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Greatest City In The World Fanzine Issue #1

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									                                                                                                              FEASTING                            ON NVTfClA
Hey, you picked up a copy of Greatest                  as enjoyable to read as that thing is.
                                                       Check out Amy's ·cooking. Check out
                                                                                                                                           sv   (A    IT DENNY
City In The World Fanzine Issue #1.
Congrats! I wus lying in my sleeping                   Cait's armpit hair. Check out Stangl's                  Iarrived in New Orleans with     on the flier and an older man answered
bag under" l<il(;111,)11 in New
                           table                       cough gag when he is hungover.-li+          two goals: have a buttload of fun and        the phone. Our conversation was pretty
Brunswick N,III couple of months ago                   trOlcK Elm!'1'1 Rt1' ~ 6ef@re I aw-4g~
                                                                                                    eat some nutria.                            brief because Iknew just what Iwanted
and cnuklu': lull uslcep. I have a lot of              ~tiIIgtllrs;-~~                                                                          and I made plans to meet with him the
                                                                                                               Nutria, for those of you that
trouble 1'11111111:\ asleep, usually because I         Do you like tapes or CDs? All of the        have no idea, are gigantic rats who          next morning at ten.
0111~1t"1,)!, mpcd up or worried about
              u                                        interviews were conducted live on my        spend their days just swimming around                    The next morning, Alex got
HlIllllllllIlIH that is going on. Sleeping on          radio show, Crust Never Sleeps on            in all kinds of infected swamp water        up for work and, in my half-slumber, I
tour Is LI'I'cRALL Y impossible. So                    Newtown Radio. Brining you the best         and showing the world their big,             was able to reassure her that today was
youh I started to think about how fun it               new punk hadcore garage jams! Thanks        orange teeth.                                the day that I would be acquiring our
 would be to write a zine and how I                    Zeke for doing the sound. Tune in                       Ihad spoken with Alex at         nutria and fell back asleep. Iwoke up
 should actually just do it rather than                some time, ya heard? Tuesdays 10pm-
                                                                                                    length about how detrimental nutria are     a bit later, got dressed, and called my
 thinking about doing it, so then I did it.            midnight beastern standard time at
                                                                                                   to ecosystems in Louisiana.                  nutria hook up to confirm that Iwas on
 And you are reading it! Maybe you will                www.newtownradio.corn,          more info   Populations in Louisiana are                 my way. I mounted my borrowed bike,
 even continue reading! This is a zine                 and arch ives at
                                                                                                   responsible for large-scale wetland          equipped with handlebar streamers, and
 that I made in New York City. Say                     sh        More                                                 headed toward the Industrial Canal.
                                                                                                   destruction due to their consumption of
 what you will about this place, but                    info on other stuff at that blog too.
                                                                                                   aquatic vegetation. They're so invasive                  Igot to the house and knocked
there is no denying that it is the                     Want to be facebook friends? This zinc
                                                                                                   that the state of Louisiana offers five      on the door several times while
 GREATEST city. Other things too,                      is dedicated to all of the people who
                                                                                                   dollars per nutria tail as an incentive to   imagining how strange it would be to
 maybe good or maybe bad, but for sure                 arc more interested in being outdoors
                                                                                                   all hunters and trappers in the state.       explain to someone who answered the
 the greatest. So the idea was to do th is             than indoors.
                                                                                                   There are also more and more accounts        wrong door that I'm in the
 thing all about New York, just because                                                            of levee degradation due to their            neighborhood to purchase a nutria.
 I've been living here for a minute and I              ACAB,
                                                                                                   burrowing.                                   "You know ... " ] would insist, "those
  like talking about places, or at least               Deed Runlea
                                                                                                              Eating nutria was so in line      water rats."
 keeping places in the back of my head.                                                            with my personal meat politics. My                       Finally, after several more
 Geography and context and stu rr. Flick                                                           politics in this department tend to be       unanswered knocks, I decided to call
 the border, squatter's rightsss»! I                 5(",t   HD'twk      ~~c17rtl5                 loose with many allowances for trying        the number from the flier again. The
 wouldn't say that I accomplished Ihis
 task one hundred percent, but ill tho
                                                     \15 Sovt'1.. '-1+J.. S't(((r ~'I              new things, dumpstered pepperoni             old man I had talked to before came on
                                                                                                   pizza and barbeque chicken, and other        the line, "I had to go out but my wife
  very least this zine revolves OI'()UI1(\           ~ ro 0 \c I ~ 1\, N'I II~ , 1                 occasional allowances like my veggie         will help you." And then, as if by
 New York and being in New Ynrk lint!                                                              vacation while I traveled in South           magic, his wife answered the door and
  going to shows in New YOI'k, 01'
  something. Fuck it, I d011'1 know. I I'ull
                                                     l)ft.tJ R 011\ 1t..@9MA: t • 0""              America last summer. Furthermore, I          he hung up the phone.
                                                                                                   wanted to do the great state of                          His wife greeted me with her
   into a creek last night IIlld 111l'Ihlll                                                        Louisiana a favor and eat the fuck out       American flag t-shirt and large gold-
  chicken wings for brellkl'lIsl IhiH
   morning. So seriously, whu: IIIlI 1'\I\:k
   do I know? Uilerolly'll 1'111 HIlI'I'
   about all of this. 11\I( In \ IPS III 1111111'
  the people who cnntrlbured plt.1l'
                                    HI)                         ®                                  of some nutria but I had to find out
                                                                                                   where to get it.
                                                                                                              Some friends told me about a
                                                                                                   guy who lived under the bridge of the
                                                                                                                                                framed glasses. She was cordial but
                                                                                                                                                not too friendly. I spent a lot oftime
                                                                                                                                                studying her in an 'attempt to decide if
                                                                                                                                                her teeth and hair were real. The
                                                                                                   Industrial Canal and I was given his         verd ict is sti II out.
   and/or artwork In litis IIld !'IIHI'1'1111111,                                                  flier that offered a little bit of                       She led me into the garage,
   me later when YOIInro 1'111111111$,    Nil,                                                     everything, including nutria and             which was empty except for several
   thank you. Check 11111,1111'y'M      1111111110                                                 "coons, coons, coons, and more               freezers lining the walls. Getting me
   Wet Nightmare, I \\%11 IIIIM1111111:1    \\111M                                                                                              the nutria was the least of this woman's
                                                                                                   coons." No biggie. I called the number
                                                               After a fair amount of
   priorities. She showed me every                   deliberation over where the head had

                                                                                                                                                                      T ~\ E
   freezer before I even got to see the              once gone and some prodding we
  nutria. "Snapping turtle, had I eaten              chopped all the veggies up and added
   it?" "Did I know the best way to cook            enough water to cover the nutria in a
   it?" Evidently she did and she refused
  to spare me a single detail.
              When we got to the alligator
                                                    big roast pan. Placed it in the oven and
                                                    let it cook overnight.
                                                               The next afternoon I came by
  freezer my attitude changed. It was               to rip all of the meat from the bone and
  filled with huge parts and smelled like           let it cook for a couple more hours.
  rotting flesh. My intentions suddenly             During this time we tried shamelessly                   art                                Aspirin® before he came.
  made me nervous but I decided to                  to recruit more people willing to eat         The Men1t hard band to describe, I           Chris: Yeah I took about eight
  proceed.                                          nutria stew with us.                                                                       Tylenol®.
                                                                                                  guess mostly because they play lots of
              Finally, she took out the nutria                 When all was said and done         different types ofmusic! They are            GCITW: How's that phlegm looking
  and I realized it was both gutted and            there were about eight of us sitting                                                        there, Chris?
                                                                                                  certainly a noisy band. Would you call
  skinned but not wrapped in anything. It          around a picnic table in the backyard,         it post-punk? Because, like, they play       Chris: It sucks man. It's not colored so
  was much bigger than I imagined it to            each of us with a bow l.                                                                    I don't think it's an infection, I had this
                                                                                                  different variations on the punk theme,
  be, comparable to my cat, Nachos, who                       We all took a bite and, almost                                                   theory that Jared, Jared of Byrds of
                                                                                                  anything from metal to vaguely indie
  is a big dude.                                   immediately, the complaints began. It         rock? I don't know. They rip, that's all      Paradise is joining us tonight ...
              The woman put the stiff             seemed that there wasn't anyone                that's really important. You've               Jared: Hey.
  animal in a plastic grocery bag, which          among us who liked the stew. Corinne           probably heard their music anyways, so        Chris: ... He said my theory was
  barely concealed half of its body. I            finally spoke up and admitted that she        judge for yourself. They put on a solid        outlandish but I think a spider crawled
 handed her the fifteen dollars I had             thought she liked it but our reactions         live show as well, and sometimes they         down my throat and bit my shit.
 promised her husband over the phone              may have made her change her mind or          get weird too, like with clarinets and         Mark: It has nothing to do with the
 and asked her what she thought the best          skewed her taste buds.                        stuff. This interview took place on            bacon cheeseburgers and cigarettes.
 way to cook nutria was. She stared at                        The meat was strange- the         October 26,2010.                               Chris: I haven't had a bacon
 me without answering for a minute and           texture of mammals but with an                 wearethemen.blogspot.coml                     cheeseburger in weeks, alright guy?
 then I, in an attempt to kill the silence,      underlying salty, sea creature taste.                                                        Chris and Rich: Big party, big party,
 told her I planned to stew it.                              No one had seconds and,            [Editor's note: members of The Men            this Thursday.
             "Yeah, I think you should           about two hours later, Alex and I found        have similar sounding voices, quotes          GCITW: Alright so you guys want to
 stew it. I don't know, I don't eat that         ourselves at Hank's splitting a po boy         may be often attributed to the incorrect      tell us your names and what you play
 stuff."                                         and dripping hot sauce all over our            band member. Apologies.]                      in the band?
             Awesome. I was about to eat a       fanciest, laciest dance garments.              GCITW: How's it going guys?                   Chris: My name is Handsome Hansel
 rodent that even the couple that lives                      I hope I never have to eat         The Men: [Make noises, say names of           and I play bass in The Men [giggles].
 under a bridge and sells black market           nutria again.                                  people.]                                      Nick: My name is Nick and I play
 flesh won't eat. r was pumped.                                                                                                               guitar.
                                                                                                Rich: Where did you get your shirt
             I thanked her and set off with                                                    Reed?                                          Mark: Mark, I play guitar.
 my bike streamers flailing in an
                                                                                               Chris: Yeah where's that Pearl Jam            Rich: Rich, drums and uhh spiritual
 announcement of victory, the nutria in
                                                                                               shirt from?                                   advisor.
 one hand while I guided the bike with
                                                                                               GCITW and The Men: [Talk about                GCITW and The Men: [Briefly talk
 another. I rode the nutria back to the
                                                                                               Pearl Jam for a little while. 1bought the     about if the mics are working, make
 house I was staying at and placed it on
                                                                                               shirt in the parking lot of the former        noises.]
the counter to thaw.
                                                                                               Knickerbocker Arena after a Pearl Jam         GCITW: So how big was this party at
             During the day, giddy with
                                                                                               concert in 2003 (Riot Act tour).]             Times Square last night?
anticipation, I gathered our stew
materials; carrots, celery, garlic, onions                                                     Chris: I just want to take a moment to         Chris: Oh it wasn't a party, me and
                                                                                               bless everybody out there tonight.            Rich got a new job handing out flyers
(both green and white) and carried all
                                                                                               Bless you, bless you.                        foi:-a strip club -for fifteen dollars an
of the supplies over to Andru and
Hillary's house where we had arranged                                                          Mark: Chris is sick, he took twelve          hour off the books baby!
to do the cooking.
The Men: [Say somebody's name, tell          ~ark: Let's move on, let's move on.
him they're gonna "kick him in the           [Touch on upcoming shows, records           some other goodies, we'll see what
                                                                                                                                        creating hype of anything, but it's a
dick."]                                      etc. 1                              '       happens. [Denis from Nomos made a              special, small thing ...
GCITW: What strip club is it?                Tho Men: Can we shout out our shows?         cool video of this tour, which you can        Nick: ... And anybody that wants to
Chris: It's called Headliners, this              ITW: Shout em all.                       view at]            hear it can hear it.
Thursday. There's a big Halloween              hris: 538 Johnson Ave., Avenue             Mark: That's on Karmic Swamp                  Chris: We are the men dot blogspot dot
party. Apparently thoro's some girls on      uhhh, Street, Diet Coke heads fro~           Records.                                     com, you can download everything
this flyer that look kind of sexy but I                                                   Chris: Karmic Swamp Records out of           we've ever done plus things that aren't
                                             Gainesville, Florida are coming up [in
bet they are from tho internet.                                                           Kentucky, Nick's home state.                 even out yet.
                                             the past].
Nick: They're paying Chris overtime                                                       GCITW: So do you think touring the           GCITW: Yeah that's definitely the first
                                             Nick: We love Diet Coke.
for this.                                                                                 West Coast you have an easier time           time I'd heard you guys, downloading
                                             Chris: Love the Cokeheads, they're
  CITW: You got commission on that?                                                      just being able to say you're from New        shit off the internet. So I saw you guys
                                             coming up. And we're playing with
                                                                                         York City?
Chris: I'm supposed to work tomorrow         Hubbell which is Ben of Pygmy                                                            playa show down in Austin at Broken
                                                                                         Nick: No.                                    Neck [during SXSW]. What did you
but it might rain so I might not.            Shrew's new solo project, they've very
                                             good. And us. Maybe Nomos if they .         Chris: Everybody walks slow on the           guys think of making the trip down
GCITW: Word. So how good is the                                                          West Coast, just gonna kick it.
party gonna be do you guys think?            stop being a bunch of prissies.                                                          there and what are your thoughts on
                                             Mark: You can't say that word on the        Mark: I don't think it makes any             Lone Star?
Chris: We don't know anything about                                                      difference, I don't think anyone cares.
this party, come on. [Somebody says          all'.                                                                                    Chris: Lone Star, King of Beers.
                                                                                         GCITW: You guys put all of your                Nick: Lone Star is delicious and
"Oh my god."] We're getting paid to          Chris: Prissies?
                                                                                         recordings up on your blog. Why do             affordable.
hand out fucking flyers.                     Rich: Nomos.
                                             Chris: I dint' say pussies. Then we got     you give them out for free instead of          Rich: Big shout out to Sam's BBQ.
GCITW: Are you guys gonna go do                                                          selling them?
you think?                                   a show [in the past] with Neon Blud,
                                             that's at Death By Audio. Neon Blud is
Chris: No absolutely not.
GCITW: Do you get free entry?                another band from Tampa, Florida
Chris: We do get free entry, but Rich
and me will be ...
                                             that's on tour. We're playing with
                                             them, Pollution from Brooklyn, they're
                                             the kings of punk in Brooklyn [Note
Rich: ... in a hot air balloon at that
time.                                        from The Men: Pollution are the kings            ~
Mark: Let's move on. Let's move on.          of everything.], and then we got Marsh          -z.
Nick: Can we talk about something            Hens, if you like the Minutemen, you
else?                                        like Big Boys, you like em both
 GCITW: So where is the strip club?          together, then come on down, check it            ~
 Chris: 38th and n".                         out.
                                             [Both of these shows happened last
 GCITW: Where do you guys like to                                                              .."
 play in New York? What's the spots?         year.]
                                             Rich: Big party, big party, big party.
 Chris: 538. I'm not gonna say other, I
 don't wanna blow any spots, but 538.        GCITW: Someone just said something
                                             about a new record?
Nick: We like playing 538.                                                                     ~
 [Phone rings.]                              Nick: We finished the record in April.           "i:..
 Chris: We got a caller!                     And then ya know, there's a lot of
 Nick: We got a call.                         interest in the street. We're gonna try
                                                                                        Mark: They're pretty limited copies,        Chris: You don't need no teeth to eat
 Mark: Holy shit.                            to put something new out early next                                                    my beef.
                                             year.                                      there's only 50 or 75 tapes, 300 records
 Chris: Kenny Brown's on the air!                                                                                                   Mark: Big shout out to Kate for the
                                              Chris: We got a single coming out         at the most for both pressings [Chris
 [Burps twice.]                                                                         corrects him, 300 for the first pressing,   hotel bill we ran up on her, sorry about
 [Bumble around with phone for a little       before that. We've got a West Coast                                                   those turkey sandwiches.
                                             tour in January, and it's gonna be that    500 for the second pressing of their LP
 while.]                                                                                Imrnaculada], So we feel like it's our      Chris: Did a little room service, got a
 Chris [on phone]: It's on 38th and 11th I    song Think backed with a Devo cover
                                                                                        responsibility to put it out there. It's    little out of hand. But no, the Broken
 think.                                       actually. You probably heard it it's on
                                                                                        kind of a rare thing, not that it's         Neck is fucking great, Rusty from
 [Someone says "Oh my god."]                  our blog. So that's coming out. Maybe
                                                                                                                                    Total Abuse got us on the show, great
guy despite what everyone says about        darkest night of that week. What other
him.                                        New York bands are you into?                Type of Bean         Approximate
Rich: Drunkdriver was the shit that         The Men: Pollution, Marsh Hens,                                  Cooking Time
night.                                      Highway Gimps, Zs, Pygmy Shrews,                                 (with presoaked
Mark: That was one of their best            Organs, Pregnant, Nomos, Teardrops,                              beans)
shows, that was awesome.                    Byrds of Paradise, anything Rich            Black beans          45-75 minutes
Chris: Second to last Drunkdriver            Samis plays drums in, Yellow Tears         Cannellini           60-90 minutes
show was that night, a bunch of other        fucking kill in ' it, Remnants, anything   Chick peas           90 minutes
 great bands played, we had a blast. I       on Imminent Frequencies, The               (Garbanzo beans)
 drank a bunch of Reed's beers, and          Ramones, Television, Heartbreakers,        Kidney Beans         60-90 minutes.
 yeah it was great, I love Austin [Show      Concrete Cross.
                                                                                        Pinto beans          60-75 minutes
 had an awesome lineup, including            Mark: It's Kate's birthday tonight.
                                                                                        Red Beans            60-90 minutes
 Total Abuse, Slavescene, Pigeon            Chris: Seriously though there's so                                                     -
 Religion(!), Dry Rot, and other big        many great bands going down. [Talks a       Shit ton of Chili - Serves 15-20
 names in Mystery Guy Hardcore.]            bunch about Byrds of Paradise,              1 lb dried kidney beans                        Heat oil in an enormous pot (like a
 GCITW: Yeah it was good times, there       "Jared's my homie."]                        1 lb. dried black beans                        stock pot) or split recipe between two
 were kegs there too so that ruled. I was   [Chris does very good radio promo           1 lb. dried pinto beans                        large pots. Add onions and cook over
  up real late that night walking around.   voice for the show.]                        4 T vegetable oil or butter                    medium heat about 5 minutes until
  Chris: You were in a bad mood when I      GCITW: You got anything else you            3 onions, chopped                              softened. Add peppers, carrots and
  talked to you, I was like "yo Reed the    want to say?                                2 green bell peppers, diced                    garlic and cook 5-10 minutes until
  kegs are tapped let me get a beer" and    Chris: [Announces upcoming shows.]          3-4 carrots, peeled and diced                  beginning to soften, stirring to prevent
  you were like "man." You had a            Commission Rich Samis for doing your        6-10 cloves garlic, minced or 3 Tbs            garlic from burning. Add oregano,
  backpack full of beer, let me haaave      artwork because he always does great        garlic powder                                  cumin and chili powder and cook,
   one.                                     things.                                     1 Tbs dried oregano                            stirring for 2 minutes. Add frozen corn,
   Mark: In the auto mechanic shop.         Rich: False.                                2 Tbs ground cumin                             diced tomatoes with liquid, bean
   GCITW: That was definitely the                                                       4-5 Tbs chili powder                           cooking water (or broth) and 1 Tbs salt.

                 --                                                                     2 c. frozen corn
                                                                                        3 (28 oz) cans diced tomatoes (with
                                                                                                                                       Simmer for 15 minutes. Add beans and
                                                                                                                                       simmer for additional 30 minutes,
                                                                                                                                       adding water if chili becomes too dry.
               EATING FOOD
                    BY C,RA'I        AfAy
                                                                                        3 c. water from cooking beans
                                                                                         1-2 Tbs salt (depending on saltiness of
                                                                                                                                       Adjust seasoning as necessary. Serve
                                                                                                                                       over rice with cheese, sour cream and
                                                                                        tomatoes and broth)                            hot sauce.
  If you're putting on a show and you've  uncovered during soak, add more water
  got an ass load of people around, you , to pot.                                       F or serving:                                   Black Beans and Rice -Serves 10
  can feed them on the cheap if you start Drain beans and discard soaking water.        2-3 lb. rice, cooked according to               2 lb dried black beans
  with dried beans and rice. Here are 3   Return beans to pot, add water to 1-2         package                                         3 large onions, peeled
  versions of beans and rice for a crowd. inches above level of beans. Bring            Grated cheese (optional)                        4 cloves garlic, peeled
                                          water to boil over medium heat and then       Sour cream (optional) _                        2 bay leaves
 To prepare dried beans (the key to       reduce to a low simmer. Simmer for            Hot sauce (optional)                            1 lb bacon, chopped (optional) or 2 tbs
 cheap eating!)                           recommended time (see below or check                                                         olive oil
 Rinse beans thoroughly and pick out      package), check beans for doneness Jf4        Cook beans according to directions             4 jalapeno peppers, seeds and ribs
 any rocks or damaged beans. Place in      of the way through cooking time -.Beans      above. Prepare black beans, pinto beans        removed (leave 1 or 2 with seeds and
 large pot and cover with water equal to   are done when they are easily crushed        and kidney beans in separate pots              ribs if you want the beans spicy),
 3 times the volume of beans. Soak 6-8     between two fingers or under a fork.         because they may cook at different             chopped
 hours OR to quick soak: Bring to a boil   (Do not add salt, vinegar or any other       rates. Alternatively, you could use 3 lb       salts
 over high heat and boil for 2 minutes.    acidic ingredient during this process        of pinto beans and cook them all in the        pepper
 Turn off the burner and leave beans to    because it will extend cooking time).        same pot). Reserve 3 cups of cooking
 soak, covered for 1 hr. If enough water                                                water (not soaking water!) for chili.
 is absorbed that beans become
  For serving:                                 neighborhood and buy your spices
  1.5 lb. rice, cooked according to
  hot sauce, optional                             1 Ib dried chickpeas
  sour cream, optional                            2 Tbs vegetable oil                        FIR ST
                                                  3 large onions, peeled and chopped
  Soak and rinse beans according to               3 cloves garlic, peeled and minced
 directions above, but do not cook. Put           1 Tbs grated fresh ginger
 beans in large pot and cover with 1-2           2 hot green chili peppers or small                                                       because they're awesome.
 inches of water. Cut 2 of the onions into       jalapeno peppers, chopped                   Death First are an awesome female-           GCITW: Yeah I think I've only seen
 quarters and add to pot. Add garlic             2 Tbs ground coriander                      fronted anarcho-crust-punk-thrash(?)         them once too, they played in Albany
 cloves and bay leaves. Bring to a low           2 Tbs ground cumin                          band from you guessed it, NYC. They            one time it was a rad show. So how
 simmer and cook 45-75 minutes until              1 tsp ground cayenne pepper, or pepper     are super tight and heavy, while               long have you guys been a band for?
 beans are tender. Drain beans (or               flakes                                      keeping it fast which works really well       Joe: Maybe two years.
 reserve cooking liquid for future use.)         2 tsp ground turmeric                       for them. They seem particularly self-        Dan: Yeah two years. Jake joined like a
                                                 2 tsp garam masala or curry powder          aware about punk and how they fit into        year and a half ago and we've been
 Chop the remaining onion. In a second           1 28-oz. can diced tomatoes, with their     the scene, wherever that might be. I          most active since then. We had our first
 large pot or wok big enough to hold all        juice                                        really dig the message behind a lot of        7 inch come out a year ago now, we've
 of the beans, cook bacon over medium            1 Yz cups water                             the lyrics, and it is great to see a         done two tours, and we have a new 7
 heat until crispy. Remove bacon with           2 tsp salt                                   woman in NYC getting heavy as fuck.           inch coming out hopefully within a
 slotted spoon and set aside in a bowl.         1 lemon (juiced)                             They were 5 minutes early to this radio      month or so. Maybe we'll get the test
 Remove all but 2 Tbs bacon grease                                                           show- some unheard of shit going on          press tomorrow, we'll see. [1 picked
                                               For serving:                                  there. This interview took place on          one up at their record release show, it
  from the pot (save for a future use). If
  not using bacon, heat olive oil over         1-1.5 Ib rice, cooked according to            February 14, 2011.                           rips.]
  medium heat. Add onion and jalapeno          package                                              Jessy: Keeping my fingers crossed.
  and cook over medium-low heat until          fresh cilantro, chopped (optional)                                                         Jake: Preorder soon.
 tender, 10-15 minutes. Return bacon to        plain yogurt, optional                        GCITW: Can we start it out with each         GCITW: Are you guys putting the 7
 pot and add beans. Add salt and pepper                                                      of you guys saying your name, what           inch out or is someone else putting it
 to taste (you will need a good deal of         Soak and cook chickpeas according to         you play, and where you are originally       out?
 salt because you are using dried beans).       directions above. Heat oil in a large pot.   from?                                       Jessy: We're putting it out. Me and
                                                Add onions, garlic, and ginger and           Dan: I'm Dan, I play guitar and I am        Dan have a record label called Destroy
 Heat through. Serve over rice with hot
 sauce and sour cream.                          peppers and cook over medium heat            from the Upper West Side of                 Me Records.
                                                until beginning to brown, 5-7 minutes.       Manhattan.                                  GCITW: Have you put anything else
  Chana Masala (Chickpea curry) _              Turn heat to medium low and add               Jake: I'm Jake, I play drums, I am from     out?
  serves 8                                     coriander, cumin, cayenne, turmeric and       Westchester NY.                             Dan: This is our first 7 inch. And mine
 Dried chickpeas and rice and cheap as         garam masala or curry powder arid cook        Jessy: I'm Jessy, I do vocals and I am      and Jake's other band Grudges, we put
                                               2 minutes. Add tomatoes, water and            originally from Silver Spring MD.           out the demo tape for that. And we put
 hell, but the spices in this dish can get a
                                               cooked chickpeas scraping down any            Joe: My name is Joe, I play the bass        out a Death First tour tape for our tour
 little expensive, unless you buy them in
 bulk. If you don't do a lot of Indian         onions and spices on the side of the pot.     guitar, and I am from Florida.              over the winter. We have a couple
                                               Simmer partially covered for 20                [Bumble around with the mics for a         ideas for bands we want to put stuff out
 cooking, you should start. Once you've
 got the spices, it's a really cheap and       minutes, then add salt (increasing if          second.]                                  for that we've loosely talked to so
 delicious way to eat. If you live in          needed, to taste) and lemon juice. Serve       GCITW: Jessy is that why you are          hopefully the label will expand to
                                               over rice with cilantro and yogurt.            wearing that Sick Fix tshirt?             something that's more than just a
NYC, go to Jackson Heights, Queens
                                                                                              Jessy: No. They are from that area, but   means to put out our own stuff. But
where they have a ton of Indian grocery
                                                                                              I have been living in New York for        who knows.
stores with ridiculously cheap spices.
My favorite is Patel Brothers at 37-27             BeN Art>ET IT,                             probably longer than they have been a
                                                                                              band. Yeah so I've only actually gotten
                                                                                                                                        GCITW: How was the West Coast
74th St.. If you don't live in NYC, see if                   kt~s ~
                                                   MOTHE~F"lJ<                                to see them once even though I am         Jessy: It was awesome.
your city has an Indian or Pakistani
                                                                                              from there, which is unfortunate          Jake: West Coast was a lot offun. All
the punks were awesome. It was not as                                                       dirt up in the air and then it falls back
                                               Jake: It was just some Santa Cruz                                                         Dan: I think the biggest thing is, and
snoody as New York, I'll say that.                                                          down and it's completely pointless.
                                               sports bar. The guy just didn't know                                                      anyone sees it when they leave here on
Jessy: Yeah yeah, grass is always                                                           The street cleaner in San Diego was
                                               how to set up a real show.                                                                tour, is just that I think the size of New
greener.                                                                                    like a golf cart with a giant shop vac
                                               Jessy: And we got to town kind of                                                         York works against it in some way.
Joe: Jake being the most skeptical                                                          attached to it and it was just driving
                                               early, and so we were walking around,                                                     While it's so big that there can be ten
person.                                                                                     around sucking up everything. The guy
                                               and the kids who lived in town that we                                                    shows on any given night, and there
  GCITW: What sort of places were you                                                       stopped when there was a car in the          will be people at all of them, it keeps
  guys playing at?                             knew were like oh we can walk by, you
                                                                                            way, and instead of getting one of           all of those ten different sub-sects of
  Dan: Every show except the shittiest         can see where you're gonna play
                                                                                           those fucking annoying stickers on            whatever scene really autonomous.
  one were in all ages spaces. Like half      tonight. And as we walk by, this dude
                                                                                           your car and getting a ticket, he went        And I feel like when you go to other
  houses and half various types all ages      who is sitting at the bar on the bar stool   around it and cleaned it by hand.             towns that aren't as big, you see a lot
  venues. So that was nice. Always a           closest to the door at 3 in the afternoon
                                                                                           Jake: Got out and picked up stuff with        more shows where it's not just five of
  little nerve racking on tour when you       just goes, Yeah Boobies Wooo!                his hands.                                    the same types of bands, like there's a
 don't have total control of everything.      Dan: They were watching skinemax or
                                                                                           Joe: Did you get that sticker off of your     little bit of each. I think that kind of
 You sometimes end up playing in              something.                                   van?                                          benefits everyone a little more.
 weird shitty places. But pretty much all     Jake: It was like a movie on cable or
                                                                                           Dan: That sticker's never coming off          GCITW: I definitely agree with that
 of them were awesome, and we had a            something.                                  the van.                                      100%. It's funny how in New York it is
 decent amount of friends in various           Dan: He was very excited for the            Joe: That's some high quality glue.           so big that you can have your super
 towns and also met a lot of great             boobs. We had a bad feeling about the       Dan: I feel like it's kind of pathetic that   defined scene and your super defined
 people. It was pretty wild to be that far     show, but you know shit happens.            that's the thing that stood out the most      group of friends and there's enough
 away from home, and not really have           GCITW: You got to play outside in           for me, but it really stood out. Mind         people that you can fill a small room
 that much hype or build-up to the tour        San Diego?                                  boggling.                                     with that at every show. Like I'm from
 or anything, and it was just awesome         Jake: At a pirate punks house. It was        Jessy: Yeah.                                  Albany, and you go to a show and
 and went great. It was a fucking             one of the best shows on tour. Outside       Jake: It was a weird area.                    there's a pop punk band on the bill
 miracle that we made it though,              they built a stage, and we played with       Joe: Can you ask us another question          with a straightedge hardcore band, and
 because we were supposed to fly the           [Tijuana punk band that I'm not sure of     so we stop talking about this?                that sort of stuff doesn't seem to
 day of the blizzard, so all of our flights   the name], a thrash band with a 12 year      GCITW: So what kind of glue do you            happen here that much. But on the
 got cancelled. Me and Jake ended up .         old drummer and they covered Iron           think it was?                                 other hand it's awesome that if you
 being in transit for 30 hours to get there    Maiden and it was fucking incredible.       Joe: Oh my god.                               want to get super into what you're into
 in time.                                     Joe: They were fucking awesome.              Jake: Must be magical glue.                   you can do that.
 Jake: The only flight we could get was        Jake: And all their Dads were there.        GCITW: Someone said something                 Dan: Yeah, there's a lot more of
 from Philly, so we took the bus down          Joe: Their dads were doing the              about New York being snoody.                  everything.
to Philly. The flight was at 8 in the          bouncing.                                   Jake: I mean there's definitely a lot of      Jake: Dan books a lot of our shows and
 morning and Dan is nervous about              Dan: It was the most professional           clique-iness to the punk scene and I          a lot of shows in general, and we
everything, so we were at the airport at       house show. It was really weird, there      guess I joined Death First after it sort      definitely try and mix it up a little bit.
midnight the night before waiting             was like the captain head guy, and then      of established a sense of what clique it       We get our friends on shows. I mean
around. Took us forever. We had to go          his minions.                                was sort of in but not really, but I don't     me and Dan are in a grind band and
get our van in Olympia, and we got to         Jake: And the first mate.                    know we get lumped in with pretty              have played a show with pop punk
our first show in Seattle. We had to           Dan: It was probably the only show we       much everything. Either we're too fast,        bands, and all of our friends came and
play the show, and we were running on         will ever play where we had loaders.         or we're not fast enough, or you know.         all of their friends came. We usually
no sleep and we played pretty well. We        They were like, let me get that for you,
                                                                                            Dan: I think that's just what happens.       try to get everyone together.
played angry.                                 and we're like alright if you wanna
                                                                                            Jake: There's definitely some levels in       GCITW: Where are your favorite
Jessy: Oh yeah [ was really angry.            carry something. We carried some
                                                                                            punk right now in New York. I love it         places to play in New York City?
[Talk for a minute about Crazy Spirit's       stuff.
                                                                                           al.l, and I try to be a part of all of it.     Jake: ABC no Rio. Maybe, for me at
tour getting cancelled.]                      Joe: Pirate punks. Pretty cool.
                                                                                           LIke I can go to any show. I went to the       least. I guess just growing up in
GCITW: You said there was one really           Dan: Me and Jake were blown away in
                                                                                           Riot GrrrI show yesterday and I'll go          Westchester, and going to ABC all the
shitty show?                                   San Diego because we saw it street
                                                                                           see Crazy Spirit tomorrow if I had to         time. I got to play there with pretty
Death First: Oh yeah.                          cleaner. We're used to the street
                                                                                           but most people can't do that in New'          much every band I've ever been in,
                                               cleaners here where they just blow the
                                                                                           York I guess.                                  which has been pretty awesome with
 the history. I mean CBGBs is gone I         the day, and people are all super sober
                                                                                        Jessy: Remember that place?                  makes me very angry, because then I
 guess, I mean I wouldn't think that        and you know doing their thing and
                                                                                        Joe: Yeah, I've heard of it.                 can yell about it, it's cathartic. A lot of
 people care about CBs, but you know,       still getting into the bands.
                                                                                        GCITW: And there's that space Dead           the lyrics I've written have to do with
 getting to play ABC was always             Jake: It's better for touring bands so
                                                                                        Herring, we went to that for the first       sexual assault or domestic violence. I
 awesome for me. And we've always           they can get to the show and then
                                                                                        time the other night.                        have done anti- sexual violence work
 got 538, pretty much every house           experience New York I guess. Show's
                                                                                        Joe: They still do shows there?              for a number of years so I write about
 we've played, that's always fun.           over by 6, sometim~s .. I know if I was
                                                                                        GCITW: They do shows, but it was so            that and that trauma a lot in my lyrics. I
                                                                                        big it was this weird mix between a           just try to write about and draw from
                                                                                       DIY show and a not DIY show, but it            personal experiences or experiences
                                                                             e-        was in an apartment. But there were so         that my friends have had in the punk
                                                                            ..-        many people there and it was pretty            scene and connect it to larger political
                                                                             ,.         expensive at the door, it was kind of         issues. Or go the other way like if
                                                                                       bizarre.                                      there's a news story that really hits
                                                                             ~         Joe: Next door they used to have shows         home to try to connect it to individual
                                                                            (!'        too. They used to have this real nice         experiences. I also try to use lyric
                                                                                       back patio.
                                                                                       GCITW: Other than going to the show
                                                                                                                                     writing as a way to process out my
                                                                                                                                     thoughts sometimes; one of the songs
                                                                                       at Death By Audio last night, did you         that I wrote is about dealing with
                                                                              L        guys have any Valentine's Day
                                                                                  ~                                                  intimate partner violence in radical
                                                                              '1'      Dan: I bought Jessy a bottle of her
                                                                                                                                     communities and it kind of goes back
                                                                                                                                    and forth between a couple of different
                                                                                       favorite kind of seltzer.                    thoughts because it's just how my mind
                                                                                       Jessy: It was delicious.                     works.
                                                                                       GCITW: What's your favorite seltzer?         GCITW: How do you feel that people
                                                                                       Jessy: I usually like the black cherry       receive that in the punk scene? Because
Dan: Played a lot of shows at the          from out of state and I got to play an      flavor, but I've been really into this       like how we were talking about earlier,
various 538 lofts. It's always awesome     awesome show and still have time to         pomegranate cherry. If anyone's              in New York there are sub-sects of the
being able to play in friends' houses      enjoy New York I would be into it.          interested.                                 scene where there are all sorts of girls
and having good shows where touring        GCITW: Yeah for sure. Or go play            Jake: We're pretty into seltzer.            playing in bands and doing stuff and
bands are able to play, and people         later that night.                           Dan: We have a seltzer maker at home,       then there's maybe the general scene
come out and you make gas money ane        Jake: Yeah that's been happening            and it is the best purchase ever.           where there's not that many girls
what not. It's nice to have that and I     pretty much every show.                     GCITW: Nice.                                playing in bands. So how do you think
think a pretty huge resource for this      Joe: That being the only place left that    Joe: Like a tank?                           people respond to those types of
town. I agree with Jake, I remember        still has DIY punk shows.                   Dan: You just fill up a bottle with        topics?
playing at ABC for the first time, and i   Jake: Besides houses.                       water, you're supposed to chill it. I      Jessy: Most people who bother to talk
still feels pretty cool to play knowing    Joe: Talking about Manhattan.               actually think the chilling helps. And     to me about my lyrics have been fairly
that I've probably been to more shows      Brooklyn has a lot spaces.                  then you screw it into the machine and     supportive or have said they appreciate
there than anywhere in my life, and it     Jake: Since Knitting Factory moved to       there's a C02 canister attached and it     that that is something that's getting
will probably be that way for a while.     Brooklyn, Manhattan is like Santos,         shoots the C02 in.                         talked about in punk songs, because I
 Well unless if they tear it down or       ABC.                                        Jake: Science.                             do feel like I try to write about things
 whatever.                                 Joe: I mean Williamsburg doesn't even       Dan: Top quality seltzer. You get like    that sometimes aren't as easy for all of
 Jessy: They keep pushing it back.         have DIY shows anymore. There's no          sixty bottles out of one C02 canister.     us to talk about. We've only really had
 Dan: Yeah it's never going to happen.     DIY spaces in Williamsburg.                 Joe: This is edited right?                one instance of someone really vocally
 Jessy: Well hopefully it won't.           Jake: Yes there are.                        GCITW: Certainly not.                     saying that they did not agree with my
 Dan: There's so many good spaces in       Joe: Are there?                             Jake: Maybe they'll endorse us. Put out   lyrics. But you know, I don't need to
New York.                                  Jessy: Death By Audio.                      our next record.                          talk to that person. So it's all good.
 Jake: There's as many bad spaces also.    Joe: Oh sorry Death By Audio, you're        GCITW: Jessy what are your lyrics         They're wrong.
  GCITW: It's fun when you a playa         right.                                      about?                                    GCITW: What does your band name
  show like that completely middle of      Jake: We were there last night.             Jessy: I mostly write about stuffthat     mean?
                                              in another band with, who grew up
Dan: It doesn't really mean anything.         here, he was in Terror Level Red and            He opened the refrigerator, and                  mastered this kind of knowledge. Who
When we had been practicing for a             then went to school in Olympia and has          grabbed the milk. He remembered a                were these people who could determine
while and we were at the phase of             been in a band called Sixes, who are            line from his book, ajoke about how if           what was fresh, what was old? In him
needing a band name we couldn't agree         great, when he moves back in March              he had it his way, he'd only have one            welled up a series of adjectives- sour,
on anything. Jessy and I were watching        he's joining as our second guitar               bowl and one spoon in his kitchen, and           rotten, homogenized, spoiled,
one of our mutual favorite movies one         player. Which we're pretty stoked               he'd store the spoon in the bowl. It             pasteurized. Louis Pasteur. Was
day, The Princess Bride, and there's a        about.                                          didn't really seem like ajoke, now. I            Pasteur's whole legacy just the thing
line after Wesley leaves the swamp            Joe: You heard it here.                        should actually do that, he thought.             that we do to milk? There was ajoke
forest, or the fire swamp rather, and he      [Also at their record release show, I          Really, the whole cereal thing was too           there somewhere, maybe, but it darted
gets stopped and they try to take            saw Travis play with Death First, and           public, too overdetermined. This is all I        around him, a fly too nimble to swat.
Buttercup away and they say This is          thought it sounded great.]                      know, he thought. A mood clung to                No. Jokes came easy when your mind
your last chance to surrender and he                                                         him, low in his stomach. Personalities           was open, insouciant. He was too
                                              [Talk about some upcoming shows
says Death First. And we looked at                                                           are caricatures we make to ingratiate            weighted down now. What was
                                             with Thulsa Doom, Morning Gory,
each other and were like oh, good band                                                      ourselves to others, busy making                  pasteurization anyway? If he invented a
                                             Jake: "a little band called Subhumans,"
name. What's funny is that we have                                                          themselves into vulgar cartoons. But              process, would it be called
                                             Joe: "never heard of them," MDC, Opt
since learned that there is a nu-metal                                                      what to do? Buy yogurt? The texture               Seinfeldization? He remembered a
                                             Out, Deep Sleep, at Smash It Dead fest
band in California named Death First.                                                       was all wrong. Eggs and toast? He                paper he read once while Googling
                                             in Boston, a benefit for the Boston
But also we got a message from some                                                         could always get that at Monk's. And             himself, about how his show, along
                                            Area Rape Crisis Center that had a
guy saying Hey I was in a band called                                                       cleaning up all those crumbs, and the            with Friends, supposedly made the city
                                            really solid line-up, Dan:
Death First like ten years ago in                                                          knife, coated in congealing butter,               safe again for white middle-class
                                            "unfortunately Tear It Up is playing
Wisconsin, and we were kind ofa                                                            festering in a pool of itself at the              young people. Crazy, sure, but did they
                                            that night," Joe: "never heard of them,"
crusty hard core band with a lady          talk briefly about                              bottom of the sink. Every breakfast               have a point? Evenjust twenty years
vocalist named Jessy too.                                                                  seemed to some degree strange, and                ago, the city was filled with more of
Jessy: Small world.                                                                        indicative of some deeper moral                  the anger and disarray that New
                                           GCITW: Any last shout outs or things
Joe: You didn't tell me about that.        you want to say?                               problem. No, betterjust to eat the trap           Yorkers eat for energy. Now you've
Jessy: It's a fact.                                                                       you've made for yourself, the one you             got these people walking around in
                                           Joe: What's up Will? We love you.
Dan: It is a fact.                                                                        know. He sniffed the milk.                        their pajamas. Really, was the milk
                                           You think Dan sounds fierce?
Joe: Huh.                                                                                                                                   bad? Why do we put milk on cereal
                                           Dan: Have you ever even seen Princess
GCITW: Any shows coming up?                Bride?                                         He sniffed the milk, and this is what he          anyway? Cows eat grains, we put their
Death First: Yes, lots.                                                                   smelled: cardboard. Not only did he not           milk on our ... forget it:
                                           Joe: Yes I've seen the fucking Princess
Dan: Which is exciting because our         Bride.                                         know if it was still good, he couldn't
good friend Travis who Jake and I are                                                     begin to fathom a world where he'd
                   .....•..•                      ..•                                                                          , ,;r. ';'
                NO SOUp, FoR US
                                     BY LAr.~'1LAwLESS
   Jerry stared at the cupboards. Golden        exception. He did like the order
   Grahams, Corn Flakes, his mouth open         though, the edges of the boxes lined up
   slightly. After masturbating, he always      perfectly next to each other on the
   felt a cheap kind of loss, and the world     shelf. He reached for the orange
   seemed louder, less manageable, less         Wheaties box, as it conjured up some
   categorical. To make any decision           images of virility, and he was vaguely
   seemed impossible, countless                conscious of a need for protein, or was
   mitigating factors and unpleasant           it fiber?
   associations seemed to well up in every
   physical thing, and the cereal was no
 He poured the cereal and milk and t
 do        h                    '      sa   YOU CAN TALK YOU CAN TALK
    wn at t e counter, glancing at the
newspaper while he chewed. He               YOU CAN TALK.
                                                                                            next to him and offered her a bunched        "Youuu."
sc~nned the headlines for something         Molten ... lava ... no, no, no, molten
                                                                                            up handful of her own bedsheets. She
~Uirky he could use for material but        plastic. Hot, bloody plastic steaming,
                                            streaming, screaming hate HATE.                 made a disappointed grunt, and turned         When he made it out of the building
Instead found himself poring ove- a                                                         away onto her side, ridding herself of
                                            They are the hate and I am the vessel,                                                       the sun was low in the sky and he
heartbreaking story about a young girl                                                      his seed, for the first and, clearly, the    thought he smelled filo dough. He
                                            filled up like a glass of black wine,
 sacrificed in a satanic ritual in rural                                                    last time.                                   walked by a store that sold upscale
                                            black whine, whining, upset, DO YOU
Indiana. He shuddered as he ate and                                                                                                       orthopedic devices, and he sneezed,
                                            SEE WHAT'S INSIDE YOU STUPID
 some milk jumped out of the bowl onto                                                      "That was great" said George.                wiping his spittle on his khakis. The
                                            MOTHAFUCKAS? Temper the                     )
the crotch of his blue jeans. He got up                                                                                                   sex had made him feel new, and only a
                                            temper, the tempest. Funny, oh how
 and grabbed an immaculate sponge                                                           "Yeah"                                        little bit disgusting. A chill breeze flew
                                            funny, oh, how funny? Isn't that
from it's divot on the sink and began                                                                                                     in, and tickled the top of his baldness. '
                                            funny? Isn't thatfunny. Sitcom, sit
scrubbing at the spot. The door made a                                                      "I should go".                                It felt fresh, like it'd carried itself into
                                            com, sit down, SIT DOWN you
sound, and Jerry sighed in mock                                                                                                          the late New York summer from
                                            NIGGA. "The curse." Curses. Jerry
frustration. Really, he was glad for the                                                    "Mhrnm."                                     somewhere upstate. He walked by a
                                            will be upset. How can you be funny?
 interruption. He opened the door.                                                                                                       small alley where, next to a bag of
                                            How can you be funny, like that, in this
Nobody there. He held the damp                                                              He wrestled the shirt over his furry,        trash, a misshapen homeless man was
                                            world, like this? FUCKING FORK UP
 sponge in his hand. What was he                                                             sweat-drenched, jellied tuber of a torso.   holding down, from behind, the
                                            YOUR ASS. Yes, they would think he
 supposed to do today anyway? He shut                                                       How she could be so disappointed, he         shoulders of a second, kneeling
                                            was out of his mind, but they wouldn't
the door and turned around to consider                                                      didn't know. To be disappointed you          derelict. The first man was throwing up
                                            understand: this hot place, this very hot
his domain. When there was nobody                                                           had to expect something good in the          green-gray mush onto the second's
                                            place, that came from the world but
around to bounce his neuroses off of,                                                       first place. Sure, he always acted like      unkempt mane. They looked up at
                                            stayed inside you, burning at everyone
they became heavier. Alone, he was                                                          he was a good lover, even a good             George, who gave a small fraternal
                                            because they kept throwing wood.
 left with the bare sad facts of their                                                      person, but it seemed that whenever he       wave, and kept walking. Bad things
origins. George, Elaine, Kramer; there                                                      was trying to woo a woman there was          were happening everywhere, George
was no Jerry without them. There was                                                        the unspoken knowledge between them          thought. You can't let it get to you.
just this post-climax beast, a heavy,                                                       that he wasn't anything that good about
                                            George snatched his inside-out bright
sullen monster of a man, more a boy,                                                        him, but that he would be gracious, and
                                            red polo off the floor and with a
 incapable of decision, drained of life.                                                    not too hard to get rid of afterward.
                                            jewelers' precision coaxed his semen
                                            out of his bellyhair. There was only a          When he was younger this knowledge
He felt his face. Angry, hot, disgusting                                                    had depressed him, but the sadness was
                                             little bit; if worn right-side out, he
stubble. What was he, a hobo? He went                                                       like train: it stopped, so you got off. So
                                             could probably still wear it without
into the bathroom to shave. Steam on                                                        here he was, having gotten off. Here he
                                             anyone noticing. Oh, but-. He looked at
the mirror. Right-hand disposal of
creme into left palm, then lather and
                                            Gabby, lying on her back in front of        1   was, getting got rid of. It was his role;
                                                                                            he said his lines.
                                            him, soft body dotted with his fluids,
application. With every manipulation
                                            right hand held out for his shirt, ready
of the razor scratching into order the                                                      "I'll call you later."
                                            to wipe him away. Like a flash in his
chaos on his face, Jerry felt the
                                            head- he didn't have an overcoat, so
abstergent hand of the God of                                                               "Call me what?" she said, joking, but
                                            whatever he left the house in he'd have
ablutions, the only God, really, that                                                       not playfully. She reached for a pack of
                                            to wear on the walk home. And he had
mattered. There was a knock on his
front door, unmistakable this time. He
                                            to meet Jerry soon. And what ifhe ran
                                            into somebody? How would he explain
                                                                                            George made a strange little guffaw,
                                                                                                                                                  FUCK OF~
sighed in earnest.
                                            it? Shaking a little, he placed the shirt       too quickly, and then pointed a hairy
                                                                                            digit in her direction and nodded.
                                                                                                                                                  MR. PITT!
                                                                                         Walker: I'm going to Denmark for four    Walker: Battalion of Saints is playing.
                                                                                         months. I'm gonna become a son of the    Sam: Fronted. Decide. Crass.
                                                                                         Northern Darkness and study North        Eugene: Vivian Girls.
                                                                                         mythology.                                Sam: Vivian Boys. Wavves. Beach Fun
                                                                  CRAZY                  GCITW: Have you learned how to say
                                                                                         "the" yet?
                                                                                                                                   or whatever.
                                                                                                                                   Walker: Ambient Noise, the band.
                                                                  Sf (R \T               Walker: The.
                                                                                         GCITW: Are there any punks in
                                                                                                                                   Sam: Water.
                                                                                                                                   Walker: Zen. All of the elements
                                                                                         Denmark?                                  basically.
                                                                                         Walker: I'm hoping, that should be        Henry: Vampire Weekend.
                                             I'm'from Manhattan.                         cool.                                     Sam: Fucked Up featuring Bono on DJ.
Crazy Spirit are my favorite NYC punk        Sam: I'm Sam I play drums from              Sam: Apparently there are no punks in     [Sam made the best band joke so far,
band. They have a really fun style that I    Brooklyn.                                   Denmark.                                  we all laugh for a moment.]
                                             Eugene: I'm Eugene I play guitar, I'm       Walker: I'm gonna make them lick my       Sam: You know, typical New York
don't think you really hear too often,
even though they play with a lot of          from Brooklyn.                              butt.                                     bands.
bands that have a similar vibe (and          [Bumble with the mics for a little          GCITW: What are the rest of you guys      GCITW: I saw something on the
band members for that matter). They          while.]                                     gonna do while he's gone?                 internet that you're doing an LP at
definitely are doing something               GCITW: So you guys just had to              Henry: I have another band so I don't     some point, what's up?
different. Some Scandinavian sounding        cancel your West Coast tour, what was       fucking care.                             Eugene: That's what we're gonna do
shit with the ill screech-growl vox. The     the deal with that?                         Eugene: Yeah me too.                      when Walker's gone.
drumming is the best part, it sounds         Walker: Snow.                               Sam: [Weird noises, farts with mouth.]     Walker: It's gonna be really fucking
 like a horse galloping really fast          Sam: Snow.                                  GCITW: What are your other bands?          big, gonna be a 14 inch.
 through the pit. Their live show is         Walker: It snowed.                          Sam: Sexual Grandmother. The               Eugene: Wide.
 fucking awesome, I dare you to not          Eugene: It snowed. It's snowing again.      Sparkles.                                  Sam: It's gonna be a square.
 stomp the fuck out of the broken 40 oz.      Walker: I hope my flight doesn't get       Eugene: Sprinkles.                         Eugene: The needle's gonna fall off
 on the floor. Also, try not to get hit in    canceled again.                            Henry: The Drippers. Sunshine. I'm in      every time it turns.
 the head with a bass guitar and die. The     Henry: We're gonna redo it in the          a band called Hank Wood & The              Walker: That's like two inches less
 bung life reigns supreme. This               summer.                                    Hammerheads.                               than if you add all of our dicks
  interview took place on January 11,         Eugene: It's gonna be a wrinkle in         Sam: They're good.                         together.
  2011.                                       time.                                      Walker: Well that was a fake band the      Sam: First two are on black vinyl.        Walker: After we play Texas we're          other ones were real.                      Eugene: And the rest are also on black.
                                              gonna go up. [Chaos en Tejas June          Eugene: And Perdition too.                 GCITW: Are you guys doing that? Or
 GCITW: How you guys doing?                   2011.]                                     Sam: We're gonna write a lot of music      is someone else putting it out?
 Walker: Good. I'd like to apologize           Sam: No, we're gonna to to Mexico.        while he's gone.                           Sam: We're gonna make the LP and
 first because I messed up a lyric and I       Juarez, and then Las Vegas.               Walker: Isn't Dawn of Humans               then throw it in the air and whoever
 said "kiss me baby I need to vent," and       Walker: The same tour. We're gonna        playing?                                   wants to put it out has to catch it.
 I don't support that at all that's weird,     slide our fingers down and then up.       Eugene: Yeah Dawn of Humans is             Eugene: Just like at a wedding with the
 it's supposed to be "suck me baby." So,       Sam: We're going to the desert.           gonna have a comeback.                     flowers.
 I'm sorry to all the listeners that           Walker: We're gonna die in Mexico.        Sam: Worldwide.                             Sam: You have to wait on a really long
 wanted to kiss me instead. They're not        Eugene: We're going to Vegas too.         GCITW: Crazy Spirit is playing one          line.
 allowed to.                                   GCITW: Are you gonna do any wacky         more time before Walker leaves town?        Walker: Whoever does the best French
  GCITW: Thanks for your apology.              drugs and chill out in the desert while   Sam: Thursday.                              kiss.
  You want to start it out with your           you're out there?                         Henry: At the Lake.                         Henry: Walker needs handjobs to do
  name, what you play, and maybe where          Walker: Definitely.                      Eugene: A few blocks away.                  anything. In his stipulations.
  you're originally from while you're at        Henry: Yeah hopefully.                   Crazy Spirit: Crazy Spirit, Perdition,      Walker: I need handjob stipends.
  it?                                           Eugene: We're gonna turn in Henry in     Long Pigs and Hank Wood & The               [Continue to bumble with mics for a
  Henry: I'm Henry I play drums I'm             Arizona.                                 Hammerheads. [Venue and lineup were         little while.]
  from Manhattan.                               GCITW: Walker where are you going        different- awesome show, wacky
  Walker: I'm Walker. I play sing and           and how long will you be gone for?       antics, thankfully nobody died.]
 Walker: Your mics don't need to work        fault.                                   Walker: We jumped off some cliffs. A      Eugene: No it's not.
 I'm the only one that counts.               Eugene: That wasn't our fault though.    dog raped the bass player in Long Pigs,   Henry: I don't do anything.
Eugene: Your mic has been off the            Henry: It was our fault for doing some   and then dragged him into a corner and    Sam: Oh yeah I do everything.
whole time.                                  shit.                                    peed on him, and then changed his         Henry: I'm the rhythm section.
GCITW: Anyone on the short list for          Walker: They were offended because I     mind and he started to fancy Eugene,      Eugene: That's not true.
best French kissers? Leading                 was wearing a pink leather miniskirt     and Eugene woke up with him putting       Sam: I'm Sam I play bass.
candidates?                                  that said "slut" on the butt of it and   a fence on top of him.                    Eugene: I thought you played drums.
Eugene: Everyone sucks.                      they didn't like that because ...        Sam: Boston happened to us.               Henry: I play drums.
Walker: I don't have a top ten because       Eugene: ... they're homophobic.                                                     Walker: I play bass.
everyone is in the bottom ten.               Sam: It was just one thing on a long                                                Sam: I play drums.
Eugene: Top ten worst.                       list.                                                                               Eugene: I play bass.
Walker: I've only ever chicken pecked        Henry: Ithink it's also because you                                                 Sam: Next question.
before.                                      called Sam a faggot when we were                                                    Walker: Oh wait another good tour
Sam: Never made it that far before.          playing.                                                                            story. We played Baltimore and it was
Walker: I only get KJs. Kiss jobs.           Walker: Oh that was the catalyst.                                                   the weirdest show ever, it was this
Eugene: Kool jobs.                           GCITW: I don't think anyone even                                                    weird church place with their own
Henry: Klam jobs.                            noticed Rational Animals throwing that                                              gated weird thing, but there were all
Walker: That's why we're turning you         beer all over the place.                                                            these juggalos there and there was one
into the authorities.                        Walker: Well no, the faggot thing                                                   cool person, this weird girl who was
Eugene: You know when you get sand           happened at Legion Bar or whatever.                                                 kind of cool who was making fun of
in your teeth?                               Eugene: God that show was fucked.                                                   the juggalo while he was boning his
GCITW: Where is your favorite place          [Grumble about some stuff, Sam calls                                                girlfriend in the bathroom, and then she
to play in the city?                         somebody a "third grader."]                                                         got him all pissed off, and then she ran
Sam: 538 for me.                             Walker: Yeah and that stupid cripple                                                 away from the show and he ran after
Walker: Yes.                                 guy was there with his walker and I                                                  her with a knife and came back crying
Eugene: Stolen Sleeves probably.             threw a chair at him.                                                                like "What did I do?!" and then
Sam: The Acheron.                            Henry: And the European guy with the                                                 everyone started crying, so Ithink the
Walker: They really love us there. My        Patrick Ewing jersey on.                          ,
                                                                                            g...s ",,;t4llr,   !I'.II             only cool girl at the show got murdered
favorite guy in the world is from The        Walker: They don't know.                                                             by a juggalo that night.
Acorn. What a great guy. His beard is        Henry: Europeans.                         Crazy Spirit: We saw an alien and a        Sam: Logan one of the guitarists from
so cool, I loved everything about him.       Eugene: They know.                       jackal and the moon.                        Long Pigs made out with a 70 year old
Probably the coolest guy ever.               GCITW: So other than Vampire              Walker: We almost all died because of      chick in Rochester.
Sam: You mean Phil?                          Weekend and Wavves are there any         a dragon fly.                               GCITW: Who's the little kid talking
Walker: Yeah Phil Dozer. So cool             other current bands you guys are into?   Sam: A bug flew into our van and            about god at the end of your demo?
though.                                      Walker: Wavves is a band?                almost killed all of us.                    Sam: Some kid on the street.
GCITW: I think Ishowed up at that            Crazy Spirit: Hank Wood & The            Walker: Rochester fucking rules.            Eugene: A friend of ours. We're not
show after whatever you're talking           Hammerheads, Nomad, Nomos, The           Sam: We played in a weird den in the        gonna disclose his name.
about went down, is there a good story                                                forest.                                     Walker: Andy Sanders.
                                             Men, half of Question, Crazy Spirit,
to that?                                     Dawn of Humans, Long Pigs.                GCITW: I like your artwork a lot, who       Eugene: [Gibberish.]
Walker: We didn't even play that, it                                                  does it and is there any, I don't know,      Walker: Cleve Crandall.
                                             Henry: We went on tour with Long
wasn't out fault.                                                                     fucking significance behind it?              Crazy Spirit: [More gibberish.]
Henry: We got banned.                                                                 Sam: Yeah it's significant.                  Walker: Fuck Christina Halladay.
                                             Walker: Goood band. It was very fun.
Walker: We were guilty by association                                                 Eugene: Very significant. r do most of       Eugene: Ijust saw this cool movie
                                             GCITW: Any good tour stories?            it.
for both of those shows. We didn't do        Eugene: We killed some old lady in a                                                  Billy Jack.
   anything at either of them. Well Iguess                                            Sam: I basically do all of it.               GCITW: Last comments?
                                             camp site.
   I did.                                                                             Walker: We all trade off doing things.       Walker: Yahtzeel
                                             Sam: John wiped his ass on someone's
   Sam: First time it was our fault, and                                              Sam: We do everything. Everything we         Sam: No.
                                             towel and made us smoke a ton of
  then Rational Animals, it was their                                                 do is a collective effort.                   Henry: A record's about to come out.
                                             weed so we could run away.
Sam: The demo is going to vinyl                  Crazy Spirit: "Uh, tuh-huh, done, yes."      Some of the highlights include nuns
through a lady in England on a label             GCITW: Alright bros, thanks for              "trying to drink the holy water" of a
called Quality Control.                          coming by.                                   life size Jesus statue, a woman
Walker: I thought it was called Fish 'n          Walker: Thanks bro.                          masturbating with a burnt bone from a
Chips. That was a very cool joke, fuck           Sam: Thanks, bro.                           corpse, and a man being tortured by
you. Shut your bloody noiser!                    GCITW: Happy birthday bro.                  wooden boards being hammered into
Henry: Then we got a record, I'm Dead            Henry: Thank you.                           his shins. So gather round your loved
single. Putting it out on the West Coast         Sam: Thank you, bro.                        ones and pop in a copy tonight, its still
should be out soon.                                                                          less disturbing than reading Michael
Eugene: East Coast too.                                                                      Crichton's Timeline.
Walker: It's my birthday in six
minutes!                                                                                     Optional Drinking Game: Take a swig
Henry: Just so everyone knows the first                                                      every time a religious figure is defiled
7 inch was recorder by Mark Bronzino.                                                        or Oliver Reed looks like he wants to
Sam: In this dude's basement.                                                                deflower you
Eugene: The I'm Dead shit was                                                                Recommended beverages: mead, Olde
Jeremy. We don't credit anybody on                                                           English, cyanide
the records.
Walker: It's not on purpose. It's hard to                                                    More Heathen Movies! Movies that
write their names on everything.                                                             Prove There is No God: Wicker Man,
Eugene: Because our. name is so big.                                                         Mark of the Devil, The Craft,
Sam: There's not enough room.                                                                Rosemary's Baby,' Prince of Darkness,
Walker: It doesn't have our names on                                                         Event Horizon, Suspiria, The
 it, except mine, my name is Crazy                                                           Believers, Possession, Simon Birch
   I'Ift-t: I..;"t ~(.t"S ~'''''        Ctll    tL.rc:~ '-t\",(S    ;"hr";(,wt~
                                                                                                                --------- ------------------------------------------
           ~v ••• ••\.l•.   .f.,r s+ r<.",.../ 4,,,JI' ,•• ,.( -+         k:" h."" k
   tVI\\c.~. blo!) ,~.        +. C'N\   In the. tr .. ~ ftI-t"fr
                                                                             1h.l,S                 NYC 01'1 ?0NK VErJVE t;uIDE
   c.\""(,"'i\l«.   Slcb·o".                   C"tUS~                                                Sl"LIT     ~E.L.f..A.SE      \=~O"" 2.46~r.                 I\NO   '1E-t.r!
                                                                                             New York sure has a lot of places to             cheap eats suggestion. Eating is for
                                                                                              see a punk show, am I right? This is a
                    STANGL'5                        CO\<NcR                                  "guide" to some ofthe small venues
                                                                                                                                              your yuppies, but sometimes it's good
                                                                                                                                             to know where to do it on the cheap if
                                        aY        OAri     ~rArJc;,L                         that regularly do punk and hardcore              absolutely necessary. Please get in
                                                  seduces nun, nun accuses priest of         shows in NYC. I wouldn't call this list         touch if you know any DIY or smaller
  Each issue I'll highlight a different                                                      exclusively DIY, but it practically is.         spots consistently (or otherwise) doing
                                                  being possessed by Satan, religious
  movie that is either ideal to watch             zealots douche nun with a calk gun full    Basically just places to see small punk         punk shows, especially in the "other"
  completely fucked up or that will create        of boiling water and priest is burned at   shows. Some of these spots are not all          boroughs as I'd love to check them out.
  that experience for you and help you            the stake", The Devils details the "true   ages and some are more strict about it          One little disclaimer shit is that when
  save money on booze ....                        story" of a French priest who is           than others. This "guide" is by no              the names of some of these venues are
                                                  charged with being a witch by the          means encompassing. Also, it is mostly          the street address, I didn't bother
  THE DEVILS                                      church and his attempt to flee its wrath   more established venues and spaces, so          getting all "ask a punk" on this, except
  The Devils is a 1971 film by whacked            as it destroys everything in its wake.     the loft that throws shows now and              for one spot I recently saw listed as
  out British "auteur" Ken Russell, who           Like Monty Python crossed with a           then that I am not hip to will probably         such, because I assume that some pig
  made the Who film Tommy and a                   Mayhem record, The Devils paints a         not be listed. Just because this shit           fuck is a lot more likely to be cruising
  bunch of trippy art movies that are             portrait of Christianity and the Middle    would go on and on and it doesn't               the information super highway than
  basically soft core porn with lizards           Ages that will make hanging out with       make any sense to do that. I try to point       tracking down copies of this shitty
  running around. A slightly modern take          The Cable Guy at Medieval Times            out the corner stores with cheap beer in          inc. If a venue is listed by address, it
  on the classic tale "player priest              restaurant look like a walk in the park.   the area where I can, and maybe even fl         is because that is how I have seen it
                                                                                            including the wacky regulars! Don't          hummus place next door, and an art
referred to on flyers or online. If you
                                                some rival spots in Sunnyside/              drink beer or smoke pot in the space or      gallery right on the other side, and a
run a venue or space and want me to
                                                Woodside/ Elmhurt area of Queens and        out back because they're not trying to       new bar which is pretty awesome. The
change it, drop me a line and I'll cross
                                                I'm sure others I haven't been to) at a     get shut down. Ok Marty? Really nice         corner store not directly on the corner
it out with magic marker. p.s. I'm not
                                              . very reasonable price. I suggest a pork     rectangular space with a whole lot of        of Bushwick and Meserole, but the
gonna talk about sound quality AT
                                                torta, but I always suggest a pork torta.   history. They do all sorts of different      next one, which says EZ-Pass on the
  ALL because contrary to popular
                                                The closest corner store at Flushing        shows here. Apparently there is a zine       awning, is pretty good. Seems to be the
  belief, I am not an "audiophile."
                                                and Varick WILL try to rip you off.         library, meeting space, dark room and        cheapest beer ($1.50 cheap tall cans) in
                                                Either talk the clerk down on your tall     other stuff upstairs, but I have only        the immediate area, and they make a
                                                can, or keep walking on Irving.             been up there briefly to take a shit.        banging hero.
 131 Tompkins (Bed Stuy)
                                                                                            Nice courtyard in the back to "chill"
 This place did shows for a while, then
                                               538 Johnson #210 CBushwick)                  between bands. They have been talking         "Ask a Punk" on Thames (Bushwick)
 stopped, then started again. Or so I am
                                               Sandra's apartment at the end of the         about this space closing down for             There are at least two spaces in this
 told. Never been here, heard it's sweet.
                                               hall. Maybe some 5 or 6 other people         years. It used to be a squat, and they        building, but I don't hear about a lot
                                               live there? They don't do shows all the      basically need to tear the building           going on at either one so I'm just
 538 Johnson #201 CBushwick)
                                               time or anything, but fairly regularly.      down and rebuild to "bring it up to           gonna list it as one. Downstairs is a
 I mean, this is it really. Don't need to
                                               Typically more of the shoegaze/ pop          code," which would cost a lot of              great spot, I guess it must be a garage
 write much for this one but I will
                                               punk/ just woke up from a nap and            money. Not gonna recommend where              or something? Definitely different from
 anyways. If there is a very popular DIY
                                               drinking a hot toddy genres. Although I      to get beer since you shouldn't be            most Brooklyn DIY spaces, as it is
 punk band, hopefully you get to see
                                               know they've done some rippers here          drinking here, but if you're trying to        much more open with a concrete floor
 them play here. In the punk dorm
                                               too, didn't they recently do Punch and       "have a drink" with your friends after        and shit. The one time I was there they
 building of 538 Johnson, this is the first
                                               Vaccine? They also like to let loose         the show, grab a $2 PBR at Welcome            had some cool projections going
 apartment you will come upon in this
                                               with a dance party after the show every      to the Johnsons on Rivington btwn             through the whole show. Apparently
 glorious hallway. Big open space that
                                                once in a while. A really nice space,       Essex and Norfolk. Go to Economy              they had bed bugs? Upstairs is more of
 can easily fit a couple hundred heads,
                                                very cozy. They've got some lofted          Candy on Rivington. Eat delicious             an art space, and I don't think they
 with some ledges you can climb up on
                                                space and ladders and what not              super cheap Indian food at Punjabi on         really do punk shit on the reg, but the
 to watch the show unobstructed/ not
                                                overlooking the show space, so even         Houston btwn Ave A and 1st Ave.               space is really nice with a low stage
  hear the PAl look cool! reign fire on
  the crown below if a band from                the short people can see. Thanks Randy                                                    and also a raised kitchen space right
                                                Newman. Best show I've seen at this         The Acheron (Bushwick)                        next to it. Levels, man. I think they try
  Cleveland is performing. One of the
                                                space was Nuclear Family's last NYC          1 like this space a lot. They just          to rent this space out for practicing and
  first shows I went to here was the
                                                show. Food and beer suggestions, see        celebrated their one year anniversary.        recording and whatever else. Be sure to
  weekend of Kill Your Idols last shows;
                                                other 538 listing.                          How do you pronounce the name of it?         take a look at the Boar's Hear
  one of the last shows I went to here
                                                                                            I think it's 'ack-eron," but who the          distribution(?) plant across the street.
  was Government Warning's last NYC
                                                ABC no Rio (Lower East Side)                fuck knows. It's some Greek                  And quite possibly the best comer store
  show. I am sure you were all there too,
                                                Is this the longest running community       mythology stuff, right? The space itself      I know of in Brooklyn- at the corner of
  and at every other one. The afterparty
                                                punk space in American history? It has      is really awesome. Everything is             Morgan and Flushing, they have Genny
  shows are of course particularly fun as
                                                been around since 1980. I would             painted black, and it is a long, narrow      original (in the new can to boot!),
   everyone is nice and lubed up by that
                                                assume so, but who knows? Their             room. The stage is fairly high and deep.     Genny Cream and Genny Ice tall cans
   point. One of the really nice things
                                                website says "ABC No Rio is a               It's a pretty different set-up, and I like   all for $1.25! I couldn't decide whether
   about seeing a show here is you are
                                                collectively-run center for art and         it a lot. It was fun seeing the singer       to include this space because I think
   more or less guaranteed to have a really
                                                activism. Weare known internationally       from Raw Nerve fling his body off of         they do shows just as sporadically as
   solid line-up; I'm pretty sure the only
                                                as a venue for oppositional culture." It    the stage over and over again during         other spaces that I am not bothering to
   people who actually book this space
                                                is a PC space and many jokes have           their show here. I haven't checked out       include. I included it for the Genny.
   are Hardcore Gig Volume and one or
                                                been made about that, but I have heard      the stuff going on in the back rooms,
   two of the residents. You will not see a
                                                their volunteers say "retarded" so who      but I hear it's pretty fun. They seem to     Bruar Falls (Williamsburg)
   band here that is not hyped in some
                                                 knows? This is of course a beautiful       focus on metal shows, but they               Pretty down with this spot. Solid bar in
   way. Of course hit up Los Hermanos
                                                 space to see a show, all of which are      definitely do punk and hardcore stuff        the heart of South Williamsburg, aka
   Tortilla Factory on Starr right off of
                                                 Sa~urday matinees. Keeps the party         too. Hopefully this venue sticks around      the best geographical sub-sect of
    Wyckoff for the best Mexican food
                                                 animals away and the punks around,         for a while. There is some sort of           Williamsburg. The space is pretty
   I've had in Brooklyn (there are def
good, small with a stage in the back.                                                       hipster girl here, it's awkward. Area
                                             cheap and delicious grill food and                                                             stink of cigs when you get home (a
The bar is long and there are tables on                                                     food/ drink see ABC no Rio
                                             sandwiches.                                                                                    plus for all the smokers in the house).
the side, so if you're trying to be lame                                                    description.
                                                                                                                                            I'm sure they have a perfectly good
and sit in the back while the band is                                                                                                       reason for making it expensive to see a
playing it's pretty easy to do while still                                                   The Charleston (Williamsburg)
                                             Cake Shop (Lower East Side)                                                                   house show, like paying the rent, but
being able to see. Can jam a bunch of                                                        This is probably my least favorite punk       it's still lame to have to spend like 15
                                             This venue is pretty ok. It's got cafe          venue in NYC. There is a definitely a
people back there if you can, and not                                                                                                      or 20 bucks to see a DIY show and
                                             and record store upstairs, so it's some         cool guy vibe here, and the bar upstairs
super awkward if nobody is there. I                                                                                                        drink a couple of beers in somebody's
                                             pretty comfortable shit if you're trying       is usually more crowded than the show
feel bad when I always knock over                                                                                                          apartment. Also it would be awesome
                                             to sit down and talk to your friends           in the basement. I even once missed the
people's guitar cases trying to climb                                                                                                           if they cou Id throw a porta-potty or two
                                             between bands. The venue is in the             Dustheads' last(?) show because I was
past the stage to the bathroom.                                                                                                                 in the corner of the back room, because
                                             basement, and there is a bar down              watch ing baseball upstairs and didn't
Whoops. When Pigeon Religion played                                                                                                            I have never not waited in line to use
                                             there. I'm pretty sure they serve Busch        even hear the band playing downstairs.
there they just filled up the entire stage                                                                                                     the restroom at this establishment (only
                                             cans, props. The thing that sucks the          But I guess that was my fault. They ask
with a wall of gear and set up on the                                                                                                          two stalls for this usually crowded
                                              most about this space is that you can't      you at the door who you are there to
 floor. Man was that strobe light brutal.                                                                                                     space). I have yet to try the old 40 oz
                                              see anything at all. I'm a pretty tall       see, which is lame as hell. Just pay the
 Fucking best band. But anyways,                                                                                                              trick here, but there are certainly plenty
                                              dude, and I can't see the stage unless if    bands on who needs the money (i.e.
 they're pretty nice here and have                                                                                                            of alleys, nooks, crannies etc. outside
                                              I'm right up front or on the side of the     touring bands), not who is the most
 various types of shows going on all the                                                                                                      of the venue to empty your tank (of
                                              stage. It's really weird, I don't know       hyped band on the show or who has the
 time. They do a lot of free shows which                                                                                                      piss). All of that complaining aside,
                                              why that happens. Maybe the floor is         most friends. What is this, the Trash
 is of course awesome. Their cheap beer                                                                                                      this is usually a fun place to see a
                                              slanted. They have a TV monitor by           Bar? They used to do a free personal
 is Rolling Rock I believe, which is the                                                                                                     show. The set up is real nice with a big
                                              the bar, so you can hang back and            pizza with every drink, then they
 worst of the cheap beer so that's too                                                                                                       open square room in the front with a
                                              watch that if you want. They do a lot of     stopped, now they're doing it again,
 bad but who cares. Booked or owned                                                                                                          low stage (with some nice looking,
                                               shows here, punk and hardcore stuff         but I guess it costs a dollar after 8pm?
 or something by the same people at                                                                                                         often changing murals on the walls),
                                               being the exception but still fairly        That was defthe best thing going for
 Cake Shop, conveniently listed next.                                                                                                       and open square room in the back with
                                     nd        regularly. A lot of times they are          this bar. Cover is usually too expensive
 Food / drink- Havemeyer and S 2 is a                                                                                                       merch and shit, the bar, some
                                               matinee or early evening shows, I           and drinks are a dollar more than they
 beautiful corner. The 24 hour bodega                                                                                                       chairs/couches, etc. They now even
                                               assume so they can make the big bucks      should be. Shows are notoriously
  on the NE corner has Banquet and                                                                                                         have a homemade Street Fighter II
                                               with the regular LES crowd later at         VER Y LATE. Which is a fucking pain
  Busch tall cans for $1.25, and the                                                                                                       arcade game, and word on the street is
                                               night. There is a video of Henry            in the ass for someone who actually has
  bodega on the SW corner has very                                                                                                         it can change to other games too. They
                                               Rollins being really aggro to some         a life but is interested in seeing
                                                                                                                                          do all sorts ofDlY shows here which is
                                                                                          particular bands play, because you are
                                                                                                                                          cool. A lot of hip stuff, but have seen
                                                                                          going to end up at the venue all night.
                                                                                                                                          some really quality punk and garage
                                                                                          It's one thing when shit is an hour late,
                                                                                                                                          shows here too. They even did Paint It
                                                                                          but another when it is always at least
                                                                                                                                         Black a couple of months back. There
                                                                                          two hours late. The space itself is aight,
                                                                                                                                         is not a whole lot of places to buy shit
                                                                                          but seeing a show in a basement
                                                                                                                                         in this area, and generally all food and
                                                                                          usually is not worth the annoyance of
                                                                                                                                        drink is overpriced, until you get to
                                                                                          dealing with this bar. Fuck the
                                                                                                                                        some exceptions on the east side of
                                                                                          Charleston.          .
                                                                                                                                        Bedford. Havemeyer and S 2nd if
                                                                                                                                        you're looking to take a walk.
                                                                                          peath By Audio (Williamsburg)
                                                                                          The cover is usually a dollar or two
                                                                                                                                         Dead Herring (Williamsburg)
                                                                                          more than you would expect it to be
                                                                                                                                         I have not been to many shows here, so
                                                                                          (but it's NYC, why would you expect
                                                                                                                                        I am not going to write much because I
                                                                                          anything to be reasonably priced?),
                                                                                                                                        have not been to ANY punk shows
                                                                                          they are not BYOB and serve cans of
                                                                                                                                        here. It's a big ass loft space. The
                                                                                          beer for 3 DOLLARS AT A HOUSE
                                                                                                                                        people frequenting the space when I've
                                                                                          SHOW, and your clothes are gonna
                                                                                                                                        been there have generally thought they
were very im
They have a :or~an~ people (VIP's)                                                               shows here that were really not very
bathroom fromar mside, Only one .                  Lulu's (Greenpoint)                                                                       During Pissed Jeans set, the singer was
                                                                                                 fun at all. Sometimes it is cool,
                                                   Lulu's is usually going to be a good                                                      doing some weird body twister shit like
building in a g what I can tell. Cool                                                            sometimes it isn't. It seems like they
               reat spot. Take a walk              time. First and foremost, all shows are                                                   he does, and there was with this
                                                                                                 will pretty much book ANYTHING
                                                   free (they give bands a percentage of                                                     woman with a fancy camera taking a
over to Broadway between Havemeyer                                                               here, so it makes sense that it mayor
                                                   the bar). Second, you get a free                                                          lot of pictures, probably from a
and Marcy for the most fun urban                                                                may not be cool. They currently are not
                                                   personal pizza with every drink. $1                                                       newspaper or blog. He put his head
foodcourt you could imagine. For the                                                            serving alcohol or doing BYOB, so that
                                                   gets you a topping, but what kind of                                                      between his legs right in front of her
love of god go to Donut Connection!                                                             can be kind of a drag. The space itself
                                                  yuppie scum pays $1 for pizza when                                                         and hawked a fat loogy directly in her
There are $1.25 tall cans at one of the                                                         is really cool and dynamic in my
                                                                                                                                             face. She did not flinch. It was fucking
corner stores on the north side of the            you can eat free pizza? If you are broke     opinion, you can fit a ton of people in
                                                  as fuck, make sure all of your friends                                                      gnarly! They have a foosball table
 street, as well as the one on the SW                                                          there but it usually doesn't feel too
                                                  get a pizza ticket with EVERY drink                                                         downstairs. N ice open space in front of
 corner ofB'way and Marcy.                                                                     awkward when nobody is there. They
                                                  and give you theirs if they are full.                                                       a tall stage, a raised area in the back
                                                                                               have free pool! However, the table is in
                                                  Most of these shows are pop punk                                                            with some seating and tables, big bar. I
Europa (Greenpointl
I have never been to a show here. It's            oriented, often from Long Island or
bigger stuff, like Tear It Up reunions or         Long Island transplants, but I'm sure
secret Dropkick Murphy's shows. I                 they do other stuff too sometimes. I
hear it's a weird space. I think the              have heard people complain about the
 shows need to end early for Polish               layout, but I like it. There are levels,
 dance clubbing afterwards.                       man. I don't even want to write this so
                                                  nobody picks up on this good idea, but
 Knitting Factory (Williamsburg)                  whatever nobody is gonna read this shit
 Knitting Factory is ok. They do big              anyways. If there is a sporting match
 small punk shows here sometimes, and             on TV that you want to watch, try to
 good garage shit. Don't expect to pay           snag the seats directly above the DJ
 less than $10. Booze is expensive, and          booth. From that corner perch, you can
 I think might be more expensive in the          watch and hear the band while
  show room than at the bar in the front.        simultaneously watching the game. At
  One really sweet thing about here is           a free show with free pizza. Can't get
  that if you're not super pumped on the         better than that. The only food
  band and/or are broke as fuck, they            recommendation I can give you since
  often turn on speakers from the sound          there is pizza is to make a trek down to
                                                                                              terrible condition and missing balls.       don't know if they do smaller punk
   board in the front. So for free you can       Manhattan Ave and Bedford for really
                                                                                              They have other floors in the building,     shows here, I don't really think so.
   sit at the bar, have a prefect view of the    BOMB French fries from the Kennedy
                                                                                             sometimes you can skate and stuff.           Check it out if there is an awesome
   stage through big windows, and listen         or Crown or whatever that fried
                                                                                             There's a big patio/alley in the back        band playing. Food and drink I don't
   to the bands. So hey, that's an option.       chicken place is. Also the corner store
                                                                                             which is sweet. The door guy has             fucking know it's Park Slope, the worst
   The space itself is pretty solid for what     on the same side of the street right
                                                                                             definitely been a dick about things          of the worst. There's a Key Food
   you'd expect for a big small venue,           across Greenpoint A ve has Colt 45
                                                                                             when I have been there. There is a           across the street.
    wide floor and fairly high stage. There      pounders for $1 if you're trying to get
                                                                                             really funny cat that hangs out. I have
    is a bunch of food right around there,       shady down by the East River.
                                                                                             not really bought any food or a beer in      Shea Stadium (Bushwick)
    the sandwiches at the corner store on                                                    the area, so no tips there.                  These people are Mets fans. From the
    Metropolitan and Havemeyer (the              Party Xpo
                                                                                                                                          shows I have been to here, the people
     Havemeyer on the north side of              I have a love-hate relationship with this
                                                                                              )\luthpaw (Park Slope)                      running the space have a bad attitude
     Metropolitan) are good, haven't tried       venue. I saw Thee Oh Sees play here
                                                                                             I have not seen very many shows here,        aid think they are very cool. One of the
     that much else right there. I have never    with a Colt 45 open bar at a VICE
                                                                                             hill have had a really good time at the      hst times r was there the door guy
     been to Kellog's diner but I hear it kine   party. Thee Oh Sees are one of my
                                                                                             lilies I was at. Negative Approach was       rushed me back as I stepped up to the
    of sucks.                                    favorite current bands, it was a free
                                                                                             the ILLEST. Fucked Up and Pissed             tip of the stairs to pay him. There was
                                                  show, and I was drunk for free, so.that
                                                                                             limns a ways back was awesome.               larely anyone at the show yet, I was
                                                 was awesome. But I have also been to
                                                 are willing to open up their home to                 the PA on, and then focuses all of his     hungry, walk south on Manhattan Ave
taking my wallet out, and he pushed
                                                 you with good music and good times.                  attention on pumping the fog machine       and just stop in any of those places.
me back from the door thinking I was
                                                 And particularly especially when you                 and making sure that the spinning          The Middle Eastern place on the corner
 going to walk by him without paying I
                                                 can just drink in the hallway outside of             lights and strobe and all that shit time   of Huron is chronic (I assume that
 guess. If it wasn't a good show I                                                                    up perfectly with the chug part. Be
                                                 their apartment between bands. But                                                              place is not open late), as well as the
 wanted to see I may have needed to
                                                 then again, chugging a tall can while                friends with the sound guy. They have      Polish deli half a block past it (get a
 own that motherfucker. But I didn't.
                                                 seeing a ripping band play is as good as             Schaefer for $2, and I think the mix       pickle you asshole!). Pio Pio for
 I'm including this space because they
                                                 it gets. But a change of pace is always              drinks are pretty cheap too. They have     delicious Peruvian chicken. And of
  have had good garage bands play here
                                                 good anyways. They have some Crass                   a pool table in front, and there' is       course you can keep walking a few
  fairly often, but it is definitely a bastior
                                                  shit up on the wall here. The space is              always a fun mix of show-goers and         blocks to Greenpoint Ave where you
  of hipster douchebaggery. I even once
                                                  really neat, with a loft above the show             whatever 8 regulars are normally in the    can try to scam both Starbucks AND
  saw a band from Texas talk shit on the
                                                  space that has like a big rectangle                 bar. It's always fun when an Undead        McDonald's for free shit.
  Yankees during the 2010 ALCS. I                                                                     Volume show is going on, and you
                                                  opening so you can watch from
  heckled the fuck out of that band, with                                                             walk into a nondescript bar in north
                                                  upstairs. It is definitely too small for                                                       t)nion Pool (WilliamsburgL
   no support at all from any of the other                                                            Greenpoint that is completely full of
                                                  moshing to awesome bands, but on the                                                           This is more metal and hip shows than
   assholes in the crowd. Are you fucking                                                             spikeys. Only in New York. Or other
                                                  plus side it always seems packed. First                                                        punk and hardcore stuff. One time I
   kidding me? This place has a bar                                                                   places with spikeys I guess. If you're
                                                  show I saw here was Aerosols a while                                                           tried to go here before 1was 21 and
   inside, I'm not sure what the prices are
                                                   back, that show was awesome. I was                                                            didn't get in. The end.
   but I'm just going to assume they are
                                                   with my friend who is over punk and
    high. They let you chill on this long
    narrow balcony on the street, which
    seems like a terrible idea to me from

    the space's perspective, but it is
    awesome that it's there. Someone said
  something about a bottle getting
  thrown through a cop's rear window, if
  that's true I don't know how the space
  didn't get shut down for that one. Mets            has been for quite some time, so it was
  fans. The corner store at Waterbury and            good to go see a show with him. While
   Grand is pretty solid.                            I am writing this, they have a LOT of
                                                     good shows coming up so check that
   Silent Barn (Ridgewood)                           shit out. Los Hermanos, and don't get
   I have not been here before, but they do          ripped off on your beer when you're
   DIY shows. More hip stuff, but punk                gonna be drinking in the hallway
   stuff from time to time. It's pretty far           anyways. Also this seems to be one of
   out there (geographically). Vinnie says            the only spaces that consistently
   "it's awesome."                                    charges 5 bucks for house shows, so
                                                      obviously good work on that.
   Stolen Sleeves Collective (Bushwick)
   Another 538 gem. Stolen Sleeves                    Tommy's Tavern (Greenpoint)
   seems to be a pretty polarizing hub in             This is one of my favorite places see a
   NYC's punk scene, I guess for PC and               show in NYC. Mostly because of the
   SXE reasons. I don't really get why                clean facilities and friendly staff. The
   everyone cares so much about what                  back room where the shows are is
   other people believe in. It doesn't                perfect. It is a square, probably 50 feet
   really seem that unreasonable to tell               by 50 feet. Is that at all correct? If there
   people you can't drink booze or eat                 are 40 people in there it feels packed,
    non-vegan food in a vegan straight                 which is the way it should be. The
    edge apartment, especially when they               sound guy Jay, is awesome. He turns

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