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Proactive Care: the crystal ball
 of network maintenance
   A new Nokia Siemens Networks service is helping
   to create better end-user experiences by gathering
   and analyzing a mass of network data to reveal
   potential faults before they occur

   Few things annoy end-users as much          Three steps to                           Moroccan benefits
   as a dropped call or an SMS that fails                                               The practical benefits of Proactive
   to get through. Network quality impacts
                                               network heaven
                                                                                        Care are highlighted by the experience
   customer loyalty more than almost           The Nokia Siemens Networks               of Maroc Telecom, Morocco’s leading
   anything else, including cost, making       Proactive Care service applies           CSP with more than 14 million
   it a key differentiator in today’s highly   a three-stage predict–prevent–           subscribers. “We are so convinced
   competitive markets.                        improve process for raising              by the Nokia Siemens Networks
                                               network quality.                         Proactive Service that we have
   Being able to anticipate and avoid                                                   extended our contract for a further
   network problems before they even           Predict: The network’s vital             year due to the secured network
   arise is a highly effective way to keep     signs are monitored through              connectivity and increased end-user
   end-users connected. Preventive             automated data collection and            satisfaction,” comments Mark Keddis,
   maintenance is fast becoming an             analysis to give a real-time             IN & VAS O&M Department Head,
   essential item in the network operations    picture of network health.               Maroc Telecom.
   toolbox, helping a growing number of
   Communications Service Providers            Prevent: Immediate corrective            Implemented to help increase the
   (CSP) to protect revenue, manage            action is taken to avoid potential       availability of SMS and MMS services,
   churn and reduce operational costs.         problems arising.                        preventive maintenance is now
                                                                                        deployed across Maroc Telecom’s
                                               Improve: Care experts carry              entire network. Together with network
                                               out a root cause analysis of             optimization services, the solution
                                               preventive actions and work with         has virtually eliminated outages of
                                               the CSP to create a long-term            value-added services and greatly
                                               improvement plan.                        improved network quality.

                                               The technical platform for the           Proactive Care has identified several
                                               Proactive Care solution is Prosper       issues, from capacity restrictions to
                                               (Proactive Service Platform              SS7 signalling congestion, and even
                                               – Engineered and Remote), which          finding security breaches. The result is
                                               connects to the CSP’s network and        not only a better end-user experience
                                               provides the engines, tools and          and improved revenue protection, it has
                                               artificial intelligence for collecting   also achieved considerable savings in
                                               and analyzing potential problems.        operational costs.
                                               It also uses Nokia Siemens
                                               Networks’ experience and expertise
                                               encapsulated in its worldwide
                                               knowledge base.

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