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Alternate Payment Sources by chenmeixiu


									                 Some Alternate Payment Sources for In-Home Care

                               Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance will usually pay for non-medical in-home care. If you have a
policy, we can contact your insurance customer service or claims department to ask about
their requirements for your in-home care. We would need your insurance policy number
and your insurance claims department telephone number. Of course, you may talk to
them yourself if you prefer.

Arizona Department of Insurance has information about shopping for Long-Term Care
Insurance. 800-325-2548,

                                Veterans Pension Benefits

Many veterans and their widowed are unaware that they are eligible for Veterans Pension
Benefits. You do not need a service-related, war-time disability to receive benefits. You
may telephone your local Veterans Benefits Counselor at 520-458-7144 or 888-952-4700
to set up an appointment to apply. If you are quickly told that you do not qualify, contact
us for more help. You do not need to pay enormous fees for a third party to help you
through the application process. Arizona Department of Veterans Services:

Basic information to determine eligibility: Was the veteran on active duty for at least 90
days? Does he/she have an honorable discharge? Did the veteran serve at least one day
during one of the following periods: 12/7/1941-7/26/1947, 6/27/1950-1/31/1955,
2/28/1961-5/7/1975 and was physically in Vietnam, 8/5/1964-5/7/1975?

                              Employee Assistance Program

More and more employers are providing their employees with in-home care benefits for
their family members. If your adult child is helping you in any way, and is working for
an employer, he/she might be able to receive this benefit. Your adult child should contact
his/her Human Resources Department about this benefit.

                    Comfort Keepers
                                     Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage can allow you to remain in your home, using your home’s equity to
fund your care. If you are age sixty-two or older, a reverse mortgage can turn your
home’s equity into cash, a line of credit, monthly income, or a combination of all three.
There are no required monthly mortgage payments and the proceeds are tax-free. Talk to
your financial advisor to be fully comfortable with this type of mortgage.

HUD/FHA Home Equity Conversion Mortgage is a government insured program for
reverse mortgages. Telephone 800-569-4287.

FANNIE MAE Home Keeper is another government program for reverse mortgages.

AARP has information about reverse mortgages. Telephone 202-434-6044.

SEAGO, Southeastern Arizona Governments Organization provides counseling for Home
Equity Conversion Mortgages. 520-432-5301, 520-432-5858.

                  Arizona and Federal Income Tax Credits or Deductions

In general, a licensed health care practitioner must certify that a person needs substantial
help with at least two activities of daily living, and/or he needs substantial supervision to
protect his health and safety due to severe cognitive impairment. Income tax
credits/deductions are also available for certain long-term care insurance premiums.
Please discuss these matters with your financial advisor to determine what is most cost

                     Comfort Keepers

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) is Arizona’s Medicaid
program. Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) is a part of AHCCCS, and provides
for long-term care. To inquire about how to become eligible, or to apply for AHCCCS in
Cochise County, telephone 520-459-7050, or 800-782-5827.

                                 Cochise Health Systems

Cochise Health Systems oversees the AHCCCS/ALTCS services in Cochise County.
Comfort Keepers works directly with Cochise Health Systems. If you are already a
member of Cochise Health Systems, ask your case manager about receiving in-home
care. 520-432-9600,

                        Credit and Debit Cards, E-Check, PayPal

We can accept credit and debit card payments, e-check payments, and transfers from
checking and savings accounts via online transactions available at PayPal. Go to to sign up for this free service. Once signed up, you would send
payment through PayPal to A PayPal window will open,
showing that you are sending payment to Comfort Keepers 194. As a merchant we pay
fees, as a customer you pay your usual credit card fees or account transfer fees. PayPal is
owned by eBay, and is a very secure site. This is useful for adult children who live out of
state, but want to pay for their parents’ services.

                                 Sources We Cannot Bill

We do not have an Arizona Home Health License, and we are not Medicare certified.
We cannot provide services through Medical Insurance, Medicare, or TRICARE.

In general, medical insurance and Medicare will only pay for home health care. There
are some exceptions to this. You would need to contact your medical insurance, or
Medicare claims department about the type of service you may receive.

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