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					Are you Bacon?
A Branding Workshop by Justin Foster
What is it?
Do you and your leadership team know what it
takes to create a relevant, meaningful brand?
“Are you Bacon?” is a fresh, fun, and innovative
workshop that will get your organization
thinking and acting less like “oatmeal” and more
like “bacon”!
Who should attend?
The “Are you Bacon? workshop dissects how
great brands are created, established brands
stay relevant, and aging brands can transform
themselves to attract new audiences. Thought
provoking, humorous and immediately useful,
this workshop is intended for CEO/Presidents,
their leadership teams and key decision-makers.

It is not recommended for the thin-skinned,
excuse-makers, or conformists.
What will we learn?
You will learn that “Bacon” brands are relevant. And
that relevant brands:
• Generate authentic word-of-mouth and market
• Constantly attract their next generation of customers
  and employees (Gen Y).
• Own the conversations in the marketplace.
• Spend marketing dollars and business development
  energy more wisely.
• Defeat their competition.
• Have a sustained, meaningful presence in the
•   How to create a “Bacon” culture
•   Values, products, and customer experience as differentiators
•   Learn the 10 traits of a Bacon Brand
•   Case studies on the top Bacon Brands
•   Establishing brand benchmarks and standards
•   Creating and keeping a fan base
•   Attracting new audiences
•   Selecting the right marketing tactics
•   Recruiting and retaining “Bacon” employees
•   Live Lab: complete Bacon Assessment of a selected brand
Formats                                            Want to bring the bacon to your
                                                   audience? “Are you Bacon?” can
 $1500                                             be hosted/sponsored by your
                                                   organization for promotion to
 1/2 DAY WORKSHOP                                  your clients, prospects, and
 $2500                                             influencers.

 Speaker fee includes:

 • 50 signed copies of “Oatmeal v Bacon”.  Additional copies
   may be purchased for the bulk rate of $10/ea.
 • Complimentary 1-hour follow-up webinar available to all
 • Permission to video the event.
 Travel costs are not included.
I am a Brand Strategist and
contracted Chief Marketing Officer
based in Boise, ID. Over the past 20
years, I have co-owned two
marketing/branding firms, plus worked
in sales and marketing for both small
businesses and large corporations.    I
have conducted over 300 workshops
and seminars - including as far away
as Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  In addition
to my expertise in strategic branding, I
consult, speak, and write on the
impact of generational and cultural
shifts - especially related to the
influence of Gen Y, social media, and
technology.  My first book, “Oatmeal v
Bacon: How to Differentiate in a
Generic World” was published May
2011. Outside of work, I am a husband,
father, football geek, Texas music
aficionado, a shrinking former fat guy,
and an avid student of everything.

Strategic Branding
Brand Management
Web & Social Media Planning
Customer Evangelism
Business Development
Marketing Team Development
Personal Branding
Keynotes & Speaking
Training & Workshops
Writing & Content Creation
Justin is one of the best sales and marketing guys I've ever met. There are great sales guys that don't know squat about
marketing and there are even more marketing guys that couldn't sell a life preserver to a drowning man if it were free. If you
are the CEO or CMO of your company and you are stressed about sales, read his book "Oatmeal v Bacon". Then read it a
second time. Then give a copy of it to your entire Marketing and Sales teams. Then call Justin and tell him I sent you. He'll hook
you up. Trust me. Tac Anderson (@tacanderson)VP of Digital Consulting - WE Studio D 

Justin can look into your soul, find your real story, and communicate it in a way that inspires your audience. His ability to drill
down to the core of the problem and create a simple, truthful solution is astounding! In many cases people aren't prepared for
the accuracy of his transparent advice but walk away with a renewed sense of purpose. John Hardesty - VP & Publisher of

Justin has functioned as Fisher’s outsourced CMO for almost five years.  As we went through a significant rebuilding of Fisher’s,
Justin played an integral role in changing our image from a stale, aging brand to one of the most innovative and dominant
brands in our market. Ultimately Fisher’s tripled in size over that five year period.  Justin's desire to win and his high standards for
a brand matched our vision and passion.  His focus on internal culture and customer experience are a refreshing departure
from the one-size-fits-all approach often taken by marketing consultants.  Justin's creativity and out of the box thinking is
unconventional and highly effective.  Chris Taylor - CEO - Fishers Document Systems
Find Me
Phone: 208-841-3497




Twitter: @fosterthinking

Facebook: /justinfoster

LinkedIn: /fosterjustin

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Description: Do you and your leadership team know what it takes to create a relevant, meaningful brand? “Are you Bacon?” is a fresh, fun, and innovative workshop that will get your organization thinking and acting less like “oatmeal” and more like “bacon”!