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Database Search Engines                                        Integrated Intelligence Corporation (IIC) de-                Using the companion management tools, ad-
                                                            veloped I-Search. Their goal is to enable interna-         ministrators can use I-Search to catalog text-
for Web Development                                         tional users to conduct searches in their own              based information on the site or in the database
                                                            languages. "Even if they speak English, it is              in the manner best suited to their sites, in a
                    INTERNET TOOLS                          difficult for people to construct English key-word         defined hierarchical structure, using an unlimited
                                                            search phrases or to spell the items they are              number of categories and up to 10 hierarchical
       ALISE, EUROPEAN & ASIAN LANGUAGES.                   looking for correctly," explains IIC's President           levels. This structure serves to define the nature
       WINDOWS NT SERVER, PACIFIC SOFTWARE                  Carol Lin.                                                 of contents and their language types. ALISE is
       PUBLISHING. $2,995.                                      I-Search can find information stored in multi-         less structured, relying only on keywords to find
       I-SEARCH, EUROPEAN, ASIAN, RUSSIAN, ARABIC.          ple languages in plain ASCII text as well as               the data.
       LINUX AND DEC ALPHA UNIX. INTEGRATED                 HTML and SGML. Its interface supports                         Both I-Search and ALISE allow searching us-
       INTELLIGENCE CORPORATION. $5,000 AND UP.             industry-standard Boolean logic operators, full            ing use the Boolean "OR" and "AND"; I-Search
                                                            text and multilingual input and provides                   also supports the "NOT" operator. ALISE sup-
                                                            weighted and sorted search results. It also sup-           ports "wildcard" searches for multiple keywords.
What do you do if you want your site to be                  ports common Web server management and in-                    I-Search performs searches based on CGI
searchable in several languages, including Asian?           formation storage programs, such as CGI, and               scripts, so each user search access initiates a
                                                            content development tools.                                 unique database search session involving sepa-
                                                                To try I-Search, I visited, then            rate hard-drive caching and CGI script interpret-
A      s the number of multilingual Web sites in-
       creases, so does the need for specialized tools to
help users find web-based information quickly. Two of
                                                            went to The World Trade Search, one of the Web
                                                            sites that uses I-Search. It features a multi-
                                                                                                                       ing. ALISE uses MS-ISAPI (MS-Internet Server
                                                                                                                       Application Interface) which allows the joining
                                                            language international business directory, with            of search inquiries and processing in RAM.
the tools that Web managers have at their disposal are      more than 20 languages in the Search Language              Fewer steps in the input/output process and
ALISE and I-Search.                                         drop down menu, including Chinese, Japanese,               RAM-based execution make this faster and more
   ALISE (A Little Internet Search Engine) was re-          Korean, Russian, Arabic, Finnish, Icelandic,               efficient than the CGI method.
leased in March by Pacific Software Publishing (PSP).                                                                      Multilingual searching with I-Search is based
Their goal is to provide Web managers with an easy                                                                     on setting keyword search criteria to a particular
solution to the challenge of indexing large amounts of                                                                 character set prior to searching. The character
information, such as that contained in sites featuring                                                                 sets are Latin (for French, Spanish, etc.), CJK
online brochures and product catalogs. With ALISE, it                                                                  (for Chinese, Japanese, Korean); binary (for Rus-
is possible to index products, documents, pictures and                                                                 sian or Hebrew). To index Web pages so they
other information, so they can be accessed easily by                                                                   can be searched by language type, HTML-based
anyone with an Internet browser. It supports single                                                                    pages are individually defined as a particular
and double-byte character languages; users can per-                                                                    language type using “<META>” tags. Or they
form searches not only in European but also in Asian                                                                   can be grouped together within specified subdi-
languages.                                                                                                             rectories according to language type, within sub-
    Web managers can customize ALISE to their spe-                                                                     directories defined as "latin", "cjk" or "binary"
cific requirements, for example, so users can search on                                                                type files. I-Search displays search results as a
fixed keywords selected from pull-down menus or             I-Search powers the World Trade Search site                single text string that, when clicked on, links to
radio buttons, and by using AND, OR and wildcard                                                                       an HTML-formatted Web page.
("*").                                                      Norwegian and most Western European languages. I              ALISE searches for records based on Web
   To test drive ALISE, I accessed one of the               selected Spanish, entered productos médicos and se-        manager-defined keywords assigned to each
sites that use it, This site is             lected Find Any. The results page displayed four           record. Then when a user inputs one of those
in Japanese so my lack of knowledge of that                 matches.                                                   words with, for example, a Japanese language-
language presented a challenge, but I was able                 Other Sites that use I-Search are AIS, an immigration   based computer system, the word is searched,
to entered the keywords Pacific Software (in                services company and the Taipei Book Publishers Asso-      found and the particular record retrieved. In the
                                                            ciation.                                                   case of Japanese, when JIS, SJIS or EUC charac-
                                                               I -Search works on Linux and DEC Alpha Unix.            ters are input, they are converted to SJIS as the
                                                            Windows NT-compatible and Sun Microsystems Inc.'s          internal search string character set and then con-
                                                            Solaris versions, as well as AIX and HP-UX versions, are   verted back to the original character set (JIS,
                                                            scheduled to roll out this year.                           SJIS or EUC) used by the person accessing the
                                                               I-Search comes complete with an indexing                database.
                                                            tool. With ALISE, Web managers must create                     If indexing the content of a Web site is your
                                                            their own separate index of content and desig-             primary goal, I-Search offers you an advantage.
                                                            nate the keywords to index individual records, or          It is a Web site indexing and searching tool.
                                                            resort to a third-party indexing tool.                     ALISE is an online database engine that also
                                                               ALISE enables the end-user to submit and                supports the indexing and searching of Web site
You can see ALISE in action at
                                                            maintain records via a browser. This allows sup-           contents. It provides the capabilities needed to
                                                            port of Yahoo or Alta Vista-type sites, where              create online databases containing text, graphics,
English), and very quickly was presented with a list of                                                                sound, etc. and allows more customization.
                                                            search engines are open to public input of data. A
matching documents.
                                                            custom utility is required to import multiple
  Interested readers can visit
                                                            records to create a large database. PSP has an-
and download an evaluation copy, or can see it                                                                         —SUSANA TURBITT, STURBITT@INTERSOLINC.COM
                                                            nounced that they plan to offer a more user-
in operation at the following sites:
                                                            friendly utility to import records from text or, and
                                                            tab-delimited files.

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