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									  Web Page Design

Mrs. Carmen Herea
International Academy LEAP
Class Activities
   Web page design - Introduction
   HTML
   Photoshop, digital camera, scanner, Internet, video camera
      Collect assets that will be posted on your website
             Pictures
             Logo
             Artwork
             Animation
             movie

   Front Page - Level1
   Project - Personal Web Page
      Planning your website
   Final Presentation

 Take pictures for your projects ( ask me
  when you need the digital camera)
 Design a logo, a banner
 Artwork
 Scan pictures for your personal web
 Search Internet for free pictures only for
  your projects
Web Page Design - Introduction
 Web site – a collection of individual web pages
                  linked to one another
 Browser - a program used to view Web pages on
           the Internet
             » Microsoft Internet Explorer
             » Mozilla Firefox
   HTML - Hypertext Markup Language is a
           scripting language used to create web
             » Set of tags (e.g. <head> </head>)
   Front Page – desktop application used to create,
                    edit, save, and publish webs

 Write the HTML code using NotePad
 Use comments
 All components must appear on one
Personal Web Project

 Design a Home page
 Design at least three pages linked to home
     Photo gallery
     Art gallery
     My world
       My favorite music albums, music lyrics
       My favorite movies, computer games
       My goals
           Colleges, Jobs, Trips
       Resume and other
   Navigation
Making Movie Process

   Plan the movie
   Fill in the storyboards with scenes and
    narration for the movie
   Use school’s video camera to record the movie
   Use iMovie to edit the movie
   Upload the movie on a server
   Present the movie to your classmates
Art Gallery
Personal Web Page Sample
Minimum   requirement
 Final Presentation
 Advertise your website in a 5 min presentation
 If you’d like use PowerPoint slides to deliver
  your presentation
 Include the following:
    – Purpose of the site
    – Audience Analysis
       • who are the users of your site
    – Site Plan
    – List of files
    – List of hyperlinks
   Website Demo
Enjoy the class!

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