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                           Licence to practise
                           in the limelight P8

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News Digest
Breaking news                                                  who cannot speak, read and write fluently in English. This
                                                               is doubly compounded for women and spouses, as they
IfL’s elected Board has reduced fees for the next two-         are less likely to be registered for the benefits that entitle
year period up to 31 March 2013, thanks to flexibilities in    them to free provision.
funding by the government. IfL’s chair, Sue Crowley, wrote     Visit	our	website	for	details	of	IfL’s	ongoing	work	
to members on 7 June with the welcome news.                    surrounding	the	impact	of	the	proposed	changes.
£68 gives extended membership from 18 months to two
years, there’s an option of paying annualised fees of £38,
and a new reduced fee for those earning below £16,000          IfL research informs 157 Group leadership
a year. Renewals will be completed by 22 July.                 of learning publication
This announcement follows discussions with trade
unions and employers, facilitated by the Department for        A thinkpiece published by the 157 Group and CfBT
Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).                         Education Trust, Leading learning in further education,
                                                               features views of more than 140 teachers, fellows of
See             IfL. The research found that leadership has a key role
                                                               to play in professional development.

Supporting teachers of ESOL                                    As its starting point, the thinkpiece paper drew on relevant
                                                               literature, which included IfL’s Brilliant teaching and training
Proposed changes to the provision of English for               in FE and skills: A guide to effective CPD for teachers,
Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) were announced              trainers and leaders and the 2008–09 IfL review of CPD.
by the government in November.
New and more stringent national policy for eligibility for
                                                               to	find	out	more.
funded ESOL provision will further disadvantage people

2				Issue 5 | Summer 2011 InTuition                                                                  

Government                                                                         Regional news

response to
                                                                                   Building on the success of recent
                                                                                   CPD regional events, our Regional
                                                                                   Advisers – in partnership with the

Wolf Review
                                                                                   Centres for Excellence in Teaching
                                                                                   and Training (CETTs) – will be
                                                                                   delivering some new, free
                                                                                   networking events.

                                                                                   They will focus on key issues in your
IfL has welcomed the government’s commitment to                                    region including the effect of the
strengthening vocational education.                                                Wolf Report on curriculum planning,
                                                                                   stressing the need for identifying CPD
                                                                                   opportunities to help practitioners
Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State      Central to the recommendations is         prepare for the changes.
for Education, has responded to          the need for teachers and trainers to
Professor Alison Wolf’s review of        have the most accurate and up to          There will be a keynote speaker and
vocational education, immediately        date information and advice at their      workshops to support you with your
accepting the recommendation that        fingertips, enabling them to steer        professional practice.
further education teachers with          learners into the right programmes
Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills    and qualifications. This reinforces the   These events are highly valued by
(QTLS) status should be recognised       importance for IfL members to carry       our members, and have received
to teach in schools. Over 5,000          out meaningful CPD which makes a          very positive feedback. To find
members participated in IfL’s            real difference to teaching and           out more visit
contribution to the Wolf Review,         training practice.                        newsandevents/events
with IfL lobbying for full recognition
of QTLS status.                          Professor Wolf stressed that post-16,
                                         the core academic skills of English       Publications
We look forward to a statement later     and Maths should be a required
this summer explaining how and           component of study programmes for
when changes in the law will allow       those without good (A*-C) GCSEs in        Peter	Scales	FIfL, senior teaching
teachers and trainers with QTLS to       these subjects. The government will       fellow in education at the University
teach in schools.                        therefore extend the availability of      of Derby, has co-authored a book
                                         funding for level 2 courses in            on CPD: Continuing Professional
Professor Alison Wolf gave evidence to   English and Maths to those 19-24          Development in the Lifelong Learning
the House of Commons Education           year olds who have yet to achieve         Sector (2011) McGraw Hill Open
Committee where she outlined 27          this level in both.                       University Press.
recommendations for changes to
practice. The government has agreed      IfL will be working with DfE and BIS
to take action on all of Professor       to help bring about the aspirations       Hilary	Read	FIfL, has been training
Wolf’s individual recommendations        of the Wolf Review and to secure the      assessors and internal quality
and will deliver on three key themes:    best possible outcome for its members.    assurers for many years and has
                                         We will inform members when               produced a guide to gaining a
• Ensuring all young people              changes to the law are made               qualification in assessment in the post
  study and achieve English              enabling those with QTLS to teach         16 sector: The best assessor’s guide
  and mathematics to GCSE                in schools, and will provide CPD          (2011) Read On Publications Ltd
  A*-C by the age of 19.                 resources for members considering
                                         this career development opportunity.
• Reforming performance tables
  and funding rules to remove                                                      Diary	dates
  incentives which have devalued
  some qualification routes.             Keep	an	eye	on	our	website	
                                         for	more	information	on	the	              IfL	and	CPD	for	the	future:		
• Simplifying apprenticeships            implications	for	your	CPD.                regional	events	
  and making them easier
  for employers to offer.                                                          •   TBA West Midlands
                                                                                   •   TBA East of England
                                                                                   •   5 July South West
                                                                                   •   8 July North East                                                                           InTuition Issue 5 | Summer 2011   3

Jose Aguiar
About	me	and	my	role:	As a freelance trainer and consultant,
I work with agencies, trusts, MPs and government departments to
improve education in offender learning institutions. My passion is
citizenship education, and the central role it can play in developing
people’s knowledge and skills to play an effective role in society.
My role includes delivering Train the Trainers programmes for the
Learning Skills Network, and teaching in prisons.

Monday                                                          Thursday

My week begins in a women’s prison where I spent the            In an adult male offender learning institution in London,
morning with eight women delivering a session called            I explore the themes of voting, and intolerance in society.
‘Rights, responsibilities and social justice’. As attendance    Thursday evening I attend the Royal Society of Arts (RSA)
is voluntary, I have to captivate their interest in advance     for a panel discussion on ‘Who is failing our children’.
and keep it over 10 weeks. It’s the same with all my prison
classes and a big challenge, but I usually manage to            I get my ideas from all sorts of people and places,
keep everyone through to the end. I do it by using active       attending lectures like those organised by the RSA
learning and adapting to their very individual needs.           and the New Economics Foundation, watching TV and
                                                                reading. I use social networking sites, including Twitter
In the afternoon with a different group, I deliver ‘Diversity   and Facebook, where I have conversations with people
Awareness’, looking at customs, manners and religions           who teach in prisons or are active in prison reform. This
based on the personal experiences of these women,               can lead in many directions and keeps me constantly
many of whom come from around the world.                        fresh and motivated.

Tuesday                                                         Friday

Worked from home in the morning, then travelled to              After preparing reports in the morning, I visit an art gallery
Slough for an evening session at the Honda Institute            in the afternoon. I try not to work from Friday afternoon
where I teach citizenship, diversity and equal opportunities    until Sunday afternoon when I need to do any outstanding
to Honda apprentices. Honda’s aim is to create employees        preparation for the week to come.
who are active, responsible citizens who are committed to
safety, the environment and the company’s place in the
community. Group work, debate and case studies are              It’s a busy life but it isn’t stressful, because I love and
essential to keep apprentices alert and interested after        believe in what I’m doing and I feel it makes a difference to
the day’s vocational studies.                                   some people’s lives.

Wednesday                                                       Visit	to	find	out	more.

I’m back in an offender learning institution training their
trainers about ‘learner voice’. This is crucial but quite        HINTS	AND	TIPS	FOR	OFFENDER	LEARNING
difficult to put in place in prison, where the learners are
often unused to feeling listened to both inside and              Ray Hoyle from HMP New Hall provided these hints
outside prison.                                                  and tips, which are taken from a variety of sources.

In the afternoon I work with prisoners who are elected           Points covered include:
‘diversity reps’. They help other prisoners deal with            • Leaving work at work and home at home
complaints, either resolving them or escalating to prison        • Being sensitive to who you are dealing with
managers. The evening sees me attending a networking             • Using videos and music in class
event at the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, a great
opportunity to exchange information and ideas.                   Visit	CPD	Resources	at	

                                                                To	see	BIS’s	review	of	offender	learning,	visit		

4				Issue 5 | Summer 2011 InTuition                                                                  

                                                                                    Matthew acknowledges that
                                                                                    overturning longstanding ‘resistance’
                                                                                    to STEM among teachers and

Matthew Harrison,
                                                                                    learners will take time. But there are
                                                                                    some exciting new developments
                                                                                    in the STEM community which
                                                                                    will help with this, particularly
Director of Education at The Royal                                                  the establishment of University
                                                                                    Technical Colleges (UTCs).
Academy of Engineering                                                              In the wake of a first successful UTC
                                                                                    (the JCB Academy in Staffordshire),
Matthew defines himself as both an engineer and a teacher.                          the government has announced
Here, he argues vigorously for recognition of the central                           funding for a further 24. “These offer
                                                                                    a glorious opportunity to the 14-19
– but often undervalued – role the FE and Skills sector                             year-olds who will study technical
plays in STEM (the Science, Technology, Engineering and                             subjects in well-resourced, focused
Mathematics group of subjects) education.                                           institutions but, equally important,
                                                                                    will help to enhance the stature
Why	teachers	need	to	know	                  STEM	in	FE                              of a ‘practical identity’ that has
about	STEM                                                                          at least as much importance for
                                            • STEM accounts for 28% of              our future as academic routes.”
STEM is fundamentally important               provision in FE
to all learners. Yet teachers and           • FE offers almost 2,500 STEM-          Teachers	supporting	the	
learners are frequently unconfident           related qualifications                STEM	agenda
about their own understanding or            • There are five times as many
simply don’t recognise that STEM              engineering students in FE as         The starting point is, of course, the
skills and knowledge already                  there are in schools and HE           recognition of just how central STEM
feature in their subjects. Matthew            put together                          is, whatever subject we happen to
is passionate about changing this.                                                  teach. “Then it is a matter of planning
                                           prospects. “STEM is at the heart of      how we can support our learners,”
“FE makes a massive contribution           society. It will bring about solutions   says Matthew. “Working with
to the STEM agenda,” he says.              to the great challenges such as          colleagues is usually the best way
“But many teachers in this sector,         climate change, water security,          to get going.” Some help is available
be it adult education, work-based          energy and ageing populations.           through the LSIS STEM programme
learning, prison education as well as      We need a STEM-literate society to       (see www.excellencegateway.
further education colleges, may not        reach democratic decisions about and ideas for enrichment
recognise that they are part of it.”       nuclear energy, gene research            activities can be accessed via
                                           and respond to crises such as            STEMNET (
                                           ‘foot and mouth’ disease.”
“According to a recent
CBI survey, nearly two-                    He also cautions against getting         Visit	our	website	to	find	out	more.
thirds of all new jobs will                left behind as other countries
                                           develop their STEM capacity.
be STEM-related: people                    “There are civil liberties as well as
who lack scientific and                    economic implications if we permit        Biography
                                           ourselves to become consumers             Matthew Harrison began his
technical understanding                    of technologies over whose                professional life as a mechanical
will be increasingly                       development we have no control.”          engineer in the car industry and,
                                                                                     like many teachers in the FE and
disenfranchised.”                          Enthusing	students		                      Skills world, his twin professions
                                           about	STEM                                – engineer and teacher – are
The opportunities for our young                                                      inextricably linked and equally
people at all levels, not only             Whether it’s the hairdresser teaching     important to him.
graduates, will increasingly hinge on      the science of colouring, the
their STEM skills and qualifications.      construction teacher focusing on          His passion for both has led to an
Nearly three quarters of employers         environmental issues or the adult         enthusiastic involvement in, and
in the 2010 CBI survey employed            educator supporting older learners        ardent advocacy of, vocational
STEM-skilled staff, yet many reported      in their understanding – lifelong         education. Equally dear to him is
difficulties in recruiting in this area.   learning has a key role to play in        the status of those with a
                                           helping everyone participate in           ‘practical identity’.
But Matthew believes there is more         democratic decision-making on
to it than improving employment            scientific and technological issues.                                                                          InTuition Issue 5 | Summer 2011       5

Mobile mentoring
Jacquie	Higgs-Howson is a professional development adviser and manager of teacher
training at Barnet College. She tells us about MENTOR ME, a pilot project aimed at using
smartphones to enhance the mentoring process in teacher training.

                                                                                  “One teacher trainer
                                                                                  who had never used
                                                                                  a mobile device
                                                                                  before took to it like
                                                                                  a duck to water.”

                                                                                  Individual participants could also
                                                                                  draw on support from the college’s
                                                                                  learning centre. Participants in
                                                                                  the pilot project ranged in age
                                                                                  from 18 to over 50, and their IT
                                                                                  capability ranged from basic
                                                                                  to advanced. Some loved their
MENTOR	ME                                skills and lecturer feedback             devices, while others hated theirs.
                                         permanently, and encourages
Mentoring is an essential aspect         peer and self-assessment. The            Two of us played key roles in
of teacher training, but is often        development of a mobile mentoring        promoting and demonstrating the
overlooked because of financial          toolkit, along with subsequent           use and potential of the devices
and time constraints. We wanted to       research, can be shared with the         in teaching practice, but many
improve the mentoring of teacher         wider educational community.             of the new ideas came from a
trainees, so in July 2009 Barnet                                                  young ITQ apprentice, who had
College applied for funding from the     We won our bid in October 2009, and      switched from a BTec course in
Mobile Learning Network (MoleNET)        the MENTOR ME (mobile-enhanced           multimedia that did not suit him and
to run a pilot project aimed at          mentoring) pilot project started in      now works with the IT team. The
using smartphones to enhance the         January 2010, with 20 teacher training   project has transformed his life.
mentoring process in teacher training.   students from different subject
                                         areas, seven mentors and seven           Using	the	devices
Using mobile devices to record           project leaders and support staff.
and evaluate teaching practice,                                                   The trainees used their devices to
whether audio or visual, allows          Getting	started                          record their own lessons on video,
the trainees to capture teaching                                                  for self-assessment and discussion
                                         With the funding, we bought a            with their mentors. Elements of good
 The	primary	objectives	of	              mix of 30 smartphones, like the          teaching practice were captured by
 MENTOR	ME	were	to:                      Samsung and HTC XDA, and Apple           observers – in many cases remotely
                                         iPhones. Before the devices were         – and disseminated to other staff.
 • Facilitate an efficient and           distributed, the trainees were given
   effective mentoring process           an introduction to mobile learning.      They photographed class and
   in teacher training.                  They were shown how to set up            whiteboard work (thought showers)
 • Improve communication                 the devices to connect to wireless       and shared the photos with their
   between mentors and mentees.          networks and receive college email.      learners via the virtual learning
 • Introduce the concept of                                                       environment. Dyslexic learners
   mobile (m) learning to the            They had demonstrations of how to        talked through their lesson plans
   teacher training curriculum.          use the devices to support teaching      and assignments with their mentor
 • Inspire trainees to adopt             and learning. They also tried sharing    and were assessed in this way
   m-learning pedagogy in                the work they captured with others,      rather than through written work,
   their own teaching and                via email, Bluetooth or ActiveSync.      which contributed to a 100 per
   learning delivery.                    Mentors were given similar training.     cent success rate on the course.

6				Issue 5 | Summer 2011 InTuition                                                            
Even though some of the participants      Excellent	results                          Looking	to	the	future
started out with lower-level IT skills,
all persevered with the technology        The pilot successfully introduced          Having completed the initial pilot,
and discovered they could be              the concept of m-learning to               we have put in a bid for three Apple
creative with their own teaching          the heart of the teacher training          iPads, and we are also helping new
delivery and facilitate their own         curriculum, and the use of mobile          trainees who said they wanted to
students’ learning beyond the             devices immediately increased the          use their own devices, showing
confines of the classroom. They           uptake of m-learning throughout the        them how to use whatever device
investigated new ways of working          college. It has resulted in a shift away   they have. Even if it is a mobile
electronically by taking notes,           from traditional teaching methods          phone, rather than a smart phone,
emailing these to themselves and          of lecturing, writing on a board,          they can still take photos.
others, reviewing meetings and            and wandering around the class,
keeping in regular contact with           toward student-centred methods,
work-based learning students.             including rich group tasks, interactive    “Using mobile
                                          teaching, the facilitation of learning,
From May 2010, the whole thing            and microteaching sessions.
                                                                                     devices for teaching
really took off. Many trainees have                                                  observations makes
been observed using the devices           An Ofsted inspection of the Institute
appropriately in their own teaching       of Education noted that Barnet             good sense, as they
and learning, passing their mobile
phones around asking students’
                                          College, as one of its partners, was
                                          making “excellent use of emerging
                                                                                     demonstrate good
opinion on a video, for example.          technologies to enhance mentoring          practice, reduce
                                          support by exploiting iPhone
                                          technology to allow mentors to
                                                                                     stress levels, are
                                          record conversations, photographs          useful for self-
All teaching staff at the college are     and video aspects of their work,
encouraged to use REfLECT, IfL’s          thus enabling the instant sharing          assessment and
online personal learning space            of good practice as it happens”.           reflection, and
for members to plan, record and
share their CPD. The project was                                                     save money on
also a catalyst for extending the
way REfLECT is used, with many             How	did	participants	use	
                                                                                     time and travel.”
teachers and trainees recording their      mobile	mentoring?
CPD and sharing their reflections                                                    We are also looking at what other
via their mobile devices. The college      • One teacher used his phone as           colleges are doing – Preston College,
                                             a camera to project learners’           for example, became the first FE
                                             work on a large screen for them         institution to have a presence on
“This way of                                 to evaluate and peer assess.
                                           • A trainee teacher’s learner used
                                                                                     Apple’s mobile VLE, iTunes U, and
                                                                                     we would like to follow suit. This
teaching is                                  her personal phone to take              would allow our teachers and teacher
now second                                   pictures of the children’s play
                                             area at her work placement – not
                                                                                     trainees to download educational
                                                                                     resources such as tutorials and
nature to initial                            including the children, of course       guides to their iPhones and iPods.
                                             – and showed them in class.
teacher training                           • One art lecturer connected his          The project proved the value of
participants.”                               device to a digital projector,          mobile devices for personalised and
                                             and used it as a video camera           group support, as a complementary
                                             and as a digital still camera           tool for learning. Differentiated
                                             to magnify small illustrations.         teaching methods are still important,
offers an online CPD programme               This enabled a whole group of           and teachers need to evaluate
with a huge range of bite-size               learners to see, then photograph        the behaviour management and
topics, as well as a number of               to keep a record of the work.           access issues for their own groups
courses that are delivered face to         • Another trainee got a class             before embarking on the use of
face. These are booked online, and           of numeracy learners to                 m-learning with an entire class.
participants automatically receive           photograph their own board
an evaluation to complete, which             work. One learner was so
is then dropped into REfLECT. A              pleased with the pattern of             To	find	out	more		
certificate is generated automatically,      colours created by his work in          The	Mobile	Learning	Network	
and the personalised staff inset log         maths, that he wanted to use            (MoleNET)	offers	inspiration,	
updated. The MENTOR ME project               it for his art project, and was         videos,	guidance	and	tips:	
has contributed to the integration           encouraged to photograph      		
of REfLECT and m-learning in                 and email it to his art teacher.        Visit	CPD	Resources	at		
new teachers’ working practice.                                                                                                                       InTuition Issue 5 | Summer 2011      7

CPD and licence
to practise
There is a growing consensus around the benefits of a licence to practise, and teachers and
trainers in the further education and skills sector represent one of the leading professions.
The government is keen to see professional licensing adopted more widely, and other
professions and industries are exploring the benefits. Jean	Kelly, director of professional
development at IfL, examines the trend.

                                                                                     “I want to see a
                                                                                     changed status
                                                                                     around teachers and
                                                                                     learners in FE. It is
                                                                                     about placing power
                                                                                     and status in the
                                                                                     hands of educators.”
                                                                                     John	Hayes,	Minister	of	State	
                                                                                     for	Further	Education,	Skills	
                                                                                     and	Lifelong	Learning

                                                                                     Sir	Neil	Douglas,	Chair	of	the	
                                                                                     Academy	of	Royal	Medical	
                                                                                     Colleges,	addresses	IfL’s	
                                                                                     seminar	on	professionalism.

At first glance a social worker, nurse,   professional body are not widely           strategy. In particular, the Minister
door supervisor, lawyer and teacher       understood and can be taken for            of State for Further Education,
in FE may appear to have little in        granted by the public, often through       Skills and Lifelong Learning, John
common professionally. Yet they all       only a title or letters after the name.    Hayes, promotes the government
enjoy a similar degree of professional    We all expect that our GP is licensed      commitment to a licence to practise,
regulation, requiring them to gain and    to practise and the ‘Dr’ signifies this    introduced and led by industry to
maintain a licence to practise in their   for us – but is expectation enough or      drive up standards.
respective fields.                        does it need something more
                                          substantial in the form of revalidation?   In March 2011, he answered
Certificates for these licences are                                                  a question about mandatory
often seen framed in waiting rooms        A growing trend towards licensing          membership of professional bodies
or offices, and offer visible proof to    in order to provide a more explicit        under his remit with the firm answer:
the ordinary customer or service user     kind of public confidence is
that they can expect a reassuringly       becoming apparent.                         “Professional standards, including
high level of skill and commitment.                                                  occupational licensing, can be a
                                          Professional standards, including          powerful way of raising ambition
But often the elements that make          licences to practise, are a centre-        in skills and training provision
up the licence conferred by a             piece of the government’s skills           contributing to greater productivity

8				Issue 5 | Summer 2011 InTuition                                                                
 Did	you	know?	                          Professional standards and licences      assessment that they have learned
                                         to practise are a means to tackle        and put that learning into practice.
 • Tree fellers now need a licence to    failures in information. They are also   Crucially, this means ensuring
   practise to operate a chain saw.      a regulatory means to guarantee          that every doctor or surgeon is
 • You need a licence to practise        minimum standards where public           practising to the standard set by
   in the motor vehicle industry if      health or well-being is an issue         their speciality, and that someone
   you test MOTs.                        (nightclub doormen for example)          who is a respiratory expert would
 • The latest in a long line of          or where there is a public good or       not necessarily be allowed to do
   occupations still waiting to be       interest to be achieved.                 brain surgery.
   officially licensed is the police
   service. The Home Office              In education and training, there is      The complexities of regulating
   has commissioned a review             a clear rationale for regulation for     appropriate and particular CPD
   and consultation into the             both market failure reasons and          was also outlined by Des Hudson,
   establishment of a professional       the achievement of a public good         Chief Executive of the Law Society.
   body – to be the Chartered            (in economic terms a ‘public             Solicitors must demonstrate that
   Institute of Policing – will be set   good’ is something that would            they comply with the Law Society
   up in 2012 and fully operational      benefit society).                        requirements for annual CPD but this
   by 2014.                                                                       was set in the 1980s and practice
                                         In the FE and skills sector, and         has moved on. “You can do CPD in
                                         education generally, outcomes            an area you are not practising in. If
                                         cannot be guaranteed (unlike having      competent to practise then you are
and growth in a sector. They can         your car MOT renewed).                   judged competent in all areas of law,”
also be effective in addressing wider                                             Mr Hudson said.
product market failures including        So regulation must focus on the
consumer protection and health           inputs, skills, and professionalism      In order to combat this, Mr Hudson
and safety. In ‘Skills for Sustainable   of the teacher, trainer, lecturer,       said accreditation schemes were
Growth 2010’ the Government made         tutor or assessor. This is why IfL       beginning to multiply in law, echoing
the commitment to encourage and          has pioneered the use of CPD             the specialist medical colleges that
support the development of new           and professional formation as the        exist to ensure standards of practice
industry-led professional standards.”    foundation of professional standards     in specific areas of medicine. ❯
                                         and the licence to practise in the
It is worth considering precisely why    further education and skills sector,
                                                                                   What	makes	up	a	licence		
such importance is accorded to           recognised as Qualified Teacher
                                                                                   to	practise?	
regulation and the setting of minimum    Learning and Skills (QTLS) and
standards by a government that is        Associate Teacher Learning and
otherwise committed to deregulation      Skills (ATLS).                            There are three main elements:
and market competition as the key
to economic growth and prosperity.       Yet while there is agreement on the       1.	Gaining	a	qualification
                                         need for CPD as a component part             M
                                                                                   2.		 aintaining	membership	
The government case is based on          of a licence to practise, the manner         of	a	professional	body	or	
a clear economic premise, that           in which professional development is         association
for markets to be competitive and        regularised varies considerably. Every       A
                                                                                   3.		 	requirement	for	continuing	
efficient, information needs to be       professional body or association             professional	development
freely available to allow consumers      has its own rules for monitoring this
to make the best choices for them.       requirement and the focus varies          Licences to practise can take a
                                         from the generic to the particular.       number of forms, both voluntary
For example, if the provision of a                                                 and mandatory. But they always
service of any kind, from legal and      In May IfL hosted a seminar on            include a measure of craft or
financial advice to car repairs, is of   professionalism, leading the debate       professional competence and
uncertain quality and there are no       on current issues around the licence      usually some notion of behavioural
clear means to ascertain the quality     to practise and CPD. The Chairman         standards (often as measured by a
of service or guarantee standards,       of the Academy of Medical Royal           code of practice).
then consumers will purchase             Colleges, Professor Sir Neil Douglas,
reluctantly, if at all, and likely       spoke about the General Medical           The standard of behaviour can be
purchase less of the service than        Council’s approach to revalidation        in relation to clients, the ‘public’
if they could guarantee value for        and the attempt to ensure that every      or to an authority of some kind.
money and quality of service.            doctor in the UK has proved that they     Licences to practise are always
This is known as ‘market failure’,       are sufficiently up to date to stay on    concerned with permission to
where producers sell less than they      the register.                             practise in an area of technical,
would like and consumers buy less                                                  craft or professional competence.
than they would like because of          This involves proving that doctors are
uncertainty caused by insufficient       staying up to date with developments
trustworthy information.                 in their profession and an objective                                                                        InTuition Issue 5 | Summer 2011      9

❯ So what are the implications of          Establishing	a	teaching	                  to achieve, in industry I had the
this growing trend for obtaining and       identity	                                 power to sack those who failed to
maintaining a licence to practise for                                                produce – on reflection I wonder how
teachers and trainers in the FE and                                                  many of the staff I disciplined were
Skills sector?                             Sir/Madam                                 disciplined for my failure to teach
                                                                                     and support them properly?....”
John Hayes’ view at the IfL seminar        Until 2005 my full-time career was
was clear: “A part of the process          dedicated to the role of a professional   I wish someone had warned me
is changing the perception of the          chef. I completed a seven year            that my life would be turned inside
professional status of the sector.         apprenticeship and over a 30 year         out, all I had done before would
                                           period I worked my way up to the          need to be focused in a totally
“I want to elevate educators and want      role of an Executive Chef in charge       different direction and the biggest
to elevate further education teachers      of a food operation with a multi          step would be to build a new
and trainers in particular.”               million pound turnover, large staff       identity as a teacher not a chef.
                                           and a wide range of responsibilities.
The next day at the parliamentary
seminar on licence to practise, he         I moved into teaching when an             I was a respected Chef,
said: “This is critically about driving    opportunity arose to move to
the status of skills…gaining a licence     the Channel Isles, I set out on           no one questioned my
to practise in a certain field can have    an academic journey to gain               role nor did I have to
a big effect on people’s purpose and       DTLLS and a Masters degree in
pride – an important component of          HACCP. I discovered the power             justify my decisions,
any society.”                              of reflection and the importance          today I had a 15 year
                                           of keeping a journal (Oh, how
                                           I wish I had kept a reflective            old student telling
“IfL has pioneered                         journal in my cheffing career!!).         me I was wrong?
the use of CPD                             Looking back over my short
and professional                           journey into teaching so far I realise
                                           that it is not the qualification or
                                                                                     It is very easy when you are dealing
                                                                                     with a teaching issue to step back
formation as                               the practical teaching sessions           into the role you are comfortable
                                           that play a primary role – over           with – many times I have faced
the foundation                             the past six years my primary             an issue where I retreated into
of a licence to                            goal has been trying to establish         the comfort zone of a chef when I
                                           my new identity as a teacher.             should have stepped forward and
practise in FE.”                                                                     used the situation as a reflection
Jean	Kelly                                 I am sure there are many members          and a key part of my learning.
                                           who have taken the same steps
                                           as I have – you go from a position        IfL has played a crucial role in my
So there is a clear direction of travel,   in industry where you have clear          quest for teaching identity as it
with an ongoing debate about the           boundaries, your job role is very         sets out exactly what standards
mechanics and processes around             clearly established and you know          are required from practitioners and
professional development.                  exactly what is expected of you           offers a framework that you can
                                           – next step you enter teaching            build on. I wish there was more
In FE, the government sees a clear         and the struggle begins.                  help on building your teaching
link between CPD and a licence to                                                    identity especially during the
practise and the status of the people      The easiest way to describe the           transitional period for those coming
delivering education.                      change is using excerpts from my          into teaching from industry.
                                           reflective diary – “I was a respected
IfL is at the forefront of this debate     Chef, no one questioned my role nor       Regards
and is continually listening to the        did I have to justify my decisions,       Paul O Whitelaw
views of members keen to engage in         today I had a 15 year old student
the discussion.                            telling me I was wrong??” or “I           Send	us	your	comments,	feedback	
                                           am no longer No1 – the student is         and	opinions	on	this	edition	of	
                                           the No1 and my role is to create a        InTuition	and	the	issues	raised.	
                                           learning environment that will give       Email	including	
                                           all students the best opportunities       your	name.	Letters	may	be	edited.	

10				Issue 5 | Summer 2011 InTuition                                                               

                                          Have we got equality
                                          and diversity right?
                                          I don’t think we have, and
                                          it really matters.
                                          in the US, with their kids. These       It takes time and trouble, but it
In general, students from some            “Vietnamese boat children” had          works. A colleague of mine using
backgrounds do well in education, for     been traumatised by living in a war     her approach had incredulous
example white middle class or Chinese     zone, had missed years of schooling,    parents visiting him to ask ‘what
students. But African Caribbean and       could hardly speak English, and         have you done to our Tom? He’s
working class students too often do       were not white. Also, they were         suddenly started working!’
not. Is this underperformance due         going to these underperforming
to discrimination, and the failure of     inner city “discriminating”             So let’s get equality and diversity
teachers and colleges to value these      schools. They had educational           right. Of course we must value
students’ cultures? Many colleges         disaster written all over them.         all students, whatever their
assume this is what equality and                                                  personal characteristics, and the
diversity is all about.                   But these students did brilliantly,     backgrounds they come from.
                                          on average outperforming white          But crucially, we need to teach
I believe that equality and diversity     middle class kids from leafy            the value of education, and self-
boils down to two challenges:             suburbs in “good schools”.              belief in their capacity to learn.
convincing students to value              What was going right?
education, and to believe that they                                                Want	to	know	more?	
can learn. We need to convince our        Astonished sociologists descended
students that the education and           with their questionnaires to             Visit	CPD	Resources,	Ask	
qualifications we can help them           discover that the kids did well          Geoff	at	
achieve will lead to interesting and      because families and their kids saw      to download a short paper that
meaningful jobs, to financial security,   education as vital to their future       shows you how to go about
to personal respect and dignity.          well-being, and because they             developing students’ self-belief
                                          believed that with hard work and         and motivations.
Education can help them flourish,         help their kids could succeed.
and become somebody they will                                                      Topics covered in the paper include:
be proud of. It can help them make        Helping kids with homework was           • Motivation
a real difference to their own lives,     a top family priority, dads did the      • Dweck’s Theory of Motivation
and to the lives of others. We need       washing-up while siblings tussled        • Making use of Maslow’s
to teach them this specifically           with trigonometry on the kitchen           Hierarchy of Needs
and emphatically, because many            table. If they got stuck they asked      • Has Ofsted got Equality and
don’t believe it at present.              their cousin next door. These pupils       Diversity Right?
                                          had self-belief, high expectations,
Evidence from schools suggests            good family and learning support,        There are also strategies to try,
that underperformance is due mainly       and a visceral belief that education     and Geoff is keen to hear from
to the cultural assumptions and           was important. They also had             teachers and trainers who have
expectations of the students. We          the Confucian belief that efforts        developed their own.
know how to change this as teachers.      bring rewards. That’s why they
                                          succeeded against the odds.
In the 1970s, inner city schools
in the US were accused of                 We also need to teach students to       For	more	inspirational	ideas	to	
discriminating against black              believe in themselves as learners,      improve	your	teaching,	training	
students. The accusers soon got           and that ability is not inborn but      and	learning	visit	Geoff’s	website:	
a shock from an unlikely quarter.         learned. We know a lot about how
                                          to do this: Professor Carol Dweck for   whatsnew.html
The Vietnam war was raging at the         example has developed strategies
time, and some refugees escaped           which have had a massive impact
Vietnam in boats to claim asylum          on student achievement.                                                                       InTuition Issue 5 | Summer 2011     11
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