City Football Club already run a number of schemes within the
community utilising there influence upon young people. As a charity focused
on delivering services, BCFC participates in projects that have succeeded in
raising revenue funding, effectively acting as a service delivery partners.
Services include;

   i.     Saturday morning coaching with fully qualified F.A. coaches
   ii.    After school development centres
   iii.   Curriculum coaching within the school day
   iv.    Careers talks by members of BCFC staff


The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (UK) (NFTE)

Founded in the US, NFTE UK has become one of the primary
entrepreneurship education organisations in the UK since it was established
in 2000. It focuses on harnessing latent entrepreneurial talent in young people
at risk of dropping out of school. Today, NFTE operates principally operates in
London but is currently seeking to expand nationwide.

NFTE's aim is to empower young people, in and out of the school
environment, by teaching them the basics of starting and operating their own
businesses and introducing them to the principles of entrepreneurship through
the specialised NFTE curriculum. Its unique feature is its well researched and
internationally validated teacher-training programme, which is accompanied
by a substantial library of resources for teachers and students.


Skill Force - http://www.skillforce.org/

Skill Force uses former military personnel as instructors to help disaffected
school children develop self-confidence and acquire useful skills and is jointly
funded by the Ministry of Defence and the Department for Education and
Skills. It has 25 teams of instructors working with 3,000 pupils in over 100
schools across the country and whilst there are currently no Skill Force

                               House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                  Liam Byrne MP

projects running in Hodge Hill schools, although they are active in other
Birmingham constituencies.

Contact: Regional Director - Lucinda Elliott, e-mail:
Midlandsdirector@skillforce.org Telephone: 0115 947 6508 x 116


Millennium Volunteers

Millennium Volunteers (MV) is aimed at young people aged 16-24.
Millennium Volunteers (MVs) are young people who give up their free time to
help their local communities. You might find them coaching a school football
team, working at a community radio station or helping create a garden for
local residents. MV allows young people to build on their interests, to develop
themselves and make a difference to their community at the same time.

After 100 hours of volunteering, MVs will be presented with an Award signed
by the Minister for Skills and Vocational Education. However the ultimate aim
is to reach the 200 hours target, when MVs will receive an Award of
Excellence signed by the Secretary of State. Over 40,000 MVs have received
an Award of Excellence so far.


Career development

Connexions/ Fast Tomato/ AP4L

Connexions partnerships in the South West and Hampshire/ IOW has
experimented with using integrated profiling/ career planning systems linked
to databases of Modern Apprenticeships/ work experience placements to
strengthen services for young people planning their futures.

Initially piloted during the 14-19 Pathfinders, Hampshire/ IOW introduced the
integrated S-Cool AP4L system of individual learning planning, on-line work
experience, supported by a centrally managed employer database. This work
has been developed in partnership by West of England LSC (Bristol and its
surrounds). The system includes links to a managed learning environment,
and tools for e-guidance.
See http://www.fasttomato.com/media/press/articles/FT-AssessmentMatters-

                                House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                  Liam Byrne MP

2. Other City Council Administered Funds

BCC administered significant finance for local spending. Key sources include;

      Around £2 million in NRF funding allocated for the Hodge Hill District

      From 2003/4, a Youth and Community sub-block is separately
       identified within Education Formula Spending. This is to make clear
       the amount of money that should be devoted by local authorities to
       such services.

          The Government has made £513m available in potential resource
           to fund Local Authority youth and community services in 2003-04.
           This represents an average increase of 5.9 per cent compared with

          From this potential resource, Local Authorities nationally have
           allocated nearly £345m to their Youth Services for 2003-04.

                                House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                   Liam Byrne MP

Aston Reinvestment Trust

Telephone: 0121 359 2444

Fax: 0121 359 2333

Mail: 69 Aston Road North, Birmingham B6 4EA

E-mail: reinvest@gn.apc.org

Website: www.reinvest.co.uk

What is ART?

ART is a CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution) , based in
Birmingham and established in 1997. It was the first of its kind in the UK and
its model is now being replicated in many other regions. ART shares its
experiences with others in the sector, both in the UK and around the world,
and contributes to local and national UK government policy on access to
finance for enterprise.

The Need

ART is needed to fill gaps in the conventional finance market. It fills a niche
between bank lending, grant funding and charitable donations. Its remit is to
help create local jobs for local people.


ART lends between £2,000 and £50,000 to businesses and social enterprises
in Birmingham and North Solihull, which need funds to survive or grow, but
have been unable to secure them from conventional sources. The loan could
be for cash flow or to support a capital investment project. It could be part of a
finance package with other financiers, or stand alone. repayments terms vary
from 6 months to 10 years.


                               House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                  Liam Byrne MP

ART's portfolio of borrowers include limited companies, partnerships, sole
traders and registered charities. It has supported both innovative start-ups
and established enterprises in a range of sectors - manufacturing, services,
the care industry. education.


Private individuals and corporate companies can invest between £250 and
£20,000 in ART. Their return is social rather than finanical. As ART is
accredited by the DTI, investments may qualify for Community Investment
Tax\relief (CITR), which offers 5% per annum of the amount invested off
personal or corporation tax liabilities for a maximum of five years. This is
equivalent to a 6.3% return over five years, which compares favourably with
many savings accounts.

Individual and corporate investments provide a base from which ART is able
to attract additional funds from a variety of public and private sector sources.

All money invested in ART is used to provide loans. As these are repaid , the
money is reinvested in more loans

                                House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                    Liam Byrne MP

Birmingham Charities & Voluntary Groups

Norwich Union Community Stars

Norwich Union, which employs over 500 people in Birmingham, is one of the
leading financial services providers in the UK. The company has launched a
new regional giving scheme to offer financial support from £250 up to £1,500
to local registered charities in the Birmingham area as a branch of their
Community Stars programme. In addition, all charities receiving a Community
Stars donation will have an opportunity to be considered for an extra one-off
annual donation based on the success of their project.

Who is eligible?

Most charities are eligible to apply for a donation but it must be for a specific
grant project that will be completed within 12 months of receiving any
donation (if successful). Community Stars will consider applications form
local offices of national charities providing the project is specific to the region
being applied to.

Community Stars won‟t consider applications where the money is to be used
for salaries, or will be paid into general funds, or from a charity which has
already received a donation from the scheme in the previous 12 months. In
addition, the following will not be considered: political, sectarian or religious
causes, overseas and initiatives, public or private schools, and animal welfare

How do you apply?

Complete appropriate application form, including as much information as
possible to help the panel assess your request. Applications should be sent
to: Birmingham Regional Co-ordinator, c/o CSR Team, Norwich Union,
Wellington Row, York, YO90 1WR.

Charities wanting more information on the Community Stars Scheme, or an
application pack, should e-mail gcsr@norwich-union-life.co.uk or contact
Debbie Bullock on 01904 688348.

                                House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                   Liam Byrne MP

Social Enterprise Coalition

The national body for social coalition, with 5,000 members, they organise
events, produce publications (training materials, best practice) and resources
and offer a national voice for social enterprise.

The Social Enterprise Coalition‟s (SEC) manifesto makes several key points.
Three aspects in the Supporting Growth sections seem to cover the capacity
building side. The business support issue seems to be about having
specialists in Social Enterprise in Business Links rather than generalists.

SEC seem to favour generic support for new social enterprises:

Supporting growth – finance
SEC recommend that “government should explore the…establishment of
social venture capital funds which are able to invest in businesses with an
asset lock and with rates of return that are appropriate for business prioritising
social and environmental returns.”

Supporting growth – business support
SEC argues that “access to appropriate, high quality specialist business
support can make the difference between success and failure both in the start
up phase and as a social enterprise develops…The Government should work
with the Regional Development Agencies – who have responsibility for the
resourcing of business support – to ensure that all social enterprises…are
able to access consistently high quality, appropriate business support.”

Supporting growth – skills and training
SEC‟s view is “the development of management skills is vital to the growth of
any business. Social enterprise managers want access to quality training that
is tailored to their needs…the Government should work with Learning and
Skills Councils to develop and resource quality training courses for social
enterprise managers; fund a social enterprise bursary scheme for managers
to enable them to take advantage of those that are available; ensure that
every Sector Skills Council supports training in the skills required to start up
and manage social enterprises within their industry sector.

The SEC are seeking to ensure that the public sector knows how to purchase
services from Social Enterprise. They have recently, published, in partnership
with NHS PASA, More for your Money – a guide to procuring from social
enterprises for the NHS.

                              House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                               Liam Byrne MP

They have identified the potential for social enterprise in health and social
care and their manifesto commits them the “exploring social enterprises
models in the delivery of childcare, health services and social care.”


Communicate Mutually Limited, offers specialist consultancy services to
mutuals. Their scope includes healthcare and they seem to offer quite
extensive consultancy and support to Foundation Trusts (who use the mutual
model and have members).

Community Action Network

The Community Action Network (CAN) was founded in 1998 by the three
people are who started Bromley by Bow Health Centre, Mildmay Mission
Hospital and Kaleidoscope (drug treatment)

Working with a wide range of partners, CAN has created
   The Mezzanine, a 2,787 sq metre serviced office cluster at 1 London
   Social Enterprise Magazine
   The CAN Academy, creating an entrepreneurial environment with
   The first national online network for Social Entrepreneurs in the UK
   And played a key role in the establishment of UnLtd, a £100m
      Foundation for social Entrepreneurs

Unsurprisingly, given its background, CAN had proved interested in
encouraging social enterprise in health
    It has delivered, on behalf of the NHS Leadership Centre, a pilot Social
      Entrepreneurship and Leadership Programme for directors of Primary
      Care Trusts.
    CAN is also working with Dr Angela Lennox, who has established
      another flagship example of an integrated health and social care centre
      at the St Matthews Project in Leicester

CAN offers start-up support to social enterprises located in Lambeth,
Wandsworth and the Thames gateway.

                              House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                Liam Byrne MP

The School for Social Entrepreneurs

Founded in 1997 in Bethnal Green, London. Local schools are now being
established across the country including in Cornwall, Aston (Birmingham) and
in the East Midlands.

The London schools offers a one day a week, year long course for social


UnLtd is a charity set up to support social entrepreneurs. It seems to support
individuals or very small groups. Set up in 2002 with a £100 million
endowment from the Millennium Commission.

Its Ventures team provides nationwide consultancy support, coaching and
training to emerging social entrepreneurs.

Income for a Ventures fund is generated from the endowment.

UnLtd gives out two levels of award:

      Level 1: Awards of between £500 and $5,000 (expected average of
      Level 2: Awards of between £10,000 and £20,000 (expected average
       of £15,000)

Level 1 Awards are designed to help make new ideas become real projects.
UnLtd gives out 1,000 Level 1 Awards each year across the UK. Level 1
Awards are aimed at individuals or informal groups of people who want to set
up new projects in their spare time. The money is to help with the running
costs of the project.

Level 2 Awards support projects that are already developed or pay for the
living expenses of award winners to help them devote more time to their
projects. These awards are given out once in the spring and once in the

                              House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                               Liam Byrne MP

It does support health and social care projects e.g. an award was given to a
man who developed screen prints for the Maudesley hospital designed to
reduce stress and improve mental health (a series called Healing Colours).
Another example from the website is a community food enterprise in East
London which seeks to reduce food poverty to local estates and encourage
healthy eating.

Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank does sustainable banking. ”It aims to help achieve a more
decent, dignified and kinder society and a world that respects people, the
environment and different cultures.”

Triodos Bank finances companies, institutions and projects that add cultural
value and benefit people and the environment, with the support of depositors
and investors who want to encourage the development of socially responsible
and innovative business.

Triodos Bank‟s approach takes account of people, planet and profit to deliver
a positive return over the long term. This social, ethical and financial
approach is expressed in the Triodos name itself. Triodos – „tri hodos‟ – is
translated from the Greek as „three-way approach‟.

Triodos seems to offer finance to companies that might not be able to access
it from traditional banks, by looking at wider conserations.

Triodos sponsor the Only Connect visit scheme, which enables Voluntary and
Community Organisations to explore their ideas for generating income by
trading goods and services in a fun and practical way. They pay expenses to
visit another organisation (up to£100) and pay the host organisation, £150 as
a consultation fee for their time spent with you. Five bursaries are awarded
every three months.

Co-operative & Community Finance

Co-operative & Community Finance has been providing loan finance for co-
operatives, employee owned businesses and social enterprises for 30 years.

                               House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                 Liam Byrne MP

They raise money primarily by public share issue, and they lent it for social
purpose and collective benefit. They also manage loan funds for several
other organisations providing co-operative and community finance.

Big Lottery Fund – Reaching Communities Fund (England)

It seeks to provide funding to help improve local communities and the lives of
people most in need.

They want to fund projects that respond to needs identified by communities,
and actively involve them. These include geographic communities and also
communities with shared interests, such as people with poor mental health.
The three-year programme, launched on 7 December 2005, will make up to
£100 million available in 2006-07, with future budgets being set annually.

Reaching Communities will give grants of more than £10,000 and up to
£500,000, including a maximum of £50,000 for capital grants. We have set a
maximum overall project size of £750,000 and £200,000 for the total capital
element with a project. They will fund projects for up to five years.

One of their fours goals is to include “healthier and more active people and

Reaching communities is not just for social enterprises – you can also apply if
you are registered charity, a voluntary or community group, a statutory body
(including schools), a charitable or not-for-profit company.

Regional Social Enterprise Organisations

Most RDAs have a shadow organisation for their area specifically focussed on
social enterprise (in North West England there are several sub regional

Social Enterprises in the East Midlands

Seeking to promote Social Enterprise in the East Midlands. Run the BEST
(Benefiting the Economic and Society Through) Procurement programme.

                               House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                  Liam Byrne MP

Says that “BEST Procurement includes public sector partners (Local
Authorities and NHS Trusts). These partners are making a significant
investment in policy and practice aimed at aligning their broader aims with
their procurement practice. There public sector partners are being supported
by leading sustainable development charity, Forum for the Future and co-
operative consultants, mutual advantage.”

SEEM will be offering opportunites to all public sector bodies in the East
Midlands to learn from these Partner‟s experiences through networking
events, training and sharing tools and practices.

For more information on the Health Sector work contact Stuart Williams at
Forum for the Future. s.williams@forumforthefuture.org.uk

For more information on the Local Authority work contactVicky Burvill at
Forum for the Futre. v.burvill@forumforthefuture.org.uk

SEEM has also launched a freephone signposting service for social
enterprises seeking business support on 0800 013 1123 and they have a
Social Enterprise Development Fund running from September 2003 –
September 2006.

Social Enterprise London

Offers free business consultancy in the 11 most disadvantaged North London
boroughs (through European and London Development Agency funding).
Also offers free open surgery advice for start-up social enterprises.

Social Enterprise South East Partnership

SESEP is funded by the South East of England Development Agency and the
European social fund. They provide support to the South Eastern social
enterprises. They have teamed up with the UnLtd to offer funding to social

                               House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

                                                                 Liam Byrne MP


Promotes social enterprises in the South West. RISE aims to ensure that
social enterprises have access to effective, high quality business support. For
example, RISE is working with existing business advisors and information
staff to raise the quality of the advice on offer – both through its training
programmes and through the Business Advice Network (BAN).


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