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					                           Guest Editorial
                              Jake Hart: Y.E.S. Alumnus                                                                                   3

                           Cover Story
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                              2009 Youth Education Summit                                                                                 4                      Mr. Allan D. Cors
                                                                                                                                                          Mr. Frank R. Brownell, III
                           Tech Talk                                                                                                                             Vice President

                              Friends of NRA Online Ticket Sales                                                                          8           The Honorable Joe M. Allbaugh
                                                                                                                                                        Mr. William A. Bachenberg
                           Industry Corner                                                                                                                        Trustee
                                                                                                                                                      The Honorable Bill K. Brewster
                              Benelli U.S.A.                                                                                            10                       Trustee
                                                                                                                                                             Ms. Sandra S. Froman
                           National News                                                                                                                            Trustee
                                                                                                                                                     General P.X. Kelley, USMC (Ret.)
                              Friends of NRA, In the News                                                                               11                        Trustee
                                                                                                                                                          Mr. Wayne R. LaPierre, Jr.
                              Camp Perry: National Matches                                                                              12                         Trustee
                                                                                                                                                              Mr. Owen P. Mills
                           Friends oF nrA Update                                                                                                             Mr. James W. Porter II
                              Eastern Region                                                                                            14                   Mr. Dennis J. Reese
                              Central Region                                                                                            16                  Mr. Ronald L. Schmeits
                              Southern Region                                                                                           20                   Captain John C. Sigler
                              Mid-West Region                                                                                           23
                              Western Region                                                                                            28                    Mr. H. Wayne Sheets
                                                                                                                                                                 Executive Director
                                                                                                                                                           Mr. Wilson H. Phillips Jr.
                           Program Profile                                                                                                                          Treasurer
                                                                                                                                                               Mrs. Sandy S. Elkin
                              Personal Protection Video                                                                                 29                           Secretary

                           NRA Foundation Donors                                                                                        30

                                                                                                                                                      Mission Statement
                                                                                                                                                Established in 1990, The NRA Foundation, Inc. (“NRA
                                                                                                                                                Foundation”) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization
                                                                                                                                                that raises tax-deductible contributions in support of a
                                                                                                                                                wide range of firearms-related public interest activities
                                                                                                                                                of the National Rifle Association of America and
                                                                                                                                                other organizations that defend and foster the Second
                                                                                                                                                Amendment rights of all law-abiding Americans. These
                                                                                                                                                activities are designed to promote firearms and hunting
                                                                                                                                                safety, to enhance marksmanship skills of those participating
                                                                                                                                                in the shooting sports, and to educate the general public
                                                                                                                                                about firearms in their historic, technological, and artistic
                                                                                                                                                context. Funds granted by The NRA Foundation benefit
                                                                                                                                                a variety of constituencies throughout the United States,
                                               About the Cover:                                                                                 including children, youth, women, individuals with
                                         2009 Youth Education Summit attendees                                                                  physical disabilities, gun collectors, law enforcement
                                      with Congressman Mark Souder on the steps                                                                 officers, hunters, and competitive shooters.
                                          of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

                                                                                                                                                          Traditions Staff
                                                                                                                                                      Co-Editor: Amber Niblock-Shorter
                                                                                                                                                         Co-Editor: Nicole McMahon
                    Traditions is published quarterly by The NRA Foundation, Inc., for the benefit of its donors and other interested parties
                                                                                                                                                       Editor and Design: Jeremy Greene
                                  11250 Waples Mill Road . Fairfax, VA 22030 . (800) 423-6894 .
                                                                                                                                     Guest Editorial
                                                                                   Jake Hart
                                                                             Y.E.S. Alumnus
                                                                            Cedar Hills, Utah

Y.E.S. For American Patriotism
A little over a year ago I was awarded an opportunity to attend the National Rifle Association’s Youth Education Summit
(Y.E.S.) in Washington, D.C. I did not realize the magnitude of this opportunity. I looked through the week’s itinerary
and thought it sounded amazing, but I was unprepared for how amazing it actually was.

Attending YES was literally a breath of fresh air in a polluted world. It was so refreshing to talk with other youth with firm
convictions on the importance of the Second Amendment and to realize there are still those who treasure freedom and
will fight to protect it.

I entered Y.E.S. already very patriotic, but that one week substantially increased my patriotism. Those events shaped my
life and the lives of all those involved. I cannot begin to describe the atmosphere of that week: 45 American youth with
an overwhelming patriotic zeal united in the cause of liberty. I know the experiences I had during that week will forever
shape who I am.

Walking through Capitol Hill where I hope to walk again, pausing in front of the Vietnam and Korean Memorials to take
a moment to reverence those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms, and laying a wreath at the Tomb of the
Unknown Soldier while viewing the majestic beauty of Arlington National Cemetery; seeing these monuments and real-
izing just how precious freedom is made me recognize that it requires sacrifice, great and small, from every citizen to every
soldier, to keep the flame of freedom burning bright in a dark world.

Conferences like Y.E.S. keep freedom’s flame burning. Y.E.S. was one of the best weeks of my life. The lessons I learned and
the increased pride I have in being an American citizen will stay with me forever. I now fully understand what President
Truman meant when, upon ending his last term as President, he said, “I am not leaving the highest office. I am assuming
the highest office, that of citizen.” Above all, Y.E.S. taught that we must stand steadfast, united as defenders of freedom,
as “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” To all those who make Y.E.S. a reality, I am forever
grateful and in your debt, thank you.

                             Above is an excerpt from an original speech given by Jake Hart at a
                             Utah Friends of NRA banquet where he received a standing ovation.

Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009                                                                                                     3
Cover Story

                    An Experience

              By Nicole McMahoN
              Event Services Coordinator, Field Operations
of A Lifetime
      t is rare to find a summer program that gives high        the students as well as speaking on how to become involved
      school students not only the once-in-a-lifetime op-       with Friends of NRA. During the day, students also learned
                                                                about NRA programs such as the Eddie Eagle GunSafe®
      portunity to visit the nation’s capital in an in-depth
                                                                Program, Refuse To Be A Victim®, and Women On Tar-
setting, but to also give them the tools to take what they      get®, and how to implement these programs to benefit their
learned back to their communities. Since its inception in       communities.
1996, the National Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.), has             At the NRA Range, students received expert instruction
                                                                on the safe handling and use of firearms by shooting an
been accomplishing this goal. Although the NRA and The
                                                                AR-15, Ruger .357 revolver, and Glock 9mm semi-auto
NRA Foundation sponsor the Y.E.S. program, it is more           pistol. Certified NRA instructors from throughout NRA
than just a way for students to learn about gun laws and        Headquarters helped out at this event by coaching both in-
lobbying. Y.E.S. takes students into a world where com-         experienced and experienced shooters. “The NRA Range
                                                                was my favorite part,” Christine Talens, from Los Angeles,
munity involvement, the United States Constitution, and
                                                                Calif. said. “Never having shot a live fire before, it was an
active participation in government is essential to continu-     extremely exciting experience.”
ing our American freedoms and traditions. Y.E.S. gives fu-          The National Firearms Museum staff took students on
ture leaders a place where their views and opinions can be      a detailed tour of the National Firearms Museum where
                                                                they answered questions and gave an explanation about the
expressed freely and where being an individual is the most
                                                                history and evolution of firearms. At the end of the day,
significant power they have in changing their lives and the     students had the opportunity to see a demonstration by
world around them.                                              the staff entitled “Musket to Machinegun” which helped
    A total of 45 rising high school juniors and seniors from   strengthen the earlier lecture by actually shooting the fire-
across the country attended the 2009 Summit, on July 6-12.      arms discussed.
They were chosen from over                                                                        Mid-week, students en-
300 students in a competitive                                                                  gaged in exciting question
process that required an essay       “YES is a week of non-stop                                and answer discussions with
on the Second Amendment,                                                                       Virginia Thomas, wife of Su-
a personal statement, along          thinking and unforgettable                                preme Court Justice Clarence
with a high school transcript                                                                  Thomas, and Congressman
and three recommendations.         experiences. The people you meet                            Mark Souder from Indiana.
    During the first days of
the Summit, students visited
                                    will challenge your opinions.”                             Students learned from these
                                                                                               notable figures about leader-
NRA Headquarters in Fair-                                                                      ship and the political process
fax, Va. Since most students who come to the program            from a judicial and congressional point of view. However,
don’t know Friends of NRA provides the funding that makes       students’ leadership abilities shined through during their
it possible for them to attend, for the first time they re-     debates and speeches they prepared before coming to the
ceived a hands-on lesson by partaking in a mock Friends         Summit. Debate and speech topics ranged from “Should
of NRA event held at the NRA Café. Pennsylvania Senior          the U.S. Government use torture as an option to interro-
Field Representative Kory Enck held the lunch banquet for       gate known suspected terrorists?” to “Are unions still perti-

Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009                                                                                                    5
    nent in today’s economic environment?”                           to say the museum was the most beautiful, inspirational
        In the midst of lectures and debates, students learned       museum that I’ve ever been to,” Lisa-Marie Rieckhoff from
    about the key places and historical significance of Ameri-       West Allis, Wis. said. “It’s filled with information and it’s a
    can military and government institutions by experiencing         beautiful tribute to the United States Marines.”
    them personally. Students went on tours of the Pentagon,            For dinner, students got a taste of real Marine Corps. life
    National Archives Museum, the Capitol and The American           by eating MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) at the Iwo Jima Me-
    History Museum. They also visited various memorials in           morial in Arlington, Va. To close out the day, the students
    Washington, D.C., such as the Lincoln, Vietnam, and Ko-          attended the prestigious Marine Corps. 8th and I parade
    rean War Memorials.                                              where they saw a performance by the United States Marine
        “My favorite part [of YES] was simply an equal balance       Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, the Marine Corps Color
    between the speeches/debates and going around to differ-         Guard and Silent Drill Platoon.
    ent locations in Washington, D.C.,” Nicholas Coover from            On the last day, students witnessed the Changing of
    East Berlin, Pa. said. “It was absolutely wonderful to see our   the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arling-
    nation’s capital from a different perspective never explored     ton National Cemetery. Four students were chosen based
    before by my town’s school.”                                     on their participation throughout the week to assist the
        Later in the week, Y.E.S. stu-                                                            guard during the wreath-laying
    dents partook in various activi-                                                              ceremony. After the ceremony,
    ties at the Marine Corps. Base                                                                several students had the unique
    in Quantico, Va. These activities                                                             opportunity to speak with the
    included the night-vision ob-                                                                 soldiers of the Tomb while oth-
    stacle course and a ride on the                                                               ers went to the Robert E. Lee
    Riverine Assault Craft, which                                                                 House and the JFK Eternal
    everyone unanimously enjoyed.                                                                 Flame before closing out their
    “The Riverine Assault Craft was                                                               visit at Mount Vernon, George
    the coolest thing I have ever                                                                 Washington’s Estate. For cer-
    been on and it really added fun                                                               tain students, visiting Arlington
    to the day!” said Chase Killer                                                                National Cemetery and Quan-
    from Wickenburg, Ariz.                                                                        tico were especially meaningful.
        The students then went to the                                                             “They were my favorite because
    National Museum of the Marine                                                                 they showed me what was nec-
    Corps. where they learned that                                                                essary to ‘protect and defend
    sometimes freedom comes with                                                                  the Constitution’,” said Ryan
    the ultimate sacrifice. “I have                                                               Hunton from Harrison City, Pa.

6                                                                                                 Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009
Clockwise from top left: James Wegmann, a 2005 YES alumni, scholarship winner, and
Staff Assistant for Congressman Mark Souder, gives a tour of the U.S. Capitol. YES
Students Alex Porter from Eureka, Nev., Chase Killer from Wickenburg, Ariz., and Alec
Janda from Chagrin Falls, Ohio at the National Museum of American History. Scholar-
ship winner Steven Johnson of Louisiana, gives a speech at the Rayburn House Office
Building in Washington D.C.

“Those trips gave me a new direction in life and made me                                gettable experiences. The people you meet will challenge
want to join the military.”                                                             your opinions,” Parry Draper from Scott Air Force Base,
   The week ended with the Awards Banquet, where special                                Ill. said. “You will see important monuments, memorials,
guest speaker, NRA Secretary Major Edward Land, spoke                                   and museums that celebrate the birth and life of our nation.
to students about his life-changing experiences and how                                 You will visit Capitol Hill, the Pentagon, and Quantico; all
Y.E.S. can be a life-changing experience for them. After                                are important places of our nation’s leadership. But most
the speech, several students that excelled in their debates,                            importantly, this week of summer will not be wasted with
speeches, and participation throughout the week, were                                   boring instruction; this week is fun.”
awarded college scholarships that ranged from $750 to
$2,500. Although only certain students can receive scholar-                             NRA is issuing a call for all young leaders interested in making
ships, every person leaves Y.E.S. with newfound knowledge                               a difference as the National Y.E.S. Class of 2010. Plan to apply
along with memories and friends they will cherish for years                             by visiting or email YES@nrahq.
to come. “Y.E.S. is a week of non-stop thinking and unfor-                              org for more information.

Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009
                     1:                                                                                                                                    7
Tech Talk

                                      veryone agrees face-to-face ticket selling is still the   to reach each individual personally. It helps us out in rural
                                      best method of selling tickets for a Friends of NRA       areas as well. People don’t have to drive into to town to pick
                                      banquet. After all, Friends of NRA banquets are           up their tickets, instead they can just buy online and print
                              meant to be a community affair and nothing says “com-             them right at home.”
                              munity” like one-on-one interaction with the people who               Online tickets has helped draw in new attendees as
                              are putting on the events. But even so, times are changing        well. In fact, Central Florida Friends of NRA leads the on-
                              and the convenience technology provides us with on a daily        line ticket sales record with 141 tickets sold online and
                              basis has been instrumental in helping not only the world         Trip Lancaster, an NRA Field Representative for Florida,
                              grow, but the Friends of NRA program as well.                     estimated that 65-70% of the tickets sold online were pur-
                                  Some may imagine NRA headquarters is wired with all           chased by brand new attendees, which helped double their
                              the latest technology— flat screen monitors, the most-up-         event size over last year.
                              to-date software, the works. But as a non-profit organiza-            “I had confidence it would work. However, ‘seeing it
                              tion, NRA likes to focus                                                                              is believing it’,” said
                              their time and money                                                                                  daSilva. “We projected
                              in ways that better serve           “I had confidence it would work.                                  $10,000 in sales via the
                              their supporters. Some-                                                                               web for the first year
                              times technology can
                                                                 However, ‘seeing it is believing it’.”                             and I'm glad to report
                              provide the best of both                                                                              the projection was only
                              worlds, serving supporters while increasing efficiency. That’s    a fraction of what we've been able to accomplish with the
                              why when the National Manager of Volunteer Fund-Rais-             new technology. To date we've sold almost 3,000 tickets
                              ing and the Friends of NRA Program, John daSilva, began           and $100,000 worth in just the 9 months since we began.”
                              researching in-house system capabilities while developing             The ever-growing popularity has made online ticket
                              Friends of NRA state web pages, he was constantly consider-       sales a worthy endeavor, but without the support of Friends
                              ing how to use new web-based technologies to reach more           of NRA committees behind it, the program wouldn’t be as
                              potential attendees.                                              successful as it is today. “When headquarters told me we
                                  “Now, we are doing just that with on-line ticket sales on     were going to start offering online ticket sales, I went to my
                              each Friends of NRA state web page,” said daSilva. “Each          committees and told them it was up to us how well they
                              week I speak with volunteers and staff who share with me          sold online,” said Webb. “When we came across someone
                              how this technology enabled them to get new attendees             who wasn’t able to purchase tickets at that moment, it was
                              at our Friends of NRA events simply by searching the web          great to be able to direct them to the website. Everyone of
                              and sending the "Buy Now" link to friends and family via          my committees just really supported it and its helped us
                              email. It's a simple, easy, and cost effective way to reach an    expand how and who we sell tickets to.”
                              audience.”                                                            In the future, daSilva hopes to offer additional options
                                  Some committees were hesitant though about using on-          online when purchasing tickets, such as creating a shopping
                              line ticket sales when they first arrived on the scene. After     cart feature, offering sponsorships, and other pre-event op-
                              all, with new endeavors comes complications and some              portunities. As for online ticket sales, he anticipates the sys-
                              feared they would lose that personal-feel to their banquets.      tem could process two or three times as many online ticket
     a. NiBlock-Shorter

                              But daSilva was confident they would work for events rath-        purchases in the future.
                              er than against them, and soon committees were reaping                “We hope more folks will continue to buy tickets on-
                              the benefits.                                                     line,” daSilva said. “This method saves our volunteers and
                                  “We don’t allow ticket sales to let us lose that communi-     the program time, money, and resources. Simply put, we
                              ty aspect,” said Mike Webb, the NRA Field Representative          reach more people and are more efficient.”
                              for Tennessee. “Ticket sales just offered us another avenue
                              for getting tickets to the people, especially in larger towns     To purchase tickets for Friends of NRA events online, log-on to
                              and cities where our committee members may not be able   and find an event near you!

                          8                                                                                                  Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009
Traditions . Quarter 2: 2009   9
Industry Corner

                       Traditions co-editor Amber Niblock-Shorter sat down with Jason Evans, Senior Product Manager with Benelli USA to learn
                       about their relationship with Friends of NRA, their commitment to the Second Amendment and what’s on the horizon at
                       Benelli USA.

                       Can you give me some baCkground on your Company and how benelli’s relationship began with the national rifle

                       Benelli USA is predominantly a shotgun company which Imports/Markets Benelli, Franchi, Stoeger, Uberti, and Stoeger
                       Air. What makes the company unique, is the Inertia Driven™ operating system on our semi-automatic shotguns. We offer
                       this high-tech simplicity at three distinctly featured and priced levels in our Benelli, Franchi and Stoeger shotgun lines.
                       Inertia Driven™ actions are the most reliable, simplest to maintain and most durable actions in production; earning the
                       reputation of being named “Simply Perfect”.

                       From the start, Benelli USA has worked to support the NRA. Our company is very young when compared to some of the
                       industry giants, but we’re very aware of the key role the NRA plays in protecting the Second Amendment rights of gun
                       owners. Benelli USA understands the long term, strategic importance of conservation groups and organizations. With that
                       in mind, Benelli USA’s executive management created an internal structure to support these organizations. Fortunately for
                       us, Laurie Kayser and I were tasked to manage these special accounts – we feel privileged to be a part of their teams and
                       both of us are committed to help support these organizations.

                       i would like to know more about what you do at benelli and why you feel it is important, speCifiCally to your
                       Company, that you maintain strong ties with the nra. why speCifiCally the Friends oF nrA?

                       Money provides the tools that allow each organization to achieve its stated goals. Friends of NRA is the fundraising pro-
                       gram within the NRA organization; its degree of success will directly affect the performance of the overall mission. Our
                       exposure to the rest of the world’s firearms markets have highlighted the importance of the NRA organization; no other
                       countries enjoy the protection of individual ownership right like the USA. A strong relationship with the NRA and The
                       NRA Foundation will allow Benelli USA to do its part in protecting these uniquely American rights.

                       how has benelli grown and Continued to grow throughout the years?

                       All of us at Benelli USA have been very busy, in 09, with the launch and roll out of the Vinci project. Now that the product
                       is well accepted by the market and enjoying robust sales; we can focus on the next launch. Our new MR1 rifle is Benelli’s
                       first rifle for Home defense: a .223 with the A.R.G.O. operating system, based on the “Choice of the Marine Corps”
                       M1014. The new Benelli engineered, ultra-reliable MR1 rifle will be available at dealers this fall.

                  10                                                                                              Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009
                                                         “Promoting the [Friends of NRA] program to the general public

                                                                                                                                        National News
                                                          is extremely important. In most cases, we basically want to take
                                                           the initiative to get the ball started and we do that by taking a
                                                            picture of a grant check presentation or of a grant in action and
                                                             then take that picture with a few lines written about what is
                                                              taking place, and send it out to different [media] outlets and
                                                               that takes away half the work for them.”

                                                                   “I can remember one time when on the front page of a
                                                                    newspaper publication the headline read ‘NRA Promotes
                                                                     Firearm Safety’ in 1 inch wide letters. We all know that,
                                                                      we’ve always known that, but rarely does the general
                                                                       public get the message about who we are and that we
                                                                        are serving the public good. When we take the initia-
                                                                         tive to send these stories out, every now and then we
                                                                          get lucky and get something great like that printed
                                                                           about us.”
                                                                                  - Jay ruSNock
                                                                                     NRA Field Representative, Upper New York

                                                                           Federation Newsletter - Of Duchess County Fish & Game Club

                   Friends of NRA
                    “In the News”
                            For more local Friends of NRA stories
                        visit or

“I personally try to encourage each com-
mittee to contact their local radios, news-
papers, TV stations, and any other type of
media they can reach. Not everyone you
come across is going to be as friendly or
supportive, but there are a lot of people
out there that work within these different
publications and that, if asked, would be
more than willing to help. Every type of
publicity helps, and sometimes all it takes
is to ask.”

“Occasionally you’ll come across someone like Butch Rhea who is a strong
supporter of the Second Amendment and the owner and editor of the Fayette
Falcon newspaper. Butch has shown Friends of NRA tremendous support
throughout the years not only by printing numerous advertisements for us
free of charge, but also by coming out to two or three events around the area.”
          - Mike WeBB
           NRA Field Representative, Tennessee
                                                     Fayette Falcon Newspaper - Sommerville,Tenn.

Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009
     Stories From                                                                             By larS DalSeiDe

                                                                                              Senior Media Specialist, Media Relations

              he National Rifle and Pistol Championships in          nothing could be further from the truth.
              Port Clinton, Ohio concluded a few weeks ago.              "We only shoot during the summer months," said Ser-
              There we experienced sunny skies and torrential        geant First Class Praslick. "The rest of the time we're train-
     rains, longtime shooters and novice plinkers, new cham-         ing the troops. All the troops."
     pions and returning victors. All rolled up into six weeks of        The purpose of the AMU, after all, is not to win cham-
     summer fun that can only be experienced on the grounds          pionships. That’s just an unintended consequence. Their
     of Camp Perry.                                                  mission is to "(r)aise the standard of marksmanship profi-
         Pistol started things off with a bang as Sergeant James     ciency and combat readiness throughout the Army by shar-
     Henderson returned to 2007 form and earned his second           ing knowledge gained from competing and winning in na-
     national pistol title. Not an easy task considering nine-time   tional/ international competitions ... " Obviously they can't
     national champ Brian Zins as well as nine-time National         share their knowledge if they're always on the range. As it
     Police Shooting Championships winner Philip Hemp-               was explained to me, they compete and win so they can tell
     hill were nipping at his heels. Sergeant Henderson's feat       any Captain, Colonel, or General that you should listen to
     was followed by fellow Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU)             us when it comes to shooting because we consistently beat
     member Joseph Hein who won both the 3-Position and              the best in the world. And with four out of this year’s top
     Prone Smallbore Championships. High Power finally gave          five trophies in hand, they have a pretty convincing argu-
     way to a civilian face as Rhode Island's own Norman Houle       ment.
     took home his third title. And wrapping things up for the           Specialist Sherri Gallagher of the AMU took home her
     Championships and the AMU, Sherri Gallagher joined her          first Long Range High Power title. But that’s not the first
     sister and mother in the winner's circle for Long Range         such title to find a place on the Gallagher family mantle.
     High Power. That is what you'll see when you look at the        Her sister and mother have three a piece.
     scorecards. What you won't find are the stories behind the          "Growing up, every summer vacation was spent travel-
     scores.                                                         ing from tournament to tournament watching my mom
         Stories like what happens to the AMU when they're not       compete,” recalled Sherri. “After a while, it was either sit in
     at Camp Perry. If you're like me, you probably thought the      the sun or grab a rifle. It was an easy choice."
     Army Marksmanship Unit was shooting year round. But                 Now that she has a title of her own, perhaps the family

12                                                                                                Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009
Gallagher will make room for some other shooters? “Not            anything, much less compete.”
just yet,” smiled Sherri.                                              Then he met Brooks Harris of the Nashville Police De-
    Another lost tale is the junior shooting camps. At full       partment. Detective Harris soon convinced Greg that there
capacity, seventy or so youths receive a week's worth of en-      was more to do. There were boundaries to push to goals
lightenment from seasoned instructors in their respective         to achieve. “Winning wasn’t important,” recounts Greg.
discipline.                                                       “What is important is that if I train properly, keep mentally
    “It's a wonderful opportunity for any young shooter,”         fit, and shoot to the best of my ability, then I have a chance
explained Smallbore Match Director HQ Moody. “The in-             to win. And if I do, I might inspire someone else with a dis-
structors bring the kids together and talk about nutrition,       ability to get out of bed, get over the disappointment, and
they'll talk about rules, they'll talk about match develop-       get back to living.”
ment, safety and caring for your gun. At the end of it all,            This year, Greg won the 3-Position Smallbore Any Sight
they'll even shoot a match.”                                      title. A feat that inspired the sole standing ovation from the
    Sound like a good place to learn? Well you couldn't be        Awards Ceremony crowd.
more right. “The camps have had some great success,” said              Every year the National Rifle and Pistol Shooting Cham-
Moody. “We've had Olympians come out of the camp,                 pionships hands out another batch of titles. We remember
we've had national champions. It's a wonderful place for          the champions and discard the back stories to history. Sto-
young people to come learn about competition and develop          ries of triumph, of sportsmanship, and of friendship. The
their skills.”                                                    stranger who helped you read the wind, the instructor who
    A final story you’d never hear is that of Greg Drown.         provided the final piece of your shooting puzzle, or the
A Smallbore shooter who captained the Ohio State Rifle            shooter who inspired you to keep going back to the range.
Team, won Big Ten Championships, and earned an invi-              Those are the reasons why we travel the road back to Camp
tation to the Olympic trials. A respected competitor who          Perry every summer.
appeared destined to win numerous titles, his hopes were
crushed about fifteen years ago when a trip to the doctor         To find out how you can get involved with the 2010 National
ended with a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis.                        Championships at Camp Perry, visit or
    “It got to me for a while,” said Greg. “I didn’t want to do

Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009                                                                                                       13
Friends of NRA Update

                                                he thought of a Teacher’s Day at the Range may           Day at the Range boiled down to a two-part question. The
                                                sound far-fetched to some, and even when the Citi-       question first asked how each participant regarded them-
                                                zens Range and Recreation Club of Central, NJ,           selves as far as supporting or not-supporting the Second
                                       (CRRC) received a grant from The NRA Foundation to                Amendment before they attended the event, followed by a
                                       follow through with plans to “Educate Educators” with a           question asking how they would describe themselves after
                                       “Teacher’s Day at the Range” they too were surprised at the       attending the event. The feedback was phenomenal as the
                                       overwhelming positive response they received.                     percentage of pro-Second Amendment responses jumped
                                           After all, it’s teachers, who through their own passion-      from a 53% pre-event to an incredible 77% post-event.
                                       ate pursuit of knowledge, stress a love for learning to their         By the educators’ responses, as well as general comments
Eastern Region

                                       students including times when it may take them somewhat           made during and after the event, it was evident many came
                                       outside their comfort zone. Thus, some 70 elementary,             with misinformed or skewed perceptions of guns, and
                                       middle, high school, and collegiate-level teachers from over      through experiencing first-hand the enjoyment and positive
                                       24 different school districts, became the students for a day.     aspects of shooting sports, left with a more open-mind on
                                           As attendees arrived, each received a comprehensive           the subject. The shift in mind-set among attendees testified
                                       booklet with the Second Amendment and its history as well         to a correlation between a positive perception of firearms
                                       as quotes both for and against upholding it. The handout          with exposure to a comprehensive firearm safety program,
                                       also served as a detailed reference on information about am-      followed by handling firearms, and engaging with other
                                       munition, firearm disciplines, how to purchase a firearm,         law-abiding gunowners and shooters.
                                       and the process for applying for a New Jersey Firearms I.D.           For many, Teacher’s Day was the first time a participant
                                       Card and Permit to Purchase, as well as places to shoot in        had handled a firearm and through partaking in the day’s
                                       the state and other educational opportunities.                    events, many of the misguided preconceptions were eroded
                                           After welcomes and introductions, attendees spent just        and replaced with an appreciation for the Second Amend-
                                       over an hour learning safety procedures along with an in-         ment or minimally, required participants to re-evaluate
                                       troduction on the fundamentals of successful shooting.            their stance and beliefs in regard to it.
                                       Specific guidelines were presented detailing the workings of          Considering its overall success, CRRC foresees another
                                       equipment that would be available to shoot throughout the         Teacher’s Day at the Range in its future. “This program was
                                       day.                                                              assembled by CRRC Vice President Walt Eggert, with help
                                           Under the supervision of Certified NRA Instructors,           from CRRC President Carol Katona and CRRC Secretary
                                       students became the teachers when, in a twist to an already       Betty Barrs, along with many others involved at the range,”
                                       interesting day, members of the University of Princeton           said NRA New Jersey Field Representative Brian Swartz.
                                       Rifle Team, including U.S. Olympic Shooter Abigail Fong,          “Because of their great work on setting this up we are hop-
                                       and the local Junior Rifle Team came to help assist the           ing to institute this program at several other sites around
                                       shoot. The students were well-received by the educators,          the state next year.” As for a follow-up, they’d like to host a
                                       who were impressed with the constant concern for safety,          spin-off event as well, “Legislator’s Day at the Range.”
                                       attention to detail, and overall knowledge demonstrated by            “After all,” said Swartz, “they are making the laws for
             a. NiBlock-Shorter

                                       the students. All in all, 41 instructors and volunteers as-       law-abiding gun owners and many, possibly even most, are
                                       sisted during the course of the event, allowing for one-on-       uninformed. Participation in a similar program, will hope-
                                       one attention that contributed to the event’s overall success.    fully have the same outcome.”
                                           At the event’s close, teachers were asked to evaluate their
                                       day on a 1-10 rating scale. The overall event rating received     To get involved with next year’s Teacher’s Day at the Range, or
                                       only 9s and 10s and in response to “Do you feel what you          other events in New Jersey, contact NJ & MD NRA Field Rep-
                                       learned today was useful?” the response was 100% “Yes”.           resentative Brian Swartz at or at (973)
                                           The hard work that went into orchestrating Teacher’s          343-2104.


                                  14                                                                                                  Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009
                                                                                                By toM BalDrige
                                                                                                NRA Field Representative, Western Pennsylvania

     am always amazed at the dedication and commitment bronze bear statue as a token of their appreciation for his
     of our volunteers. As a senior field rep, I have seen many longstanding and generous support. Before the visit was
     dedicated volunteers in the past fifteen years and Jack over, the whole family joined in on the celebration. Jack
Wilkinson is one of the best. As I started to put into words and his family represent all that is good about our country
what I wanted to say about this man and how I came to and our NRA members. Hard-working, bolstered by faith
know him, I thought of my good friend, Tim Fisher. Tim, and family, the community around them also benefits from
who is now the Director of Planned Giving for The NRA their generous giving of time, talent, and treasure. No sur-
Foundation, was my chairperson of the Fay-West Friends prise there.
of NRA committee in Greensburg, Penn. and through his                          So thank you to Jack and thank you to the Wilkinson
time as chairman he came to know Jack and the Wilkinson family for so faithfully keeping a promise made so very long
family very well. In speaking with him, Tim spoke in length ago. The NRA and freedom are in your debt for all that you
about Jack and his many                                                                                     have done and for all that
virtuous qualities:                                                                                         you have inspired others
    “No matter how large                                                                                    to do.”
a successful and dynamic                                                                                       Like Tim, I too cannot
program becomes it al-                                                                                      say enough about some-
ways has at its core a small                                                                                one who is such an end-
group of individuals who                                                                                    less supporter. I know
place the success of the                                                                                    Jack as an unbelievable
program above their own.                                                                                    volunteer who will stay
Their unselfish devotion                                                                                    dedicated to the NRA for
becomes the heart and                                                                                       as long as time permits.
the life blood for all in-                                                                                  Those kind of people are
volved in the program as                                                                                    rare in this world and we
it grows. Such devotion                                                                                     have been lucky to have
aptly describes the com-                                                                                    him on our committee
mittee volunteers of the                                                                                    for so long. He has done
                                                   Pennsylvania core volunteer Jack Wilkinson
Fay-West Friends of NRA                                                                                     everything to make the
and explains why they have been one of the top Friends of Fay-West Friends of NRA banquets successful and we owe
NRA events for nearly a decade now.                                       him a lot for all that he has done.
    Of course it wasn't always that way. The mighty oak, af-                   This year, Fay-West banquet had their second largest
ter all, comes from an acorn. Successful programs also have banquet ever and raised over $75k; we couldn’t have done
a core of committed patrons and so on a spring day in May it without him. At the banquet, we presented Jack with a
2009 it was fitting that the Fay-West Friends of NRA com- special NRA coin for being a great asset to the committee
mittee paid a visit to the home of Jack Wilkinson. In 1994, over the years. The entire Wilkinson family is an incred-
when the committee was just an idea, Jack was asked if he ible group of people who are always available to help the
would attend the fundraising banquet if one was started. community and Jack is a perfect example of one of this
Jack said, ‘My boys and I will be there.’ And so it has been. country’s special patriots.
Every year since 1994 the Wilkinson family has attended
the annual event, always opening their wallets widely in Volunteer for an upcoming Friends of NRA banquet in Penn-
symbolic gesture of their deep and abiding love for all of sylvania! Contact NRA Field Representative Tom Baldrige at
the freedoms secured by the Second Amendment.                             (724) 861-0447 or via email at for
    During the visit, the committee presented Jack with a more information.


Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009                                                                                                             15
                      By alBert BoeviNg
                      Co-Chairman, Southeast Missouri Friends of NRA

                           t’s safe to say the Southeast Missouri (SEMO) com-                                  the time, seemed out of reach; for instance, pre-event draw-
                           mittee has a history with Friends of NRA. Though char-                              ings that included 4 full-size “fully-loaded” pick-up trucks,
                           tered in 1993 when the Friends of NRA program was                                   numerous 4-wheelers, a John-Deere Gator, and hundreds
                      just beginning, they are hardly stuck in the past when it                                upon hundreds of firearms. And although they’ve been
                      comes to their fundraising approach. Instead, 17 banquets                                surpassed by several committees in their inception-to-date
                      later, the SEMO Friends of NRA are still going strong and                                figures, SEMO considers themselves as pioneers in setting
                      consider their extensive experience as merely good ground-                               goals for many of the smaller, rural communities.
                      ing for putting on a great event.                                                           Today, the committee has raised over $650k since their
Central Region

                          Back when the now-distinguished committee was get-                                   inception, and strives year-in and year-out to be a fundrais-
                                                                                                                               ing machine. They stay strong by keeping
                                                                                                                               attendance over their 500 attendee mark
                                                                                                                               and by moving their fundraising goals up
                                                                                                                               the ladder further and further each year.
                                                                                                                               Their goal is to not burn bright and then
                                                                                                                               burn out, but to remain as a strong and con-
                                                                                                                               stant flame in the Friends of NRA program.
                                                                                                                                   This year’s SEMO Friends of NRA ban-
                                                                                                                               quet was wildly-successful with over 575
                                                                                                                               people in attendance. Their focus was on
                                                                                                                               refining the running of a smooth event—
                                                                                                                               adjusting games to fit the crowd, applying
                                                                                                                               the “what would I play?” test on themselves
                                                                                                                               and finding ways to send as many people
                                                                                                                               as possible home with memories of a good
                                                                                                                               time, knowing they contributed to a great
                                                                                                                               cause. Because when a community under-
                                                                                                                               stands how they are helping, they are more
                                                                                                                               willing to give and give generously. Their
                                                                                                                               hard-work and thorough planning paid off,
                            Attendees fill the Black River Colliseum for the lively SEMO Friends of NRA evet
                                                                                                                               raising $55k net at their 2009 event.
                                                                                                                                   From the past and into the future, the
                      ting started, the NRA Field Representative at the time was                               SEMO Friends of NRA has used innovative fundraising
                      invited to speak about the new program. The informational                                ideas to enthuse and instill in attendees the rewarding spirit
                      meeting was attended by an astounding 90 people, made                                    of contribution to what they believe to be one of the most
                      up of local gun enthusiasts, Poplar Bluff Gun Club mem-                                  worthiest of causes— a belief which every committee mem-
                      bers, and local gun shop regulars. From that fortunate day,                              ber holds in his or her own heart.
                      the SEMO Friends of NRA committee emerged and began
                      its long-standing tradition of raising money for The NRA                                 Attend an upcoming Friends of NRA banquet in Missouri!
                      Foundation.                                                                              Contact NRA Field Representative Gregg Pearre at (573) 761-
                          Throughout SEMO’s history, a lot has happened. The                                   5466 or via email at for more informa-
                      committee has shown innovation through projects that, at                                 tion.


                 16                                                                                                                        Traditions . Quarter 1: 2009
      By taMMy BarNett
      Webmaster, Tennessee Friends of NRA

    t was a picturesque day for the recent Tennessee State                             the Second Amendment. It’s important to get these young
    Skeet, Trap, and Sporting Clay Statewide Competition.                              people involved so they will continue to protect and sup-
    For the Haywood Young Guns though, the weather                                     port the shooting sports in the future and that’s what we’re
was only icing on the cake.                                                            doing when we support teams like the Young Guns.”
   That’s because the Young Guns’ Varsity Skeet Team                                      The Tennessee State Skeet, Trap, and Sporting Clay
brought home the championship title in the state competi-                              Statewide Competition was held in May at the Montgom-
tion, as well as many other titles.                                                    ery County Sportsman Association in Clarksville. Team
                                                                                                    members Rachel Baggett, John Evans, Will
                                                                                                    Taylor and Hayden Combs won the impres-
                                                                                                    sive championship title under the guidance of
                                                                                                    Coach Ray Powell who led the team to victory.
                                                                                                        The Varsity Sporting Clays Squad brought
                                                                                                    home third place in the state competition.
                                                                                                    Team members for this award were the same
                                                                                                    as the Varsity Skeet with the addition of Ethan
                                                                                                    Williams, who was awarded the Highest Over-
                                                                                                    all Alternate in the Sporting Clays competition.
                                                                                                    John Evans received the Highest Overall Male
                                                                                                    in the Skeet Competition with a score of 100
                                                                                                    out of 100 and Rachel Baggett was the Highest
                                                                                                    Overall Female in the competition with 95 out
                                                                                                    of 100.
The Haywood Young Guns Varsity Skeet Team is pictured on the right with their trophy
                                                                                                       Coach Travis Baggett lead the Intermediate-
   Good teams don’t develop overnight though, and sup-                                 Advanced Trap Squad and the Intermediate-Advanced
porting a shooting team can be a pricey process. Practices                             Sporting Clays Squad to a 3rd Place win in both divi-
alone can take a lot out of a participant’s pocket, not to                             sions. Team members consisted of Daniel Antwine, Drew
mention purchasing the proper equipment needed to pre-                                 Baggett, Robert Allen King, Josh Perry, and Jake Winters.
pare for competitions. That’s why Friends of NRA has made                              Daniel Antwine, who scored 98 out of 100, tied with an-
an important point to take part in helping support the                                 other competitor and won in the sudden death shoot-off.
Haywood Young Guns through NRA Foundation grants.                                         At the Tennessee 2009 Friends of NRA State Fund Con-
   In 2008, the group received a NRA Foundation grant                                  ference, the Haywood County Young Guns were presented
for $5k to purchase a trap machine, and in 2009 they re-                               with two Charles Daley Shotguns from the Boy Scout Ven-
ceived an additional grant for $3,243 to purchase a Dry                                ture Crew. Donations like these and grants from The NRA
Fire System and laptop computer. Young Guns aren’t the                                 Foundation has aided the Young Guns in reaching their
only ones seeing the benefits of a grant in Tennessee; sup-                            goals as a shooting team, all of which are made possible by
porting teams like Young Guns is a popular trend in the                                the communities who support Tennessee Friends of NRA
Volunteer State.                                                                       events.
   “In Tennessee, 93% of all State Fund Committee grants
go to youth programs,” said Mike Webb, NRA Field Rep-                                  Apply for an NRA Foundation Grant in Tennessee! Contact
resentative for Tennessee. “We give so much money to these                             Mike Webb at (901) 382-4789 or by email at mwebb@
youth programs because they are the future protectors of                      or visit


Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009                                                                                                                           17
                                         Big Rivers Friends of NRA: Bringing Shooting Sports Full Circle

                                           wensboro, Ky lies on the southern bank of the          learn how a gun is supposed to be used and with the grants,
                                           Ohio River and while it may be the third larg-         the Owensboro Rifle and Pistol Club is able to extend those
                                           est city in Kentucky, it still maintains that small-   opportunities to more people in the community.”
                                town quality, making it an ideal place to host a Friends of           With a grant received by the Owensboro Rifle and Pis-
                                NRA banquet. But this news is not new, as Owensboro is            tol Club from The NRA Foundation, the club was able to
Mid-West Region

                                home to the Big Rivers Friends of NRA, a High Caliber             build two new shooting bays and a range shelter building
                                committee which just celebrated their 17th Annual Friends         with a canopy. The club was also able to provide space to
                                of NRA banquet and has gained a reputation throughout             build an archery range, where participants like Jon Payne, a
                                the years for boasting the largest attendance and highest net     five-year veteran of the Big Rivers Friends of NRA commit-
                                profit in the state.                                              tee who helped construct the range, could work toward his
                                    To produce a successful banquet year-in and year-out,         Gold Award in 4-H – the first person in Hancock County
                                a committee needs good motivators, and with the chair-            to ever receive the prestigious award.
                                man of the Big Rivers committee, Scott Smith, and the Co-             Local businesses in Hopkins County also helped with
                                Chairman Dennis Duke keeping the team working hard                additional supplies for construction. “Takes a team effort,
                                with pre-event activities like an annual pistol shoot, they’ve    not just one person to make an event happen,” said Smith.
                                got all the motivation they need.                                 “The great thing is that anyone can get involved or par-
                                    The idea for a pistol shoot to benefit Friends of NRA         ticipate. If you have Friends of NRA in your community,
                                came five years ago when a couple of committee volunteers         you have something you can offer them. Nobody should
                                decided to approach the Owensboro Rifle & Pistol Club             hesitate to get involved.”
                                where they were members about doing a pre-event fund-                 And community is what Friends of NRA banquets and
                                raiser to benefit The NRA Foundation. Since then, the Big         NRA Foundation grants are really all about, Smith ex-
                                Rivers Friends of NRA have worked closely with the Owens-         pressed. “It starts out with a community effort and getting
                                boro Rifle & Pistol Club to host an Annual International          a lot of people involved,” Smith said. “We have many dif-
                                Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) benefit match             ferent individuals interested in keeping the heritage and
                                each year.                                                        tradition of shooting sports going through the next genera-
                                    Working hand-in-hand with Big Rivers Friends of NRA           tion and they’ve been instrumental in making the banquet
                                every year has brought the Owensboro Rifle & Pistol Club          happen and getting grants in our community.”
                                at the center of the Friends of NRA community. And so                 And when the entire community gets involved, it brings
                                when they needed to raise money for range improvements,           the tradition of shooting sports full circle. From the com-
                                it was no surprise the club turned to The NRA Foundation          munity who supports the banquets and the money they
                                for a grant.                                                      raise, to the grants made possible and the people who ben-
      a. NiBlock-Shorter

                                    “For some time we didn’t have anybody in our area ap-         efit from them, and back to the community who grows be-
                                plying for grants and the Owensboro Rifle and Pistol Club         cause of them— the continued community support of The
                                was helping us raise money long before we even convinced          NRA Foundation is able to sustain the cycle of carrying on
                                them to apply for a grant,” said Smith. “It is very important     the shooting sports.
                                for any area to have a place where anyone has the opportu-
                                nity to really learn about the shooting sports and shooting       Apply for an NRA Foundation Grant in Kentucky! Contact
                                safety and not just about how they see guns used on TV.           Larry Summarell at (207) 586-5031 or by email at lsum-
                                There are a lot of people who don’t have those chances to or visit


                           18                                                                                                Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009
                                        P HIL

                                                                               GR AY
                                Get to know your NRA Regional Directors!
             Traditions Magazine brings readers a profile of Central Regional Director Phil Gray.

what states do you Cover in your region?                       of its responsibilities and our uncompromised standards
I cover the Central Region consisting of Ohio, Kentucky,       of excellence are clear to everyone. Event attendees and
Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, and          their commitment to the promotion of shooting sports
Wisconsin.                                                     ultimately defines our success.

when did you start your Career at the nra and what             is it Challenging to work with field representatives
drew you to the job?
                                                               with different personalities? how does that affeCt
I started working as an NRA field representative for Ohio      your leadership style?
on January 4, 1994. I became interested in working for         Of course anytime you work with a group of people, they
the NRA upon reading an article in the American Hunter         have different personalities. It is not difficult because we
about the start of the Friends of NRA fundraising program.     have similar values and work toward a common goal.
I had been a volunteer for one of the wildlife conservation    My field representatives know I will give them honest
groups for seventeen years and I started hunting when I        feedback. At the same time, I promote upward commu-
was eight years old and have always believed in the Second     nication and feedback from my team. I believe that as a
Amendment. To work for the organization that fights for        leader, I must create effective feedback loops to engage
our right to keep and bear arms is like a dream to me.         the team in determining what they need to be effective.
                                                               Consistent and constant communication and interaction
what makes your region unique from the rest of the
                                                               must be a priority.
The Central Region is a diverse area of several large
metropolitan areas, the great lakes and millions of acres of   what is the best part about working as a regional
farm-ground. Most of the region is referred to as the “rust    direCtor?
belt” of the old manufacturing base of the US.                 I enjoy teaching and sharing ideas with my team to best
                                                               motivate and engage their committees in working towards
how do you keep your field representatives motivated           a common goal for the shooting sports. It is very reward-
and foCused throughout the year?                               ing to provide the tools and knowledge and then watch-
I work to keep a focus on how important our success is         ing the field representatives transfer their enthusiasm and
to the future and promotion of the shooting sports. Our        commitment to their committees. Working with the team
team in the Central Region has a clear understanding           and attaining success is most rewarding.

                                    For more Regional Director profiles visit

Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009                                                                                                  19
                                           mall, rural, low number of NRA members, and a             rose to the challenge and made beating the odds look easy.
                                           weak local economy: sounds like a potential site for      Working every avenue, the committee spread the word
                                           a successful Friends of NRA committee, right? While       about the coming banquet through internet, television,
                                    Allen Parish in Louisiana can be described as any of the pre-    radio, newspaper spots, and most effectively, talking to
                                    viously mentioned descriptors when it comes to building a        people face-to-face. Come banquet day, the committee had
                                    Friends of NRA committee, there is something to be said for      sold 230 tickets and 19 sponsorship tables. The committee
                                    presevering against the odds.                                    was also pleasantly surprised when 40 some people wanting
                                        In late 2008, Kenny Blackwell contacted Senior Field         tickets to the banquet walked through the door the night of
Southern Region

                                    Representative Dick Kingsafer about starting a Friends of        the event.
                                    NRA committee in Allen Parish, an area located in cen-               “It was something we didn’t expect,” Blackwell said.
                                    tral Louisiana forest and nursery country with a population      “But the facility added more tables, the caterer was able to
                                    of about 26,000 and a total of only 200 NRA members.             work it out, and we had many self-sacrificing committee
                                    Blackwell had volunteered on a Friends of NRA committee          members who didn’t eat to make sure there was enough
                                    in Arkansas before moving to Louisiana and sought to start       food to go around.”
                                    a committee in Oakdale, the largest community within Al-             Food seemed like the least of their problems though
                                    len Parish that contains only about 8,200 people.                when mid-banquet, the air-conditioning inside the ban-
                                        “I believe very strongly in the Second Amendment and         quet hall failed; with a temperature of near 100° outside,
                                    what the NRA is doing,” said Blackwell. “When I moved to         the temperature inside hovered at a stifling 80° all evening.
                                    Allen Parish nothing was going on and the people weren’t         Still, attendees liked what they saw and chose to endure the
                                    traveling to the surrounding areas to attend banquets. I just    heat to enjoy what the banquet had to offer. “There was lots
                                    saw a need to have a banquet to locally support the NRA.”        of excitement in the room,” said Kingsafer. “Everyone was
                                        Kingsafer gladly agreed to hold an organizational meet-      having a good time.” High aspirations, like raising money
                                    ing, but needed Blackwell to rally some potential commit-        for the shooting sports, proved to be good motivation for
                                    tee members to attend. As a preacher in the community,           the Allen Parish committee.
                                    Blackwell’s network of people cast a wide net over the Parish        When the summer heat subsided for the day, the Allen
                                    and he was able to easily find people willing to help. “We       Parish Friends of NRA had a gross revenue of about $28k
                                    wanted to not only support the Second Amendment, but             with a 46% net-to-gross. Games sold out, the entire auc-
                                    the kids in our community as well,” said Blackwell. “We          tion had exceeded $10k, and the 2009 Gun of the Year sold
                                    want to build a facility so that we can provide an atmo-         for $4,400. By any measure, whether it be a first-year event
                                    sphere for kids to learn how to handle a firearm with respect    or a long-standing banquet, the Allen Parish Friends of NRA
                                    and to teach them how to shoot.” And money raised at a           banquet can be called a success.
                                    Friends of NRA banquet helps communities reach objectives            “That’s what can be expected time after time,” said King-
                                    just like theirs. Needless to say, a committee charter was       safer, “when you tap into the passion and dedication of vol-
                                    signed by meeting’s end and the first Allen Parish Friends of    unteers in the NRA family.”
          a. NiBlock-Shorter

                                    NRA banquet was set for July 9th in Oakdale.                         Next year, Allen Parish Friends of NRA plans to bring
                                        As event plans ensued, Kingsafer relayed to the commit-      that same enthusiasm to the table, hopefully this time in a
                                    tee the average first-year event statistics, and advised that,   larger facility with working air-conditioning.
                                    if they wanted to beat the odds working against them, they
                                    needed to aim for 200 attendees with a minimum of 20             Attend an upcoming Friends of NRA banquet in Louisiana!
                                    sponsorships to ensure a successful outcome. “The statis-        Contact NRA Field Representative Dick Kingsafer at (601)
                                    tics,” said Kingsafer, “were not in their favor.”                794-0068 or via email at for more in-
                                        Led by Blackwell, 20 hearty Allen Parish volunteers          formation.


                               20                                                                                                Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009
          fter eleven years on the sideline, Hood County buying a firearm.
          Friends of NRA are back in town. With a new vi-                 The result – a Friends of NRA committee whose hard-
                                                                     work succeeded not only in providing the area with a fun-
          tality, fresh ideas, and strong ambition to succeed,
                                                                     filled, family-oriented event, but whose banquet boasted a
old committee members along with new ones united to gross-to-net ratio of more than 44% and gained the coveted
form today’s Hood County Friends of NRA.                             NRA Foundation's High Caliber Club status.
    Concerned about the future of shooting sports, and de-                Excited about their achievements, Dunagun said they
siring to see NRA back on the local level, former committee were also energized about being able to raise funds for
member Briscoe Dunn decided to contact his NRA Field shooting programs in the area. "Youth shooting programs
Representative, Tommy Easterling. Rounding up friends are vital in our society today for they provide learning and
and business associates, Dunn and Easterling held an infor- life skills the young can take with them for the rest of their
mational meeting where they saw an overwhelming show of lives,” said Dunagun. “If it were not for organizations such
support. They were able to enlist volunteers from all walks as Friends of NRA, our local 4-H Shooting Club would not
of life. Busy professionals, educators, and prominent local be as successful as it is now. The individuals that volunteer
businessmen all volunteered                                                                               and participate in Friends of
to work tirelessly together to                                                                            NRA are a necessary element
make sure the event would be                                                                              to keep these programs alive
a success. The meeting resulted                                                                           and active."
in a re-organized and revived                                                                                 It takes a community
committee that soared to new                                                                              though, and Hood County
heights under the leadership of                                                                           couldn’t have done it with-
the new chairman, Jill Dunna-                                                                             out the support of local busi-
gun.                                                                                                      nesses, who helped spread
    On June 11th, Hood                                                                                    the word of the event by sell-
County Friends of NRA hosted                                                                              ing tickets at their places of
their comeback event. And                                                                                 business. “Yes, we gave up a
what an event it was! There                                                                               few hours of our free time,”
couldn’t have been a better                                                                               said local business owner,
setting for it than picturesque Hood County Friends of NRA Attendees enjoy some good ‘ole Texas bar-b-que Eddie Steele, “but the results
Granbury, a town located in North Central Texas rich in of helping to fund the shooting sports was well worth the
history and centered around the revitalized downtown small sacrifice.”
square which lies on the bank of Lake Granbury. Some 238                  "The Hood County Friends of NRA committee achieved
guests piled into the newly built Granbury Resort Confer- an extraordinary feat, they more than doubled the average
ence Center to participate true Texas-style in the newest old income for a first-time event,” said Easterling. “Each and
                                                                                                                                                a. NiBlock-Shorter

event in town.                                                       every one of the volunteers are dedicated to the mission of
    Filled to maximum capacity, the room was stirring with The NRA Foundation and to Friends of NRA and they are
excitement as guests dined on delicious Texas barbeque, all excited about their potential in 2010!"
bid on limited edition items in live and silent auctions,
and crossed their fingers for special drawings. The real fun Attend an upcoming Friends of NRA banquet in North Texas!
was centered around the firearms though; everywhere you Contact NRA Field Representative Tommy Easterling at (903)
turned there was a game, special drawing, or auction dis- 677-6803 or via email at for more in-
play where attendees could try their hand at winning or formation.


Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009                                                                                                               21
                         eventeen years ago, Southern Regional Director Al he has done over the years and he shows the same amount
                         Hammond was the Florida Field Representative in of respect for their commitment.” Lancaster adds, “He has
                         charge of starting the Florida Friends of NRA program. been instrumental in helping me get off to a fast start. I rely
                  To help him create awareness about the new program, he on his advice and insight as well as dealing not only with
                  enlisted one man’s help as a volunteer – Bud Fisher. With events, but the dynamics of the committees and volunteers.
                  a keen knowledge of the state of Florida and Fisher’s help, I talk to him almost daily and consider him a great friend
                  Hammond built the program from the ground up and to me.”
                  made it into what it is today. Florida is the second highest                    As well as training new volunteers, Fisher also volun-
                  fund raising state in the Southern Region and ranks in the teers his time at events, helping in set-up and working the
                  top ten nationally in terms of the number of banquets held night of the event. Hammond remembers how they used to
                  per year.                                                                 be in such a routine they would not talk for hours during
                      Hammond relied on Fisher’s leadership background in set-up because they knew what the other was going to do.
                  the United State’s Navy                                                                                                  “We’ve always clicked
                  and his strong commit-                                                                                                   and developed a great
                  ment to the principles                                                                                                   friendship,” Hammond
                  of the NRA to help                                                                                                       added. “His heart is in
                  him lead and guide                                                                                                       this program and he is
                  volunteers in starting                                                                                                   very passionate about
                  new Friends of NRA                                                                                                       it. I owe a tremendous
                  programs all across the                                                                                                  amount of my success to
                  state. As a Navy pilot,                                                                                                  him because of all of his
                  Fisher was stationed in                                                                                                  hard-work, the time he’s
                  several places across the                                                                                                committed to NRA, and
                  world, from Iceland to                                                                                                   most of all his friend-
                  Italy, before becoming a                                                                                                 ship.”
                  Primary Flight Instruc- Bud Fisher is pictured here with Field Representative Trip Lancaster (left) and Southern Region        Fisher has worked
                  tor in Pensacola, Fla. In Director Al Hammond (right) at the Suwannee River Friends of NRA banquet July 30, 2009. Fisher with hundreds of vol-
                  1975, he retired from was awarded the Marlin .270 rifle for his extraordinary achievements with the committee.           unteers and has partici-
                  the Navy as a Lieutenant Commander and possessed all the pated and volunteered at over 300 banquets in the past two
                  skills needed to aid Hammond.                                             decades. He has also attended numerous State Fund Com-
                      As a key factor in the success of Florida and surrounding mittee meetings and volunteered at over half a dozen An-
                  states, Hammond would describe Fisher as the man behind nual Meetings. Today, Fisher focuses most of his efforts on
                  the scenes who knows the Friends of NRA program from A the Suwannee River Friends of NRA committee in Trenton,
                  to Z. For 15 years, Fisher traveled many times with Ham- Fla., the First Coast Friends of NRA in Jacksonville, Fla.,
                  mond to committee meetings all over Florida, Alabama, and still remains involved with the first-ever Florida com-
                  and Southern Georgia to offer a different perspective as a mittee, the North Florida Friends of NRA in Gainesville,
                  volunteer. Fisher still plays a pivotal role in training new Fla.
N. McMahoN

                  volunteers for committees and State Fund Committees.
                  “He has helped [North Florida Field Representative] Trip Volunteer for an upcoming Friends of NRA banquet in Flori-
                  Lancaster the same way he has helped me,” Hammond said. da! Contact NRA Field Representative Trip Lancaster at (352)
                  “Many committees today continue to ask Bud questions 463-8379 or via email at for more in-
                  and rely on Bud’s expertise. Volunteers respect him for what formation.


             22                                                                                                              Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009
                      Nothing can stop Cherokee Strip Friends of NRA from holding a fabulous event.

                             nly a month out from their 12th annual ban-          Wall Clock, which went for $1,100. “We had three guys
                             quet and the Cherokee Strip Friends of NRA were      who wanted the clock, so it was an intense auction,” De-
                             faced with a difficult decision: to move or not to   long said.
                 move. Earlier this year the expo center, where the event was         Along with the auction, the number of sponsorships had

                                                                                                                                                                      Mid West Region
                 originally supposed to take place, suffered severe wind dam-     a significant impact. The Cherokee Strip committee had
                 age from a storm and instead of waiting around to see if         131 sponsors, which raised approximately $80,000. “Okla-
Central Region

                 it would be fixed in time, Cherokee Strip Friends of NRA         homa is the number one state in the U.S. for having spon-
                 decided to look elsewhere.                                       sorships,” Delong said. “It being the most pro-gun state in
                     Fortunately, the Oakwood Mall in Enid, Okla. had a re-       the U.S. really makes a difference.”
                 tail space not currently in use and with room to spare. “The         Good committee members make all the difference too,
                 banquet is one of the major events in town,” said NRA            Delong conveyed. Committee volunteer Jimmy Hawk was
                 Field Representative for Oklahoma, Darren Delong. “A lot         the top producer of selling sponsorships, bringing in $40k
                 of people show up for our banquet every year and it had the      alone on sponsorship sales.
                 room so we decided to turn it into an event center.”                 The committee has been well-established in the area for
                     The sudden switch in location worked out well for the        some time, including Adkins who has served as chairman
                 Cherokee Strip banquet where some 539 people attended            for 10 years. Delong believes that while experience helps,
                 the banquet, an increase over last year of more than 100 at-     the committee’s success is due in large part to good lead-
                 tendees. But more surprising was the amount of the tickets       ership within the committee and the attendance of good
                 sold the day of the event. “We sold 118 tickets at the door,”    quality people both serving on the committee and attend-
                 said Committee Chairman Dale Adkins. “We had one guy             ing the banquet.
                 from Louisiana that was visiting relatives, saw an advertise-        “Everyone in the community and on the committee is
                 ment and decided to come.”                                       very dedicated to the Second Amendment, they are pas-
                     “We try to make this event a family affair,” Delong said.    sionate people who truly believe people should have the
                 “It’s all about community, and making it a family-friendly       right to own a firearm and at the end of the day that’s what
                 event and getting the whole community to come out. The           the success of an event all boils down to,” said Delong.
                 entire community being apart of it- that’s what makes the            The total net income for this event was over $66k, which
                 event successful.”                                               is a considerable amount for an event like this one. “A lot
                     Their community-centered event was reinforced by the         came together for us, which made this event very success-
                 80 or so kids in attendance at the Cherokee Strip banquet,       ful,” Adkins said.
                 which attested to their “something for everyone” theme               Even with its exceptional and long-standing record,
                 of the event. The committee gave away six youth .22s and         Cherokee Strip Friends of NRA still holds high hopes to
                                                                                                                                                      a. NiBlock-Shorter

                 made sure each youngster leaves with some kind of trin-          become even more extraordinary in the future. And with a
                 ket to remember the event by. “It does cost a little extra       town like theirs, this unstoppable committee foresees many
                 money to give each kid something to leave with,” Delong          good things to come.
                 said, “but it is well-worth the community and family atmo-
                 sphere you create, and people remember that when it comes        Attend an upcoming Friends of NRA banquet in Oklahoma!
                 to next year’s event.”                                           Contact NRA Field Representative Darren Delong at (405)
                     The auction also contributed to the success of the ban-      692-8672 or via email at for more in-
                 quet. One specific item auctioned off was an NRA Neon            formation.


                 Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009                                                                                                    23
     By aDaM BallarD
     Chairman, Central Minnesota Friends of NRA

                  hen I was asked to write a biography of our            We knew other committees and organizations drew
                  committee, I was faced with the daunting task       big crowds and big dollars so we decided to study our col-
                  of identifying exactly what we did that led to      leagues and our target market. In short, we started attend-
     the success we experienced at our 2009 dinner. Truth be          ing and supporting more events. I started taking note of
     told, I am not certain there is any specific mathematic for-     what prizes they had, the local businesses that supported
     mula that will work with every committee. I’ve heard of,         them, the games they used, and the people in attendance.
     or read about, committees that focused on auctions, spon-           We began strategically allying ourselves with members
     sorships, or receiving                                                                              of the committees, pro-
     underwriting for event                                                                              moting the common
     expenses. In the end,                                                                               interests of all our con-
     all of these tactics lead                                                                           servation, hunting, and
     to higher profits and                                                                               Second Amendment
     successful events. The                                                                              organizations. We sup-
     more I thought about                                                                                ported them, and they
     it, the more I realized                                                                             returned the favor. We
     that we differed from                                                                               sent invites and dona-
     other committees in                                                                                 tion requests to the
     two major areas. First, if                                                                          businesses that sup-
     one of us came up with                                                                              ported the other din-
     an idea, we ran with it.                                                                            ners. From 2008-2009,
     Second, we begin the                                                                                we doubled our event
     next year’s fundraising                                                                             attendees and sponsors,
     the morning after our                                                                               several of them being
     last event, and don’t stop until we start planning the next      members and sponsors of the other events we attended.
         I should back up a moment to highlight our committee                                Limited funds
     history. In 2007, chapter members that had run the com-              Anyone involved in fundraising knows of a rule: at any
     mittee selflessly for many years decided it was time to hand     given time, only so much money will exist in a room. The
     the reins over to new blood and enter the ranks of event         trick is getting as much of it as you can. We found that
     attendees. Several of us felt we were up to the challenge.       spur-of-the-moment games and contests or a surprise live
     After all, we were self-motivated, pro Second Amendment,         auction brought in some money, but we felt we could get
     sales-driven individuals that loved attending fundraisers.       more in the end if we spread it out. To this end, we pursued
     How tough could it be? We have received quite the educa-         two strategies.
     tion.                                                                First, we started mailing invites nearly five months in
         We stumbled through 2007 and 2008, slowly learning           advance. Each reservation form had the option to pre-pay
     the rules and traditions involved for a Friends of NRA din-      bucket tickets. The theory; if someone has a “fun” budget
     ner. After we came short of our goal in 2008, netting a little   of $200 a month, they will bring that to the dinner in July
     over $6k, we decided we needed to change things up. The          and we can get their March $200 in prepaid bucket tickets.
     morning after the event, our committee met to start analyz-      It worked even better than we had anticipated. Our goal
     ing what went wrong and what went right. We decided on           for bucket tickets was $7k. Two weeks before the dinner,
     several key factors that we needed to address.                   we had surpassed that goal. By the end of the event, we had

24                                                                                               Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009
collected nearly $12k in bucket ticket sales, netting more
than our last year’s dinner total.
   Second, our committee sought out events attended by
our target market – shooters and hunters. We set up tables
at vendor areas during local shooting events to display our
dinner information, and we even raffled off extra merchan-
dise we acquired to generate pre-event funds. These events
led to over $6k net in additional funds, plus at least two
sponsors and several event attendees that otherwise might
not have known about the dinner.

                       Event Sponsors
                                                                   Clockwise from top left: Attendees enjoying a delicious dinner from the Sauk Rapids
   One of the few successes we continued from 2008 was             VFW.The Red Bucket Table, with 15 firearms- from a 9mm Kahr Pistol to a DPMS 308
our idea of special contests and events. We found that busi-       rifle, attendees got to pick the gun of their choice as tickets were drawn. The Putt-Putt
                                                                   green with prizes including an Easy Bird Automatic Clay thrower, DPMS 308L and .50
nesses were more interested in underwriting when we gave           caliber muzzleloader.
them a title like “Youth Sponsor”, “Veteran Sponsor”, or
“Event Sponsor”. We had five separate businesses that gave
us between $500 to $2,200 in exchange for these titles and
a couple free dinner tickets. Our committee compensated            spot, or else they wouldn’t get entered into the bucket for
donors for about $300 worth of meal tickets, but those at-         the prize they wanted.
tendees still contributed to our games and auctions many               All our ideas would not have succeeded without the
times over.                                                        work of our committee, Jon Fritz, Dustin Emholtz, Evin
   We also pushed for more Liberty, Heritage, and Free-            Galbraith and Jody Orbeck, or without the acceptance of
dom sponsors by having a separate gun and prize drawing            our field representative Scott Lembke.
just for sponsors. In March, we will also be holding our first         By the time we closed the books on our 2009 dinner, we
sponsor dinner to specifically thank our donors and spon-          had 208 attendees, 20 sponsors, gave away 34 firearms and
sors, and discuss state grant requests and fundraising ideas.      thousands of dollars in merchandise. We net about $31k,
                                                                   more than five times what we did in 2008. Perhaps, best of
                              Games                                all, we made some friendships that will continue to benefit
    Let’s face it; putting tickets in a bucket is boring. People   the chapter for years to come.
                                                                                                                                                                    N. McMahoN

still do it, but buckets alone aren’t going to raise all their
money. Taking cues from other events, we constructed               Attend an upcoming Friends of NRA banquet in Minnesota!
a plinko board, an 8-foot putting green, and a revolver-           Contact NRA Field Representative Scott Lembke at (218)
shaped spin-the-wheel game. These games gave incentives            844-2000 or via email at for more in-
to attendees to “try again” if they didn’t get the big ticket      formation.


Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009                                                                                                                                   25
     By JaN MaNzer
     Volunteer, Wyoming Friends of NRA

                                         Perfect Storm:
        The simultaneous occurrence of events which, taken individually,
     would be far less powerful than the storm resulting of their combination.

          n June, folks in Pinedale, Wyo. are heading to the         volunteers were up for the challenge. “We’ll take what we
          mountains, where the snow has melted and the scenery       can for a date and make it work,” Trotter said. The commit-
          and recreation calls.  By June of this year though, Sub-   tee went to work early.
     lette County had been blessed with twenty-three straight            “They did everything the right way from the get-go,”
     days of rain- keeping Pinedale’s 1,600 citizens around town.    said Manzer. They hit the ground running and acquired
         Simultaneously, the brand new Sublette County Friends       100% underwriting for the merchandise and secured thou-
     of NRA Committee was toiling away in anticipation of its        sands of dollars in sponsorships and cash donations. They
     first  Friends of NRA  Banquet and Auction on June 12th.        also obtained enough merchandise for the estimated 120
     Tuesday before the event, 120 tickets had already been sold.    attendees.
     The banquet was to take place in the only venue in town             In the days following Tuesday’s count of around 120
     capable of handling a                                                                              attendees, Trotter was
     large number of attend-                                                                            flooded with phone
     ees – the ice arena. The              “The event was an amazing                                    calls for tickets. Fortu-
     downside,        Pinedale’s
     arena is “de-iced” only
                                         and inspiring event. Everything                                nately, the venue’s large
                                                                                                        and versatile capacity
     two months out of the                 just kept coming together in                                 allowed ticket sales to
     year, which left banquet                                                                           continue and by week’s
     dates limited. The Sub-               our favor,” said NRA Field                                   end the ice arena was
     lette County Friends of
     NRA event would be
                                          Representative Dave Manzer.                                   filling fast. Come event
                                                                                                        day, the committee was
     held during high-travel                                                                            situated with a fully-
     season and follow three other fundraising events hosted in      funded banquet and auction, $29k in the bank, and 240
     the isolated Wyoming town.                                      banquet tickets sold. To accommodate the emergence of so
         When the Sublette County Friends of NRA committee           many new attendees, the committee set out on the morning
     was formed, Wyoming Field Representative Dave Manzer            of the banquet to procure several more quality items and
     wasn’t worried about the date, his only request was, “Get us    firearms. By banquet time, they were well merchandised for
     200 people and as much underwriting and sponsorship as          215 attendees.
     you can.”                                                           While some shopped, other enthusiastic volunteers pro-
         Committee Chairman Ralph Trotter and his team of            ceeded to the arena to finalize preparations and set-up for

26                                                                                              Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009
the still-growing event. Co-Chair Katie McClure heartily                      The result was a perfect storm, the simultaneous occur-
dedicated herself to the task of designing and decorating rence of events which, taken individually, would be far less
to provide a fitting patriotic ambiance for the event. With powerful than the storm resulting of their combination.
the help of Virginia Trotter, McClure was able to carry the The non-stop rain that kept families from vacationing in
patriotic theme throughout the arena with vibrant red, the mountains, the seemingly inconvenient banquet date
white, and blue decorations, displays, and table arrange- from the only suitable venue in town able to accommodate
ments as well as ensure                                                                                     such a banquet, and most
an easy flow of traffic and                                                                                 importantly, a group of
clear view of the stage                                                                                     passionate      volunteers
from wherever you were                                                                                      dedicated to raising mon-
seated.                                                                                                     ey for The NRA Founda-
    As a site for the Friends                                                                               tion with a community
of NRA  fundraiser, the                                                                                     that exhibited fervent
ice arena was perfect.                                                                                      support through their
The high ceiling and ex-                                                                                    participation, donations,
pansive floor dimensions                                                                                    and gladdening generos-
reflected the open spaces                                                                                   ity. The community, the
of Wyoming.  A flatbed                                                                                      committee, the venue,
trailer was easily backed                                                                                   the weather: all came to-
into the arena to serve as                                                                                  gether perfectly to result
a stage. The large-scale                                                                                    in the Sublette County
                                                The Sublette County Friends of NRA Committee
setting allowed for more                                                                                    Friends of NRA’s first ban-
than adequate display areas for the bucket raffle merchan- quet raising $53k, an estimated $220 per attendee, and a
dise and the live and silent auctions. Still, there was plenty net-to-gross of an incredible 67.5%. Furthermore, Sublette
of room for games                                                                                                 County Friends of
and other activities,                                                                                             NRA gained the
ample room for at-                                                                                                national title of
tendees to mingle                                                                                                 the “Highest Net
and       comfortably                                                                                             Dollars Raised at a
enjoy dinner or par-                                                                                              First-Year Friends of
ticipate in the live                                                                                              NRA Event” since
auction from their                                                                                                the program’s incep-
seats.                                                                                                            tion- beating out
    Wyoming            is                                                                                         events in cities sev-
the least populated                                                                                               eral times the size of
state in the United                                                                                               Pinedale.
States. At around                                                                                                     “The event was
500,000 people to-                                                                                                an amazing and
tal, the entire popu-                                                                                             inspiring event. Ev-
lation doesn’t add                                                                                                erything just kept
up to a sizable city.                                                                                             coming       together
Like other areas of                                                                                               in our favor,” said
Wyoming, Pinedale                                                                                                 Manzer. “For a first-
has seen ebbs and tides in both economy and population. year event, I don’t know how much more perfect you can
                                                                                                                                                a. NiBlock-Shorter

However, among the citizens a rich pride for the Second get, or a more perfect group of people you could ask for.
Amendment, a dedication to youth shooting sports, and It was an incredible night and the scope of its importance
public education about firearms has always been constant.                cannot be underestimated.”
    So although the committee faced the prospect of a low
turnout during a popular vacation time, the possibility Attend an upcoming Friends of NRA banquet in Wyoming!
their fundraiser would fall short to the three held just be- Contact NRA Field Representative Dave Manzer at (307)
fore theirs, and the general probability that first-year fund- 746-2520 or via email at for more in-
raisers tend to yield average results, they persevered.                  formation.


Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009                                                                                                               27
                           By BraD kruger
                           NRA Field Representative, Alaska

                                     t the Kodiak Crab Festival last May, Alaska         big on telling us where the $10,000 has gone and made us
                                     Friends of NRA made friends with Tim Baker, Vice    really proud to support Friends of NRA,” said Tim. With
                                                                                         Apollo's help, Kodiak Friends of NRA net approximate-
                                     President and Robert “Bobby” Bonestroo, Opera-
                                                                                         ly $35k with only 84 people in the room, ensuring they
Western Region

                           tions Manager of Apollo Medi Trans. Tim introduced him-       would have their best banquet to date.
                           self to the Kodiak Friends of NRA Committee Chairman             The great folks at Apollo Medi Trans don’t just talk about
                           Dave King and was immediately sold on the program when        what they believe in, they act and they act in a big way.
                                                                                         “I love what Friends of NRA does,” added Tim. “Alaska
                           he discovered Alaska Friends of NRA feels the way he does
                                                                                         Friends of NRA is committed to our traditions and working
                           about giving future generations the same traditions, heri-    with people locally.”
                           tages, and freedoms he had when he was growing up.               Apollo Medi Trans is an Alaska based company, currently
                               Tim and Bobby were invited and attended the Kodiak        operating a brokerage firm and a ground ambulance com-
                           Friends of NRA banquet that                                                                    pany in Anchorage, Wasilla,
                           weekend and had a fantas-                                                                      and Klawock, Alaska. The
                           tic time. While enjoying the         “I love what Friends of NRA                               founding members of Apollo
                           atmosphere that exists at                                                                      Medi Trans have 20 years of
                           an Alaskan Friends of NRA
                                                                 does,” added Tim. “Alaska                                expertise in Alaska primary
                           banquet, they found out             Friends of NRA is committed                                medical care, health care de-
                           the Friends of NRA program                                                                     livery, and medical transport
                           works tirelessly to promote         to our traditions and working                              systems and 20 years of com-
                           the shooting sports in Alaska                                                                  mercial Alaska aviation expe-
                           and nationwide, giving back               with people locally.”                                rience involving every region
                           all proceeds in grants that                                                                    in the state of Alaska. Their
                           go to the future of the shooting sports. “Steve Smith, who    staff includes critical care physicians, and specialists in com-
                           owns Alaska Guns and Ammo, taught us how crucially im-        munications, transportation, and healthcare business solu-
                           portant it is to support programs like Friends of NRA,” Tim   tions.
                           said. “Friends of NRA is something important to us and we        Apollo Medi Trans cares about the people and values of
                           are really excited about it.”                                 Alaska and by donating to Kodiak Friends of NRA, they
                               Since the Kodiak Crab Festival, Tim, Bobby, and their     showed their commitment to the state. Alaska Friends of
                           coworkers have been seen at many Alaska Friends of NRA        NRA would like to thank Tim Baker, Bobby Bonestroo,
                           banquets, however the Friends of NRA program in Alaska        and the people at Apollo Medi Trans for their generous do-
                           was not prepared for the commitment to the program the        nation and support.
         N. McMahoN

                           great people of Apollo Medi Trans had in store.
                               This year, Apollo Medi Trans led the way with a $10k      Attend an upcoming Friends of NRA banquet in Alaska! Con-
                           donation to the Kodiak Friends of NRA banquet, which was      tact NRA Field Representative Brad Kruger at (907) 235-
                           held on May 24. “When we gave the $10,000, it seemed          9059 or via email at for more informa-
                           really important to Alaska Friends of NRA. They were really   tion.


                      28                                                                                              Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009
                                                                                                                                     Program Profile
Program: NRA Basics of Personal Protection Outside the Home Course

What is it?
The NRA Basics of Personal Protection Outside the Home Course is a new comprehensive and intensive approach to
equip the defensive shooting candidate with the skills needed to survive serious adversity. As a compliment to NRA’s Basics
of Personal Protection In the Home Course, it covers the basics of firearm safety and protection outside the home, as well
as topics including range instruction, self-defense, and multiple-threat response.

Through experts in the field, video, handbooks and other materials, the course teaches you the knowledge, skills, and at-
titude essential for avoiding dangerous confrontations and for the safe, effective and responsible use of a concealed pistol
for self-defense outside the home. You’ll learn concealed carry techniques, presentation of a firearm from concealment,
defensive shooting skills and strategies, safety, legal aspects of gun-ownership and defense, and the aftermath of defensive

Who is it for?
The NRA Basic Personal Protection Outside The Home Course participants must be a law-abiding adult at least 21 years
old and an experienced shooter able to show mastery of the basic skills of safe gun handling, shooting a group, zeroing the
firearm, and cleaning the firearm to maximize what can be learned from this course.

The NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home is divided into two levels (basic and advanced). Level one is a nine-hour
course and offers the essential knowledge and skills that must be mastered in order to carry, store, and use a firearm safely
and effectively for personal protection outside the home. Upon completion of level one, students may choose to attend
level two, which is an additional five hours of range training and teaches advanced shooting skills. After the classroom
portion, students should expect to spend several hours on the range and shoot approximately 100 rounds of ammunition
during level one. Level two involves five additional hours on the range and approximately 115 rounds of ammunition.

For proof of shooting experience, prospective participants must demonstrate that they have the requisite knowledge,
skills, and attitudes by producing an NRA Basic Personal Protection In The Home Course Certificate, or by passing the
pre-course evaluation.

How Can I Get Involved?
Your contact at NRA headquarters is John Howard, NRA National Instructor Trainer in NRA’s Education and Training
Department. He can be reached by calling (703) 267-1423 or by email at For more information,
please visit the NRA’s online course catalog at

Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009                                                                                                    29
                                   The NRA Foundation Thanks the Following Dono
Foundation Donors

                                                                                                                                   May 1, 2009 -

                         individual donors                             Mzuri Wildlife Foundation               Gun For Hire
                         Gifts of $25,000+                               California                              New Jersey
                         Mr. and Mrs. Joe Graham                       Natchez Shooters Supply                 Llagas Foundation
                           Virginia                                      Tennessee                               California
                         Mr. and Mrs. K. Michael Ingram                Numrich Gun Parts Corporation           Mr. Dave Messics
                           Arizona                                       New York                                Maryland
                         Kamps Propane                                 Ohio Gun Collectors Association         Network For Good
                           California                                    Ohio                                    Maryland
                         The Master’s Table                            Services Group                          Mr. Wilson H. Phillips, Jr.
                           Tennessee                                     Nevada                                  Virginia
                         Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Potterfield             State Fund Committee of Pennsylvania    Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ringdahl
                           Missouri                                      Pennsylvania                            Virginia
                         Ms. Susanna Novy MacDonald                    Wake County Wildlife Club               Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Roy
                           California                                    North Carolina                          New Hampshire
                                                                       Mr. Clayton W. Williams                 Safari Club International - Adirondack
                         Gifts of $5,000 - 24,999                        Texas                                   New York
                         Anonymous                                                                             Gary, Janice Shepherd & Family
                           Iowa                                        Gifts of $1,000 - $4,999                  Ohio
                         Armrod Charitable Foundation                  American Custom Gunmakers Guild         Mike and Ann Smith
                           California                                    Wyoming                                 Virginia
                         Mr. John Bianchi                              Anonymous                               State Fund Committee of Oregon
                           California                                    Virginia                                Oregon
                         Blackhawk Products Group                      Association of New Jersey               Mr. S. Adam Sufrin
                           Virginia                                    Rifle & Pistol Clubs                      Pennsylvania
                         Blue Book Publications, Inc.                    New Jersey                            Tawani Foundation
                           Minnesota                         , Inc.                     Illinois
                         Cabela’s                                        California                            Taylor Pistol Club
                           Nebraska                                    Mrs. Johnsie G. Benson                    Michigan
                         Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin R. Case                   Georgia                               Widener’s Reloading & Shooting Supply, Inc.
                           Virginia                                    Bergquist Masonry, LLC                    Tennessee
                         Cheaper Than Dirt                               New Hampshire
                           Texas                                       Bolick Foundation                       Gifts of $250 - $999
                         Crimson Trace Corporation                       North Carolina                        Anonymous
                           Oregon                                      Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Cerutti             Arizona
                         DBS International                               Virginia                              Dr. and Mrs. Don G. Benson, Jr.
                           Pennsylvania                                Mr. Anthony J. Chimblo, III               Texas
                         Donegan-Burns Foundation                        Connecticut                           Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Boos
                           California                                  Deep River Sporting Clays & Shooting      Arizona
                         Doug Turnbull Restoration, Inc.               School                                  Mr. John P. Caporale
                           New York                                      North Carolina                          California
                         Mr. and Mrs George E. Douglass                Mr. Will DeRuyter                       Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Clements
                           Michigan                                      Washington                              Pennsylvania
                         DPMS Panther Arms                             Dillon Precision Products Corp., Inc.   Mrs. Milissa E. Coder
                           Minnesota                                     Arizona                                 Virginia
                         Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Kriley                 Mr. and Mrs. George E. Douglass         Mr. Raymond A. Corliss
                           North Carolina                                Michigan                                New Hampshire
                         Mr. Zane N. Markowitz                         Mr. Robert E. Esch                      The Daniel-Mickel Foundation
                           Virginia                                      New Jersey                              South Carolina
                         Minnesota Weapons Collectors Assoc.           Mr. Alan Gornick, Jr.                   Ms. Callie Davis
                           Minnesota                                     Michigan                                District of Columbia

                                                             Listed contributions do not necessarily reflect total giving for the year. We
                                                                           If you notice any errors or omissions, please contact us at (8

                    30                                                                                                Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009
ors for Their Generosity and Continued Support
- July 31, 2009

       Galco International                       in honor of gifts                                  Richard D. Hanks
         Arizona                                 Jeffrey Ahorn’s Retirement                           Mr. John J. Stimson
       Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Ghilarducci            Mr. Charles G. Dietz                            Luther “Luke” Harmon
         Colorado                                Dr. Craig M. Bereznoff                               Mr. Herbert A. Lanford Jr.
       Mrs. Connie Hamilton                         LongMont United Hospital                        Jimmy High
         California                              Chris Coleman                                        Mr. and Mrs. Gayle Gardner
       Mr. Paul H. Hellrich                         Ms. Christine M. Coleman                        William James Horner
         Missouri                                Byron E. Haney                                       Mr. and Mrs. David M. Dayton Jr.
       J & G Sales, Ltd.                            Mr. Dennis B. Haney                             William E. Horsak
         Arizona                                 Phill Kline                                          Mr. Ralph A. Sanchez
       Ms. Ashley Jones                             Mr. Kyle E. Krull                               Todd Leslie Howard
         Virginia                                Dr. Amin Musani                                      Mr. Art L. Johnson
       Kimmell Family Foundation                    Ms. Barbara H. Palm                             Justin Jones
         Oklahoma                                Jim A. Parson                                        Ms. Nancy D. Rydell
       Mr. Ben W. Koehler                           Mr. and Mrs. Merrill E. Dickinson Jr.           Michael L. “Jack” King
         New Jersey                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Warren Barnhart
       Mr. Drew Koval                            IN MEMORY OF GIFTS                                   Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cipriani
         Virginia                                Anthony Alampi                                       Ms. Sherri A. Kenyon
       LongMont United Hospital                    Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs     Mr. and Mrs. William E. Partridge
         Colorado                                  Scott L. Bach, Esq.                                Ms. Susan L Wildman
       Mr. Daniel O. Maldonado                   Dan Charles Asper                                  Martin J. Kinnaird
         Texas                                     Mr. Robert H. Adamsen                              Dr. and Mrs. Roger C. Broyles
       Mr. Michael E. Marcellin                    Alan’s Locksmith Co., Inc.                       Melvin Clifton Menking
         Virginia                                  Mr. Michael E. Creamer Jr.                         Mr. W. Wayne Spahn
       No. Lancaster County Game & Fish Assoc.     Mr. William B. Dixon                             Newt Mills
         Pennsylvania                              Mr. Paul V. Fulton                                 Mrs. Susan Eisenberg
       Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Parry, Jr.           Mr. and Mrs. David R. Gossett                    Joseph W. Moore
         Washington                                Mr. John A Lince                                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Van Winkle
       Mr. Anthony C. Perry                        Mr. and Mrs. James A. Vargo                      Randall E. Muncy
         Rhode Island                              Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Wells                        Dr. and Mrs. James T. McMillin
       Mr. William J. Proefrock                    Mr. David H. White                               Joyce Palmer
         New York                                  Mr. Tim Wiggins                                    Ms. Dorothy McKay
       Mrs. Anna M. Seidman                      Dr. Robert P. Beaman                               Scott Pierce
         Virginia                                  Mr. F. J. Graves                                   Mr. Brian Trapp
       Mr. Bruce A. Shaughnessy                    Mrs. Lucille Graves                              Edwin J. Quick
         Oregon                                    Mr. and Mrs. Ray G. Martens                        Mr. and Mrs. John Bulger
       Mr. and Mrs. William R. Slavin              Mr. Clifford E. Peters                           Larry Rabeneck
         Oregon                                    Mr. and Mrs. Greg Pickens                          Mr. John J. Stimson
       Mr. and Mrs. Dale Thoen                   Joseph M. Beidler                                  Irv and Millie Rauch
         Arizona                                   Ms. Mae Lucas                                      Mr. Chris Rauch
       Mr. Brian Trapp                           Dewey F. Bullard Sr.                               Timothy D. Schroeder
         Washington                                Mr. Bruce W. Whitlock                              Mr. and Mrs. Dave Schroeder
       United Sportsmens Club                    James W. Collison                                  C. W. Slagle
         Missouri                                  Mr. Troy E. Minton                                 Mr. Kenneth N. Connaughton
       Mr. Terrance R. Whitley                   Frederic A. Cosgro                                 James Charles Trosino III
         Georgia                                   Taylor Pistol Club                                 Mr. John P. Caporale
       Mr. Justin Willette                       Steven Grant Field                                 Michael L. Vidler
         Massachusetts                             Mr. Peter H. Thimm                                 Mr. Thomas L. Bentzoni
                                                 Robert and Francis Greer                             Ms. Jody R. Burton
                                                   Mr. Dennis Walter                                  Ms. Terri T. McConnell

e make every effort to ensure accuracy and completeness of donor names.
800) 423-6894 or by e-mail at Thank you.

      Traditions . Quarter 3: 2009                                                                                                        31
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11250 Waples Mill Road     ORGANIZATION
Fairfax, VA 22030        U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                               THE NRA

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