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					Comparative growth of the PNL mutants and wildtype SDM on
   MMG and mineral medium with various supplements.

                      Average diameter of colony (mm)
        Mutant                    Medium
        Strain      M1      M2      M3        M4     M5
        PNL 114    23.0a   14.8a   17.0a    24.2a   24.8
        PNL 116    22.0a   14.5a   17.0a    24.3a   23.0
        PNL 118    23.3a   12.8b   17.0a    23.0a   23.8
         SDM        5b      5c      5b      12.8b   20.1

       Measured after 4 days incubation at ART:
               M1 = MMG + 0.005% benomyl
               M2 = MM + 0.025% glucose + 1% acetamide
               M3 = MM + 0.025% glucose + 1% PEG
               M4 = MM + 0.025% glucose
               M5 = MM + 0.5% glucose
Growth of the four albino mutants on mineral
medium with and without supplements as
    compared to the wildtype SDM.
                Average diameter of colony
      Mutant              (mm)
      Strain             Medium
                MM        MMP        MMT
      PNL 114    41.5      36.0      38.5
      PNL 116    45.0      35.0      34.8
      PNL 118    39.0      36.5      32.2
       SDM       16.0      16.5      14.1

  Measured after 3 days incubation at ART:
     MM = mineral medium
     MMP = MM + 1% w/v polyethylene glycol 6000
     MMT = MM + 1%v/v Tween 80
Growth of the two black mutants on mineral medium with
            supplements MDPE and PEG

                       Average diameter of
            Mutant        colony (mm)
            Strain    MMMDPE MMPEG
             E26         25.9       23.85
             E35        40.15       30.65

      MMMDPE = MM + medium density polyethylene
      MMPEG = MM + polyethylene glycol 6000

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